Grow A Small Business Podcast

By Troy Trewin

Our weekly 30 minute podcast helps you, a small business owner with 5 to 30 team members, take your company to the next level. The Grow A Small Business community, weekly cast, blog and leadership email supports leaders get through the pain of growth. With insights, lessons learned, books and tools as well as habits these experienced small business owners suggest you develop, our interviews unearth tremendous value for anyone wanting to grow their business with less stress.

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    095: Best-Selling Author, a 20-year veteran in mergers and acquisitions, close 98% of all her written offers and on average, obtains 20-40% higher selling price for their clients, currently have over 20k buyers in their database (Michelle Seiler Tucker)
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    094: Quit her job as a lawyer in 2017, set up an underwear label and social enterprise to provide opportunities to women from refugee backgrounds and helping them start their new lives. Launched enterprise with 3 FTE and now has 12 FTE (Elisha Watson)
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    093: Aged 36 in 2014, career changed. Violeta Finance helping people achieve their property and financial dreams. Increasing revenue by 50% each year. From no team members, now has 3.5 FTE (Jo Violeta)
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    092: With over 15 years experience in the film and media industry, started Engage to help business owners and marketers understand the potential of video marketing within a wider business marketing strategy (Ben Amos)
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    091: While at a business bootcamp, came up with a social enterprise idea and in 2017, aged 21, launched the enterprise with just 2 FTE. Now has 4 team members and has impacted the lives of 37,000 women in NZ and counting (Jacinta Gulasekharam)
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    090: Started Harvey with his wife to help conscious businesses grow and initially wanted to keep the team at 2 but have grown to 4 FTE so far and doubled their revenue in 2020 from the $300,000+ they generated in 2019 (Simon Smallchua)
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    089: Aged 45 in mid-2018, launched Boma Global which generates revenue from a combination of program fees, sponsorships, and event ticket sales. Pivoted to online during pandemic and grew it from 3 FTE to 11, and expanded it globally (Kaila Colbin)
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    088: Aged 31 in 2016, started R&D for a wine on tap product. Launched in 2017 with 14,000 litres of wine. Now expecting to produce 1 Million litres by March 2021. 3 years in, grew FTE from 2 to 10, and was acquired by giant brewer (Joe Cook)
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    087: Identified need for a floatation centre in Northern Ireland to solve high trauma levels in the population. Started one in 2015 and in first 6 months turned over £24,500. More than tripled that to £126,000 in 2020 and grew FTE to 6 (Vivian McKinnon)
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    086: Served in the military, had a successful business career, has two popular business and career podcasts - with Manager Tools the #1 business podcast on the net. How to be an exceptional manager from the bottom up (Mark Horstman)
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    085: Aged 30 in 2015 and with only $300 in startup capital, started SafeStack, and diversified into online education in 2020. Within 5 months, had 4,000+ learners, $280,000 in annual revenues and 8 FTE (Laura Bell)
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    084: Aged 30 in 2010, incorporated Employsure to provide much needed workplace relations advice. Got first client in 2011 and now has in excess of 28,000 clients, $200 Million in annual turnover, and 1,050 FTE (Edward Mallett)
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    083: In her 40s, started The Mind Lab to help people gain knowledge and practical skills for today's rapidly evolving world. From a small incubator with 5 FTE, to now being an award-winning and profitable social enterprise with 80 FTE (Frances Valintine)
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    082: Aged 32 in 2019, started Dashdot with a few properties that led into losses but didn’t give up and now averages $120,000 a month in collected fees and projects to hit $1.5 Million by the end of 2020. Grew FTE from 2 to the current 6 (Goose McGrath)
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    081: Started Valocity which was rapidly adopted by big banks in New Zealand, Australia, India and Singapore within 6 years to become an industry leader, and grew it organically from a small team to the current almost 100 FTE (Carmen Vicelich)
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    080: Initially worked for different PR firms to gain experience and in 2012, aged 23, started her own PR business with nothing but her laptop and tons of passion and creativity. Was the only FTE and now has 4 (Alessandra Pollina)
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    079: From accounting and finance to digital models and intellectual property expert with a rockstar remote team of 6. How digital models can help a small business owner grow their business and still maintain some freedom (Renée Hasseldine)
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    078: Aged 22 in 2002, started a fitness business with 1 gym and within 3 years grew it to 5 with each generating in excess of $300,000 a year in revenue. Exited the business in 2015 and now helps people live life with passion and purpose (Craig Schulze)
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    077: Aged 34 in 2012, left her marketing job to set up a British-made only gift business. Combined her brick and mortar store with eCommerce, doubled her sales year on year for the first 3 years, and grew from 1 FTE to 3 (Kate Tompsett)
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    076: Worked as a medical rep and later started a marketing firm aged 27 to help medical practices. Earned £115K in year 1 using only a laptop and investing her time doing everything solo. Now has team of 5 and hit £220K in year 2 (Lucy Nelson)
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    075: After earlier start-up success started a sales-training focused online business in 2020. From 1.5 FTE in 2019 to now 20. During COVID applicants skyrocketed from 100 per month to over 1,000 each month (Joseph Fung)
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    074: Aged 25 in 2006, started a physio business in a 4✕4 meter room. Now has 14 practices, 12 franchisees and 270 team members. Almost went bankrupt with only $2 at the bank and have achieved 200% growth per annum for the last 3 years (Jonathan Moody)
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    073: Global brand name whisperer and best-selling author on the subject of creating great brand names that can drive businesses to great success. The key criteria of a great brand name and the proper process to use in naming a brand (Louise Karch)
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    072: Aged 32 in 2007 with 2 kids under 3, 2 mortgages launched a unique business for kids in fitness and entertainment. 1 FTE to 10 with 100 contractors providing 1,300 classes each week to 15,000 kids in 5 States (Donna McColl)
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    071: Left school aged 16, uni late 20s, took over husbands’ 1-person law firm in 2012 with $460k in debt - paid it off in 3 years. 1 FTE to 14 in 2 offices, $500k to $2m+ sales p.a. and works 10 hours a week with 8 weeks holidays (Caralee Fontenele)
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    070: Aged 40 in 2013 quit law to look after their sick child for 2 years. For great flexibility, managed her family physio business, rebranded, opened a 2nd site, acquired a 3rd. Grew sales 130% in 5 years. 8 FTE to now 22 (Trisha Cashmere)
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    069: Best-selling author on demand-side sales and innovation answering questions from 3 business owners. Created more than 3,500 products & services, from Patriot Missle to the fuel arrow in your car telling you which side the tank is on (Bob Moesta)
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    068: Sells hot sauce to Americans and chili vodka to Russians. In 2012, aged 34, couldn’t find sauce hot enough in Australia, made her own. 1 FTE to 5, sales doubled every year hitting $1m in 2019. Raised $2m from equity crowdfunding (Renae Bunster)
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    067: Aged 34 & 5 months pregnant, in 2009 quit cushy corporate job for greater flexibility. 2 years in, dropped all clients to focus on mentoring, memberships and online courses. 1 FTE to 3, just cracked $1m sales p.a. and 75% net profit (Kate Toon)
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    066: In 2008 2 brothers in NZ started an online toolkit for teachers. $30m AUD sales p.a., 80%+ gross profit, 30%+ operating profit. 2 FTE, now 180. Grew 18 to 58 countries in last year. Funded by bootstrapping until sold 80% in 2017 (Alex Burke)
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    065: On maternity leave, aged 32 quit her corporate dental job, opened 1st site with a $5k loan from her husband. From 2 FTE, now 17 and $3.2m annual sales across 4 sites (Dr. Sonia Sonia)
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    064: At 19yo worked in her dad’s financial planning firm, started her own in 2008 then another to focus on advising millennials. $250k to $2m recurring revenue, sold to ex-husband. 5 FTE to 18. Has sold 3 companies for $2m+ each (Sarah Riegelhuth)
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    063: Aged 15, still in high school, started a lawn mowing business, grew to 150 FTE, $10m USD annual sales and sold 18 years later. Then launched ‘the Uber for lawn mowing’ app, now has 200,000 customers, 22 FTE and $20m sales p.a. (Bryan Clayton)
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    062: Australia is the harshest country when businesses go under. Some simple and low cost ways to protect your business if your customers do - Insolvency, Administration & Receivership. Improved laws in Australia 1 Jan 2021 (Jennifer O'Farrell)
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    061: Aged 54 left a toxic government, bought a specialist business in bras & products for women after breast cancer surgery, having survived it herself. Largest range in Australia, double sales in 6 years and grew from 1.8 FTE to 6 (Gillian Horton)
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    060: Invented the only product in the world which can air transport live fish with oxygen, a dangerous good. 3 other businesses in the group. Profit growing 5-7% each year. 2 FTE to 65 now 12 after strategic refocus (Gavin Hodgins)
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    059: In 2011 after the divorce, kept the business with 6 stores and added franchisees, expanded to 24 stores in 4 States with 12 franchises. Taking over aged 52 grew from 20 to 65 FTE, sales $7M to $27M. Funded growth from profits (Daph Crowhurst)
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    058: In 2007 aged 19 started a writing business, travelled the world for a few years, living off $22k pa from her award-winning blog. Back home doubled revenue for three years, peaking at $249k pa. Writer, author, speaker and trainer (Emily Gowor)
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    057: Left a $220k corporate biotech job to start a business in 2014 aged 48, with a massive mortgage. Business partner got sick, never returned so sold for $1m to a listed company. Office across from her kids’ school. 2 FTE to 6 (Michelle Gallaher)
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    056: Helped 10,000 small businesses grow with their SaaS 13-month programme, 70-80% success rate, dropped fees from $2k USD to $300 a month, 1 FTE to 40 in 14 countries. Aged 22 in 2005, accidentally fired herself from corporate (Carissa Reiniger)
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    055: Productivity increases 7%-23%, team engagement up threefold and retention from 5.4 to 9.4 years - why wouldn’t you consider an ESOP, Employee Share Ownership Plan. ESOP Subject Matter Expert talks other benefits, costs and time (Craig West)
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    054: Sales growing 267% pa, aged 38 quit to be the 1 FTE, now 9 over 4 years in a disruptive legal firm that only has lawyers with 20+ years experience, no juniors and an obsession on culture and putting value for clients first (Mellissa Larkin)
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    053: Making $250k USD pa in 2008, 3 years in as a virtual assistant, after pivoting from selling Egyptian rugs on eBay. Second pivot in 2010 pivot added online courses & team members - sales now 60% courses, 30% services & 10% affiliates (Michelle Dale)
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    052: With 600 students in 10 countries, her online courses grew 214% in the last 6 months. Quit corporate to start a consulting business in marketing/branding/strategy, sick of selling her time moved to online courses in mid-2018 (Emily Osmond)
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    051: Demand-side sales and innovation can unlock huge growth opportunities by understanding your customers’ Struggling Moments, their Jobs To Be Done and their 3 Motivations for Progress. Professor and Subject Matter Expert (Bob Moesta)
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    050: Quit hairdressing in 1993 aged 21 to pursue her passion, now has 9 FTE and 100 contractors providing mobile massage and beauty services in 800 4 & 5 star hotels around Australia. From $20k in year 1 to now $2m (Kym Power)
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    049: Won Australiasian business plan in high school, 2 years later in 2008, aged 19 launched a dog daycare, grooming & sitting business. 1 to 29 FTE. Out for 6 months due to burnout/brain infection made her let go - business boomed (Rhiannon Beach)
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    048: While at uni came second in a business competition with a wearable product, bought his business partners out, raised $1m+ USD investment, merged with a similar company now with 40 FTE and an 8-9 figure valuation (Devin Miller)
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    047: Largest vegan website in the world with 8,000 cruelty-free SKUs, quit corporate aged 38, started a business with a purpose in 2014. 2 FTE to 40+, sales from $60k to now $20m pa. Saved 30 tonnes of plastic with minimal packaging (Julie Mathers)
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    046: In 1989 aged 35 bought 4,500 acres of Byron Bay rainforest and Macadamia trees, 10 years later started the cereal business, now exporting to 12 countries, 2 FTE to 70 and grew 10%-100% p.a. (Pam Brook)

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