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We catch up with climate scientist & policy advisor Dr. Steve Smith, having just returned from COP26 in Glasgow. We get the inside scoop on the conference and  ask what was his verdict on COP26?! Good COP or Bad COP ?  Steve warns of the dangers of fatalism and shares how his Chrisitan faith fuels his scientific work and gives him hope in the face of what could otherwise be a very overwhelming job!For those who fancy a go at making the UK carbon neutral by 2050 have a play with this : get in touch, we'd love to hear from you - 

Nov 24

32 min 40 sec

Feeling anxious is a struggle many of us know well and it can seem impossible to escape. There are millions of self-help resources out there - ironically enough to make you anxious. In this episode we speak to Helen Thorne - an experienced counsellor and also someone with significant personal experience of anxiety. We speak about the causes of anxiety, the danger of coping mechanisms and about how the Christian faith can offer real hope in the face of anxiety. Helen Thorne has written an excellent book on this topic:Hope in an Anxious World (Paperback) - Helen Thorne -

Nov 15

42 min 17 sec

This week we're joined by Professor Bob White, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University and Emeritus Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, to talk about COP26 and climate change.Bob shared some deeper insights on what it all means and why we should be paying attention to what happens over the next two weeks as world leaders come together to discuss action on preventing catastrophic global warming. We quizzed Bob on some climate change acronyms, discussed his perspective on climate change as a Christian, and Jack even managed to get some advice on buying his next car! 

Nov 1

35 min 26 sec

Is James Bond a real man or a misogynistic old fogy? Either way we seem to love him... We ask film critic and big time fan George Simpson; Why do we love James Bond so much? The short answer - he's a 10 year old boys fantasy... listen on for the longer answer... SPOILER ALERT @ 10mins!Enjoyed listening to George?  Check out his own podcast ‘for now we see’ here:

Oct 28

27 min 22 sec

Abusive behaviour and boys mistreating young women has been a hot topic of 2021  but how do we actually go about making real men!? We chat with Alun Ebenezer, a real Welsh man, a father of his own teenage boy and Headmaster of another 800! Alun says the success of Fulham boys school first rides on the boys character, not their exam results. His vision is that every boy at his school should have the opportunity to consider the greatest man whoever lived, Jesus. For those interested in everyone’s invited:

Oct 18

34 min 40 sec

Sex life - It's one of Netflix’s most watched shows of 2021 and it's best know for full on fantasy but not much reality.  So in this Table Talk we try to inject some much needed reality into the conversation on sex & relationships by interviewing a panel of 4 real life  people who share their honest experiences. Christians are not known for talking openly  about sex  - so you could see this episode as a  rare window of opportunity! Please share your reflections & questions with the Table Talk team  by VOICE NOTE Click this link>>> would love to feature you on one of our next episodes! 

Oct 4

53 min 40 sec

On the 1st Oct 2021 Natasha's law came into effect requiring all food business's to include FULL ingredients lists. Listen back in on this live Table Talk event with Nadim Laperouse  as he shares his honest and devastating account of losing his daughter (Natasha) on a flight to the south of France after an allergic reaction to a sesame seed in a Pret baguette. Nadim shares how this tragic event led him to share his daughter's faith. The  interview followed by Q&A from a live audience. 

Oct 1

44 min 40 sec

This week we're joined by Dr. Len Bartlotti, a professor of intercultural studies who lived and worked amongst the Afghan people in Pakistan and Afghanistan for over 35 years. He was a board member of the largest Christian NGO in Afghanistan and he continues to consult and train workers in the language and culture of Afghanistan and the region.We talked through some of Len's experiences of living and working in the region, including during the time of the Soviet invasion, and listened to his thoughts on what lies ahead for Afghanistan.Share you reactions & questions with us here:

Sep 20

21 min 54 sec

Matt Stott lived in northern Pakistan for the best part of 10 years, where he regularly interacted with Pashtuns (the same ethnic group from which the Taliban emerged).  Matt's epic stories and  first hand experience  helped us start to understand some of the fundamental differences in the culture and beliefs of these people who live across northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. It's a must listen for those looking  to process the events of August 2021.  Share you reactions & questions for Matt here:

Sep 6

39 min 25 sec

Religion is supposed to be boring & serious… Not so, according to James Cary professional comedy sitcom writer.  For James God enjoying his ‘good’ banter is not just  important  in his professional life but also for his personal faith. We also ask James, other really important questions like… ‘What actually makes things funny?’ & ‘Is it OK to fake laugh?’ Join us for a few chuckles & light banter along the way…. Buy James’s new book here ‘The Gospel According to a Sitcom Writter” (And he will personally sign it!) a comment on our Table Talk Facebook page:

Aug 23

32 min 57 sec

Listen in on this LIVE EVENT  from the White horse pub London with an interview with our  panelists Vicky, John & Lil as they disclose their experiences of the current dating scene. Good levels of both honesty & humor from our 3 special guests help us land on the reality of what its like to date in 2021. Well worth a listen, especially if are worried you might feel old & boring - this is your opportunity to get the inside scoop from those single people out on the front line!We would love to hear your reflections & stories here:

Aug 9

48 min 26 sec

 We’re joined by a very special guest, British Olympic rower Debbie Flood. She is a two time Olympic silver medalist, three time world championships gold medalist, the first ever female captain of the Leander club and now a mentor for the GB rowing team.  We heard her goosebump inducing  stories from her Olympic races and got her insights on the athletes in Tokyo.Tell us what you thought of Debbie's Story...

Jul 26

39 min 42 sec

 Marching bands & drug fuelled parties - is the trading floor anything like Wolf of Wall Street? And any way isn’t trading just glorified gambling? Join us for Part 2  of our mini series on money & work as we speak to James Comboni a Forex currency trader for a hedge fund. We dispel some Hollywood myths and explore the emotions that traders face, as well as the tougher moments in James' career. Share your reactions at our Facebook page:

Jul 19

36 min

English Football fans are some of the most passionate on the planet. What makes them so passionate & when does it all get a bit too much? These are questions we pose to Ed & Ed, our diehard footie fans in the virtual studio.  We hear about their favourite chants, along with some more emotional moments… tears… anger issues & how their christian faith has changed their football addiction. 

Jun 21

39 min 59 sec

'Be true to yourself' The mantra rolls off the tongue nicely but what does it actually mean!?  And does it work?  We speak to Professor Glynn Harrison, a psychiatrist, who helps us explore the rise of expressive individualism and whether it serves to boost self esteem or not... If you enjoyed listening to Glynn why not order his book on this topic.The Big Ego Trip: The Big Ego Trip: Finding True Significance In A Culture Of Self-Esteem eBook: HARRISON, GLYNN: Kindle Store

May 31

46 min 45 sec

How to be a Girl boss in more ways than one. We speak to Hannah who has recently transitioned from the jet setting agency life to being a mum for the first time. She is open about the particularly hard choices women have to make about work and  she poses the question of whether bossing it at home is seen as a legitimate  aspiration for modern women? 

May 17

42 min 49 sec

Listen in on this LIVE Table Talk event as we interviewed Dr Andrew Sach. We explored why more people than ever are on the fence about  believing in God. We got to hear Andrew's personal journey from skeptical agnostic to convinced Christian. It's a 20 minute interview followed by Q&A with the live audience.Andrew recommended this book during the episode;Can we trust the gospels by Peter Williams. : can we trust the gospels

May 13

37 min 59 sec

Listen in to Jack’s conversations with Zaki - a Muslim friend he’s been asking lots of questions to this Ramadan. A chance to hear first hand what Muslims believe about Ramadan and also Jack & Alex’s reflection on this conversation from the Christian perspective. 

May 12

36 min 40 sec

Why are we seeing society becoming increasingly divided? We explore this big question with Jon Yates - Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund and former Special Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State. Jon points us not to social media but to a much deeper problem we all seem to suffer from... ‘people like me’ syndrome. If you enjoyed this episode but want to hear more on this topic why not check out Jon’s book: Fractured - Why our societies are coming apart and how we put them back together again.

Apr 24

55 min 58 sec

As pub gardens, shops and hairdressers reopen, we thought we would take the opportunity to stop and look back on the past year with the help of an A&E doctor, a teacher and a barrister. We also explored with Tom, Giles and Edward what positives they can see emerging in their places of work. 

Apr 12

48 min

An episode exploring the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Ben Clube. We ask Ben all the classic questions... When will the robots take over? Can you download your inner conscious into a machine? How much confidence can we place in technology to fix the the big problems facing humanity? Be warned, there is some mind bending content.  Like what you heard? For more content from Ben, subscribe to his channel at

Apr 9

38 min 11 sec

Before the beer gardens reopen... Have you stopped to think, "what's Easter all about?" Let’s talk to Andy Moore. 

Apr 2

40 min

An interview with Izzy looking into her experience of sexism in the insurance industry and how being a  Christian changes how she responds to it.  Warning - there is some explicit content approximately 5 minutes in. 


Mar 26

32 min 54 sec

In this episode we meet Max Rea, a former gaming addict who has since become the creator of one of the most successful computer games of 2020. We explore the topic of addiction and how Max's Christian faith had a radical impact on his life aged 15 and changed him forever. 

Mar 8

50 min 52 sec

People are taking the gym & fitness more & more seriously.....PTs, Fitbits, Meal plans, X-fit.... In this episode we will interview Alex; a PT & X-fit trainer on peoples motivations behind going to the gym and working out. He will also share his personal journey as his Christian faith totally transformed his life & attitude towards his work & working out. 

Feb 28

44 min 55 sec

In this episode we join professional artist Nao McDowell live from her studio in Fulham. We chat about about her art and mental health. Why are so many great artists mad??Check out Nao's work at

Feb 19

16 min 30 sec

Join a live interview with Louis Timpany and Sam Halliday as they share their honest accounts of wanting to put a dent in the universe by building the next Airbnb.  They reflect on their mental health and why 2020 might have been their best year yet... 

Jan 30

58 min 43 sec

A live interview with Will & Mary from Aberdeen as we unpack their 2020 which was eventful to say the least. Listen in  on their 'Coronacoaster' year including  Will's diagnosis of cancer, the birth of twins, being evicted out of their house and, to top it  all off, a bad birthday present. 

Jan 6

37 min 37 sec

Join for this live event with Nadim Laperouse as he shares his honest and devastating account of losing his daughter on a flight to the south of France after an allergic reaction to a sesame seed in a Pret baguette. Nadim shares how this tragic event led him to share his daughter's faith. It is an interview followed by Q&A from a live audience. 

Nov 2020

49 min 59 sec

An interview with Dr Andrew Nicholls exploring the fall out of Covid 19 and lockdown on the mental health of the nation. He unpacks a variety of factors at play that are affecting our mental health and possible solutions to them including to what extent the church and the Christian faith could play a part. It is an interview followed by Q&A from the live audience. This interview took place at the beginning of October 2020. 

Oct 2020

44 min 49 sec

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Oct 2020

1 min 42 sec