A Runner's Ramble

A Runner's Ramble

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Why subscribe? Simple. Each month I’ll be talking to a cracking guest from the running community and just have a good chinwag about the sport with a few topics chucked in there for good measure. There’ll be no fluff. It’ll be honest, open, controversial & raw.

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Well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it? The running mojo has vanished. I'm struggling, massively. So, I open up about the struggles in hope, that I'm not the only one ahead of Great North Run.

Aug 2019

22 min 19 sec

This is a BIG one. I'm absolutely buzzing to bring you the Paula Radcliffe Episode in this of A Runner's Ramble. From hitting the wall to talking about the Families on Track event in Durham, enjoy this wonderful chat I had and don't forget to subscribe!

Jul 2019

13 min 7 sec

For this month's podcast, I spoke with Ashleigh, wife of fellow Team Tedious member Neale. The reason? I wanted to get an understanding of what it's like from a partner's perspective when married/living with a runner. From organising events around family time, budget and pet peeves, it's all here, it's honest and I think many of you can relate to this!

Jun 2019

44 min 52 sec

So, er, it's just me for this one. Look, this wasn't an easy one to record as, well you'll hear why it's been tough, why this episode is late and why there isn't a guest. It's not long and I probably waffle on over certain bits, so I apologise for that!

May 2019

16 min 15 sec

In this episode of the podcast, I spoke to Luke Adams, running coach and event creator at Run, Eat, Sleep - South Shields. I wanted to pick the brains of someone who creates running events, the highs, the lows and the challenges they present. This chat provided some GREAT insight and a tiny exclusive...sort of, I think? DON'T FORGET that you can get 10% off your order a https://geordiegifts.co.uk/ when you use RAMBLE10 at the checkout! They are supporting the podcast, so go and say thanks! Follow Luke https://www.facebook.com/RESsouthshields/

Apr 2019

39 min 40 sec

A HUGE thank you to Geordie Gifts for supporting the pod! As a special treat for you listeners, if you enter RAMBLE10 at the checkout on the GG website, you’ll get 10% off! Belta! On this month's episode, I was joined by Jo Hutton, owner of Happy Yoga Newcastle, to talk about not just the benefits of yoga with running but dealing with balancing a business with the sport. Follow Jo W: happyyoganewcastle.com/ F: www.facebook.com/happyyoganewcastle/

Mar 2019

36 min 46 sec