Marketing Mysteries Solved!

By Wendy O'Donovan Phillips

Are you a healthcare executive looking to solve a complex marketing mystery or challenge? In this gripping podcast, you will gain tools to uncover the marketing problems killing your organization fastest, strategies that will focus you on the right clues, rather than distractions, and evidence of much more lasting marketing solutions. Real executives like you are engaged in active listening and strategic thinking to solve real marketing mysteries with facts and data. Guests include owners of medical and dental practices as well as executives in healthcare, senior living organizations and medical device companies. Some guests’ identities are concealed to allow them to be truly candid and vulnerable and to protect trade secrets. Gain clarity on how you can increase ROI, generate higher quality leads and sustain long-term success. Immerse yourself in the suspense, sleuthing and satisfying endings to solve your marketing mysteries! Voiceover: Robin O'Donovan, Artwork: Stephanie Vecchiarelli, Audio Editing and Mastering: Wendy O'Donovan Phillips, Molly Waters, Melinda Gisbert, Copyediting: Evan Franklin. Your host Wendy O’Donovan Phillips is CEO of the healthcare marketing agency Big Buzz, She is the author of two marketing books available on Amazon and her firm consistently exceeds $1 million in annual revenues, which only 1% of women-owned businesses achieve, by applying the marketing solutions you will learn in this podcast. She is one of 1.5% of U.S. marketing agency owners to sit on the Forbes Agency Council. She has dedicated her career to solving complex marketing mysteries.

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