Profitable Portraits Podcast

By Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith, a women's boudoir and beauty portrait photographer, reveals her tips and tricks on how to take your side hustle into full time income of 6 figures and beyond. Learn strategies to have you working less and making more while filling up your calendar with clients you LOVE to work with. Since 2011 Tanya has been growing a successful portrait business, and is sharing her wins, failures and lessons that she has learned along the way with you. Learn about marketing, sales, pricing, workflows, building a team, and more. This podcast is for you if you are just starting out and want to learn the business of portrait photography, or if you want to stop working like crazy and start making serious income. Imagine making more money doing what you love and gaining the freedom to do more of what you want.

  1. 1.
    023 Ready to grow your business? Then spend some damn money!
  2. 2.
    022 How to move past fear and uncertainty with Lianne Kim
  3. 3.
    021 Grow your facebook group with Sandra De Freitas
  4. 4.
    020 This episode may make you a bit uncomfortable
  5. 5.
    019 How to get your boudoir clients to let you share their images
  6. 6.
    018 Killing it on IG with Brooke Jefferson
  7. 7.
    017 What it’s like being a male boudoir photographer with Michael Sasser
  8. 8.
    016 Make money as a newborn photographer when you can’t shoot with Michelle Brewster

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