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Kim Sutton

Positive Productivity is NOT about perfection. When we stop worrying about perfection and instead focus on living as OUR authentic selves, we can achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality. Kim and guests discuss how to live a positively productive life in the areas of entrepreneurship, team building, self-care, networking, relationships, work/life balance and more!

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Holy moley. I did something BIG.⁣ ⁣ I rebranded the podcast.⁣ ⁣ This is the first episode under the new name and shares an explanation for the rebranding and what you can expect from me and the podcast in the future.⁣ ⁣ Thank you, as always, for supporting me and the work I do through your continued engagement. Your downloads, comments and feedback mean the world to me.⁣ ⁣ XOXOXO,⁣ Kim  Check out my website for shownotes   Follow Kim on: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter

Nov 9

20 min 43 sec

Advocating for yourself is important. You could be going through a lot of hardships right now but if you advocate for yourself, you can fight it. Advocate for yourself because no one can do it better than you. Join your host, Kim Sutton as she talks to self-advocacy expert, Heather Hansen. Heather is the CEO of Advocate To Win. She is also the author of Advocate to Win. Heather was an on-air legal analyst and an award-winning trial attorney. Learn how to use the different tools at your disposal to advocate for yourself. Listen in to understand how to use the right words, choices, and much more.

Oct 26

46 min 10 sec

“Sometimes, we get in our own way. We think that we need to be there for everybody when in fact, what we're doing is not being there for everyone or for anyone including ourselves.” -Kim Sutton   Sometimes, we are our own obstacle. We keep trying to be everywhere to get things done, which is impossible. Learn how to take back your time as Kim shares why you should stop trying to be everywhere and what to do instead to increase your productivity.  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:45 Why You Don’t Need to be Everywhere 03:04 Move Out of Your Own Way 05:58 Enlist for Support 07:45 Let Go

Sep 7

9 min 37 sec

Almost all of us grow up thinking that we can only ever achieve anything in life by doing more. The hustle culture is one great product of this. Day and night, we all work our life away, forgetting that the reason we do it is so we can enjoy life. But are we really enjoying and finding fulfillment in it? In this episode, Kim Sutton sits down with Crista Grasso to talk about how we can achieve more by actually doing less. Known as "The Business Optimizer," Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business. She imparts her wisdom and expertise with us as she talks about what makes a lean business and how we can also apply it to our daily lives. Sometimes, doing more does not necessarily equate to having more. It helps to take a step back and assess which parts you can do more efficiently and productively. Lean out in this conversation. Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

Aug 31

48 min 26 sec

“You need to find the systems, and the tools, and the processes that work for you.” -Kim Sutton    This week, Kim shares what her smartest investment this year is, (which she resisted buying for so long). Why was Kim opposed to buying it? What made her change her mind? And how did this thing create significant changes in Kim’s life? Listen in as Kim reveals what this thing is, and maybe this can create wonders for you too!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:37 Health and Productivity 04:40 Get Up and Move Your Butt! 08:38 Find Your Smart System

Aug 24

10 min 15 sec

“If you don't resonate, it's okay to let them go because there's somebody else out there who's waiting for your message. And if you are cluttering your feed with people that you don't even resonate with, then you're missing the opportunity to connect with the people who need you most.”  -Kim Sutton   Social media can be highly distracting. Notifications, chats, feeds, and even friend count can get somebody occupied all day. If you are an entrepreneur, you might have thought at some point that these platforms can help you scale your business. But, think… Are your ideal clients really on social media all day, every day? In this episode, Kim shares what she learned about being on 180 Facebook groups, and how to save your sanity so that you can maximize your focus for the people that need you the most.     Check out my website for shownotes   Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:48 To Friend or To Unfriend 02:51 A Huge Waste of Time 05:05 Maximize Your Focus for Your Ideal Clients

Aug 17

8 min 6 sec

“Don't let anything interrupt you. You need to protect your productivity. We all need to be more aware of protecting our productivity, but it starts with you.” -Kim Sutton   Tough times, social media, a whole load of tasks, notifications, the kids, your pets, a knock on the door-- you name it! There are a lot that could potentially affect our focus and productivity. Of course, that is if we allow it. Listen in as Kim shares 3 simple yet effective strategies to help you protect your productivity!     Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:48 How Tough Times Affect Productivity  02:48 Tip#1: Journal 03:55 Tip#2: Music 03:53 Tip#3: Timers 07:34 Where it Starts

Aug 10

9 min 40 sec

Each person has their own focus method that works best for their brain type. Focus@Will provides scientifically designed music to improve your concentration. Its creator, Will Henshall, was a founding member of the British pop band Londonbeat, which saw billboard success in the late 80s and early 90s. In this episode, Kim Sutton goes deep into Will’s journey from being a musician to founding his own business. Tune in and discover why easily distracted people need a lot of stimulation to help them focus. If you need tips and strategies to increase your concentration and productivity, this episode is for you! Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

Aug 3

50 min 37 sec

Life can be too overwhelming that we forget we have the agency to choose. Because of this, we often feel stuck—be it from our limiting beliefs or the way we think others perceive us. Julia Pimsleur, the author of Million Dollar Women and, more recently, Go Big Now, is back on the show to remind us to Make the Decision, especially as women. She joins host Kim Sutton to share how we can bust our limiting beliefs and make a done decision. Take control of life and make big changes. All it takes is for you to decide to make it. Get your mindset training in this episode!

Jul 27

31 min 14 sec

You can have a lot of external success, but if you are overworking yourself, you won't have the drive to continue. You need to have the perfect mindset, or what Julia Pimsleur would call the Go Big Mindset. Julia is the Founder and CEO of Million Dollar Women. She is also the author of several books including, Go Big Now. Join Julia and your host, Kim Sutton, to discover how to have the right values and mindsets. Learn the secret to achieving the Go Big Mindset and how it can keep you in a positive state. Also, find some key mindset practices that will lead you to true success and fulfillment.  

Jun 29

32 min 44 sec

Just like a character in an MMO, everyone has room to improve. By acquiring the necessary learnings and experiences, one can achieve the next level version of themselves. Kim Sutton talks about embracing an attitude of constant learning about ourselves and the people around us. She also delves into the power of saying no during the right moments for you to grow and realize your vision.

Jun 8

11 min 40 sec

Having a well-planned daily routine helps increase productivity and self-fulfillment. But if you try to fit in too many tasks in just a few hours, that would most likely spell trouble. Kim Sutton talks about how she learned this the hard way by overwhelming her bullet journal to the point of becoming out of control. She shares the right approach to make your day-to-day schedule much more rewarding, especially for your mental health.

Jun 1

8 min 27 sec

We are aware of the basics of physical fitness – working out, following a fitness diet, doing a certain routine. But how aware are we of the things that we should be doing to take care of our inner well-being? We are often faced with inner roadblocks such as insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelming stress that hinder our growth. Kate Eckman, the author of The Full Spirit Workout, joins Kim Sutton for an inspiring talk about getting over these less-tangible barricades in order for us to actualize our full potential. Learn to shed all the negativity inside of you and experience collective healing to be able to create a more fulfilling life.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

May 18

1 hr 5 min

We always want to hire the best people for our business. This should also be the case when it comes to our health. In today's conversation, Kim Sutton discusses why we should choose our doctors wisely. Sharing her experience coming out of a mental health facility, she shows the importance of knowing our rights and responsibility to find the people who want the best for us and not just the money. Follow Kim as she takes us deeper into her story.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

May 11

9 min 32 sec

Our bodies bear the brunt of our constant hustle. We can get so lost to working so hard thinking that it’s the only way we can produce more when, in fact, it impacts and lessens our output. In this episode, Kim Sutton discusses how physical health, or the lack thereof, impacts our productivity. She shares her personal experience of struggling with sleep deprivation and its toll on her life as a whole. Join Kim as she offers insights on productivity and why it goes hand in hand with our health.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

May 4

9 min 19 sec

The path in pursuing your goals and dreams will always have moments of overwhelm, which can directly impact your wellbeing and mental health if not appropriately addressed. The solution to this starts within yourself, all with the help of the right mindfulness practice. In this episode, Kim Sutton talks with the Executive Wellness Coach and CEO/Founder of Prananaz, Naz Beheshti. Immerse yourself into their discussion focused on the meditative way of changing your life perspective, putting everything to a pause, and taking a breath. By discovering how to do mindful self-check-ins, you become a step closer towards a better you.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

Apr 27

46 min 22 sec

It’s easy to attribute the struggles we have between our ears to various external factors but at the end of the day, it is we who should take full responsibility for our own mental health. Kim Sutton knows this from her personal experience of having to struggle as a mother and entrepreneur at the same time. In the age of social media, it is very easy to fall victim to the comparison trap, subject ourselves to unattainable standards of success, and suffer mentally as a result. In what ways are you struggling with mental health as an entrepreneur? More importantly, what are you doing to address them? If you aren’t already, it’s high time you should.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

Apr 20

12 min 2 sec

“You create your own reality… Start with your thoughts--your thoughts are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on the way you think.” - Christy Whitman   Achieve unimaginable success in your life and in your career! In this episode, Kim and Christy Whitman share fundamental principles and laws in life that will turn your dreams into a reality. Tune in and find out how to use your inner energy to attract opportunities so you can live the dream and see your business grow. Focus on the blessings, be positive, and always look for the good in everything- that’s how you change your trajectory in life.    Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 03:07 Create Your Own Reality 16:50 Everything Is Energy 22:11  Being An Empath Is Beautiful 25:35 Law Of Attraction 31:42 Law Of Sufficiency And Abundance 41:29 Shift Your Words In The Abundance Side Of The Spectrum 47:00 Be In Alignment And Create The Momentum 52:36 Get Out Of Contrast

Apr 13

1 hr 16 min

“You are a very valuable component of friendship and love when you FULLY listen to hear what other people are saying. That is the way to formulate long-term relationships and find the love that you're missing.” -Marc Stern   This month’s theme is about emotional and spiritual wellness! In connection to that, Marc Stern of Need2BHeard sits as our guest today. This conversation revolves around the art of mindful listening. Kim and Marc talk about what makes talking about your feelings so hard and what listening to hear involves. Marc also shares what the most important part of being a professional listener is and how to create a safe forum for people to feel heard. Being left alone to our pain and fears is the loneliest place to be. Tune in and find out how you can fill that void for yourself and for others! Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:39 Why Talking About Your Feelings Is Hard (SO Hard!) 09:58 Filling the Void 17:25 How to Listen 27:46 Creating A Safe Forum 35:20 Stay Calm 39:42 Insert Gratitude 45:19 How to Make People Feel Heard

Apr 6

51 min 14 sec

Every entrepreneur and corporate employee has suffered from burnout one way or another. The only way to escape such a challenging state is by setting boundaries the proper way. In this episode, Kim Sutton sits down with Jennifer Bassman to explain the right time to say no, the dangers of becoming over-achievers, and the best way to delegate work to the appropriate people. Listen to this meaningful discussion that wraps up one month of conversation about confidence and boundaries. Make your working life better today by realizing your strengths, embracing your weaknesses, and harnessing the power of self-care and respect. Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  


Mar 30

54 min 34 sec

What do entrepreneurship and puberty have in common? It may sound like a weird question but Kim Sutton knows from her experience as a businessperson and as a parent that there is one critical point of comparison between the two. Have you ever felt the pressure of doing something for your business just because everyone is doing it? Have you ever felt a fear of missing out on the next big thing in marketing, the hottest course, or the newest piece of software? That stage of succumbing to peer pressure is what Kim calls entrepreneurial puberty. You might know it by another name – shiny object syndrome. Listen in and learn why entrepreneurs have to go through their own period of puberty and how you can overcome yours.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter  

Mar 23

8 min 37 sec

Description: “After you get the clarity and the confidence, who knows how high you can go!” -Kim Sutton   Confidence and cockiness are two opposite things. You can’t have both for it contrasts the other. So how do you gain confidence and keep cockiness at bay? In this episode, Kim relates how she felt both and how it affected her business, family, and personal life. Tune in and hear what helped her regain confidence and experience abundance like never before!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:20 The Confidence Trap  04:46 Quit Insulting Yourself  07:00 Don’t Give Up!

Mar 9

8 min 51 sec

 “Clarity helps me say NO to the opportunities which aren't for me. And to say NO for the opportunities which don't pay what I know I'm worth.”  -Kim Sutton   The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the privilege to be of service to others. Yet, even the most successful businessman cannot serve everyone. So how do you find your niche? The best place to start is YOU! Gain clarity about what you truly want to do. Join Kim as she shares a simple practice you can do to gain clarity of who you are as an entrepreneur while maintaining boundaries and getting paid for what you’re worth.  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:40 What Do You Do? 05:00 When Clarity is a Blur 08:37 Have Your NO List

Mar 2

11 min 48 sec

 “If you practice safe success, you can take care of yourself so that you can continue, and not sabotage it in some way that surprises you.” -Bridgit Dengel Gaspard   The worst moment ever: when you’re almost there then suddenly you’re stuck! Bridgit Dengel Gaspard calls this phenomenon, “The Final 8th”. In this episode, Kim and Bridgit unlock the mystery behind this strange event. What is the Final 8th? Why do many get stuck right before the finish line? What goals and practices can be detrimental to success? Most importantly, how can you move towards your goal fast while having fun along the journey. Press play and discover the enchanting path of safe success!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 02:35 The Final 8th 09:51 Mirage Goal  13:58 Voice Dialogue Technique  22:24 Practice Safe Success 29:50 Are You Having Fun?  37:30 What Rules Are You Living By?  41:09 Say YES to Yourself More! 51:23 “Live As If Any Moment You Could Get the Absolute Good News”

Feb 23

52 min 17 sec

 "Hope can bring to light a lot of things that you have deep inside you. If you can keep that hope alive and feed it daily with something wonderful, you will find out that your avenues for growth are huge and available to you all over the place." -Marie White   “You’re on mute.” -We hear that often on our zoom meetings. But today, we will talk about being “mute” in the business setting. In order to survive, we let our society force us to conform to a norm, which does not fully resonate with us. Many have muted their own story- the very reason they started their business- in order to survive. In this episode, Kim and author Marie White discuss why you should share your voice, and how you can keep sharing it in this modern world. Also, listen to tips and information you can use to protect yourself, your business, and your network even if the web decides to “de-platform” you. The call to go back to real conversations has never been more urgent. Find your voice and move forward with hope with today’s conversation.  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:54 Keep the Hope 04:33 On Mute 08:09 Platform Troubles 16:07 Be Careful What You Google 20:16 Back to Conversations 26:22 Protect Yourself 28:19 Be Comfortable with Sharing Your Voice   33:33 What Hope Can Bring 

Feb 16

34 min 48 sec

Description: "Leaders have to be the first at embracing change and innovation within themselves so that their people can too." -Rodney C. Burris   If money was not an issue, what would you do for free? Join Kim and Rodney C. Burris for a refreshing conversation about leadership and building a stronger team, with each member operating at their zone of genius. Listen as Kim and Rodney talk about the importance of getting perspective, nipping the root of unproductiveness, 4 zones from which one can operate, leading with heart, and listening to the gut-brain. Rodney also stresses what a leader should have, do, and be to facilitate team connection and elicit optimum performance. Press play and discover how to be free from stress and move towards your peace place!   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:44 The Uninvited Speaker 09:55 The Heart of Being a Leader 20:58 What Zone are You Operating From 32:55 The Gift of Being Cognizable 40:38 The Ultimate Approach to Building a Stronger Team 48:38 Freedom from Stress, A Place of Peace 55:47 It Comes Down to Perspective 01:01:45 The Best Place to Start

Feb 2

1 hr 4 min

Description: "Our career is not something that we do. Those things should be expressions of who we are because you can't ever do anything outside yourself." -Rodney Burris     Most people who look successful in their careers are in reality, stressed out instead of living with a sense of fulfillment. If that sounds like you or someone you know, this episode will help you move out of that phase. Join Kim as she interviews Rodney C. Burris, a sought after speaker, development coach, and published author. Kim and Rodney relate their struggles and lessons learned to keep their business and personal life balanced. Going all-in does not guarantee success. Break the wall that keeps you from thriving! Your business is not a reality survival show. Abundance will knock at your door today!    Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 02:01 Passionate About Everything   10:59 Chronic Sense Of Complacency 24:11  Rise From Zero 28:12 Surviving vs. Thriving 32:20 Part Of Business Is Our Story 37:09 What is a Career?  

Jan 26

40 min 32 sec

 “You don't need to have all the answers sometimes. The best answers that you can give yourself is silence.”  - Kim Sutton  Worrying is human nature. Yet, worrying can become worrisome when it begins to take control of your life. Kim found herself in that mire for 40 long years! Today, we hear how Kim got her peculiar childhood nickname and how it adversely affected her life, health, relationships, and business. As Kim shares how she greatly benefited from learning to let go, envision yourself happier with peace of mind and youthful glow. Learn about simple ways you can do today to stop excessively worrying and regain your control. How simple? Tune in, and you'll find out!    Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:20 The Worrywart 08:52 Sit Still & Listen 12:05 How to Letting Go Of Worry 16:05 What Should Be In Your Top Priority

Jan 19

20 min 35 sec

“Remember that just because something worked for you yesterday doesn't mean that it's going to work for you today… Push, pause, reevaluate, and determine a new course.” - Kim Sutton This year, 2021, is the year for a great reset. It's time to redefine what your dream life is truly like. You have the power to change or eliminate the things that made you unhappy and unfulfilled in the past. In this episode, Kim shares with us her great resets, lessons learned, practical applications, and blessings she received after taking the courage to protect her worth. If you are still being enslaved by other people's emergencies or demands, if you are still being mistreated, if you're still sleeping with your phone, or if you feel an emptiness in your life, press the play button because this podcast is for you! If all the hustling gives you more stress than success, pause and reevaluate because you deserve a better life.       Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:53 The Great Reset In My Marriage 03:13 The Great Reset In My Value Of Self-worth 08:04 The Great Reset With My Clients12:47 Let Go Of The Stress 18:58 The Great Reset In My Business 25:51 Set Boundaries

Jan 12

31 min 44 sec

 “We deserve to be able to have fun in everything that we're doing.” - Kim Sutton Welcome to the new season of Positive Productivity Podcast!  Thank you for tuning in for the past 600+ episodes and for being with us along this journey. Your support is greatly encouraging.  Like to many areas of our life, 2021 sees the Positive Productivity podcast evolving and adapting to the times. In today’s episode, Kim shares her great reset and new changes to look forward to! If you are feeling tired, stressed out, or unhappy in your business, this podcast is for you. Like our past seasons, the focus is still on simplifying your business, so you can have more time to do the things that truly make you happy and feel alive. Jump in and let's start the year with an inspiring topic to keep you motivated and find enjoyment in your work.       Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 00:59 Cutting Back 05:49 Stop SHOULDING! 09:44 How To Play In Your Business 19:45 2021 New Themes 26:27 Exercises & Fitness

Jan 5

30 min 49 sec

“You don't have to wear yourself thin in order to give the best.”  - Elizabeth Hughes Are you feeling stressed out, tired, listless, and unproductive? If so, get some sleep! It is the secret to productivity everybody is missing. Often we find ourselves awake and working when we should be sleeping. Join Kim and Elizabeth Hughes as they talk about the direct correlation between sleep and productivity. They discuss how a deep restful sleep helps in the overall physiological processes, which in turn equates to efficiency and functionality. On top of that, get some helpful tips on how to get the best out of your diet, experience better sleep, say NO without guilt and arguments to buy yourself more sleep time, and build a healthy concept of relaxation. We've always had a blind spot in medicine. But everybody, doctors themselves included, needs to give themselves the sleep they deserve. This is the real antidote to stress. So before you pop another pill, make sure to check out today's episode!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights:   02:24 Sleep Is Productive 10:00 Healthy Lifestyle 16:17 Find Your Purpose 23:18 Stress & Sleep Together 30:39 Setting Boundaries Around Everything 45:11 Effect Of Stress 48:08 Self Healing 55:31 Learn & Listen To Our Patients

Dec 2020

1 hr 6 min

“Don't try to appeal to everyone… Be who you are, figure out the right people, and then it opens up this whole world of awesome options.” - Matt Johnson Have you ever dreamt of making the world a  better place? That's a very noble passion. And by having that goal, you're already sparking the most important change you could ever make- a change in yourself. Of course, you want to widen and deepen your influence in the most profound way. So this week, Kim and Matt Johnson, the author of MicroFamous, share how we can start moving toward that goal in a realistic way. Matt answers fundamental questions such as: Where do we begin to make a change? Who can we begin creating that change with? What things should we focus on? How should we spend our valuable resources? Why should we narrow our scope? Making an impact is tedious, extensive work and it does not happen overnight. But it is possible! If you have a life-changing message, tune in for priceless wisdom and practical steps you can do to make sure your message reaches the right people in the right way and the right moment.   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights:   02:35 Start With Where You’re At Right Now 10:08 Podcasting 15:32 Focusing One Thing At A Time 27:57 Focus At The Right People 31:49 Finding The Right People 37:22 Go Wide Then Go Deep 42:00 Micro Famous Guy 46:54 Famously Unavailable

Nov 2020

54 min 16 sec

"Take personal responsibility for your own progress." -William Hung Rejections in real life are more painful than a big fat "NO" from Simon Cowell. But what if you received both? If you're a fan of American Idol, you'll love today's conversation with William Hung. You may remember him from season 3 with his version of "She Bangs" and how he raise to fame after receiving that dreaded "NO". If you're wondering what he's doing now, you'll be surprised to know that he's serving on a different stage as a motivational speaker. He helps his clients uncover and share their inspiring stories to the world.  In this episode, Kim and William talk about facing rejection with grace, "gamifying" your business, life hacks to be more free, and a better way to look at mistakes. If you're thinking of becoming a speaker one day, listen as William shares the secret to a good speak in presentation!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights:   03:52 Exploring The World Of Speaking 08:58 Professional Poker Player 14:15 Word NO Is Not The End 19:20 Champion By Choice 24:14 Be Open To New Ideas 31:28 New Opportunities 34:35 Turn Stories To Inspiration 35:58 Mistakes: Own It!

Nov 2020

40 min 52 sec

"To be successful, it doesn't require resources. It requires being resourceful." - Brandon Fong The solution to your sales pickles is here! This week, Kim interviews Brandon Fong, an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Author, & World Traveler. Brandon is currently on a mission to help 10,000 millennial entrepreneurs achieve success without sacrificing their health and family. Kim and Brandon talks about the power of connection, intelligent hustle, fear-setting exercise for decision making, and building value in your personal and professional life. Brandon also shares the common mistakes entrepreneurs make in expanding their network, how to uncover surface level feedback, and why every entrepreneur must cultivate resourcefulness. Tune in and hear Brandon's 3 Step Magic Formula for developing authentic connections!   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights:   02:48 From Self-conscious To Entrepreneur 08:48 Intelligent Hustle & Unintelligent Hustle 12:25 Entrepreneurship In College 18:40 Fear Setting Exercise 21:46 7-Figure Millennials 23:5 Do Not Let Your Past Control You 32:13 Magic Connection Method 41:35 Dig Deeper To The Real Issues With Conversation 47:11 Wedding Postponed 51:27 Continue Growing Even With COVID

Nov 2020

58 min 22 sec

“We are all meant to sleep well. It’s just a matter of figuring it out and turning that around.” - Martha Lewis  Are you sleeping as much as you should?? For many, getting a good night's sleep is a constant struggle. There are some who stay up late to finish work while others face a constant battle with their busy minds.  In this episode, we’re going to address this issue with Martha Lewis, a Certified Sleep Like a Boss Consultant. Martha expounds on the environmental and biological factors that adversely affect sleep patterns, and how to naturally adjust your circadian rhythm so that you are not only getting enough sleep but a sweet sleep at that. She also lists the reasons we should stop neglecting our sleep right now and live a healthy life. Tune in and find out how to win at your nightly sleeping battles and find your bedtime “sweet spot” at last! Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 03:01 Struggles With Sleep 06:28 Establish A Healthy Sleep Pattern 11:43 Sleep & Health Issues 17:14 Sleep Deprivation and Its Effect on Productivity 21:51 Finding Our Sweet Spot  26:42 Cortisol Can Affect Sleep 31:48 Strategies To Sleeping Better

Oct 2020

41 min 5 sec

“Once you're clear on what you want to initiate, you don't have to wait for anyone; you don't even have to ask for permission. You have all the potential capacity within yourself to go into action.” - John Cole What does your body graph say about you? If you're trying to find out what your purpose is, this episode may well resonate with you. Today, Kim sits with John Cole, an Expert Human Design Analyst. John explains how your Human Design Chart can help you be at peace with yourself. He also interprets what the channels, colors, and line activations represent and how it relates to your profile and what impact you can create. More importantly, learn how these concepts can help you build a strategy around your personal growth and relationships. Your energy works in surprising ways! Tune in and discover your manifesting potential!  Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 05:09 Body Graph  07:26 Human Design Chart Explained 16:48 Types Of Human Design 27:31 Emotional Authority Center In Our Body 37:29 Planetary Symbols 39:10 Significant Colors In The Body Chart 53:09 Tribal Channels: Impact On The World 1:05:31 Line Profile: Phase Of Life 1:14:22 The Manifester Strategy

Oct 2020

1 hr 21 min

“Unlock the talents you were given to be the best that you can be, and also to be the best that the world deserves from you.”  - Curt Mercadante   There’s a reason why everyone is born unique. Otherwise, no change will take place and no miracles will happen. But the journey is not easy- from identifying your gifts to finding courage to actually live it, and let alone impact the world. In this episode, Kim sits with Curt Mercadante, the author of the bestselling book, Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle. Curt is an expert in helping others build authority brands and today, he shares the strategies, mindsets, and values that serve as prerequisites to unleashing your talents and following your passion. The “Greats” we know in history are all normal people like us. But what helped them to make a difference is their standing out as different. Listen in and be ready to show up in your most authentic self!   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter   Highlights: 04:35 From Success To Guilt  10:51 Politics In Wealth And Entrepreneurship 15:42 Faith Versus Belief 21:11 Entrepreneurial Mindset 26:53 Scarcity Mindset To Reprogramming 32:02 Use Your God-Given Talent To Your Utmost 42:34 Authenticity: Know And Be Who You Are

Oct 2020

52 min 32 sec

“There is no right path to becoming an entrepreneur- everyone has their own path.” - Kimberly Weitkamp   Our society loves to put pressure on us, trying to shape us into its norms. But it is important to remember: No person & no situation can define how your journey is going to look like for you. Your way of navigating it, is what gives it value and meaning. In this episode, Kim and Kimberly Weitkamp talk about how we can own our journey. They talk about the importance of working with the right people as opposed to being tolerant, talking with your clients in their language, setting boundaries for yourself, showing up with your authentic self to gain trust, hunting for your ideal clients, and having sufficient self-time. Tune in and discover how you get back on track. You don’t want to be a sidekick. Take control, it’s your journey and you are the main character!     Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 04:44 From Scratch To Growth  07:31 Know Who You Work With 17:31 Know Your Boundaries 21: 36 THE Golden Thread 26:10 YOU Have To Be In YOUR Marketing 32:53 Ideal Clients 36:35 Life Before Becoming An Entrepreneur 39:09 Work What You Love 

Oct 2020

44 min 12 sec

“Who you already are is your unique gift.” - Noelle Cordeaux “Life is a journey”- sounds so overrated. But for us who are still along the way and understanding life, having a guide is absolutely a lifesaver. But with the choices laid before us, how do we know which one serves our needs? In this episode, Kim and Noelle Cordeaux talk about the subtle differences between a coach, a mentor, and a therapist so you can save yourself a lot of trouble before you hire one. Noelle also shares the benefits of being authentic rather than humanizing just so one can appear “perfect”, especially those who are seen as “leaders” of their own company. Your hesitations and what ifs are slowly stealing away your future! Tune in and discover how to hack your brain so you can make decisions better!   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 04:26 Fake It Till You Make It 10:37 Heart-Centered Business 17:07 The ICF (International Coaching Federation) 23:19 With Or Without Accreditation? 25:56 Therapy versus Coaching versus Mentors 35:06 Community Building For Each Other 40:15 Why Being in Middle Age is Awesome

Sep 2020

49 min 45 sec

“When you show up, come early, to be prepared, and show up with your heart.” - Mitchell Levy What do entrepreneurs need in order to grow their business? This week, Kim and Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy answer that question by diving deep into how entrepreneurs should show up. Credibility is an important aspect of entrepreneurship. But what does it mean and how do you build a solid credibility? Mitchell shares how to gain your clients’ trust, why careful preparation is needed when you show up, what place should failures take in your life, and why punctuality is more serious than you think. Also, listen as Mitchell talks about 4 things business owners can tap into to scale their business and the secret to making your profile a client magnet. Click the play button and join in for another fun-filled yet practical and meaningful conversation.  Check out my website for shownotes   Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 01:49 Credibility Defined07:28 Credibility Of A Business Owner 10:04 Come, Prepare, Show-up18:01 Business Automation29:13 CPOP: Customer Point Of Pain 34:59 Dot Com Days To Book Publishing 41:59 Two Superpowers

Sep 2020

49 min 53 sec

“There is nothing stopping you from taking that biggest crisis that knocked you down and transforming yourself. It could be the boldest, most amazing version of yourself that shows up if you just do the work.” -Debi Silber Time heals all wounds definitely does not apply to the heartbreak caused by betrayal. As unfair as it is, the victim is left to figure out how to put the broken and smashed pieces of his/her life back together. Needless to say, it is a cruel journey ahead. But what if you can use that nightmare to create a stronger, better, and more beautiful version of yourself? In this episode, Kim interviews Debi Silber, the Founder of Post Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Institute on how to do just that. Kim and Debi kick this conversation off by discussing the difference between resilience and actually being transformed. Debi also talks about the 5 stages of transformation, 3 discoveries about betrayal that will make you believe that healing is possible, how to stop betrayal from repeating itself, how to deal with family betrayal, how self-betrayal manifests, and why you should be deliberate about the motive behind extending forgiveness. Of course, we all want transformation, but where do we even begin? Listen in as Debi shares 4 questions to guide you out of victimhood to victory!   Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 02:02 Lied to, Cheated on, and Deceived 08:54 Transformation in the Process 14:52 Are You Self-Betraying? Answer These 4 Questions 17:08 3 Discoveries About Transformation 20:04 Why Self-Betrayal is the Worst! 25:51 The Reason Behind Repeat Betrayal  28:36 5 Stages of Transformation 35:12 Out of Victimhood 42:44 From Betrayal to Breakthrough!

Sep 2020

48 min 57 sec

"One of the things that hurts us in terms of sales is we when really the only problem is, we're talking to the wrong people."   Have you ever felt that you're not good at sales and never will be? Or have thought that what you offer may not be valuable enough? If this sounds like you, tune in to today's episode and let's break those mindsets with sensible and practical wisdom. Kim and Michelle Shaeffer talk about regaining your confidence so you can reach success in no time! As an Award-winning blogger and author, Michelle provides particulars on how to write a blog or speech that attracts traffic. She also let's us in on some premium tips and priceless information about coaching, speaking, podcasting, sales and sales offerings, finding the right clients, and more! Authenticity and confidence is the key and we'll dive more into that, no boring stuff, only real-life applications with a pinch of humor. Don't miss today's episode! Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 04:01 Website Design To Blogger 10:29 Be Who You Are 14:57 Best Blog Post 22:12 Transition To Coaching & Consulting 33:12 Take Ownership 39:57 Finding The Value & The Right Client 48:40 Don’t Make Decisions For A Potential Client 54:06 Difference In Selling Your Program, Coaching & Consulting

Sep 2020

1 hr

"Recognize that you are stronger than you think and it all boils down to knowing your worth, loving yourself, and attracting all you deserve." - Simone Allison Is your current relationship making you lose yourself? Today, Kim and Simone Allison will lead you towards the journey of finding yourself and thriving again. Many women go through a difficult relationship in the hands of a narcissist. But only a few find the courage to free themselves of this misery, at times because of some understandable and plausible causes. Yet, the question that everyone must ask is: Is your happiness worth staying in this relationship for one more day, or month, or year? Learn how you can move out of victimhood, speak your needs, live your truth, regain your worth, and voice your worth so that you can attract everything you deserve and nothing less. Also, discover practical ways you can set boundaries and expectations, be accountable, and finally, move on to a fresh start. Listen in and you'll be surprised to know that some of the worries holding you back aren't as bad as you think they might be!

Sep 2020

1 hr 7 min

“Getting un-busy was about first getting a lot of those commitments off my plate so that they became a lot more manageable mentally and physically.” ~Garland Vance Garland Vance was busy being busy when his doctor told him words he didn’t expect. “Your being busy will kill you.” Garland’s subsequent research not only changed him, but is on course to save the lives of many. Listen as Garland and Kim Sutton share their own stories of being busy, the health implications each faced as a result, and the journey of their individual recoveries from busy-ness. Show Notes02:25 Kim’s sleep deprivation 04:03 Garland’s journey 09:31 Kim’s prescription 10:18 Garland’s thesis 13:31 Getting un-busy 16:11 Getting shit done 21:22 Knowing which goals to pursue 22:55 Working with his wife 25:04 Why Kim started her business 27:05 Defaulting to yes vs. defaulting to no 31:28 Purposeful, productive and peaceful 32:36 Purposeful Parentpreneurs 34:55 Girl Scouts 36:22 Controlling busy within the family 38:40 Prioritizing together over to-dos Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 2020

50 min 11 sec

“Ayahuasca is well known for it’s visionary properties and bright colors and light shows and that sort of thing. It’s also well known for cleaning - that is energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual cleaning or purification.” Zach Poitr In 2009, while suffering from anxiety, depression and general discontent for his life, Zach Poitr was introduced to Ayahuasca and took a journey to Peru. His life was changed forever. In this conversation, Zach expands Kim’s knowledge about herbal medicine. They talk about the visionary experiences associated with Ayahuasca, as well as discuss how a retreat works, what attendees can expect and more. In addition, Zach and Kim discuss common medical treatments, the state of legalizing controlled substances for medical reasons, and more! Highlights: 02:03 What is Ayahuasca? 04:51 Ayahuasca’s healing reputation 07:18 Is Ayahuasca legal in the United States? 11:11 Ayahuasca (tea) 15:03 Healing with Ayahuasca 16:47 The visionary experiences 30:37 PTSD and Ayahuasca 34:43 MDMA 38:15 Ayahuasca vs. antidepressants and opioids 39:42 Kim’s thoughts on the FDA 44:54 Prepping clients for Ayahuasca retreats 48:13 Kim committed to mental hospital 50:15 Zach’s Ayahuasca journey 55:13 Go through a season 56:42 Human design 1:00:36 Considerations before a retreat Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 2020

1 hr 8 min

“A landing page is simply an intentional conversion point where you’re trying to address a specific audience with a specific challenge with a specific solution.” - Bob Sparkins Bob Sparkins has been with Leadpages since its early days. He was customer number 43 when he signed on on their first day in 2012. In 2014, Bob joined Leadpages as a full-time employee, and to this day teaches customers how to succeed with the product. Listen as Bob and Kim talk shop, discussing split testing, brand consistency, mistakes entrepreneurs make on the landing pages, pop-ups and more! Highlights 03:29 Bob’s background with Leadpages 06:45 Thinking about where you send people 09:01 Split testing 10:36 Consistency (from ads to landing page to thank you page) 17:00 Be willing to be more of you 22:11 What is a landing page? 25:53 Segmentation 28:00 Picking a niche 33:35 Knowing which sandbox you want to play in 36:53 Common mistakes on landing pages 41:45 Making URLs easier 45:30 Pop-ups Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 2020

56 min 54 sec

“Our brain is like a computer. It’s like a hard drive. It’s a storage unit. And it only has a nature and a goal that are the same and that’s caring about the survival of the body. It will do whatever it takes to make sure that your physical form — your body — is in survival mode 100% of the time.” - Susan Dascenzi When Susan Dascenzi and I hopped on a quick call to catch up, I had no clue it was going to lead into me getting an incredible coaching session. But, when it started getting good, I knew I had to take it to the airwaves so my community could benefit as well. Listen as Susan and I dig deep into my money mindset issues, my struggle with procrastination and consistency, and a comparison of reward vs consequence goal setting methods. Highlights 04:20 Procrastination and lack of motivation 06:21 How we take the world in 07:34 Broken promises 08:40 The programs that are downloaded 12:11 Avoidance 12:48 The next level 15:27 Mixed feelings about winning 17:46 Our brain vs. our mind 23:44 Rewards vs. consequences 34:28 Consistency 35:56 How to kick the buts 38:21 A worth issue 42:51 Boundaries Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

Aug 2020

51 min 58 sec

“You need to be self-centered. People need to invest in themselves… You are a single entity and you need to find out what's going on with you and then make those decisions based upon what makes you unique.” - Dr. Anthony G. Beck This week, Kim and Dr. Anthony G. Beck reveal the secret to true productivity. We’re not talking about software, and plug-ins, and complicated tech stuff. We’re talking about creating an environment conducive to productivity and prioritizing your health. Everybody is telling you how to be healthy, whether directly from a health coach or indirectly from advertisements and social media. The thing is, the only way for you to be healthy is to understand what your body needs and the context around your lifestyle. If stress, anxiety, or depression is getting the best of you, listen as Dr. Beck discusses 4 factors you need to consider before you resort to medication. Also, find out how to determine which diet is best for you, why exercise and play is crucial to being functional, and what misconceptions about health have misled most people for so long. Of course, health is not limited to your physiological make up. Rediscover activities that deserve a sweet date on your calendar. Your well-being is an investment that guarantees the highest ROI. So don’t go for the bandwagon. It’s a personal matter. Remember: Taking care of yourself is taking care of your business. Bonus: This fun fact will change how you view sanitizers forever! Press play to find out. Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights:   02:35 Engagement, Management, & Leadership Skills At Home 12:30 Balanced Protocol 19:19 Don’t Just Exercise, Go Play 30:24 Nutrition & Business 39:49 Stress Sores 45:44 Schedule Naptime 49:43 Different Mechanism Of Testing 56:50 Find The Right Health Coach

Jul 2020

1 hr 4 min

"To understand happiness, you have to understand positivity. Positivity is the ability to use your thoughts to change the way that you feel." -Amy Dix Have you ever wondered, if it's true that humans are created to be happy, why do people keep searching for happiness as though they don't have it? In fact, why do you have to search for something that's already in front of you?  In this episode, Kim and Amy Dix, 2-time bestselling author, share the ultimate way to happiness. Amy talks about the realistic view of happiness and sadness, being authentic in an unauthentic world, the importance of rest, and the advantage and disadvantage of automation. You'll also hear tips and wisdom to keep your focus, keep track of expenses, cut off unnecessary losses, and in giving yourself grace. Tune in! The secret to positivity and productivity is revealed today!    Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Highlights: 02:26 Positivity In Life 11:48 Profit First 23:32 Focus On What’s Important 28:32 Time Of Creativity  38:38 Positive Life Company 41:26 Chronic Idea Disorder 46:38 Authentic Business In Unauthentic World

Jul 2020

57 min 55 sec

“Being a mindful person doesn’t necessarily mean that we face zero adversity — like life just goes so smoothly. It means that we can be with the as-is nature of life not going smoothly.” - Kristen Manieri What speed is your “normal” during a typical day? Are you speeding through life, getting testy when other people are going too slow? Or, are you enjoying each moment? Listen as Kristen Manieri joins Kim Sutton on the Positive Productivity podcast to have a conversation about living mindfully. They share how/when they brought mindfulness into their lives, as well as how it’s used in their businesses, self-care, parenting and more. Highlights 02:45 10-day challenge 03:46 Kristen’s background 08:09 Not-enoughness 11:01 Hustling and comparing 15:13 Different time, different reaction 16:53 The speed we live by 21:17 Keeping the burner on medium 25:47 Making better choices 27:58 Kim address her kid’s attitude 32:39 How the podcast came to be 37:25 Quality vs. quantity 44:02 Silent retreat 47:08 Kristen’s morning routine 55:53 Teaching people how to treat us Check out my website for shownotes Follow Kim on: Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter

Jul 2020

58 min 46 sec