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The Dating Den

By Marni Battista

Dating coach, Marni Battista, is the queen of making her clients irresistible to men and not just any men, high quality men. Marni’s weekly dating and relationship web show, “The Dating Den,” has over 2.6 million views, and she was named one of the 10 Best Women’s Dating Experts by @DatingAdviceCom.​

  1. 1.
    With Robin Da Vinci: How to Navigate Income Inequality in Your Relationship02/21/2020
  2. 2.
    Bachelor Recap, Season 24 Episode 7 — With Chris: How to Tell if He is Not Ready For a Relationship or Just Flatout a Manchild02/15/2020
  3. 3.
    With Dr. Tim Bono: How Cultivating Happiness Can Help You Create Connection and Chemistry Even if Dating Feels Hard02/14/2020
  4. 4.
    Bachelor Recap, Season 24 Episode 5 — With Chris Gillis: I'm Not Here for the Emotion Shaming — How You Can Walk the Line Between Overly-emotional and Healthy Vulnerability02/08/2020
  5. 5.
    With Kelley Kosow: What to Do When You Get Triggered When He Doesn’t Call Back or It Doesn’t Work Out.02/07/2020
  6. 6.
    Bachelor Week 4 Recap, Season 24 Episode 4 with Chris: Avoid These Men When You're Dating — How to Make Sure You Don't Date a Man Who Looks Good on the Outside But is Really Emotionally Unavailable, Chase Rice01/31/2020
  7. 7.
    Bachelor Recap Season 24 Ep. 3: With Chris Gillis — Don't Make These Two Crucial Dating Mistakes — Red Flags You Are Missing and Are You Being Too Vulnerable?01/27/2020
  8. 8.
    With Michelle: What It Will Take for You to Meet and Marry Your Man By This Time Next Year01/24/2020
  1. 9.
    With Chris Gillis: Lessons From The Bachelor S24 Ep.2 — How to Know For Sure He is Over His Breakup01/20/2020
  2. 10.
    With Dr. Ken Harris: How to Take the Hating Out of Dating — One Shift to Help You Manifest Your Quality Man01/17/2020
  3. 11.
    With Christian Anderson: How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex?01/10/2020
  4. 12.
    With Jill: How to Go From Devastated and Divorced to Empowered and in Love in Just One Year01/03/2020
  5. 13.
    With Kasie Main: How Do I Get My Mindset Right for Dating?12/27/2019
  6. 14.
    With Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore: How to Create an Action Plan to Have a Meaningful, Intimate Relationship in 202012/20/2019
  7. 15.
    With Jordana: How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex & Heal After a Tough Breakup12/13/2019
  8. 16.
    With Dr. Margaret Rutherford: How to Date When You Are a Perfectionist11/29/2019
  9. 17.
    With Samara Fabrick: How to Overcome Your ‘Maybe I Could Do Better’ Problem11/15/2019
  10. 18.
    With Ashleigh Leegie: Are You a Busy Woman? A Very Simple Approach to Clean Cooking that Can Accelerate Your Love and Sex Life Now11/08/2019
  11. 19.
    With Michaela Boehm: How to Get Out of Masculine Energy Even if You are Not a Girly Girl11/01/2019
  12. 20.
    Coaching Jasmine: How to Break the Netflix and Chill Rut with the Guy You Like10/25/2019
  13. 21.
    With Chris Gillis: How Do I Get a Quality Guy to Pursue Me?10/18/2019
  14. 22.
    With Anne Beaulieu: How to Find the Love of Your Life10/11/2019
  15. 23.
    With Ron Ehrlich: I Need Dating Help. How to Get Rid of Dating Stress Now10/04/2019
  16. 24.
    With Patricia Young: Dating Tips for Highly-Sensitive Women. Is this What is Getting in Your Way?09/27/2019
  17. 25.
    With Aimee Raupp: How to tap into your vitality to get back your love mojo.09/20/2019
  18. 26.
    With Chris Gillis: How to Have the ‘What Are We?’ Conversation09/13/2019
  19. 27.
    With Chris Gillis: How To Spot a Red Flag - Our Bachelor In Paradise Recap09/06/2019
  20. 28.
    With Dr. Stephen Porges: How Smart Women Calm Themselves Down When They Have Dating and Relationship-Related Anxiety08/23/2019
  21. 29.
    With Michelle Chalfant: Why Your Picker is Broken and How to Fix it Now08/16/2019
  22. 30.
    The Bachelor 2019 Finale Recap with man panelist Chris Gillis - Ignoring the Red Flags: What Hannah B. taught us all about how we can avoid heartache and save time by filtering out the wrong guys faster.08/02/2019
  23. 31.
    Damona Hoffman — How to Use Texting to Create Connection and Progress Through the Phases of Dating and Courtship with Dignity08/02/2019
  24. 32.
    Man Panelist Chris Gillis — Bachelorette 2019 Men Tell All Season Recap: What We Can All Learn About Dating ‘Bad For You’ Men from Hanna B.07/26/2019
  25. 33.
    What Do I Do When He Disappears or He is Really Inconsistent?07/19/2019
  26. 34.
    Do This One Thing 5 Times a Week to Meet High-Quality Men You Like, Right Now07/12/2019
  27. 35.
    Dating Den Episode 118 — with Jean Chatsky: Can I Date Him Successfully if I Make More Money?07/05/2019
  28. 36.
    Dating Den Episode 117 — Coaching with Kristen: Why Do I Get Awkward and Freak Out When I Really Like Someone?06/28/2019
  29. 37.
    Dating Den Episode 116 — with Becca Devens: Are You Being Too Picky? Survivor’s Favorite Loved One Shares What Today’s Healthy Marriage Really Looks Like06/14/2019
  30. 38.
    Dating Den Episode 115 — with Geoff Cook: How One Dating App is Taking the ‘Does He Look Like His Picture?’ Question Out of the Online Experienc06/07/2019
  31. 39.
    Dating Den Episode 114 — with Jessica Ortner: How to Manage Your Pre & Post Date Anxiety to Take the Hating Out of Dating05/31/2019
  32. 40.
    Dating Den Episode 113 — with Cindy - Am I Being Too Picky or is He Really Not the Right Guy for Me?05/17/2019
  33. 41.
    Dating Den Episode 112 — with Stan Tatkin - The Healthy Relationship Litmus Test: Are You in One?05/10/2019
  34. 42.
    Dating Den Episode 111 — with Michael Sorensen - The Surprisingly Simple Skill You Need to Create Connection in Less than 30 Seconds04/12/2019
  35. 43.
    Dating Den Episode 110 — Coaching with Amy - What To Do if You Can’t Figure Out If He’s Into You or If He’s the Real Deal for Real03/29/2019
  36. 44.
    Dating Den Episode 109 — With Sylvie Khoucasian - How to Start Speaking Your Truth and Set Boundaries Even if You’re Afraid AF03/22/2019
  37. 45.
    Dating Den Episode 108 — With Luke Iorio - How to Get Him Out of Your Head For Good and Why Waiting for the Universe to Bring You a Guy is Total BS03/15/2019
  38. 46.
    Dating Den Episode 107 — With Suzanne: I Meet Men Who Don’t Really Commit, Help Me Marni Fix This Now!03/01/2019
  39. 47.
    Dating Den Episode 106 — With Mary Ann Halpin: Are Your Online Photos Killing Your Game? Do's and Don'ts To Be a High-Quality Man Magnet02/22/2019
  40. 48.
    Dating Den Episode 105 — With Michael: How to Make Sure You Don't Rule Out the Right Guy02/15/2019
  41. 49.
    Dating Den Episode 104 — With Sherrie Toews: The Little Things You Don't Know You Do and Say That Push Him Away02/01/2019
  42. 50.
    Dating Den Episode 103 — With Melissa: Relationship Play-By-Play Breakdown — How You Can Quickly Spot a Guy Who is Not Ready for a Relationship01/25/2019
  43. 51.
    Dating Den Episode 102 — With Kristen Ulmer: Filled with Fear, Worry, Anxiety Around Dating? Why Traditional Advice is Making Your Problems Worse & How to Change it Now.01/18/2019
  44. 52.
    Dating Den Episode 101 — With Brian Portnoy: How to Shape Your Life Into One with Money, Love, and Meaning01/11/2019
  45. 53.
    Dating Den Episode 100 — With Debbie Rozman: How to Literally Get Over Your Broken Heart01/04/2019
  46. 54.
    Dating Den Episode 99 — With Carin Rockind: Soulful, Scientific, Simple, Happiness Tips You Can Use Now to Accelerate Your Path to Love12/28/2018
  47. 55.
    Dating Den Episode 98 — With Alex Jimenez: The Ultimate Travel Packing Strategy for the Single Girl Who Wants to Meet Her Man on the Go12/21/2018
  48. 56.
    Dating Den Episode 97 — Coaching with Nicole: Our Connection is Insane. Should I Wait for Him to Get His Act Together or Should I Let it Go for Good?12/14/2018
  49. 57.
    Dating Den Episode 96 — Coaching Jesse: Why Your Online Profile Probably Sucks: How to Change Your Results by Changing What You Can Change12/07/2018
  50. 58.
    Dating Den Episode 95 — With Chris G: What Does a Quality Guy Really Think About Dating and Relationships?: Our Favorite Man Panelist Gets Honest11/30/2018
  51. 59.
    Dating Den Episode 94 — With Julie — Part 2: What it Takes to Turn Your Life Around Completely When You Can't Stop Dating a Bad-for-You Guy11/09/2018
  52. 60.
    Dating Den Episode 93 — Coaching Susan: Why Do I Date Bad-for-Me Men Even Though I Am a Very Smart Woman?11/02/2018
  53. 61.
    Dating Den Episode 92 — With Kim Seltzer: Choosing the Right Pics to Get Clicks —How to Attract Your High-Caliber Man Online, Now!10/26/2018
  54. 62.
    Dating Den Episode 91 — With Tripp Lanier: 45-Year-Old Boys, Why Some Men Can’t Grow Up10/19/2018
  55. 63.
    Dating Den Episode 90 — With Tiffany: The Three Step Hack to Make Sure You Never Send that Text Message That You Regret Sending the Minute You Hit Send10/12/2018
  56. 64.
    Dating Den Episode 89 — With Shola Kaye: Quick Conversations to Help You Get What You Want From Quality Men10/05/2018
  57. 65.
    Dating Den Episode 88 — With Nicole: Why Being Smart is Never Enough to Help You Stop Dating the ‘Bad for You’ Guy09/28/2018
  58. 66.
    Dating Den Episode 87 — With Kiné Corder: Money & Love Mixdown: Is Your Money Personality the Reason You’re Still Single?09/21/2018
  59. 67.
    Dating Den Episode 86 — With Lisa Woodruff: Moving In Together or Still Single? What to Do When You're Stuck in Organizational Quicksand.09/14/2018
  60. 68.
    Dating Den Episode 85 — With Mike Goldstein: A Proven Strategy for How to Get a Boyfriend in Less than Four Months09/07/2018
  61. 69.
    Dating Den Episode 84 — With Dr. Margaret Paul: Does Dating Make You Anxious? 6 Steps to Take Control of Your Love Life and Meet Quality Men Now08/31/2018
  62. 70.
    Dating Den Episode 83 — With Sherrie Toews: Always Meeting the Same Wrong Guy? Find Out if This Hidden Issue is the Reason Why08/24/2018
  63. 71.
    Dating Den Episode 82 — With Dr. Rick Hanson: How You Can Create Confidence and Attract Better Men in Just Ten Minutes a Day08/17/2018
  64. 72.
    Dating Den Episode 81 — With Robert Kandell: How to Date and Create Deep Connections with the Good Guys in the Me Too Era08/03/2018
  65. 73.
    Dating Den Episode 80 — With Emma Johnson: What it Means to Date as a Kick-Ass Single Mom in a Modern World of Gender Role Confusion07/15/2018
  66. 74.
    Dating Den Episode 79 — With Geneen Roth: Defining Enough: How to Find Joy in Today’s Gotta Have More Society06/24/2018
  67. 75.
    Dating Den Episode 78 — With Denny Waxman: Busting Food Fad Myths: Things You Can Eat That Can Reverse Aging For Real06/17/2018
  68. 76.
    Dating Den Episode 77 — With Jordan Harbinger: The Real Truth from a High-Quality Man on How You Can Become Rejection-Proof06/10/2018
  69. 77.
    Dating Den Episode 76 — With Lou Paget: Answers to the Questions About Sex You Are Too Embarrassed to Ask06/03/2018
  70. 78.
    Dating Den Episode 75 — Coaching Erin: I Broke Up with My Boyfriend. Did I Do the Right Thing?05/20/2018
  71. 79.
    Dating Den Episode 74 — Tristan Coopersmith: Scared to Say It? How to Get the Courage to Say What You Mean with Men05/18/2018
  72. 80.
    Dating Den Episode 73 — Peter Walsh: What if Clutter is the Reason You’re Single? The Procrastinator’s Guide to Creating Space for Your New Relationship04/22/2018
  73. 81.
    Dating Den Episode 72 — Mary Shores: Defining Emotionally Unavailable — What If It’s You and Not Just Him?04/15/2018
  74. 82.
    Dating Den Episode 71 — Andy Horning: Marni’s Couples Coach Shares Strategies on How to Choose a Partner & How to Avoid Common Relationship Pitfalls04/08/2018
  75. 83.
    Dating Den Episode 70 — Arielle Ford: Why ‘Efforting’ Will Actually Set You Back in Your Dream to Find Love04/01/2018
  76. 84.
    Dating Den Episode 69 — Coaching Angela: Define Emotionally Available — Is He? Is She? What Is It? And, How to Be It to Create Connections in Your Relationships Now03/18/2018
  77. 85.
    Dating Den Episode 68 — with Dr. Cleopatra: How to Hack Your Biological Clock — Baby-Making Considerations for the Wanna Be Mom03/11/2018
  78. 86.
    Dating Den Episode 67 — with Lisa Wimberger: How Being Single is Silently Destroying Your Body from the Inside Out — Why Neuro Sculpting Will Help You Heal and Bring Love Into Your Life03/04/2018
  79. 87.
    Dating Den Episode 66 — with Courtney: Breaking it Off with a Bad for You Guy — After 7 Years of Trying Unsuccessfully Courtney Learns How to Do it Right02/25/2018
  80. 88.
    065: Dating Den Episode 65 — with CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke from Thrive Inc.: The #1 Tool You Need to Make Your Relationship Last a Lifetime02/18/2018
  81. 89.
    064: Dating Den Episode 64 — with Dr. Sheldon Kardener: He’s Back! Dr. Kardener Shares How to Go From Knowing Your Issues to Changing Your Life01/28/2018
  82. 90.
    063: Dating Den Episode 63 — with Dolan Mayeda: The Shame Hack — What Single Women Need to Know About the Hidden Emotion that is Sabotaging Your Love Life01/19/2018
  83. 91.
    062: Dating Den Episode 62 — with Debra Poneman: Why Visioning Is the Worst Thing You Can Do to Manifest Your Man12/26/2017
  84. 92.
    061: Dating Den Episode 61 — with Lydia the Lifestyle Coach: The Difference Between Dieting, Losing Weight and Truly Being at Peace with Food12/17/2017
  85. 93.
    060: Dating Den Episode 60 — with Julie: How to Stop Putting Up with Crap From a Guy, Now! How to Tell a Guy You are Done Being His ‘Sort of’ Girlfriend12/10/2017
  86. 94.
    059: Dating Den Episode 59 — with Sanjana: The Ghosting Epidemic, How to Handle it with Your Dignity Intact12/03/2017
  87. 95.
    058: The Biggest Lie You Are Telling Yourself, “Are You Wired to Keep Yourself Single Forever?”11/23/2017
  88. 96.
    057: Dating Den Episode 57 with Christine Malsbury — The Capsule Approach for Dating How to Simplify Getting Dressed for a Date in 5 Minutes or Less11/12/2017
  89. 97.
    056: The Mind-Body Connection: How Trauma is Connected to Chronic Illness and… Your Dating Life11/05/2017
  90. 98.
    055: How to Access A Secret Power You Don’t Even Know You Have To Amplify Your Earnings, And Your Mantraction Factor with Julie Steelman10/27/2017
  91. 99.
    054: Taking Care of the Caregiver with Tamara & David Dachinger10/22/2017
  92. 100.
    053: How to Do a Badass Overhaul of Your Online Dating Profile with Nancy10/08/2017
  93. 101.
    052: The C-word — How Conflict Can Make Him Fall More in Love with You Every Single Day with Jayson Gaddis10/01/2017
  94. 102.
    051: The Secret Skill Nobody Talks About To Make A Quality Man Fall In Love With You with Dr. Kristin Neff09/24/2017
  95. 103.
    050: I’ve Done the Work on Myself. Can You Help Me Fix My Picker Now, Please?, with Jane09/24/2017
  96. 104.
    049: How To Flirt, Even If You're Not Good (or really bad) at Flirting with Patty Contenta09/17/2017
  97. 105.
    048: What Does Being Feminine Actually Look Like? With Corey Jenkins08/27/2017
  98. 106.
    047: Be Careful What You Wish For: How To Make Sure That Your Past Failed Relationships Don't F-Up A Good One08/13/2017
  99. 107.
    046: Stop Focusing on What’s Broken in You with Luke Iorio08/06/2017
  100. 108.
    045: Create Your Very Own Lasting Relationship by Enlisting a Love Mentor with Doctor Diana Kirschner07/30/2017
  101. 109.
    044: Bring Love Into Your Life Through Your Environment With Katie Titi07/23/2017
  102. 110.
    043: How Smart Women Slay the Dragon - How to Make Sure Overwork, Overwhelm and Procrastination Don’t Ruin Your Love Life with Sarah Reiff- Hekking07/16/2017
  103. 111.
    041: How to Stop the Off and On Again Cycle for Good, Even It’s Been Going On for Years with Kat07/02/2017
  104. 112.
    040: How to Meet Your Match in the Real World with Camille Virginia06/25/2017
  105. 113.
    039: How Sarah Turned Herself into “Gold Child” to Finally Get Over Dating The Bad Guys for Good06/18/2017
  106. 114.
    038: Don’t Have Time to Screw Up Love Again? The Fastest Path to Getting Over Your Sh*t with Raz Ingrasci06/11/2017
  107. 115.
    037: Pasta and Your Profile. Why a Trip to Italy Has Everything to do with Your Ability to Find Love with Arielle Ford06/04/2017
  108. 116.
    036: Profile Mistakes Smart Women Think They Are Too Smart to Make with Jeannie05/28/2017
  109. 117.
    035: How to Get a Man to Meet Your Every Desire Without Having to Nag with Laura Doyle05/21/2017
  110. 118.
    034: If You Are Feeling Fat, Here is Your Wake Up Call to Get Out of Your Skinny-Fat-Skinny Cycle with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson05/14/2017
  111. 119.
    033: This Ninja Move Got Him To Commit - How To Do It To Yourself And Keep A Quality Man05/07/2017
  112. 120.
    032: First Date 101 - What To Do So You Don’t F### It Up With Samantha Burns04/30/2017
  113. 121.
    031: How to Feel Really Hot When All You Can Think About Are Hot Flashes with Dr. Mache Seibel04/23/2017
  114. 122.
    030: The Stereotypes that are Alive and Well in Dating with Evan Marc Katz04/16/2017
  115. 123.
    028: How to Do a Breakup Without Turning Into the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend with Chris Seiter04/02/2017
  116. 124.
    027: Why it's Dangerous to Date Mr. “Good On Paper" with Ken Bechtel03/26/2017
  117. 125.
    026: Why Your Adult Brain Acts Like A 6-year Old and How It’s Sabotaging Your Relationships with Dr. Sheldon Kardener03/19/2017
  118. 126.
    025: A Proven Strategy for How To Find A Boyfriend In Less Than 7 Dates (This Is For Real!) with Mike Goldstein03/12/2017
  119. 127.
    024: Understanding The Communication Gap Between Men and Women. And How To Avoid It. With Carol Allen.03/05/2017
  120. 128.
    023: Why Goal-Oriented Women Fail When It Comes To Dating with Daniel Packard02/26/2017
  121. 129.
    022: Hey, Where Are They Keeping the Secret Stash of Quality Men? with Johnny Fernandez02/19/2017
  122. 130.
    021: I’m in Love With a Married Man. What Should I Do? with Mel02/12/2017
  123. 131.
    020 : How to Finally Feel Like a Woman of Value So You Can Attract Men Who Aren’t a Waste of Your Time with Sandy Weiner02/05/2017
  124. 132.
    019: Why Looking for a Conscious Spiritual Man Could Leave You Single Forever with Arielle Ford01/29/2017
  125. 133.
    018: How to Make Sure You Are Selective While Dating Without Being So Picky You Die Alone with 10,000 Cats with Irene01/22/2017
  126. 134.
    017: ​The Fastest Way To Get Over A Breakup To Help You Move On with Katherine Woodward Thomas01/15/2017
  127. 135.
    016: When to Tell a Guy You Want Kids and What to Say So He Doesn’t Freak Out With Dorothy01/08/2017
  128. 136.
    015: How to Train Your Boyfriend to Be A Better Lover (and Give You Screaming Orgasms!) With Susan Bratton01/01/2017
  129. 137.
    014: Why Am I A Badass in Every Part of My Life Except for Dating? With Julie12/18/2016
  130. 138.
    013: How to Get Your Shit Together and Stop Obsessing Over Him with Iris Benrubi12/11/2016
  131. 139.
    012: How Long Should I Wait for a Commitment?12/07/2016
  132. 140.
    011: How I Am Sabotaging My First Dates and How to Stop with Sam12/03/2016
  133. 141.
    010: Why Does He Act Interested One Minute and Distant the Next11/30/2016
  134. 142.
    009: What To Say To Your Kids About Dating and Blending Families During The Holidays11/27/2016
  135. 143.
    008: How to Be in Your Feminine Energy to Attract an Alpha Male11/23/2016
  136. 144.
    007: Why Being a Perfectionist Can Kick Your Ass in Dating (and What To Do To Get Over It ASAP!)11/19/2016
  137. 145.
    006: How To Have A Conversation That Leaves Him Wanting More11/17/2016
  138. 146.
    005: 7 Steps To Get What You Want From Men with Mat Boggs11/13/2016
  139. 147.
    004: Understanding Men, What They Really Desire with Marni Kinrys11/13/2016
  140. 148.
    003: Why You Always Attract The Wrong Guy and How To Stop with Christine11/13/2016
  141. 149.
    002: How to Write an Online Profile That Attracts a Quality Man with Adam Gilad11/13/2016
  142. 150.
    001: Should a Woman Pursue a Man? with Christian Anderson11/13/2016
  143. 151.
    000: The New Dating Den Podcast11/13/2016

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