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Cody Gualtieri

This show sets aim on improving your life at the midpoint of fitness and lifestyle.

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In this episode Dallas and I give you the keys to gym confidence and success without worrying about others or comparing yourself.

Aug 5

1 hr 28 min

In this episode Dallas & I tackle some frequently asked fitness questions, such as "what are macros? How much protein should I eat? Should I weigh myself everyday? Does Keto work?"

Jul 29

1 hr 31 min

In this episode Dallas and I get into the UFC, deloading, heavy bag training, eating on the go, and my elaborate plots against Planet Fitness.

Jul 20

1 hr 21 min

Dallas & I have our usual fun diving into our questions about kidney function, utilizing a personal trainer, what to do when you're not feeling 100% but are supposed to train, and how to feel better about the 'fitness journey.'

Jul 13

1 hr 18 min

In this episode I have my good friend and fellow trainer Dallas (Dal-P) back on the podcast to answer some questions about squat depth, chest development, and we even played a quick game of 'overrated/underrated.'

Jun 23

1 hr 12 min

In this episode, my good friend and all around cool-guy, Joe and I talk through his background with the gym, his career, and his perspective on leading an active, happy, and fun life.

Jun 8

1 hr 18 min

In this episode I have on Matt McLeod who's a fellow fitness coach, and also a registered dietician. Matt & I discuss how to 'not be boring' and explain there's more to life than your fitness obsession, although your fitness can benefit those other avenues of your life.

May 20

1 hr 20 min

In this female-focused episode, Angela (fellow trainer, nurse, & oh yeah - female) and I dive into what you need to know as a female about your body, training, nutrition, and making it all work for you!

May 5

1 hr 5 min

In this episode I talk about building your home gym! From choosing the right row machine, dumbbells, accessories, and must-haves for optimally outfitting your ideal home gym!

Apr 13

30 min 29 sec

Excited to have the CEO of Tailored Coaching Method, Cody McBroom on today's episode! Cody always over-delivers, and in this episode he drops multiple wisdom-nuggets on personal development.

Apr 1

58 min 30 sec