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The Renaissance Man Podcast is based on Mark Pires Renaissance Man Live ?Show on all social platforms. Live Songwrting on the BeatSeat Marks Patented Invention the first drum for guitarists! Live original comedy shows and characters within the show and total positivity! Find it live every day on YouTube Support the show! Live every single day at 8PM EST on Youtube with this show! Join the party at Support this podcast:

  1. 1.
    Three New Songs Written In Real Time on Day 782 In A Row! Plus, Dick Facce Strikes!!
  2. 2.
    Original Songs All Night Long, Positivity & Introducing the How Dare You Guy Song!
  3. 3.
    Real Talk 2020 Year In Review Part 2! Music, Laughs & More! #RealTalkFamily Day 729 In A Row!
  4. 4.
    Real Talk 2020 Year In Review Part 1 of 3! BeatSeat Music, Non Stop Laughs & So Much More!!
  5. 5.
    Resting My Vocals, I Share Some Of The Best Real Talk & Trump Show Clips From 2020 on Day 722 In A Row!
  6. 6.
    Ed Asner Calls in to Real Talk!! 91 and Still Slaying It! Day 715 In A Row!
  7. 7.
    Great Night of Music, DJ Donald Trump Raps and Lots of How Dare You Guy!! Sunday Day 714 In A Row!
  8. 8.
    Nothing Can Stop The Light! SNL Day 713 In A Row, Beatles Set, Laughs and Raided By Montagraph...
  1. 9.
    Day 685 In A Row The Banned Episode... The Potential Flip Scenario, BeatSeat Music!
  2. 10.
    Comedy Night, Some Music and How Dare You Sig Sauer? Day 708 In A Row
  3. 11.
    We Didn't Start The Fire! BeatSeat Music and Tons of Laughs! Day 696 In A Row!!
  4. 12.
    Uber FaceSwap, Real Talk Moments and Lots of Music on the BeatSeat! Day 701 In A Row!
  5. 13.
    Day 702 In A Row, I Say Goodbye to Grandpa...
  6. 14.
    Day 700 In A Row of Mark Pires Real Talk!!
  7. 15.
    Thanksgiving 2020 - Live song improvisations and tons of laughs! Day 697 In A Row!
  8. 16.
    Day 690 In A Row! Live Every Day Since 12/31/18 Music, Comedy and Positivity!
  9. 17.
    Day 679 In A Row! Picking A Random out of the Hat for you! Trump Calls and we connect and jam!
  10. 18.
    Day 694 In A Row of Real Talk! Trump Calls In To Real Talk, DMB Mini Set, Too Much Respect Guy Breaks Character...Twice!
  11. 19.
    Real Talk SNL Day 692 In A Row! Live Music, Positivity and Never Ending Laughs!
  12. 20.
    Day 678 In A Row! Biden Declares Victory, Massive Music Night and Lots of Laughs!!
  13. 21.
    Post Debate, Political Divides and BeatSeat Music! Day 662 In A Row!
  14. 22.
    My Freedom of Speech at Risk, BeatSeatMusic and Trump Show Episodes 1-22!! The Complete Saga...
  15. 23.
    Donald Trump Show - Tales of a Sleep Sofa named Joe Biden, Episodes 1-10 and the Prequel!
  16. 24.
    Real Talking Politics, BeatSeat Live Music and introducing the Donald Trump Show!!
  17. 25.
    Real Talk Variety At It’s Best! Cover Request Night, The Twizzler Commercial and Lots of Faceswaps!
  18. 26.
    Investigative Journalist Maryam Henein Joins Real Talk! Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!
  19. 27.
    Day 500 In A Row of Mark Pires Real Talk - The Podcast!
  20. 28.
    My Birthday and Day 469 In A Row! Trump Surprised Me With a Star Studded Celebrity Video Message!
  21. 29.
    I can’t believe I created a rap!? Of course Donald Trump joins us too! From Day 452 of Real Talk!
  22. 30.
    Real Talk Quotes and Reflection. We review more than 50 original quotes from the show! And music!!
  23. 31.
    Your Second, Third, Fifth Wind! Day 450 in a row! The 4 hour and 13 minute Real Talk power episode!
  24. 32.
    We all need something inspiring these days. The awesome night of music on the BeatSeat, a bonus!!
  25. 33.
    On St. Patty’s Day Real Talk I poked fun at Dick Facce in our ongoing feud plus music on BeatSeat™️!
  26. 34.
    Friday the 13th Real Talk - Donald Trump & Pence, Dick Facce takes over the show and the BeatSeat!!
  27. 35.
    President Trump calls in to Real Talk after getting tested for Coronavirus, Dick Facce & BeatSeat™️!
  28. 36.
    Dr Josh Shajan joins Real Talk to have a conversation about the coronavirus pandemic and more!
  29. 37.
    Stay Safe Concierge Real Estate Service, you stay safe and we provide the information and ✌🏻 of mind!
  30. 38.
    How TO and NOT to speak to your clients featuring Dick Facce. My take on Religion...
  31. 39.
    Real Talk Variety Show in all its glory. Inspiration, Positivity, Comedy & Live Music all in 1 show!
  32. 40.
    Mark Pires Renaissance Man (Trailer)
  33. 41.
    A true hero doesn’t need to own a cape. When you care, you act! Real Talk Podcast #51
  34. 42.
    Real Talk Unleashed.. If you want something, put in the work!
  35. 43.
    Self Starting when your intuition speaks then bullies be gone.., I share my story about Mike Greene!
  36. 44.
    It’s never too late for Thanksgiving! A night of music and Real Talk 11/28/19
  37. 45.
    Are you Intentionally evolving? Leading with light in a dark world. Then., Dr. Evil & Trump stop by!
  38. 46.
    Danny Coleman RockOn Radio w/ BeatSeat inventor Mark Pires and Director of Business Lara Ceccarelli!
  39. 47.
    Music and Motivation 2020!!
  40. 48.
    The Backwards Law and my perspective, then News, Faceswaps and music on The BeatSeat! Daily podcast!
  41. 49.
    Flashback: DAY 365 in a row of Mark Pires Real Talk! One full year in a row of Positivity!
  42. 50.
    Don’t ever give up, everyone expects that. Day 405 in a row of Mark Pires Real Talk!

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