Sensei Says Podcast

By Sensei Pascal

🚀 Uplift your mindset, empower yourself and achieve greatness ! Get motivated by the inspiring and entertaining conversations of the Sensei Says Podcast. Every Thursday, join me - Sensei Pascal - as I chat with successful personalities and dig out practical advice to help you change your life. 💪 Optimize your self-improvement through meaningful conversations with experts in Psychology, Adventure, Business, Sports & Arts. Discover simple and actionable strategies that will assist you on your quest to become the best human you can be. Get powerful tips from such fascinating guests as Dr. Don Vaughn, Rammstein, Dominick Cruz (UFC), Mark Pattison (NFL) and many others ! Learn out how to overcome fear and maximize your potential while listening on your commute or during your workout. Watch while you sip your morning java and get the kick you need to surpass your limits (hopefully, from our self-help podcast… not just the caffeine blast). Sensei says: Join our community of Seïtos by picking an exciting episode that will drive your first steps towards a more fulfilling existence. Osu ! 👊 @senseisayspod | #senseisayspodcast ***** 🎙️ WHO AM I ? I’m Sensei Pascal, former radio personality on XM Satellite Radio, passionate martial artist, relentless entrepreneur, enthusiastic adventurer, inspired essayist (Oxford Brookes University), motivated fitness coach, aspiring comedian and insatiable student of the human experience. Master of Kenpo Karate, WKC World Championships silver medallist and survivor of multiple extreme endurance races, I dedicate myself to the betterment of others. My humble vocation is to support and guide people on their path to self realization.

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