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Analog Expressions is that last bench in the classroom where all the cool shit used to happen! Hey there, this audio experience is brought to you by Meghan Katti from Pune, India. I make photos and videos for musicians and automotive. I talk about a varied group of topics here, going right from insight into Visual Content Creation to what it's l

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Lost Films ( ) are a Content Crew based out of Mumbai, India. It consists of two people, Tirth Dodia and Avadh Gajjar and create visual content for some of the biggest titles in the Music Industry, like Raja Kumari, Spin Doctor, The Local Train and Nucleya. They have toured with these artists and gotten recognition in a short span of roughly 1-2 years. In this episode I got to witness their story of starting out and reaching where they have, today. This is an absolutely fun, anecdotal conversation and first of many to come. For more content related to Music and Visual Content check : --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 15

76 min

Anurag Sharma ( ) is a well known photographer who works with industry titles like Prabh Deep, SeedheMaut, Ahmer etc at Azadi Records. He has grown to be one of the best music videographers in the country in just over a year. We talk about what he goes through in his downtime as a creative and things that have helped him be creative through quarantine. We also talk about some stories of how he met Prabh Deep in early 2019 and now are great friends, travelling around the country.  Let's chat: --- Send in a voice message:

Jul 1

71 min

Katoptris ( ) is a Pune based, multigenre producer. He is known for making music across the spectrum, right from heavy dubstep to soothing Lo-Fi. We talk about his inspirations as a 15 year old getting into production and about the new age artists that are making their distinct sounds and growing in the industry.  Listen to his new track, Lies on all streaming platforms! ( ) Let's chat: --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 24

61 min

Polybat a.k.a Mihir Kardile ( is on the most insane digital artists I’ve ever had a chance to know. A 20 something visual art badass, Mihir and me talk about how to be consistently motivated and have a positive outlook towards hardships. We also try to find the deeper meaning behind conventional motivating talk and share some of our experiences we've had along the way! Follow Analog Expression on Instagram: Find me at: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 17

81 min

With this episode I'm launching a parallel segment in this podcast called Expressions.RAW. This new segment is all about getting in smaller episodes with quick consumption of insight on advice, problems and solutions for every kind of creative. On this episode me and one of my great friends, Anveya ( talk about the lessons we learnt as younger creatives and also some advice on how to understand and react to the problems a lot of people face. We also talk about the impact of social media on goals and focus, Hope you enjoy this episode. Let's talk: Youtube: --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 14

38 min

Shubham Singh, is a well know videographer & photographer in the Concert Visual Content industry. He has worked with numerous artists and festivals around the country. We talk about how one can grow in the content industry while making great content for themselves and their clientele. Shubham also share things that he did to get a chance to work with so many people in the industry. We also talk about mental health in a creative job and how to overcome it. I hope this episode can provide value to you guys and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Shubham Find Shubham at -  Follow me on instagram, for daily badass content.  Also Check out my YouTube to for some more goofy Meghan Katti moments at - --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 3

56 min

Vyom Joshi is the front man of the modern age rock band, White Vinyl. As a band and as a solo act, Vyom has performed all over Pune. He is one of the most humble and intellectual artists I've had endless conversations with. And this episode is just about that. We discuss about how artists grow by building their intellect through and around their genre of art. This conversation also takes me back to the reasons i decided to scale out into the podcast industry, to provide my audience with more insight than I could to myself through such raw conversations. Find Vyom at - Find White Vinyl at - Follow me on instagram, for daily badass content. Also Check out my YouTube to for some more goofy Meghan Katti moments at - --- Send in a voice message:

Jun 2

58 min

On this episode, I speak with a dear friend and a well know artist from Pune, Karan Adlakha a.k.a KARONIK. He is known to be one of the most versatile upcoming artists from his town. I have been creating content for him for about the past 6 months but we never really dove deep into what music meant to him and what he thought about the changes an artist goes through to keep striving for their art. We also talk about how the industry in many terms works now and how one needs to navigate through it. Hope you enjoy the episode! Find Karonik at  You can find me - Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: --- Send in a voice message:

May 14

49 min

Hey guys, This first episode is a brief story of mine leading to the inception of Analog Expressions. I'm fairly new to the art of audio so please excuse the shitty audio quality. I'm going to be working on various aspects of this show and promise to perfect every element of it! Thanks for tuning in!  Hope you enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:

May 11

19 min

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