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Scary horror stories, haunted places, and dark events. Urban legends and folklore have something to teach us, don't they? New episodes every Thursday at 5pm PST.

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Have you heard of The Phone Stalker? How about the first reported case of cyberstalking? In this episode, we look into infamous stalking cases and their outcomes.Ad free? https://ADarkMemory.com/premiumTake our listener survey: https://ADarkMemory.com/surveyMore creepy stories:Scary Story Podcast: https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comTrue Scary Story: https://TrueScaryStory.comEpisode written and produced by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov), with research by Madeline Guerra.Victim Connect Resource Center 1-855-484-2846National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

Nov 26

15 min 21 sec

The Saratoga Lights in Texas, USA: During the day, Bragg Road might seem like just another lovely trail with greenery and a nice space to take a break from daily activities, but at night, this area transforms into the home of the place to one mystery that still baffles those who witness it.Premium Members: https://adarkmemory.com/premiumOur listener survey: https://adarkmemory.com/surveyEpisode website: https://adarkmemory.com/the-ghostly-saratoga-lights/

Nov 19

11 min 55 sec

The morning of July 1, 2018, was supposed to be like every other morning in Burari, Delhi. Nobody was expecting to find the dead bodies of an entire family dangling from the ceiling of their home. Read our post here: https://scary.fm/the-burari-deaths/Written by Madeline Guerra, produced by Edwin Covarrubias.Join A Dark Memory (Premium) here: https://ADarkMemory.com/premiumGet in touch here: https://adarkmemory.com/contact/Episode website: https://adarkmemory.com/the-burari-deaths/

Nov 12

16 min 48 sec

There is a house in San Jose, California with an interesting construction. Staircases that lead to nowhere and doors that open to painful drops are just some of the oddities. Did you know this house was built for spirits?Produced by Edwin Covarrubias with research by Madeline GuerraEpisode website: https://adarkmemory.com/spirit-mansion-the-winchester-mystery-house/

Nov 5

11 min 26 sec

Scary horror tales of ghostly women have been shared through generations. In this episode, we explore the legend of the Lady in White that appears on the side of the road. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-lady-in-white/

Oct 29

15 min 23 sec

The real Annabelle doll is not as creepy looking as the movie creators depict her, but her story may be just as terrifying. For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comThis episode was written and researched by Madeline Guerra. Produced by Edwin Covarrubias.Music: Simon Wilkinson

Oct 22

15 min 39 sec

The Exorcist is a horror novel and movie that was based on true events. In this episode, we find out about the tale of Roland Doe and his terrifying story.Say hello or share your dark memory by visiting https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by: Edwin CovarrubiasResearch: Madeline GuerraMusic by Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-demonic-possession-and-exorcism-of-roland-doe/

Oct 15

15 min 33 sec

In 1820, a book was published called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", about a man without a head galloping in the night, but famous tales of encounters with headless horsemen roaming in the night date back to the middle ages.For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin Covarrubias, researched by Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-headless-horseman-of-sleepy-hollow/

Oct 8

10 min 9 sec

There is a haunted building in Roanoke, Virginia, that once served as a luxury hotel. Some of the people who once visited the place never left. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comProducer: Edwin CovarrubiasResearcher: Madeline GuerraMusic by Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/living-in-the-haunted-patrick-henry-hotel/

Oct 1

11 min 43 sec

Beings that look, sound, and behave just like you.. except they are not you. Has anyone ever seen your doppelganger?For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin Covarrubias and researched by Madeline Guerra. Music by Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/doppelgangers-strange-tales-of-double-walkers/

Sep 24

13 min 5 sec

A strange encounter by reputed journalist spread quickly after his sighting of strange children with eyes that were completely black. Here are some other encounters with the black-eyed children.Website: https://ADarkMemory.comResearch: Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonProducer: Edwin CovarrubiasEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-black-eyed-children/

Sep 17

12 min 31 sec

In March 8, 2014, flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China, disappeared from radars and was never found. What happened?For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by: Edwin CovarrubiasResearcher: Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-disappearance-of-malaysia-airlines-flight-370/

Sep 10

11 min 36 sec

In the Appalachian Mountain range, there lies a place known as Hawk Mountain, in Pennsylvania. This place may have housed America's first serial killer, but he was never charged for the supposed murders that took place at the infamous Schaumboch's Tavern.Reach me over at https://ADarkMemory.comProducer: Edwin CovarrubiasResearcher: Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-haunted-tavern-in-hawk-mountain/

Sep 3

12 min 46 sec

Jack the Ripper terrorized the East End of London in 1888, during the Victorian era. To this day, people are still researching the cases of the victims. For more, visit: ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov)Research by Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/jack-the-ripper-and-his-twisted-murders/

Aug 27

15 min 9 sec

In early 2012, an extremely difficult puzzle was released to 4chan, a popular internet forum, in search of highly intelligent individuals. This puzzle became known as Cicada 3301. Who are they? What happened to the winners?For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin CovarrubiasResearch by Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-internets-biggest-mystery-cicada-3301/

Aug 20

11 min 59 sec

One of the most haunted houses in the United States is the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah. Let's explore this and other places in the historic town of Savannah, Georgia.Website: https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin CovarrubiasResearch by Madeline GuerraMusic by Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/haunted-the-sorrel-weed-house-in-savannah-georgia/

Aug 13

7 min 48 sec

The legend of La Llorona haunts the streets of Mexico and Latin America, the story of a woman who searches eternally for her children. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comWhat do you want to hear next? Email me at hello@ADarkMemory.comProducer: Edwin CovarrubiasResearch: Madeline GuerraMusic: Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/la-llorona-the-legend-of-the-weeping-woman/

Jul 30

8 min 28 sec

Sleep paralysis has been studied, but still there is lots we do not know about the phenomenon. In this episode, we explore some of the theories, from demons, to the old hag. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comProducer: Edwin CovarrubiasResearcher: Madeline GuerraMusic licensed from Simon WilkinsonEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/sleep-paralysis-demons-come-at-night/

Jul 23

16 min 2 sec

The White House, in Washington D.C., is known for serving as the home for past presidents of the United States, but few are aware that even the official White House website offers information on the other visitors that roams the halls of the estate. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comProduced by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov)Research by Madeline GuerraEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/haunted-ghosts-of-the-white-house-washington-d-c/

Jul 16

16 min 26 sec

Horror stories are behind some of our favorite fairy tales. We take a look at the darkness behind Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and the other popular story of Rapunzel. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comFind me on social media with my handle, @edwincovProduced by Edwin Covarrubias with research by Madeline GuerraEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/darkness-in-our-fairy-tales/

Jul 9

17 min 50 sec

After unidentified flying object sightings, witnesses have claimed to be visited by men wearing dark suits. Beings that seem anything but human. For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comCheck out my other show: https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comFollow me on social media: @edwincovEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/mysterious-encounters-the-men-in-black/

Jul 2

20 min 16 sec

In 1966, the first sighting of The Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia made history as one of America's most famous cryptids tied to unusual tragic events of our time. For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comPatreon: https://patreon.com/scarystoryFind me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with my handle @edwincovFind Scary Story Podcast over on https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/cryptid-sightings-the-mothman/

Jun 25

17 min 6 sec

In the 1980s, the legend of Cropsey became real when a series of kidnappings took place in Staten Island, New York. The kidnapper would take children and people with disabilities to the underground tunnels of an abandoned mental hospital.For more, visit: https://ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/cropsey-the-real-boogeyman-of-staten-island-new-york/

Jun 18

14 min 55 sec

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California has been known for decades as the Death Hotel, or Suicide Hotel. Along with the murders and suicides, the Cecil Hotel was also the last place where Elisa Lam disappeared in 2013.For more, visit https://ADarkMemory.comOther podcast: https://scarystorypodcast.comResearch: Madeline GuerraProduced by @edwincovEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/death-at-the-cecil-hotel-in-los-angeles/

Jun 11

14 min 30 sec

Nobody knows who violently murdered Andrew and Abby Borden with a hatchet with multiple people inside the house in broad daylight. Take a listen to the mysterious murder that took place at the Lizzie Borden House.Website: https://ADarkMemory.comOther podcast: https://ScaryStoryPodcast.com/listenResearch: Madeline GuerraProduced by @edwincovEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/murder-mystery-the-lizzie-borden-house/

May 28

16 min 22 sec

The Calico Ghost Town in California might be one of the most haunted ghost towns in America. From its widely documented stories and witness accounts, it is sure to let you wondering about who roams its streets.For more: ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/abandoned-the-spirits-of-calico-ghost-town-in-california/

May 21

15 min 19 sec

Along the Red River area in Tennessee, the 19th century Bell family experienced one of the most famous paranormal stories in the United States. The family became known as the victims of the Bell Witch Haunting.Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/vengeful-spirit-the-bell-witch-haunting/

May 7

14 min 35 sec

The RMS Queen Mary, in Long Beach, California has hundreds of reported ghost sightings, some now identified by name. Get updates over at the website, ADarkMemory.comThank you for listening!Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/haunted-ship-ghosts-of-the-queen-mary-usa/

May 1

11 min 42 sec

The 2016 clown sightings made headlines around the world. What started as simple pranks soon turned into something sinister with threats, assaults, and arrests. For more information, or other stories, check out ADarkMemory.comThank you for listening!Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/sightings-the-creepy-clowns/

Apr 23

15 min 47 sec

Famous internet story meme "The Slender Man" became a subculture on its own. Eventually, the belief in this story led to an attempted murder.Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/attempted-murder-the-slender-man/

Apr 2

10 min 55 sec

In New Hampshire in 1961, Barney and Betty Hill had one of the most widely known public cases of an alien abduction. Visit the website at ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/alien-abduction-the-ufo-incident-of-barney-and-betty-hill/

Mar 26

17 min 11 sec

Dark tales surround the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, where gold seekers find death instead. For more, visit ADarkMemory.com

Mar 19

13 min 11 sec

Thornton, Colorado is the home of one of America's most haunted roads. Join me as we explore the legends of Riverdale Road. For more, visit ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/haunted-riverdale-road-in-thornton-colorado-usa/

Mar 12

10 min 23 sec

The Old Alton Bridge in Argyle, Texas, is surrounded by mystery and horror. A local hot spot for paranormal investigators have discovered a different entity that lurks in the area. Some of these entities and experiences differ from the legends. Which are true?Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-goatmans-bridge-in-texas-usa/

Mar 5

9 min 52 sec

La bruja, or the Witch of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, was a story that caught the world by surprise in 2006. Recordings of a humanoid from two different cameras were presented as evidence. Even more details surfaced when the story came out of a little-known event that happened two years prior.Episode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-witch-of-monterrey/

Feb 26

9 min 21 sec

Do you check under your bed when you go on vacation? You might want to. For more, visit ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/under-the-bed/

Feb 19

5 min 30 sec

Through the hills of La Rumorosa, on the stretch between Mexicali and Tecate, just across the border of California in Mexico, some speak of ghosts that roam through the dark hills and steep cliffs.For more, visit ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/the-haunting-hills/

Feb 12

9 min 37 sec

A story about a regular trip to the winding roads of Turnbull Canyon, in California. For more, visit ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/dark-canyon-roads/

Feb 5

11 min 52 sec

It showed up at your door, and you let it inside. The legend of the cat lady.For more, visit ADarkMemory.comEpisode page: https://adarkmemory.com/a-scratch-at-the-door/

Jan 17

7 min 6 sec