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Join JD as he chats with industry-leading Real Estate Investing experts and professionals. We learn from their experience and uncover the strategies to their success that we can implement into our own businesses. You can become an expert yourself by investing 10,000 hours or learn from people that have already made that investment. They share their experience and wisdom as we build the foundation for our own success. If you are a fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller, or are looking for an alternate to the Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Motley Fool or Suze Orman shows we invite you to subscribe today!

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Bill Gross is an expert on Los Angeles Probate. He hosts a weekly call to discuss how to get sales in probate, how to engage with probate attorneys and more probate-related topics for real estate agents and investors. Show notes at

Nov 28

30 min 27 sec

Corey Geary is a national 7-figure Wholesaler, fix and flipper, e-commerce, oil and gas investor, husband, father and God believer. He helps real estate entrepreneurs live the life they desire. Show notes at

Nov 25

25 min 38 sec

Have you ever wondered how much value and actionable information can be crammed into on podcast episode? You about to find out as Rod Khleif delivers and epic RAPID FIRE fundamentals of Multifamily Real Estate Investing! Show notes and links at

Nov 21

38 min 8 sec

Today’s guest, Bryan Driscoll, is a real estate investor, a digital marketing and SEO expert, and Co-Founder of Motivated Leads, a digital marketing agency that helps investors expand their real estate portfolios quickly by generating quality motivated seller leads. Bryan has over a decade of experience doing SEO for both large and small companies, but after investing some of his agency profits into rental properties, he and his business partner realized that true wealth comes from real estate investing. Now, in addition to investing in real estate, Bryan uses his experience to help other investors find quality leads. Show notes at

Nov 18

28 min 45 sec

With us today is Catherine Tindall, CPA and partner at Dominion Enterprise Services, a concierge tax advisory practice. With all the recent and upcoming tax changes, I am excited to talk to an expert that can help us, not only stay informed, but also provide some insight into how we can reduce our overall tax burden. Show notes at

Nov 14

27 min 51 sec

David Olds is a full time real estate investor based out of Chattanooga, TN. He started investing back in 2002 when he and his wife bought there first home that was unknowingly a foreclosure. After flipping that property for 50k they discovered the world of real estate investing and went on to do numerous flips in Central Florida before the crash in 2008/9. Struggling to find deals, they relocated to Chattanooga, TN to work a new market and there through hard work and sheet determination became the dominant wholesalers in the region. Along the way he accumulated over 70 rental properties and continued to flip, mastering not only wholesaling but property management as well as raising private money. Now David is a sought after speaker and coach who has a thriving nationwide wholesale company and continues to grow his rental portfolio while teaching the next generation of investors the tips and secrets that they need to rapidly grow their business and get to their desired income level & lifestyle. Show notes at

Nov 11

41 min 53 sec

Nick is the Owner/Founder/Executive Chairman of Want To Sell Now. The largest nationwide wholesaling company in the United States based out of Austin TX. He also own a fleet of semi-trucks multiple eCommerce businesses and invest in multiple companies and commercial real estate. He also own the 7 Figure Cartel mastermind that gets people quickly through the hurdles to become multiple 7 figure real estate investors. He grew up in Northern Virginia and spent the first 5 years of my career in Personal Training before moving to Austin TX where he now reside. Nick moved to Austin with no job, network, and very little money. Soon as he got to Austin, in pursuit of new opportunities, He decided the he was going to do whatever it took to be successful in real estate. He didn't come easy. It took him 11 months to get his first deal but he did not give up. Nick worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week. He got a six-figure sales job at while he was building my real estate business. Nick devoted all of his sales commissions and time outside of my 9-5 to building my real estate business until he was able to go full-time. As soon as he went full-time, he quickly scaled his real estate company to where it is now in less than 3 years. He now have 8 streams of income and am working on creating more. Show notes at

Nov 7

30 min 44 sec

Henry Washington is an author, entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor with more than 65 rental units and dozens of house flips under his belt. He built his rental portfolio in just 3 and a half years, allowing him to achieve his goal of financial freedom. Show notes at

Nov 4

24 min 55 sec

Rudy Kusuma, founder and CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed, an award winning company, is the “Real Estate Agent Millionaire-Maker” who helps real estate agents develop their own $4 million GCI teams. He has been featured in Inc. Magazine and has co-authored two best-selling books. Show notes at

Oct 31

37 min 51 sec

Galen M. Hair, Owner of Insurance Claim HQ, is a property-casualty insurance attorney operating in more than seven states: Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. Through property-casualty insurance claims, Galen and his team have helped over 800 families rebuild their homes and businesses. They have dedicated their practice to fighting for the rights of policyholders when they experience a loss due to fire, flood, hurricane, or from the insurance company not keeping their word. Show notes at

Oct 28

32 min 55 sec

Van Sturgeon is an experienced entrepreneur of over 30 years, who has successfully created several businesses in the real estate industry that cover areas of land acquisition, development, management, construction and renovation. Van personally owns over 1,000 properties across North America, and is semi-retired from the day to day operations of his businesses. Van is passionate in helping homeowners and real estate investors overcome their fears of house renovations/rehabbing, and loves to be actively involved in helping people reach their goals. Show notes at

Oct 24

45 min 2 sec

Drew White is a former pediatric oncology nurse turned Modern Wealth Consultant for real estate investors, business owners, and athletes. He teaches people how to become their own bankers and strongly believes that everyone should fire their banker and control their own money supply. Drew wants to bring banking back to the you and me level. After graduating nursing school with $150,000+ in student loan debt led Drew down a path to entrepreneurship, real estate investing, bitcoin, and infinite banking. Show notes at

Oct 21

30 min 18 sec

Steven Pesavento is the host of The Investor Mindset Podcast and active investor who curates commercial real estate investments for clients at VonFinch Capital. He has raised $10's of millions dollars, which has successfully cycled through multiple assets. Beginning in single-family as an operator he flipped over 200 houses in under 3 years, prior expanding into commercial to focus on building a business around working with his ideal client - successful high income earners like himself who are investing to create flexibility and independence. Through his top rated podcast and private investor community he brings together real estate investors to not only learn, but also how to put these strategies to work in their lives. Show notes at

Oct 17

31 min 52 sec

Matt Gougé (Matt The Mortgage Guy) spent 5 years in direct lending before making the switch to Independent Mortgage Broker in 2018. As an independent mortgage broker, he takes pride in advising a wide variety of clients with diverse needs as to which lender and loan product is right for them and their scenario. Show notes at

Oct 14

30 min 46 sec

While most people can't handle one job, Farrah Ali has three. During the day she is a full-time insurance professional, at night she is a full time investor and she is the author of Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor. To top it all off the most important job for her is being a single mother to her two kids. Farrah has been a crucial piece to the growth of Chicago REIA since the beginning. Her journey with investing started in June of 2014, now just 4 short years later she is at 25 rental properties, 1 flip, and 8 wholesales. Show notes at

Oct 10

31 min 19 sec

Viktor Jiracek is a fix and flipper out of Gainesville Florida. He did 20 flips last year and his goal is 30 flips for this year (2021). His best flip was a $64k net profit deal that he ironically almost backed out of. He flips all type of properties including single family residences, townhomes, condos, and mobile homes. Show notes at

Oct 7

36 min 42 sec

Dave Dubeau is a real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and investor. He has been a leading authority on helping real estate investors to find money partners and raise capital. Using his proprietary 5 Step Money Partner Formula™, Dave helps his real estate entrepreneur clients to grow their portfolios significantly and in record time by attracting investors (instead of chasing after them). Show notes at

Oct 3

31 min 46 sec

Nick Legamaro is “Nick The Note Guy”! Nick has been investing in real estate since 2001. He's done just about everything there is to do in real estate. He even experienced the crash firsthand in 2008 and lived to talk about it! Nick has bought, fixed, rented, sold, flipped, or been a lender on 1000+ properties. He has personally looked at over 10,000 deals. Creative Deal Structuring is his superpower. He has built companies for profit and recently sold one to a 100-year-old Federally Chartered BANK! He has done lots of “HEAVY LIFTING” but in moving forward he has made a HUGE shift! Show notes at

Sep 30

43 min 7 sec

Dan Haberkost’s first foray into the world of real estate investing was as a teenager when he managed a portfolio of properties for his employer at the time, while still in high school! Dan took the lessons he learned from these early experiences and brought them into his own business allowing him to shorten the learning curve and make an enormous amount of progress in just a few years which has given him complete freedom in his mid twenties. Show notes at

Sep 26

29 min 56 sec

Bob Lachance is a nationally recognized speaker, mentor, and trainer who specializes in helping customers build their businesses through automation and outsourcing. Bob currently owns four businesses and helped start one of the nation’s largest real estate coaching programs. A Bristol, CT native, Bob played ice hockey and went on to play at Boston University, playing a vital role in their 1995 National Championship. With only two classes left to graduate in his senior spring, he dropped out of school and signed a professional contract with the St Louis Blues Organization. Bob went on to play eight years professionally, 4 years in the US and 4 years in Europe.

Sep 23

31 min 22 sec

Chad Willardson is the President and Founder of Pacific Capital and is a Certified Financial Fiduciary, Accredited Wealth Management Advisor and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. Before founding Pacific Capital, he spent 9 years at Merrill Lynch, where he ranked in the top 2% of over 16,000 Financial Advisors nationally. Chad is passionate about financial education and believes that with the right tools and resources, people can be empowered to make smart money decisions. He loves to help people organize their financial life, clarify their goals, and make decisions that lead them to a successful and fulfilling life. Show notes at

Sep 19

25 min 42 sec

Today’s guest, Jacob Vanderslice, is Principal at VanWest Partners, a Denver-based real estate investment firm focusing on the acquisition and management of self-storage centers and other opportunistic real estate throughout the United States. VanWest has established a track record with over $195mm in real estate assets. Jacob and his partners’ success is driven by a commitment to delivering an expertly-executed, adaptable strategy with an institutional investment approach. Show notes at

Sep 16

30 min 15 sec

Peter Vekselman is a seasoned investor and has been a leader in the real estate industry for over 30 years. He has successfully done over 3,600 deals. Today, he leads a team of real estate professionals who continue to close deals across the country. Show notes at

Sep 12

36 min 55 sec

With us today is Sanjay Hegde, Founder and President of Blue Ring Investors, a company that helps investors pool their money to purchase high-performing multifamily, senior and student housing properties in U.S. emerging markets. He finds the properties. He vets the deals and manages the assets. His clients make the investment and sit back and collect the income and appreciation that comes from investing in investment-grade commercial real estate. Show notes at

Sep 9

34 min 15 sec

Today’s guest, A. Donahue Baker, is Co-Founder & CEO of Money Avenue, LLC, a wealth-building platform with the mission to create a clear pathway for individuals to build generational wealth. Donahue is passionate about disrupting banking and the importance of building wealth safely. He is also a CPA & professor at Morehouse College and teaches classes on entrepreneurship and building wealth. Welcome to the show, Donahue! Show notes at

Sep 5

39 min 50 sec

Danny’s been flipping houses/wholesaling houses/renting/owner financing since 2003. During that time he’s: Done nearly 1,000 real estate deals Become financially free Wrote Flipping Houses Exposed: 34 Weeks in the Life of a Successful House Flipper Started the Flipping Junkie Blog and Podcast (over 1 million downloads) Founded LeadPropeller (real estate investor websites) Founded the best real estate investor CRM – Forefront CRM (lead/deal pipeline software) Show notes at

Sep 2

42 min 34 sec

Gabriel has been coined “Mr. Add-A-Level” for his extensive knowledge of construction heavy renovations. Gabriel specializes in implementing effective profitability optimization strategies & systems, and conducting complex financial valuations and analyses. He hosts a variety of educational events, including the “Add-A-Level Bus Tour” "Fix & Flip Foundation Workshop" and “Real Estate Riches Mastermind”. He is passionate about teaching, growing, and inspiring others to systematically operate their businesses and reach their peak potential. Show notes at

Aug 29

36 min 27 sec

With us today is Mike Zlotnik. Mike is known in real estate circles as “Big Mike” due to his stature, but more importantly, he is known for his personal integrity and for having a keen understanding of the financial aspects of successful real estate investing. Mike has a depth of expert knowledge in the Pandemic created investment opportunities in real estate; what’s “hot” and what’s “cold” and where things are trending now. Show notes at

Aug 26

30 min 43 sec

Joseph Viery has worked exclusively with property owners since 2001, successfully providing tax, retirement, and estate planning strategies. By using legal, IRS compliant and proven tax planning structures combined with effective engineered based studies, he specializes in working with those who want to protect their assets and create wealth. Mr. Viery began his career in the cost segregation industry in 2008 and has been speaking to REALTORS®, property owners, and tax professionals throughout the nation. These concepts provide the tax professional and real estate owner’s powerful tools to legally defer or eliminate the income tax and to comply with the new Tangible Property Regulations.

Aug 22

29 min 28 sec

My guests today are Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen, founders of Infinite Wealth Consultants and hosts of the Infinite Wealth Podcast. Anthony and Cameron are passionate about empowering families and business owners to create passive income and build wealth without the risks of Wall Street. Welcome to the show, Anthony and Cameron! Show notes at

Aug 19

35 min 54 sec

George Salas is a man of massive action. His leap of faith from a more than 10 years branding & marketing journey into the competitive Houston Real Estate space took place in early 2018. Within such a relatively short period, George & his team successfully executed more than 80 Real Estate transactions that include fix & flips, wholesale deals, owner finance & subject to wraps. Simultaneously, he used his hybrid investment strategy to acquire, design, and launch what is now a more than 50 short-term rental property portfolio that generates more than $150,000 per month in rental income. Show notes at

Aug 15

38 min 59 sec

Johnny Wolff is the CEO and Founder of HomeRoom Coliving – one of the fastest-growing coliving companies in the United States. After starting his career as a financial analyst in Silicon Valley (EA, SanDisk, Guidespark), he relocated to Austin, Texas to pursue real estate investing full-time. His love for real estate investing and living with roommates motivated him to start HomeRoom in 2017, after an unusually terrible Craigslist roommate experience. In 2020, HomeRoom boasted 99% on-time rent payments, full occupancy, and zero evictions. Sales velocity for HomeRoom is up 300% in 2021 with hundreds of happy residents across 23 cities in 3 states. Powered by investor funds, HomeRoom recently expanded to Dallas and Austin, Texas. Johnny still lives in one of HomeRoom’s first coliving houses in Kansas City and enjoys hanging out and surviving the pandemic with his awesome roommates - especially on chicken wing Thursdays. Show notes at

Aug 12

30 min 5 sec

Dan is the Author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to (C.P.I.) -Consistent and Predictable Income. Dan‘s purpose in life is to help people achieve their greatness and to open doorways for their success through his teaching, coaching, and mentorship. He leads the Greetings Virginia Sales Network for his agents and staff to exceed expectations. Show notes at

Aug 8

28 min 2 sec

Edward O’Daniel is a real estate investor/broker/coach and a disabled Army veteran. He enjoys spending time with his family, trying to play golf, and volunteering at his church. Edward has successfully managed his own rental properties since 2005 and has made about every mistake a landlord can make during his career. Over the past 10 years, he has enjoyed coaching real estate students with wholesaling/rehabbing/rentals and gets excited when he sees the light bulb go off when the student understands a concept he is teaching. He enjoys teaching students so he has established to educate anyone interested in learning more about buying and managing rental properties. Show notes at

Aug 5

37 min 33 sec

Matthew is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, a company that solves a real problem for homeowners by helping them access a portion of their home equity without taking on more debt. Show notes at

Aug 1

30 min 40 sec

Today’s guest, Adam Gilbert, is an entrepreneur and real estate investor specializing in value-added entitlement deals. He began his career as a civil litigation attorney and quickly found his passion for real estate. As President of The Firm Commercial, Adam leads a team of agents specializing in commercial real estate sales, leasing, land acquisition, development, government relations, and value-added entitlement deals. Adam also is an investor and development consultant working on development projects from land acquisition, entitlement, and development. Show notes at

Jul 29

29 min 27 sec

As the owner of MyRealtyGains, Prashant Kumar's passionate to assist ultra-busy professionals to identify Grade A investment opportunities and provide stable cash flow returns and long-term capital appreciation by buying those assets. Prashant has acquired and managed over $32-million in real estate. Show notes at

Jul 25

26 min 43 sec

With over a decade of experience as a real estate investor and financial planner, today’s guest found that there was very little unbiased financial planning advice for real estate investors and business owners. Daniel Johnson’s answer to this need was starting RE|Focus Financial Planning. Daniel is passionate about helping individuals that have grown wealth through alternative assets like small businesses, real estate, and cryptocurrency plan for the future, and as an owner and manager of several rental properties, he knows the challenges real estate investors face.

Jul 22

29 min 9 sec

Stories about the perils of money are a dime a dozen. Every culture and religion tells parable after parable warning people of the force for evil money can be. But there aren’t near enough stories about the insanely positive impact money can have, especially in the investment world. Eva Yazhari, the founder of the Beyond Capital Fund, is changing that with her best-selling book The Good Your Money Can Do. And people are starting to pay attention. This morning on Cheddar Eva discussed the positive impact money has on the world when people invest according to their values instead of the projected bottom line. Links and show notes at

Jul 18

23 min 45 sec

Today’s guest, Curtis May, is the host of The Practical Wealth Show Podcast and the creator and owner of Practical Wealth Advisors. Curtis has been planning for individuals for more than 35 years, and he is passionate about helping his clients save money and live the very best life they can right now. The primary focus of his financial planning firm is to help individuals and families become financially free by following the principles of wealth creation that have endured for centuries around the world. Show notes and links at

Jul 15

50 min 2 sec

Bobby Thames spent nearly the first decade of his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers becoming a subject matter expert in tax credits and cost recovery solutions. Bobby’s expertise all fall under the umbrella of fixed assets, specifically related to tax incentives tools for developers and owners of properties. Cost Segregation is the most common tax incentive project Bobby has done through the years, having performed numerous cost segregation and depreciation studies ranging in scale from professional sports stadiums (e.g., Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Bank of America Stadium, etc.) to bank branches, restaurants, and distribution centers. In addition to Cost Segregation, Bobby works in the Green Energy Tax Credit space maximizing credits related to energy-efficient homes, solar energy, and alternative fuel stations. Show notes at

Jul 11

33 min 36 sec

John Martinez has developed the REI Sales Program and is widely regarded as the most effective REI sales training program in the country by investors, acquisition agents, top mastermind groups, and educators. This isn't old-school, ineffective, pushy, and manipulative sales tactics... The REI Sales Academy promotes a simple & repeatable step-by-step sales process paired with incredibly effective and ethical sales tactics. If you want to close every closable lead, then you're in the right place. Show notes at

Jul 8

44 min 1 sec

Jack Rosenthal is an 18-year-old investor, entrepreneur, and author. One year ago he wrote the book "Teen Investing" which has now become the #2 best-selling book on Teenage Investing on Amazon. I also started the Young Investors Club, LLC ( which grew from 0 members to over 90 members today and over $120,000 in assets. Lastly, he manages his own investment portfolio as well as the portfolios of a few other investors. Show notes at

Jul 4

29 min 39 sec

Brandon Cobb is the CEO & Chief Dream Builder At The HouseBuyinGuys based out of Nashville, TN, and does about 40+ transactions a year, mostly rehab with some wholesaling mixed in. Show notes at

Jul 1

31 min

Kent Ritter is Managing Director with Birge & Held Asset Management, a multifamily private equity firm with over $1.4 billion in asset under management. Kent's skillset as a multifamily operator draws from a successful career as a management consultant and startup owner. Now, he applies this skill set to transform apartment buildings and create modern, affordable housing for America's workforce. Show notes at

Jun 27

32 min 56 sec

After serving years in the Army, Darren Smith has spent the last eighteen years as a successful professional real estate investor. He has flipped, rented, and wholesaled hundreds of residential properties, and in recent years has purchased several million dollars’ worth of light industrial properties as long term holds. Darren’s greatest achievement has been to surround himself with an incredible team of industry and military veterans who are every bit as passionate about helping people as he is. Show Notes at

Jun 24

25 min 43 sec

Mike Banks joins JD to chat about how Fund&Grow could possibly help you fund your next deal through the use of unsecured business credit. Since 2007, Fund&Grow has helped tens of thousands of business owners and real estate investors across America get access to the funding they need and deserve. Show notes at check out Fund&Grow at

Jun 20

27 min 43 sec

Jamil Damji has been in real estate since 2002, since then he mastered the art of Wholesaling Real Estate. He successfully built KeyGlee, which is now a National Franchise with over 100+ employees, spanning 180 US markets. Jamil also runs a mentorship called Astro Flipping where he mentors and educates hundreds of entrepreneurs on how they can be successful in their own Wholesaling business. Show Notes:

Jun 17

37 min 2 sec

Tony Javier is the owner of an INC 5000 rated Real Estate Investment Company. He has been investing in Real Estate since 2001 and has done close to 1,000 flips. Since Tony has automated his Real Estate Investing business, he concentrates his time on helping Real Estate Investors through his Masterminds, Gap Funding, and TV Program that shows Real Estate investors how to grow their business through TV commercials. Show notes at

Jun 13

29 min 36 sec

Brad Van De Walle followed his passion in 2009 when he became a Realtor®. Since then, Brad has brought together several teams of successful, reliable Realtors and talented staff, dedicated to creating the very best real estate experience for their clients. His ability to connect with people combines with his infectious energy and unique sales approach to make Brad one of the most well connected and well-liked people in the real estate industry. Brad’s belief in working hard, taking risks, and trying the untried makes him relentless in the pursuit of growth and success for his clients, his business partners, and himself. The motto of Brad’s first real estate team “we sell a house every 3 days, we want yours to be next”, remains true many years later as Brad and his team launch the Infill Hub Group.

Jun 10

21 min 31 sec