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I'm Tre' Gammage an education consultant with the Gammage Consulting Group where we help K - 12 school's implement social and emotional learning programs.

I also the host of the Dash podcast since 2017, every week we feature educator's who facilitate solutions for school communities.

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Welcome back to the Dash Podcast, Episode 208 feature's special guest Lloyd Knight back for his 3rd interview with us, to talk about his new book The 3 Phases of School Culture. We dig into each of the phases and connect them with practices for implementation

Nov 19

1 hr 15 min

Over the past year, my SEL inbox has doubled, there are more newsletters, webinars, Conferences with a focus on SEL. But there are still some myths that we've got to bust! Listen to Episode 207 to find out what Myth's we can debunk about SEL Pro-Social Classroom - 3 Levels of SEL implementation - Explore SEL frameworks -

Nov 1

27 min 57 sec

Part 2 of our conversation with Judge Andre Gammage we go deeper into Restorative Justice (In the courtroom and community) and restorative practices (In the classroom and school community). We'll discuss Fresh start Fridays - Expunging 13 felonies, finding ways to serve, And Restorative practices in schools

Oct 20

48 min 59 sec

It's a privilege to have my Dad Andre Gammage back on the Dash Podcast, 200 episodes and four years after his first appearance! Alot's changed since then but the dedication to service has stayed the same. We tackle alot in this episode around Privilege, Restorative Justice, and Restorative Practices.

Oct 4

48 min 55 sec

Episode 204 is packed with gems about how to make SEL and RP something you can see. Claudine and Restore More does amazing work supporting Teachers, Student's and Parents. When I met Claudine it was during a Mastermind right when the pandemic started, we were all trying to figure out how to pivot and Restore More has led the way! Visit for more about their company And don't forget to subscribe to our Channel! Time stamps: 1:10 - Edupreneur mastermind 3:55 - Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative 15k Pitch prize 12:17 - SEL isn't something you can see 15:10 - Making SEL tangible 16:55 - Punitive discipline vs restorative practices, 23:20 - Generation's like to hold on to power

Sep 6

34 min 51 sec

Are you ready for a brand new Dash? In this episode, I'll talk about the changes in the Dash Podcast and how I can add more value to continue educating SEL for individuals and for schools. Time stamps: 1:12 - What's Next? 3:31 - Here to Stay 5:02 - Retro Dash 8:35 - Adding Value

Jun 21

9 min 43 sec

Are you truly being intentional about including adult social emotional learning in your school community? In this episode we will focus on a review of the key findings of the SEL supports in American classrooms, which is a study that was conducted by the Wallace Foundation. Listen to the full episode now on Youtube: Time stamps: 1:12 - 7 Key Findings 3:31 - Teachers Wellbeing 4:51 - Clear Vision 5:50 - Integrate SEL

Jun 15

6 min 52 sec

Are we directly educating young people about social justice? In this episode, let's hear Shelby talk about how social justice is as important as academic education and how it's cohesive with SEL. Time stamps: 2:01 - Little Justice Leaders 8:01 - Social Justice 12:01 - Being Open 16:20 - Cohesive Approach 19:24 - Asset Based

Jun 7

22 min 43 sec

The greatest reward in education? Creating opportunities to grow lead and experience. We went live for Episode 200 with our friends Education Powered to discuss - Culturally Responsive Practices - Young Black Educators - And Asset Vs. Deficit based Education Time stamps: 11:30 - Culturally Responsive 14:20 - Students as Leaders 19:42 - Asset Vs Deficit 23:25 - Create Opportunities 32:36 - Edupreneur 41:52 - Powerhouse

Jun 3

48 min 10 sec

Do you believe that SEL is just as important as academic learning? In this episode, we will talk about expanding SEL and how it's the key to education. Listen to episode 199 for educational approaches that go beyond academics.

May 17

7 min 14 sec

How can we focus on strengths, talents, and skills that are existing to strengthen our community? In this episode, we will talk about how we can move forward into "person-first" asset-based professional development. Listen to episode 198 for the ABCs of Personal Development. Time stamps: 2:04 - ABCs of Development 4:05 Research on SEL 6:15 PD Assessment 7:01 How to plan for the summer PD

May 10

7 min 49 sec

Do you believe that actions speak louder than words? As an SEL coach and Dean of students the tools we use to provide intervention are crucial. Over the past 5 years there are 3 intervention tools that have been most helpful for me. Listen to episode 197 for my top 3 intervention tools

May 3

16 min 12 sec

What are the crucial culture that motivates teacher to success? Allowing our teachers to set achievable goals, time to reflect and plan seems to motivate our educators. Check out episode 196 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube. Also visit on May 1 for the launch of SEL TV! Time stamps: 2:14 :Training 5:01 : Start Small 7:35 : Reflect 10:22: Constant Stimulation 12:05: SEL TV

Apr 26

14 min 22 sec

Is social-emotional intelligence more valuable than academic in the real world? Even Forbes says how social and emotional intelligence is a must-have for leadership traits. Check out episode 195 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube. Or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities. 1:16 - Big Question 3:18 - Keep Emotions in Check 6:41 - Non Verbal Queue 9:27 - EIQ Quotients 14:30 -Emotional Intelligence 101

Apr 19

15 min 26 sec

What environment would you like to have as an educator? Surveys say that teachers' environment plays a big factor in driving engagement and enhancing teachers' voice. Check out episode 194 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube. Or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities. Time stamps: 2:04 - Teachers Work Environment 3:45 – Conditions not Met 10:04 - Voices 15:00 - Burnout 18:05 - Provide Value

Apr 12

22 min 4 sec

How can we expect impact students if we are not supporting teachers? Teacher training frameworks must develop educator’s social emotional competence and understanding of students social emotional learning needs. Check out episode 193 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube. Or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities.

Apr 5

20 min 26 sec

What should you do when you are caught in a negative thought spiral? What you say to yourself can take you deeper into that negative spiral or pull you out into the positive spiral? Check out episode 192 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube. Or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities. Time stamps: 1:00 Soapbox 2:03- Proactive 5:45 – Voice in your head 7:00 – Skill Building 945 - Routine

Mar 29

13 min 50 sec

In episode 191 we have Byron McClure of Lessons for SEL which has six-minute SEL lessons and now expanded to kids’ curriculum and books. In this episode, we have talked about how others perceive teaching SEL to people. We also tackled the importance of economic empowerment and restorative justice using evidence-based curriculum. And lastly, we discussed Gallup strengths finder assessment to identify your top five strengths. Visit his website, for more resources about SEL. 2:17 - Economic Empowerment 7:25 - Affirming Values 13:00 - Restorative Justice 17:44 - Evidence based curriculum 22:39 - Create 29:49- Gallup Strength

Mar 22

33 min 43 sec

What will Students Remember About You? Students remember their mentors that are Both supportive and demanding. That’s right we need both for the best social-emotional and academic outcomes. Check out episode 190 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube - Or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities. Time stamps: 1:33 – What students remember 3:02 – Mentorship Letter 3:52 – Challenge Zone 5:58 - Feeling 7:15 Escalated Emotion 8:15 - Push

Mar 15

11 min 43 sec

What do educators need to feel supported? It’s not advice, feedback, or wisdom. Sometimes we just need to listen. Check out episode 189 for strategies to support your teachers and students on YouTube or visit for adult social-emotional learning activities. Time Stamps: 0:57 – What’s going on 2:01 – Fix the problem 2:52 – WIG 4:25 – Empathetic listening 6:25 – Ask a question 7:31 – Stop and Listen

Mar 8

10 min 29 sec

In episode 188, we are going to talk about the structure of PLC's and what educators want in a professional learning experience. We are also going to discuss the importance of having PLC's as an added value to your school. And lastly, you can get these two great resources for free by listening till the end and signing up at Timestamps: 0:49 A look back in the past 3:15 Sustainability of SEL 8:16 Develop Educator 10:40 Role of PLC's 12:30 SEL Self Assessment 13:47 What is in your mind 15:30 How to get the framework

Mar 1

17 min 37 sec

In Episode 187, we will talk about the impact of the pandemic on teacher morale, and also the challenges of rising teacher stress compared to other professions. At the end of the episode, you'll find 3 strategies for supporting self-care. Visit to learn more about supporting teachers to impact students.

Feb 22

16 min 43 sec

In Episode 186, we will talk about the changes on how I will conduct my podcast to add consistent value to educators about self-awareness and implementation. In this episode, we talk about the importance of the SEL Foundation as a prerequisite for schoolwide implementation. We will also tackle the impact of stress on teachers' morale and what support we can give. And lastly, how can we become a mastermind in connecting and engaging with your students. You can get mastermind free courses at Timestamps 1:00 – What's Changing 6:24 – Teacher Moral Hitting Low 9:13 – A new Society 11:09 – The best version of Ourselves 13:06 – Team Meeting 14:20 – Be a Mastermind

Feb 15

18 min 4 sec

In Episode 185, I had the opportunity to have a talk with John Abrams a Bully Prevention School Entertainment Speaker for 25 years and a professional magician. We talked about his school assembly for elementary school about bully prevention and character. How he pivoted after the COVID-19 hit and continued his passion. He created “28 great Ideas to Bullyproof your School” and reviewed which ideas are working. He stated that we use magic to express how we feel. You can download his free stuff at and follow his podcast. Timestamps 6:15 – Brief Background about John 10:00 – Effects of COVID and how John pivoted 14:00 – Doing magic over the Radio 20:00 – Magic as an Empathetic Arts 24:20 – Life ahead COVID 27:00 – Magic as a byproduct of respect Apple: Spotify:

Feb 8

33 min 1 sec

In Episode 184, I had the opportunity to have a talk with David Spellmon, the author of Just like Music and a District level Behavior Modification Technician in Charlotte Metro. We talked about his book and how hip-hop music can help educate our young generation. David briefly shares what the book is about and what the story aims to teach and tell the youth about SEL inspired by Hip-hop. We also discussed how the teachers play a part in educating SEL and the competencies needed to be successful. If you are a teacher, test your strength at! You may also reach out to him on IG @mrjappi.

Feb 1

26 min 51 sec

In Episode 183, I had the opportunity to have a talk with Eldorado Anderson, the best-selling author of The Gentleman in the Grey and special education teacher and case manager for Dream Life Works. We talked about his book and how it differentiates itself from the norm of classic novels. Eldorado briefly shares what the book is about and what the story aims to teach and tell the youth about enlightenment. We discuss about how the book plays a part in special education, especially for the minorities. If you a want a copy of his book, you may get a copy at amazon or email him at for a cheaper copy! You may also reach out to him on social media @eldorado_anderson. 2:05 – Brief Background about Eldorado and his Book The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit 4:15 - The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit’s Synopsis 8:35 – Special Education’s Influence on the Book 15:00 – What The Book Does for the Student Support Framework 19:05 –The Gentlemen in the Grey Suit Part Two’s Synopsis 21:20 – The Future of the Guild Series

Jan 25

26 min 40 sec

In Episode 182, I had the opportunity to have a video conference with the Medford Center for Citizenship & Social Responsibility (CCSR) and their students. We talked about several of the students' projects in CCSR and how these projects allowed them to experience unique situations and opportunities. The students also shared their personal learnings and how, through the CCSR, they changed and developed life-changing skills. To wrap things up, we asked the students what they thought about Project-Based Learning and Social-Emotional Learning and how these methods affected the youth's education. To reach Medford Center for Citizenship & Social Responsibility, you can visit their website at or follow their social media accounts at medfordccsr on Instagram and MedfordCCSR at twitter. 3:05 – History of the Student Center for Citizenship & Social Responsibility (CCSR) 5:30 – Student Experience in the CCSR 8:57 – CCSR Projects that Inspire the Students 16:20 – What the Students Learned in CCSR 22:05 – Project-Based Learning and Social-Emotional Learning for Students

Jan 19

29 min 28 sec

In Episode 181, Jennifer Velez and I talk about creating access and equity in education. We start off with how the schools address diversity and racism towards minorities. We discuss how education is one of the best ways to make progress towards inclusion by teaching the kids history and social emotional learning. In this episode, we teach you how to start your journey towards diversity equity & inclusion. One of them is Elizabeth Leiba on Linkedin as she kicks off her course called Black Culture Academy. Lastly, you can also find Jennifer Velez on Linkedin. 3:40 – How Do Schools Address Minorities and Diversity 10:35 – Racism in America versus the World 13:30 – Jennifer Velez on Making An Impact Through Education 16:20 –Starting Your Journey on Creating Access and Equity 19:40 – Key Resources on Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Jan 12

27 min 51 sec

In Episode 180, we talk about Relationships and Communication as a framework for understanding yourself and the school community. We cover how you can recognize the behavior styles of yourself and the people around you. We also took a more in-depth look at the four communication styles, the self-assessment test, and the steps on how you can reduce tension in your relationships. Finally, we have also developed a relationship and communication style workbook that you can use any time in your school community. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. You can also visit []( for more SEL activities. 1:10 – Tre Gammage’s Brief Background 3:05 – Recognizing Your Behavioral Style 4:41 – Communication Styles Descriptions and Importance 7:45 – How to Adapt Your Communication Style

Jan 4

12 min 54 sec

In Episode 179, we talk about where you can find Adult SEL Activities. We share several avenues where you can learn and get access to Adult SEL Materials. There is an Educators2Educators New Year Conference where you can attend several different teacher self-care courses online for free. You’ll also learn more about SEL Educators and our new initiative focused on supporting Adult Social-Emotional Competencies. We also share my personal course and platforms, which we think can help you effectively develop the proper SEL skills. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. You can also access the conference through 4:13 – Educators2Educators Reboot 6:30 – 3 Ways To Sleep Better 8:10 – Building A Night Time Routine That Works 9:05 – Teacher Self-Care vs. Social Media Self-Care 10:40 – Project and Learning Module Course 12:52 – Gammage Enterprise 14:30 – Discover Your Potential and Educator’s Guide to 90 Day Goals 14:58 – Student Facilitation Guide: Every Decision Counts

Dec 2020

16 min 50 sec

In Episode 178, we discuss the current position of SEL and what changes are needed to revolutionize SEL in Education. We focus on the stress educators, face, and the pro-social framework that develops social-emotional competence to support student outcomes. We explain how SEL can alleviate some of that stress and therefore be able to teach and educate better afterward. We also mention classroom models that are applied under the SEL program. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. 0:53 – The Current Status of SEL 1:53 – How SEL Teachers Impact Student Outcomes 3:16 – SEL is For Both Students and Adults 3:57 – The Pro-Social Classroom Model 6:20 – How SEL Benefits Education 8:15- How to Start Using SEL

Dec 2020

9 min 31 sec

Episode 177 features a brand new solo series with myself, Tre Gammage. In this episode, I talk about a lack of SEL training for all adults, which includes college students, teachers, and the general public. I emphasize how important it is for adults to have the proper SEL training so that we can reach out to our kids better. I also mention the historical foundation of SEL and how far it’s become ever since its birth. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. 2:40 – A New Normal in Education 4:00 – Proper SEL Training in Only One State 6:40 – Pro-Social Classroom Framework 8:15 – Problems in Teacher Competence 9:45 - Definition of SEL Competencies 13:08 – SEL’s Historical Foundation 16:45 – Adult Social Emotional Learning

Dec 2020

18 min 49 sec

Episode 176 features Dr. Tia Barnes, a SEL researcher that focuses on culturally responsive methods. Dr. Tia and I talk about how there is a lack of diversity in the educational system and especially in SEL. She shares her thoughts about how there should be more opportunity for the minority as cultural appropriation is essential in the development of young kids. Dr Tia also shares her thoughts about self-care and several others experiences from her podcast. You may reach out to Dr. Tia Barnes through through her instagram @drtiabarnes, her twitter @drtianbarnes, and her Podcast called The Scholarly Self Care Podcast. 3:58 – Dr. Tia Barnes on Self Care 11:22 – Dr Barnes Shares Self Care Experiences 13:11 – SEL Research in Minoritized Communities 17:17 - Opportunities in Education 21:50 – Schools Were Not Built For the Minority 26:45 – Diversity in the Education Industry 29:40 – More Efforts for SEL for the Minority

Dec 2020

33 min 17 sec

Episode 175 features Staci Yamanishi, a middle school teacher with 6 years of teaching experience and a proud advocate of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Staci and I talk about how important SEL is and how it helps build the foundation of all the kids. Staci explains how she incorporates SEL into her teaching style and the various effects SEL has on the kids afterwards. She also talks about how SEL lacks support from several school districts and she highlights how crucial it is for middle school students to develop correctly with the SEL curriculum. You may reach out to Staci Yamanishi through her instagram @donutlovinteacher or her blog at 2:43 – Staci Yamanishi’s Background 5:05 – Staci in Education 9:30 – Forming Relationships through Teaching 13:00 – SEL and Community Circles 19:00 – Lack of SEL in the School Curriculum 21:00 – Focusing on Academics and SEL in 2020 23:36 – SEL in other Districts 27:30 – Importance of Teaching in 2020

Nov 2020

29 min 4 sec

In Episode 174, Tabatha Wesley and I talk about the foundations of teaching and how SEL helps in building a better connection between the teacher and their students. Tabatha briefly shares her experience in the transition from being a teacher to administrator and coach. She talks about the importance of relationship building with the students and how these connections are essential to the children’s success. Tabatha also shares her passion towards teaching and how people should respect all teachers as a profession. You can reach out to Tabatha for coaching or discussions about teaching through Email, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook @tabwesley. 2:15 – Transition of Teaching into Administration 5:00 – What the Teachers Need 6:00 – Changes in Teaching 7:35 – Tabitha’s Teaching Foundation 10:10 – Balancing Academics and Connecting 14:00 – SEL in Tabatha’s Teaching 15:30 – The SEL Curriculum 19:00 - Measuring Success for Tabatha 21:20 – Impossible Goals in SEL 24:15 – What People Should Know About Teaching 27:10 – Respecting Teachers

Nov 2020

29 min 41 sec

In Episode 173, Rheon Gibson and I talk about how educators are adapting in 2020 and how they incorporate SEL into their curriculum. Rheon briefly shares his past experiences and how he came about influencing the whole school system with SEL as the new school principal. We also talk about his best-selling SEL children’s book, "The Dizz Wizz Series", and how it aims to teach elementary students about confidence, self-love, and mental health. He shares his experiences on how he was inspired to develop the book and who it was even based on. You can find The Dizz Wizz Series at any local bookstore, Amazon, and Ebay. You can also visit his Facebook page at @TheDizzWizzSeries. 1:20 – Adapting in 2020 6:20 – How Experience Helps 7:25 – Goals and Priorities for 2020 10:15 – Local SEL Support 11:00 – Importance of SEL 12:15 – The Dizz Wizz Series 14:45 – Lack of Representation in Literature 16:30 – Impact of Literature 18:55 – Dizz Wizz Reception 21:15 – Biggest Surprise

Nov 2020

25 min 8 sec

Joe Beckman’s passion and purpose are to help reclaim human connection; whether in a school, workshop, or even a conference. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of accepting failure and pushing through. Joe also shares his personal experience about his life changing injury and transitioning to being a human connector he is now. Joe Beckman talks about his book and the 5 phrases everyone has to hear, no matter what age. He discusses about self-love, pushing through failure, and looking up. You can find Joe Beckman’s book, at or visit his personal website at 6:45 – Things Are Not Permanent 8:40 – It’s About What You Love 14:43 – Staying Stuck 15:49 – Different Kinds of Failures 19:38 – Success through Failures 20:57 – Willingness to Fail 23:28 – Joe Beckman’s Journey 35:55 – Teachers and Social Emotional Learning 37:33 – The 5 Life Saving Phrases is for All Ages

Nov 2020

45 min 20 sec

Our kids need more support, in EP 171, we have a conversation with Cody Armstrong, Middle School ELA Teacher, Basketball coach, and SEL Advocate. Cody has a new passion for SEL after emphasizing curriculum early in his teacher Journey but has now made the transition to being his schools SEL Committee Chairman. In this episode we talk about how our Every Decision Counts book study has sparked a new passion for SEL, supporting students, and growing teachers! 1:00 - Every Decision Counts Basketball book study 4:30 - Coaching connections, helping students grow through athletics 9:30 - A new passion, from curriculum to SEL 12:30 - Understanding Adult SEL 14:10 - Serving teacher’s to reach students 16:00 - The Game Changer, Morning check-in 18:30 - Curriculum committee to SEL committee 20:30 - Integrating SEL with Instruction 23:45 - Understanding the triggers of students when they come into school vs when they leave

Nov 2020

29 min 58 sec

“When we take a few moments to pay attention to what we need mentally, emotionally and spiritually then our cups get filled--- Our students really pick-up on our positive energy, they are more open to learning.” – Meredith Newlin Meredith Newlin’s passion and purpose is to help motivate and inspire educators to rediscover and keep their joy for the teaching profession. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of connecting to oneself and prioritizing self-care in order to be the best educators we can be. Meredith shares different approaches to self-care and how prioritizing our well-being is the key to reaching our full-potential as teachers. Being in touch with who we are and fostering the greatness within us is essential to making a significant impact on our students. You can find Meredith’s book, be part of her community and enroll in her courses at 2:00 The Importance of Teacher Self-care and Teacher Well-being 10:35 Ways to Practice Self-Care 19:00 Power Hour 21:20 Connecting with yourself 25:37 The Transformed Teacher

Oct 2020

31 min

There are millions of strategies (for education), but the number one strategy is to look within.- Lindsay Titus Lindsay Titus is a passionate, influential educator specializing in the field of behavior analysis. She is the founder of Define YOUniversity and in this conversation, we discuss her journey towards becoming an authentic educator and her passion to help others tap into themselves and use their life and stories to become the best educators they can be. Linsday believes your story is your superpower when it comes to being an effective educator. Strategies are great but if you aren’t being your true self and using that in your journey as an educator then you may not be tapping into your most valuable resource as an educator. You can find Lindsay at 2:00 YOU-niversity 5:00 Understanding Behavior 6:50 Steps to Becoming an Authentic Educator 10:45 Be your best self 12:05 The mindset we hold, The language we use and the action we take 14:45 Your Story is your Superpower 19:25 It’s not always about you but it starts with you

Oct 2020

22 min 13 sec

"You can't teach if you don't have a relationship with your students You have to build a relationship first."- Jasmine Mathis Years of experience teaching different levels of education have given Jasmine Mathis an exceptional perspective on teaching. She has forayed in middle school all the way to college and has had the chance to truly explore different styles of teaching. In this conversation, we discuss how Jasmine has shifted her teaching strategies to adapt to the pandemic. She discusses how she has been able to utilize different tools to improve her student’s experience and how she is able to use flipped classrooms to educate her students better. She also shares with us how she used a unique strategy to give her students their final exam and the impact it had on her students, the entire school and the students’ families. 1:15 Teaching During the Pandemic 3:25 How SEL fits in a Teacher's Journey 4:25 Building Relationship With Students 9:28 Different educational systems 14:00 The Finals Project 19:15 The Results 24:20 Utilizing Tools and Flipped Classrooms

Oct 2020

36 min 26 sec

“The need to focus on Equity and SEL, regardless of social climate is PARAMOUNT.” – Dr. Pauletta Thompson Dr. Pauletta Thompson has been a real superstar in her district, despite their struggles with budget. She has emphasized the need to help her students to continue to progress in their education, implementing strategies and processes to ensure that nobody is left behind. She has also helped them deal with Equity by developing Equity Champions. She emphasizes the importance of every single student getting the support that they need no matter how marginalized they are. 6:45 Preparing for Achievement Gaps 9:40 SEL Programs 11:00 Equity Champions 14:50 Preparing ALL students for a global economy 19:50 Discipline 25:00 Importance of SEL

Oct 2020

27 min 22 sec

"Don’t be afraid to take risks. Everything is just going to keep on changing so we need to learn to cope and learn how we deal and stay positive through unknown times." Dr. Jennifer Baez Jennifer Baez takes an alternative approach to handling her school by taking things that aren’t in education and applying them for everyone to learn and grow stronger as a team. Her approach has come with much success and she joins us on this episode to tell us about her strategies and processes she has built to become not only an effective leader but to encourage others to lead as well. She also discusses what she has done during the Pandemic to ensure the well-being of her teachers and students. 2:34 Priorities when coming back to school at this time 4:09 Changing Strategies in Communication 9:00 Creating Extremely Efficient Procedures 10:00 Running a school like a project manager (strategies) 15:28 Customer service and dealing with parents 19:10 Procedure building strategies 32:00 SEL 36:00 Self Care 47:00 Love Languages to help work culture

Sep 2020

56 min 23 sec

"The big shift is shifting the mindset of an educator or of a teacher from no longer being the deliverer of content rather now being the facilitator of learning." - Jeff Gargas There is always room for improvement, even a little bit every day. This is the goal of the Teach Better Team. Jeff Gargas, cofounder of and co-host of the Teach Better Talk! Podcast explains to me the philosophies behind Teach Better and the Grid Method, how Teach Better helps teachers and students around the country, and what's coming up in the remaining months of 2020. 01:30 - Teach Better helps educators continue to improve day by day to be the best for their students 03:30 - Jeff's journey through education 07:30 - Realizing that you're doing what you're meant to do 10:00 - Listening well helps you determine what to do next 12:15 - What is The Grid Method? 16:30 - The website gives you all the ideas to be able to implement The Grid Method yourself - for free 19:45 - SEL is intentionally included in The Grid Method 22:45 - The Teach Better Conference: A bad idea turned great 27:10 - How underpaid teachers are making more money by becoming teacherpreneurs 30:10 - The Mastery Chat on Twitter

Sep 2020

34 min 45 sec

"The strategies really boil down to relationship-building in the classroom. We have to learn to treat kids as though they're human beings, more so than just students." - Sandra Andrews How About Them Apples? That's the name of Sandra Andrews' program for effective classroom management, which helps teachers learn how to stop problematic behavior before it gets out of hand, making sure that every student has an environment in which they can learn from their teacher. In this episode, Sandra shares some of these strategies, the mindset behind them, and the benefits for everyone involved in the classroom. If you would like to know more about Sandra and her consulting services, go to 03:20 - How do you find consulting opportunities at schools? 04:25 - The ins and outs of classroom management 09:00 - What is your teaching style? 10:35 - How and why to mitigate power struggles with students 13:35 - Unconditional respect builds great relationships 16:55 - How long is Sandra's typical consulting arrangement?

Sep 2020

18 min 41 sec

"We focus so much on academics that we're losing sight of the real problem, and we keep trying to put these students that might be round pegs into square holes." - Richard Trotta This week on The Dash, Richard Trotta, the director of the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility, an after-school program that focuses on leadership skills, talks to me about the CCSR, the merits of project-based learning, and how he was able to set up this program. Richard has been an educator for over 40 years and has great insight into what SEL development means not only for students, but also their communities. For more information about the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility, go to 01:25 - What is the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility? 04:15 - Project-based learning develops leadership and a sense of community in students 08:35 - Why spend most of your career in one school district? 09:50 - The merits of programs like these that develop SEL skills 13:05 - The key components and challenges of setting up the Center 16:45 - Richard's advice on how and why to set up a similar program in your district. 18:45 - The work the Center does is rewarding not only for the students, but for everyone involved

Sep 2020

23 min 37 sec

"It takes a connected family to make a difference in the lives of a population of kids." - Hal Bowman With over 3 decades of experience, Hal Bowman knows when a teacher is a rock star. He started his career as the band director and now consults with teachers nationwide to help them perform their best. We talk about how Hal became a consultant, some of his strategies and beliefs that help him help his students reach their full potential, and how his challenging kids helped him to aim to inspire other teachers. You can find out more about Hal and Teach Like A Rock Star at 03:45 - The leap from teacher to rock star 05:35 - A day in the class of Mr. Bowman 08:40 - Use the content of your classroom to make a difference for your kids 12:45 - You can't tell a teacher what to do or how to do it: how Hal teaches teachers 16:00 - It takes a school family for everyone to be able to succeed. Put the school family first 21:00 - Be authentic in front of your kids 23:00 - The importance of show and tell, sharing good news, and challenges 27:50 - Some great suggestions for kicking off the school year 30:00 - Where are we falling short in education?

Aug 2020

32 min 42 sec

"The kids that are academically the worst and behaviorally the worst - they're the ones that need you the most." - Bill Hoatson With over 30 years of educational experience in economically depressed areas, 7 books, and the Bill Hoatson Voice of Experience Teaching Seminar, Bill Hoatson definitely has some things to teach us about education. Bill stresses the power of praise, relationships, and understanding - and he has some interesting stories to tell us, interspersed with words of wisdom. You can find out more about Bill, his books, and his videos at or 01:20 - Setting your child up for success before they even go to school 08:00 - The worse the child is doing, academically, the more pleasant the learning needs to be 12:25 - God puts you where He wants you 14:17 - Relationships are more important than anything you'll ever teach 16:05 - It's all about perceiving where you're coming from 20:00 - Positive reinforcement: the power praise 26:50 - Bill's books and teaching videos

Aug 2020

33 min 29 sec

"My kids know that I've always wanted the best for them, so no matter what if they don't have anybody to believe in them they know that I do." - Charlotte Nichols This week on The Dash, Charlotte Nichols explains to us how the year-round school model works. She also explains her journey through education, how she ended up teaching at a year-round school, and what her favorite part of the education process is. 01:40 - Track in, track out: how do year-round schools operate? 07:30 - Charlotte's journey through education 13:55 - Keeping in touch with students after they've graduated 14:40 - Believing in your students

Aug 2020

17 min 32 sec

"Connection before content. Before anyone tries to teach anything to someone, actually gives them content, we should be focusing on the way that we connect with each other." - Phil Brown Phil Brown of High 5 Adventure Learning Center and host of the Vertical Playpen podcast joins me this week to talk about adventure learning, experiential learning, and using the challenge course as a tool for teaching SEL. We talk about how you can use principles of the High 5 Adventure Learning Center, the results of studies on SEL, and the learning during COVID-19. Find out more at 01:25 - How High 5 Adventure brings experiential learning into the classroom 04:55 - Focusing on connection, empowerment, and leadership 07:15 - What the challenge course is for (and what it's not for) 11:15 - How is High 5 being used in schools? 15:00 - The result of SEL on disciplinary action in schools 18:00 - Community benefits from SEL 20:05 - Teaching experiential learning via virtual interactions 23:30 - Is physical connection a requirement of meaningful relationships?

Aug 2020

28 min 29 sec