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Have you ever felt like something was missing in your business? Something holding you back from the success you’re seeking?If so, you’re not alone. For nearly 20 years, that’s exactly how I felt as a business owner. It wasn’t until I discovered Human Design that it all became clear.It turns out that I was the missing piece in my own business.Join me on this journey of discovering the real me and hear stories from other biz owners building businesses around all their awesomeness.I’m Yong Pratt and it’s time to Amplify Your Awesome™ See for privacy and opt-out information.

105 - Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Start a Podcast
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With 60 episodes, Season 5 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast is coming a close. In this solo episode, Yong shares:Why Season 5 is ending nowWhat's on the horizon for Season 6Projects and behind-the-scenes of what's in store for you in Q4 2021.Get Season 6 updates, more behind the scenes, and grab Yong's Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series while they're still free at Be sure to come share your biggest takeaways from this episode inside Yong's FB Community, the Arena of Awesome. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aug 26

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0:00 Do you ever feel compelled to rush throughout your day to get more stuff done? What about hustling when you know you don't even need to do that? If you've experienced either of these, you're gonna want to lean in and turn up the volume on today's episode because our guest, Savanna Schiavo is going to help us ditch the hustle and reprogram the rush. 1:09 About Savanna Schiavo2:25 Savanna’s life before becoming a life and confidence coach.5:55 Why hustle and rush often creep into our lives and how conditioning, culture, and our internal desires inform these activities.“Hustle and rush are coming from a place of fear, and a place of lack. It's us acting out of fear of not-enoughness essentially.” - Savanna Schiavo11:06 The correlation between fear of lack and confidence.11:59 “When we're taking actions from the place of hustle and rush, it's blocking our confidence. It's blocking our creativity, our energy, our ability to flow, our ability to relax and tap into our gifts." - Savanna Schiavo 13:18 “To access more confidence in our business, we have to solve for the fear that's been driving our business. We need to look at the fear that is keeping us from feeling competent.” - Savanna Schiavo14:45  How business owners can tap into and reprogram fear so it works for us and it becomes something positive versus staying stuck in that negative emotion.15:32  What do you believe is keeping you going all the time? What are the beliefs that have been driving this behavior for me?16:10 Common beliefs we don’t even notice that we think are true.17:19  Question 2: Is this true?19:30 Question 3: If you didn't believe this, what would be different about you? What you're doing is showing yourself, your subconscious mind, what would be available to you, if you decided to let go of this optional belief, and practice and open up to new beliefs. 22:02 How do we share ourselves, share our messages and attract the right people into our businesses using social media as a tool rather than a place to feel bad about ourselves?23:11 On attracting the right people by being magnetic.26:05 Savana’s favorite way to create content  27:10  “I let myself be the really imperfect human I am so people really get to see me. I think that's what is so powerful.” - Savanna Schiavo29:06 Connect with Savanna30:36 Grab Savanna’s journaling prompts inside the Arena of Awesome Group and share your biggest takeaways. ----------------------------Ready to unearth the GOLD in your content?Grab the Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series today See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aug 24

32 min 33 sec

0:00 When you think back to your childhood, were there topics that were taboo in your family? Today's guest, Judy Tsuei, is someone who helps other people dive into some of these taboo topics. We're going to talk about maybe how we can start to lean in, pay attention, and really uncover these stories and move on from them. 1:16 About Judy Tsuei2:26 Judy’s path to discovering Human Design and living as a Generator.4:01 Yong’s Human Design discovery and being a Projector as an impatient person.4:50 How discovering her Human Design gave Judy “permission” to be exactly who and how liberating it was for her. 5:30 Raising a Generator daughter and the energy it creates7:37 A good place to start to kind of assess maybe some of the topics that we learned growing up that were more taboo for us.9:36 “It's so easy to compare our insides based on someone else's outside, that's what social media does so well.” 10:19 What being a yoga teacher and a Reiki practitioner helped Judy learn.11:09 How holding onto guilt and shame was a normal part of growing up for Yong13:57 How to dig deeper into emotional vulnerability and start to let people in through our journey.18:16 Breaking down in art therapy helped Judy make a breakthrough.18:48 Just because something worked one time does not mean that it will work the next time you try it. 21:02 Embracing compassion even when it’s outside of cultural norms“It's hard to take expectations from one set of cultures to put that lens on someone else”. 22:28 Judy’s 2-minute exercise and the mindfulness practices she offers on her podcast, F*ck Saving Face, every Friday“On the other side of that challenge is a different person that can walk out of the room than walk in that room.” - Yong25:14 “Play is processing.”27:05 Judy’s favorite way to create content28:17 Judy’s journey of hiring junior copywriters and adding in a mentorship component to uplift other people and help them come up in their careers and their goals. 30:56 How to give ourselves permission to talk about what we want to talk about and stay true to who we are.33:22 “Content is about creating those meaningful connections.” 34:23 The practice of keeping yourself elevated and authentic and leaning into growing edges.35:18 Becoming a responsible content creator. 37:53 “If you're ever in question of what it is that you’re posting, go back to your core values.”39:22 Connect with Judy40:59 Come share your biggest takeaways from today’s episode inside the Arena of Awesome. ------------------------Ready to launch your very own podcast AND leverage Facebook Ads to grow your audience in just 2 days???That's exactly what's waiting for you inside Podcast Launchpad. Save your seat today. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Aug 19

43 min 22 sec

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Aug 17

38 min 40 sec

0:00 Attention passengers! Should the cabin lose pressure at any time during today's flight, oxygen masks will drop down from the overhead panel. Please place the mask on your mouth and nose before assisting others. No matter how many times we hear this advice, many of us simply ignore it. We opt instead to care for those around us and prioritize them over ourselves. Our guest today is going to show us how to put the oxygen mask effect into action. 1:18 About today’s guest, Alison Swerdloff2:10 Tara’s life before The Oxygen Mask Effect7:43 On being a recovering people-pleaser.“The oxygen mask effect is saying: self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve somebody from an empty cup.” - Alison Swerdloff11:06 How Alison defines self-care“Self-care is finding what excites you, finding what energizes you." - Alison Swerdloff12:13 Why scheduling self-care is so important  12:56 Building the habits of self-care into your life.13:36 “Self-care is not selfish. It’s saying yes to yourself.” - Alison Swerdloff15:21 Alison’s favorite way to create content and share the Oxygen Mask Effect with others. 19:59 Using our voices to share with others 22:15 How Alison monetizes her business26:38 Connect with Alison28:55 Come over to the Arena of Awesome and share your biggest takeaways about self-care and the Oxygen Mask Effect.—————————Ready to launch your very own podcast AND leverage Facebook Ads to grow your audience in just 2 days???That's exactly what's waiting for you inside Podcast Launchpad. Save your seat today. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aug 12

31 min 56 sec

Save your seat for Podcast Launchpad, a 2-day LIVE learning experience with Yong Pratt and Tammy P at August 24-25, 2021Where: Anywhere you have access to the internetWhat you'll get:By the end of the 2 days, you'll walk away with:Your very own podcast launched or ready to launchA Facebook Ad to promote your launch and build an engaged audienceIf you've ever dreamed of launching your own podcast and learning how to use FB ads the right way, now's your chance to learn LIVE from Yong & Tammy.Save your seat at See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aug 10

23 min 42 sec

0:00 Have you ever been asked or told to dim your light? Be less you? Be someone else because maybe somebody in our life didn't understand or appreciate who we are or what we did? Well, today's guest Tara Galeano, has some experience with that and she's going to shed some light on how when we reclaim and rediscover who we are through our bodies, those thoughts and requests will be a thing of the past. 1:12 About today’s guest, Tara Galeano, and how we connected 1:38 Tara’s life before entrepreneurship and how she got to where she is today. 3:13 Where Tara got the idea of time and learned to value it. 4:48 Reclaiming and rediscovering our own power so we can express it through our businesses “The biggest block for so many women is that we reference other people as our source of power.” - Tara Galeano"There's so much inherent power within the body, that it's a wonderful vehicle and reference point for us that we don't have to think about how to do things the body just knows." - Tara GaleanoWhen we allow the wisdom of the body to come through that our lives become so much more on point. They become so much more effortless, and that there is so much more flow in the process.” - Tara Galeano6:47 Steps we can take to tune back into our bodies and then help to amplify that out into the world.7:15 An interactive experience for you and Yong’s observations from it.8:45 How often do we do this simple practice of letting ourselves feel and just letting go because it is extraordinarily hard?10:42 Overcoming resistance, especially in content creation.12:04 How to tap back into our breath when learning to trust ourselves 15:36 How to translate that feeling of being in nature into when we sit behind our computer and we want to share something with our audience and create content. 17:36 Tara’s favorite way to create content and the intentions behind her creations23:43 On cycles and sexuality24:46 “The more that we're able to claim our desire, to claim our pleasure for ourselves, we claim this vibrancy, and that we're able to access it in a way that's deep and profound and effortless, that then shines forth in all of the other aspects of our work." - Tara Galeano 27:10 Connect with Tara29:10 Come share your biggest takeaways inside the Arena of Awesome. Let Yong know if you purchase Tara’s book and want to chat more about it or want to book club it. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aug 5

32 min 17 sec

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Aug 3

28 min 23 sec

0:00 Have you ever lost your uniqueness when creating content in your business? If so, you'll want to lean in and take a really good listen to today's episode, because our expert guest is going to share how she creates content mindfully in alignment with her energy and values, and how you can do the same. 1:25 About today’s guest, Marisa Raymond2:22 How Marisa found her way to becoming a playful parent coach, amongst all the other things she does.9:05 On identity and accountability 10:22 How Marisa and Yong met. Human Design and being multi-passionate12:40 Creating content mindfully and how playing around with lots of different things informs Marisa’s process.14:09 Batching content versus being spontaneous 15:03 Getting quiet and ritualizing content17:40 Making lists, having fun, and leaning into easy19:17 Allowing the space for spontaneity and being aligned in your energy21:57 The feelings and emotions behind content creation 23:45 Experimenting, being curious, and paying attention to your energy and any resistance you might encounter.29:06 Recognizing that other people experience cycles, too, and honoring how we feel31:04 Releasing blocks with EFT and how Marisa helped Yong overcome her own blocks32:59 Connect with Marisa34:15 Come share your biggest takeaways inside the Arena of Awesome------------------Introducing the Podcast LaunchpadLaunch your podcast and leverage your audio content with just 2 days inside the brand new Live Learning Experience, Podcast Launchpad with Yong Pratt and Tammy Pereira.Coming your way, August 24-25, 2021. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 29

36 min 9 sec

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Jul 27

36 min 57 sec

0:00 If you've ever thought about starting your own podcast, but weren't sure if it would actually help your business, you'll want to pay particular attention to today's interview. Erin Cooney is joining us today to share insights into her podcast, and how her podcast got her featured in an international magazine. 1:05 About today’s guest, Erin Cooney2:00 How Yong and Erin first connected. Yong’s Podcast in a Weekend™ Class and how it helped Erin launch her own podcast which has now been featured in an international magazine.2:32 From dance, gymnastics, and movement to music and Irish Dance2:56 Erin’s path to learning Irish Dance from her small farm-town and how the popularity of River Dance led to teaching.5:16 How Erin’s dream of being a mom and Irish Dancing led to opening up her own school, Rinca Nua. 8:22 The effects and aftermath of COVID on Erin’s Brick and Mortar Irish Dance School10:39 Will there ever be a point when Erin will run her business exclusively online?“I realized that I do want the online piece, but I don't want it to be a dance studio.” 13:12 How seeing herself on video led Erin to focus on her own health and weight loss journey and the declaration she made to her husband that put things into motion.14:38 Focusing on simplicity and frameworks versus step-by-step actions helped Erin shape her new weight loss program.16:11 How people’s perceptions changed once Erin lost 50+ pounds.18:21 Will there be a second podcast in Erin’s future?20:48 Why Erin started her podcast, Irish Dance Business Owners, and how it led to Erin being featured in an international magazine21:32 Erin’s Podcast in a Weekend Experience and the advice she ignored 22:10 How a Virtual Assistant helped Erin with podcasting consistency and the bigger purpose for her podcast22:52 How Erin’s podcast is shifting the focus in Irish Dance from competition to conversations with business owners, building a legacy for future generations.24:19 Elevating Irish Dance to a New level through her podcast24:48 The REAL power of podcasting according to Yong25:30 How podcast has changed the way people perceive Erin and her business26:52 Reaching new audiences with her podcast  27:48 Connect with Erin at UP NEXT WEEK: [Tuesday] The Audio + Ads Trends You Need to Know in Facebook Land Part 2 with expert guest, Tammy Pereira[Thursday] Creating Content Mindfullyand in Alignment with Your Energy and Values with expert guest, Marisa Raymond----------------------Introducing the Podcast LaunchpadLaunch your podcast and leverage your audio content with just 2 days inside the brand new Live Learning Experience, Podcast Launchpad with Yong Pratt and Tammy Pereira.Coming your way, August 24-25, 2021. Save your seat today. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 22

31 min 10 sec

Have you noticed the explosion in audio-only content?From Clubhouse to Spotify’s Greenroom to Audio Rooms on FB and FB’s announcement of in app podcast feeds?I’ve been a lover of audio-based content since launching my first podcast way back in 2013.Today, in part 1 of this new mini-series, FB Ads Ninja, Tammy Pereria and I are going to dive deep into the world of audio.You'll discover...Why audio is growing so rapidlyHow you can jump on the audio bandwagon with your own messageHow you can leverage audio content using FB adsAnd we’re going to share an upcoming opportunity for you to work with Tammy and I live in August to Amplify Your Awesome™ through audio and ads.Today’s episode is taken directly from a live stream Tammy hosted in her FB group yesterday, FB Ads for Female Entrepreneurs.We’ll be streaming part 2 of the series LIVE inside my FB group tomorrow, the Arena of Awesome at 9:30 AM PST, July 21, 2021.BONUS FOR LIVE VIEWERS:When you join live, you’ll be able to ask us your questions about audio and ads.--------------------------Ready to launch your very own podcast AND leverage Facebook Ads to grow your audience in just 2 days???That's exactly what's waiting for you inside Podcast Launchpad. Save your seat today. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 20

43 min 27 sec

0:01 Have you ever taken the time to think about your work versus your self worth? It's definitely a conversation worth having and our guest today, Jen Ables, and I are going to dive into this topic because it's so easy to really tie ourselves to our work and not be able to see our self worth outside of that. 1:13 Jen’s backstory from insurance underwriter to professional dancer to the founder of a charity and having a flag being flown in her honor in Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. 2:08 Jen’s path to becoming an entrepreneur6:45 How Jen turned a dance teaching gig for Mary Murphy, judge on So You Think You Can Dance into a charity to help soldiers 13:32   Separating our work from our self-worth again once we've decided to pivot and do something else in our lives.14:32  Piecing out the roles in your life15:30 Shifting the focus on who you are when you’re at your best from the roles you take on lin life. 17:00 [Action Step] Write down who you are without any of your titles or roles18:35 Finding the igniters in your life so you can light your own fire and glow 21:36 What’s YOUR glitter?22:24 On giving and receiving glitter  24:30 How Jen ensures that her unique style of glitter is infused through the content she creates. 26:33  Jen’s favorite way to create content.30:02 The intersection of improvisation and life  30:51 Discovering what’s true for you to find great solutions.33:30 Choosing your responses and channeling your energy. 34:22  [ACTION STEP] How will you choose happiness?35:03 Discover where to connect with Jen at 36:06 Come share your biggest takeaways and action steps inside the Arena of Awesome See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 15

37 min 47 sec

Do you like surprises?If so, you'll want to tune into to today's episode as Yong shares some surprises for you that you won't want to miss.Be sure to share your favorite surprise inside the Arena of Awesome. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 13

13 min 19 sec

0:00 When it comes to your business, do you know your numbers? Do you really know them when it comes to making buying decisions, hiring decisions, or whether or not to add new programs or services to your business? Today's guest is going to help us demystify the numbers inside of our business because she is someone who eats bookkeeping for breakfast.2:28 Candie’s backstory and how she got to helping business owners with the numbers in their businesses. 4:20  The realization Candie made that’s helped her get where she is today.8:02  The most critical numbers inside your business“You can't pay bills without income, but you also can't run your business without expenses.” - Candi Conat10:59 Yong’s wish of bookkeepers, CPAs, and anyone that works with business owners on their numbers11:48 When Candie helped Yong simplify her numbers, it sent her on a quest to simplify other things inside her business14:07 How to make more money in your business without selling more15:18 How changing your attitude about how you look at your business and how you’re never too small to track your numbers.16:03  Simplifying the language of numbers is one of Candie’s gifts16:52 Why summer is an ideal time to dig into your numbers20:40 Why knowing what you don’t know and not getting help with number in your business could be costing you money22:08  Candie’s favorite way to create content to help more people.24:15  Will a podcast be coming in Candie’s future?26:43 The ways in which Candie currently monetizes her business29:36 Connect with Candie at 30:49 Come share your biggest takeaways from today’s episode inside the Arena of Awesome-----Ready to tap into your Content Gold Mine and create endless streams of income?Grab Yong’s brand new Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series Today See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 8

32 min 29 sec

0:00 Have you ever been scrolling through your newsfeed and you saw a post that made you literally stop your scroll? This happened to me recently, and I wanted to share why I stopped my scroll and why I decided to share the story with you on the podcast today. 1:23 Why Yong has been embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly in business and sharing it with you here on the podcast. 2:15 How learning her Human Design helped Yong share her real self more openly and authentically, even though the fear still rises. 2:55  The lesson Yong continues to lean-into and practice even after 20+ years as an entreprenener. 3:42 Why a recent zoom call with a prospective client didn’t turn out as planned. 5:08 The phrase that was the beginning of the end 6:11 The reason behind why Yong used that particular phrase on a live Q&A turned podcast episode7:24 Yong’s evidence that proved the opposite of the conclusions of the prospective client8:28  The reason Yong got defensive on the call and stopped listening to her gut.9:24 Listen to the first podcast that came about as a result of this conversation at The post caused Yong to stop her scroll 10:25  Here is what Deb’s post read: "Stop trying to convince people to work with you. Instead, create content that attracts them to you."11:19 The reason why Yong was trying to convince this client to work with her11:46 Yong’s former people-pleasing ways12:09 “It's okay just to be you. In being you, the right people are going to be attracted to you. And the reality is that not everyone will like you.” - Yong Pratt 13:03 “At the end of the day, it's our job to show up authentically, and create content that speaks to those that we want to serve and that also serves us in return. In this life, it's our obligation to speak our truth, to be our real selves, and to amplify everything that makes us awesome even if that means we don't get hired.” - Yong Pratt13:39 “Those people that need convincing will never become a client of yours, or mine.” - Yong Pratt 14:05 The absolute Yong believes we all need to abolish15:02 “Convincing someone to do something or invest in someone they don't believe in is a game that you can't win. Focus instead on serving, sharing your gifts and amplifying your awesome, even if not everyone will see or appreciate your awesomeness.” - Yong Pratt15:40 “In this digital economy, there's no room for hiding. There's no room for being wishy washy. There's no room for accommodating others if that means you have to be someone else to make that happen.” - Yong Pratt 15:58  Just be you.16:12 “It's time for the world to see you in all your awesome glory. It's time to embrace your you-ness 100%. It's time to appreciate your own gifts, your superpowers, your weird, so that you can truly and authentically Amplify Your Awesome™!” - Yong Pratt 16:34 Yong’s invitation to be a guest on the podcast and who she’s looking to interview.17:29 If you’d like to be a guest on the podcast, head to  “Don't forget, it's not your job to convince people to work with you. Instead, stand confidently in who you are, how you serve, and allow your awesome to shine through in the content that you share.” - Yong Pratt ---------------Ready to tap into your Content Gold Mine and create endless streams of income?Grab Yong’s brand new Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series Today See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jul 1

19 min 20 sec

0:01  Do you ever find yourself looking around wondering at just how much stuff you have accumulated over the years? What about all that stuff you store online digitally? Is it organized? Is it efficient? Today's guest, Paul Sockett, is here to shed some light on streamlining our stuff in the spaces around us. 1:32  About Paul Sockett: Paul is a storyteller. He's a creator, a professional actor, and a voice artist. He's also a coach who helps people streamline their lives and re-align with their story. And the stories that he helps us redefine or realign and how it impacts our space and the things in it. 2:28 Paul’s backstory and how he got into the space of helping people organize and realign their stuff.3:43 How getting uncomfortable and looking at evidence helped Paul shift his identity from needing to be seen as useful and prepared to one of a choice-maker8:28  Paul’s suggestions on how to take a look at stuff and make choices on what to streamline and what we don't need anymore.9:19  How the Myth of More keeps us stuck in accumulating stuff 11:07 The intertwining of emotions and our stuff12:06 Where a popular method of streamlining our stuff get it wrong and how to fix it 14:54 The pen example Paul takes us through when going through all our stuff to decide whether or not it’s a keeper right now.19:08 Paul on helping his clients claim their spaces20:09 The power of words and understanding that people may interpret them differently based on their life experiences22:18 “By shaping our space with patience, by releasing the need for an end result in our conversations, we get to go on this journey together. And it's incredibly beautiful. There is no fatigue, it's refilling. And it's glorious. And it requires work and time to build that trust with another person.” 24:21 Choose the words that are going to resonate with the people you want them to resonate with25:14  Playing the numbers in content creation 27:49  Experimenting, creating trust and ripples and Paul’s question for Yong29:06 Amplifying Your Awesome™ in Yong’s words32:10 The trick our brain plays on us to keep us safe and leaning into vulnerability35:56 The best places to connect with Paul on Planet Internet36:46 Come share your biggest takeaways from my interview with Paul inside the Arena of Awesome - THE place to hang with Yong every week, tune into live training, and discover the secrets to turning your content into CASH - without having to create more content--------------NEXT WEEK: Stop trying to convince other people to work with you!--------------They're HERE!!!At long last...the 2 resources you need to unearth Your Content Gold Mine™ Ditch the content overwhelm, turn your content into endless social media assets, AND multiple income streams.Grab the Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series TODAY!No need to sit behind your computer to learn! Take this audio series on the go with you and then D.I.G. into the Maps to unearth Your Content Gold Mine™! See for privacy and opt-out information.


Jun 24

38 min 38 sec

Have you ever experienced a period of time after accomplishing a goal, especially a big one, that you just felt down? I call this period of time the Post-Goal Blues and it’s something our family is going through right now. In today’s episode, I’m going to share why we’re experiencing the post-goal blues and allowing those feelings to come up rather than squashing them down and trying to ignore them…-----Come share your biggest take-aways, a-ha moments, and how you're normalizing the Post-Goal Blues in your family inside my Facebook Community, the Arena of Awesome.-----They're Heeereee!My newest gift to you, the Content Gold Mining Maps & Audio Series are alive! These are the resources I WISH I had when I accidentally fell into the world of content repurposing back in 2016. They'll help you to unearth the gold within your content so that you can...Turn it into an endless supply of social media postsAND endless streams of income. Grab them TODAY to turn your content into 💰! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jun 17

14 min 10 sec

0:01 Do you ever wish you could bend time so you had more of it? Or have you ever caught yourself saying, I need more time? Or maybe this isn't the right time? If so, you're definitely going to want to put this episode on repeat because we're diving into a concept that we all need right now. And that is Time Hacking. 1:10 Here at Amplify Your Awesome™ we help coaches and course creators, ditch content overwhelmed, tap into an endless supply of social media content, and make more money from the content they've already created. 1:35 Now that we're heading into summer, and most of us want more time with our kids and families, I thought it would be only fitting to bring on a guest who could help us hack our time. get more done, all without the hustle. About Vikki Louise: Vikki is a reformed hustler turned time hacker. She coaches clients to achieve more in less time, with ease. She has a no BS minimalist approach to mindset work, and life. She has lived in four countries in the last two years, today she is recording from France. She also hosts the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done podcast 2:45 Vikki’s life before Time Hacking6:00 Who Vikki loves working with, how they find her, and how she serves them8:51 Vikki’s definition of Time Hacking10:16 3 Steps to Time Hacking12:17  Flow  versus hyper productivity15:02  How Vikki overcomes the objection of time versus reality17:12 Vikki’s favorite way to create content 18:52  How repurposing content is just like a rock concert20:45 What Vikki’s husband discovered about her content and how you can use it to your advantage AND make money from it22:52  Where Vikki gets the inspiration to create your podcast episodes and how generic templates aren’t the answer to content creation23:32 What to do instead of using someone else’s templates when it comes to creating your content 26:39  Vikki’s preferred method to create content 29:13  Vikki’s first piece of advice on changing your relationship to time 30:04  Vikki’s first piece of advice on changing your relationship to time 31:52  Connect with Vikki32:51 How Vikki and Yong used Time Hacking for this interview 33:35 Come share your biggest takeaways and ahas from today’s episode with Vikki and Yong inside the Arena of AwesomeNEXT WEEK: Overcoming the Post-Goal Blues See for privacy and opt-out information.


Jun 10

35 min 36 sec

0:00 Have you ever been tempted to hire someone to create all of your social media graphics for you? Or even someone to just manage all your social media content so you don't have to? Yeah, me too. As someone that used to help other business owners create copious amounts of content to share on social media, I've learned that hiring out this task without having what I'm going to share with you today on the podcast, is a complete waste of money. 1:22 The inspiration for today’s episode 2:14 Yong’s cautionary tale of outsourcing and how it cost her a ton of time and money 2:59 What most service-based providers don’t do and how it’s a sign to look elsewhere  4:53 How not knowing what you don’t know could cost you more time and money in the long-run5:12 The FIRST, and most important thing to look for when hiring out social media 6:58 If potential companies or individuals don’t provide THIS, run the other way8:14 Why Yong doesn’t rely on social media and what she does instead 9:27  Don’t let social media managers talk you into THIS and what always gets overlooked10:13 Offloading tasks like social media quickly is tempting + how the Myth of More derails so many11:15 Yong’s 2 recommendations when hiring + how taking back your social media narrative is key to its success 13:12 Recap of the 2 Things you must do before delegating your social media  14:51 If you’re ready to unearth your own Content Goldmine and turn your content into endless supplies of social media content and cash, schedule a complimentary call with her now.15:28 The 3-Step Framework Yong shared last week is a good starting point or hop on a call with Yong to talk about your content16:45 “Don't get so wrapped up in offloading your social media that you forget about the vision of your business.” 18:26 Wanna D.I.G. into your own content and turn it into cash and endless content for social media? Book a call with her today at Week: School’s out for summer and it’s time to do some Time Hacking See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jun 3

20 min 3 sec

0:03  As a transformation maker - a coach, a consultant, a course creator - you're creating an awful lot of content. Let me ask you a very candid question. Does all of that content equal cash for you? 0:23 Until fairly recently, Yong didn’t have a process for monetizing her content. Because she had so much content out there, there was not a lot of reason for people to actually hire her to help them do the things that I was teaching because they could go figure it all out for free. 1:21 What Yong did instead of Gary Vee Style Content Repurposing and how it turned into her signature 3-Step Framework to Turn Content into Cash 3:16 Today's episode topic: Yong’s three-step framework to turn your content [yep, that content you have already created] into cash. 4:14 Things you could do with all that extra cash, especially with summer right around the corner4:55 Today’s topic isn’t one that’s talked about often which is exactly why you need to tune in and listen or watch the video version inside the Arena of Awesome5:15 If you haven't listened to the Myth of More [#333] or Content Gold Mining versus the traditional Gary Vee style content repurposing [#334] be sure to do so as they lay the foundation for today’s episode5:40 How Yong’s Nevada roots influenced and helped shape the idea of Content Gold Mining | The Low-Hanging Fruit for most content creators that has them flocking to Gary Vee Style Content Repurposing7:36 One of the downfalls of the Gary Vee Content Repurposing Method9:26  Surface level versus underground gold mining10:53 The good news for you as a content gold miner11:41 In order to turn your content into cash, all you have to do is D. I. G..  If you can remember that simple phrase, you literally have a way to monetize your content. 12:21 When you try out this framework in your business, be sure to share your questions, successes, and more with Yong at www.Yong or inside the  Arena of Awesome13:17  Step 1 in the D.I.G. Framework: D = Discover + How to enlist the help of the kids in your life to help you complete this step13:47 Need ideas on where to find kids and questions to ask to delegate the Discovery Process? Head to www.Yong and ask Yong14:49 One of the many benefits of joining Yong inside the Arena of Awesome 15:15  What the Discover phase entails | a simple tool you can use for yourself and Yong’s examples“The Discover Phase of the D.I.G. Framework allows you to see ALL your content gathered in one singular place. It’s often the first time my clients have seen just how much content they’ve actually created and it’s often an emotional experience in the best of ways.” - Yong Pratt18:30 What you’ll likely notice during the Discovery Process 19:21 The reaction Yong’s clients have every.single.time. She takes them through this Discovery Process20:56 An everyday example of what the Discovery Process is like 21:14  Step 1 in the D.I.G. Framework:  I = Ideate and why it’s so exciting22:15 How Yong used the Ideate Process to publish her first book 24:40 The focus of Yong’s first book25:54 “I want to simplify the process, because that's one of my superpowers - Simplify the complicated.” - Yong Pratt27:49 “In the ideation phase of the D.I.G Framework, there's no right or wrong. There's no one size fits all. You are unique. Your content is unique. And when you ideate and use your imagination to create, the possibilities are absolutely endless.” - Yong Pratt28:22 Two additional ways Yong has used the Ideate Process herself and how you may be able to use it as well 29:27 “Because creation is not linear, you can take content that was once free and turn it into a paid offer that’s organized and delivered in a succinct way to get maximum results for your client.” - Yong Pratt30:44 Inside Yong’s signature experience, Your Content Goldmine™, her six-month mentorship program coming up soon, you'll see bits and pieces of how she’s been able to ideate on her content. PLUS, the big draw for this program is time with Yong. Getting her eyes on your business, seeing opportunities, seeing potential, seeing what is possible for you, and your content, and all the different ways you can make money from it. Have questions about Your Content Goldmine? Ask them over at or inside the Arena of Awesome 32:02 Step 3 in the Framework: G= Go for the Gold“In the Go for the Gold Phase of the D.I.G. Framework, you get to choose the many different ways to turn your content into literal GOLD. Plus, you’ll have a consistent way to tap into your Content Gold Mine whenever you need a cash infusion." - Yong Pratt34:07  Come share how you used the D.I.G. Framework over at or inside the Arena of Awesome  See for privacy and opt-out information.

May 27

36 min 4 sec

0:01 I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. I was once drawn into the world where MORE became my motto. I wore it like a badge of honor. I was always striving to be more, do more and create more. I stopped listening to the many signs my body was telling me to slow down on my quest for more. Ignoring those signals, landed me in the hospital for test after test, and ultimately being sent home, hooked to a heart monitor for days. The allure of more is a strong force, and few make it out unscathed. In today's episode, I'm going to share how I've made it to the other side of more, and how I can help you do the same...but only if you're ready to embrace a world where less is the new norm? 1:44 Here at Amplify Your Awesome™, we help course creators and coaches ditch content overwhelm, tap into endless supplies of social media content, and make money from the content they've already created. 2:22 Today we're diving into Content Gold Mining versus "Gary Vee" style content repurposing. It's a question I've been getting a lot of lately, so I wanted to, well, set the record straight. 2:37 If you haven't already listened to the last episode number 333. The Myth of More, I highly recommend you press pause and take a listen to that tale before continuing with this episode at 2:56 That time when Yong stood firmly in the belief that repurposing content was THE marketing strategy everyone needed to use…3:21 How Yong used 3 content repurposing automation tools to replace her full-time Virtual Assistant 3:42 When I talk about content repurposing, or the traditional "Gary Vee" style content repurposing the way it's talked about these days, here's what I mean. “Traditional, “Gary Vee” Style Content Repurposing the act of taking a large piece of content and extracting smaller chunks which you can then share.” - Yong Pratt4:18 Reason #1 for “Gary Vee” Style Content Repurposing Number one: it looks like you're everywhere. And number two: one can more easily establish their expertise by having more of these smaller pieces of content. 5:02 The reason why traditional “Gary Vee” style content repurposing is costing you money. 5:33  What you need in place to get hundreds of pieces of content6:12 Opportunity #1 Yong experienced by promoting and advocating for the use of 3 content repurposing tools 6:33 Opportunity #2 Yong experienced by promoting and advocating for the use of 3 content repurposing tools 7:10 That time when things started to crumble before Yong’s eyes 7:31 Some reasons why traditional “Gary Vee” style content repurposing didn’t work for my clients 8:15 The Two Myths Yong uses to describe traditional "Gary Vee" style content repurposing 8:41 The weight of Yong’s 1000s upon 1000s of pieces of content and its opportunity cost 9:42 The lesson Yong learned from training Freebie seekers and the money it cost 10:21 That time when Yong has months and months of social media posts pre-scheduled turned into social media dormancy 10:59 What Yong discovered during that social media dormancy  11:50  The tool Yong used to FINALLY be able to see all her beautiful content 12:45 What Yong recommends you do today with all YOUR awesome content 13:26 The patterns that emerged and the questions Yong began to ponder regarding her discovery 14:28 “Instead of focusing on transforming one piece of content into hundreds using the “Gary Vee” method of content repurposing, Content Gold Mining™ offers you many ways to monetize all your beautiful content.” - Yong Pratt 15:05 “Right now, at this moment, you have endless gifts you could offer to the world and get paid for doing so.” - Yong Pratt 15:24 Questions to ponder and experiment with starting today…15:32 What have you stopped creating content today? For a week? Or even a month? 15:38 What if you reinvested some of that creation time into unearthing the gold from your own content goldmine? 15:47 What if you could turn your massive amounts of content into endless streams of income? 15:55  What if you could tap into that Gold Mine every time you wanted or needed to:Take a family vacation Hire a virtual assistant to help you put systems in place so that you could sell all the content that you want unearth. Hire someone to clean your house, do yard work, prep your meals and so much more so that you could free up time to spend with those you love? What about retire your parents or spouse? And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you could experience by mining for the gold in your content. 16:25 A testimonial Yong got after a Content Gold Mining Session with 1:1 Client, Susan""Wow, just wow. Yong certainly knows her stuff and the potency of content, namely your content. She quickly and effortlessly walks you through the value of your current content. She offers amazing options on delivering your hard work and talent found in your content and monetizing them as you offer your prospects irresistible offers. It's an emotional moment, when you realize your content can be massaged into other platforms to help others you must work with Yong."17:42 “Monetizing content is where traditional style or "Gary Vee" style content repurposing really misses the mark. Its real focus has been on visibility and exposure, neither of which is a guarantee for sales.” - Yong Pratt 18:42 Wouldn't your time be better spent monetizing the content you already have? 18:48 What if it didn't have to be either-or? 18:52 If you could create endless content for social media, and endless streams of income from the content you already have, without the overwhelm? Would you want to know how to do it? 19:06  You my friend absolutely deserve to have both! And the time to make it happen is now. The doors to Your Content Gold Mine™, my six-month mentorship will be opening up soon, and I'd love to be your guide on this amazing adventure. 19:22 What’s included inside Yong’s 6-Month Mentorship19:46  So my friend…If creating less content appeals to you…If monetizing the content you already have appeals to you…If having documented systems and processes to mine for the gold in your content appeals to you... If scaling or staffing your business appeals to you....If seeing all the possibilities in your awesome content appeals to you, then Your Content Gold Mine™ might be for you. 20:19 Let's talk about you and your awesome content. It’s Yong’s gift for being a listener of the podcast. All you have to do is go to today's show notes at and click on the "Book a Call" Button “If you're ready to ditch content, overwhelm, tap into an endless supply of social media content and make money from the content you've already created. Let's talk about you and your content goldmine. Book a call with me at” - Yong Pratt 21:15 Get more goodness, tips, and insider secrets for Yong inside her Facebook community, the Arena of Awesome, while it's still free and open to new members. Come share your biggest takeaways and ahas. Plus, every week inside the Arena, you'll get access to me and I may even share content I don't share anywhere else. Until next time, my friend, go out there today and Amplify Your Awesome™! See for privacy and opt-out information.

May 21

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0:00 Have you ever been told that in order to get more followers, more subscribers, make more money, or establish your expertise is to create more content and be on more platforms? Today we're diving into this Myth of More and how it's costing you not only time but money. 1:12 Hey there, I'm Yong Pratt, your expert Gold Mining Guide and Host of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. Here Amplify Your Awesome™ we help coaches and course creators, ditch content overwhelm, tap into endless content for social media and make more money from their existing content. 1:34 How we help coaches and course creators at Amplify Your Awesome | The Myth of More AKA The A.B.C. Content Philosophy2:14 Today’s episode was inspired by the trailer for Rachel Boardman’s new Podcast, the S Word. I'll be sure to link up a trailer on today's show notes at 2:32 Once upon a time, there was an overwhelmed business owner that stumbled into the magical world of content repurposing and the allure of omnipresence 3:19  What the overwhelmed business owner saw when she looked around in the magical world and revealing her secrets to others3:47 “In this magical world of content repurposing, messages were multiplied. Content was more than plentiful, and everyone's cup runneth over. And the allure of more was all-consuming.” - Yong Pratt 4:01 Leaving the magical world...just for a little while 4:15 How the MORE-NESS she’d magicked did not fill her money bags as she was lured into believing 4:47 Feeling distraught, she began to wonder where she went wrong. 4:53  How following the rules and creating MORE ultimately led to LESS5:22  How retreating back into her pre-content repurposing world, helped the overwhelmed business owner discover her real self once again5:44 The shocking discovery the overwhelmed business owner made6:20 How the overwhelmed business owner left overwhelmed behind and how she uses the lessons she’s learned to help others overcome their quest for MORE.8:27  The Brave New World where business owners stand shoulder to shoulder embracing the power of LESS8:58  A happily ever after that can be yours, too.9:09 The Myth of More does not have to be your reality. You, too, can embrace a world where doing less and creating less is the true measure of success. 9:22  If you're ready to enter into this brave new world with me and tap into the goldmine, that is your content, I invite you to book a call with me at 9:49 Cheers to busting the Myth of More...together!NEXT WEEK:Content Gold Mining Versus “Gary Vee” style content repurposing: Where traditional content repurposing gets it wrong and how it’s costing you money See for privacy and opt-out information.

May 13

10 min 30 sec

0:00 Do you have someone in your life that has seen you from the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? Today's guest Amy Isaman is that person for me. She's seen me from the very beginning. And in this episode, you'll learn how we met and how we've stayed connected and reconnected years later. 1:40 How Yong and Amy first connected2:43 Amy pivot from High School and College English Teacher to Entrepreneur5:49  How to tap into your creativity 8:16 Taking action, pivoting, and the fear Amy felt when she published her first blog post  10:21 The importance of claiming the identity of someone who does the thing you want to do 11:06  “Follow your joy.  Take a baby step. Follow your joy and take a baby step and become and do the thing, do whatever it is” - Amy Isaman  12:11 Where society gets creativity wrong and Amy’s view of it“Creativity is really just looking at different pieces, looking at life, and creating something new out of what you've already got.” - Amy Isaman “Our thoughts are creative. You're thinking new thoughts every moment of every day.”15:49 Ideas you can use to tap back into creativity daily17:51 “Practice is huge! I mean, if you were to practice something every day for, 15-25-30 days, I can guarantee you, by the end of that time, you will be better at it.”18:47  “You have to do the thing to be the thing.” - Amy Isaman  19:28 The significance of journaling for Amy. Finding your own version of “journaling” to quiet your mind and access your inner wisdom 22:36 How Amy helped Yong reframe her own journaling practice  23:41 “Find the practice that works for you and then practice your practice.” 26:10 Letting go of outcomes and being open to playing and doing what feels really good to us  27:46 How schools get the writing “process” wrong and how to unlearn it32:29 Amy’s favorite “pre-writing” exercise that can help overcome writer’s block 34:08 How to form your own creative thinking partnerships. An episode from Amy’s podcast to help out37:35 Connect with Amy Website Podcast: Dear CreativityInstagram Facebook38:19 Amy book series and her live-and-learn self-publishing experience40:09  If you need some help with writing your creativity or ideation and really figuring out which direction to go, reach out to Amy. Be sure to connect Amy inside the Arena of Awesome. Ask questions and view the video version of this interview. NEXT WEEK:Live Podcast Recording: Wednesday, May 12 @ 9:30 AM PSTWhere traditional content repurposing gets is wrong and why it’s costing you moneyTool Talk [new series]Tuesday, May 11 @2:22 pm PST The AI copyrighting tool that's going to blow your mind 🤯 and change the way you create written content See for privacy and opt-out information.

May 6

42 min 37 sec

0:01 Today on the podcast, I have part number two of my interview with Jeff Harry, A play expert. And in this portion of the interview, Jeff is going to walk us through some choices we can make, and some actions we can take in order to cultivate more play into our everyday lives. If you haven't already listened to Part Number one, I would highly encourage you to go back and listen to that episode first, so that you get the very most out of this episode. It was number 330. And you can find that that www.Yong  or come on over into the Arena of Awesome where you can see the video version of this interview. 1:43  What happens inside of our brains and in our bodies when we play? 4:20 Einstein Time and the Gay Hendricks’ Zones of WorkFor more on the Zones of Work check out Gay Hendricks’ books, The Big Leap & The Joy of Genius6:02 Origins of the 8-hour workday and why it’s counterproductive 0:33  “The work that we should be doing is the work that makes us most alive. Let's focus on that. Because that is actually the stuff that we need in this world right now.” - Jeff Harry11:51 How billion-dollar ventures are coming out of play from big corporations lite Google and ZapposLessons from Tony Hsiea of Zappos: Company Culture is more important than just doing work and just being productive.12:55  For the small businesses listening, how can they take these ideas and distill them down and help their companies by embracing this idea of allowing people to explore openly in an effort to build a bigger business? 13:21 Incorporating play into your business Step #1  13:59  Incorporating play into your business Step #2  14:32 How the Buffalo Bills are gaining more fans through play14:58 How the Washington Post is gaining traction with Gen Z using play16:41 What to do when your inner critic rears its ugly head.20:45  Content creation and Tik Tok21:00 “What I love about it Tik Tok is that it's one of the only social media platforms where there are people playing.” - Jeff Harry22:26 “The reason why I make Tic Toks is because it primes my day in a positive way. It primes my day to see the world as play. And when I'm able to see the word world is play, then the sky's the limit.” - Jeff Harry24:27 The question to ask yourself when something good happensJeff Harry  25:07  Yes, absolutely.Yong Pratt  25:09  So good, so good. So I want to make sure that people can connect with you follow you on Tik Tok, or come to your website. Where is the best place that they can go to find out more about you and the work you do and how you serve people?25:23 Connect with Jeff on his website www.RediscoverYourPlay.dom OR on one of the following channelsInstagramTik TokYouTubeMediumLinkedIn26:16  Life lessons from Good Will Hunting27:50 “For each and every one of your listeners, you're sitting on a winning lottery ticket. There is something magical and awesome about you, that you might be also scared to do but also know, this is what makes you come most alive.” - Jeff Harry  “Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive.”  - Howard Thurman“Are you ready to show up?” - Jeff HarryNEXT WEEK’S GUEST: Amy Isaman. Author. Creativity and a Writing Coach that helps amazing people get their stories onto paper and publish those books. SHARE YOUR BIGGEST TAKEAWAYSLet's continue this conversation inside my Facebook community, the Arena for Awesome while it's still free and open to new members, come share your biggest takeaways and ahas. Plus, every week inside the arena, you'll get access to me and I may even share content I don't share anywhere else. Until next time, my friend, go out there today and Amplify your Awesome™! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 29

31 min 16 sec

0:00 Do you ever wish you could have more fun in your business? If so, you'll want to turn up the volume on this episode. Our guest today shows individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest, and to address their most challenging issues through play. Jeff Harry, an international speaker, and a top 100 Hr Influencer of 2020 has been featured for his work on play in the New York Times, AJ plus SoulPancake, the San Francisco Chronicle and CNN. I, for one, cannot wait to dive into this interview about play. 1:28 How Jeff and Yong Connected1:49 Jeff’s Origin Story - his life before becoming an expert on play“I think a lot of times, we're constantly looking for external validation. But really what we're looking for is to claim our own self-worth.” - Jeff Harry8:19 “With every decision you make you either claim who you are, or you end up chasing your worth for the rest of your life.” - Viola Davis10:09 Jeff’s definition of play 11:28 “Don't you want to get paid to be yourself?”  - Steven Worley“Why wouldn't we be focused on making more play in our lives?” - Jeff Harry13:00 How Jeff helps people that have lost play in their lives reclaim it16:03 Step 1 to rediscovering your play16:22  Step 2 to rediscovering your play17:40  Intuition + Your Inner Child + Inner Curiosity 19:37 Taking lessons from the dying 20:07 An exercise you can do today to discover your awesomeness 21:42 What are Tipsy Storms and why Jeff recommends them25:13 Come share your biggest takeaways, ahas, and watch the video version of this interview inside the Arena of Awesome.NEXT WEEKBe sure you’re subscribed to the podcast or are part of the Arena of Awesome so you don’t miss Part 2 of this interview, Tapping Into Your Real Self Through Play with Jeff Harry next week. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 22

26 min 38 sec

0:00 Do you ever wish you could pack up your suitcase, travel the world, and run your business from anywhere? Well, that's exactly what our guest today did with her family. Jessica Klasnick was living the American dream. However, she wanted more time with her family. So they sold everything, downsized, and traveled in a teeny, tiny RV as a family of five. Over the past five years, they've been recalculating what happiness means to them, breaking away from those societal norms of how life should be, and intentionally living life each day on purpose. Jessica doesn't teach you how to recreate her best life. She teaches you how to discover your own. 2:42 Discover what Jessica and her family were doing before they decided to travel with her family4:21 How living the same day in and day out, being home with the kids, and not seeing her husband daily were catalysts to traveling with her family 6:38 How Jessica’s family reacted when she shared their plans for travel8:10 Did Jessica ever think leaving everything behind to travel was a mistake? 10:47 How Jessica’s kids reacted to traveling12:24 Discovering and becoming a life coach. 14:35 The people Jessica loves to work with as a coach17:39 How a new perspective is exactly what we need 18:09 Attracting the right people into her world19:18 Jessica’s favorite ways to create content 20:53 The 4-letter word we need to banish from business24:29 Jessica’s philosophy on business26:38 “I just don't want you having fun all day, but not making the money you want or having the relationship you want. I want you to have all of that. And that's when you know you're really doing it right.”27:58 Jessica’s “Thought Drop” morning ritual29:47 Connect with Jessica 31:43  “I love that we talk about our own awesomeness because so often, because we live with ourselves, we don't even realize all of our gifts and all of these really unique things that we have. And so I would say the biggest tip, and this is a challenge is to figure out what you want, decide that you want it, and then not worry how you're going to get it. But start taking one step in the direction of that, that that dream or that desire. And just really give up on having to have that control of how do I get there.” 33:27 “Don't let being uncomfortable, be the reason you don't make a change.”34:49 Wanna watch the VIDEO version of this episode and ask Jessica your questions? You can find the video inside the Arena of Awesome, Yong's FB Community. It's THE place to be to share your aha's, your biggest podcast takeaways, connect with guests and your fellow Content Gold Miners, and discover ways to Amplify Your Awesome™!PLUS, you'll get access to Yong every single week inside the community!35:15 Next week, we’re diving into the importance of play with Jeff Harry See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 15

36 min 13 sec

How often do you remember to celebrate your accomplishments?This episode almost *didn't* happen because of what Yong learned as child...that celebrating AKA bragging was not something that was to be done.Discover the event Yong created a year ago to be a resource for small business owners during the beginning of COVID-19 and how you can get access to the event as a gift.Just comment SUMMIT underneath the video version of this episode inside the Arena of Awesome, Yong's FB Community.It's THE place she loves hanging out and connecting with and spotlighting members, answering questions, and sharing what working in the world of Content Gold Mining AKA content repurposing.Come share the ways in which you celebrate your accomplishments with Yong and your fellow Content Gold Miners inside the Arena of Awesome. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 9

18 min 20 sec

Want more from Yong the Chief Content Gold Miner at Amplify Your Awesome™?Head over to her FB Community, the Arena of Awesome. Watch the video version of this episodeGet As to your QsConnect with your fellow Content Gold Miners™The community is still free and accepting new members.Let's dig in and Amplify Your Awesome™ inside the Arena of Awesome! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 1

32 min 16 sec

0:00  What does the Leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow have to do with your content? Well today on the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast, we're going to dive into this very topic. 1:34 If you missed last week’s episode, press pause and go take a listen 2:45 How the feedback from last week plus St Paddy’s Day inspired today’s episode3:34 Monetizing your Content Gold Mine 3:55 Why helping you mine for the gold in your content is so personal for Yong5:23 Wanna see the new brand video? Come on over to the Arena of Awesome and check it out7:06  Mixing up your chocolate for maximum benefit8:59 Using your ladder of offers/value stack to build relationships9:40 Yong’s St Paddy’s Challenge for you10:13 What type of content do you love creating? Come share inside the Arena of Awesome  11:59 More details about Yong’s challenge of creating LESS content15:15 Why you have more gold than the Leprechaun and its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow16:18 Interested in talking about your content gold mine? Message Yong over on Facebook See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 25

17 min 52 sec

0:00 Chocolate bars, M&Ms, and your content? What do they have in common? Today you're going to find out that your content has more in common with chocolate bars and M&Ms than you may have thought possible. Are you ready to dive into this delicious episode? 2:05 Update on Yong’s 5 AM Club Experiment 7:24 Your primary content = one chocolate bar. How many do you have?8:06 The forgotten chocolate9:01 Do you have all your chocolate bars in one convenient location? 9:31 Chocolate squares to share10:39 Could you break off and share 3 little squares of your big chocolate bar today?11:42 A tool to help you with sharing your chocolate squares on social 13:37 Breaking your chocolate squares into even smaller bits (i.e., M&Ms)13:54 How easy content gold mining can be when you think about your content like chocolate 14:17 Quickly and easily filling your content calendar with the content you ALREADY Have16:21 Content Gold Mining Example: Video17:47 Need help with live video? Grab Yong’s Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge today for only $27 through April 15 [use coupon code AYAPODCAST to save $50]18:55 Automation versus relationship building and Yong’s big mistake20:14 Content Gold Mining Example: Audio21:15 Appealing to MORE people by sprinkling your delicious chocolate bars, chocolate squares, and M&Ms across the interwebs22:31 Yong’s cautionary tale and why you should NOT do what she did23:39 Come share your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform inside the Arena of Awesome 26:53 Two steps to choosing your primary social platform and traffic-driving platform27:55 Your Action Items for today29:07 Want a VIP day with Yong? Message her on Facebook for all the details--------------Wanna know Yong's favorite content marketing AKA Content Gold Mining Tools? Grab a free copy todayJoin Yong LIVE weekly inside her free community, the Arena of Awesome. Ask your questions, get feedback, enjoy live podcast recordings, and MORE! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 18

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0:00 Is it really possible to amplify more of your awesomeness by getting up at 5 am? Well, on today's episode of the podcast, I want to take you behind the scenes of what I've learned about the 5 am Club and how I'm doing with my experiment to join the club. 1:06  Why Yong is peeling back the curtain and sharing her messy middle and why you might consider doing the same2:23 What is the 5 AM Club?  2:58 From night owl to middle of the pack sleeper to early riser3:43 How the 5 AM Club Book by Robin Sharma was not what Yong expected5:00 The Creators Hours5:27 Prepping for the 5 AM club and falling back into bad habits6:21 Building a better you during the first hour of the day 8:16 Timing is everything, especially when it comes to the 5 AM Club8:38 Perfection is not required and the 20-20-20 Formula9:02 What to do in the first 20 minutes after rising9:08 What to do in the second 20 minutes9:30 What to do in the third 20 minutes10:34 How the 5 AM Club has helped Yong become the journaler she’s always wanted to be. The 66 Day Cycle. 11:52 How getting a new treadmill has made it much easier for Yong to get the most out of those first 20 minutes of the morning14:52 From getting As in handwriting in elementary school to illegible chicken scratch 16:47 Any tips for improving handwriting and making journaling earlier? Share them inside the Arena of Awesome17:44 The new membership where Yong’s been spending the 3rd phase of the 20-20-20 formula Check out Episode 323 with Michelle Lewis to find out more 18:36 What’s waiting for you inside the Arena of Awesome19:01 Benefits of being a member of Yong’s free community, the Arena of Awesome19:43 Wanna join Yong inside the new membership she’s been diving into to learn more about Visibility? Check of the Visibility Lounge and learn to apply Hollywood techniques into your visibility plan.21:47 Join Yong inside the Arena of Awesome and be the first to find out how to unearth your own Content Gold Mine“Inside of the Arena of Awesome, it is about preparing ourselves to stand center stage. Stand in the center of the Arena. Stand there confidently. Share our voices. Connect with people. Make an impact. And then when we dive into things like your content, it's about making more income with the content you already have.”23:34 Wanna join Yong in the 5 am Club or want an accountability buddy? Come on over to the Arena of AwesomeBe sure to subscribe to the podcast you don’t miss any tricks, tips, or secrets on your quest to Amplify Your Awesome™Next week: Chocolate bars, M&Ms, and YOUR Content See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 11

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0:00 Discover the reasons behind our color rebrand and why it’s happening inside my Facebook Community, Arena of Awesome2:10 Meet today’s guest, Visibility and Publicity Expert, Michelle Lewis.2:53 The surprising results from digging into color psychology inside my FB Group3:22 “I don't think color psychology is focused on enough in our industry. Things are so revolved around us being told to choose the expression of ourselves in our brand, especially with our color and this conversation is to totally contradict that.”4:05 Michelle’s pre-business life in Hollywood5:22 The two sides to Hollywood, negativity, and believing the voices around us7:46 Why and how Michelle stopped listening to the voices outside herself that were dragging her down and shattering the Glass Dome “I believe we've built a dome around ourselves with other people's thoughts, opinions, and negative statements. You really have to have the bravery to break down that dome and build something from the ground up. It's not going to be easy. It's about having the inner confidence to not care anymore what other people have to say or what their opinion of you is because you not only value yourself but your health too much.”10:20 Working with her hubby and behind the scenes on how they met11:17 How business owners can embrace color and the psychology behind color to help us stand out and be more visible“I think that color is such an important part, if not one of the most important parts of the visual brand.”“Color psychology is a really powerful strategy so that you can attract the right people.”12:52 Returning to her film degree background, and natural medicine, and color frequency“What helped me understand color was having a brand that wasn't working and knowing that I had good things to offer. So it had to be something in the branding or in the marketing strategy.”“We have this delusion that our brand color is about us. It's supposed to be about the ideal client.”14:40 Why Michelle chose blue as her primary brand color and why you may want to as well16:56 The psychology of yellow (the new primary brand color here at Amplify Your Awesome™) and how Yong’s 14-year old created a mood board to reflect the new colors19:31 What’s your perfect color? Take Michelle’s brand quiz at and them come share your results inside of the Arena of Awesome22:01 The surprising advice Michelle share on researching brand colors for yourself“Color psychology drives a lot behind your brand, the products you create, and how you communicate with your customers.” 23:28 Once you’ve taken the brand color quiz, here’s Michelle’s top tip on what to do next25:21 Come share your biggest takeaways and ahas from today’s episode with Michelle inside the Arena of Awesome. Share the results of your color quiz and get extra training from Yong every week inside the Arena Coming up Next Week:Behind the scenes and the messy middle inside Yong’s new experiment into joining the 5 am Club See for privacy and opt-out information.

Mar 4

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Wanna continue the conversation about the Goldmine You Didn't Know You Had, get more free training from Yong, and get support from your fellow business owners?The magic happens inside the Arena of Awesome, Yong's FB Community. Request to join while new members are being accepted. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 25

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0:02 Today, I celebrate another trip around the sun and the one-year anniversary of Amplify Your Awesome™1:51 Why Yong is recording this episode LIVE inside her FB Community, Arena of Awesome3:49 A quick overview of Human Design 4:33 Being a projector, energy, and leaning into gifts 5:51 “Human Design has really helped me to understand that it's okay to do things my own way. I don't have to follow the rules. When I break the rules and do things my own way and show up as my goofy, weird self, it's actually better because people get to see the real me”7:00 How Yong’s self-doubt nearly ended her entrepreneurial dreams “One of my greatest gifts to all of you is to make you look good.”8:31 About the Arena of Awesome“As business owners, we need to be confident enough to stand in that center stage. In the spotlight, sharing our gifts. Sharing our weirdness, so that people who need us are going to be able to find us when they are looking. It's about that exchange of energy. About knowing that you're putting your best foot forward and that we can move forward together.”9:47 The explosion of podcasting and why having your own can be a gift for others 10:09 Reasons why Yong loves podcasting“What if you and your business are able to provide the opportunity for other people to binge listen to you to help them move closer to working with you. To be in your brilliance. To be in your awesomeness.”“Podcasting is a powerful connection tool. It's a powerful sales tool. It's a powerful tool to get your message out to the masses, especially because it is portable.”12:50 How Leaving breaking your long content into little nuggets, breadcrumbs [aka repurposing] can help more people discover your awesomeness 13:41 Business owners are literally sitting on a goldmine of content. I'm here, as the Chief Amplifier of Awesomeness, to help you mine for the gold in your content through systems, through automation, through repurposing.” “If we can spin and transform our content into other assets, it gives people diverse ways to learn from us and that’s a win-win in my book for sure.” 15:38 How acres of diamonds are like your content goldmine “You literally are sitting on this goldmine of content. All you need is to create a system and a path for you and your business to mine for that gold in a way that's going to support you and your clients.”16:24 Why the idea of mining for the gold in your content is so near and dear to Yong “You have this huge mountain of content. It's massive. It's not just one piece, it's your literal body of work in your business. It’s time to mine for the gold that already exists in your content.”19:00  “For me, 2021 is all about helping YOU mine for the gold in YOUR content.” 20:18 A special gift for you coming on St. Patty’s day and why that day is significant to its release21:12 “Human Design has impacted my business in really profound ways. In ways I've never considered, like using it to work with my clients.”21:56 “Human Design helps us understand our innate gifts so that when we're mining for the gold in our content, we can use our strengths to really amplify all of our awesomeness.” 25:09 “Season 5 of the podcast exists to showcase the myriad of ways you can build your business. It’s not about building your business following someone else’s blueprint, following someone else’s path to success. It’s about hearing stories from and being inspired by entrepreneurs across the globe building businesses around everything that makes them awesome.”26:58 Come over to the Arena of Awesome and tell me how I can support you as you take to center stage to Amplify Your Awesome™! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 18

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0:00 If you’ve ever considered shifting careers our guest today can speak into that with personal experience as she’s shifted in a very big way1:20 About Alex Pemberton 2:01 How Alex pivoted from registered nurse to web designer and digital ninja. 5:41How Alex’s career choices seem dissimilar things from the outside end up being exactly the same on the inside. 6:40 Family support and how Alex’s sister became her first paying client8:56  Do businesses really need a website today?11:58 The biggest mistake Alex sees with websites and how it could be affecting your site now17:14 Alex’s favorite way to create content19:27 Using video as a Human Design Projector 22:34 Where to connect with Alex onlineWebsite: Facebook: Check out Alex’s Class: Grab Alex’s 30-point inspection website checkup guide: 24:37 Next week you're gonna hear from Yong as she celebrates the one year anniversary of Amplify Your Awesome™ and her birthday week. Plus, Yong has a special gift for you to celebrate these milestones together! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 11

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0:00 Meet Julia Taylor, a self taught coder that's turned that skill into a global Empire she calls a Geek Pack. 1:21 From former military wife and lover of location independence to teaching over 1400 women to say yes to any WordPress requests, most of whom have never touched a line of code in their lives3:13 WordPress: Love at first sight for Julia5:15 How being a full-time RVer turned into teaching WordPress9:14 Breaking into a very male-dominated career and why community is an essential element of Geek Pack “Learning a new language is not the easiest thing. So you want people around you that can help you and empower you.”13:27 Imposter Syndrome, claiming your title, and getting uncomfortable 17:05 Content creation, strategy, social posting schedules19:51 Planning for consistency 22:37 Julia’s tip for helping you embrace your awesome and letting is shine through in your business26:23 Connect with Julia at and sign up for her free five-day coding challenge. 27:15 Age is irrelevant when it comes to coding28:02 Share your biggest takeaways from today's episode with Julia over at Next week,  And be sure to share this episode with your friends. Next week, you'll meet Alex Pemberton, who traded in her nursing scrubs to become a WordPress developer and a designer.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Feb 4

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0:00  Today, you're going to meet my personal sales coach. She's helped me view sales in an entirely different way. And she's gonna be revealing that plus so much more today on episode 318 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. And be sure to share this episode with any friends that you know, that could use help with their sales. 1:35 Renee Hribar has been a sales professional since 1994 in New York making her first million before she was 25 years old. She's gone on to sell millions of dollars of products and services and train 1000s to sell for the first time. She is known in her industry as a fun energetic sales coach who leads with heart. She's a TEDx speaker who offers training sessions at global conferences, on-demand courses and virtual workshops. She skillfully breaks down her decades of sales experience with her one of a kind laugh and learn teaching style. You'll certainly gain a new view of the softer side of sales. 2:47 “I think I've always been an entrepreneur. I grew up around entrepreneurs, and it was always, “what company are you going to create?” 4:37 From Telecom, Yoga Teacher, and Cherry Juice to Master Sales Trainer8:09 The importance of relationships when it comes to selling and how it can make all the difference in your business.12:14 Building a beautiful network and connecting people by being a trusted advisor15:12 Becoming your own chiropractor and the role of great coaches and mentor to help us get back in alignment19:09 Renee’s advice on staying in alignment, being tru to yourself, and building a business on everything that makes YOU awesome22:00 “What I offer changes and how I describe myself changes, but who I am is not going to change. 26:06 How Renee works with clients27:15  Connect with Renee on her Website or in her free community28:46  Before you go, let's continue this conversation about sales over on today's show notes at And be sure to share this episode with any friends that could use your help selling inside their businesses. 29:04 Next week, you're gonna meet Julia Taylor, one of the only online friends I actually met in person. Julia is going to share how teaching herself to code has literally exploded into a global brand. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 28

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0:00  Turn up the volume and grab a pen. Today we’re diving into intention, energy, alignment, serendipity, and of course, Human Design. Continue the discussion at  Meet Uma Girish a spiritual mentor for women who are ready to find their life purpose. She helps them to hone in on their dreams so that they can live the next chapter of life with passion, purpose, and joy.3:23  Celebrating and planning for success in the new year Uma-style Questions to guide you:What do I want to call in this year? Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? What's the energy with which I'm going to meet this year?  5:00  The wholeness of life. Intention versus goals and why Uma prefers the former7:11  How to set intentions with the right energy.“The energy of fear drives away the energy that love always draws in.” - Uma Girish9:50  Shifting energy and the miracles that can happen when you do. “I am not the brilliant coach or mentor who is saying all the wonderful things and giving all the wonderful insights. I'm just being a channel for the divine to come through me to flow through me.” 11:55  “The best thing you can is to get out of your own way and just let that universal energy pour through you.”13:35  Working hard and struggling with deservingness verus letting go and embracing simple and easy. How do you define alignment and how do you use them. They're your intention. Your energy to get to alignment.15:03  Alignment through Human Design “When things are flowing, when you feel lit up, when all the doors that you want open up effortlessly, and you get the thing you desire, you know, you're in alignment. You're satisfied, you're lit up, you're having fun, you're enjoying the thing you're doing”. If energy and intention are in place, alignment is a natural result, you can't go wrong.”Uma Girish  18:21  “When we are in alignment, the most amazing synchronicities and serendipities happen.” “Imagination gets a bad rap but imagination is a gift from the divine, to help us live in that space of alignment.”23:41  Applauding her parents for their encouragement to write, speak, and tell stories25:06  Encouraging our kids to explore and lean into their gifts Uma Girish  25:55  “I believe a lot in synchronicity and serendipity. I know when something appears three to four times in my life, I'm meant to pay attention to it.”How Uma discovered her Human Design and how it’s helped her to understand her gifts as a Projector [same as Yong]. And letting go of the shame around not being a doer and living into her role as a guide.29:04  How being a Projector has changed the way Uma works in her business and how she serves others The way Uma now creates her social media content as a role model35:26  Staying in your own lane and finding your Soul Purpose through Human Design “You are your purpose. You don't have to find it”. “We think if we have someone else’s map we’ll be successful. But we are failing. And the reason we are failing is that someone else’s map is not going to guarantee our success. We have our own map and that's what Human Design shows us.”39:30  Differentiating between our conditioning versus our human design 42:01  Who are you? What makes you tick? What do you dream about? What are the longings of your heart? How do you want your life to be? You’ll find this and more in Uma’s new program, Meet Your True Self launching in January 202144:02  “When you own your life purpose, anything that you invest in you, you are in that seat and cultivating that seed of your purpose. So how can that ever be wrong?”“When you spend money on improving yourself, on expanding your knowledge, on expanding your energy, on learning a new skill, it will always, always, always multiply. It has a multiplier effect and it serves the world. It's not only an investment in yourself, it's an investment in everyone you touch.”45:35  Connecting with Uma on Planet Internet  Uma’s advice on building a business based on the real you:“Everything that you are. Everything that you stand for. Everything that you believe in. Everything that matters to you, is what will impact your business. So you are a reflection of your business. So it's really important to get clear on your values.” 49:11  Come over to today’s show notes and connect with Uma, share your biggest takeaways or favorite Uma-ism at  Next week, you’ll meet Renee Hribar, Yong’s personal sales coach See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 15

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0:00  You're listening to Episode 316 of the podcast. Today, we're continuing our discussion into Human Design, and how you can use it to Amplify Your Awesome™ with our second of three guests, Brittia Kubeczka. If you have questions about Human Design or want to connect with Britta directly, come on over to today's show notes at 3:39  Brittia Kubeczka is a mom, a free-spirited cowgirl, a wild-hearted life coach, a Human Design expert, and an ultrasound technologist. She was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Texas in 2005 to pursue her higher education, and to nurture her country roots.6:12  “I knew that the path that I was on just had no future. Something needed to shift. I was looking for something, and then Human Design just showed up.” - Brittia K9:45  The science and woo of Human Design12:48  The 5 Human Design Types15:11  Conditioning and Human Design 21:16  Discover a free tool to dive into your own human design and connect with Brittia on FB and IG. at 24:25  Permission versus confirmation with Human Design33:30  “We're here to fill each other up. And, and if you could understand a little bit more of your design, you might see how you're affecting somebody else's design.” - Britia K39:22  Human Design and Brittia’s work as a stenographer 42:22  “As a Projector, I'm here to lead people on their journey and, and I'm the one that's walking up that mountain so I can turn around and help you up as well.” - Brittia K44:14  Come share your Human Design discoveries over at  Next week, you’ll meet Human Design and Soul Purpose Expert, Uma Girish, and the serendipitous events that led to our meeting. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 14

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Yong Pratt  0:00  We're kicking off this new year with a three-episode miniseries diving a little deeper into Human Design, one of my all-time favorite subjects. You'll find out what human design really is and how to discover yours. You're going to meet three amazing business owners that have woven Human Design into their businesses and the unique ways in which they've done so to serve their tribes on a deeper level. So let's get to it with our very first Human Design expert, Rebecca Tervo.Yong Pratt  1:16  Hey there, Amplifiers and welcome back to another episode of The Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. I'm so excited to introduce you to today's guest. Rebecca Tervo is a certified life coach, best selling author, transformational retreat leader, and Human Design teacher who helps female entrepreneurs embrace who they are, and their unique gifts, so that they can build a life and a business they love. Rebecca, I am so thrilled you're here today. Rebecca Tervo  2:35  Discover Rebecca’s journey from CPA to coaching and Human DesignRebecca Tervo  6:40  How letting go of being a rule follower had led to more alignment, energy, and fun in business it was all good Rebecca Tervo  13:52  Human Design Energy Types, how our childhood conditioning can work against our Type and what HD can teach us.Rebecca Tervo  17:00  Doing things that don’t light us up keeps us from our living our bigger purposeRebecca Tervo  19:50  The 5 HD Energy Types and a wonderful analogy for understanding themRebecca Tervo  25:23  How HD has helped Rebecca shape her business and how she works with clientsRebecca Tervo  27:25  An example of why different energy types work well togetherRebecca Tervo  28:18  Find out more about Rebecca and her Renew and Bloom 2021 Retreat today’s show notes,  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Jan 7

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Hear the behind the scenes story of how Yong has left people-pleasing behind and has discovered her 'real' self in part 2 of From Performing Arts Studio Owner to Dr. Content.Want more from Yong? Join her inside The Arena of Awesome for weekly tips, tricks, and secrets to discover the real you to Amplify Your Awesome™ with your content. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

18 min 30 sec

[0:00] If you've ever gotten to the end of your work day and panicked because you didn’t post on social media, today's guest is here to solve that for you. She is an amazing entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs with ideas for social media. She's a social strategist and is the Chief IdeaPreneur at For the Love of Your Biz, Deb Laflamme.[1:49] How being a Jack of All Trades and paying attention to what filled her up helped Deb become the Chief Ideapreneur of For the Love of Your Biz  [6:06] How Deb discovered her Superpowers by color coding her activities and how you can do the same  [9:53] It’s important for us to pay attention to what fills you up and look for people who love the things that don't fill you up.[12:30] The importance of identifying what brings you joy and when you’re at you’re best for creating or consuming content   [13:42] Overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling unworthy at a speaking event and Deb’s super stealthy tip for helping you overcome those feelings [23:37] How Deb uses her red pen analogy to help her clients to create content that reflects the real them PLUS her 3 step content strategy[33:45]  “You always see the message that you need to see when you need to see it.” [37:50] Don’t fall into the myth of needing to post on social multiple times a day  [39:43] Deb’s gift to you each and every month inside her Facebook Community, Social post ideas with Deb La Flamme, [42:55] Deb’s #1 tip for helping you stay true to your real self and let all of your awesome shine through in your business  [45:29] Next week, you'll hear from me on the final episode of 2020. Together, we'll reminisce about 2020 and I'll be diving into more of my journey from performing art studio owner to becoming doctor content. Here's a little spoiler, I'll share my journey of discovering the real me and amplifying it all inside my business. Until then, come on over and join me inside my Facebook community where I do weekly live training, sharing real world examples of showing up as your real self in your business using your awesome content. I'll be sure to link up the group on today's show notes at Thanks for tuning in to the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. Be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any tips, tricks or secrets on building a business based around your awesome. Hey, and while you're there. Leave us a rating and review. Let us know what you think of the show. And until next time, my friends, go out there today and Amplify Your Awesome™! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

46 min 45 sec

[0:00] Tammy Pereira, Tammy P. has been in marketing for over 20 years. She a Facebook Ads, Facebook Ninja expert. She's a speaker. She's an online business owner that practices what she preaches[2:08] Tammy’s back story and how she found her way to live video and Facebook Ads   [8:41] Choosing simplicity and consistency in business and how Tammy leaned into visibility[11:24] Doing it scared  [13:42] Creating, reinventing, and a thirst for knowledge  [20:52] Choosing alignment, being a rebel, and doing things her own way  [27:15] Connect with Tammy inside her Facebook Group  [28:10] Tammy’s recommendation for showing up and Amplify Your Awesome™ ---------------Wanna know Yong's Must Have Tools & Resources to Amplify Your Awesome™?Grab her free Content Marketing Toolkit Today. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

32 min 17 sec

Today's topic is one that few of us think about regularly. It’s a topic that has the potential to help us thrive as entrepreneurs or one that may cause us to struggle if we neglect it. And I’ll introduce you to an awesome entrepreneur that has simplified and has changed the way we view this very topic.Timaree Hagenberger, AKA the Nutrition Professor, joins us today to talk about loving the food that loves you back. You'll discover The importance nutrition plays on performance, especially as an entrepreneur, How a plant-based diet can help you thrive, Tips on creating meals your family will love WITHOUT you needing to do all the work,And so much more!Plus Timaree will share the resource for you or that would make a perfect gift this holiday season. It's been a total game-changer in Yong's house.Get all the details and join the convo over at more from Yong?Join for 2-Minute Tuesdays inside The Arena of Awesome See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 2020

40 min 26 sec

Whether you’ll be shopping in stores this holiday weekend or online in your PJs from the comfort of your living room, today’s episode is a calorie-free feast for you to enjoy. You'll get tons of goodness without any of the guilt as Yong shares her top episode recommendations from 2020 today on episode #310.To view the list of episode recommendations, head to today's show notes at don't forget to join Yong every Tuesday inside of the Arena of Awesome for 2-Minute Tuesdays. You'll hear real-world examples of showing up as the real you in your biz using your awesome content - all in just 2 minutes. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Nov 2020

17 min 21 sec

[0:00] Would you say no to your family business if you knew it wasn't right for you? That's exactly what today's podcast guest did so that she could focus on building a business of her own and do it her own way. Today, Stacy Ho is sharing her story of how she showing up as her real self and building a business to amplify her awesome. Once you've listened, come on over to today's show notes and share your biggest takeaways, and connect with Stacy directly at [2:53]  Discover why Stacy said no to her family business, what she’s doing now, and how she’s carving her own path[7:41] Stacy shares how she leaned into what she’s good at and how you can, too. [10:35] Transferable skills and being world-class[11:26] Stacy’s Shark Tank Dreams have helped her uncover what she really wants to do in business  [13:57] How finding a mentor can fast-track your way to success  [16:22] Stacy shares her perspectives on the paradigm shifts happening in the world of business right now  “Business is not only about making money. It’s about adding value.” “The new paradigm is whatever you're good at, and you're passionate about, and you're willing to be consistent, persistent, and committed to like developing something in the long game, the money will come”.“What is more important? Kindness or intelligence?”[22:35] Where to connect with Stacy See for privacy and opt-out information.

Nov 2020

24 min 53 sec

Come share your biggest takeaways, ahas, and connect directly with Tracy at See for privacy and opt-out information.

Nov 2020

31 min 29 sec

0:00 Alignment. Resiliency. Making space for what matters. Reframing quitting, and you as the key ingredient in your life and business. These are just a few of the topics we dive into with today's guest. Lisa Zawrotny of Positively Productive Systems. Once you've listened, come on over to today's show notes and share your biggest takeaways, and connect with Lisa at Meet Lisa ZawrotnyLisa Zawrotnyis all about simplification and efficiency, two qualities I adore! She’s a certified stress and management and productivity coach. She's the founder of Positively Productive Systems, and is the host of the Positively Living Podcast.2:48 Lisa’s journey from caregiver to productivity and stress management coach5:55 “Resiliency can be increased when we find meaning in what we do.” - Lisa Zawrotny7:47 Value-based decluttering and personalized systems and habit design 9:53 Alignment and showing up as your awesome self 11:00 Lisa’s advice that for anyone seeking alignment, trying to figure out the pieces trying to get to their real selves15:01 “There are a ton of people out there who talk about productivity and organizing, but only one of them does it my way. Because it's me and how I connect and what words I use.” - Lisa Zawrotny17:41 How Lisa creates content that matches her values and how she shares it with other people in a way that resonates.19:24  “If you're an introvert, don't try to run an extroverts’ business.” - Lisa Zawrotny22:38  Using frameworks, customizations, and filters24:38  Connect with LisaWebsite: www.PositivelyProductive.comInstagram: @positively_lisa Come share your biggest takeaways, ahas, and connect directly with Lisa at See for privacy and opt-out information.

Nov 2020

26 min 57 sec

Today on episode #306 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast, you'll hear the full-length episode with Elena Ledoux.Elena was our fourth guest for the Season 5 launch. You'll learn the full story of how Elena has gone from Courtroom litigator to multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and how she's amplifying her awesome.Come share your biggest takeaways, aha's and connect with Elena at See for privacy and opt-out information.

Oct 2020

24 min 36 sec