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Athin Cassiotis

I talk about all components of business, why they are important and how they can be utilised for exponential growth.

Hear from me as well as entrepreneur and celebrity guests, who share their insider secrets on how they became successful.

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Our Voice & Presenting with Elisa James, who is a Qualified Voice Coach, Entertainer, Speaker, Presenter and Public Speaking Performance Coach. She is an Expert in Helping CEO’s, Managers and Business Trainers give Dynamic, Engaging and Edu-Taining Presentations, both On-Stage and On-Camera. She appears Regularly on TV and Film as an Actor and Presenter. With over 30 years’ Experience in the Entertainment Industry and 20 years in the Coaching and Speaking arena, she Helps Business Leaders Sound like a Leader and Present like a Pro! We talk about Having a Unique Voice, Protecting Our Voice, Sounding Like a Leader, Presenting on a Virtual Stage, plus much more!

Nov 24

52 min 4 sec with Mitch Thrower, who is a Financier, Serial Entrepreneur, Author and 22X Ironman triathlete. He is the CEO, Chairman & Founder of, an innovative cloud-based Event Management Platform provider that provides a state of the art mobile-first SaaS application that enables the full event life cycle, connecting event organizers and event goers! He previously Co-Founded - The Active Network – and launched - Active Europe Network - as Co-Founder and CEO, which went public before selling to Vista for $1.05 Billion! We talk about Triathlon Endurance, Differences, The Events Industry, Pivoting Events, plus much more!

Nov 17

40 min 18 sec

Cashbox Global Investing with Chad Pope, who is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Mentor who creates Predictable Income Generating Assets. He has Bought and Sold Multiple Businesses and is now Bridging the Gap between Retail and Institutional Investing. He believes that every Savvy Investor Deserves the Ability to Invest in the Inner Circle of Protection and get Defined Returns, so he makes their Products Accessible, Safe, Transparent, Innovative, and Highly Effective! We talk about Financial Freedom, Passive Income, Banking Structures, Structured Notes, plus much more!

Nov 10

45 min 17 sec

Growth Strategy with Ryll Burgin-Doyle, who is a Strategic Advisor, Author and an Entrepreneur that has spent the last 30 years Growing Businesses across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Asia and the United Kingdom. She has worked with and Grown almost Every kind of Business Imaginable, from Start-Ups to SME’s to Corporate Enterprises, including Two of them being $1 Billion companies. She Built and Exited her First Business in her Early Twenties, has been a CEO of a $100 Million Business, and worked as a key brand strategist for huge multinational corporations where she increased sales and profits by 300%. She is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs scale their business and thrive during difficult times! We talk about Strategy, the 9 Vital Steps to Grow Any Business, Scaling, Maximizing Profits, plus much more!

Nov 3

48 min 48 sec

Handwrytten Letters with David Wachs, who is a Serial Entrepreneur, and with his Latest Venture, Handwrytten, he is Bringing Back the Lost Art of Letter Writing through Scalable, Robot-Based Solutions that Write your Notes in Pen. Developed as a Platform, Handwrytten lets you Send Notes from your CRM System, such as Salesforce, Web Site, Apps, or through Custom Integration. Used by Major Meal Boxes, eCommerce Giants, Non-Profits, and Professionals, Handwrytten is Changing the way Brands and People Connect. Prior to starting Handwrytten, he Founded Cellit, a Leading Mobile Marketing Agency, which was Sold to HelloWorld in 2012! We talk about Creating Better Relationships with our Clients, How Handwrytten Notes Generate Returns, Why Personalisation is Important, plus much more!

Oct 26

41 min 52 sec

Business Success with Carl Gould, who is Business Growth Expert, Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur. His Business Growth Journey started from 18 years old and now he has Built Three Multi-Million Dollar Businesses before age 40, Mentored the Launch of over 5,000 Businesses, and has Trained and Certified over 7,000 Business Coaches in 35 countries. He has Written 3 Best-Selling Books on Business Strategy and Growth, named Blueprint for Success, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success, and most recently Biz Dev Done Right. Each week he co-hosts “Quit and Get Rich” on iHeartRadio! We talk about the Top Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make, Building Sustainable Revenue Growth and Profit Growth, How to use Competitor Complaints in our Business Plan, plus much more!

Oct 20

42 min 28 sec

Success Resources with Michael Lane, who is the Managing Director of Success Resources, Director at Infinity Group Australia, Global Leader in the Entrepreneurial Education Space, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and the Co-Host of LinkedIn’s First TV Show - ‘Level Up TV’. Success Resources Global is the Largest and Most Successful Promoter of Professional and Personal Development Programs in the World. They have Staged and Marketed World Class Events to over 12 million Participants for over 20 years in regions such as: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, UK, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Italy, India, US and Canada! We talk about Promoting the Biggest Names in the World, Events, Tickets, Speaking, plus much more!

Oct 13

41 min 44 sec

Conscious Growth with Kristen Miller, who is a Growth Strategist & Consultant, Business Mentor, Entrepreneur, Personal Power Alchemist, Self-Actualization Expert and Elite Performance Leadership Advisor. She Focuses on your Mindset, Marketing & Money to provide Freedom, Fulfilment, Fortune, Faith and Fun, so you can Thrive in Boundless Bliss! We talk about Money, Wealth, Mindset, Leadership, Consciousness, plus much more!

Oct 6

48 min 45 sec

Public Relations with Sharesz T. Wilkinson, who is on the Forbes Councils, the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and on the Brainz Magazine Global 500 List. She is an Entrepreneur, Executive Communication Coach, Strategic Advisor, International Speaker and Author. She Works with many High Level People in a Variety of Industries to Help them Move Forward and Get Results! We talk about Public Relations, Authority, Credibility, Articles, Health, Coaching, Mentoring, plus much more!

Sep 29

48 min 58 sec

Quantum Physics with Kerwin Rae, who is Australia’s Leading Business Strategist and High Performance Specialist Helping over 100,000 Businesses, in 154 different Industries, throughout 11 Countries World-Wide, with his Revolutionary, No Bulls** Approach to Business Growth and Personal Transformation. Having Failed nearly Every Subject at School while Growing up with ADHD and Dyslexia, to then Overcome Addiction and encounter Six Near Death Experiences, including a Stroke which Nearly Killed Him, his Ability to Conquer the Odds is Second to None. His Unique Approach to Share the very Raw and Real Trials, Tribulations, Vulnerabilities and Adversities that we’re all so familiar with – equipping Clients and Audiences with the Tools and Capabilities to Break-Through Barriers, Unlock their True Potential and Become Unstoppable! We talk about Quantum Physics, Energy, Intention, Meditation, Intellectual Property, plus much more!

Sep 22

49 min 30 sec

Digital Agencies with Nick Bell, who is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of 12 Digital Agencies, including AppsCore, Removify and First Page, and is the Co-Founder of Lisnic. He is a University Drop Out who Collaborates with and Hires Very Smart People. With only $350 in Start-Up Capital to Launch his First Digital Agency, he has Grown his Personal Fortune to $274 Million and is Listed on the AFR Rich List. His Businesses have Won Many Awards as he Delivers Top Quality Results! We talk about Scaling Businesses, Designing & Building Apps, Removing Negative Online Content, Digital Marketing, plus much more!

Sep 15

35 min 16 sec

Asset Wealth & Bliss with Eric Lochtefeld, who is a Massively Successful Investor and Strategist Specializing in Helping Entrepreneurs Leverage their Receivables Business to Create Huge Personal Wealth. A Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Wealth Coach, Event Producer and Co-Author of Purpose Code. In his 25 year Career, he has Established 20+ Entities Producing $300 million in Revenue. His Latest Venture is Travelling the World to Teach Asset Wealth Management! We talk about Growing through Asset Wealth, Bliss Island, Capitalising on our Greatest Opportunities, plus much more!

Sep 8

45 min 2 sec

Acting & Producing with Finnerty Steeves, who is a Classically-Trained Actress, and was Offered the role of Denise McCarthy on The Sopranos. She has done over 40 Commercials while working in New York City on and off Broadway. She has Performed at the Top Regional Theatres around the US and was Awarded the Elliot Norton Award for her Performance as Ms Calvin in The Shape She Makes at A.R.T. at Harvard. She is Best Known for her work as Inmate Beth Hoefler on the Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. Her other Television Credits include The Blacklist, Sneaky Pete, Bored To Death, The Big C, and Louie. Her select film roles include "Francis Ha", "Morning Glory", "Away We Go" and "Bad Education". “before/during/after" is her first feature as a Writer/Producer! We talk about Playing Roles in Big Series, Writing & Producing Films, Acting Behind the Scenes, Building Relationships, plus much more!

Sep 1

37 min 56 sec

Coaching with Richmond Dinh, who is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Business Coach for Coaches and a Mentor. He helps Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Speakers who are Stuck on How to Get More Clients and want to Confidently Grow a 6-Figure Coaching Business Without Ads, Fancy Funnels and Even if you are just Starting Out and Nobody Knows Who You Are! We talk about the Most Common Limiting Beliefs, Organic Marketing Tips, When to Pay for Ads, Standing Out, plus much more!

Aug 25

51 min 17 sec

Undaunted with Kara Goldin, who is the Founder and CEO of Hint Inc., best known for its Award-Winning Hint Water, the Leading Unsweetened Flavored Water. She has received Numerous Accolades, including being named EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Northern California and one of InStyle’s 2019 Badass 50. Previously, she was VP of Shopping Partnerships at America Online. She Hosts the Podcast, The Kara Goldin Show. Her First Book, Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, was released in October 2020 and is now a Wall Street Journal and Amazon Best Seller! We talk about What it Means to be Undaunted, Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, Risk Taking, Health, Additional Products, plus much more!

Aug 18

46 min 15 sec

Luxury Branding with Kathryn Porritt, who is an Entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of Business Bravery. She is the leading Premium and Luxury Offer Business Strategist in the World for Personal Brands and CEOs Transitioning to their Legacy Business. She helps Entrepreneurs create a Potent Personal Brand that Sells Million-Dollar Offers to Luxury Clients. She Helps her Clients Identify their True Passion and then Represents them to create Massive Impact through their Speaking, Media, Networking and Publishing opportunities! We talk about What Luxury Branding and Marketing is, Personal Branding, Crafting Luxury Offers, Becoming an Influencer, plus much more!

Aug 11

46 min 59 sec

Thrv Jobs To Be Done with Jay Haynes, who is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Executive and Investor. He is the Founder & CEO of, the First and Only Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Software for Product, Marketing, and Sales teams. Using his Three Decades of Innovation and Investing Experience, his Customers include eBay, Twitter, American Express, Oracle, Target, and Viacom. He is a Jobs-to-be-Done Innovation Thought-Leader. He Grew Thrv Without any Outside Venture Funding and Continues to Progress Innovations in the JTBD space! We talk about What Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) Innovation is, Why JTBD is Valuable for Companies, Product Teams & Executives, Exploiting Competitor Weaknesses from the View of the Customer, plus much more!

Aug 4

48 min 21 sec

In What Language with Cody Broderick, who is an Entrepreneur, Advisor, 3 times INC 5000 and the Founder & CEO at inWhatLanguage. He provides the Platform to Scale your Organization with On-Demand Translation and Localization Services coupled with Technology Designed to help you Grow! He works with Many of the Biggest Brands in the World so if you need to do business in Multiple Languages, inWhatLanguage will Deliver it for You! We talk about How On-Demand Translation works, Software Integrations, Artificial Intelligence, plus much more!

Jul 28

39 min 5 sec

Profit From Legal with Noel Bagwell, who is an Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host of the Profit From Legal Podcast and a Speaker. He is the Founder of ExecutiveLP and the Creator of Profit from Legal. He helps Entrepreneurs and Businesses with a Variety of Business Legal Services. We talk  about Business Structures, Legal Operations, Intellectual Property, How to Profit from Legal, plus much more!

Jul 21

55 min 56 sec

Tax Savings & Accounting with John Briggs, who is an Entrepreneur and Multiple Business Owner. He is the Founder of Incite Tax & Accounting as well as Owning a Gym, named GSL Fitness. He is also the Author of Profit First For Microgyms. He Helps Entrepreneurs obtain Actual Work-Life Balance so they Don’t get Burned Out and Ensures they are Financially Resilient! We talk Business Structures, Tax Savings, Cash Flow Management Systems, plus much more!

Jul 14

59 min 51 sec

Exponential Growth with Jay Abraham, who is the 21.7 Billion Dollar Man & the Highest Paid Marketing Consultant in the World! He is a Proven Business Leader, a Top Executive Coach in the United States and a Best Selling Author!  He is the Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, where he has spent his Entire Career Solving Complex Problems and Fixing Underperforming Businesses. He has Significantly Increased the Bottom Lines of Over 10,000 Clients in More than 1,000 Industries, and Over 7,200 Sub Industries, Worldwide. He has Dealt with Virtually Every Type of Business Scenario and Issue.  He has Studied, and Solved, almost Every Type of Business Question, Challenge and Opportunity! We talk about How to Grow a Business, Referral Strategies, How to be Preeminent, Structuring Agreements, plus much more!

Jul 7

34 min 12 sec

Human Design with Heather Joy Bassett, who is an Entrepreneur, Business & Life Strategist, International Speaker, Author, Investor and Philanthropist. She has been in Business for over 40 years, is a Gold Medal Athlete and Now Helps People to Speak their Truth with Love and Compassion. We talk about Human Design, Mindset, Speaking, Health Challenges, plus much more!

Jun 30

1 hr 1 min

NLP with Tony Kaye, who is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, and NLP Trainer. He Creates World-Class Full-Time Coaches Through NLP Trainings by Helping People Help People. We talk about what NLP is, Cause and Effect, Rescripting our Beliefs, plus much more!

Jun 23

1 hr 6 min

CEO Warrior with Mike Agugliaro, who is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Human Performance Expert, a Black Belt in Jinsei Ryu Budo, CEO and Co-Founder of CEO Warrior as well as the CEO and Founder of Fudog Group. He Grew his Electrical Company from Nothing into a $32 Million/Year Business and his Coaching Company into his Largest Business. We talk about the Benefits of Martial Arts, Cracking the Code for Exponential Growth, Wealth Mind Growth, plus much more!

Jun 16

1 hr 1 min

Music & Technology with Dick Wingate, who is a Consultant, Speaker and Principal of DEV Advisors, a Digital Entertainment Consulting Firm that provides Expertise to Service Providers, App Developers, Content Owners and Investors. He has More than 40 years of Experience in the Music and Interactive Industries and has Worked with some of the Biggest Brands including Sony, Warner Music, MTV, AT&T, Virgin Mobile & ABC Television. We talk about Everything in the Music Industry, Bridging Music and Technology, Apps, plus much more!

Jun 9

55 min 7 sec

Growth & Scaling with Brett Campbell, who is an Investor, Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, 2020 AFR Fast Starter, 2019 Deloitte Fast 50, 2018 Best Social Media Agency, Multiple Agency Owner and Co- Founder of Claxon, which is a Multi-Award-Winning Digital Growth Agency that Delivers Revenue Growth for your Brand through Digital Channels. We talk about Everything on Growth, Scaling, Media, What we Need to Focus on, plus much more!

Jun 2

1 hr

Audits & Admin with Nikki Viljoen, who is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Internal Auditor & Business Administration Specialist. She helps Entrepreneurs on How to Start and Run a Sustainable Business using her over 47 years’ Experience in the Operations and Administrative field, and over 18 years in Business. We talk about Business Planning, Internal Auditing, the Importance of Admin Procedures, plus much more!

May 26

1 hr 7 min

Video Warm Welcome with David Jay, who is a Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, that has Founded and Runs 5 Companies. His most Recent Company, where he is the Founder and CEO, is Warm Welcome, which Helps Businesses Upgrade from Boring Text to Personal Video so they can Build Meaningful Relationships that Drive Real Revenue. He was also recently named a Top 100 Tech Innovator and Influencer. We talk about Growing Startups Successfully, why Service is the Priority, Different Types of Video, plus much more!

May 19

51 min 6 sec

Creative Digital Strategies with Ty Braswell, who is a Entrepreneur, Digital Engagement Executive, Branded Content Specialist, Mobile Strategist, and Creative Digital Strategist. He has Worked with a Wide Variety of Start-Ups and Fortune 100 Companies to Generate New Revenue Streams that Build Digital Businesses. We talk about the TV, Movie and Music industries, Big Brands, New Ways of Doing Business, plus much more!

May 12

1 hr 11 min

Nami ML App Growth with Dan Burcaw, who is a Serial Entrepreneur and Repeat Startup Founder. He has Founded 4 Companies, each on the Forefront of a Major Technology Wave including: Open Source Software, the Smartphone, Cloud Computing, and now Machine Learning. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO at Nami ML. We talk about How App Developers can Start and Grow Mobile Subscription Businesses, plus much more!

May 4

1 hr 3 min

Financial Trading with Alistair Schultz, who is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Chief Market Analyst & Host at ACY Securities. We talk about Understanding Financial Markets, How to Capitalise on them, plus much more!

Apr 28

1 hr 3 min

Single Digit Tax Rates with Khurram Chohan, who is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Buys Businesses, Creates Tax Structures for Higher Net Worth, Eliminates Capital Gains, and Assists with Wealth Transfer! He is the Founder of Together CFO and a Writer for Forbes Magazine! We talk about How Business Owners, High Net Worth & Family Offices pay Single Digit Tax Rates, plus much more!

Apr 21

41 min 28 sec

Digital Marketing with Nicholas Dogulin, who is an Entrepreneur, Multiple Business Owner, Founder of Dogulin Digital and Dental Rank. He Gets your Business on to the First Page of Google with Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability! We talk about all areas of Digital Marketing including SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Ads, plus much more!

Apr 14

51 min 7 sec

SWISH Sales with Ryan Tuckwood, who is the Co-Founder & CEO of SWISH Sales Coaching, a Multi-Award-Winning Business Owner, Ethical Sales Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and Shark Tank winner! He has Coached and Trained over 6,500 Businesses and Individuals across 5 Continents and has Shown his Clients how to Close over $1 Billion Dollars in New Sales Revenue in the Last Few Years Alone! We talk about Changing the Perception of Sales Through SWISH, How we can Improve our Sales, plus much more!

Apr 7

45 min 9 sec

Leadership Dynamics with Peter Cox, who is a Leadership Expert, Coach and Mentor, Influence Builder, High-Performance Team Builder, Remote Teams Expert, Global Leadership Speaker, Author and Founder of Leadership Dynamics. We talk about Leading 4 Growth, the Benefits of being a Better Leader and Building Culture, plus much more!

Mar 31

47 min 39 sec

Day One with Andrew Hutton, who is the Founder & CEO of Day One, a Fellowship of Entrepreneurs who are Leveling Up how they Start, Build and Grow New Businesses. Prior to founding Day One, Andrew was Chief Innovation Officer at Human Ventures, a Startup Studio in New York City. We talk about Design Strategy, Startup Challenges, Good Ideas plus much more!

Mar 23

50 min 15 sec

Pivot CX with Mike Seidle, who is a Serial Entrepreneur and is currently the Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder at Pivot CX, who won the MIRA Innovation of the year award in 2018! We talk about How to Reduce Time to Hire from Weeks to Days or even Seconds plus much more!

Mar 17

43 min 10 sec

Principles of Greatness with George Koukis, who is a Businessman, Teacher, Philanthropist, and Catalyst for Change. He is the Founder of the leading software company, Temenos, which is considered to be the best company for Core banking systems worldwide. He bought a bankrupt company for less than 1 million and took the company public 6 years later for 1.4 BILLION, and is now worth many multiples of this! We talk about his Principles of Greatness including his Ethical Leadership Principles which include Philotimo, Aristotelian Principles plus much more!

Mar 9

44 min 14 sec

Shadow Self with Bettina Banks, who is an Entrepreneur, TV Personality, NLP Life Coach & Shadow Healer. She Helps Women Heal, find Peace & Freedom with the Past, Thrive in their Higher Selves and Creates Room to build Success. We talk about being on TV, our Shadow Self including How to do Shadow Work plus much more!

Mar 2

38 min 47 sec

SignalWire with Sean Heiney, who has 18 Years Start Up Experience as a Serial Entrepreneur and is currently the Founder and COO at SignalWire, the World's Largest Telecom Platform. Their Technology forms from the Backbone of Modern Communication Applications like Amazon, Netflix, and Zoom! We talk about SaaS (Software as a Service), Network Security, Communication, VOIP plus much more!

Feb 23

48 min 58 sec

Your Empire with Chris Gray, who is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Your Empire Buyers Agent, Property Renovator, Property Manager, Property Investor and TV Host. We talk about How to Build Secure Wealth Through Property plus much more!

Feb 17

58 min 28 sec

Unpack Success with Andy Bassett, who is an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Facilitator, Business Coach, Owns 4 Businesses & has 4 Kids! We talk about How to Manage Businesses with Kids, What to Prioritise, the Importance of Working on Ourselves plus much more!

Feb 10

56 min 4 sec

Purpose & Mission with Jamie Adamchuk, who is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer and Strategic Business Growth Facilitator! We talk about How Important your Purpose & Mission are to your Business Success plus much more!

Feb 3

45 min 53 sec

Numbers & Economics with Jonathan Wright, who is a Real Estate Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Business Coach! We talk about How to incorporate Economics into our Numbers Analysis, to ensure we Move with the Trends and Invest in Profitable Deals!

Jan 27

40 min 15 sec

10 Value Drivers with Brandon Clift, who is an Entrepreneur, Knowledge Broker, Podcast Producer and Host, Facilitator & Leader In Training, Youth Advocate, Athlete, Philanthropist and a Business Made Simple Coach! We talk about the 10 Value Drivers for Business Professionals, including How we can Guide our Staff or Clients to be the Hero in their Business!

Jan 20

1 hr 18 min

Painting & Trades with Tony Isgrove, who is the Founder of Sydney’s Leading Paint Company, Paint and Decorate, which has won over 30 painting industry awards for providing painting service excellence to his customers! We talk about Starting and Growing a Trades Business, including the Challenges that are Faced and the Important areas to Focus on, to Achieve Business Success!

Jan 13

35 min 49 sec

Bitcoin Crypto with Michael Tozoni, who is a Bitcoin Economist, Investor, and Entrepreneur! He also has over a Decade of Experience in Crypto, Finance and Technology! We talk about Everything on Bitcoin including How to Start, Mitigating Risk, Strategies and Much More!

Jan 6

1 hr 7 min

Kings & Wealth with Wai-yee Schmidt, who is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate & Equities Investor, Speaker along with an Advocate & Practitioner of Biblical Leadership & Wealth! We talk about Creating the Kings and Wealth Conference, where she Helps people Connect and Align with Like-Minded Believers who are Hungry and Unafraid to Pursue the High Calling of Biblical Wealth!

Dec 2020

49 min 9 sec

No Excuse Life with Scott Anthony, who is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Jeweler and Business Coach! We talk about What it Takes to Succeed in Business, with No Excuses, so You can Achieve Business Success!

Dec 2020

42 min 20 sec

Pivoting & Opportunities with Jennifer Greene, who is a Community Builder, Boss Lady, Serial Entrepreneur and Speaker! We talk about How to Pivot and Create Opportunities in Business and Property, to ensure it is a Win-Win situation for Everyone!

Dec 2020

42 min 58 sec