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Binyomin Friedman

Halacha mean the way we go. Your daily Halacha brings you relevant instruction from the Shulchan Aruch / Jewish Code of Law that you can use immediately to enhance your day.

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Our sages formulated a number of restrictions based on Isaiah 58-13. The first has to do with how we walk on Shabbos

Nov 24

4 min 4 sec

Why do we refer to someone as Shomer Shabbos a Sabbath observer but we never talk about observance of any other Mitzvos

Nov 22

3 min 35 sec

When Shabbos begins we make a declaration so too when it ends. The ceremony has 3 components.

Nov 16

3 min 31 sec

When we enter Shabbos we must declare that it’s Shabbos. The same is true on the way out

Nov 15

3 min 43 sec

Should I light at home before I leave or at my host with everyone else? We can figure his out.

Nov 14

3 min 51 sec

Shabbos Candles are a personal obligation for women. This means that neglecting to discharge the obligation may entail a penalty.

Nov 14

3 min 52 sec

There are to ways to do a declaration Mitzva. Say it or hear it.

Nov 12

3 min 19 sec

If Shabbos begins at sunset why doesn’t it end at sunset?

Nov 11

3 min 24 sec

You thought 18 minutes before sunset. Not always, it depends how and whom and where.

Nov 9

4 min 9 sec

Is candle lighting only for women? If not how come they do it?

Nov 8

4 min 11 sec

There are three reasons we light candles and leave lights on

Nov 8

3 min 38 sec

Yes folks The is Jewish bread and non Jewish bread. This episode will explain how bread becomes Jewish and why we need It.

Nov 4

3 min 59 sec

We continue to explain the details of the Challah cutting including Brshus and that curious scoring of the Challah

Nov 4

3 min 55 sec

Find out why we have Challah boards and Challah covers

Nov 3

3 min 30 sec

Rabbi why do we have two challahs? Listen to this

Nov 2

3 min 40 sec

Isaiah the Prophet said we should call Shabbos a delight. How do you do that?

Nov 2

3 min 49 sec

Kiddush is not just a ceremony. There are requirements for the cup, the amount in the cup and how much to drink,

Oct 28

3 min 59 sec

Even if you ate before Kiddush recite Kiddush anyway and don’t forget the Challah.

Oct 27

3 min 44 sec

Our sages came up with a great way to get us straight to Kiddush.

Oct 26

3 min 15 sec

Reciting the kiddush is the fulfillment of one of the Ten Commandments.

Oct 25

3 min 51 sec

Special events are designated by special dress. Greeting the Shabbos Queen deserves special attire.

Oct 24

3 min 40 sec

Success breeds success. The more we put into our Shabbos experience the more we get out of it this Shabbos and the more likely we are to have a good experience next Shabbos

Oct 24

2 min 25 sec

No single item has a greater impact on the ambiance of the home than the tablecloth.

Oct 24

3 min 30 sec

There is a lot to do to get a home ready for Shabbos. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Listen carefully to the words of our sages.

Oct 24

4 min 14 sec

Bathing in honor of the Shabbos is the hallmark of an observant home.

Oct 24

3 min 18 sec

The ancient custom has found new expression in modern day Israel

Oct 24

3 min 4 sec

Young and old men and women everyone should take part in Shabbos prep.

Oct 24

3 min 1 sec

If we are going to make our Shabbos meal a delight we have to bring an appetite to the table.

Oct 24

2 min 32 sec

Freshly laundered clothing is a wonderful way to honor the Shabbos.

Oct 24

4 min 15 sec

With this easy method you make Shabbos the most anticipated day of the week.

Oct 24

2 min 35 sec

We know there are a lot of things to not to do on Shabbos but what are we supposed to do? This episode tells us how to make Shabbos a delight.

Oct 24

3 min 34 sec