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Justin Trudeau’s Just-inflation is driving up the cost of everything, and yet, the media, bankers and the Liberal government insist that mysterious global forces – not the Fed’s unprecedented spending, borrowing and printing of money – are to blame. Today on the Candice Malcolm show, Candice is joined by Conservative MP and Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre. Pierre is the leading voice fighting back against Trudeau’s reckless policies. On today’s show, he not only clearly articulates the problem but also provides specific solutions to get Canada back on track, and make life more affordable for working Canadians. You don’t want to miss this episode! See for privacy information.

Dec 2

21 min 33 sec

The deck is stacked against the Conservative Party of Canada. They are dealing with a biased and out-of-touch media, well-funded unions and special interest groups fighting against them, and a conservative base that feels abandoned and alienated. So what can they do to turn things around in 2022? On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by pollster Hamish Marshall to discuss the winning issues and strategy to win. See for privacy information.

Dec 1

19 min 7 sec

No, it isn’t March 2020. The omicron variant is in Canada and unsurprisingly, our politicians, the legacy media and public health “experts” are fear-mongering about COVID yet again. While very little is known about the severity of the new variant, the federal government is closing the borders, provincial governments are pushing for more public health measures and the legacy media is losing their minds and provoking fear. After two years of dealing with COVID, we now live in a society that is willing to sacrifice liberty for the pursuit of safety and good health. Tune into The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Dec 1

15 min 45 sec

For months, the legacy media in Alberta told us Premier Jason Kenney’s days were numbered. They said he was finished and that the United Conservative base hated him. It turns out they were completely wrong. At the recent UCP convention, there was no caucus revolt and no backlash from the grassroots members. Instead, the premier received a hero’s welcome and it was clear to anyone watching, Kenney had the support of the base and the party was united. Conservative strategist Vitor Marciano joins The Candice Malcolm Show to discuss the UCP convention, the future of Kenney in Alberta and why the media misled Albertans. Tune into The Candice Malcolm Show! See for privacy information.

Nov 29

19 min 49 sec

If you listened to the legacy media, you would think the most pressing issue in the country is…medical exemptions and the vaccination status of Conservative MPs.  As the House of Commons finally reconvened this week and MPs came back to Ottawa, the legacy media were obsessively preoccupied with pestering CPC MPs about their vaccine status and the validity of medical exemptions.  Legacy media journalists repeated – verbatim – the partisan talking points of Liberal MPs.  So rather than asking substantive questions of the Liberals about an economic recovery, out-of-control spending, rapid inflation or the sky-rocketing cost of living, all we heard about was the invented “scandal” of CPC vaccination status. It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show! See for privacy information.

Nov 26

17 min 28 sec

Why are we rushing to vaccinate little kids against a virus that doesn’t make them sick?  Why do legacy media reports on this topic look like infomercials for pharmaceutical companies? Today on the Candice Malcolm show, Candice exposes the biased legacy media and their unapologetic advocacy on behalf of vaccinating little kids.  What she presents may surprise you: including that only SIX children under the age of 14 have died from Covid over a two-year period. Or, that the National Advisory Council on Immunization does not advocate for kids to be vaccinated. Contrary to what activists in politics and the media say, these scientists say, “it is not justified to vaccinate children only to benefit others.”  Get informed and hear from both sides before you make the decision for your family.  See for privacy information.

Nov 25

21 min 44 sec

This may seem like a silly question. Of course we are, some may say. But if we pause for a moment and think about the erosions of our basic rights and freedoms during the pandemic, or think about the hateful attitude many hold for the unvaccinated — up to and including our Prime Minister — you may start to think that Canada doesn’t feel Canada anymore. Today on the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by Travis Smith. Smith is a professor at Concordia University and a political theorist who earned his PhD at Harvard, where he studied the politics of medicine. They talk about how too many Canadians are willing to sacrifice their rights in exchange for the promise of good health – and how this is a recipe for disaster for a free and democratic society like Canada. See for privacy information.

Nov 24

28 min 15 sec

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called the not-guilty verdict “another failure by a broken system designed to protect some and hurt others.” But the facts of the case clearly showed that Rittenhouse was acting in self defence. Why would a Canadian elected official comment on the jury decision of a court case in another country? On today’s episode of Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by Toronto-area scholar and writer Samuel Sey.  They discuss why this case was so politicized, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, and why some criminals use BLM as an opportunity to loot and riot. Sey also discusses what he calls “Black Privilege” and “Leftist Privilege.” See for privacy information.


Nov 22

28 min 37 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on the Candice Malcolm show. On today’s episode, Candice discusses how a major newspaper company took two sets of taxpayer bailouts from the federal government this year, only to turn around and fire over 100 journalists. Not only is Canada’s government-funded media complex corrupting, it’s also ineffective at saving local journalism. Plus, Candice dissects the media’s obsession with demonizing Conservatives. See for privacy information.

Nov 19

16 min 11 sec

Why are conservatives so reluctant to talk about culture? If conservatives want to win elections, they have to lay the ground to promote conservative values and ideas well beforehand. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by Ray Pennings, co-founding and Executive VP at Cardus. They discuss how culture, religion and civil society play a more important role in our lives than politics. And they discuss how conservatives need to win the culture wars in order to win elections. See for privacy information.

Nov 19

24 min 7 sec

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is attempting to quash dissent and silence his critics by booting Senator Denise Batters out of caucus, in response to her petition calling on the party to hold an early leadership review. While O’Toole’s sycophants are applauding him for this move, it’s clear this is a sign of weakness. Whether it’s O’Toole’s flip-flop on the carbon tax or treatment of pro-life caucus members, O’Toole has alienated so many members of the Conservative base. It’s no wonder he doesn’t want a leadership review. Things are not looking good for the Conservative leader. On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice discusses the latest developments in the challenge of O’Toole’s leadership. See for privacy information.

Nov 17

17 min 41 sec

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and the elites running the party may be finally forced to face its base – and the Conservative base is not happy. This week, Conservative Senator Denise Batters launched a petition calling on Conservative members to review O’Toole’s leadership within the next six months, ahead of the party’s planned 2023 convention. According to Batters, O’Toole flip-flopped on core policies without input from members and caucus, and he lost the last election by every measure. In response, pro-O’Toole MPs and activists are desperately trying to defend the Conservative leader but are coming off incredibly weak and disingenuous. Candice Malcolm says if the Conservative base wants a leadership review, the base should have a leadership review. It will be up to O’Toole to articulate why he should lead the party in the next election and if he is unable to do so, now is a good time to start looking for a new party leader. See for privacy information.

Nov 16

18 min 47 sec

Canadian society used to strive to build a country that had moved past racial animosity, where people were not judged by their race, and where people could succeed based on their competence and character. However, this is no longer the case. The demise of University of Saskatchewan professor Dr. Carrie Bourassa shows that our society is obsessed with race — and things are getting ugly. On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice discusses CBC’s thorough and creepy investigative report into the heritage of Dr. Bourassa and explains how success is no longer based on skills and efforts but rather on race and country of origin.  See for privacy information.

Nov 15

16 min 39 sec

This week’s Fake News Friday is dedicated entirely to Canada’s state broadcaster. This week, the CBC apologized after blowing an election call for the mayoral race in Quebec City. The CBC’s bungled call led to the wrong candidate rushing to the podium to mistakenly deliver her victory speech. So much for being a “beacon for truth.”The state broadcaster continues to publish awful opinion pieces – this week, they claim climate change is caused by racism and white supremacy. Is anybody really surprised by how far-left the CBC is these days? Candice Malcolm discusses these stories and more on The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Nov 12

21 min 37 sec

Thousands of brave Canadians fought and died to defend and preserve our freedoms. They faced tremendous challenges and unimaginable conditions to preserve the Canadian values we take for granted today. On Remembrance Day, let us give thanks to those who served at home and on the war front and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Lest we forget. On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice honours Canada’s heroes by telling their stories and acts of bravery.  See for privacy information.

Nov 11

15 min 18 sec

The Woke Left did everything they could to ruin and cancel Canada Day. They told us that Canada is a genocidal state, and that it’s not worth celebrating. Sadly, many mainstream Canadians caved to their demands and cancelled our national holiday. Well, the same forces are at play again. They’re pushing divisive identity politics and telling us to be ashamed of our history. Today on the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice discusses the movement to cancel and divide us on Remembrance Day, and is joined by historian and author Mark Milke to discuss the many reasons to celebrate Canada. See for privacy information.

Nov 10

20 min 37 sec

Does anyone know what Erin O’Toole’s position is on mandatory vaccines? Anyone? The Conservative leader has flip-flopped so many times on this issue many Canadians are left wondering where O’Toole stands when it comes to forcing people to get vaccinated. It is still unclear what O’Toole believes in and where his convictions lie since his answers keep changing on a daily basis. On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice goes over the last few weeks to try to understand what O’Toole’s position is on vaccine mandates, in particular mandating vaccines for MPs to enter parliament. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

26 min 13 sec

COP-26 – the global climate change summit – is still going on. We’re now in week two. Justin Trudeau and other world leaders are busy virtue-signalling about climate and peddling doomsday alarmism, meanwhile, there are real economic problems that are only getting worse. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm show, Candice breaks down the state of the Canadian economy and explains how Trudeau’s bone-headed climate policies, alongside his reckless covid measures, will make matters much, much worse. See for privacy information.

Nov 8

25 min 45 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show! This week, as thousands of people gather in Glasgow for COP26 and use over-the-top doomsday alarmism over climate change, the legacy media in Canada joined in on the party and promoted fear and anxiety. In fact, the CBC says climate change “will define every aspect of our lives” and continued to publish the world’s stupidest opinion columns. Plus, Candice debunks the latest end-of-the-world climate change predictions and discusses examples of previous projections that were very wrong. These stories and more on The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Nov 5

22 min 26 sec

The COP26 climate conference continues as politicians, bureaucrats and members of the legacy media continue to schmooze and booze all in the name of fighting climate change.  Meanwhile, attendees of the conference continue to use fossil fuels and emit CO2, while drafting policies that will hurt hard-working citizens and do nothing about climate change. It turns out Canada sent the largest delegation to COP26 out of all G7 nations – including the host of the conference, the UK. The Trudeau government sent close to 300 people to attend the conference at taxpayers’ expense. Candice Malcolm asks, how can anyone take these climate hypocrites seriously? See for privacy information.

Nov 4

22 min 15 sec

The government is changing what it means to be “fully-vaccinated.” Two shots may not be enough as Canada’s top public health “expert” Dr. Theresa Tam says the general population will need another vaccine shot. Tam’s latest ruling comes just three days after she said boosters would not be required for Canadians. Nobody is surprised by the government’s moving goal-posts anymore. Whether it’s vaccine passports or Canada’s early response to the virus, Canadians have been accustomed to non-sensical and contradictory rules. True North’s Candice Malcolm says it’s no wonder Canadians are hesitant when the lockdown authoritarians constantly tell us to “trust the science.” See for privacy information.

Nov 3

14 min 43 sec

Over 100 countries are gathered in Scotland for COP26 and are using over-the-top doomsday alarmism over climate change. Their reckless fear-mongering is contributing to increased anxieties and unrealistic green policies. Case in point – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday the Canadian government will be putting a cap on oil and gas emissions in Canada in order to reach its ambitious climate goals. Toronto Sun editor Anthony Furey joins The Candice Malcolm Show to discuss COP26 and how world leaders are ignoring the real issues while obsessing over climate change. See for privacy information.

Nov 2

18 min 41 sec

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on another international junket to lecture others about climate change and the whole world is rolling their eyes. In the past few days, Trudeau went to the Netherlands, the G20 summit in Rome and the COP26 Conference in Glasgow. Instead of discussing issues that actually matter to Canadians, such as the global supply crisis or the threat of hyperinflation, Trudeau used this opportunity to boast about his favourite pet issue – climate change. However, because of his abysmal record on fighting climate change, Trudeau isn’t taken seriously by anyone on the international stage. Candice Malcolm discusses Trudeau’s latest international junket and calls out the hypocrisy of the COP26 conference. Tune into The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Nov 1

25 min 33 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show! This week, Candice calls out the CBC for publishing a racist screed against white conservatives written by an Elections Canada worker. Not only are election workers supposed to be non-partisan, but the author of this opinion piece alleges that anyone who votes for a right-wing party is a racist bigot. To make matters worse, when the state broadcaster started receiving pushback, they quietly rewrote the opinion piece. If True North had an award for Fake News of the Year, this opinion piece would definitely be a contender. Candice breaks it all down on the latest episode of The Candice Malcolm Show. Tune in now! See for privacy information.

Oct 29

22 min 10 sec

The woke left’s despicable, reductive and divisive ideology is everywhere in Canada – including our schools. From ridiculous politically correct rules for Halloween to over-the-top public health measures during the pandemic, the woke left is ruining our culture and destroying childhoods across the country. True North’s Candice Malcolm says children are bearing the brunt of the left’s authoritarian control and it is absolutely unacceptable. See for privacy information.

Oct 28

23 min 42 sec

The official results of the equalization referendum were finally released this week and a majority of Albertans believe our confederation is not working. 62% of Albertans voted to remove equalization from the constitution. What’s next for Alberta? How will Ottawa respond? Why is the media trying to discredit the results? Conservative Strategist Vitor Marciano joins The Candice Malcolm Show to discuss. See for privacy information.

Oct 27

26 min 13 sec

The legacy media is trying to manufacture a scandal against the former Liberal PM. Despite months of hysterical woke rhetoric from the legacy media and the far-left mob – declaring that Canada committed genocide and cancelling anyone who says otherwise – Chrétien dared to challenge this narrative on residential schools. He defended his decisions, defended the philosophy behind the schools, and even defended his 1969 proposition to abolish Indian Affairs and eliminate Indian status altogether. He rightly stated that we can’t change history, and that we shouldn’t apologize for every bad thing that happened in the past. Chrétien defended a position that many Canadians agree with, he held his ground when the woke anti-Canada crowd came after him. Candice Malcolm says that today’s political leaders could learn a lot from Chrétien. See for privacy information.

Oct 26

23 min 30 sec

Every major political party in Canada is the same. The ideological conformity in Canadian politics is pathetic and uninspiring. We saw this phenomenon during the recent federal campaign, and under Erin O’Toole, the Conservative Party is dedicated to erasing any distinction between the parties. For 24 hours, there was a hint of difference between the CPC and the Liberals when it came to their position on forced vaccines for MPs. After a heated caucus meeting, the CPC maintained their position AGAINST forced vaccines. But, a day later, O’Toole contradicted that position and came out IN FAVOUR of the Liberal mandate. Candice Malcolm breaks it all down. See for privacy information.

Oct 25

19 min 29 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show! Candice calls out the legacy media for their dishonesty and highlights the most outrageous examples of the media misleading Canadians. This week, the legacy media went after Ontario Premier Doug Ford for making “anti-immigrant” comments, when in reality he was complimenting new Canadians and talking about work shortages and the need for more immigrants in the province. Plus, the Saskatchewan Health Authority publishes medical misinformation and the left eats its own by setting its targets on Margaret Atwood. These stories and more on The Candice Malcolm Show. Tune in now! See for privacy information.

Oct 22

19 min 44 sec

On Truth and Reconciliation Day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected an invitation by the Tk’emlúps First Nation to visit and instead opted to hit the beaches of Tofino, BC. Nearly 3 weeks later, Trudeau finally visited the Tk’emlúps First Nation – and things got pretty awkward. Plus, the legacy media and activists continue to falsely claim that Canada committed genocide. In fact, the claims of 200 unmarked graves found near residential schools have still not been confirmed. Candice Malcolm discusses these stories and more on The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Oct 21

17 min 9 sec

Canadian politics has become so robotic – politicians all sound the same, follow talking points and agree on almost every issue. However, there’s one politician in Canada who’s trying to change that. Aaron Gunn is an independent journalist, a common sense pundit and is running to become the next leader of the BC Liberals and eventually the next Premier of British Columbia. Aaron joins The Candice Malcolm Show to discuss his campaign and his vision for British Columbia. See for privacy information.

Oct 20

20 min 23 sec

It started off as an attempt by an NBC reporter to cover up a profane chant at the Talladega Superspeedway, but the “Let’s go Brandon” meme is making its rounds across the United States. “Let’s Go Brandon” (or more accurately –“F**k Joe Biden”) is now regularly chanted during sporting events and music concerts and has even become a top song on the US charts. Has the meme come to Canada or is it just fake news? Candice Malcolm discusses the origin and meaning of the meme, and explains why it’s become so popular. See for privacy information.


Oct 20

15 min 31 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show, in which Candice calls out the legacy media for attempting to push opinions as facts and highlights instances where they attempt to mislead Canadians. This week, a number of media outlets claimed a young teen in Alberta had died of COVID-19. While the teen’s death was tragic news, there was only one problem – he didn’t pass away because of COVID-19. When the legacy media started pushing their fake news, the teen’s family came out and revealed that he had actually passed away because of brain cancer. Plus, Peter Mansbridge roasts his former employer and the state broadcaster apologizes for airing fake news. Tune into The Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Oct 15

18 min 41 sec

Canada’s failing government-run healthcare is on life support, and heavy-handed vaccine mandates are about to make things a whole lot worse. Canada’s system of Socialized medicine means that scarce resources are allocated by central bureaucracies. This rationing of care leads to shortages. That’s why people wait in queues for procedures and surgeries. The decision to fire anyone who isn’t vaccinated means that they will fire up to 20% of healthcare workers, making the system even more backed up. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice talks about how more government meddling will destroy our healthcare system. See for privacy information.

Oct 15

17 min 49 sec

Canada’s system of fiscal federalism and equalization is fundamentally broken and Albertans are finally being given the chance to do something about it. During next week’s municipal elections, Albertans will have the rare opportunity to participate in direct democracy and vote on the fairness of Canada’s equalization program. Specifically, they will be asked whether equalization payments should be removed from the constitution. While a “yes” vote will not change the program immediately, it will send a strong message to the political class that Albertans are not on board with Canada’s equalization program. To discuss the referendum and the broken system of equalization, True North’s Candice Malcolm is joined by the Executive Director of Fairness Alberta Dr. Bill Bewick. Bill is the man behind and the lead spokesman for the “yes” campaign. See for privacy information.

Oct 13

20 min 4 sec

We live in a society where our Prime Minister takes a beach vacation while our public health officials say ‘no’ to Thanksgiving gatherings for the unvaccinated and ‘no’ to beach vacations for all Canadians. Enough is enough, says Candice Malcolm. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and to pause and appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives: family, friends, faith, peace, stability and our great tradition of democracy and ordered liberty. But if we don’t remain vigilant, we may lose our ancient freedoms. If we let heavy-handed public health order and propaganda media erode our freedoms, we may never get them back.  See for privacy information.

Oct 12

17 min 53 sec

A number of legacy media outlets joined forces to condemn “heinous and threatening messages” sent to journalists in recent weeks. Where were these media outlets when conservative journalists were harassed and assaulted? Plus, it appears the Laurentian elite are turning on Justin Trudeau and many are speculating Trudeau may resign as prime minister. But as Candice Malcolm explains, the Liberal Party is a cult of personality around Trudeau – he is not going anywhere any time soon. It’s Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show. Tune in now! See for privacy information.

Oct 8

20 min 56 sec

Trudeau apologized for his ill-advised beach trip during Canada’s first-ever Truth and Reconciliation Day – sort of. He apologized for “travelling on September 30” – which is not why Canadians are mad. We’re mad that he misled us about what he was doing. And we’re annoyed that Canada’s loudest virtue-signaller doesn’t actually care about honouring those who went to Residential Schools. And, as Candice Malcolm explains – the story is getting worse by the day for Justin Trudeau. On Thursday, we learned that the owner of the luxury beachfront mansion that Trudeau stayed in LOBBIED the Federal Government, including Trudeau’s office. Was it a quid pro quo? Is this another Ethics violation? Candice breaks down all the facts in Trudeau’s latest unravelling scandal. See for privacy information.

Oct 7

16 min 21 sec

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole will survive this week as leader, but did he learn anything from his loss? Did he learn anything from Tuesday’s caucus meeting? Candice Malcolm says no, he didn’t. In fact, yesterday he said “the simple reason” why the CPC lost the election is because “Trudeau used the pandemic to divide Canadians. We did not.” O’Toole doesn’t seem to be learning any of the right lessons from this election. We go through key Conservative MPs statements from outside of yesterday’s caucus meetings and talk about why the Tories are leaving O’Toole in as leader. See for privacy information.

Oct 6

21 min 39 sec

Today is the first Conservative party caucus meeting since the disappointing election result, and we’ll soon find out if O’Toole will stay on as leader of the party. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice breaks down the various rumours and media leaks leading up to the big meeting. She dispels some as fake news and discusses the validity of other theories. Plus, Candice deconstructs the Red Tory case for O’Toole to stay. See for privacy information.

Oct 5

17 min 32 sec

There are two big events this week that will determine the future of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). The first is a private luncheon in Toronto with conservative insiders and his top campaign advisors to do a “debrief” on what went right and what went wrong. The second is a meeting of all CPC MPs in Ottawa — the first bit meeting since the election — to air their grievances about all the mistakes on the campaign. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice discusses the importance of these two events and breaks down the various camps fighting for the heart and soul of the Conservative party. Even if O’Toole survives the first caucus meeting, he still has a long way to go to make it up to the base for abandoning conservative principles and ideals during the campaign. See for privacy information.

Oct 4

16 min 19 sec

Why didn’t anyone from the Parliamentary Press Gallery report on Trudeau skipping town to go to the beach on a solemn day that Trudeau spends so much time virtue-signalling about? Trudeau is a hypocrite, but the legacy media is complicit in protecting him. Plus, we’ll talk about the UCP in Alberta pulling a Stephen Guilbeault by dishonestly attacking independent media and show the CBC getting destroyed in a brilliant interview with lawyer Marie Henein. See for privacy information.

Oct 2

19 min 3 sec

Even if you combined the PPC and Conservative vote in the 2021 election, Erin O’Toole would still not be Prime Minister. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by pollster Hamish Marshall to do a deep dive into the election outcome, looking at the numbers, analyzing the close races and dispelling emerging media narrative myths about the election. The biggest takeaway: this election was a total waste of time that led to a more divided country and a water-down Liberal-lite Conservative Party of Canada. See for privacy information.

Sep 30

18 min 9 sec

Canada, at its core, is a conservative country.   The CPC has won the popular vote in the last two elections, 8/10 provinces have conservative Premiers, and public opinion polls show the majority of Canadians support conservatives values, ideas and policies. On this episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice uses facts, data and statistics to make the case that Canada is far more conservative than the left-wing media like to admit. It’s time to dispel the myth that Canada is a left-wing country, and the connected lie that Conservatives need to water down their policy or move to the left in order to win elections.   Conservatives can win if they proudly and unapologetically champion core conservative values like patriotism, the rule of law, freedom, order and responsibility.  See for privacy information.

Sep 30

17 min 30 sec

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice outlines how O’Toole duped CPC party members by running as an authentic conservative. In fact, O’Toole 2020 leadership campaign focused on attacking Peter Mackay and warning CPC members not to go with a “Liberal-lite” candidate who would take the party back to the “mushy middle.” Ironic! Given that O’Toole did just that. But this isn’t the first time this has happened to Conservatives. Former Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown played the same trick. He pretended to be a grass-roots conservative, then as soon as he got elected he showed his true colours: banning social conservative issues and introducing a carbon tax. Brown is a case study in bait and switch conservatism, and should be a cautionary tail. Instead, O’Toole used his playbook. And just like Brown, O’Toole failed. See for privacy information.

Sep 30

17 min 20 sec

Elections have consequences, and one of the most severe downsides of Canada re-electing Justin Trudeau is that it allows him to further cheapen Canada’s citizenship by eliminating our rules-based immigration system. The latest directive from Trudeau is to infuse our system with divisive race-based identity politics. If you identify as “intersectional” — meaning if you’re not a straight white male, the rules no longer apply to you. You can come to Canada, no questions asked. Even if you LIE on your application, it doesn’t matter anymore. Trudeau just chalks that up to the “trauma” involved in seeking refugee status. The Trudeau Liberals are making a mockery of our immigraiton system, cheapening the value of a Canadian passport and becoming the laughing stock of the entire world — all in exchange for more Liberal votes. Candice breaks it all down in the latest episode of the Candice Malcolm Show. See for privacy information.

Sep 27

17 min 41 sec

It’s Fake News Friday on the Candice Malcolm Show! In today’s episode, Candice discusses how CBC cooks up fake news and how they got caught this time. The CBC ombudsman was forced to admit its article was “manufactured” “bent” “inaccurate” “sensationalized” and that “CBC failed to meet standards." Plus, Candice discusses a concerted effort by the legacy media to paint conservatives as racist and tells you why you should never trust the media’s “take aways” or advice to conservatives after elections. See for privacy information.

Sep 24

21 min 37 sec

Erin O’Toole misrepresented who he was to Conservative members. During the CPC leadership race, he promised he was “true blue” – a real and principled conservative. But once the campaign started, he revealed his true colours: he ran as a weak-willed Red Tory who refused to stand his ground or defend Canada. Instead of running as a law and order conservative, he capitulated to Trudeau on so-called assault weapons while turning a blind eye to the real crime problem in this country: illegal guns, gang violence and Canada’s revolving-door prison system.  Instead of running as a fiscal conservative, he faltered and reversed course on carbon taxes, ultimately saying Trudeau’s carbon tax was here to stay. O’Toole did this time and time again, and flip-flopped on many of the major issues.   In today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice discusses how O’Toole came across as weak, indecisive and out of touch. He missed the golden opportunities to hit Trudeau on his weakest issues, and that’s why he lost the election. See for privacy information.

Sep 24

20 min 6 sec

After five weeks of treating Conservatives unfairly, writing fake news stories, misrepresenting O’Toole’s positions, repeating Liberal talking points, pushing Trudeau’s wedge issues and generally vilifying conservatives, many in the legacy media have suddenly had a change of heart. Now that the election is over, they’re urging conservatives to keep Erin O’Toole as their leader. Why? Well, because O’Toole lost. That, and he pulled the party to the left. That’s exactly what legacy media journalists want in a conservative politician: a non-threatening leader who promotes liberal ideas and has proven he cannot beat Trudeau. On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm show, Candice says that Conservatives should NEVER listen to the legacy media, especially when they’re trying to tell Conservatives how to run their own party. See for privacy information.

Sep 23

19 min 37 sec

Everyone lost in last night’s election — especially Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. But the Conservatives lost too, and we need to talk about why. Leader Erin O’Toole’s strategy was to run as a moderate. He pushed away the libertarians in the party through his authoritarian pro-lockdown and pro-vaccine passport policies, and he shunned social conservatives — pledging to ignore moral issues and move the party towards woke progressive values. He spent the final week of the campaign apologizing for the conservatives in his party. This strategy failed. Badly. The Conservatives failed to make any inroads among liberal and progressive voters. They were shut out of the 905, decimated in the Lower Mainland and failed to add any seats in Quebec. In today’s episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice details O’Toole’s failed strategy and calls on him to explain to this base and to longtime Conservative voters what happened and why. See for privacy information.

Sep 21

13 min 58 sec