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Winter is coming Yup, that means it's time to hibernate. Stay in the warm indoors and sip hot coacoa. I hate the cold. And the only thing I hate more than the cold weather is the cold hearts of scammers. 'Tis the season for scammers to come. In the next coming months, we're gonna see a slew of websites, apps, EFTS, alt coins, and other programs that are designed to steal from your wallet (and your clock), taking your time and hard earned cash. Last week, I went over how to spot red flags on these scam sites and apps and one of the reasons I did that is because well...winter is coming. One of the biggest mainstream scams is of course Black Friday. I'll tell you what about Black Friday, there's more hype about the deals than the deals are actually worth.  People will get excited about anything. Go run in a store and scream excitedly about  how adult diapers are so super cheap!  Guarantee you a mob will run over to grab that deal. People just get in a mode of "getting a good deal" that they shoot out any sort of rationality or logic, like rationally, the deals are no better than the normal discounts that stores offer throughout the year. But on top of these over-hyped sales at big retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy, you're also going to see these investment gimmicks and "innovative" start ups seemingly appear out of no where, like a magical snowman from a  hat. Do your research. Look at who's behind the project, what experience do they have, what successful other projects have they been a part of, before shelling out your dough. I mean it. People are desperate now to get any sort of extra holiday spending money, so a lot of these new tokens you see on the Ethereum network or pennystock IPOs are going to be complete trash. The other snowfall of winter happens in the markets as a whole. Prepare for the stock and crypto market to slide down that hill in a one horse open sleigh.  Around this time of year, there's usually a dip in share and coin prices. But don't panic. Don't worry. it happens. It'll recover around spring time again. I always see it as the "real" Black Friday sale, like "Yay crypto is on sale! Dividends are on sale!" Worst you can do is invest with your emotions. Invest with your money instead. Don't follow the hype train of selling shares (and coins) in order to buy deals of shit you don't even really want to buy anyway. Just relax man, and let your money hibernate. Do the lazy thing.  Stay safe this season. Stay warm. Oh and stay classy too. Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Nov 26

29 min 20 sec

It wouldn't be the Internet without scammers, would it? I mean it's like walking into a Harley shop and seeing people with tattoos and leather jackets. Shit just goes hand and hand. And believe me, I've been online money-making for nearly a decade now. It's now my full-time income and over the years and through my experience,  I've certainly seen my fair share of scams. Admittedly, I fell for a bunch of them when I was an online money-making noob. Of course, I found several LEGIT ways to make money online along the way, which is how I've managed to quit my day job and work from home. I'm not rich by any means. But I make a decent enough income sittin' in front of my computer, essentially. It's not all a scam, though with the amount of shit out there,** it's easy to conclude "making money online is a scam". That's not 100% correct, buuut I mean, it's not 100% wrong either.** Look, there ARE a LOT of scams out there. Sites and apps that will waste your precious time or steal away your hard earned money. But I want to save you from wasting your time or throwing away your money to these god awful scammers. I want to hep you be lazy and not have to put in the effort of trying to make money online, only to earn absolutely nothing in the end. See man, I've been there. I spent hours doing surveys or downloading games for these apps that...let's just say...turned out to be a complete and utter hoax. I mean I don't know about you, but I HATE wasting my goddamn time. Like, IF, big IF I AM actually going to do something....well then I want it to be worth the actual freaking effort. I don't want to do all these tasks just to get no compensation in return. So, I want to give you a list of red flags I wish I had when I started making money online. Hopefully it'll help you know what to look out for so you don't wind up spending a lot of your own time TRYING to earn money on the couch and instead ACTUALLY earn money from the couch. Read the Full transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Join the Discord:

Nov 19

43 min 23 sec

"The lesser of the two evils" That's who you voted for on Election Day, isn't it? Man, that sucks. I mean, I don't want to vote for ANY evil, at any level, EVER. I'm completely fine with NO EVIL. How bout that? You like that?  Think about it, Dude, how corrupt does a system have to be for the general consensus to be "well, I just voted for the lesser of the two evils."? Excuse me but....WHAT!? How is that acceptable? What kind of Underdark society are we living in where we're choosing between Evil A and Evil B. Like how about a solid NO. The two party system is outdated. The tribal war needs to stop. We need real conversations with real people. We need to sit back, relax, and listen to one another. We need REAL PEOPLE to make policy, not fake politicians. Listen to each other. Not listen to the puppets of these figure heads backed by corporate lobbyists who are paying their way to put in policies that further their agenda towards profits or the media who only serves as an ad funnel for the same corporate bastards Jeez, I'm starting to sound like a political commenter here.  I really don't want to go down that route. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the election process in general in today's blog. The focus here will of course be on the Lazy Mindset and how it's important to be lazy as your civic duty to your country.  Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Nov 12

23 min 7 sec

Are we really STILL working 8 hours??? It's  been 80 years, nearly a century since the Industrial Revolution and Labor Movement. The tme in which the standard "9 to 5 grind" was set. Yet, still here we are, in the year 2021, following the same work schedule as our great great grandparent I mean WTF man! And you know something? It was Henry Ford, who initiated this sort of practice, during a time in which 12-14 hours was the typical "on the clock" time for you average employee. That's right he cut those hours down by a quarter and guess what? Productivity Skyrocketed! Huh? What? How? People worked less hours and produced_ more _results. They were being....lazy, at least lazier than "working" over a dozen hours, but being more effective. More recently through companies like Tower Paddle Boards in California recently cut their full time schedule down to just  5 hours a day, and it's become one of the largest growing retailers in the country. Like Ford, they found that their employees were being MORE productive working LESS hours. You see, there's value in Leisure, the big "L" in L.A.Z.Y. we always talk about. There's value in taking time off and relaxing. Fact of the matter is in the typical 9 to 5 grind, we don't have time to relax. By the time we start settle down, after doing all the chores and taking care of the kids, it's time go bed, wake up the next day, and start it all over again. There's no "me" time. There's no time to do what you want. There's always another task that must be done. And we're constantly moving around, being productive, doing something, rather than sittin'  around doin' nothing and just enjoying ourselves. We end up binge watching Netflix only to get some sort of synthetic form of Leisure, but even after that, still feel drained. We don't get real free time. We get the artificial flavor of it. The weekend barely counts as Leisure time. It's spent catching up with friends, running your groceries, completing chores you didn't finish during the work week. No time to just sit and rest. The workload keeps growing and the wages, well, as we covered before, are just remaining stagnant. We're literally just running on caffeine at this point. Dead on the inside with our corpses trying to push through the next work shift. Fortunately, I know as well as you do that being lazy is okay. It's okay to be lazy once in a while, despite the stigma, despite the criticism, laziness is a good thing. You see, you would think that someone working less hours is lazy, and while that may true. because they lazy, because they have the time to rejuvenate themselves, they become motivated to work harder and be more productive. Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Nov 5

28 min 31 sec

Well, fellow procrastin8rs did I say it was coming? Or did I say it was coming? It's the Lazy Movement in motion! We're witnessing and perhaps very much a part of a nationwide strike. All across the country, people are up and leaving their job, refusing to work. From factory workers at Kellog's to warehouse employees at John Deere to nurses at hospitals and cooks at McDonald's, everyone is truly embracing their laziness and saying "enough is enough!" People are done least they're done working for the shit wages we've been offered for the past few decades. **The cost of living keeps increasing, while the wages stay stagnant. Meanwhile, you have billionaires hoarding up loads of wealth all for themselves.** All we're asking for is a more fair redistribution of that wealth. Some people (who have to be completely brainwashed if you ask me) claim that people nowadays are "too lazy." TOO lazy? Really. I ain't gonna say that refusing to work is NOT lazy, but are  we really going to tread the waters of "TOO" lazy? C'mon now. Is it TOO much to ask to be compensated more pay than  literal poverty wages? Is it TOO much to ask for life NOT to be centered and revolved around your job and have some actual FREE TIME to do things you enjoy, not just two days on the "weekend  to be able to slightly, if at all, recuperate and get your energy back -- just enough energy to make it through another back-bearing hard work week, at that. The amount of labor they expect of us ain't worth what they're paying us. It's really that simple. It's not excessive laziness to say "I'm worth more. My time and effort is worth more." when you're barely able to pay your bills on time and put food on the table for every meal. It's lazy ENOUGH.  There's admiration in knowing how and when to be lazy. Laziness is seen as such a detriment to society. Yet, here we have GREEDY billionaires building literal spaceships as a fun little side hobby. I'd say if anything, the bane of society is TOO MUCH GREED, not too much laziness. People only want fair pay. And hey, that's the heart of capitalism. Is it not? A FAIR TRADE between two parties. Fact of the matter is, the trade of labor for money is NOT a fair trade right now. NO DEAL! More and more people are seeing that. We're at the largest quit rate in history (topping 2.9%), and those numbers I imagine are only going to increase. Unless of course, wages are increased. The rise of the Sloths is here and we're going to win, as long as people hold the attitude of a true procrastin8r and say "you can't make me work." Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Oct 29

28 min 27 sec

Well fellow, procrastin8rs, it's spooky season.  Halloween is just around the corner, lurking with a big knife! It's the time for fear! Fear is something that often holds us back from doing what we want to do -- goals we have, tasks on our to do list. We feel _overwhelmed _by the amount of things that must be done. Or perhaps we're just afraid of failure. Either way, you're a bit scared and remain frozen, unmoving in fear, refusing to get started or make things happen. People will often say you're just procrastinating. You're being lazy. But no, procrastinating is something you do purposefully. Being lazy means you are calm. You're not being calm. You're being anxious. You're sitting on the edge of your seat, not lying down on the comfort of your couch. You are hesitating, not procrastinating. Now, of course we covered the difference between procrastination and hesitation in the blog before, but I want to bring that topic up again given it's the season of fright and horror --  and hesitation, at its core, is fueled by frightful feelings of panic. I figure it's the perfect time to talk about it again. Anyway, what you may often write off as procrastination is actually hesitation. What you may believe to be laziness making you put things off 'til later is actually fear. You see, you worry. You worry about how things could go wrong, how things have gone wrong, how they will continue to go wrong. You worry about what people will think of you and worry how successful your efforts will be in attaining your goal. But don't you see what's stopping you? It's not because your lazy. It's because you're living in fear. You're imagining nightmares instead of your dreams. Look man, stop cowering. Stop hiding from opportunity. Stop running away from chance. I ain't opposed to sittin' around doin' nothing. I get that. I live that. I am that. But stifling yourself because of your own self doubt, uneasiness, and inner TERROR is something you gotta stop. Take a deep breath and relax man. You ain't living on Elm Street. You don't work for the Racoon City Police Department. Your neighborhood isn't Silent Hill. All the horror in your life is in your own mind. And no, its not Cthulhu visiting you in your dreams either. It's your own negative thought patterns that bring you such spine chilling fear. But you can "fight the demons" in your head, release yourself from this "evil curse of witchcraft." All you have to do is embrace your laziness. Really, laziness is the key to being cool, calm, and laid back at all times. It's the key to "surviving" the horror you face in life, whatever your case may be. Remember, if you are going to put something off, do it because you want to. Do it because you "don't feel like doing it right now", not because you are afraid of what might be lurking around that dark corner of the unknown. Take slow n' steady steps. Calmly move forward. Bring a flashlight if you need to. Always bring your own light if the path is dark. Don't be scared. Listen to the full episode! Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Oct 22

27 min 18 sec

There are two types of people... Those who "HODL" crypto...and those who have no idea wtf it is Man, cryptocurrency is an awesome source of passive income.  Literally **just buy it. Then Hold it. Procrastinate selling it.  Wait for the price to go "to the moon". ** Now, disclaimer, I'm not here to give you any sort of financial advice and what you should do with your money. I'm no expert. Just a lazy dude who enjoys making a living from the oh so cozy couch, sharing his opinion. Critics will say that crypto has no "real" value. Hmm...sort of like shiny rocks in the ground, ya know? We're talking gold, diamonds. They're just rocks we put a mad price tag on. Look at trading cards too, man. Pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. Some of them sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single card. You could hold the same argument about those things -- they hold no "real" value. Human beings are attracted to things that are rare though. Fact of the matter is, just like gold or diamonds or a first edition holographic Charizard, Bitcoin is rare. It's a finite resource. There's a very limited number that can be mined then THAT'S IT. There won't be any more "new" Bitcoins added to the world. The ones that are seemingly "new" just haven't been mined yet... (Now, Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Just like apple is a type of fruit. There are different fruits besides apples and there are different cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is sort of the protagonist here, the main hero of the crypto realm. People may not know the word "crypto" but they sure as hell know the word "Bitcoin".) Quite frankly, I'm not sure if the value of Bitcoin is going up or the value of USD is going down. Either way, these digital assets  are worth hodling on to, in my humble opinion. It's lazy wealth building. I don't even touch it. I don't even look at it. Just let it grow slow n' steady. The price fluctuates a lot. A lot, yeah. And that's an underestimate. Believe me. I always say just go with the flow and ride the waves man. Up and down. Just ride it out. HODL!! Remember, you don't watch a plant grow. You just water it once in a while. Likewise, don't painstakingly watch the numbers in your crypto wallet sporadically jump from low to high. Just trust it'll grow to a big tree one day. Again, this isn't any sort of advice. I'm not a financial advisor, man. So take whatever I say with a grain of salt. I put enough information in this episode that I hope is helpful to both beginners and advanced investors alike. So whether you're still scratching your head over "WTF is Crypto?" or maybe heard about it but want to hear it broken down in laymen's (lazy man's) terms...or are even  already saying "to the moon!", I hope you'll find this new article helpful. Read the Full Transcript/Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Oct 15

39 min 52 sec

Every invention. Ever. Since the wheel...has made mankind more lazy. Seriously. Have you ever thought about that? Innovation is fueled by laziness. Every practical invention since the dawn of humanity has been created with the premise of making lives easier. A microwave heats up your food so you don't have to pre-heat the oven or build a campfire for that matter. A car let's you turn a steering wheel and press a foot pedal to get around instead of trying to steer a horse or friggin walk for crying out loud. Washing machines let's you throw clothes in a machine, instead of having to wash it by hand. Every invention we've created as a species has removed more and more work throughout the years. And now we're on the brink of achieving the ultimate goal of a procrastin8r - not having to do any sort of work at all. You see, AI is coming. No, AI is already here. It's just gonna grow more and more in the future. I mean you may already ask Alexa to turn off the lights before you sleep or tell you car to heat up before you go for a drive in the winter. There are drone deliveries and automated cars. There are computer cashiers and even customer service chatbots. All the productive work in society can soon be handled by artificial intelligence. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. And I reckon sooner rather than later. We can all live a lazy lifestyle, not having to work. I mean, heck, there won't be any (human) jobs available even if you actually, god forbid, WANTED to work. It makes you wonder. Ya know, it always seems our value as a person is measured by what we contribute, and how do we contribute? Through work. Through performance. Through productivity. That sort of thing. But when all of the productivity is...taken care of. What are we left with? When there's no work left to do, when we've achieved the dream of our ancestors and gathered PLENTY of resources and created the means to do all the hard work, what are we to do at that point? It is my hope that we embrace our laziness, collectively as a society. My concern is that in order for that to succeed. In order for us to all just relax and say "the work is done. let's rest," then the rich have to be willing to redistribute their wealth. Otherwise, we're left in a society where the rich own all the resources and we have no method (no jobs) to earn any of those resources. Read the Transcript/Blog of this Episode: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Oct 8

28 min 5 sec

They're baffled! Absolutely baffled! You remember how a few weeks ago, on Labor Day I said that business owners were celebrating the predicted end of this supposed "labor shortage" because that marks the day unemployment benefits came to an end? Well, guess what? Those job applications didn't come pouring in, as they would have hoped. In fact, people are still sitting on their asses, refusing to work. Hmm, it's almost like it's not the unemployment benefits to blame but their low ass wages that their offering at these jobs. Michael Lastoria, the owner of &pizza offered a $16 minimum wage and saw hundreds of applicants come in, in every single position the company offered. Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments saw his profits TRIPLE in the past half decade after making the bold move to raise the minimum salary to $70k a year. It's guys like these that represent the fact that people are not only willing to work, but be extremely productive in that work (and help skyrocket company profits) if they are given a decent goddamn wage. Like I said, we're done working for shitty wages. It ain't cuttin it, man. We'll sit at home on the couch all damn day, unemployment checks or not. At least until we're compensated fairly, and we'll procrastinate. We'll wait until that opportunity arrives. We know our labor, our efforts to get up off our asses, are worth a helluva lot more than what the typical corporate company is offering us. Yet most CEOs wanna follow the corporate protocol of exploiting workers for the benefit of the owner and shareholders. Our laziness is speaking loud and clear "If you want us back at work, pay us more". Point blank. Simple. I love it. We're seeing a national protest of procrastin8rs uniting together and it's great to be a part of it. I mean you figure, why work so hard just to be poor? It doesn't make sense. Best to be lazy. I mean, you'll be poor either way, right? Might as well sit at home then and refuse to work. Read the Transcript/Blog of this Episode: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Oct 1

28 min

I want to dive back to the roots of what this podcast was originally all about -- lazy online moneymaking! While that's no longer the focus of what we do here, there's no doubt that making money from the couch, putting in as little effort as possible is PART of the whole lazy mantra we're trying to achieve here. Free money is free money. Low effort results are low effort results. So I want to introduce to you a few apps that will get you to earn some money by doing yes, absolutely nothing. Okay,  so you do need to download some apps and sign up for them and I guess that is technically doing something but listen, that's it! That's all ya gotta do. It's set it and forget it. The laziest money you will ever earn. And I'm not about to tell you DOWNLOAD THIS APP AND YOU'LL BE RICH. Because, won't be.  There's no passive app out there that'll make you rich, and believe me, anyone that claims there is is feeding you the smelliest bullshit you can fathom. But I'll tell you what these apps will do for you, they'll give you a little extra change for doing nothing, other than clicking a button to "cash out" once in a while but that's really about it. There's no "work" involved. No tasks to be done. No essays to write or projects to complete. Just keep it on your phone and get paid. Simple. Now I know what you're thinking. That sounds suspicious as hell. I mean what the fuck kind of malware are you trying to get me to download? Well I promise you that it's no more or less of malware than those social media apps you have bloating up your phone. In fact one of the apps I detail today comes directly from Facebook and it's called Facebook Viewpoints. That's right, Facebook actually pays you for your oh so precious data. And that's what a lot of these apps are paying you for - your data. Reklaim is another one on the list that analyzes which companies bought/sold your data and for how much, then gives you a slice of that pie. Your data is worth a price, might as well take a chunk of the profits. The other six apps I suggest are completely safe. I've been using these apps for years now and haven't had a serial killer come after me...yet. Take a listen Links to the apps mentioned: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Sep 24

51 min

Oh hey would you look at that! The government gave us the oh so generous favor of taking away unemployment benefits for 8 million Americans, on Labor Day no less. What a kick in the face, ya know? Telling us to get back to work ON Labor Day. Sheesh. Comes at no surprise though, really. After all, Labor Day was originally sort of putting rose petals on a pile of shit. President Cleveland approved it as a national holiday within 24 hours of ordering troops to slaughter thousands of labor protestors. Yeah, don't hear about that in the American history classes, do ya? Anyway, it's one more move in this ongoing class war to try and get us "freeloaders" back to work, kind of like rounding the slaves back to the plantation. You want us back at work? Pay us more money. Simple solution. In the mean time, we'll continue procrastinating and being lazy. We're done with the corporate bullshit. Look, there ain't any "labor shortage" or whatever. There's a shortage of billionaires willing to share their wealth. That's the real shortage in this country. People are willing to work. What they're not willing to do is be compensated with shit wages. People are literally walking out of low wage jobs mid-shift. They're embracing their laziness. They're seeing the value in minimizing effort and maximizing results. They see with these low wage jobs that the effort just ain't worth it, man, especially when the government can hand them an unemployment check that exceeds what they're making schlepping 9 to 5. The money's there. It's just not being shared. Read the Transcript/Blog of this Episode: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Sep 17

29 min 12 sec

The world is full of d-bags. They demand having it their way, regardless of your (or anyone else's) feelings. They resort to passive aggressive comments to try and tear you down. They're flat out just plan ole mean. And the icing on the cake is that they actually see themselves as the center of the universe -- the world revolves around them...or at least they'd like to think so. Here's the thing folks, when it comes to dealing with these types of people... Don't let anyone fuck with you. Now, I don't mean to tell you to put on this "tough guy" mantra, who's ready to raise fists the minute someone bad mouths him. Nor am I saying that you should retaliate with any sort of bad mouthing yourself. I mean you don't bend to the knee to them or pretend that you tolerate their shit. You can do that in a calm way. You can do that in a lazy way. In fact, the lazy thing is to do what you want and you certainly don't want to go along with whatever this d-bag says. The lazy thing is to also not put in more effort than necessary. And trust me, it's a lot more effort to give a witty comeback than it is to just tell them to stop. Besides witty comebacks only lead to more drama and life of a lazy man is a drama free zone. Stand up for yourself. But don't push the other person down so you can stand up. Besides, that's exactly what they're doing. They're projecting their own insecurities onto others. A controlling person feels they lack self control. An insulting person doesn't give him/herself many compliments. A rude person isn't very polite to their own mind or body. Don't stoop down to their level. Easier said than done though, when emotions are running high and you just want to tell the person off. Just remember you communicate a lot more confidence, strength, and maturity in remaining calm in face of conflict than you do attacking that conflict head on with some harsh words (or maybe even harsh punches). The stronger person is not the one who shouts the loudest or hits the hardest, The stronger person is the one who stays in control of him/herself. Of course you don't want to "control" yourself too much to the point where you hold back how you really feel. That just leads to passive aggressiveness later down the line, with all those bottled up emotions. You need to be aggressive without showing aggression. Make sense? In other words you need to be able to be stoic in your words and actions without escalating things into a fight. Say what you mean. Don't tolerate shit from anybody. But be sure to use tact. Ah, tact. We always talk about that word - the ability to tell someone to go to hell and have them look forward to the trip. Use tact in your approach to address d-bags that give you a hard time. Anyway, we're deep diving into how to deal with the d-bags, karens, or otherwise shitty people in life in today's episode. Read the Transcript/Blog of this Episode: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Sep 10

29 min 56 sec

We regret a lot of things in life, don't we? We wrap ourselves in thoughts of the wouldas, couldas, and shouldas. If I did just this ONE thing different...then I woulda.... If I said just this ONE thing instead...then I coulda... I know I did this ONE thing....but I shoulda... One thing is all it takes to change the past, huh? That one line you said that ended your relationship. That one sell from your portfolio  that ended up going to the moon. That one job offer you turned down You'd still be with them. You'd be rich.  You'd be at your dream job. Wouldn't you? Life would be so...different, maybe even better, a lot better, if you did just one little thing instead of what you did. I'm sure you can think of your own example. That one single decision that changed the entire course of your life. We all  make that type of decision. And if you haven't, well then I suppose you just haven't reached that point in your life yet. You can most certainly guarantee that you're going to wind up making one small decision that has a HUGE impact on your life. You can almost totally pinpoint, narrow down, to the exact second you really, for lack of a better term, fucked up. And it's in that realization, of how what you did was wrong and of what you could have done, what you should have done, that you begin to think what could have happened. That's the thought process that traps you in regret. But did ya ever think that maybe, just maybe, the things you do TODAY, even just one small little thing, could have a HUGE impact TOMORROW? Look, in the past, you made the best decision you could at the time. Based on the knowledge you had and emotions you felt at the time, you absolutely made the best decision you could. So let go of that regret, man. Relax. It's all good. Shit happens. You're smarter now. More mature. Like a video game, you gotta battle through some monsters in order to level up. And you leveled up. You got better. You're more experienced now. You got past those monsters (even if you "died" a lot trying to beat it) Moving forward, instead of thinking to yourself "How can I change the past?" with all these woulda, coulda, shouldas, think to yourself "How can I change the future?" Realize this. Realize that you can change the entire course of your life by doing something small, something simple, something "half-assed" if you will. After all, you know it was one little thing that changed your whole life, right? Big moves don't happen without small, slow n' steady steps. The present is the future's past. So make better choices NOW. You can't go back and change what happenED, but you can change what WILL happen by focusing on what's happenING. And even if you still don't get it right, you managed to do your best, again given your current knowledge and emotional state. Not every wrong decision you make has to be your defeat. It's simply part of the learning process, part of reaching the best version of yourself. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Sep 3

24 min 57 sec

Silence is a virtue. Ya know especially in the age of Social Media, where anything and everything needs to be posted about. Social Media is the equivalent of putting up your picture on a giant billboard on a main traffic highway. It's an advertisement for what you've been up to...or at the very least the idealistic view of what you've been up to. Man, I'll tell you, Social Media ain't nothin' but a bunch of adults playing pretend, pretending to be some sort of SUPERHERO version of themselves, when at the end of the day, they're actually just...a normal human being. It's all idealism. People love to brag about how they achieved this or accomplished that all in the hopes of getting those sweet juicy "likes". They wind up doing things they don't like in order to impress people they don't like. People will spend more effort talking about their accomplishment than they do on the accomplishment itself. Worse yet, they'll celebrate how well they're doing when they haven't even reached close to the goal, yet alone on the bullseye. Procrastinate your celebrations. Minimize the effort you spend boasting on social media or otherwise, and use that energy to move slow n' steady forward. The sloth climbs the tree silently. He doesn't roar or bark. He just does his thing, reaching the top of the tree, the peak of his goal. Embrace your inner sloth. Move slowly. Move silently. STFU and make moves. Don't yell or brag about how much you're moving. Let the achievement speak for itself. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Aug 27

25 min 56 sec

Success... What a word. It's often associated with the type of car you drive, the size of the house you own, and the number in your bank account. But all of those are just...things. Things that really don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. I mean think about it. What are you going to do as you're lying on your death bed? Are you going to want to walk through your large mansion just one more time? Are you going to want to open your bank account and look at the amount of dollars you've accumulated in a lifetime just one last time? Are you going to want to take a joyride in your Mercedes just one final drive? C'mon now! Of course not. You're going to want to be surrounded by the people you care about, the ones whose lives you touched. And at that, you don't want a large audience surrounding you, just the few people that are close to you. See, the idea of success in society is so materialistic, but at the end of the day (or at the end of life for that matter), those material things dissipate and become ever so meaningless. I encourage you not to measure success on what you have, but on what you can give. Focus on a purpose, an underlying principle that drives you. Perhaps that's honesty, or maybe justice, or peace. Whatever it is... Find something that offers more value than any sort of dollar sign can ever be worth and let that determine your level of success. Success is a lot easier to obtain when you make it something inside of you that you're willing to give, rather than something external you're trying to obtain. Remember that. Success is not about working hard to get. It's about being at peace with yourself and who you are. it's about relaxing and embracing your laziness. My measure of success in writing this blog and recording my podcast is being able to provide value and insight to you, not so much the amount of clicks I get or sponsors that pay me. Numbers are arbitrary. Be the Dude and Abide. Make your measure of success simple. You'll feel a lot more happy and fulfilled. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Aug 20

24 min 52 sec

What if you won the lottery? Yeah. BIG what IF... The chances are are low. But what if you did so happen to actually win that goddamn mega million jackpot, huh? What would you do with all that cash? Now, if your answer is something along the lines of "pay off this" or "invest in that", I'm guessing you're not really one to purchase lottery tickets in the first place, which is good. On the other hand, if the first thing that comes to mind when asked that question is some type of car or house at a certain beach or city or some other THING, I'm guessing you haven't purchased just one lottery ticket in the past. Look, I'm gonna be straight with you, lottery tickets aren't worth it, man. They exploit the poor and middle class, with a false hope of making it rich. It's kind of a tax if you think about, because all that money goes directly to the government. And believe me, they make BILLIONS (with a B) off lottery ticket sales. The prizes they give out are just a fraction of what they're earning in revenue. Speaking of fractions. Do you the chance of winning a typical 6 number draw lottery? Do you know the fraction. 1 in 10,000? 1 in 700,000? Try 1 in 14 million. Yeah, you have an equal chance to save the universe from Thanos. What's crazy is that MOST lottery winners wind up broke and on the streets in as little as a few months. And when I say most I'm not just talking 51% or a low margin majority like that. I'm talking 70%! Yeah, 70% of the mofos who win the lottery splurge every last goddamn cent they won. It's better to put your money elsewhere, somewhere, I don't know, actually profitable! I know, it's tempting to believe in the fantasy of unicorns and rainbows and winning hundreds of millions of dollars over night, but the reality is, that's just not gonna happen. Statistically speaking of course. To be fair, winning the lottery seems like one of the LAZIEST ways to get rich. And for all intents and purposes, I'd say buying a cheap little piece of paper that makes you a multi-millionaire is most certainly a low effort way to earn a fat stack. Thing is though, you're likely just throwing that money away. And money is always better off earning you more money than being spent. When you buy a lottery ticket, you are SPENDING money. You can kiss those dollar bills goodbye, because you won't be seeing it, yet alone the millions you HOPE to obtain through your purchase. Take it slow, like a sloth. Invest in things like the stock market or even crypto to build your welath at a steady rate. Sure, it'd be nice an all to get rich quick, but the odds are stacked hard against you, and like I said, you're likely just wasting money rather than investing it to earn  fortune. The money you spend on the lottery could be put into an investment account and despite how little you'd earn compared to the multi million jackpot, it's still something. You'll probably (as in it is very, very extremely probable) get absolute NOTHING from the purchase of your lottery ticket; whereas with an investment, even a small margin profit is still MORE money than you initially put in. Anyway, there's a better chance you'll find something of value in this podcast than winning the lottery so go ahead and listen! Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Aug 13

30 min 7 sec

No doubt, procrastination is something I always condone. But you have to realize that there's a difference. There's a difference between that and hesitation. See, when you procrastinate you want to do something later. When you hesitate though you want to do something now, but just don't. Hesitation is fueled by insecurity. It's locking yourself in the perma-mode of thinking: I can't or I won't. You doubt yourself and your own abilities. Procrastination, on the other hand, is the pure confidence that you can in fact do it. You're just putting it off...til later! When you're putting something off, I mean really refusing to do it, you have to ask yourself: am I hesitating right now or just procrastinating? Ask yourself if you find yourself in doubt or in confidence. Do you think you really could do it? Or are you not really sure? It's a matter of what's holding you back. Is it a bit of apprehension or are you genuinely just not in the mood to do it? See, hesitation stems from fear -- fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of fucking up. Whereas procrastination stems from decisiveness. It's "I'm not doing that right now" as opposed to "I don't know if I could really ever make that happen so i won't do it now." You have to look at the fundamental motivation behind your decision to delay your goal or task at hand. If you find yourself hesitating (instead of procrastinating), then you have to realize that you're focusing too much on negative thoughts. Take the attitude of a procrastinator. Take the attitude of "eventually". Eventually it can and will happen. Stop hesitating. Stop doubting yourself. You're better than that. I don't doubt you. Don't do that to yourself, man. Look, the amount of time you spend beating yourself up over one thing or another is time you could spend moving forward slow n' steady, one step at a time. There's a difference between being lazy and being insecure. You have to take notice to why you're not doing things. Is it because you're legitimately saving it 'til later or is there some sort of mental blockage that's preventing you from moving forward. Why are you waiting on something? I'm not saying you shouldn't wait and just go do it. You can get that sort of advice from your other life coaches. What I am saying though is that if you are going to wait, if you are going to put something off, then do so for the right reason, do it for a good reason. The right reason is certainly not because you don't think you have it in you. The right reason is definitely not anywhere close to "I can't." The right reason is somewhere along the lines of "I'm leveling up, evolving, and I'm getting there." Procrastination is forward-thinking. Hesitation is holding yourself back for no other reason than to stifle yourself in fear. Don't hesitate and listen to this full episode! Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Aug 6

27 min

It's never too late to do anything, really. Due dates are arbitrary. Schedules -- unnecessary. There's such a bad stigma about being late in society though. Like if you're consistently late, it represents that you're some sort of low-life loser. On the contrary, I think being late shows you have some balls. It shows you're gonna live life and do what you want, when you want, not follow what the numbers on the clock tell you. Besides, sometimes being late can be beneficial. There's a lot of car accidents (probably any and all sober related ones if we're being real here) that are directly correlated with somebody trying to get somewhere ON TIME. Easily preventable if people were willing to be late instead of drive through a red light or speed through a school zone just so they can get to that meeting as scheduled. Man, you see how being punctual can be literally DANGEROUS? I mean I'm all for taking risks, but not to the point of being reckless sheesh. I suppose what I'm getting at here is that it's okay to be late. Plus, that gives you time to produce something of quality, rather than rushing to get it on the shelves, like a lot of video games are nowadays, bug-ridden and all on launch day. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jul 30

25 min 38 sec

Arguing is stressful. It’s a lot of emotional and mental effort to deal with. It turns an otherwise slight disagreement into a huge dramatic event. It morphs a small irritation into an overwhelming vocal battle. Needless to say, it’s not the lazy way to cause an argument in any sort of way. Arguing accomplishes absolutely nothing and leaves the both of you involved absolutely drained, complete with a headache and pain in your neck. That’s not minimizing effort and maximizing results at all. That’s NOT lazy. That’s giving you shit results for a whole lotta effort, man. You gotta take it easy in life and never argue with anyone. You gotta keep it cool and calm. Be lazy when it comes to disagreements. Of course, conflict is inevitable. I mean, face it, people aren’t always going to agree with you or go along with what you say. Whether it’s a roommate, significant other, family member, friend, or neighbor, there is going to be somebody (or maybe even sombodies) who don’t quite see eye to eye with you over one thing or another. We’re talking about different people here. Different people with different backgrounds and different sets of beliefs. These differences inevitably bring about conflict. Maybe your roommate likes to blast loud music early in the morning, while you’re not a morning person at all. Maybe your significant other expects you to text back immediately, but you have the mindset that you’ll text back “eventually”. Maybe your friend wants to go out clubbing, but you’d rather just sit inside and play video games. Everybody is just a Dude with an opinion, man. We all have different likes, wants, needs, and thoughts. But just because someone’s worldview is completely different than yours, doesn’t mean you have to escalate it into an argument. I mean, certainly, there is going to be conflict the moment you even think to yourself “I don’t agree with that,” but there’s a fine line between conflict and drama. See, conflict is simply recognizing the fact that a difference of opinion exists; while drama is intensifying that difference to the point where there’s animosity and a hostile environment. Naturally, the lazy man’s life is a drama free zone, because the lazy man lives in an environment of peace and relaxation. After all, there shouldn’t be much, if anything, that can “shake him out of bed”, so to speak or get him “worked up.” Getting worked up is nothing but extra work and work is the very opposite of being lazy. There is a way to address conflict without turning it into drama. There is a way to discuss issues, without it leading to an argument. And these are things you must know how to do if you truly want to embrace your laziness. So today, we’re going to take a look at what exactly an argument is and how to avoid getting into one, so you can continue to remain cool, calm, and laid back at all times. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jul 23

35 min

Busy, Busy, Busy. We're all busy bees. Doing one thing after another. Constant. Nonstop. Hell isn't fire and flames. Hell is an eternal loop of errand running. It's torture to put yourself through that, to make yourself busy all the time. Never taking the time to relax. Never taking the time Just always bouncing about from one task to the next. But c'mon, let's be real here. You're not that busy. I mean sure you want to look busy in front of your peers, but are you? Really? Ya know, "busyness" is so sought after in this society to the point where we value being busy over being happy. Do things to "unbusy" yourself. Do things to relax. Take it easy once in a while, ya know? I'm not saying don't be productive. I'm not saying don't achieve anything. In fact, I'd reckon anything you do do should be achievement-oriented. If you are gonna actually get off your ass, then it should be a worthwhile thing to do. I'm just saying, don't do things just for the sake of doing things. Don't be busy just for the sake of being busy. Focus on doing just a few things and stop wearing yourself out to try and do it all. Do just enough. Nothing more. Embrace your laziness. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jul 16

31 min 15 sec

Hey I know things are probably pretty stressful right now... You're going through some shit. You're slapped with one dilemma after another. BAM! BAM! It's like nonstop stressors pummeling you to oblivion. But the least you could do, despite all this shit going on, is not worry about it. The least you can do is relax. Now, relax. What do I mean when I say that? Do I mean go lie down on the couch and take a nap? Maybe sit by the beach and listen to the ocean waves crash? Well, I'm not opposed to any of  that, certainly. But, what I mean when I say "relax" is to enter a place of mind where you feel fully at peace. Relaxing is not something you do, rather it's something you think. It's a mental frame. Thing is,the outside world can be brutal and chaotic, but the inner world can be tranquil and serene while all that's going on. To relax is to feel calm, regardless of the outer turmoil. Now I get it. You're probably thinking "okay how the hell do I just go and relax dude? Shit's pretty crazy right now." Well, let's go back to that beach. I want you to imagine the warm sand in between your toes. Hear the waves lightly crash on the shore. Feel the rays of the sun gently caress your body. I want you to be in that moment. Imagine it.  I want to feel it. Breathe deeply. Be at the shore. Focus on the feeling of being there. Not what's worrying you, not what you have to do. Just be at the beach, in your head. Focus on what it feels like to be fully and completely relaxed. See, if you want to be able to relax among the chaos, you must familiarize yourself with what it actually feels like to be at that point of calm and peace. Knowing that feeling, really becoming close friends with it, will allow you to bring that feeling to mind "on cue." The more you do things (or otherwise imagine yourself doing things) that are relaxing, and the more you focus on that internal feeling, the more you will be able to relax when faced with any sort of stress. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jul 9

27 min 34 sec

You know, we all got a lot of shit to do. ...And the list keeps piling up. Seems like the more we tick off our to-do list, the more things are added to it. Three steps forward. Two steps back. It's a never-ending cycle of doing a lot, doing even more, but feeling like nothing's actually getting done. We're tryna juggle around balls of multi-tasking. We're spinning plates. All while walking on a tight rope. Man, have you ever thought that you're trying to do too much all at once? You know something, our brains aren't designed to multi-task. We aren't good at it. Fact. We have single task brains. It takes a lot of energy to switch between tasks when we try. Psychologist will call that "switch fatigue". It requires us to basically shut down and boot back up on entirely different operating system each time we switch between a multi-task. It's better, as in more efficient and less energy depleting (minimizing effort/maximizing results), to do less with more focus. Focus is something we've grown pretty weak at. Between the distractions in our pockets to the insistent work culture to do everything at once, answering phone calls, writing e-mails, serving customers, while attending a remote zoom meeting, we've loss our ability to focus. What's it mean to focus? Been a while since you've done it, huh? Probably don't remember. Well to focus means to narrow down what you're doing and what you're thinking about. It means honing on in on one thing, rather than sporadically attempting to juggle a bunch of things. Now I'm telling you this because the procrastin8r doesn't do much, but when he does do something, it's done with complete and utter FOCUS. Enabling yourself to focus is lazy because that's minimizing effort and maximizing results. I mean there's no sense in working yourself to exhaustion and by trying to do it all simultaneously, you'll wear yourself out in just a few short minutes (yet alone a full 8 hour work shift). You don't need to do a whole lot. You just need to do maybe one or two things well. Hope you can FOCUS and listen to the full episode today :D Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jul 2

30 min 57 sec

Hobbies are least the way they're portrayed in society. Hobbies are portrayed as some sort of grand feat you must pull off. _Make it a passion project. Get good. Achieve something awesome. Do your best._ Ya know, those are the types of things were told in regard to a hobby. But I want to give you the lazy man's way to do a hobby and it's just two words: ENJOY IT! Enjoy what you do. Make it a Leisure (the big L in L.A.Z.Y.), not some sort of arduous commitment. I know, it's crazy -- to actually do something for FUN, instead of productive. Imagine that. But seriously, we're led to believe that if you aren't making it BIG, then you're just wasting time. Man, so what if I'm wasting time if I'm having fun while doing it? There's this idea that every single minute we spend doing something must be geared towards productivity. But dude, we ain't these mindless productivity producing machines. We're actual human beings. It's okay to live once in a while. To do something just for the sake of enjoying it, rather than the sake of accomplishing this or that. You don't need to achieve anything from a hobby other than pure enjoyment. It's okay to, ya know, actually have fun, and not constantly push yourself to work towards a goal of some sort. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jun 25

27 min 15 sec

Man, life sucks sometimes. Things can get pretty harsh. An unexpected parking ticket, the death of a loved one, a sick pet, rainy weather, lost keys or wallet, a long line at the supermarket --- there's a range of turmoil, from everyday minor inconveniences to major traumatic events. But man, no matter what, no matter how heavy shit hits the fan, you gotta keep in mind -- it's all good. Now, I don't mean to be blindly optimistic in saying that. It's one thing to become devastated by mishaps, it's another to ignore them completely. It's okay to be aware of the bad happenings in life. Recognize it, but don't let it wear you down. I ain't asking you to shut off your emotions either. And even I was, face it, that'd be a task of the impossible. You're gonna get upset, aggravated, hurt, sad. That much is unavoidable. But what I'm asking you to do, what I encourage you to do anyway, is to see the good in life DESPITE the shit. Keep yourself in balance. Keep yourself Cool, Calm, and Laid Back. Embrace your inner-sloth. Be the Dude and abide. As that famous musical goes "just remember some of your favorite things and then it won't seem so bad." What is it you like? What is it you appreciate? A good question. You may have to stop and think of an answer. Crazy though isn't it? I mean if I were to ask you what bothers you or what would you like to complain about, you could probably shell out a whole list quite quickly. But when I ask you, what are you grateful for, suddenly your mind draws a blank. You've gotten yourself in the habit of bitchin' and moanin', but you want to adopt the new habit of lovin'. I mean no sense in getting worked up. You're lazy and that's extra work, man. Find gratitude rather than frustrations. Find peace instead of reasons to fight or get angry. Find love instead of hatred. There's treasure among the garbage, I guarantee you, if you just look around. It might be small, but hey, it's something. Focus on that something. Focus on that one small thing that makes you smile, even if, EVEN IF it is indeed surrounded by an utter garbage pile. There are things in your life worth appreciating and if you can find that, well's all good! Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jun 18

26 min 11 sec

We're pressured to do a lot of things... Work hard, make money, build a huge social circle, etc.. But living under pressure means living under obligation. It means doing what you're told, instead of what you want. It means living up to the expectations of others and not abiding by your own way of life. There's no need to pressure yourself. To do anything After all, that's extra effort and extra stress. Not the lazy way at all. You gotta be able to relax, not feel pressured or otherwise compelled to do shit. Do it in your own time, if you even want to and don't hard press yourself to get it done. Take the weight off your shoulders and lie on back down in bed, man. Ain't no reason to be carrying the heavy burden of pressure when in reality, you don't gotta do a goddamn thing! You don't. You seriously do not "have to" do anything. Any pressure you feel otherwise, well, that's on you, baby. You're pressuring yourself. Give yourself freedom, man. Stop torturing yourself about doing one thing or another or reaching a certain status quo just to mildly impress someone else. Aim to be happy, not to be approved by others. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jun 11

22 min 50 sec

There are a lot of expectations in society when it comes to certain achievements. You're expected to follow this sort of time line ON SCHEDULE. Graduate from college by 22, get married by 25, establish a solid career by 28, have a kid by 30, buy a house by 32. You get the gist. There's this "Life Itinerary" you're expected to follow. But we procrastin8rs we don't like due dates or schedules. We like taking our time to do the things we want to do, IF we even want to do them at all. You're never too old to achieve something, despite the crazy looks people might give you if you tell them you're about to start a new career at age 60, for example. Alan Rickman, Samuel Jackson, Bryan Cranston, to name just a few, are all procrastinators who had a late bloom in their success. Don't believe you have to accomplish something by a certain age or time frame. Take your time, slow n' steady. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jun 4

21 min 24 sec

Don't be bothered. Period. Look. shit is gonna happen. Things are gonna take a turn for the worse, sometimes.Your dog will shit on the brand new carpet, your car will break down in the middle of the highway, you'll get a parking ticket for running 5 minutes late on your meter. But it's one thing for something bad to happen. It's another to let it actually bother you. See, if you let things bother you, that means you're taking the time, you're pouring the energy, into feeling bad. Extra effort is never lazy, man, and trust me, it takes a lot of effort to let something get under your skin and bother you. Plus, you're not minimizing effort and maximizing results. Think, what's the results of worrying and letting shit bother you?  Feeling awful? Not worth it, man. You see what I'm sayin? Better just to lean back and let bygones, be bygones. Go with the flow. Now I ain't sayin' ya gotta like it. Ya ain't gotta agree with it. Ya just gotta accept it. After all, accepting things is being open to the truth about the present, and the truth is the one thing you should NOT procrastinate on, remember?

May 28

23 min 39 sec

Holy shit, fam. It's happeneing! It was only a matter of time before people stopped wanting to work for slave wages and embraced their inner-sloth instead. If there's one thing good about this whole damn pandemic, it's that it created the opportunity to wake people up. See, a lot of people lost their jobs. (That's unfortunate in itself but does have a happy ending) They had to file for unemployment (again, kind of sucks to have to do that) Well guess what? That unemployment check? Get this! Paid more than they were making at their 9 to 5 job! Well I'll be damned! Here's the good part: This higher paying unemployment check was enough to shake people out of their brainwashed state of mind, getting them to think... "Hey now wait a minute. Why in the HELL am I working my ass off, to barely be able to pay bills, when I can lay here on the couch, collect my unemployment and not have to worry about how I'm gonna afford to eat." So...why would they go back to working if they can receive MORE compensation for NOT working? All across the nation, corporations are ever so desperately trying to hire new employees. But no one wants to even apply, yet alone work for them, simply because it doesn't make sense to. It takes more effort to work a job than it does to sit at home and yields less results (pay). It's MAXIMIZING effort and MINIMIZING results. People don't want to do that shit. They want to minimize effort and maximize results. We're all a bit lazy if we're being honest, because that's what laziness is and that's what laziness does. But like all things, **laziness is good in balance. People want their efforts to fairly match their results.** And we'll choose the option that brings us the most results with the least amount of effort. Energy conservation. It's a survival mechanism. But anyway, now these corporation complain "OH! Nobody wants to work. They're all just lazy sons of a bitches." And you know what? Yeah, we are. We're being lazy. If wanting fair compensation for the amount of work/effort we put in makes us lazy, so be it. But I want to point out just how greedy these big corps are being. They could EASILY pay higher wages. They just....refuse. Like, here's the thing, guys, it's not that people DON'T want to work, like at all. They'd very much be wiling to work and have a job and show up 9 to 5 or whatever But. It's that people don't want to work for shit compensation. Simple. Laziness helps you be able to say "This isn't worth my energy. This isn't worth my time." Sure, in excess, laziness does become a detriment, destroying your motivation, making you stuck in a  rut. But in balance and moderation, laziness is a good thing. It allows you to know the worth of your time and energy and invest in things that offer good returns. It's funny how greed is an acceptable sin in society. Like laziness is somehow the bane of all existence, but greed is okay. Ya know it's okay for these corporate owners bastards to pay scraps off the table as wages to their employees, avoid taxes, and stuff their fat wallets, but it's not okay for a person to want to be provided for. As if wanting to be able to actually live as a human being and not have to break your back and pop a vein from stress at work is such a terrible thing. Anyway, it's good see people realizing the power of laziness. It's a shame it took a literal apocalypse for it to happen, but hey. Here we are, the revolution is starting. I suppose it takes a storm to see a rainbow. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

May 21

28 min 47 sec

Woah, wait, hey now! A guy who goes by the name "ProcrastiN8r" is saying that you shouldn't always procrastinate and there's actually an exception? I know. Seems quite ironic, if we're being frank here. But if you've been following my blog up until his point, you know that I've basically condemned using the word "always" or "never", since those words create such permanence. You can never make an end all be all rule. There are always exceptions. (See what I did there?) Anyway, there is something you DO NOT want to procrastinate on believe it or not. I know, I know all this talk about how you should "put things off 'til tomorrow" and "wait 'til the last minute" I've shared with you in the past couple weeks. And now it seems like I'm some sort of hypocrite by claiming "DON'T PROCRASTINATE ON THIS ONE THING." Must be pretty important though if I'm telling you to do it NOW. Don't you think? I mean I'm always telling you to go slow n' steady and just do it...later. So you know coming from me that if I'm telling you NOT to procrastinate on something, you better damn well not procrastinate on it. And no, I'm not gonna tell you to get vaccinated right away (though you should but that's besides the point. Cue the anti-vaxxers to unsubscribe) What I want to share with you today is something that actually MAXIMIZES effort and MINIMIZES results  (quite the opposite of what we want to achieve in the lazy formula of success) if you do in fact procrastinate on it. I know. Here I am. Procrastinating revealing it to you. Well, take a listen and I'll tell ya! Read the full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

May 14

24 min 23 sec

Never and Always. Those are words you should cross out your dictionary. "It's NEVER going to happen" "He NEVER does this" "She NEVER does that." Never? Really? What a word with such permanence and absolute. Likewise, there's always "It's ALWAYS like this" "This ALWAYS happens" "He ALWAYS gets this way." Have you ever considered, that maybe, just maybe,...things can change eventually. C'mon now, you're a procrastin8r yourself. "Eventually" should come natural to you. All these doubts of how you'll "never" be good enough or "always" be poor and terrible. Cut that shit. Relax and realize that "eventually" can happen. Hey, maybe tomorrow, maybe some other day. Your current circumstances are not permanent, even if it feels like it. But feeling that way and actually being that way are two different things. I think expressing the word "never" is to hold the sentiment that it doesn't happen frequently enough or perhaps, chances seem low that it ever will happen. Similarly, expressing the word "always" is to believe that it happens TOO MUCH. But despite how little or how often something happens, it can a later time, eventually. Just because it feels permanent, doesn't mean it is. Read more in the full Blog article: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

May 7

22 min 43 sec

If you wait until last minute ...then it only takes a MINUTE to do it XD Okay but seriously, waiting 'til the last minute, contrary to popular belief, does have its perks. It gives you a real adrenaline kick. Like it's now or never. It really ups the ante and makes productivity so much more...productive. I mean if you have all the time in the world to get something done, it's easy to get distracted. It's easy to lose focus, to not really be 100% "in it". But wait 'til last minute? The stakes are high! You better get moving. No distractions. No excuses. It creates pressure and pressure is a good motivator. Trust me... Look, I've graduated from college by waiting 'til last minute. I got my Eagle Scout by waiting 'til last minute, and heck, up to this day, I still do things...last minute. It's like speed running in a video game. You really gotta hone your skills and beat the level as quickly as possible. It's the ultimate test of knowledge, skill, and agility. Waiting 'til the last minute is essentially entering Speed Trial mode. You've got to show the best abilities you have within a very limited time frame. Time's up? Game over. Mess up (and fall down a cliff)? Game over. It's the combination of speed and accuracy that makes it quite a challenge. You'll feel a rush of energy in racing against the clock and totally nailing it. Plus, in the mean time, before you get to that last minute, you're just totally chillin', totally relaxin. You ain't worried about shit. You'll get it done when the time comes. And that time is...last minute. By the time that last minute comes, you'll be clear-headed, relaxed, and ready to take on whatever sort of project or goal you have. And nothing can hold you back. Read the Full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Apr 30

24 min 17 sec

just because you don't necessarily get it done within the speculated time frame (of the next 24 hours), doesn't mean you WON'T actually do it ever. "Tomorrow", to the procrastin8r, is really a word used to say "at some point in the future". But that's the thing, it will happen. **You'll make it happen. You believe you CAN make it happen. You're just putting it off...for a bit.** There's admiration in that attitude. I mean you're NOT saying you can't or won't or even that you're unable. Rather you hold a positive belief that you can and will achieve whatever sort of task you say will get done "tomorrow". Forward thinking. I like that. That's a good thing. You don't doubt yourself for a minute or let insecurities get the best of you. You have pure confidence in what you can do. You say "Hey! I can do this. I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe later. Like tomorrow or something." Let me tell you, having that confidence, having that forward-thinking belief that you can do it no matter what, is the fundamental attitude you need to attain any goal you set for yourself. I mean there are people they doubt themselves, hate themselves, beat themselves up. Tell themselves "I can't" or "I won't". They'll say to themselves "NEVER"...a big word, never. That's such a concrete word too. It's so decisive. "Tomorrow", on the other,  leaves the door open to possibility. I mean maybe you'll get it done, maybe ya won't. But that's certainly a step ahead of "I'll NEVER do it." Read the full Blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Apr 23

28 min 41 sec

Sorry Not Sorry. Ya know, I hate that phrase. You're not sorry. You don't have to say you're not sorry. Just say what you mean and be done with it. None of this "sorry not sorry" shenanigans. The "S" word is such a bad word. Don't be sorry. Just say SHIT. People feel the constant need to apologize for the most mundane things. "Sorry I took so long." "Sorry I didn't make it" "Sorry, you brought me the wrong drink." "Sorry I said that" Man the over apologies one comes across is insane. Heck, maybe you over-apolgize yourself. Then when someone points it out to you, you say "SORRY!" Dude, just abide. Do your thing and don't look back. Don't make your life a constant apology. I mean why do you do that anyway? To be polite? To try and not hurt the other person? Man, ya gotta be an asshole. At least a little bit. At least enough to stop people pleasing and acting guilty when someone else fucks up or makes a mistake. That's the worse, man. Saying sorry when someone did YOU wrong. Gotta stop that shit. It's okay to be imperfect.Don't try to hide those imperfections behind the "S" word. And certainly don't try to make yourself a scapegoat just to try and make the other person feel better. Have some dignity, dude. And you know what? They're just gonna lose respect you. The more you apologize, the more respect you lose in a person's eyes. It's like you can't ever just do something without feeling guilty about it. Just do you, man. Just abide. Don't apologize. Well, to be fair, I don't mean EVER. Like there are definitely situations or circumstances where an apology is absolutely necessary. But... There are very, very few cases you should actually say you're sorry. That's a word that should be used extremely sparingly. 'Cause I mean face it, the more you use it, the less meaning it has. If you're always sorry about everything, then you're never really sorry about anything. -- Read more in the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Apr 16

29 min 56 sec

You're going through some shit. Whatever it is, you may want to whine, bitch, complain, yell, or scream about it. But what does that do to solve the issue anyway? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Pop diddly squat. Worrying about a problem, stressing out about it, or otherwise making a BIG DEAL about it, doesn't actually offer any solution to said problem. All it does is amplify the problem tenfold. It makes matters worse. Much worse. On top of that, it literally doesn't solve anything. The issue you're wanting to be gone and done with? Yeah, you're causing it to stick around by sittin' there moaning about it instead of taking (slow n' steady) steps to I don't know? Actually freaking solve it! See, when something bad happens and we go ahead and choose to make a really ridiculous BIG DEAL, all it does is set us back and make it that much harder to deal with. We wind up spending time and emotional/mental energy into making a HUGE fuss, instead of spending that same time and energy into fixing the thing we're fussing about to begin with. No sense getting all sweaty over little shit...or really anything at all. Just relax and make do. Go with the flow :) After all, "no sweat, no problem" is the mindset of the procrastin8r. It's all like leaves off a sloth back. Look, shit happens. Just flush it down the toilet and don't make this huge ass deal about it, man. "OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS SHIT! IT'S AWFUL!" Stop. ...That's weird. Relax and take it easy, alright man? It ain't a big deal....unless you make it out to be. Listen to today's episode to get the full insight. It's no big deal if you don't. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Apr 9

21 min 42 sec

We all have stress in our lives. Whether it's a sloppy roommate, a belligerent boss, a noisy neighbor, or even, heck... a viral pandemic, there are various factors that cause us stress. But look, just because you feel stress IN, doesn't mean you need to stress OUT. You don't need to yell, scream, cry, bitch, and moan. You don't need to do that. Despite whatever pain you're feeling right now. What I'm saying here is that stress is unavoidable. You're going to feel stressed. You can't live a quote on quote "stress-free" life. Simply not possible. We all go through SOME form of stress in one way or another. What you can do though is live a life free of stress controlling you, your words, actions, and behaviors. You may not choose what stresses you, but you can choose how to react to it Stress is a pre-wired instinct.Our ancestors developed it as a mechanism for survival. Your brain, under stress, is literally telling you "Imma DIE!" But look, you ain't gonna die, friend. Shit sucks sometimes but it ain't the end of your existence. You want to aim to be able to be stressed on the inside yet calm and stoic on the outside. Suffer within. Don't attack the outer world for the pain you feel inside. And remember, it ain't ever a big deal. Life. Making shit out to be a big deal, will amplify your stress tenfold. You'll wind up dying to your stress about a health problem before the said health problem even has time to kill you. Relax, man. It's all good. You have got this completely. Believe that. I mean it. Stop telling yourself you don't have any control and "shit keeps happening". You do have control. And yeah, shit will keep happening. But that's NOT the part that you control. You only control you reaction. That's it. And if you're NOT controlling that, well then...yes, you're a bit out of control. You're letting stress take the wheel. And that's enough you CRAZY. Man I can't tell you how hard it is to try and control shit completely outside of your control. That's like trying to drive the car next to you in your lane. Stick to your own lane, man. Drive your own car. Be in control of your own vehicle, your own mind, your own body. What you do and say, that's in your hands. That's under your wheel. In today's episode, we cover how to stay cool, calm, and laid back at all times. I won't stress out about it too much if you decide not to listen to it though.

Apr 2

30 min 1 sec

Opinions. We all have 'em. I'm a dude with an opinion. You're a dude with an opinion. We're all just dudes with opinions, man. (Dude. By the way, that's a gender neutral term. I'm a dude. He's a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes, dude. No doubt opinions are quite a common commodity o come by. And what do we like to do with our opinions? Insist on being right. Insist on proving the other person wrong. We have this belief that the way we see it is quite frankly the only way to see it, and when someone disagrees with us, what happens? We argue. We fight. We stir up some conflict. Man, that ain't the lazy way at all. You have to be willing to accept differences of opinion. You have to be willing to agree to disagree. Think of all the time and energy it takes to wrap yourself up in some sort of debate in getting another person to see it your way and vice versa. It's better to seek understanding over getting someone to admit that you're right. I mean even if they do, what's the prize here? Being able to stick your tongue out and openly mock them for being wrong? C'mon now. It ain't worth the effort, man. It's better to see where they're coming from, even if, even if, at the end of the day you don't necessarily agree with them. After all, it's understanding each other that builds strong relationships, not having one say the other was right. Be willing to listen and hear another person out. You may not like what they have to say, yet alone think they're right. But at the end of the day, offering understanding is much more powerful than offering to correct their skewed opinion. And remember, it's just that. An opinion. It really holds no barring to the friendship and what it's about. So don't let it. Relax man, ain't everybody gonna agree with what you have to say. You can't change their mind, and even if you do, you're not letting them be any different than you. Insisting on being right is fundamentally the inability to accept that other people are different. That other people have a different background and set of beliefs than you do. Look, we don't have a hive mind. We're all individual thinking creatures. Allow a person to be an individual, allow them to express themselves, open, honestly, by having an opinion you utterly disagree with. See, harmony is achieved through understanding one another, not so much one admitting defeat to the other. There's no true winner when someone gets to be right. Both people lose the opportunity to create a deeper level of connection (and understanding) with another human being quite different from who they are. You may disagree with everything I've said so far in this e-mail, and that's okay. That's just like, your opinion man. Find out more about refusing to be right all the time in today's episode. I ain't saying it's the right thing to do, but you totally wouldn't be wrong by listening ;) Read the full blog: Subscribe to the newsletter:

Mar 26

26 min 26 sec

You fucked up. in some way or another you made big mistake. That much is inevitable. You're human. It happens. Natural reaction is to want to try and "fix it" But just like a log to a fire, once it's burned, you can't fix that log. It got fucked up. Sucks. But hey, just because the log caught inferno doesn't mean we have to blaze the entire forest in an inferno. In other words, there's a certain way to react to your fuck up. You want to eliminate as much potential further damage as possible. One way to do that is to stop playing the blame game. Take responssibility for your own actions. Don't blame your co-worker or sister or next door neighbor's dog. Don't blame it on your stress either. You did what you did and you fucked up. Admit that. If you blame it on something besides yourself, you're really not giving yourself a chance to make the changes necessary and avoid a similar fuck up in the future. When you blame, you are placing the control (to change) on something outside of yourself, and that makes it...unchangeable. You can only learn from mistakes if you take accountability. In today's episode, I talk about several more ways to prevent a mistake from getting any worse, or how to avoid fucking up a fuck up, if you will. Don't fuck up and omit listening to it ;p Read the full blog: Subscribe to the newsletter:


Mar 19

28 min 6 sec

Forgiveness is the lazy way. Whereas procrastination is the heart of time management, relaxing is the heart of forgiveness. It’s the ability to move on and not give a fuck about the pain someone caused you or pain you may have even caused yourself. The more you are able to forgive, the more you able to relieve yourself of stress and feel at ease. You may think that it is hard to forgive. ...But it is harder to hold onto resentment than it is to accept the wrongs a person did to us. Mistakes are Meh. You know that. Allow a person to fuck up once in a while. Allow them to make mistakes. That doesn't mean you like them. That doesn't mean you agree with them. That doesn't mean you approve of what they did or said. That doesn't even mean they have to be a part of your life any more. But coming to peace with the terms of the fact that they hurt you, rather than allowing that same pain to linger on and on for ages is what creates the lazy life you're looking for. Forgiveness is accepting. It is understanding. It is choosing to let go of any sort of grudge. Forgive others for all the times they may have fucked up or fucked you over, and most importantly, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the times you fucked up, for the times you fucked yourself over. At the end of the day, you choose to either forgive and heal or hold on to resentment and keep picking the scab. You're not denying that it ever happened. You're simply just not letting it get under your skin. The key to forgiveness is not allowing the past to haunt you. The longer you don't forgive, the more painful it becomes. Forgiveness is about easing that pain and finally coming to grips with what happened and how it happened. Forgive it all. otherwise, your life becomes a constant apology. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the newsletter:

Mar 12

32 min 9 sec

i MADE OVER $10K IN MY SPARE TIME! It didn't happen overnight. But slowly and surely, I made money doing simple mindless task in my free time. I made money while watching the Walking Dead on Netflix, training Slayer in RuneScape, and looping the killer in Dead by Daylight. I made money doing mTurk. mTurk is a website where you do little micro tasks called HITs for a bit of spare change, maybe fifty cents or so. Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, no, it doesn't. But if you do 3 or 4 of these tasks per day. Guess what? That's about 2 bucks a day. That's $60 a month! Do a dozen? Man, that's over a hundred bucks extra monthly income! And for what? Practically nothing. You take surveys, maybe tag some photos, copy texts from receipts, simple shit. Mindless shit. Shit you can do secondhandidly. (Like I said, I watched shows and played video games while turking). Best of all, you don't have a set schedule to work on these tasks. Work when you want to, for as long as you want to. Be your own boss, in a way. I made over $10k in my spare time over the course of a couple years. I'm sure it's possible to make even more but I wasn't doing it as a full time gig, just whenever I was bored and could spare a few mins. A few cents here and there.... It adds up. Look guys, I promised you I'd get back to the roots of what this blog was about (online money-making)  and I took your suggestion to bring that to you. So today, I want to give you the ins and outs of how mTurk works, how exactly you get paid, and how to do it all efficiently as possible. And of course, I'm going to tie it in with the lazy mindset of minimizing effort and maximizing results, so there is some advice for you philosophizers who want to skip this moneymaking method and just want more mindset stuff. I'm trying to flow it all together. Big picture. Read the full blog here: Subscribe to the newsletter:

Mar 5

44 min 40 sec

Why does love seem not to last? Man, More than half of marriages end with a divorce. And that's not counting the ones who are separated but haven't signed the paperwork...or the ones who are fundamentally just unhappy for that matter. True love is such a rare thing, statistically speaking. It's odd. I mean...we all want love. Why does it seem like something so unattainable then? Perhaps we can look at our expectations in society. Fall in love, find fulfillment. That's the story in a nutshell. But quite the reverse of what actually works. You can't find fulfillment in anyone but yourself. Seeking validation or otherwise a feeling of fulfillment is not something any person can give to you. You have to first find fulfillment THEN find a person to share it with. What's more? We expect things to be absolutely PERFECT. To live the fantasy. To be the protagonist of a Disney film. Look, it ain't the movies. Your prince in shining armor or princess in a castle doesn't exist. We're in the real world and in the real world, there are...actual human beings. And you know what? As human beings, we're flawed. We're fucked. Absolutely fucked. You're fucked. I'm fucked. We're all fucked in some way or another. What I'm getting at here, is that in order for love to LAST, you have to accept "the fuck" of your partner. You have willing to forgive. Forgiveness is probably the main attribute that keeps couples together. That 4% of marriages that last and are happy. Yeah, that's what they do. Forgiveness. They offer each other that. All the time. You're gonna have to forgive a lot and be forgiven a lot. You have to be willing to accept mistakes, to accept flaws, to accept that the person you're with is...actually human. And they are going to have to reciprocate. You see, contrary to popular belief, it's not "hard work" that keeps a relationship in tact. After all, if you have to force a fart, it's probably shit. No, it's being able to relax. Being able to embrace your laziness, and accept a person for who they are. To listen. To understand. Listening is the laziest negotiation tactic. Ya ain't gotta speak or make a point. And it's also the most effective. By taking time to listen and understand another human being, and being willing to forgive them for their little fuck ups, you create a bond, quite powerful, a  connection so sincere that it actually puts those mentioned Disney movies to shame. Real love is NOT like the movies, sure. It's actually better. The problem is, we try to live the story of the movie rather than reality itself. We try to live the fantasy of "there's never gonna be anything wrong and we'll live happily ever after." It's this expectation of perfection in romance that pushes people apart. Our partner, or maybe it's us, will compile a list of every single bad behavior or wrongful mistake. Instead of forgiving and letting that shit go. It's like saying "here is why our love is not a Disney movie and therefore this isn't working." But we have to come back to Earth and realize that just because your love said or did a certain thing that hurt you doesn't mean it needs to be over. Have patience. Patience for love to grow. I urge you to find love in yourself. Be willing to forgive yourself for your own mistakes, your own wrongdoings. And in doing so, you can eventually be able to offer that same level of forgiveness to others. Couples break up because they are seeking love IN THE RELATIONSHIP, rather than seeking it within themselves. If you seek and find love within your own heart, for your own self, then offer to share that love (that already exists) with another, if we all do that, it'd be a lot more rare for there to be a divorce than to stay together. As it turns out, most of us don't love ourselves. And that's the fundamental problem right there.

Feb 26

27 min 1 sec

Diamond rings, teddy bears, roses. For the price of your paycheck, you too can get someone to love you! Ain't it crazy how corporate driven love has become? The most deepest form of human emotion, the connection that brings us all together, is put on the shelf with a price tag. You know in those commercials they're not selling you the jewelry or teddy bear. They're selling you the fantasy of falling (deeper) in love. Valentine's Day is nothing but corporate propaganda to get you to buy shit you don't even need (and frankly ain't gonna build any sort of rapport between you and your significant other either) The way advertisements portray love is like it's something you can just purchase off the shelf and capture instantly. But you know, as a procrastinator, good things take time. It takes time to build rapport, to establish trust, and to grow genuine care with another human being. You can't instantly buy that sort of thing. It's not something you can order online and get delivered to your door the next day or find at a mall. Love is free. You just have to find it. And you can't find it if you're only looking at material things to compensate for it. And by the way, love is not something you find in another person either. Love is something you find within YOURSELF and, if you choose to, share it with another. You can't love anyone if you don't love yourself. You may love the fact that they love you. You may love the way they treat you. But you don't love them, as a human being. Find love and share it. Be love and show it. Don't seek love on the shelf or in someone else. You must **love yourself and give yourself. Love is a gift, but a gift is not love.** Remember that. Don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I know your lazy ass probably wouldn't want to anyway, but don't feel any pressure to do so. They're only trying to sell you something. True love is much deeper than a dollar sign. Read the full Blog: Subscribe to thew Newsletter:

Feb 19

20 min

We did it, procrastin8rs! We played the rich in their own game. You've probably heard by now about the whole GameStop fiasco. The thumbnail version, in case you're out of the loop, is that a big multi-billion dollar hedge fund company bet GameStop shares were gonna go down. Well, some reddit user picked up on this and encouraged the people of the Interwebs to buy and "HODL" GameStop shares in order to surge the price up. And it worked! Within a few days, the price multiplied. Ten fold, causing the hedge fund company to lose BILLIONS in assets. Amazing how that happens. Ya know, we've been asking for a livable wage for years. Only to be told "pull up your boot straps. Git a gud job! Work hard!" Thing is, people are working hard. People are frankly working their goddamn ass off and for what? Wages that barely cover rent? Yet alone any sort of luxury. We basically told 'em, well if you ain't gonna redistribute that wealth, we gun' come n' take it! We gave them a taste of their own medicine. And now wall street is calling for some form of regulation. Regulation. Hmm...interesting....ya know, what about this "free market" stuff we were talking about earlier? Turns out, wall street ain't about that free market life. Nah. What they're about is being able to control the market to suit their agenda (their agenda being stuffing their fat wallets). They're just mad they lost at their own damn game. It's like the bully who gets a black eye after teasing the nerd kid for years. Karma baby! There are two takeaways from this whole event: 1. The notion that you must "work hard" to become a billionaire is bullshit. What did it take to put money in a certain place (eg. GameStop stock)? Nothing. Maybe a few clicks? But that's about it. That's what these people are doing on a daily basis to earn and maintain their wealth. It doesn't take hard work to become wealthy. It takes propaganda to convince the majority of people that it does. 2. The rich aren't as powerful as they want you to believe. It took a like-minded group of casual investors to completely throw these elitists off guard and make them lose Billions with a B. Imagine what we can do collectively against the wealthy class in the future. Sure, the handful of billionaires own "nearly half" the wealth in the country, but guess who owns the majority of it? We do. They say money is power and thus, we have the power. Enough is enough. These billionaires are lazy bastards. Not only are they lazy. But they're greedy. We could all live a life of luxury and leisure. It's just a matter of being able to share resources. The GameStop frenzy sends a message loud and clear: If they ain't gonna share, we're going to take it." Outplayed in their own game, guys. That's awesome. But this is just the beginning of something grander. I don't think this is the last time you'll see "the people" do something collaborative like that in some sort of Robin Hood (the dude, not the app) heist of "Take from the rich, give to the poor." We're no longer asking for "hand outs". We're just taking it. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Feb 12

31 min 18 sec

Slow n' Steady wins...the wealth! I'm sure your inbox is flooded with people claiming how you can "get rich QUICK!" These crazy bastards are lying. It's quite rare of a thing to get rich in a short period of time. Anyone that promises you otherwise is full of it. There's no "secret formula" or "underground method" that works. What's more is they'll try to sell you said secret. Hmm...well if it works so well why don't they just, I don't know USE IT!!!? instead of try to sell you an e-book or online course or some shit about it?? Look. I wanna be frank. If you subscribed to this newsletter for some sort of secret insight on making bank FAST, I'd hate to break it to you but that ain't happenin' And while you may not be able to get rich by tomorrow or next week or really any time soon, that doesn't mean you can't get rich eventually. You just need a little bit of patience, the heart of laziness, is all. Build your wealth slowly but surely. You can reach the point where you don't make money. You don't work for it. YOUR MONEY makes money. And you just sit back n' relax dude, watching your wealth build. They say money doesn't grow from trees. But I think it does. Trees grow slow. Like... Have you ever planted a tree? Thing doesn't grow overnight. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes procrastinating and waiting. EVENTUALLY it becomes a full grown mofo. And no miracle grow in the world can make it stand tall any faster. That's your money. Growing slow. Just gotta water it once in a while. I want to share with you some tips on just how to go about this slow method of becoming rich on the podcast today. I know last week we talked about how you are already rich since money is just a material thing and you have attributes in your life far greater than a dollar sign, but I believe that once you are happy and fulfilled WITHOUT money, it's okay to seek more of it for, if anything, further comfort. As long as you don't seek money for happiness and see it as a part of life, not the point of life, then you can go ahead and read those tips. You can go ahead and begin to build wealth slowly. Take it easy, N8 Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Feb 5

33 min 6 sec

So you want to be rich, huh? Well, what does that mean to you? To have lots of money? Well how much is "a lot" exactly? Millions? Billions? Just a couple thousand to cover the bills? Ya know 'cause there's a homeless dude on the street, living under the bridge, pushing around a cart full of dirty clothes and lighters that thinks YOU have a lot money, that thinks you're rich. A Washington to you is a Franklin to him if you catch my drift. I mean being "rich" is really all perspective. I think it's the idea of "I wish I could have more." It's longing, wishing, waiting, and hoping for some sort of upgrade in materialism to make your life "better." Look, I want you to understand something important. This is life. And this is as good as it gets. No better, no worse. It's what you make of it that truly makes you "rich". No amount of dollars you have or ever will have is going to make you any happier. If you're unhappy while poor, you'll be unhappy as a millionaire. If life is shit now, then if you ever won the lottery or somehow struck it rich, life would still be shit...but with money. Sure, there are less things to worry about with ENOUGH of it, but how much is enough really anyway? To a starving kid in Africa, frankly, you have MORE than enough. You have plenty. You think you're struggling to pay bills? Imagine struggling to find food. But we always want more, don't we? It's never enough. When will we learn to be satisfied with what we have? It's interesting. We like to think as billionaires as greedy heartless bastards. Yet here you are, reading this, probably from a smartphone or maybe computer. Meanwhile, some family out in a desert is walking miles just to get a few liters of water. We like to say, in regards to billionaires, that "they should be charitable." But are you? How much are you giving away of your money to those less fortunate than you? We say "If I had that much money, I'd have to give it away." But look at the wealth you have now. Such a luxury to be able to read this from the screen on your device. It's not something you need. Heck, you even have running water in your house. And you have the audacity to want a new phone??? Perhaps we're no more or less moral than these bastard billionaires and we're all just...human. It's human nature to be selfish. Now to clarify, I don't think what billionaires have done to corrupt society is justified or moral. It's fucking terrible to say the least. But the point I am trying to make is that no matter what level of wealth we as human beings manage to achieve, there's always more wealth we're seeking after. Materialism never leads to satisfaction, but somehow we're pre-wired (maybe even collectively convinced as a society) that it does. If you had the nicer car, fancier house, and classier clothes, you'd want even nicer, fancier, and classier. You'd want better. You'd want more. But that's why it's important to look beyond the material of this world and into something deeper. See the richness you already have. There's no price tag you can put on love, laughter, and companionship. There's no dollar sign that can be in front of self fulfillment. How do you be rich by being lazy? You ask. Well the lazy thing would be to say "Fuck it. I already make enough. I already have enough. I already am enough. I don't need anymore" Read more in the full blog: Subscribe to the newsletter:

Jan 29

26 min 25 sec

The favorite word of a true procrastinator. Eventually means at some point. And ya know what? That's better than never. It's better to say "I made progress" than "I never even moved at all." Whether you're trying to earn more money, lose a certain amount of weight, or even build a bigger social circle.... You can give up. You can not even start. ....Or you can tell yourself "eventually". Take things slow. One. Step. At. A. Time. There's no need to rush. Besides, those that rush towards their goals, rarely manage to maintain the status they sought to attain. Lottery winners are the perfect example. Did you know most lottery winners end up broke shortly after winning? It's true! They're statistically likely to wind up bankrupt. How is that? How the fuck does that happen? I mean, heck, they got INSTANT GOAL of getting rich. Certainly, you think they'd stay rich. But that's not the case. You have to wonder why. You see, it's not about the goal. It's not about the finish line. It's about the journey. It's about each individual slow n' steady step you take. It's about the PROGRESS. Progress is more important than anything. Progress is the heart of "eventually". You'll stay rich if you earn every cent on your own and aren't just handed a huge sum of wealth. You'll stay fit if you take it one step at a time (physically, literally) and don't just wake up skinny one day. Progress makes you not only prepared to attain your goal, but also, to keep it. Take your time to make progress. Don't aim to be a success. Aim to be a "work in progress". After all, those who get success over night, rarely, if ever, maintain that same success. Eventually you'll get there. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But some the future. Believe that and there never will be a reason to give up. Even if you don't exactly "make it" to your "final destination", you still get to see all the cool sights along the road of your slow ass journey. You'll have a better story to tell, a better life lived, if you can say "I didn't make it all the way, but I made it pretty far." than "I didn't go anywhere" Somewhere is better than no where, just like eventually is better than never. Who knows? Maybe some day you'll get there. Maybe you won't. But you know sure as hell you'll regret it if you don't even go for it. Regret is a lot harder to deal with than responsibility. Remember that. And laziness is all about avoiding as much hard work as possible. Don't set yourself up to work your ass off fighting regret. Take the easy way out and take responsibility. Take charge of your goals. Move forward slow n' steady. Keep in mind that your "eventually" can happen. And even if it doesn't, you'll die satisfied in knowing that you made it far "enough". Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jan 22

31 min 27 sec

Things may be tough and you may be tempted to give up, but don't Whatever sort of goal you have, you're probably going to fuck up and make mistakes. You may not hit your target 100% of the time, every time. And that's okay. Giving up may seem like the lazy thing to do. Between working hard versus saying fuck it and calling it a day, it seems obvious what the more lazy choice would be. But again. I must reiterate. Laziness is all about minimizing effort and maximizing results. If you give up, you're faced with guilt. And guilt is a lot harder to overcome than persisting through your goal ever will be. It takes a lot of effort to constantly berate yourself for failing to attain what you set out to do. And you know you're gonna do that the minute you give up. The nagging voice inside your head will keep telling you how you "should have." The question of "What if?" will eternally haunt you to your grave if you decide to give up. That is a lot of effort to deal with, quite frankly. What could take a few years of patience, practice, and persistence could instead be a lifelong treading in the waters of regret. Relax and head towards your goal slow n' steady. You'll get there eventually.   "Eventually" is the way of the procrastin8r, not giving up. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jan 15

26 min 46 sec

You might as well not even have a New Year's Resolution. Resolute to lose weight but ya never do. Resolute to pay off your debt but, if anything, you go into deeper debt. Resolute to find true love but you barely even go out on a date yet alone find a serious partner. Every year it's the same damned thing and every year it's the same damned result. Say you're gonna do this really ridiculous HUGE thing... ...then not make it. Like...not even close. It's a waste of time to make a NYR. Just take the "L" and say fuck it. I mean seriously, why even try? You know you're not gonna make it happen anyway. ...And that's why it doesn't. See, you KNOW you're not gonna make it happen. You believe it won't happen. You believe you're too fat and out of shape to exercise and lose weight. You believe you're too much of a spendthrift to be able to save money. You believe you're too much of a loser to date anyone. And thus, it's the belief itself that prevents you from achieving any sort of Resolution you set yourself out to attain. Resolutions are bullshit because Resolutions are sort of backwards on principle. I mean what is a resolution? A self promise to take certain actions and perform certain behaviors in order to change. Instead of adopting the mindset first, you attempt to change habits and behaviors right off the bat, without really doing any of the mental growth necessary to achieve the sort of behaviors you ideally would like to have. Change doesn't work that way. Change flows from the inside out, not the other way around. I mean you can reach your goal weight but still see yourself as the loser fat kid, ya know? There are people that do the thing, but don't FEEL the thing. You have to feel it and believe it first.Adjust within. Less action. More thought. Less get to it and more lay back and relax. The behaviors you want to adopt in your New Year's Resolution are more easily attained when you become it, mentally, first. See yourself as a fit guy or gal and then you'll find working out and eating healthy not some sort of arduous task, but something you naturally do. It's part of who you are. We're procrastin8rs, we're not designed to work hard towards anything, yet alone an annual commitment that we'll never fulfill. Relax. If you want to change, do it slow n' steady. One step at a time. The first step is to change your beliefs. Don't go about trying to change your behaviors without first changing your beliefs. Don't change what you do until you change who you believe you are. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:**

Jan 8

21 min 17 sec

It's time to give presents! More like Present$ with a dollar sign, am I right? There's this corporate greed push to buy the latest and greatest every holiday season. This one, despite the fact that it's the apocalypse, no different. It's believed that that the value of your gift is directly proportional to the price tag on it. But I'm here to tell you folks, that's all bullshit. Truth is, most of these big expensive gifts are gonna wind up on the side of the curb by the trash sooner or later. The gifts we keep usually have some sort of...sentimental value behind them. It takes a lot of time, a lot of work earn enough money to buy an expensive gift. And unless that person receiving it is highly materialistic, the price won't even matter much to them. It's how much it effects them emotionally that matters. See, when you give a gift, you want to focus on achieving that emotional bond. You want to create rapport. You can be a cheap bastard and barely spend any money. That doesn't matter. What matters is how well you manage to build rapport with the other person when giving a gift. You want to say "I really thought of you." over "I really spent a lot on you." As with all things lazy, when it comes to gift giving, you want to minimize effort and maximize results. Give the cheap little gifts that actually MEAN something over the big elaborate ones that will be thrown out a few week from now. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Jan 2

24 min 27 sec

Home...Like every other day in 2020 We're still in quarantine and there's really no choice BUT to stay at home. Family gatherings and holiday parties are discouraged, in the wake of this social distancing. That may sound disappointing. That may sound sad. But ya know what? As a procrastin8r, I'm filled with JOY! I mean, it's gonna be the laziest Christmas ever...and I'm okay with that. No wrapping gifts. No decorating. No cooking a festive meal. heck, no LEAVING the freaking house! I can lay all day on the couch all day in my PJs, which face it, is what I'd want to do anyway and have it not only be socially acceptable but highly encouraged. I mean, I HATE wrapping gifts. One of the worst part of the holidays. Doing geometry calculations to figure out the shape and size of the paper I have to use and using a proportionate amount of tape gives me a headache. I'm the type of dude to hand you a gift in an Amazon Prime box and call it a day. This year in my family are being sent via mail anyway so I don't look like a Scrooge who refuses to wrap his gifts. Since the party is virtual that means no decorating the house, yet alone cleaning up everything to begin with. Everything that is hard work about the holidays is eliminated thanks to this quarantine, honestly. Enjoy it while you can, folks. Have a good lazy cheer this year for me! Read the full blog: Subscribe to the newsletter:**

Dec 2020

25 min 10 sec

Ah, Christmas season. The time of year to fill a cup of cheer. But man, you can fill a cup of cheer the other 364 days of the day. What makes one little day in your calendar so damn special anyway? You might say "Well it only comes once a year". What if I told you that each moment comes once a LIFE? See, the holiday is only special because we make it so. We only feel "joy to the world" because we tell ourselves "it's the most wonderful time of the year." We set ourselves up in the mental frame that what we're doing is special because it's the holiday. But I mean. Take a step back. Filling your mug with eggnog ain't that special. It's kind of a mundane thing, really. It's just drinking a beverage. Woo...not that impressive. You drink a beverage, even if it' just water, every damn day. What makes that egg nog any different? It's only when you tell yourself that it's a special occasion that it becomes a special occasion. If you were to decorate the tree and throw on your Rudolph onesie every single day, that routine would become kind of stale. We get in these habits and routines and sort of go through the motions, without stopping to appreciate them. The holidays is sort of when we break out of that routine and actually LIVE, instead of just exist. We do things "special" because we tell ourselves they are so. We actually live in the moment...and that is the "joy" everyone sings about. It's this feeling of satisfaction even for otherwise mundane things. I mean, let's face it, decorated lighted trees and mistletoe would be rather mundane if it was something we would see every day. We'd take it for granted sooner or later. And probably get annoyed by the jingle jangles blasting on the radio all the time. If you don't believe me, try working retail for a holiday season where they play that shit 24/7 and see how much you wanna "falalalala" by the end of an 8 hour shift. You might become a bit of a Scrooge. The point is, there are "jolly" things in life, even when it's not December, things you might be otherwise taking for granted just because you're not making it a "special occasion". If you can lay back and enjoy chestnuts roasting on an open fire once a year, you can lay back and enjoy whatever sort of seemingly mundane thing is going on. I mean you can even enjoy the bad shit in life too. Let It Snow. We're singing about how great the snow is. But snow is cold. It's a pain in the ass to shovel and deal with. You see, it's all perspective is what I'm getting at. If you live life, in laziness, on a permanent holiday, you'll  be jingling all the way, year-round. I encourage you to "keep the Christmas spirit alive" by making every single moment you experience a "holiday". Go with the flow, or better said, enjoy the sleigh ride, no matter how cold or how big the bumps you hit. Wrap yourself in a nice warm blanket, sip some hot cocoa, and relax as you go dashing through the snow. Look around you, there are some awesome sights to see. But you won't see it, if you're too busy being a Grinch about life. Read the full blog: Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Dec 2020

21 min 16 sec