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“For Clubs that want to make meaningful connections that make members, guests, and customers ‘want to be here!’”Jim Hope, CCM CCE (COO of the Derrick Golf & Winter Club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and Roger Kingkade (Co-Founder & CMO - Offcourse Golf) team up to bring your insights and expertise to help you elevate your club's member and guest experience.With Jim's 35+ years in clubs and the hospitality business and Roger's two decades in traditional broadcast media and digital marketing, you're in good company.

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For the past twenty-five years James Cronk has been passionately committed to helping organizations get their people, and their customers, powered on. Whether as a theatre producer, golf professional, or small business owner, his success as a manager and leader is evident in the recognitions bestowed upon himself and his teams.This is a lively conversation between the three of us discussing exceptional service and the right mindset to have for retaining staff.

Nov 12

42 min 56 sec

Brice MacDermott is the GM of Windermere Golf & Country Club in Edmonton, Alberta. We checked in with him to recap the CSCM National Conference education sessions and how he'll apply the learnings going forward at his club. And yeah, we had a little bit of fun catching Jim up on what he missed out on. 

Oct 14

44 min 49 sec

We chat with Suzanne about the upcoming conference in Montreal; what attendees can expect as far as programming and safety go.

Sep 21

36 min 30 sec

Three and Jackie have a new book called "People First" hitting shelves on October 5th. This conversation is a dive into the 5 practical steps that organizations, especially clubs,  must take to create a place where employees want to be.Delivers a great employee experience in your workplace is the secret sauce to great member experiences. Enjoy this episode and share it with anybody you think should hear it."People First: The 5 Steps to Pure Human Connection and a Thriving Organization" is available in hardcover and e-book format on October 5th. Get it on or amazon.caYou can learn more about Three and Jackie Carpenter at

Sep 7

47 min 17 sec

Have you ever had a member come into your office with a complaint or a grievance, expecting you to handle it right away? Have you ever needed to influence or motivate a staff member to do something your way?This episode centres around a situation Jim and Roger were in recently where Jim used strong interpersonal skills he learned at the CSCM National Conference 20 years ago to solve a major problem.Let us know what you think of this episode. Comment here or shoot us an email at

Aug 18

38 min 10 sec

Forget everything you know about Millennials. The fact is, clubs that operate with the stereotype of millennials and Gen Z in mind are missing out on an opportunity to attract a valuable demographic.This episode is a conversation with Matt Weinberger of NextGenGolf about the recent Millennial Golf Industry Survey (conducted by GGA Partners). We talk about who Millennials are, why they are an important group, what important considerations they make before joining a club, and how clubs can maximize their opportunities to attract this demographic.You can download a printable version of the Millennial Golf Industry Survey here. 

Aug 3

31 min 51 sec

Kevin Carroll talks to Jim and Roger about the opportunities and the pitfalls clubs face when they are in-between managers. This episode deals with problems that can be dealt with by an interim GM that has nothing to lose. If you're considering a position at another club, or looking for some advice on how to correct issues at your own club, this conversation has some powerful takeaways.

Jul 13

41 min 42 sec

Ryan Tracy is back to talk about some interesting findings from his ClubStudy surveys. You might be surprised to find out how club managers view their boards when it comes to being innovative or themselves when it comes to their own confidence and conviction.In this episode, we discuss some of the latest ClubStudy survey findings. To learn more about ClubStudy, visit

Jun 15

48 min 16 sec

Barry Forth came back to the family business of running a golf course after years orchestrating tournaments like the Canadian Open and the Shaw Charity Classic.He is now the GM of Copetown Woods, a public golf facility in Copetown, ON. The "secret sauce" at Copetown Woods has everything to do with the culture they've created for their staff and their customers. In this episode, Barry shares stories of experimentation and innovation. Whether you're a private club manager or a public facility owner, there's something in this episode for you to steal.

Jun 1

47 min 15 sec

Our guest on this episode is Kurt Kuebler - Partner, KKW. Kurt is a leader in executive search and club governance. In this conversation, we talk about:Why being fired isn't the black mark on the resume many think it is.How to broach uncomfortable topics during the interview process.What managers need to focus on to be successful in 2021 and beyond.What separates an elite "Unicorn" club manager from the rest of the pack.and more...Please enjoy this episode. If you have any comments for us, please send them to

May 18

1 hr 6 min

The backbone of successful branding and marketing assets is great imagery. Look at the websites of the world's leading brands and you'll see a substantial investment in photography.However, photography is often overlooked or undervalued in the club business. Our special guest on this episode is Evan Schiller, Golf Course Photographer. Evan's extensive portfolio includes a number of the greatest golf courses on Earth Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, St. Andrews, Cabot, Olympic Club, and many, many more. In this episode, you'll learn:The important role photography plays for members and prospects.When to have the conversation about hiring a photographer.How to work with a photographer.How the initial cost can be recovered many times over.... so much more.This episode references a number of Evan's works, so we made it available on video at www.engagedclub.comSpecial thanks to Evan Schiller. His website is

May 4

54 min 28 sec

Rickly Lee Potts is equal parts energy, enthusiasm, positivity, determination. And he's our special guest on this episode.We discuss the tools and processes Ricky uses to attract and sign-up new members for the Fountaingrove Club in Santa Rosa, California. We also talk about the impact your personality has on club members and staff. And a little bit about craft beer as well.Enjoy this conversation. If you have any questions about the tools or processes referred to in this episode and how you might use them at your club,  contact Roger Kingkade at

Apr 20

51 min 18 sec

It's about time we had Robert Sereci on the Engaged Club Podcast. Robert, Jim, and Roger have a "no pulled punches" discussion about some hot topics in club management.

Apr 6

1 hr 3 min

Imagine landing a job that promises to be ordinary, predictable, and un-exciting.Shortly after you start, you uncover a crime, step into a role greater than you expected, contend with a pandemic, and facilitate the closing of the club.That's exactly what happened to Liz McDowell when she stepped through the door at York Downs Golf & Country Club. This extended interview is a story about stepping up when your needed, finding the confidence within yourself to face new challenges, and leading with empathy and courage in difficult times.Enjoy!

Mar 16

40 min 48 sec

Jim and Roger welcome to the podcast Doug Junor - Club Innovation Conference presenter and Managing Directer of 4Rev.ioDoug has been working with a number of enterprise companies on Digital Transformation strategies and culture for a number of years. His wealth of experience helps companies of all sizes understand how to adapt to the changing world around them and future-proof their organizations by embracing and developing their own innovative processes.This episode is a deep dive into what it takes to establish an innovative mindset and culture at a club and how you can deliver more to members and staff by embracing these concepts.

Mar 2

1 hr 5 min

Jim and Roger announce some exciting changes coming to the Engaged Club podcast.

Jan 7

7 min 49 sec

Jim and Roger discuss the value of education and constant improvement for aspiring club leaders and 4 easy ways to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

Jan 5

14 min 50 sec

Jim walks you through a helpful exercise to end your year; analyzing your Strengths, Needs, Attributes, and Passion.

Dec 2020

15 min 59 sec

Jim and Roger look back on some of the good advice they've received in their lives.

Dec 2020

14 min 45 sec

Jim shares his thoughts on how clubs should properly execute a 360 review program and how you personally should take the feedback. 

Dec 2020

17 min 14 sec

Jim goes deep talking about performance reviews; mistakes to avoid and how to make sure that you, as a manager, get a fair shake from the board when it comes time for your own performance review.

Dec 2020

22 min 16 sec

Roger and Jim talk about the importance of using the website to collect leads.

Dec 2020

17 min 19 sec

Roger breaks down three things to keep in mind when planning a new website for 2021.

Dec 2020

15 min 41 sec

Jim shares some insight on the making "business decisions" for the long-term health of the club.

Dec 2020

20 min 30 sec

Jim shares stories - good, bad, and ugly - of what can happen when you hire members' businesses to do work around the club.

Dec 2020

14 min 58 sec

This may be a touchy subject. At the very least, it's a tough predicament for some managers. Jim shares some advice on whether or not your club should hire a member's child.

Dec 2020

14 min 32 sec

Jim and Roger talk about some of their favourite things they've seen while visiting other clubs. All of these ideas have the potential to wow members and guests and create a memorable experience.

Nov 2020

17 min 55 sec

Roger and Jim talk about the importance of member engagement programs during the second wave of the pandemic. Here's a simple, takeaway program you can employ at your club for the holidays that brings the community together and serves your members.

Nov 2020

18 min 31 sec

Roger and Jim talk about convenience and the importance of pursuing more convenient ways for your members and customers to interact and engage with your club or facility.

Nov 2020

15 min 25 sec

Jim shares ideas and lessons learned about bringing a new hire into an established management team. 

Nov 2020

12 min 6 sec

Roger and Jim discuss some of the pitfalls many clubs find when it comes to digital marketing strategy and the importance of setting up simple, but profitable systems and planning well in advance.

Nov 2020

15 min

When it's time to nominate members for the board, does your club do a quick walk through the clubhouse to see who's available? Or is there a firm process in place to make sure you get the best people for the job. Jim breaks down a process that should help construct a well-rounded board of directors.

Nov 2020

20 min 17 sec

"Would you like fries with that" is worth millions of dollars every year to McDonalds. It's also a great way to make the Big Mac experience better. In this episode, Roger and Jim talk about the importance of upsells and why your club should look for upsell opportunities today.

Nov 2020

9 min 28 sec

Roger shares some thoughts on what makes an effective contact us page? The contact us page is one of the most important pages on the club's website. It's where visitors go when they want to find somebody to talk to and this generally means moving from the stage where they're "trying to learn more" to wanting to make a transaction.At this point, it's important to make sure you've laid the groundwork for a relationship. This episode should help.

Nov 2020

8 min 51 sec

Jim and Roger talk about the psychological impact the second wave is having or could have on your health and the health and well-being of your staff. We offer insight from our perspective on the things we've done to help ourselves through the pandemic.

Oct 2020

20 min 58 sec

Jim and Roger talk about the many ways an all-access pass for the Club Innovation Conference presented by Sysco Canada will benefit your club. With 50 speakers covering 5 educational tracks, there's something to empower and ignite virtually everybody at your club. One all-access pass is a ticket for your entire staff. Don't miss the Earlybird window which closes November 7th.

Oct 2020

16 min 22 sec

We discussed the idea of 'Active Listening' in episode 218. In this episode, we go deeper into how you can hone this critical leadership skill.

Oct 2020

13 min 45 sec

Tyrrell Hatton wasn't looking to start a debate when he won a European Tour even wearing a hoodie. But he did.In this episode, Roger and Jim discuss dress codes and whether they should evolve for the sake of relevance.

Oct 2020

20 min 44 sec

Jim and Roger discuss leadership traits that make for liked and respected leaders. Here's a breakdown of the list. (Thanks to Robert Sereci of Medinah Country Club for the inspiration for this episode.)Respected leaders have (most of) these qualitiesThey set a high standard for themselves and othersThe believe in themselvesThey are active listenersThey are authenticThey are great problem solversThey never meet there needs at someone else’s expenseThey admit when they are wrong (They do a daily debrief)They are mentors, not a preachersThey smile and laughThey don’t take themselves too seriouslyThey give lots of “real” praiseThey learn the personal stuff about their teamLiked leaders have these qualitiesThey smile and laughThey don’t take themselves too seriouslyGive lots of “real” praiseThey learn the personal stuff about their team

Oct 2020

15 min 44 sec

Roger offers a membership marketing strategy that seems counter-intuitive, but it makes the most sense. Marketing messages should appeal to the smallest group that can satisfy the clubs need for new members. Rather than trying to promise a little value for anybody that might join a club, promise greater value to the smaller group of people that are specifically looking for a club like yours. 

Oct 2020

14 min 36 sec

Jim tells a story about a small investment his club made in an employee that opened up new possibilities for her and produced a real, measurable ROI for the club in the long run. This is a conversation about the value of investing in the staff you hire.

Oct 2020

19 min 8 sec

Roger shares 5 tools that will help with many aspects of operating your club from communications to marketing to board meetings. Slack - Free plan includes 10,000 searchable messages and plenty of app integrations.Leadpages - Build landing pages to collect leads from your website. 14-day free trial. Prices start at $25/month.Loom - Quickly record free videos to share. Pro plan starts at $8/monthCanva - Design great images and graphics for your website and newsletters in minutes. The Free version is excellent. Pro plan starts around $10/month.Otter - Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your AI-powered assistant. Generous free plan. Paid plans start under $10.Jim's Bonus Tool: Servio - Create surveys of any kind. Get started for free.

Oct 2020

19 min 23 sec

Jim shares some of the questions from an employee survey conducted at his club. We discuss the importance of collecting this information and how to respond to it.

Oct 2020

15 min 25 sec

Jim and Roger play a little game called "Would you, Because, Even If." We ask a difficult question and kick around some answers. The purpose is to get challenge yourself to weigh long-term considerations against short-term pain.

Sep 2020

18 min 24 sec

With many clubs operating in a limited capacity, some members may not be enjoying or even using the club as much as they did before the pandemic. Jim and Roger talk about the members that have gone silent. They're still there, but are in danger of slipping through the cracks. What can be done to re-engage them?

Sep 2020

11 min 31 sec

Covid19 has created a unique opportunity for clubs with memberships or value-add packages to sell. Jim and Roger discuss two key statistics that should make you think ahead to your marketing plan for 2021.Canadian club managers will be interested in this Reuters article about personal savings.American club managers may be more interested in this link to CNBC discussing the same situation.

Sep 2020

10 min 49 sec

Email marketing... it's one of the most profitable and easiest ways to connect with your members, guests, and prospects. The hard part is getting the emails into the club's database. In this episode, Roger gives you two easy ways to ramp up your email lead collecting, provide more value for your customers, and shows you how to create new opportunities for sales and marketing.

Sep 2020

13 min 36 sec

Jim follows up episode #208 (How To Give Constructive Criticism the Right Way) with the other side of the coin; How to Receive Constructive Criticism the Right Way.

Sep 2020

17 min 18 sec

Jim lays out some helpful points for giving constructive criticism to a staff member. We all want our team to grow and thrive around us. Great leaders critique their staff in helpful, positive way. This is a good recipe.Time is running out to get Earlybird access for the Club Innovation Conference. Don't miss out. Hammer this link and fill in the form so your club can save hundreds of dollars on All-Access passes.

Sep 2020

19 min 49 sec

TikTok has over 700 million active monthly users and the app is growing in popularity among. In the past year an a half, the number of adults in the US using TicTok grew by 5.5 times. And while you might think TikTok is just for teens, only 50% of TikTok users are under age 34.The app is the most downloaded in the App Store and it's addictive as hell. There are a bunch of reasons to use TikTok at your club. Roger and Jim scratch the surface in this episode.

Sep 2020

15 min 49 sec