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What if technology could understand people in the same way that people understand one another? Tune in as Affectiva, the pioneer of Emotion AI, endeavors to humanize technology as a new Smart Eye Company. The Human-Centric AI podcast dissects how we can put the human before the artificial as AI manifests in our daily lives, with insights from the world’s top thinkers in automotive, market research, aviation, robotics, education, academia and beyond.

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Today’s episode features Graham Page, Global Managing Director, Media Analytics at Affectiva.In our conversation, we dove deeper into a recent press release announcing the latest version of Affectiva’s category-defining Emotion AI product. This update to its media analytics offering makes several new features available to its market research customers, including:  Updates to our already best-in-class face trackerEnhanced facial emotion metrics that pick up emotional states more accurately (such as anger and fear)The introduction of the groundbreaking mental states, Sentimentality and Confusion. The unique insights we’ll be able to gather from these updates can be practically applied to improve brand experiences and communications - building a more positive and meaningful connection with consumers, and enabling optimization and action. Links of interest:Affectiva Introduces New Functionality to Enhance Media Analytics Insight About Affectiva Media AnalyticsContact us to request a demo

Nov 22

21 min 54 sec

So today’s episode features Solmaz Shahmehr, VP and Head of Business Area Research Instruments at Smart Eye.  Solmaz has been with Smart Eye since 2009 in different capacities - she is responsible for directing the Research Instruments organization, and charged with delivering a sustainable, profitable business model there. She also leads global sales, product development and product management, marketing, support & ops.In our conversation, we talked a lot about the Research Instruments business unit of Smart eye: how our products there (like Smart Eye Pro) track, measure and analyze human eye movements to create a deeper understanding of human behavior, intentions and interactions all over the world. We also discussed the recently announced Smart Eye acquisition of iMotions, and what that means for the future of biometric research. Let’s listen in to learn more.Links of interest:About Smart Eye Research InstrumentsSmart Eye ProSmart Box + Smart Eye Press Release and Smartbox podcast episodeiMotions Acquisition Press Release

Nov 18

29 min 3 sec

Today’s episode features Brian Pluckebaum, Sr. Automotive Marketing Manager at Omnivision. Brian is responsible for regional marketing, product marketing, and building business successes with key partners in OmniVision’s automotive segment. Previously, Pluckebaum worked in engineering and product marketing roles at NEC, Renesas, ST, and most recently with Telechips. With more than 17 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry, he has held a number of positions in engineering, applications, and marketing.We talked a lot about the technical workings and capabilities of Omnivision sensors within automotive specifically, and how a powerful collaboration between Smart Eye and Omnivision is shaping the future of interior sensing. Listen in to learn more.Links of interest: Smart Eye and OmniVision Announce End-to-End Interior Sensing Solution Omnivision EventsOmnivision NewsFind Omnivision on LinkedIn

Nov 3

22 min 43 sec

Today’s episode features two industry experts from a company called VI-grade. Guido Bairati: As Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Guido helps VI-grade customers streamline their design process and bridge the gap between physical testing and simulation by implementing tools that allow CAE Engineers and Test Drivers to work together earlier in the automotive development phase. Antonio (Tony) Spagnuolo: VP, Business Development at VI-grade. Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the international simulation industry. Prior to VI-grade, Tony lead the worldwide sales team for HPC cloud computing start-up, Rescale. He also lead the aerospace sales team and MSC Software and managed operations at Nevada Automotive Test Center, an innovator in highly mobile ground vehicle technology for commercial and defense applications.In our conversation, we talked a lot about how driving simulators can help accelerate product development, the complex “human” dynamics involved in vehicle simulation, and the role eye tracking and interior sensing plays in that.  Listen to learn more.Links of interest: VI-grade Announces Strategic Partnership with Smart EyeEffects of Fog in a Brazilian Road Segment Analyzed by a Driving Simulator for Sustainable Transport: Drivers’ Visual ProfileTechnical Presentations: Politecnico di MilanoVI-grade Website

Oct 27

30 min 19 sec

Today’s episode features Vera Sidlova, Vera Sidlova, Global Brand Manager, Creative at Kantar. Kantar is the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. They understand more about how people think, feel, shop, share, vote and view than anyone else. Vera has been focused on creative effectiveness research and helps manage Kantar’s creative solutions portfolio.Vera discussed how Affectiva’s advanced facial coding technology is integrated into Kantar’s methodology for ad testing to provide guidance on creative by understanding consumers’ unfiltered, moment-by-moment, emotional reactions to content. We also covered some joint research we did together, as well as some exciting studies coming up. Links of interest: The Power of Inclusive Portrayal in Advertising - How to Get it Right PlaybookTrends Analysis Report on Emotions in AdvertisingContact us for an Emotion AI demo

Sep 16

21 min 48 sec

Today’s episode features our Media Analytics leaders Graham Page and Alex Duckett joined by Two Ears One Mouth Director, Sarah Gorman. For over 10 years, Two Ears One Mouth has been using statistical evaluation and emotionally intelligent observation to drive more informed decision making, and guide some of the worlds brightest brands to an even stronger future. Sarah is an experienced researcher who has consistently delivered strategic insight in the areas of brand and communications. Even as the world continues to reopen post-lockdown, it is safe to say that COVID has forever changed the research landscape. Entire methodologies shut down almost overnight, and for qualitative researchers that typically collect data through in person sessions, there was an accelerated need for virtual alternatives. With the adoption of new technology in a space that has typically remained true to traditional face to face interactions, there is of course some reluctance to change and fear of technology replacing the need for qualitative researchers entirely. Listen to the conversation to learn more. 

Sep 9

37 min 10 sec

Today’s episode features Dougal Hawes, the Managing Director of Smartbox. Smartbox  is doing some amazing work delivering AAC assistive communication solutions alongside training, support & repairs.Dougal discussed the launch of SmartBox’s new product, Lumin-i. Lumin-i is powered by Smart Eye eye tracking technology, and this new assistive communication solution helps people with disabilities communicate using just their eye movements. Read the joint press release here.

Sep 1

27 min 34 sec

We are very excited to kick off our season finale episode featuring a conversation between Affectiva co-founder and now Deputy CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, and Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz.  You may have seen, but we were excited to announce that Smart Eye, the global leader in eye tracking and driver monitoring systems, acquired Affectiva! We are thrilled to join forces with Smart Eye, as our two companies combined will form a global AI powerhouse. By merging our highly skilled teams and industry-leading technologies, we’ll bring to market unmatched AI solutions for the automotive industry, media analytics and beyond—better and faster than any of our competitors can.About Smart Eye: Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Smart Eye was founded by CEO Martin Krantz and his father more than two decades ago, with a mission to bridge the gap between human and machine. Guided by his vision of bridging the gap between humans and machines, Martin contributes his 20+ years of experience to automotive innovation and a growing number of research projects, leading to new insights and technological advancement. Recognized on Bloomberg’s 2021 list of 50 Global Leaders, Martin is a world renowned expert in eye tracking and its commercial applications.Listen in on Rana and Martin's conversation  to learn more about our amazing synergies with Smart Eye, our shared vision, and the opportunities we see to humanize technology together. 


Jul 9

29 min 18 sec

Advertising has the ability to influence consumer behavior and can be instrumental in creating and reinforcing positive or negative stereotypes. The advertising industry plays an important role in leading change, and you don’t have to be an activist brand to start positively representing people in ads—it's relevant for all brands. Today’s episode features our CMO Gabi Zijderveld, Graham Page, Affectiva’s Global Managing Director of Media Analytics, talking with Vera Sidlova, Global Brand Manager of Creative at Kantar, about some of the latest evidence about the power of inclusivity in advertising - and how to get it right.We've got some great examples and learnings to share in our upcoming webinar on 5/27 where experts from Kantar and Affectiva will explore how inclusion and diversity in advertising has evolved, and the impact positive representation can have. 

May 24

22 min 30 sec

Today’s episode features Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and Graham Page from Affectiva talking with CloudArmy’s President / CSO Neuroscience, Thom Noble, about how Emotion AI paired with neuro implicit technologies can provide market researchers with richer and deeper insights.Affectiva is excited to partner with CloudArmy, a cloud-based neuroscience research technology company. By integrating our technologies, we’re able to deliver enhanced analytics that provide a ‘full brain’ picture of consumer response, design and creativity.Make sure you watch the kiss in the the Cadbury chocolate ad case study, which sparked some public controversy, and will be a key point during the discussion!

May 10

48 min 26 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Yashar Behzadi, CEO at Synthesis AI. Affectiva's AI is built using data-hungry deep learning models. Data synthesis is all about getting more data faster, and synthetic data is artificially created data that we can use to train our models. And because acquiring diverse data at scale for these models is time consuming and expensive, synthetic data can give any AI company a competitive edge. So, Affectiva has partnered with Synthesis AI, a data generation platform for computer vision. In this livestream discussion, Rana and Yashar discuss the importance of synthetic data, some of its applications today, challenges, and the ethics surrounding its use.Learn more about Synthesis AI here and check out their latest announcement around funding and product.

May 3

45 min 27 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Dr. Jinmo Lee, Senior Research Engineer at Hyundai. Dr. Lee was always interested in working in industry to see how his research outcomes turn into products that change customers' lives. Hyundai offered him a job as a senior research engineer for the vehicle aeroacoustics, and today he is in charge of future mobility UX concept design and engineering at Hyundai. Then in 2018, MIT Media Lab and Hyundai launched the Special Interest Group for Emotion Navigation. Together with Hyundai and the Media Lab, Dr. Lee derived automotive AI concepts for sensing occupant emotion to help achieve their desired emotional state by providing an optimized in-cabin environment. 

Apr 19

24 min 42 sec

Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviews Jennifer Haroon, Executive in Residence at Greylock Partners. Jennifer has an illustrious career in automotive: most recently she was COO and interim CFO at Nauto, and prior the Head of Business Operations for Waymo. This conversation was the result of Affectiva’s recent collaboration with the organization Women in Autonomy to help drive change by highlighting the success of amazing women in automotive. While many women are rising through the ranks and doing incredible things in this industry, they are still underrepresented in the highest positions. So, we are hosting a new series of livestream events called “Women at the Wheel," together with Women in Autonomy, where Rana will have a dynamic conversation with a female leader in automotive, exploring their unique journey, the challenges they have had to navigate, how they’ve sought out mentors and allies, and paths to leadership.Read more about Women in Autonomy. 

Apr 12

38 min 39 sec

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby and Graham Page from Affectiva talk with iMotions Vice President Of Product Management, Olee Jensen, about the launch of iMotions’ new online data collection tool.This last year, many organizations have been forced to pivot and incorporate new technologies into their businesses as a result of the pandemic. Media analytics researchers that previously gathered data from in-person participant studies suddenly found themselves looking for a new solution in order to continue to move projects forward safety and efficiently.Recognizing this immediate need within the market and for their clients, iMotions created their new Online Data Collection tool. Together utilizing Affectiva's Emotion AI technology, this tool enables research organizations to continue to execute studies that integrate biometric, behavioral and self-report data virtually. iMotions is a wonderful partner of ours, and this innovative product launch of theirs is really exciting for market researchers navigating data collection not just in times of pandemic, but could also pave the way for the future of data collection. 

Apr 5

36 min 45 sec

Today’s episode features Imat-uve CEO Hans Peter Schlegelmilch as well as software engineer Dennis Boghoff. Imat-uve is an innovative, independent development and engineering company based in Germany.  The company has an innovation team who develops new product concepts. One such concept they are working on is around fragrance diffusing, using a person’s emotional and cognitive state (via Affectiva's Emotion AI) to trigger scents within vehicles. Listen for more on what Imat-uve believes our combined technologies mean for the future of mobility.

Mar 29

26 min 58 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CSO Andy Zeilman moderating a panel of experts: Dr. Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at MIT, Caroline Chung, Senior Business Development Manager at Veoneer, and Richard Schram, Technical Director at Euro NCAP. This panel explored how AI and computer vision can improve the comfort, health and wellbeing of not only the driver, but also back seat passengers. They also touched on what personalized experiences vehicles will be able to deliver when they are able to sense human emotions, cognitive states and reactions.Let’s listen in on their interview to learn more on how Euro NCAP, MIT, Affectiva and Veoneer are thinking about the next generation mobility experiences and the AI systems that fuel them.Watch the full recording here

Mar 15

47 min 14 sec

This episode features Affectiva Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Zeilman. Andy leads our automotive revenue growth strategy, as well as co-runs finance and operations with our COO. He has diverse experience in investment banking, product management and business development. Prior to Affectiva, he led the  Enterprise OEM sales team at Nuance. Based on his ongoing conversations every day with leading OEMs, Tier 1s, our automotive partners, investors in the automotive space, he shares his thoughts and ideas on the current state of the automotive market, use cases / demos and applications of Affectiva’s In Cabin technology, as well as how the automotive industry is evolving and where he sees it heading in 2021 and beyond.Also check out the recent webinar recording Andy hosted with Euro NCAP, Veoneer and MIT on occupant experience and the future of mobility here.

Mar 8

41 min 36 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby moderating a panel of experts: Dr. Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at MIT, Caroline Chung, Sr. Business Development Manager at Veoneer, and Richard Schram, Technical Director at Euro NCAP. This panel explored how AI and computer vision can aid in child presence detection, seat belt detection, seat configuration, airbag deployment, and more. They also touched on multi-sensor approaches to developing advanced safety features and the importance of sensor placement, as well as the challenges car manufacturers and technology providers are facing as they bring these capabilities to market.Download to watch the full recording here

Mar 1

37 min 49 sec

Today’s episode features Paige Guge, Design Researcher at Vidlet and Affectiva’s Media Analytics Account Director, Alex Duckett. Paige is a trained researcher experienced in utilizing a multi-methodological approach to research, with an expertise in qualitative design. Alex is an experienced client partner across blue chip and startup clients alike. He supports clients through on-boarding, training and application of Emotion AI insights. In our interview with Page and Alex, we discussed their thoughts around integrating qualitative, quantitative and facial coding observations data for partners to have holistic feedback and understand what changes they need to make to their content to ensure it lands with their target audience.Their conversation was based on a presentation they gave at the Quirks 2021 Virtual Event.

Feb 19

28 min 54 sec

Today’s episode features Lizi Pritchard, Associate Director at the Australia-Based research and analytics agency, Nature. Lizi is fascinated by human cognition and behavior, which is what drove her to pursue a career in market research. After her first market research role at Kantar Millward Brown in 2013, she’s now an experienced quantitative researcher with a track record of helping clients grow their businesses with data-driven insight and consultancy.In our interview with Lizi, we discussed her background and current research projects at Nature, their integration with Affectiva, and had some great advice around understanding and leveraging content engagement and viewer behavior for brands and market researchers. Read more about the agency, Nature:

Feb 16

20 min 37 sec

Today’s episode features Stefan Hamerich, Director of Product Management at Cerence. Cerence is the global industry leader in creating unique, moving experiences for the automotive world. As an innovation partner to the world’s leading automakers, it is helping transform how a car feels, responds and learns. Its track record is built on more than 20 years of knowledge and more than 350 million cars shipped with Cerence technology. Stefan’s team is responsible for the strategy and roadmap of all embedded speech input and text products of Cerence as well as their embedded platform. Today he shares with us some of his thoughts and ideas around designing in-vehicle systems with the human in mind. 

Feb 4

21 min 53 sec

Consumer rating agencies like Euro NCAP can influence the prioritization of vehicle safety systems, especially as it relates to how OEMs and Tier 1s shape their roadmap. Starting in 2020, Euro NCAP is proposing rewarding driver monitoring systems to mitigate the very significant problems of driver distraction and impairment.Listen to this panel of automotive experts discuss how today’s systems need to evolve to detect more complex behaviors for the next generation of driver monitoring systems. Speakers: Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Co-Founder and CEO of AffectivaDetlef Wilke, Technical Manager at Aptiv Richard Schram, Technical Director at Euro NCAP Caroline Chung, Sr. Business Development Manager at VeoneerYou can also watch this discussion as a livestream.


Jan 21

47 min 45 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Daren Poole, Global Head of Creative, Insights Division at Kantar. With ever-changing government responses to the global pandemic, people’s attitudes towards COVID-19 are in flux. It’s difficult for brands to determine the right messages and creatives that are authentic, empathetic and thoughtful. On top of that, budgets have been slashed. Brands are being forced to reflect and evolve: going dark is not an option, but how can they spend smarter and make advertising work longer? More than ever before, it is important to stay close to the consumer and frequently test the impact of brand content.In this special Affectiva Asks podcast episode, Rana and Daren talk about advertising trends brought on by the pandemic, creating ads with purpose and even humor during COVID-19, and how Emotion AI can help brands strike the right balance between creativity and emotional meaning. Watch the full Q+A here: 

Dec 2020

30 min 57 sec

In this special Affectiva Asks podcast episode, Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviews Manal Ramsis, General Manager of Affectiva's Cairo Office. Rana and Manal talk about the genesis and importance of the Affectiva Cairo location (as well as its advantages), the ins and outs of leading an international team, and how to effectively promote cross-cultural collaboration.Read more at the episode blog here: 

Nov 2020

32 min 12 sec

Today’s episode features an interview with Affectiva Data Acquisition Manager, Ryan Abbott. At Affectiva, we collect a lot of real world automotive video data of people in vehicles, which fuel the training and testing of our deep learning algorithms. During our interview, Ryan covered our approach to automotive data collection, how that process evolved with the pandemic, and even some fundraising initiatives we have in place for groups looking to contribute to a cause in the Boston area. Read more at the blog post here:

Oct 2020

19 min 44 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Sean Batir, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at BMW as part of her Virtual Girl Decoded Book tour. Every day, there are more and more exciting developments in the automotive industry, with a lot of automation driving change in this space. Traditionally, the focus has been on what's going on outside of the vehicle. At Affectiva, we're passionate about turning it inward and really trying to understand what is happening inside the vehicle with our In-Cabin Sensing (ICS) technology: what's happening with the driver? What's happening with the other occupants in the car? What is the state of the cabin? How can we use that information to re-imagine what the future of our driving and riding experiences look like?You can also read more at the episode blog post here:

Oct 2020

34 min 4 sec

In our latest Affectiva Asks podcast episode, we feature Terence Scroope, Vice President of Insights and Solutions at Unruly. We spoke about some of the recent research work he has done, especially around gender stereotypes in US advertising, ads surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more.Read more at the blog here:

Sep 2020

48 min 28 sec

Today’s episode features Dr. Ned Sahin, Founder and CEO of Brain Power. Dr. Sahin has a PH.d in cognitive neuroscience from Harvard, he has a Master’s from MIT, an Undergrad degree from Williams College and spent some time at Oxford. He was also recently featured in Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby's book, Girl Decoded, as early on in her career, Rana had explored how her Emotion AI technology could have applications to those on the autism spectrum. 

Jul 2020

28 min 53 sec

This episode features a number of guests from Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby’s virtual book tour. What is a Virtual Book Tour? Rana launched her book “Girl Decoded” in April 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic: so all of her planned book promotional events and travel were (rightfully) cancelled. Yet we wanted make the most out of this by creating a standing Virtual Book Tour, where every week, Rana livestreams on her social profiles with some amazing guests. We’ve seen some lively conversations in these last few months, which have explored technology innovation, ethics in AI, advancing women in tech, and leadership. So for today’s episode, we thought we could take a look back at some of the most memorable moments and guests from her book tour so far. Enjoy!

Jun 2020

1 hr 11 min

Today’s episode features John Pelliccio, Head of Product Communications, Automotive Systems at Bose Corporation. During the interview, he talks to us about his background, the challenges auto manufacturers face with regard to audio within the vehicle, and how understanding something as simple as audio can make a huge difference in your automotive experience. 

May 2020

35 min 42 sec

We have a very special episode featuring Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Co-Founder and CEO of Affectiva. Rana is also an AI Thought Leader, machine Learning Scientist, and now a published author. During the interview, she talks to us about her background and personal journey co-founding Affectiva, her new book, “Girl Decoded” which launched this month, and some of her personal stories around leadership - including our interview about 4 years ago!

Apr 2020

33 min 17 sec

One of the hardest things for marketers to understand is how people feel. This is quite difficult because we don't think about how we feel as we're feeling it. We have been conditioned to give rational reasons for “why” we do things. And for those providing feedback to ads in focus groups or through surveys, people often say what they wish were true, or what they think the surveyor wants to hear. We interviewed Graham Page, Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Affectiva. During the interview, he talks to us about the challenges marketers face, and how Emotion AI serves as a tool to understand natural response to ad content.

Mar 2020

21 min 16 sec

In our latest Affectiva Asks podcast, we talk about human-centric AI with six speakers at Affectiva’s 2019 Emotion AI Summit: Rudina Seseri of Glasswing Ventures, Dr. Cory Kidd of Catalia Health, Dana Lowell of Faurecia, John Suh of Hyundai CRADLE, David Woessner of Local Motors, and Terah Lyons of The Partnership on AI.

Oct 2019

1 hr 4 min

In our latest Affectiva Asks podcast, we interview Affectiva Senior Product Manager Abdelrahman Mahmoud. During the interview, he talks to us a bit about his background in software engineering, what he sees as challenges within the automotive industry and how Affectiva’s Human Perception AI technology aims to enhance the occupant experience in next generation vehicles.Download this eBook to learn more on how Human Perception AI technology can improve the in-cabin experience:

Sep 2019

23 min 15 sec

Today’s episode features Dr. Jessica Wilson, Senior Product Specialist at iMotions. During the interview, she talks to us about how commercially available tools in neuroscience can help you define human behavior for yourself, how iMotions and Affectiva are working together, as well as a teaser of her upcoming technical workshop at the Emotion AI Summit, “More Data, Better Data: Defining Human Behavior with Biometrics”.Read more at

Sep 2019

21 min 8 sec

Today’s episode features Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity. During the interview, he talks to us about his work with car companies at Unity, some of the projects and challenges he has seen OEMs and Tier 1s encounter, and his thoughts around technical hurdles to overcome around the design of autonomous vehicles. Learn more about Unity's work in automotive here:

Aug 2019

23 min 33 sec

Today’s episode features our CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Lisa Feldman Barrett, distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, where she focuses on the study of emotion and she directs the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab. During their interview, they discuss Dr. Barrett’s background, her recent research paper on challenges Inferring Emotion from Human Facial Movement, and how Affectiva is a leader in mapping contextual variability with multiple signals in our technology for detecting human emotions. 

Aug 2019

40 min 25 sec

Today’s episode features Dr. Joe Dusseldorp, a plastic surgeon who works with conditions involving the facial nerve. During our discussion, he explains how he has worked with physicians to put together a program using AI to help patients suffering from the loss of facial movement on one side of the face. His research was also just published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal - read the article here:

Aug 2019

26 min 16 sec

Today’s special crossover episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Rob May, co-founder and CEO of Talla. During our interview, he talks to us a bit about his engineering background, his current work in the customer support automation space, and trends he is seeing as an angel investor.Listen to Rob's interview of Rana on the Tall AI at Work podcast here:

Aug 2019

29 min 51 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva's Product Manager, Mike Gionfriddo. During the interview, he talks to us about his background in startups focused on in-vehicle technology, what he sees as challenges within the automotive industry and how Affectiva’s Human Perception AI technology plays into that. Mike’s work at Affectiva really focuses on how the company can improve road safety, specifically with regard to our Human Perception AI offering. What I found most interesting about our chat was the the balance that must be struck with AI between helping OEMs and Tier 1s keep costs down with a minimal processing footprint, while providing accurate, real time estimates of emotions and cognitive states with highly efficient models. 

Jul 2019

25 min 43 sec

Today’s episode features Affectiva's Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Karl Iagnemma, President of Autonomous Mobility at Aptiv. During their interview, he talks to us a bit about his background, his early work with nuTonomy (which has since been acquired by Aptiv), and how autonomous vehicle technology will transform the future of transportation and mobility.

Jun 2019

34 min 15 sec

Today’s episode features Gabi Zijderveld, Affectiva's Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product Strategy interviewing Bryan Reimer. Bryan is a Research Scientist at MIT AgeLab & Associate Director of the New England University Transportation Center. Bryan is a thought leader in driver safety and the future of mobility. During their interview, he talks to us a bit about his work at MIT, some of the challenges of AI in automotive and how OEMs and Tier 1s can overcome them.

May 2019

26 min 53 sec

Today’s episode features Karen Osorio, Senior R&D Scientist at Procter and Gamble, and President + Co-Founder of Bag in The Back, an organization with the mission to increase awareness to parents and caregivers about the dangers of vehicular heatstroke. 

Apr 2019

25 min 31 sec

What will the experience of future drivers or passengers look like in the cars of tomorrow? This is the question that Adam Emfield, senior manager of user experience at Nuance Automotive, studies. He heads the design research, innovation and in-vehicle experience (DRIVE) lab, which explores user experience questions around multimodal and intelligent automotive cockpits of the future.

Apr 2019

25 min 30 sec

Welcome to Affectiva Asks, our new podcast focused on all things related to human-centric AI. Affectiva Director of Marketing Ashley McManus joins CMO Gabi Zijderveld to introduce more about our podcast, why we are doing this, what type of content we'll be covering, and what else to expect. 

Mar 2019

5 min 28 sec

How can we create trust in mobility? That is the question Ola Boström, the Vice President of Research wrestles with at Veoneer. Veoneer designs, compiles and sells software, hardware and systems for active safety, autonomous driving, occupant protection and brake control.We recently caught up with Ola after a component of Veoneer’s CES 2019 demo featured Affectiva’s Emotion AI technology, to learn a little bit more about his work within the space of automotive safety electronics. 

Mar 2019

23 min 25 sec