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Can you believe it’s my 200th episode? I’ve absolutely loved sharing my podcast with you!Let’s talk niching. Are you trying to niche too early in your business? Business owners at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey can feel immense pressure to find their niche and stick to it. I felt I couldn’t even begin to market myself if I didn’t know what my niche was.Sound familiar? In this episode, I’m talking about the process of niching down in your business. Finding your niche is a very effective way to corner the market and become an expert in a specialised field to provide a one-of-a-kind solution for your ideal client. BUT don’t feel like you have to find your niche immediately before you even begin selling your offers or services. Take your time and pause. I’ll share with you the process I provide my clients in the Modern Marketing Collective to find the problem that you enjoy solving and an area that absolutely lights you upThrough experience, self-reflection, and a thorough understanding of the market, your niche will find you.LINKS: GET THIS WEEK'S END OF YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA BUNDLE GET NOTIFICATIONS OF ALL END OF YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA BUNDLES Join the waitlist for the Modern Marketing Collective here Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook: 

Nov 29

12 min

There’s always a sense of fresh ambition at this time of year as I start thinking about the year ahead. I reflect on what worked this year, what didn’t work, what I want more of and less of in the future.I also turn my focus on where I want to invest so I can learn and grow in ways that matter to me.If you’ve been thinking along the same lines, you won’t want to miss out on my End of Year Extravaganza! For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be offering 3 bundles, each designed to make 2022 your best year yet.These are very limited and exclusive bundles for business owners who are ready to wave the overwhelm goodbye and join me inside the Modern Marketing Collective. Be quick to grab your Black Friday Biz Boost Bundle because it’s available for one week only! Check out the episode to find out what’s included.LINKS:GET THIS WEEK'S END OF YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA BUNDLE GET NOTIFICATIONS OF ALL END OF YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA BUNDLES Join the waitlist for the Modern Marketing Collective here Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Nov 25

5 min 56 sec

If you’re just starting out in your business and looking to take on those first few clients, this is absolutely the episode for you. This is also going to be really relevant for you if you’ve already made your first $2k but you don’t yet have the consistency of clients coming in. Make sure you listen to Part 1 of this conversation if you haven’t already where I discussed the top 3 things you need to focus on in preparing to make your first $2k. In this Part 2 episode, I talk about the strategies and actions you need to focus on to make it happen.I see a lot of people getting caught up in strategies that aren’t suited to where they are at in business so it’s really important to keep things simple. Find people to sell to, tell them what you sell, and believe in what you have to offer. Sounds easy right?I talk about reaching out to clients through personal connections and referrals and telling them what you sell through clear language, not getting bogged down in complicated or vague language, or downplaying what you do. I also share some great tips from my sales conversation process which is included in the Modern Marketing Collective to help you have those conversations in a way that’s natural and focuses on the outcome for the client. This 2 part series is jam packed with so much value and I know that if you take these strategies on board, you’ll reach that milestone first $2k in no time. Remember, connection over perfection! LINKS:Make sure you listen to Part 1 of this episode here Find Jenn Donovan on Instagram hereRegister for my FREE masterclass: ‘The Three Reasons Your Followers Aren’t Converting To Clients’Join the waitlist for the Modern Marketing Collective here Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Nov 22

31 min 7 sec

If you’re just starting out in business, it can feel like a monumental task to get those first few clients and start making money. It’s a steep learning curve and there are a lot of fears and limiting beliefs to overcome. It’s easy to look around at other businesses and think you need to match what they’re doing to get started. But the truth is, you don’t need beautiful branding, business cards, a flourishing Facebook group or even a website to get started. The only thing you REALLY need to be in business is clients.  In this episode, I talk about the 3 things you need to focus on in preparing to make your first $2k in business. It doesn’t have to be complicated so keep it simple. It’s really just about having something to sell, a price for it, and a way for people to pay you. And even more importantly, the courage to put yourself out there. Everything else will build and grow as you keep going on your journey. The main thing to focus on now is getting started and making appropriate decisions for the stage of business that you’re in. Tune in next week for Part 2 of this conversation where I’ll be talking about the top 3 things you need to do to start getting clients. You’re going to love it. LINKS:Check out Kaere from Aestive: for my FREE masterclass: ‘The Three Reasons Your Followers Aren’t Converting To Clients’Join the waitlist for the Modern Marketing Collective here Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Nov 15

23 min 2 sec

Are you looking for financial security? Do you have a love and a passion for creating? My next guest is here to talk about a potential career that you may not have considered before. In this episode, I’m chatting with the incredible Bernadette Janson, founder of The School of Renovating. Bernadette retired from nursing when she was 29 years old and has been renovating for over 30 years since. Bernadette started The School of Renovating with the intention to help women increase their financial security. We discuss how renovating your family home has tremendous potential to earn tax-free money. We discuss how she struggled with her early offerings in her business. This experience led her to work hard and focus on her business model to examine what was working really well and what was letting her down. She shares all of her learnings, the changes she made to her programs, and the method she is now using to deliver her courses to increase her sales. Bernadette currently has a group of 14 women who have put money into a joint venture. We talk about the different joint projects we have done and how the business model differs when working with friends or in a group. Bernadette has been in business for 8 years, she generously shares all of her advice to women just starting out or those creating online courses to foster an authentic connection.I am so excited to talk at Bernadette’s upcoming conference ‘She Renovates Livestream’. This event focuses on real projects and everyone in the audience will benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge. I hope to see you there!LINKS: Website: She RenovatesInstagram: @the_school_of_renovatingFacebook: the Free Facebook Group Book your ticket for She Renovates Livestream here - Use discount code: EO50 at checkout before the 15th of November for $50 off the early bird tickets! Register for my FREE masterclass: ‘The Three Reasons Your Followers Aren’t Converting To Clients’Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook: 

Nov 10

30 min 10 sec

Are you confused thinking whether you should keep growing your business or start to scale? Are you unclear on the difference between the two? My topic today is a common mistake I see many service-based business owners make frequently. They are so excited to start scaling their business they begin well before their business is ready and there isn’t enough demand to make it successful. In today’s episode, I’ll run you through the difference between growing and scaling, when you should be doing each of these, and how to determine when your business is ready. I’ll also talk about the danger of getting them mixed up, attempting to do them at the wrong time, and the power in the correct process.  To illustrate the difference, I’ll provide examples we can examine thoroughly to understand why growing and then scaling must be followed in the right sequence. Exciting news! I’m re-opening enrolment for the Modern Marketing Collective, head over to my website to sign up. While you’re over there, I also have a new online masterclass addressing the three reasons your followers aren’t converting into clients. Check it out! Register for my FREE masterclass: ‘The Three Reasons Your Followers Aren’t Converting To Clients’Check out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook: 

Nov 8

17 min 15 sec

Do you show up online in a real way?Or does the idea of talking to camera make you cringe?Sometimes as online business owners, we can hide behind our products, services, or logos and hope that we’ll never have to show our faces. But it just doesn’t work that way. People want to know YOU and what you’re all about.In this episode, I speak to the wonderful Jenn Donovan, social media marketing consultant, small business expert and host of the Small Business Made Simple podcast. As the founder of Social Media and Marketing, Jenn acts as her client’s marketing BFF and empowers them to go from invisible to invincible.Jenn and I talk about human to human marketing, what it is, why it matters and how we go about doing it. We talk about how to stand out in the crowded online marketplace by having the courage to show up as ourselves and let our values shine through. It’s about creating a community, not just followers.A lot of people are afraid to show their face on camera but Jenn shares some tips to get started and how doing this has impacted her business in an amazing way. Yes, it takes courage and a little practice, but the reward will be worth it. Just go for it and let the world know who you are!LINKS:Connect with Jenn:Websites: @jenndonovan_LinkedIn: Small Business Made Simple Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Nov 1

26 min 30 sec

When you’re just starting out building your own business, it can almost seem impossible to reach the six-figure mark. This is especially true when you’re in the service-based industry and you’re selling your time and expertise. BUT, I can not only help you get there, I will give you the steps to speed up the process.In this episode, I’ll run you through the six proven methods I used in my entrepreneurial journey to reach six figures faster than I thought possible. I have found this list absolutely essential in creating my success and exceeding my goals in such a short amount of time. I have been where you are. The six-figure mark was one of my first big goals because it allowed me to have some breathing space. I no longer felt the need to be constantly hustling every day for sales and could begin to scale my business. I would love to hear your experiences with any of these methods or if you’ve found another way that has worked for you. Community is incredibly important to me and I believe we should all be supporting and helping each other succeed in business. LINKS: Previous podcast episodes mentioned: The numbers behind a $10k revenue month | Showit Blog ( for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Oct 27

23 min 35 sec

Are you feeling unsure of where you need to be focusing your time to reach your revenue goals? Do you have a vague idea of what you would like to be earning each month but haven’t broken it down into an action plan? In this episode, I’m talking about the really important numbers to consider in order to reach your revenue target. Many of my students in the Modern Marketing Collective are reaching for the $10k months because how amazing does a six figure income sound, right??I’ll break down your monthly revenue target into steps that you can action in your business to figure out exactly how many sales you need to make and how many leads you need to generate. This information will give you the power and clarity to know where to really focus your attention to increase your sales and conversion rate. I can’t wait for you to check it out. Start writing down all of your figures and use these steps to create amazing results and achieve your revenue goals. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook: 

Oct 25

12 min 58 sec

Raise your hand if you feel like creating content and marketing is your least favourite task in your business? Trust me, I understand. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you find it hard and challenging to consistently post content to your audience. BUT you need to regularly connect with your audience to increase your marketing reach and build loyal clients. Whether you post weekly, fortnightly or monthly, your followers need to expect to hear from you. In this episode, I’m going to chat about three tips to create consistent marketing in your business. I’ve learnt these amazing pointers from my own experience and from receiving priceless client feedback. I’ve incorporated them into my own business to ensure that I’m regularly posting, even when I really don’t feel like it. Building your business requires ‘meal-sized’ content, so you need to set aside time in your workday to dedicate to posting and connecting with your audience. Follow these killer tips to learn how to make this process really serve your business and become just a little bit more motivating. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Oct 20

14 min 34 sec

Do you know your ideal customer?More than their age or their demographic, do you know their challenges and desires?Because once you know these things, and have a genuine care to help them, everything flows. I’m shaking things up a little today to share an episode from The Profit Lovers Podcast where I had the privilege of being the guest to chat with my good friend, Melanie Miller. We talked about how I create a warm feel to my brand and my thoughts behind attracting my ideal customer. Melanie and I talked about my focus when it comes to creating a beautiful customer experience and how I approach this in everything I do, from live events to online courses. We agreed on the importance of really caring about the people we serve, knowing their pain points, their hopes for the future and how understanding these things not only helps you serve them better but also filters into your marketing and messaging. We also get quite personal toward the end and talk about why I’m so optimistic about life and business. I hope you love this conversation and feel inspired to really hone in on your audience and what you hope for them to experience. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:   Where to find Melanie:Website: @theprofitloversPodcast: The Profit Lovers podcast

Oct 18

30 min 29 sec

I’m always looking for ways to improve scheduling my work week. I have found playing around with my schedule freshens up my productivity and increases forward momentum.  In this episode, I’m chatting about the new weekly schedule that I’m currently workshopping. I’ll go through each day with you and share why I’ve assigned each task to the respective day. I have found this to be really helpful and productive and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Now I know that not everybody works the same way I do, so I’ll provide you with other options you can use to plan out your week.  This method structures my week and increases my focus. Best of all, it prevents me from worrying about when I’ll actually have time to do tasks because everything is already planned for. I would love for you to try it out (or a version of it) in your own business and let me know how you go!Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:

Oct 13

13 min 37 sec

Being the face of your business and trying to market yourself when you’re an introvert can be so intimidating. Getting up in front of a room full of people and telling them why they should work with you or buy your product feels daunting, overwhelming, and almost impossible.  So how can you structure and run a successful business when you have this personality type?  In today’s episode, I’m chatting with the amazing Jessica Williamson. Jess is an award winning mindset and business coach and a serial entrepreneur who has built and scaled five successful businesses in the past five years. Jess has been featured in Forbes, Channel 9 News, and the West Australian for her knowledge and expertise in growing businesses online.  We talk about Jess’ life before she became an entrepreneur, beginning her first business, Ete Swimwear. We then move on to discuss how she identifies as an introvert, what she has come to understand about herself, and the challenges and strengths she has learned to take onboard and bring into her work-life balance.  Jess structures her business around her personality and energy levels. We discuss exactly how she plans out her week to ensure she doesn’t burn out or feel depleted. I’m so excited to share with you Jess’s top mindset tips and shifts that she has used to accelerate her businesses forward and achieve remarkable things in the entrepreneurial world.   Jess believes that if only one person takes something valuable away, then she has been successful.  Think about how your own business is affected by your personality type.  How can you structure your business to light up your life?LINKS: Connect with JessWebsite: Jessica Williamson | Business Coach, Mentor & SpeakerInstagram: @jess.williamson8Podcast: Couch ChatsMagazine mentioned: THE COLLECTIVE MAGAZINERegister for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

Oct 11

34 min 13 sec

We’re all so so busy running our businesses that we often forget and neglect the most important thing to do to get more sales.  We need to prioritise this on top of everything! In this episode, I’m talking about the most important task you need to be doing everyday to skyrocket your sales. Are you ready? It’s so simple! You need to actually tell people how to take the next step with you and invite them to work with/buy from you every single day. Sounds easy right? But people always forget to do this as we simply assume that everyone in our audience already knows what we sell and how they can buy it. Never assume! You have new people seeing your content all the time who don’t know the next step.  Make sure you’re entwining this invitation over and over in your content to reach the right client at the right time.  Let go of your fear of being annoying or too ‘salesy’. Have conviction in your service and your product. What you offer will make a difference to your audience so you should shout it from the rooftops.  If you want to dive deeper and sell your services online, I’m running a live workshop just for you. On the 14th of October, I’m talking about the 3 big reasons you’re not fully booked and the new way to run your business.  Register here to make sure you don’t miss out!Register for my FREE masterclass: The 3 big reasons you're not fully bookedWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

Oct 6

8 min

We've all heard the narrative that you can’t make any real money in your first few years of starting a business. It’s going to be tough, difficult and you’ll be working non-stop for hardly any profit. BUT I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Your mindset and the way you show up for your business everyday will make the difference and today you’ll find out how.  In this episode, I am chatting with the founder and creative director of Studio Danu and student of the Modern Marketing Collective, Michelle McCarthy. Michelle has built her graphic design studio in Melbourne and has brought together over a decade of experience in Australia, America and Europe to create a truly admired business that specialises in strategic design and bespoke branding.  We chat about Michelle’s first year of business, leaving her corporate job, and branching out on her own. Michelle shares the challenges, lessons and most importantly, the mindset change she adopted to grow her business and bring in more clients. Michelle went from her lowest month to her highest month yet by shifting the way she consistently showed up for her business!   I’m so happy to say that she’s even on track to reach her corporate salary within 12 months of going out on her own! Michelle absolutely loves working with female-led businesses. We dive into her priceless learnings from this amazing first year of entrepreneurial life and the lessons she has learnt from the Modern Marketing Collective, the retreat, and our community.  I also have some exciting news for you! To make it even easier to join the Modern Marketing Collective and grow your own business, I am giving you access to pay the program off over 12 months! Click here to get started today! Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:

Oct 4

30 min 17 sec

Have you ever wondered how to find the right balance between running a professional and personal business?  In this episode, I discuss the most effective and modern way of doing business that incorporates both aspects into your marketing. As business owners, we have to make sure we don’t come across as unprofessional but we also can’t be boring, stale or stiff to resonate with our audience.  Think about what it means to be professional in your business. When I posed this question to my Modern Marketing Collective they said they wanted to be taken seriously, to be respected and for their work to be seen as having quality.  With that fantastic definition in mind, let’s stop and reconsider being ‘personal’ as being ‘authentic’. You may be surprised to learn that 86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.  So how can you be authentic and professional?  In this episode I’ll give you three ways to introduce authenticity into your marketing and create a community that supports and cares about your business because they know you truly understand them and their needs.  This method is the modern way of doing business, so don’t just try it once. You’re a human and not a business entity, so share your human experience in your content and you’ll make an honest and open connection with your audience. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 29

13 min 22 sec

Do you ever feel a bit all over the place? Are you struggling to stick to one routine? Maybe you feel the need to sleep in some days and other days you’re up with the birds wanting to take on the world. My bet is that most women can relate and this episode could help explain why and what to do about it.  My guest today is Carlie Maree, a best selling author, thought leader, and master of motivational intelligence. Through her online programs and private coaching, Carlie supports women to harness the powerful energies that reside within them and understand just how magic they are. Carlie has a deep understanding of how women work, what motivates them, what drives them and what can hold them back. In this episode, we discuss Carlie’s book, Soul Modes, which I had the pleasure of reading recently. I can honestly say that every woman (and man) should read this book! Carlie’s teaching sheds a beautiful light on the way we operate and how we can do life in a way that honours our natural flow.  We dive into the four different modes, the purpose of each of them and the power of tapping into them specifically when it comes to business.  Carlie talks about embracing the flow of these different modes in our day to day lives, rather than forcing through resistance. You’re going to get so much out of this conversation and make sure you grab a copy of the book. LINKS:Soul Modes BookSoul Modes MovieWebsite: @mscarliemareeFacebook: @carliemareeGenius Unleashed Podcast

Sep 27

38 min 22 sec

What is content marketing?  Is there any power in it?  What should I include in my free content vs my paid content? Where do I draw the line?  In today’s episode, we are having a look at how much value you should be giving away in your content for free. I’ll discuss what content marketing involves and how you can create a community with your audience.  I really want to have a chat about the power in content marketing and how effective it is at converting leads into sales. I know that it’s so important to have confidence in the value of your service. I’ll walk you through the caveats to keep in mind when you're creating your free content. These are so important to ensure that you’re maximising your sales and creating a following.  Have fun with your content and be a leader. You’ll build trust with your clients and generate great sales.  Remember, don’t be your industry’s best kept secret. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

Sep 22

20 min 38 sec

I know it can be so daunting to work out how to grow your online course and make consistent sales. You have an amazing idea and are so keen to work with people but don’t know where to begin!  In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Mathilde Kien. Mathilde has created her business, online courses and podcast to help beginners learn French online in a fun and easy way, ‘French Made Easy’. We look at how she began her business and the valuable lessons she learnt working for herself.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with Mathilde in my Modern Marketing Collective and we talk about the incredible results she has generated from the lessons she learnt through the program.  I’m so proud of her achievements and I love singing her praises. Her podcast has had almost 1,000,000 downloads. Her email subscriber list has grown from 100 to 8,500 people. Her courses have grown to 200 paying students. These are such incredible results and are a real testament to Mathilde’s passion and the methods she is using to grow her business.  I would love for you to listen and find inspiration in Mathilde’s story. She’s such an amazing member of our Modern Marketing Collective community who is so passionate about women helping women to succeed in business. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

Sep 20

34 min 15 sec

Creating content is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners. I know that these days it’s absolutely critical to be sharing content with our audience. Sometimes this pressure can cause us to share content that isn’t really relevant or beneficial for our business which can lead to confusion in our clients.   In this episode, I will be sharing with you three incredibly useful approaches you can use to come up with really strategic and purposeful content for your business. I have found these methods to be very effective and will inspire you to come up with tons of relevant content to share with your audience.  To begin this brainstorm, I really encourage you to take the time and reflect on your business. Reflect on all of the different categories in your business and the difference it can make in the world.  I promise you, your clients will love viewing everything you are creating if you just follow these steps!LINKS: Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 15

14 min 52 sec

Something I believe we can all stand behind is for our businesses to become more culturally and racially diverse, inclusive, and equitable. I think a lot of us know that there is work to be done but we don’t know what we don’t know. What does racial representation look like and what action can we take? My guest today is Annie Gichuru, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach & Consultant and Founder of Uplifting Studios. Combining her experience as an internationally certified life coach, her love of storytelling, and her extensive career as an HR specialist, Annie works to support online business owners to become genuine allies and advocates for racial equity.  In this episode, Annie shares her personal experience moving from Kenya to Australia and the importance of seeing your culture represented in the media and in leadership and influential roles. We talk about what representation should look like in business and how it must be authentic and come from a values-led perspective.  With her gentle spirit and graceful manner, Annie encourages us to take a personal journey first, to educate ourselves on these important matters by listening and having conversations. Then, with a genuine heart to make positive change, we can start taking action in our business to become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.LINKS:Connect with Annie: Instagram: @upliftingstudiostvWebsite: Annie’s free live training Your Business & RepresentationRegister for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

Sep 13

28 min 47 sec

Today I have something a little different from the usual Thursday solo episodes that you've come to know! I'm sharing an interview that I did on another podcast, The Girl Interrupted Podcast. It was such a good episode and the ladies have kindly allowed me to recast this episode on my podcast too! Here are the details: ---------- In today’s show we’ll look at who can benefit from producing an online program and what the perks of online offerings are for entrepreneurs and their customers. We’ll also take a look at the most common mental barriers that creators face when they get started and the best way to overcome them.   In this episode we talk about: What are some key factors or tactics to getting people into a program? How do you foster and continue to foster community throughout the duration of the entire program? How can any service based businesses transition into an online offering where they’re teaching vs. exchanging time for services without feeling any imposter syndrome? AND SO MUCH MORE...     Connect with Girl Interrupted: @girlinterruptedco @saevilrow - Rachelle Saevil @uptothebeatfit - Gina Buber   Connect with Emily: Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you sales Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 8

45 min 3 sec

Covid has had such a detrimental impact on economies and small businesses around the world. Today, I wanted to talk about how we can change our thinking to help us adapt to the pandemic and ensure our businesses thrive.   Melanie James is an amazing business owner with a background in event management across major sporting events, such as The Australian Open, and entertaining acts for the likes of Sia and Paul McCartney. Harnessing her knowledge and experience, Melanie created her own wedding planning company, Mellyrain Events, which offers planning, styling, and coordination.   As you can imagine, Covid has had an enormous impact on the wedding industry, with lockdowns and restrictions causing countless postponements and cancellations. Melanie hasn’t let this stop her because, with her positive mindset and determination, she made sure she didn’t just survive these limitations, she has even managed to thrive!   Melanie joined the Modern Marketing Collective when her business was younger. She shares the lessons she has learned through the course and how it has become a cheerleader to the amazing business she has built.   We discuss how she has adapted her business and services to the Covid restrictions and lockdowns. When customer needs changed, Melanie found ways to support her customers through new services, products, and programs. She has even created a new wedding postponement kit that suppliers in the industry are recommending to all of their clients!   I encourage you to listen to Melanie and find inspiration through her creative solutions and her determination to succeed. LINKS: Connect with Melanie Instagram: @mellyrain_events Facebook: @mellyrainevents Website: Home | Wedding Planner & Stylist | Australia (   Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you sales Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 6

33 min 1 sec

Do you have a signature offer? Are you known for one core amazing offering or service that you have finely tuned to become world’s best at? Or are you spreading yourself thin and saying yes to everything? In this episode, I talk about why you need a signature offer, what happens you don’t have one, and the incredible benefits that come when we hone ours. I talk about self-leadership and how not having a core offer plays into the scarcity versus abundance mindset. My signature offer is The Modern Marketing Collective. I focus my energy on refining it, elevating it, and continue to make revenue from this one core offering. I love how the simplicity plays out into my marketing, promotions and enables me to hone my skills on what I know will serve my clients best.   LINKS: Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you sales Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Sep 2

12 min 8 sec

There are some people who have entrepreneurship in their DNA and my guest today is a prime example of a woman who was born to make an impact in business.   Emma Isaacs is the Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, a thriving global community that operates in 11 cities across two continents. A business owner by the age of 18, self made millionaire by 23, mum of six, and best selling author, Emma is an absolute powerhouse. She joins me today to celebrate the official release of her latest book, The New Hustle.   With live events on hold, Business Chicks was forced to rethink their offerings over the last 18 months and Emma shares some of the lessons she writes about in her book, in particular the importance of being patient, relaxing into whatever stage she’s in and being okay with failure.   We talk about her role as a leader, how she takes this very seriously and how we must always be in alignment with our values in life and business. Emma shares her view on what leadership is, how it’s a lifelong journey and that there is so much beauty in being vulnerable, knowing that we’ll never have all the answers. Leadership takes courage, humility and a willingness to ask questions and do things that other people aren’t doing.   I hope you love this conversation as much as I did. Emma has an incredible amount of experience, wisdom and grace and her new book is an absolute must read. Tune in to find out how you can get yourself a free copy!   LINKS: Emma's Book: The New Hustle Emma’s Website: Emma’s Instagram: @emmaisaacs Business Chick’s Instagram: @businesschicks   Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you sales Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 30

31 min 41 sec

Whether it’s through Instagram or using lead magnets, sharing content is a great way to reach new clients and tap into a new market. However, I often see small businesses making the mistake of sharing content that just doesn’t make sense for their business.   In this episode, I wanted to talk about the content you are sharing in your business. Are you sharing content in line with your vision? Or does your message appear unfocused, vague and watered down?   I know it can be tempting to post large amounts of content when you look at other businesses, but I want you to turn down that noise and zero in your focus on your own message.   Use your wonderful creative side to think of new ways to share, but don’t change your content.   LINKS:   Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 26

8 min 13 sec

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get stuck in the hustle. We have a never ending to do list and not enough hours in the day. Sleep becomes a luxury and we find ourselves barely operating in a state of anxiety, exhaustion and even burn out. If any of this sounds familiar, I’m delighted to introduce you to my guest today, an experienced naturopath, coach, speaker and mind body specialist, Vesna Hrsto. Vesna helps high performing business women battling mental and physical exhaustion to regain control of their mind and body so there’s nothing they can’t do. In this episode, we talk about how and why to optimise your body in order to optimise your business performance. Vesna talks about creating a recovery plan and shares her insights on the incredible benefits of sleep, fixing up your diet and how anxiety and overwhelm is one of the biggest interrupters to our productivity. We talk about the impact of psychological stress and how our bodies are a reflection of what’s happening in our minds. Vesna talks about how negative thinking leads to anxiety and physical changes our biochemistry, which makes a huge impact on our energy levels and therefore our business. If you’re lacking energy, feeling anxious or overwhelmed in your business, this is absolutely the episode for you.   LINKS: Book mentioned: Straight Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich Vesna's Website: Vesna's Energy Reboot Kit   Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you sales Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 23

24 min 55 sec

Grateful is a word I see a lot in the online and entrepreneurial space these days. I’m all about practicing gratitude but I’m beginning to see how it’s not always for our benefit. Gratitude can become toxic. Are you stuck in gratitude and holding yourself back from wanting something more? Gratitude is one thing, but settling for subpar is another. We need more women taking up more space in the world, making more influence, and daring to dream for bigger and better things. I challenge you to look beyond what’s “fine” and strive for what lights you up.   LINKS: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 19

4 min 37 sec

  We are always told to dream big, but how can you handle that paralysing and overwhelming feeling when you consider “how do I accomplish that”?   In this episode, I am so excited to talk to Sarah Davidson who is an entrepreneur, author and podcaster. Sarah’s previous career was as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading International law firm. She then began her own business with her boyfriend at the time (who is now her husband), Matcha Maiden, after becoming very sick with complete adrenal exhaustion in Africa.   Sarah has now gone on to establish a plant-based cafe ‘Matcha Mylkbar’, write a book and a podcast, both entitled ‘Seize the Yay’.   Sarah discusses her journey from her early career to running her business and creative projects. She has been on an amazing journey and we discuss how to overcome that all-consuming feeling of anxiety and failure by incorporating joy, happiness and play to achieve your goals.   Sarah has such an inspiring story and gives you real-world tips to handle your own anxiety in your business and personal life.       LINKS: Website: Instagram:

Aug 16

41 min 23 sec

Are you feeling tired, sluggish and unmotivated? Are you experiencing isolation brain fog and struggling to concentrate on anything right now?   Lockdowns have a significant effect on our mental health. Here in Melbourne, we’re going into our 6th lockdown and sometimes it can feel as if it’s never-ending.   I wanted to share with you some articles that I read about the impact that lockdowns have on our motivation, which may help to explain why you’re feeling the way you are. If your energy levels are low and you’re finding it hard to be productive, you are not alone. We are all on this journey together, even if we are in different boats.   I encourage you to listen to this episode to find some practical tips on how I deal with a lack of motivation by utilising a Covid routine and embarking on new projects. When you are ready, head over to my FREE masterclass on why your business marketing isn’t leading to sales Free Online Workshop - Emily Osmond.   LINKS: Managing Lockdown Fatigue: Struggling to concentrate (with Alexis Rockley): Struggling to concentrate? Here's why you're struggling to focus right now. ( Alexis Rockley:   Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 12

10 min 6 sec

Quitting your full time job and investing everything into running your own business can be really scary, I know! That’s why I’m here to help you along your journey and tell you that it can be done successfully. In this episode, I chat with Courtney Brewster who is one of my students inside the Modern Marketing Collective. Courtney has 10 years of experience across fashion retail and management, visual merchandising, managing a coworking space, and has studied across various creative disciplines. In her business, Tallulah and Zane, Courtney creates beautiful blooms using dried foliage and silk florals. She has had incredible success selling her amazing creations to a vast array of clients including; events, weddings and even the Member’s Suites at the Marvel Stadium for the AFL. We discuss her journey from beginning her business just over 1 year ago in lockdown to today when she is working full time in her company. She shares her insights, advice, and talks about the challenges she has faced throughout the process and how the Modern Marketing Collective has helped her successfully run her business. It can be challenging to work in a creative industry when you’re not feeling creative. We discuss practical methods to address these dips in creativity and how to take time off when you need it. I encourage you to listen to Courtney and then jump onto my FREE online workshop that addresses how to turn your own marketing into sales.   LINKS: Website:     Instagram:      Soul Modes Book: Podcast with Meredith Gaston: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 9

32 min 11 sec

Attracting the right type of clients to your business is a constant challenge for business owners. I’ve found that a lead magnet is an effective marketing method to engage with customers who are interested in your product or service.   In this episode, I discuss how a lead magnet can work to obtain contact information for potential clients and will ensure your business is kept at the forefront of their minds when they’re ready to make the purchase.   I talk about considering your ideal customer, the challenge they're facing, and how you can provide them with a quick solution. This quick solution will resonate to those who want to take the next step and buy the products and services you are offering.   If you’re keen to attract clients who are motivated and excited to find a solution for their needs, this might just be the answer for you.   LINKS Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 5

8 min 14 sec

When I think about the guests who I’d love to have on the show, it comes down to people who are doing work that brings them joy. This is something that today’s guest, Meredith Gaston, encapsulates in the most thoughtful, serene and intuitive way.   Meredith is an Internationally acclaimed best selling author, artist, speaker and passionate wellness advocate. You may have already seen her lovingly illustrated books, her paintings or her work in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Network Australia and, having recently celebrated the publication of her 10th book, Meredith continues to grow her prolific and diverse creative practise.   In this episode, Meredith and I chat about taking a gentle approach to business, what this looks like for her and how she trusts in the magic of life to guide her on the journey. Meredith shares her intuitive approach to opportunities that come her way, working from a place of inspiration and setting goals versus being open to opportunities as they unfold.   Meredith shares so poetically about gratitude, celebrating the little things, the importance of having fun and flowing with life. It was an absolute pleasure to share this conversation with Meredith and I know you’ll come away feeling so inspired by her beautiful approach to life and business. LINKS: Website:   Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Aug 2

32 min 31 sec

Traditional marketing is all about talking at your audience by telling, informing, and directing. It’s a very one way directional approach that doesn't necessarily engage with your audience and can feel dry, too formal and insincere. With online marketing and social media today, we have the power to turn that communication around to a relational conversation speaking with our audience.   In this episode, I talk about how to create a strong connection with your audience by shifting to a relational approach and genuine connection. I talk about why this matters, what it will do for your business, your client engagement and tips on how to make the shift.   As a small business owner, you have the power to put yourself into the marketing and be intimate with your audience. It might take a little practise, but the payoff will be absolutely worth it.   LINKS: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Jul 29

7 min 5 sec

I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode as I speak with my incredible guest, Tamica Wilder. We share a conversation that isn’t typically had in business circles, one that is potentially confronting yet so powerful and relevant to us all. Also known as the Orgasmic Mamma, Tamica is a Melbourne based somatic sex coach and multi-qualified therapist who has a deep passion for teaching humans to reattune to the wisdom of their bodies while giving full permission to shamelessly prioritise pleasure and play. In this episode, we talk about Tamica’s new book, Wild Honey, which is about having full access to the spectrum of who we are as humans, unleashing all that is untamed within us as well as the soft and gentle side. Tamica talks about the importance of living from deep authenticity, breaking open patterns of shame and guilt associated with sexuality and how this translates into the way we show up in all areas of life and business. Tamica talks about boundaries, owning our erotic bodies and what it looks like when women haven’t truly grounded in this. Tamica shares some advice for how to get started on the journey and so much more. This really is a conversation worth listening to and I hope will spark a desire to step into the core of who you really are as a fulfilled, playful and creative business owner.   LINKS: Website: Instagram: @theorgasmicmama Facebook: Book: Wild Honey Erotic Embodiment Immerson: Books mentioned: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes Untrue by Wednesday Martin Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin


Jul 26

30 min 46 sec

I have a question for you. When you have that dream business that you’re working towards, who are you? This episode is all about stepping into the future to discover who you are when you have the success, abundance and lifestyle that you dream of and being that person now. You don’t have to wait until you achieve certain parameters of success. It’s all about making a choice to step into that feeling now. Who do you want to be?  Take some time to look at the future vision you have for your business and your life. You can be that person now.   LINKS Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Jul 22

5 min 15 sec

It can be really disheartening when you set big goals for your business but you just don’t seem to be reaching them. But before you give up altogether and stop believing that those dreams are even possible, remember that every big goal is made up of small steps.   In this solo episode, I share some practical tips and strategies to help you move closer to those big things you want to achieve. Get your pen and paper ready for this one and start writing down what you need to make happen to reach your goals. It’s about breaking it down into monthly and daily actions.   It’s one thing to dream big, but often what we’re missing are the small steps that pave the way toward that great big goal.   LINKS: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Jul 19

5 min 17 sec

It’s really tempting for a lot of new business owners to wait until they’ve got the perfect plan before moving forward. But waiting to take action before you have total clarity is not only unrealistic, it’s simply holding you back.   This episode is a challenge to you to just start. You might not have it all figured out, but neither did I. Clarity comes through action. Through the process of showing up and putting yourself out there, things will become more clear and you’ll learn more through experience than you ever could before.   You just need to start.   LINKS: Register for my FREE webinar: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jul 15

6 min 58 sec

I’m so excited to share this episode with you today. I’m joined by Steph Taylor, a very successful Digital Product Launch Strategist who helps guide online entrepreneurs to launch without the overwhelm and scale their businesses with simple launch success. Steph and I have an honest conversation about what the struggles and challenges of business can really look like and how she has gotten to where she is today. In this episode, Steph talks about her journey starting out in business, some of the struggles she faced along the way and the challenges that continue to rise. We talk about what her business looked like in the beginning and how she got to where she is now by not having an ego, learning from the low points and sticking it out. I love having these honest conversations about the challenges we face as business owners because we can all learn and grow from hearing each other’s stories. Steph shares about the mindset blocks that she is unpacking and some of the tools and modalities she uses to become aware of those blockages and break the patterns of how they show up in her life. We talk about giving ourselves permission, not giving up, learning from the early launches to refine and scale, and so much more. This episode is jam packed with golden nuggets and wisdom from an incredible woman with so much knowledge and experience. You’re going to love it. LINKS:   Podcast: Socialette Website: Instagram:   Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jul 12

27 min 24 sec

Do you trust yourself? It can be really confronting and challenging for many business owners but when it comes to investing in the things that can really help your business grow, self trust is essential. In this episode, I share my approach to investing into my business and talk about the importance of trusting yourself instead of asking permission from those around you. I share about a recent investment I made into joining a group program, why I chose to do so and talk about making sure we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. If you’re struggling to commit and invest in yourself or maybe you’re just needing that little extra encouragement to go for it, this is the episode for you.   LINKS:   Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jul 9

12 min 34 sec

My guest on the show today is the incredibly talented, creative genius Sandy McKinley of Acre of Roses, a spell-binding flower filled retreat in the small town of Trentham, Victoria. With roots as a rose farm, Acre of Roses has evolved to become an internationally recognised accommodation spot for weekends away, intimate elopements and immersive experiences. In this episode, Sandy and I chat about the way she approaches marketing, how she looks at making investments in her business, the strategies and approaches she takes when it comes to customer experience and her continuous dedication to evolving her business. Sandy shares her philosophy of community, connection and collaboration and keeping true to her vision of being a custodian of the land. Sandy talks about being customer centric and how every decision she makes in her business is underpinned by this focus. She walks through a typical customer journey upon arrival at Acre of Roses and how each detail was thought out to flow with her client’s needs as they change and grow. Trust me, you need to go experience this for yourself! Sandy is constantly learning and continuously evolving her business to stay ahead of the curve. The way she approaches business and creates based on her customer and the ongoing shifts in their lives is so intelligent, thoughtful and inspirational.   LINKS:   Website: Instagram:   CONNECT WITH ME:   Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jul 5

29 min 54 sec

Can you believe we’re half way through the year already? For those of us in Australia, it’s the end of the financial year, which is the time to look at revenue, expenses and profit for the year. It’s also a great time to pause and reflect on the last 6 months and think about how you want to position yourself for the rest of the year.   In this episode, I share 3 things to audit in your business at this mid year point. This is a great activity to help shed light on some of the things you may not need to be doing in your business anymore and allow you to see the year out with greater clarity, purpose and direction.   I talk about getting clear on what you want to achieve by setting specific goals and staying focussed on them on a daily basis. I share how to assess your marketing efforts, doubling down on the strategies that are really working, selling and delivering things that feel good to you, and knowing why you’re selling them in the first place.   This is a great practical episode. Let me know how this activity helps your approach to business for the rest of 2021.   CONNECT WITH ME: Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jul 1

13 min 37 sec

Some of us just want everything to be perfect. The problem is, nothing ever is and if we hold the standard of perfection for our lives or business, we often hold ourselves back from doing anything at all.   My guest today is Kiara Johnson, a qualified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who I’ve been working with in the Modern Marketing Collective for the last 2 years. Kiara specialises in helping overwhelmed and stressed women to cultivate a more loving relationship with themselves and their body through her transformational mindset coaching program, allowing them to live the healthy and happy lives they desire.   In this episode, Kiara shares about how perfectionism held her back from putting herself out there in business and how it worked as a protection mechanism to avoid the shame of not being good enough. Kiara has worked on kicking those perfectionism tendencies and she shares some of the practical ways she has done this and the wonderful results she’s been seeing on a personal level and in her business.   In the time we’ve been working together, Kiara has made such incredible progress in her business. I’ve loved seeing her self belief grow, her brand become much more unique and true to her and how she’s raised her prices to grow her business with ease.   If you’re a person with perfectionistic tendencies, this is an episode for you.   LINKS:   Website: Instagram: @insideouthealthwellness Podcast: Become Your Own Best Friend   CONNECT WITH ME: Register for my FREE webinar: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jun 28

29 min 3 sec

Today’s episode is all about prices. Sometimes we can get caught up in the idea that the higher we set our prices, the more value we have as a person and a creative person. It’s easy to get upset because what we sell is often worth so much more than the money we receive for it from one person, but we are generally not selling what we’ve made just once, we’re selling it over and over. Of course, our products are often worth more than the price tag we attach but the unfortunate truth is that prices need to be set according to what the market will pay. We can’t afford to get caught up in these ideas or we will lose sight of our ideal customer. You are not your prices.     CONNECT WITH ME: Register for my FREE webinar: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jun 22

11 min 57 sec

Today I’m speaking with Tina Tower, an award winning serial entrepreneur. She has founded, grown, and sold several businesses and franchises and helped hundreds of people package their expertise into an online course and launch it into the world. Through her Empire Builder program, Tina is on a mission to help one hundred women build a million dollar business by 2025. She’s just released her second book “Million Dollar Micro Business - How to turn your expertise into an online course” and I’ve absolutely loved reading it. In this episode I ask Tina to share some of her wisdom with all of you. Enjoy!   CONNECT WITH TINA: Website: Tina’s new book: Million Dollar Micro Business Instagram: @tina_tower Facebook: @TinaTowerAu Podcast: Her Empire Builder Podcast   CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:  

Jun 16

39 min 3 sec

Do you want to show up on Instagram stories but you fear people won’t be interested? Do you hold yourself back because you’re not sure of what content to share? Maybe you’re worried that people will unfollow you or worse, think you’re an idiot! If that’s you, you’re not alone. A lot of small business owners feel the same but with a little practise, you can say goodbye to fear and use social media to connect authentically with your ideal customers, feel confident to share and make sales while being yourself. Are you ready to join the Instagram Stories Challenge?   Join my Instagram Stories Challenge:

Jun 10

5 min 26 sec

Do you ever feel you just can't find the time to get important things done for your business? It can be hard to have time with everything else going on in your life.  We never magically have free time show up for us, time just gets filled, so we need to consciously be aware of what our time is being taken up by. If you want more time to work on your business, that time needs to come from somewhere else.   In today’s episode I’ll talk you through identifying when your time is unbalanced, and how to find more time in your day. How to pull back from unnecessary tasks and prioritise your work more efficiently.       CONNECT WITH ME:   Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jun 8

14 min 23 sec

Have you got roadblocks holding things up in your business and things just don’t seem to be moving forward the way they should be? I’ve noticed lately that I’ve had too many things on my plate and my long to-do list was holding up processes and slowing work down. It turns out, I was being the bottleneck! In this solo episode, I talk about some of the tell tale signs to look out for that can give you a little hint to see if you’re the one holding things up in your business. I share my advice on what you can do about it and specifically talk through what I’m doing about it in my business. I talk about streamlining your to-do list by focusing on the things that only you can do, trusting your team and finding the areas of your business that you don’t need to be involved in. If processes are slowing down in your business and you’ve got a never ending to-do list, this episode is absolutely for you.   Book Mentioned: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks   CONNECT WITH ME: Register for my FREE webinar: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

Jun 3

14 min 17 sec

  It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce my guest to you today. Bec Idien has been a member of the Modern Marketing Collective for the past 18 months and she joins me in this episode to chat about stepping out of her comfort zone to start a life changing business.   Bec is the owner and operator of Lemonade Kids, the first licensee in Brisbane to delivery Standing Strong wellness programs for girls and boys aged 5-16 years. Her programs take a holistic approach to health and well being and help kids and teenagers to feel resilient and empowered in a supportive, uplifting and fun environment.   In this episode, Bec shares her journey coming out of a successful 20 year career in events management and the defining moment that pushed her out of her comfort zone into becoming a business owner.   Bec shares the highs and lows of her personal and professional journey and how she has approached the challenges along the way by taking risks and giving things a go. She shares some great advice to anyone else wanting to make a change in their own life, including remembering to go back into your comfort zone to rest when you need to.   You’re going to love Bec’s zest for life and business. She’s a true inspiration and this episode is going to be especially powerful for you if you feel like you need that extra little push toward your dream.   Website: Instagram:   CONNECT WITH ME:   Register for my FREE webinar:   Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:  

Jun 1

52 min 2 sec

I have a simple question for you today that, despite being a little unnerving, will really help you take an honest look at where you’re at so that you can start shifting your focus to where it needs to be. Think about what it is that you really want to do. What dreams do you have? What Pinterest boards have you created? What goals do you want to achieve? And the simple question is, why aren’t you doing that now? This episode is all about giving yourself permission to start working toward your dreams now. You don’t have to wait for the perfect future version of yourself. You’ve got what it takes now to start working toward your dreams. Little by little, learning and growing as you go. So what is it that you really want to do?   CONNECT WITH ME: Register for my FREE webinar: Instagram Personality Quiz: Instagram Strategy Class: The Modern Marketing Collective: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn:

May 27

8 min 51 sec