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Welcome to Slavic Tribe. Vlad and Roman will do a review and unboxing of their life on this Planet as it is.

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Vlad and Roman talk about the current state of the labor market and the economy overall. America is going through a strange period under the new administration. Housing market is booming, labor market is deteriorating - what is going on? Follow us on Instagram

Aug 28

37 min 36 sec

Join Vlad and Roman as they discuss the myth of EV cars being environmentally friendly. This is the main selling point for EV car manufacturers, but is it as good for the Earth as they promise? Vlad and Roman discuss other technologies that could change our future.Follow us on Instagram


Jul 25

38 min 28 sec

Vlad and Roman talk about their health and fitness journeys. They discuss the struggles of getting older and being more conscious about the calories and the quality of food. They agree that you have to love yourself the way you are, but you have to take care of your health!Follow Slavic Tribe on Instagram:


Jul 10

1 hr 1 min

This is the final episode of the Re:Zero series. Vlad and Roman discuss the final building blocks of the life in US and the easiest ways to do it. Vlad talks about starting your own business, what to focus on and what mistakes to avoid. Roman shares investing and money saving tips to keep in mind as your life in US becomes more established.Stay tuned for the next episode! Follow Slavic Tribe on Instagram:

Jun 26

54 min 21 sec

Vlad and Roman continue the Starting New Life in US series. Once your basics are covered, it's time to explore and enjoy your new environment. Vlad and Roman share tips on how to find new friends and keep an open mind as you adjust to the new culture. Bonus: guess who Vlad means by "the guy from Florida".  Stay tuned for Part 4!Follow Slavic Tribe on Instagram:

Jun 13

40 min 53 sec

Vlad and Roman continue the Starting New Life in Us series. They share tips for finding your first job, housing and your first car. There are a lot of opportunities but also a lot you should be looking out for not to get in trouble. Stay tuned for Part 3!Follow Slavic Tribe on Instagram:

May 23

44 min 16 sec

Vlad and Roman share tips for newcomers to America and for those who are interested in moving. They discuss different visa options and share their own journeys. This is Level 1 of 4, so stay tuned!Follow Slavic Tribe on Instagram

May 8

46 min 55 sec

Vlad and Roman speculate on what the future will hold: will the current education model still be relevant and how the technology developments will affect the job market. And, of course, EV cars are big subject, even if they don't drive as far as one hopes. 

Apr 24

1 hr 30 min

Vlad and Roman discuss money saving and investing, debunking the myth that you have to be rich to start. They also talk about overall financial health - credit score, emergency funds, and other tidbits that help create a secure financial situation. Tip from Vlad: don't forget to make your credit card payment!

Apr 10

1 hr 1 min

Slavic Tribe is back with another episode!!! Are schools in US different from schools in Ukraine? Is the traditional education system still relevant today and what will schools be like in the near future? Vlad and Roman are not 100% sure, but they try to convince you that being educated is important.

Mar 21

1 hr 17 min

We discuss the differences between W2 and 1099 employment and share our experiences. Listen to find out which one we unanimously recommend. 


Mar 4

52 min 5 sec