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Welcome to the #NIMosaFridays podcast. A show where we share powerful life lessons and a few laughs as our host Gail, empowers others as she sits at the intersection of people, purpose, and politics while sipping on Mimosas. Now grab some orange juice and champagne and welcome your host, Gail Dudley.

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Mimosa Recipe: Christmas Time Mimosa   1 Bottle of champagne 1 Bottle of Cranberry or Cranberry pomegranate juice. (Not cocktail) Rosemary springs for garnish Fresh or Frozen or Dry Candy Cranberries for garnish Cain sugar   Take a container and line the bottom with sugar Take about a tablespoon of cranberry juice and pour on top of the sugar. Add some more sugar. Take the cranberries and line the bottom of the container. Shake it up. Put in freezer or refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Can place overnight.   Use champagne flutes and turn them upside down in the sugar mix when you are ready to drink your mimosa. Yes, line the rim with sugar from the mixture.   Pour half the flute with champagne and the add cranberry juice. Add the sugar cranberries and the rosemary springs for garnish.   CHEERS!     Let Me See You Soar   As Simon Sinek says, “What’s Your Why?” Start there. Then…   Identify your purpose and scope Environment Capabilities & Opportunities Assumptions Goals & Objectives Policy & Procedures Programs & Strategies Priorities & Timetable Organization   What do you want your organization, business, brand, ministry, nonprofit, etc., to do for you? Do for others? What direction would you like to take in the future? What are your most crucial needs?   Let Gail help you flush through all of this. Right now, through December 10, you can purchase coaching with Gail at 50% OFF using the code: GailGivesBack visit:   Book now and use now or later. The discount to purchase coaching on any of her sessions will end at 11:59 PM on December 10, 2021.   Go to to purchase and schedule     Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –   Do you have a business? Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck.

Dec 3

35 min 1 sec

Tune in to this interview with Jacob Kraus-Preminger. The time is now to begin to strategize for the 2022 elections. We start with knowing our power.   The conversation began with Gail asking about food insecurity and the connection to voter participation and other issues of racial and economic justice. Jacob began his response by sharing, “So often, people experience food insecurity because they are forced to choose between spending their limited dollars on housing, healthcare, education, childcare, food, and other necessities. We can work together to expand the choices families have by (1) creating better jobs with living wages and (2) making housing, childcare, healthcare, and basic necessities more affordable. All of this requires power: power we exercise at the voting booth, power we exercise in relationship with elected officials, and power we exercise in the face of those who see basic survival as an opportunity to make record profits.   Gail then jumped to this question, “What opportunities and challenges can we look towards as the 2022 elections get closer and closer?” Jacob jumped in by saying, “The biggest opportunity is for us to continue to win real changes by working together across race, faith, place, and economic background. We are seeing how getting together, not with 100% agreement on everything, but with a shared vision for a country where all of us can thrive, is already paying off. Billions of dollars have been invested in communities around the country, but we need to keep building power so that 1 or 2 Members of Congress aren’t able to stand in the way of voting rights, affordable childcare, saving the planet, and other necessities.”   Here's the truth. Those who want to keep working people fighting over scraps while they earn record profits are afraid of the power we’re building to get together, so they will keep trying to divide us, especially by race, faith, and place. We should all be ready to see more dog whistle politics: certain politicians will keep speaking about race in coded language that isn’t explicitly racist but converts a racist message to white folks in particular. We need to call out these attempts at division for what they are and recognize that a coalition of working people who are Black, brown, white, and Indigenous can win real change in this country.   For more on dog whistle politics, check out the work of Ian Henry Lopez. You can always reach out to Jacob via email at   ----------------------------------   Join Gail this month as she helps families who are facing food insecurity. This is the tenth year Gail has come alongside of families who are hungry.   Here’s Gail appeal ~   Do this. Close your eyes and think about a time you were hungry. Not because you did not have food in your refrigerator, but due to not having anything immediately on hand to eat. Can you hear your stomach growling? Now think about your neighbor going without food for twenty-four, seventy-two hours, six weeks, six months, an entire year. No, they do not have to live next door to you or even in your neighborhood. Imagine, if you will, someone who cannot feed their children or older parents. Picture that person who needs food to take their medication but would instead give their last slice of bread to a child before school. Let's become a part of the solution this year.   Yes, this is happening every day here in America. Last year around this time, I shared about people who were facing eviction and food insecurity. This year I am doing the same. Currently, we have eleven families seeking food. Before you ask, during our vetting system, it is has been confirmed that the individuals have been to the food bank, and with the price of food increasing, the need is greater, and food banks are struggling. American food banks across the country have been dealing with the increased demands due to COVID19. Twenty months later, the new challenge with an increase in food prices and container issues of the supply chain, the nation is facing new problems. According to the Associated Press, the higher costs and limited availability mean some families may get smaller servings or substitutions for staples such as peanut butter, which food banks are buying for nearly double what it cost two years ago. Now that the holidays are upon us, many food banks are concerned they won’t have enough supply for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have all heard about lower inventory and labor shortages which have all contributed to increased costs for charities on which tens of millions of people in the U.S. rely on for nutrition, reports Newsweek. They state in their reporting that, “Donated food is more expensive to move because transportation costs are up, and bottlenecks at factories and ports means there's less food coming.” Feeding America, which coordinates the work of more than 200 food banks around the country, says that this hidden crisis impacts more families than you might realize. In fact, as many as 160,000 active-duty military members are having trouble feeding their families. Allow me to share more information that I was able to obtain from the USDA Economic Research ( The defining characteristic of very low food security is that, at times during the year, food intake of household members is reduced, and their normal eating patterns are disrupted because the household lacks money and other resources for food. Very low food security is characterized in terms of the conditions that households in this category typically reported in the annual survey. 98 percent reported having worried that food would run out before they got money to buy more food. 96 percent reported that the food they bought just did not last, and they did not have money to get more. 95 percent reported that they could not afford to eat balanced meals. 96 percent reported that an adult in the household had cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food; 86 percent reported that this activity had occurred in 3 or more months during the year. 94 percent reported having eaten less than they felt they should because there was not enough money for food. 67 percent reported that they had been hungry, but they did not eat because they could not afford enough food. 46 percent reported having lost weight because they did not have enough money for food. 30 percent reported that an adult did not eat for a whole day because there was not enough money for food; 23 percent reported that this had occurred in 3 or more months during the year. All households without children that were classified as having very low food security reported at least 6 of these conditions, and 66 percent of these households reported 7 or more conditions. Food-insecure conditions in households with children followed a similar pattern. Here’s my call to action.   As you are grocery shopping, pick up a few extra items. Drop them off at local churches, food banks, community centers, YMCA, College Campuses, Child Care Centers, Senior Centers, Fire Stations, Doctor’s Offices, Hair Salons, etc. Be sure to call or google first to confirm they are a food drop off location.   OR   You can participate by investing in the ministry and work of Gail Dudley.   Just like the last ten years, as Gail has celebrated her wedding anniversary with her amazing husband, she is asking you to join her and the Ministry in Motion, News in Motion, and #NIMOSAFriday’s podcast family by investing $30.00 to help provide food to those who are hungry. We have a relationship with Aldi’s and can secure gift cards for families across America to provide food (no alcohol).   You may click this link Paypal link to give to Ministry in Motion.   NOTE: The link will say, “Donate to Gail Dudley.”   Or send funds via CashApp $MIMToday.   Thank you in advance for providing for those who are facing food insecurity.   ~ Gail   Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram @GailDudley Subscribe to Gail’s YouTube: Tune In Monday – Thursday for News in Motion at 7:25 AM and become a patron on Patreon at   Connect with Gail on her website at

Nov 19

32 min 7 sec

It is National Donor Sabbath Week. This week we join Lifeline of Ohio to talk about organ and tissue donation with Rabbi Stephanie Covitz and Demia Kandi.   National Donor Sabbath is observed annually two weekends before Thanksgiving, from Friday through Sunday. This three-day observance seeks to include the days of worship for major religions practiced in the United States. During National Donor Sabbath, faith leaders from many religions, donor families, transplant recipients, and donation and transplantation professionals participate in services and programs to educate the public about the need for the lifesaving and healing gifts passed to others through transplantation, while also encouraging people to register their decision to be organ, eye and tissue donors.   In Central Ohio, more than 105,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving organ.   38 counties in Ohio and two in West Virginia are served by Lifeline of Ohio.   78 hospitals support patients with our services.   Here’s the truth:   8 lives can be saved and more than 75 can be healed by one person 700 Central Ohioans and more than 3100 people across the state are waiting for organ transplants. 20 times a day, a man, woman or child dies for the lack of an available organ. Zero lives will be saved if you do nothing   You can sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor by visiting (you will need a valid Ohio’s driver license or state identification card)   I would like to encourage you to hear this week’s News in Motion segment with Rabbi Stephanie. You can hear the entire interview after the news headlines by clicking this link While you are there, please consider subscribing to my YouTube.   This holiday, give the gift of life and become a donor.   Meet Rabbi Stephanie: Rabbi Stephanie Covitz was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Jewish Studies at Indiana University. She then went on to receive rabbinic ordination and a Master of Arts in Hebrew Letters from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Stephanie completed a year-long residency in chaplaincy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and achieved board certification in 2016. She served as a chaplain at multiple central Ohio hospitals, including Mount Carmel East, OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital and most recently Riverside Methodist Hospital. Stephanie joined the team at Lifeline of Ohio in 2021 as a Bereavement Coordinator. She resides in Columbus with her husband and two children. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her kids, cross stitching and officiating the occasional wedding.     Meet Demia Kandi: Demia Kandi is the Founding Partner of Significance LLC, a consulting firm specializing in training, strategy, and program design. A global leader with an innate ability to guide and influence others, Demia is a change agent with a niche for identifying best practices; and a content expert in the area of Diversity Equity and Inclusion with 15 years of strategic outreach and community relations in the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) field. Her specialization in Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and OPO multicultural outreach are crucial in building cultures of inclusion within an organization and the communities they serve. A native of Columbus, Ohio, Demia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University; with a Masters in Family Studies. She is a passionate facilitator and motivational speaker, not just in the business of professional development; but people development. According to Demia, “Success is subjective. Being significant requires having impact, and changing lives forever. It is my goal to help companies reach beyond success to significance.”  Contact Demia on LinkedIn: ------------   Would you like to be a guest on #NIMosaFridays? Complete the following form: Want to promote your product or services on News in Motion LIVE? Complete the following form: Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail – Book of the Month by Gail: Getting To The Root of It ~ you can find it on Amazon by clicking here:

Nov 12

56 min 39 sec

The book synopsis reads, “The Black Girl's Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds is about the trauma and emotional wounds that holds us back and prevents us from being our best selves. In this book, we peel back the layers to discover how we are wired and what has caused us to be wired the way in which we are i.e. daddy issues, mommy issues, toxic relationships, shame etc.  We tear down the inner chaos and rebuild with healthy learned behavior that helps us to give and receive love from the healthiest parts of ourselves.    The objective of this book is healing and unity. I believe it's important for us, as Black Women, to view each other as sisters instead of competitors and to be includers instead of cliques. This will only occur if we address and heal the age-old baggage that we inherited from our forefathers, as well as the societal ills we have been dealt. Take the journey to healing.    The Black Girl's Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds Devotional is the 2nd book within the series.  Daily, this devotional will take us on a deeper dive into our emotions and helps to eliminate toxic learned behavior by implementing new positive behaviors daily.    The Black Girl's Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds Journal is a daily goal and emotion tracker. This journal helps us to look deeper into our emotions and triggers and provides tools to help manage them.”   Join Gail as she speaks with Nijiama Smalls during this podcast. They go deep, laugh, cry, and empower others to do what is needed to become emotionally well. Yes, #DoTheWork towards your #InnerHealing.   Here’s a little about Nijiama Smalls.   She is an author, writer, Emotional Wellness Coach, and the CEO of The Emotional Wellness Hub, Nijiama Smalls supports the healing of women of color through all life stages. Her first series- The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds has sold over 20,000 copies within its first 6 months of release. Readers in the US, Canada, and UK have praised the series for its relatability and relevant approach.   Additionally, Nijiama Smalls is the wife of Pastor Shamon Smalls and a mother of two. A current resident of Northern Virginia, she has spent many years working in various leadership roles in Corporate America as well as career counseling for Washington, DC residents. In addition, she has served as an adjunct faculty member at two local post-secondary educational institutions where she taught professional development and business-related courses. Mrs. Smalls has earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science and MS. from Winthrop University. She also holds certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Care and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also a certified Life Coach. Serving the community is also an important factor and she has taken great pride in being a part of several local initiatives. Mrs. Smalls is the President and Founder of the Prince William County Chapter of Mocha Moms Inc. There she is able to empower women of color to be the best moms they can be while encouraging them to maintain a balance within their lives. She also serves as the leader of the Family Life Ministry at Zion Church Woodridge where she counsels families in crisis.   -------------------- Would you like to be a guest on #NIMosaFridays? Complete the following form: Want to promote your product or services on News in Motion LIVE? Complete the following form: Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail – Book of the Month by Gail: Getting To The Root of It ~ you can find it on Amazon by clicking here:

Nov 5

31 min 22 sec

November 2, 2021 is just as important as November 4, 2020 was during the general elections when we voted for the President of the United States of America.   This election, we are focused on local, local, local, with a lot centered around boards of education.   November 2 - what’s on the ballot Local Local Local   There are over 14,000 public school districts, with more than $500 billion spent on public elementary and secondary education each year.   School boards set the policies of the elementary, middle, and high schools with the understanding that their existence is based on the idea that local control of public education it more responsive to the needs of the local community.   In this episode of #NIMosaFriday’s with Gail, she covers some of the following: How the board of education sets direction and goals for the district Deal with finance and bond issues, class sizes, student curriculum, safety measures, teacher’s issues, and more to include, Sets the vision and goals for the district Adopts policies and setting priorities to achieve its goals Sets student performance standards Establishes school budgets Approves the school calendar Adopts curriculum Evaluates and/or hires the superintendent Selects transportation systems Approves contracts with outside vendors Manage collective bargaining for district employees The board balances the business of running the district while establishing and monitoring its’ academic priorities.   The stakes are high these days with school board elections across the country. They even include PACS. If you have not already voted early for the November 2, 2021 elections, please take time to research the candidates and vote based upon your community, the teachers, but more importantly the students. Take partisan politics out of this and vote with education as the goal.     To find and contact your representatives, go to:   To find and contact your senator, go to:   To book Gail, contact     Would you like to be a guest on #NIMosaFridays? Complete the following form: Want to promote your product or services on News in Motion LIVE? Complete the following form: Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –

Oct 29

14 min 26 sec

Let’s start here. Who or what is #NIMosaFriday’s? The NIM is from Gail’s digital broadcast News in Motion. The ‘Mosa’ comes from mimosa’s which is Gail’s favorite drink. Mike Nicholson, one of News in Motion’s regular viewers coined the name #NIMosaFriday’s. So, you may hear News in Motion throughout each Friday’s podcast with Gail and her guests.   Today, we are excited to have on the show Pastor Derrick Holmes. He is a father, activist, pastor, and a Faith Organizer for Amos, an arm of the OOC. He joins us today by putting before us, Why Go Vote?   Listen in as Pastor Holmes challenges us with…   Creating a habit of liberation Understanding policy and platform Asking the question, “Who’s driving?” Recognizing the difference of power and performance. Exercising your consistent posture of power. Aligning your value Accessing the resources   This podcast equips and positions us with what we need to go vote.   Plus, Pastor Holmes gives us two minutes of Bible Study talking about Esther and her people who were oppressed. “If I say something…I may lose something.”   Why go vote? Because we were afforded the space by the God of justice.   November 2, 2021, is about the local ballot. Do your research. See what’s on the ballot. Then go vote.   Resources: Also check out the Party of Lincoln App   If you would like to book Pastor Holmes contact: Twitter: @mrderrickholmes Email: Facebook: Derrick K. Holmes   ----------------------------------------------------   Would you like to be a guest on #NIMosaFridays? Complete the following form: Want to promote your product or services on News in Motion LIVE? Complete the following form: Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –

Oct 29

24 min 36 sec

What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, economic, psychological actions, or threats of actions that influence another person. This includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wound someone.*   Emotional Abuse:  Undermining an individual's sense of self-worth and/or self-esteem is abusive. This may include, but is not limited to constant criticism, diminishing one's abilities, name-calling, or damaging one's relationship with his or her children   Man of the House focuses on the emotional abuse aspect of domestic violence.   Synopsis: "Man Of The House" is a drama/comedy that revolves around one man's struggle to save his relationship and get his life on track, while the woman in his life runs their home, his life, and everything in it.  Domestic Violence with a twist, as the male is the victim as opposed to the abuser.   The comedy in the play never centers around the actual abuse, therefore audiences are being educated while being entertained.  The play features various up and coming artists from the NYC Tri-State area.  In addition to writer/producer/director, the leading male role of "James" is played by A’ndre.  He is an experienced actor, singer, and writer.   Although a comedy, "Man Of The House" touches on some very relevant issues. Domestic violence with a twist and the effects of unresolved generational issues, are some of the topics discussed in the piece.  The target audience is High School thru Senior Citizens.   This information was provided by the US Department of Justice Website:   In 2010, the CDC conducted a national intimate partner survey, and found that over 40% of Domestic abuse cases involved the man being the victim.   Meet A’ndre Davis, writer, producer, and director of the stage play Man of The House. In addition to writer/producer/director, the leading male role of "James" is played by A’ndre.  His experience as a singer includes opening for some of the best in today's R&B music including Jaheim, Tamia, Tank, Joe, Avant, Brian Mcknight, Anthony Hamilton, Patti Labelle, and Wendy Williams to name a few.  Theater credits include "Dreamgirls", "After The Walk" featuring grammy nominated artist Kelly Price, and "Underneath It All" featuring Stellar Award Winner Kierra Sheard.  A'ndre is also an alumni of Kean University. Follow A’ndre on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube @adiamondent Bookings/Inquiries:         Would you like to be a guest on #NIMosaFridays? Complete the following form: Want to promote your product or services on News in Motion LIVE? Complete the following form: Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –  

Oct 22

42 min 51 sec

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Nawanda is sharing her story.   Nawanda Turner wears many hats. She is a health care IT contractor, focused entrepreneur and as of late an inspirational encourager to those who are starting their wellness journey. She is also the mother to her two adult children, Cymone Allyssa (25), Carl Anthony III (23) and YaYa to her baby granddaughter Anaya Yvette.           In 2016 Nawanda left her full-time corporate healthcare and went into consulting to offer her services to assist healthcare organizations implementing electronic medical records systems. It was also at this time that her life drastically changed because she found the strength to remove herself from an abusive marriage of over 20 years. Her journey had been up and down,but she embraces all the changes and knows she’ll be better in the end.   Listen in as Nawanda shares her story. Have your tissues close by because you will need them.   If you are experiencing domestic violence, please go to a safe place. Contact Note from the National Domestic Violence Hotline: “Internet usage can be monitored and is impossible to erase completely. If you’re concerned your internet usage might be monitored, call us at 800.799.SAFE (7233). Learn more about digital securityand remember to clear your browser history after visiting this website.” While on their website, “Click the red “X” in the upper-right corner or “Escape” button on your keyboard twice at any time to leave immediately.” ------------------------------------------- Need someone to pray with and talk to? Book with Gail by visiting:   Book: Ready To Change My Name: A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Faith –   Follow Gail: Twitter and Instagram @GailDudley Website: News in Motion: YouTube: -----------------------------------------------   Do you have a story to share? Are you an influencer and have a list of great gifts for the holidays? Are you an event planner and would like to give do’s and don’ts for Thanksgiving? Chef? Complete this form and upload your media one-sheet for Gail and her team to review. --------------------------------------------

Oct 8

42 min 41 sec

Ready to go but don’t know where to go or how to go about starting your journey? Many of us find ourselves in this situation. We have an idea of what we want to do, and we get excited about all the possibilities, yet beyond the anticipation of what’s next, we often get lost in all the how-to’s and trying to figure out how things will get paid.   Meet Dr. Greta Oliver, the author of College Roadmap. Her book hit Amazon’s Best Seller Lists at its debut in August 2021, which is why we had her shared during the News in Motion broadcast and here on #NIMosaFriday’s. Dr. Oliver’s book outlines a step-by-step process to assist students and their parents and guardians on the journey of becoming college students without all of the stress and anxiety that many find themselves dealing with time and time again.   On this podcast, Dr. Oliver will take us through answering some tough questions after she boldly suggests that everyone does not have to go to college. What a relief! Then she challenges us by having us answer, “What’s your why?” for attending college, university, which college, subject, costs, and so much more. She informs the listeners not to ignore the possibility of attending a community college. Just listen to the podcast. There’s so much to unpack including, financial aid, grants, scholarship, and yes, those dreaded loans.   After listening to this podcast, if you have questions feel free to reach out to Dr. Oliver. Visit her website to learn more about her and to schedule a coaching appointment.   Buy her book College Roadmap by visiting   --------------------------------------   While you are here. Subscribe to the #NIMosaFriday’s podcast and share with other. Oh, please be sure to give us a review.   Starting October 1, 2021, Gail is once again doing her annual 31-days of prayer. Buy the book by going to there are currently more than 2000 individuals who have signed up to pray during this time. We hope you will join us. Follow Gail: Instagram: GailDudley Twitter: GailDudley Like and Follow Subscribe to Gail’s YouTube: Website: Become a patron by visiting   Pitch a show and be a guest on News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday’s here: One last thing before we go… Do you have a business? Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck.

Oct 1

25 min 36 sec

It was pure joy to interview Diane “Ladybug” Ivery for #NIMosaFriday’s and News in Motion. Diane gives information on how to take something you love and turn it into income. This interview is a part of the new series Gail has launched regarding startups, finances, credit scores, and building wealth.   Listen in, and Diane shares her journey. Have pen and paper ready to take notes.   You will hear Gail and Diane mention News in Motion during the interview. News in Motion is a weekday digital news broadcast streamed live on Facebook and Gail’s YouTube. News in Motion is news with relevant commentary and a call to action mixed with an inspirational message. From time to time, Gail takes excellent content from her interviews on News in Motion and uploads them right here to her podcast. Here’s your invitation to join her by following and subscribing to Gail’s YouTube you will be glad you did!   Will you do us a favor? Would you mind downloading and reviewing #NIMosaFriday’s? Many thanks for considering my request.   Who’s Diane?  Diane "Ladybug" Ivery, named after her mother Diane Holmes, was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio’ Eastside. While growing up, Ladybug learned early on that it is better to give than receive and be truly blessed through your service. Ladybug truly believes that one person can make a difference, so her question often is, "Will you be that one?”  Currently, Ladybug (Diane) is employed at Goodwill Columbus as a Program Manager, where she works and provides services for adults with mental and physical disabilities. She is also the Creator and Owner of Miss Ladybug's Unlimited Creativity as a designer and face painter. Her greatest passion is the inspiration she creates through “The Morning Message,” which she has been writing since 2007 and published in 2018. She is a proud member of Bridges Book Club, Artistic Director of Power in Praise Dance Ministry, and a Mentor teaching young ladies how to explore their talents and gifts through the art of sewing. Diane has shared her talents with groups such as The Girls Scouts, Daughters of Mine, Extraordinary Queens Junior Program, Thiossane West African Dance Company, Tapestry Performing Arts, and Leap of Faith Christian Dance Studio. Ladybug (Diane) is the proud mother of four sons and one daughter, and four grandchildren. Ladybugs' life activities include dancing, sewing, teaching, listening to music, reading inspirational books, and long walks in the park where she can hear the voice of God. You can follow Diane “Ladybug” Ivery on Facebook, Instagram @missladybuguc, or contact her at   ---------------------------------------- Do you have a business? Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck. Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –

Sep 24

36 min 38 sec

It all starts with this question. "From my experience, when I am in debt, I feel trapped, captive, enslaved...there are times I lose sleep and cannot breathe. What steps can we take to free ourselves from the bondage of debt so we can begin to live a life of freedom?"   Dr. Kim Carter says, "My Credit Score was in the 500 some years ago and stayed in the mid 600’s until last year." She continues to talk about how she went from a credit score in the 600's to 800's in a little over six months.   Are you struggling to raise your credit scores? Have you been on a roller coaster ride with your credit? Take a listen to Dr. Kim, a certified Dave Ramsey, Master Money Manager, as she gives us solid steps to take.   “Being Fired Up For Faithful Financial Freedom Increased My Credit Score From 640 to 807 in Less Than 12 Months Through Prayer, Patience, & Persistence! I’m a certified financial coach and have shared content on financial management for many years and have been debt-free multiple times yet found myself again in debt, and this time I promised God, it would be my last. I no longer wanted to live hypocritically by helping so many others get out of debt yet being in and out of it myself, so I got very serious and committed to Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance to be no longer debt bound. Debt occurs for so many reasons and in so many ways and sometimes for so many others, yet that was no excuse for what I ultimately knew was my responsibility, and this is where my story of debt freedom ‘for real this time’ began.”   To contact Dr. Kim Carter, email her at   Join the News in Motion Patreon and get in on the 30-minute private Zoom session with Dr. Kim on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at noon. Become a patron by visiting:   Become a sponsor of #NIMosaFridays Podcast and or News in Motion by contacting Gail at   Follow Gail: Instagram: GailDudley Twitter: GailDudley Facebook: YouTube: Website:

Sep 17

29 min 51 sec

Tune in as Gail shared her personal time wrestling in what felt like a difficult season for her. She is very transparent with the fear that she was dealing with and decided she needed to get to the root of the fear and deal with any wounds to move forward. Gail shares herself and some challenging times. She walks you through how to deal with fear from a familiar Bible Scripture from 2 Timothy. What are a few takeaways from this podcast episode? 1) Fan the flames 2) Laying on of hands 3) Get to the root of fear 4) Tap into God's spirit of Power. Love. Self-Control 5) Do a self-evaluation. Yes, Gail is big on stepping back and completing a self-evaluation. Gail can coach you through the process, especially if you are feeling stuck or blue in this particular season of your life. Book with Gail by visiting Want to go at it alone? Gail has a course on Teachable called Getting To The Root of It. You can purchase the course by visiting   Prefer to purchase Getting To The Root of It book by Gail? You can purchase on Amazon at:   Subscribe to Gail's YouTube: Follow Gail on Social Media: Twitter: @GailDudley Instagram: @GailDudley Website: News In Motion Facebook:

Sep 10

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Are you looking to sell? Are you looking to buy? Ready for that vacation home? Ready for that investment property? Are you looking to purchase an Airbnb?   Join Gail as she interviews Crystal Washington. The two of them talk about home buying, selling, and relocation. Crystal drops some great content on the different types of loans, credit score, vacation homes, buying, and selling. You do not want to miss this great information.   Crystal B. Washington Booth is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Florida.  She utilizes a consultative approach for both buyers and sellers.  Her expansive marketing and business development experiences have propelled her entry into the real estate industry. Her primary market areas are the greater Orlando area and surrounding counties (Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Polk and Lake).     To contact Crystal visit:   ------------------------------------------------------------------------   Do you have a business? Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck.   Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website: Book with Gail –

Aug 27

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Ready for your next breakthrough? Personal adventure, career, entrepreneur venture, self-care moment, or (fill in the blank). Over the next twenty-minutes, listen in as Gail walks you through fifteen steps to having a winning plan. We are in the second half of the year, and it’s time to plan our strong finish! In utilizing Scriptures and prayer, Gail will help you take the steps needed for your breakthrough. 1) Power. Love. Sound Mind. 2) Trusting the Process 3) Walk by Faith 4) Take the Leap After you listen to this podcast you may be saying to yourself, “Yes! To all of this! Now, what?” Join others who made an investment into their life and joined Gail one-on-one virtually. Gail’s clients are saying, "This session changed my life and I'm READY!" "Gail never leaves a stone unturned." Let's get ready for your next! Schedule your session today: Check out Gail’s books on Amazon: Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck. Website: YouTube: (subscribe) Social Media: IG & Twitter: @GailDudley Facebook: (like and follow) (like and follow) Become a patron:

Aug 20

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Evaluation   It’s time to uncover the hard truth. Let’s start with two questions.   What’s working? What’s not working?   Several years ago, I implemented a quarterly self-evaluation. I wanted to measure my strengths and weaknesses and be honest with what is working well in my life and what areas I need to cut off. This self-evaluation was very detailed. Each quarter, I review the mission and vision statement of my business, ministry, personal life, and brand. I begin with looking at my overall health on a holistic level. Yes, if I’m not healthy, nothing else could possibly be healthy that is attached to my daily living. I take each area of my life and do a self-assessment and evaluation. I focus on areas in my life that need attention and the places I need to prune. Most of the time, this self-evaluation covers every area of my life, from business to ministry, finances, health, relationships, to writing and publishing. I even evaluate my way of thinking both negatively and positively.   In this #NIMosa podcast, I share seven items to help you conduct a self-evaluation. Let’s get started by reviewing your mission and vision statement as an author, speaker, coach, teacher, publisher, business owner, mom, dad, minister, husband, wife, newly married, singer, artist…whatever your giftedness or expertise, or wherever you wish to begin.   Here are the seven areas I will quickly touch on:   Thank big and be bold. Build a public profile Stop focusing on the wrong things Protect your boundaries Establish key relationships and networks Evaluate: What’s working and what’s not working Change directions if you must.   Ready? Let’s begin.   Need help?   Do you have a business? Are you ready to raise awareness of your brand, product, or service? Gail, the host of News in Motion and #NIMosaFriday podcast is an influencer who brings attention to every product she mentions. She started out with a few followers and growing her base daily. Listeners tune in Monday – Friday from around the US and beyond. Let Gail help you expand and connect with new customers and get your brand, product, or services mentioned on her shows. Contact to request her media deck.   Follow Gail on Twitter and Instagram: @GailDudley Like and Follow - Become a patron - Subscribe to – Read Gail’s Articles - View Gail’s Website:

Aug 13

16 min 13 sec

Many of you may recall the article I wrote on called Lemons to Lemonade. I wrote that piece after experiencing a horrific situation with a podcast company I had hired back when the podcast was called Something and Mimosas.    In the article I talked about the situation I ran into which the company I had previous hired decided to drop me as a client without warning or reason.    At first, I was devastated especially with paying so much money to get my podcast up and running.    Here’s a little of the article on “Have you ever been released as a client? Well, as of June 3, 2021, I can say I have, and this is what I quickly learned: It is not in your best interest to give someone too much control over your brand and intellectual property. Social media platforms, websites, affiliates, videos, content, lives, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts that are a part of you and your brand, should never be fully turned over to anyone to control. Often times that is our first response because we choose to focus on the vision, creativity and voice of our brand, and not learn the backend of what we hand over to others. Here’s a word of caution. Never give someone so much power for when they decide to release you as a client without notice, that you are left wondering how to pick up and move forward. Here’s the story. I gave control to my podcast to a company that failed me. It’s my fault. I will take responsibility. I should have known better. My inner voice kept giving me a pause, but I continued to suppress it and ignore that loud word of caution. I encourage you to listen to that inner voice that nudges you that someone is not a match for what it is you are set out to do. One of the podcast platforms, the business owner suggest I use, would regularly drop the feed while I was recording an interview for the podcast, or the recording would not appear after it was uploaded. This happened more times than I would like to admit. Still, I wanted to stay the course. Each time I would reach out to the company I had hired to serve me in this capacity who I trusted to oversee this piece of my brand. Things were not connecting, but I did not have the knowledge or capacity to take over editing my podcast. The fear of the unknown paralyzed me. As an author and writer, people far and near know my voice and writing style. Since January, I had several inquiries encouraging me to write the podcast description, because they knew on the basis of my writing that I was not the one narrating the descriptions for each episode. One by one, someone would say, “Gail, it’s clear that you are not in control of writing the content for your podcast. I know your voice and writing. This is not you.” I had one person share, “Gail, I, like many others read podcast descriptions. Trust me, no one in tuning in to your podcast because the written content does not grab the audience. Furthermore, I know that is not you. Please write your descriptions.” I kept ignoring those who were asking because I gave the assignment to the company I had hired. I took it upon myself to read several descriptions after receiving concerns from followers. The next episode, I wrote the description myself and the numbers increased. I informed the company that I would take over writing the descriptions come June. Well, June is here and guess what? I’m now released as their client. So was it a production concern or the fact that I became more involved with my podcast brand? We are told to outsource, delegate, and let the experts in their field run the portions where you lack knowledge. Great advice, but at what cost? In less than 24-hours of my podcast release of episode twenty-three, the business owner and editor canceled me and my podcast stating, “Hey Gail, Due to the ongoing issues with production, the team has determined that we can no longer provide support for the Something and Mimosas podcast. We wish you well.” Seven months into the…” Yes, that’s the story. You can read the entire article here: After I pulled myself together, I remembered meeting a dynamic woman named Gina Winks of GINX Media. Immediately things began to turn around as she not only serves as the audio engineer, but she takes time to teach me everything that is going on, both the front office and the back office. You want to check her out. Visit if you would like more info on how she can help and/or reach out to her directly on social media:  Gina's Personal FB Page: Gina's Business FB Page: Gina's IG: So, let’s talk podcast. Take a listen. If you are considering starting a podcast or changing your platform, connect with Gina. She’s the right person for the job.   While we are at it, #NIMosaFriday is now seeking ads for the podcast and News in Motion. Do you have a product or service you would like advertised? Contact Gail at to get prices. Looking to book a clarity session? Go to today.  Thanks for tuning into today’s podcast.  Subscribe and follow Gail on her YouTube at Like and Follow News in Motion at Follow Gail on social media @GailDudley on both Instagram and Twitter Become a patron on the News in Motion (NIM) Patreon at Want to buy Gail a cup of coffee? CashApp Gail at $MIMToday

Aug 6

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In the last thirty days, there appears to be rising COVID numbers throughout the US and globally. On July 29, the Japanese officials sounded the alarm as Tokyo reported record-breaking coronavirus cases since the Olympics.   Google and Facebook told their US employees to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated soon after both The Washington Post and Morgan Stanley reported. Goldman Sachs is simply saying, “Let us know if you have been vaccinated.” When it comes to the airlines, Delta and United and airlines are adding the vaccine mandate to their new employee onboarding. If you are wondering if employers can legally require employees to get vaccinated, yes, they can. Here’s a URL:   The Biden administration is planning to announce a vaccine requirement for about 2 million federal employees.   Why are we at this point after seventeen months of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? Why aren’t people getting vaccinated?   CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner stated, “If you are not vaccinated right now in the United States, you should not go into a bar; you should probably not eat at a restaurant. You are at great risk of becoming infected.”   Is this real?   World-renowned St. Jude children’s hospital tells employees: Get vaccinated or get fired.   On Monday, nearly 60 medical groups issued a joint statement, including the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, urging every health facility to require workers to get vaccinated.   What do they know that we do not know?   If they are not getting the vaccine, how can we encourage the general public to get vaccinated? Other questions being asked include, “As long as people are not getting vaccinated, does it make a difference if those of us who are vaccinated get a booster? Until others get vaccinated, won’t we remain in a cycle?”   The vaccines are good for up to six months. Many of us are reaching our sixth month. Now what? Especially if there is not a vaccine booster available?   Gail gets the answers, but before she does, Gail begins with sharing the latest CDC stats, which says, “More than 97% of Americans currently being hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, according to the CDC.”   Also, from the White House, “The United States will not lift any existing travel restrictions due to concerns over the highly transmissible COVID-19 Delta variant and the rising number of U.S. coronavirus cases, the White House confirmed on Monday.”   Dr. Anthony Fauci said over the weekend that the CDC is actively considering changing mask guidance as cases of the Delta variant continue to soar in the U.S., which were introduced on Wednesday. Establishments such as Macy’s department store have new signage on the windows now recommending masks.   In this special COVID podcast, Gail speaks with Jackiethia Butsh, a licensed community health worker and a community paramedic working for The Ohio State University Medical Wexner Center in the department of population health. She proudly coordinates the OSU community partner program.   Gail also speaks with Nicholas E. Kman, MD, FACEP a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC).  Dr. Kman’s clinical interest is in Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness. He serves as one of the Medical Managers for Ohio Task Force 1, Ohio’s FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team and has deployed to Hurricane Harvey (2017), Hurricane Dorian (2019), and Hurricane Laura (2020). Dr. Kman and the Ohio State Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) are working on a 1.8 million dollar grant to teach Mass Casualty Triage to First Responders in Virtual Reality. Most recently, he published a systematic review on the Allocation of Scarce Resources in Disasters and has worked on the Ohio Crisis Standards of Care Plan.     Do you have a feature to pitch to Gail to join her on #NIMosaFriday? Complete the form on   Follow Gail on Social Media Instagram and Twitter @GailDudley News in Motion – YouTube:

Jul 30

39 min 26 sec

So many questions. Why is this happening? Who do can we call? What can we do? Is this legal? How can we help? What is DACA?   On Friday, July 17, 2021, a federal judge in southern Texas ordered the Biden administration to cease approving new DACA applications. The order declared that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, was “created in violation of the law and whose existence violates the law.”   This order creates a significant impact affecting tens of thousands of young immigrants.   Let’s back up. After reviewing a lawsuit filed by Attorney Ken Paxton of Texas along with other Attorney Generals, the judge stated that the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, did not have the power to stop deportations, give work permits to Dreams, nor did he have the power to set up DACA.   So now, there’s an end to accepting new applications for DACA, which affects young immigrants.   In a five-page order Friday afternoon, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen declared, “From this date forward, the United States of America, its departments, agencies, officers, agents, and employees are hereby enjoined from administering the DACA program.”   What does all this mean? There tends to be disinformation and misinformation all around us.   Questions from our listeners of the #NIMosa podcast and viewers of News in Motion moved me to invite my friend and someone who knows about immigration, DACA, and Dreamers.   Here are some of the questions that have been asked. You, too, might be wondering the answers to some of these questions.   1) Can people still apply for DACA after the judge ordered the Biden administration to stop approving applications?  2) As voters, what can we do to help? Is there a letter template or a script to share?  3) How can a person qualify for DACA?  4) President Obama was the 44th president of the United States. How can Judge Paxton make the statement, "President Obama did not have the power to give work permits to Dreamers, or set up DACA in the first place"?  5) What does the order do for those already enrolled in DACA? 6) What's happening at the border? Is there anything we can do as voters?  7) Is DACA tied to Voting Rights? Is it possible that voting rights aren't getting passed because we would then have the power to get DACA passed for good?  8) What is the DACA process? There's so much out there that I do not know what's true, a lie, or a political spin.  9) Is there a difference between migrants crossing the border and DACA?  10) I read an article stating that lawmakers such as the AG's are reportedly arguing DACA recipients take away from state resources for health care and education. I do not believe that is true. How can we change the narrative?    Over the next twenty-five minutes, listen in to our guest, Sarah Quezada. Sarah is navigating faith, justice, and culture. She was born and raised Southern girl, who grew up eating grits, playing basketball, and going to church. She is the author of, Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a Fearful World. Her writing on immigration, cross-cultural life, and faith has been featured on Christianity Today, Relevant, Sojourners,, Off the Page, and elsewhere. She is married to Billy. Together, we walked through the complex U.S. immigration system and delightfully enjoy the humor and craziness of a cross-cultural, bilingual relationship. Together they have two children - Gabriella and Isaac - and we are trying our best to raise them bicultural and trilingual-ish. To that end, we speak as much Spanglish as possible at home, and they study Mandarin in school. She has a weekly email, which I call Everyday Justice. It's a quick list to keep you informed and inspired as we navigate faith, justice, and culture in our world today.

Jul 23

30 min 42 sec

This may sound silly to many of you, but I did something that I’ve never done before. I clipped roses from my front yard flowerbed. Last weekend, my sister Patricia, as she was leaving, said, “Gail, clip your roses before you lose them.” I waved her off as to say, “Nope, not my thing.” She even asked for the clippers to do it herself, and still, I said, “Nope, girl, bye.” However, the next day, after being out and about, I returned home and immediately saw the rose bush. The roses looked to be calling my name. I came into my home and sat at the kitchen table asking myself, “How hard can this be to clip some roses?” I love the outdoors and nature, but my allergies say otherwise. At time moment, it did not matter. I grabbed the garden clippers and a container and sent out my front door. I looked to see if any of my neighbors were around, and I proceeded to clip the first rose. Before I knew it, I had about thirty roses in the container. I was excited. I was smiling from ear to ear. I was elated. I was proud of myself. I was also relaxed. I came into my home, to which my husband asked, “Why are you smiling so wide?” I told him what I had done and how I felt. This may not mean anything to any of you, yet, this was big for me. I’m sure, like me, you have wanted to try something, but because of fear or lack of confidence, you have blocked your own blessing of the feeling of excitement. It is easy to do what is comfortable, but we shrink back when it comes to trying something new. Today I want to share some life lessons. Isn’t it interesting when we talk about trying new things in kindergarten, but as we get older, we forget those life lessons. Come hang out with me for the next thirty minutes and take hold of something new. Did I tell you that I’m so proud of myself? I am. I’m also super relaxed. I did this! Now it’s your turn. What have you thought of doing and decided to forego the thought because you weren’t sure how the project or event would turn out? I would love to hear what you tied over the weekend. Send images of your art, painted room, garden, new lipstick, new hairstyle to me. Send to Stay well, everyone, and remember to make some moves! Oh, and don’t forget to try the Memorial Day Mimosa recipe!

May 28

30 min 2 sec

Today Gail chats with two guests! The discussion focuses on the topic of Runway Rhythm, all about music and fashion today. First up is Quan Howell, is a Grammy award-winning artist who first caught our attention with his rendition of “Hold On, Change is Coming.” He’s worked with the likes of Tyler Perry, Sunday Best, and so much more. There’s also a relative newcomer to the scene, Voice Veray, aka Levante Brown, whose musical studio, Voices Choices Studio, has amassed an impressive following. He specializes in Gospel Rap—a clean form of rap that is unique and versatile.  Gail asked about Runway Rhythm and why it’s so important to have a unique style. Also, should Runway Rhythm be part of people’s themes overall? Some of the answers delivered: How your fashion needs to be connected to what you’re doing. How to determine your look and what it should be What needs to change for most of us out of lockdown—how we can put some of Quan and Voice Veray’s ideas into play How Quan managed to lose weight during the pandemic Voice Veray also discussed how he started his studio and got involved with his fashion products. How his interest in art influenced his connection with fashion and his product choices. How he expanded his repertoire to include accessories as well as fashion that appeals to high-end markets (like Saks Fifth Avenue). What was his vision and dream that kept him motivated and able to keep promoting his work, even before he was successful? Next, Voice Veray talked about how he was inspired by his idea of a luxury brand, made the way he envisioned it for himself. He also discussed: How to connect the audience with the creator of the brand and the reason behind wanting to buy. How his work will change the idea of fashion as well as the level of creativity in the field. The positive effects of combining creativity with technology—and how that can develop fashion with benefits for buyers. Quan and Voice Veray provide a timely product that helps to showcase what black and brown businesses have to offer. Gail asked about how Quan combines both beautiful fashion with his sense of style and rhythm. Quan shared: Why it’s important to him to dress his best at all times How he’s done work to increase brand recognition for the Voice’s Choices studio pieces everywhere around the Columbus area The full range of all products from Voice’s Choices, beyond just clothing Plans for new launches coming up this summer (which might just involve more than mimosas!) The group wrapped up by discussing what they foresee happening in the future, and how God is paving the way for change. Finally, you don’t want to miss Gail’s Blueberry Mimosa! Beautiful in a champagne flute. Reach Voice Veray on all social media and streaming platforms: @Voiceveray Or by email: or Reach Quan: @iamquanhowell on Instagram or Quan Howell everywhere else Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: You can also follow Gail’s Ministry in Motion live news and politics channel daily at 7:25 AM at

May 21

31 min 52 sec

Grab that mimosa, spiked or not, and join Gail as she interviews Sandra about travel in these challenging times. People are ready to board the plane and travel to their favorite spot for some rest and relaxation on the beach, a cruise ship, or enjoy their family in Florida. Sandra shares the top five locations that people are frequenting.  Sandra’s Bio Sandra Preston-Rogers was born in Nurnberg, Germany. After 15 years in Corporate America and 11 years working for non-profit organizations, Sandra finally found her passion in travel. She started her travel business, JLP Travels, in 2017, naming it in honor of her parents, especially her father, who loved to travel. After his untimely passing, Sandra vowed to continue his promise to travel the world.  She now helps clients in all areas of travel from groups to cruises to honeymoons and more, and trains other travel agents as a Certified Travel Ambassador.  What should we be looking for when it comes to travel? Sandra tells us:  Travel is still happening! It should be about you having an amazing trip without anxiety.  The kinds of provisions that the travel industry has made to increase safety.  How flights, hotels and resorts have accommodated people travel during this time.  How COVID testing and social distancing plays a role.  Many people never stopped traveling. And travel has opened up for many others.  It’s important to know that the people in the industry want to keep you comfortable and as safe as possible.  Gail asked about specific kinds of precautions in the cruise industry. How are they dealing with people who are or are not vaccinated? Sandra talked about the stance they are taking.  Sandra also mentioned some ideas for “Girlfriend Trips.”  Ideas for Mother’s Day and how to surprise Mom How to travel with your girlfriends again and have something to look forward to, especially the all-inclusive resorts  Different places you can go right now and find excitement (and even enjoy a mimosa on the beach!). If you miss cruises, you might consider an all-inclusive resort with all the same advantages on land. What are the top 5 all-inclusive resorts from around the world, whether you’re going with girlfriends or as a couple?  Sandra shares her top picks and explains why they are so amazing. She also discusses the different concerns you might have, how to determine what’s safe and what is the best choice for you, whether singles, couple, or family.  Some other ideas Sandra covers:  Family-friendly destinations How to add some luxury to your trip Turnaround time to acquire a passport (less than you think!) and destinations that don’t require a passport  Typical prices for many of these packages (spa packages especially) What to look for in a house rental to be sure they follow best practices  How to find safe and reliable services to come to your rental (such as chef, massage therapist, and so on) Finally, Sandra relates the many benefits of using a travel agent compared to doing it all yourself when you plan a trip.  Don’t miss Gail’s Merlot Mimosa for something a little different!  Don’t forget: Gail is giving out gift cards during the month of May to the first 5 people who submit a mimosa recipe! Send it to .  Reach Sandra directly at 980-354-4119 or by email at  Connect with Gail:  Website : Twitter: You can also follow Gail’s Ministry in Motion live news and politics channel daily at 7:25 AM at 

May 14

34 min 2 sec

Happy Mother’s Day.  This Mother’s Day is going to be so much different than last year. Thank goodness! This episode is a shout out all moms no matter how you got the title, and how you show up in the world.   Gail shares a special offer at the end of the episode (for her listeners only) that is her gift to moms (and anyone who has a mom!)   Gail recognizes her mom, Virginia Pryor who is going strong at 85.  Her mother-in-law Marjorie Dudley gets a shout out as well. (She’s going to be on the podcast soon!)  Reflections on Mother’s Day 2020.   Gail shares her reflections from last year. Her family decided to not gather in their normal way on Mother’s Day 2020. There was a void because she couldn’t visit her sisters or support her mother-in-law during an illness and recovery. Maybe you felt this as well. No dinner out or family gatherings.   Around this time, she realized she was (like everyone) not wearing makeup, hanging out in yoga pants and being casual with her hair and skincare. While it was comfortable – and not many people were seeing her – she had a realization that she couldn’t stay this way for months if the pandemic was going to continue.   Find out how she changed that dynamic for herself. You’ll no doubt appreciate how the effort to look good and feel good made an impact. Listeners, you can relate!  Honoring the people missing this Mother’s Day.    Gail shares numbers for the United states – which continue to grow. It’s hard to even understand how many people this really is. Gail shares how 7 women in her life are part of those numbers.   Hear how she is going to honor each woman, individually and personally. You’ll may be inspired to do this for the people that you are missing.   How will you celebrate?   Do something different. Treat yourself or think about what you can do that is different and personal. Gail shares 4 ideas that you can do for your mom – you may even like these for yourself.   Life Lessons   Gail’s mother-in-law has a card set of 70 life lessons. This is a great gift for others, and you will like them for yourself too. They are life-changing!  Mimosa: Peach Nectar Mimosa   Gail outdid herself with this recipe! You will love this, spiked or not.   Resources:   Uncommon Goods  Three Score and Ten  Connect with Gail:   Website :  YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Facebook: 

May 7

27 min 17 sec

Civic Engagement Defined: Understanding and utilizing the dynamics of power, negotiations, networking, organizing, and empathy to achieve objectives while making an impact. It is also about building partnerships and alliances to help achieve objectives. There is so much happening in this area. Gail has covered issues like Autism Awareness, elder-care issues, police oversight and more. She’s often asked “how can I get involved, what can I do?” If you want to be more engaged, this episode will help you identify where you can help and the steps to take to begin making an impact. Be ready to take notes, as Gail breaks this down for you. I hope you consider implementing civic engagement into your everyday life. There is much you can do on your own but when we talk about self-care and soul-care I want to emphasize that it’s best to do this with someone else. Look local. What is the change that you want to see in your community? Grass-roots level matters. Look big picture first. What change do you want to see in 12 months, then 2 years? Then, it’s time to ask what can I do in the next 30 days? What are you passionate about?  What matters to you? What can you pick that means the most? Start there. Gail shares 3 key ways to define a place to start. What is your 3-minute pitch?  Can you explain this in a way that is compelling and inspiring? Can you make it mean something to others the way it matters to you? Gail provides 4 ways for your get clear with your pitch so it will make an impact. How to raise funds.  Money matters in efforts big and small. Fundraising starts by building trust. Gail outlines how to start and plan before you ask for donations. This is a huge help and will make raising funds much more doable. You’re going to want to take notes here! Tell your story.  Why should anyone want to join you and your efforts? Start with your own story. People want to know why this matters to you, before it will matter to them. Question: What is the change within your community you are going to make in the next 12 months? 2 years? 4 years?  Today’s Mimosa: Your choice! We’ve shared so many good recipes this week, pick your favorite and enjoy as you listen. Resources: News in Motion Connect with Gail and see her upcoming classes! Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:  

Apr 30

22 min 7 sec

“For Autism Awareness Month, Gail Dudley invites advocate LeTreese Jones to speak on the topic, “The Real Homelife of Autism.” Please take a listen as LeTreese shares how her pregnancy with Isaac was different than her two older children and how she was ready to walk away from the pediatrician who did not at first want to refer her to a specialist. One must be an advocate for their children, and we must all know the signs. Many people, especially those in the Christian community, encouraged LeTreese to simply pray. Yes, prayer changes things, but there are times when God wants us to utilize the specialists He has in place. Listen in with mimosa in hand.  LeTreese explains the significance of Autism Awareness month April is associated with the color blue, derived from the color in the logo of Autism Speaks. You’ll see different blue images and logos, from light bulbs to butterflies. The idea is to bring awareness to autism and educate the public so you can recognize when a loved one has autism, and then what you should do once you get a diagnosis. LeTreese has personal experience with autism. Her 16 year-old son has autism. She talks about how she realized her son was autistic. What she noticed that was difference about her pregnancy with her son, Isaac, who has autism. How he was different from her other babies. First signs when he was a baby that LeTreese noticed that prompted her to look into it. LeTreese also covers: The kinds of things she thought about as a mother dealing with the uncertainty before diagnosis. The response from family and friends that bothered her the most. The importance of a professional diagnosis. How Toni Braxton’s campaign at the time played a role. The process of getting a diagnosis and why that was frustrating for her. What to say to your doctor if they don’t recognize what you see in your child or validate your feelings Why it’s so important to advocate for our own and our family’s health The role of prayer in this situation, and what to do if you don’t get the answer you seek. LeTreese’s experience with the Holy Spirit and how that changed everything. Why it’s important to be open with our definition of “healing.” LeTreese also talks about what happened after her son got his diagnosis and what she did next. She highlights the different emotions and actions she needed to take in order to deal with the situation in the best way possible, even with other traumas in their lives at the time. How support systems are part of the process. LeTreese discusses: Women’s role as natural nurturers and how that affected her situation. How to put your child first in these situations. What self-care looks like for the mom of an autistic child. Why it’s so important to take care of your own health. The role of advocacy and what makes it effective for everyone. Next, she delves into current problems with police and people with mental health issues, and how she talks to her son about potential encounters with law enforcement to prepare him for those situations. LeTreese also talks about what to do if you see things in your child that make you think you might be dealing with autism. Always remember that you are responsible for what is in the best interest of your child and don’t ignore the signs. Keep asking questions and reaching out for help. Find a pediatrician who can help diagnose your child. Gail and LeTreese wrap up by discussing the challenges her son encountered in school and how to ensure that your child has access to all the resources that are available to them. In these situations, prayer can help. LeTreese mentions how we can pray for others in a way that helps. It can be hard to go through this by yourself. Don’t miss Gail’s Sherbet or Sorbet Mimosa (with a hint of vodka if you like)! From the Cookie Rookie. Don’t forget: Gail is giving out gift cards during the month of May to the first 5 people who submit a mimosa recipe! Send it to . Something new! Gail is now taking sponsors! If you’re interested in a promo spot for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of commentary, contact Gail at her email address. It’s only $150 for the 30 second ad plus 30 seconds of commentary. You can also follow Gail’s Ministry in Motion live news and politics channel daily at 7:25 AM at  Find LeTreese on Facebook: The Affect Institute on Facebook:   Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:    

Apr 23

38 min 52 sec

Self-care is important. Soul Care is even more important. There's so much in our lives today that helps contributes to stress. The needless murders of so many brown and black men and women. The pandemic continuing, with numbers rising once again. Vaccines are being questioned by so many. Loneliness and tension rising in our homes. We’re all becoming worn out and exhausted and even angry. And yet, we keep pressing forward. What we need is some soul care. A step-by-step process you can use every day Engaging in marketplace ministry as a journalist and host of News in Motion, it was important for me to walk back through what I learned in my spiritual formation courses and caring for my soul, which I learned at the seminary in the Healing Care department under Dr. Terry Wardle. The step by step process of becoming centered with Jesus helps me in my day-to-day work and activities. The process for soul care includes: How to find a place for stillness. What it means to “sanctify your imagination.” A journey for finding your “safe space.” The importance of inviting Jesus to join you. Lamenting Allowing Jesus to respond to you (Gail shares how to listen for this). Journaling - Be sure to write down what you receive so you can capture it. What is adding to the stress in your life right now? What can you do instead of paying attention to all the negative things in your life? Gail tells you how to get deal with the negative influences. Finally, Gail ends with three questions you can answer for yourself to help you gain some clarity around how stress is a factor in your life right now. Are you willing to go through the process daily to bring some soul care into your life? If not, you might find that the price you pay is too high. Remember that you are worth it to practice these techniques daily. Gail also has individual inner-healing sessions available. Go to to schedule your private session.   Don’t miss Gail’s Raspberry Mimosa! Some good news! Gail will be holding her third masterclass online, called “Launch.” She’ll talk about business, ministry and non-profit development. It all starts on Friday, April 30th and goes live for 90 minutes. You’ll have your complete plan to move forward within just seven days. And Gail will go through it with you! Go to and click the link in the banner at the top of the page to register. This is great for anyone with any kind of business, including podcasts, blogs, and more. You can also follow Gail’s Ministry in Motion live news and politics channel daily at 7:25 AM at  Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Apr 16

21 min 38 sec

Today Gail has a special guest, her son, Alexander Roseboro. Alexander is a YouTuber at Storybook Expressions and also does a lot of public speaking. We spend time talking about the movie I Care A Lot. Alexander and I always have such a good time together! Alexander shares his thoughts about the movie and why he was more frustrated and upset about this movie than any other he could remember. Gail was also in disbelief about the movie. Spoiler alert: they do share some of what happens in the movie. What bothered Alex most about the movie: Thinking about his grandparents being in a senior living environment and whether people would take advantage of them. How this vulnerable population is taken advantage of. The greediness of the main character and her desire to make a profit off of vulnerable people. How the elderly are manipulated. Even the doctor in the movie was part of the system to take advantage of seniors. Gail talks about how you have to provide certain information to move into a nursing home and they assess your financial situation before letting you in, or how the elderly are so vulnerable when it comes to selling a home they’ve been in for 50 or 60 years and how even the legal system can get involved. Alexander talks about how he would handle the situation to defend his grandparents in a similar situation and why it’s so important to be prepared for this kind of event. He also mentions: Problems when you don’t have the monetary resources to protect yourself sufficiently. The need to have a living will or other legal security in place. The importance of having family or other people to get involved in protecting you. Why we need government systems in place to help the elderly. How the banking system was part of taking advantage of the elderly character, and why this infuriated him. Alexander also talked about the ways these issues affect his own grandparents and all the threats to the older generation in our society. He also believes that this storyline is based on real life and how people are taken advantage of in the real world, especially the elderly who live alone. They also discuss how Alexander’s grandparents might behave when it comes to some of the threats via telephone or computer today. How do we get the word out to older people to protect themselves? Alexander shares his thoughts. Gail also asks her son if he’d recommend the movie, and why. They end the conversation with a quick rapid-fire round of free association with words Gail mentions to him. Don’t miss Gail’s Blueberry Lemonade mimosa recipe! (Special thanks to Lisa Berry who sent in the recipe).   Connect with Alexander: YouTube: Email: Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Apr 9

27 min 50 sec

Gail talks about the importance of writing down your vision. Why? Because once a goal is written, you can reflect on it on a regular basis. Gail also talks about the significance of writing journals and how important it is to get your thoughts out and onto paper. If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there. Writing on paper allows you to be conscious about your progress. It’s also important to execute the ideas that you write down as you document your vision. Gail shares what a journal can do for you. Some of the benefits include: It gives you space to write your innermost thoughts It allows you to move forward in life with passion and intention It gives you an opportunity to experience and be willing to deal with past situations and healing Gail also shares how important it is to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can conduct the next quarter differently. Identifying these points can help determine which ones need improvement as well as how to prioritize in the next quarter. Find out:   How you can write books from your journals The meaning of “lifelook” How to create a faith portrait The method to envision your goals Gail ends with another tip: to get in the habit of writing down your goals and making sure to execute them. Don’t miss Gail’s Orange juice and Peach Bellini recipe! Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Mar 26

27 min 13 sec

If we’re hurt or if we feel pain, that’s the time for inner healing to take place. Gail discusses her journey when she was pregnant with her daughter and how it started affecting her weight. Gail also shares some Bible verses which were very helpful and the ideas she embraced after having a conversation with God. Everyone has their own mindset Gail shares how our mindset can play a large part in our lives and how being determined can get you to where you want to be! So why, then, do we tend to quit things that we start? Gail also shares the six items included in the inner healing self-care session, as follows: 1. Admit that there’s something wrong 2. Realize that you cannot do this on your own 3. Believe in God and what He says 4. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide 5. Express your honest feelings 6. Understand that forgiveness is necessary Gail always believes that we’re going to reach this goal and that we’ll do this together. Let us always encourage each other and be kind to one another. Everyone has their story and we do not know what someone else is going through. Find out: ● How to get to the root of the problem and how to conquer it to change our mindset. ● The meaning behind the Biblical message to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. ● The quote that Gail has been sharing since 2015. ● How to avoid becoming a hostage to your past ● How to take the first step, “Do that today!” Don’t miss Gail’s Lemonade Mimosa recipe which was shared by Elisa from Utah! Also, some exciting news! Gail will be holding a masterclass online, for an hour at the beginning of each week for seven weeks. The masterclass kicks off this Monday--and you don’t want to miss out on this 1:1 session with Gail! Just send her an email at Connect with Gail: Website  YouTube  Instagram Twitter Facebook

Mar 19

31 min 13 sec

Today Gail chats with Kenya [Nicholson?] Noelle Hairston, an astonishing woman who resides in Gahanna, Ohio with her husband and a 14 year-old son. In her spare time, she runs, practices yoga, participates in Zumba and joins in fellowship with family and friends. Let’s get to know her roller coaster journey and how she didn’t give up on her passion in the STEM field.  Expose yourself at a young age. Kenya shares her thoughts on how to enjoy going to school and continuing to move forward toward her passion despite the differences between her and the other people around her. ·         Find your group with whom you can relate throughout your journey. ·         Find something that truly interests you (aside from your academic interests) ·         Know your purpose and walk in your passion.  Gail asks Kenya how she ended up in the STEM field and who encouraged her to follow this path. It’s an inspiring story about figuring out what you truly want to do and who you want to become so that you can be happy throughout your career and personal life.  Find out:  ·         What is STEM? ·         What is Kenya’s own business, Timple Transformation, LLC all about? ·         Which programs and resources Kenya shares to guide you when you begin your college education with a STEM major. ·         The statistics of an African American woman in the STEM program at both the undergraduate level and for those with a PhD ·         Kenya’s mission being at the Advisory Board table, especially as it relates to people in color ·         How to utilize your resources and where to find them (you will find this super helpful!)   Kenya shares the one thing that she wants us to remember when we talk about people of color in the STEM field. She also ends with some words of encouragement when it comes to making a decision for yourself.  Don’t miss Gail’s Peach Nectar Mimosa recipe!   Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:  Connect with Kenya: Email: Instagram: evenyscientiest Twitter: evenyscientist Facebook:

Mar 12

30 min 26 sec

Today Gail chats once again with Nawanda Turner, an amazing friend and successful business woman. Previously, they talked about Nawanda’s journey with health, wellness and weight loss, but for today’s episode they delve into a deeper conversation in which Nawanda has much to share. Let’s hear it! “Looking at myself, that’s not me.” We are all busy with our everyday lives and sometimes we don’t notice the changes within ourselves, physically and emotionally. Nawanda shares her thoughts on how she came to these realizations and what she did to get on track again. You’re the one person who knows yourself better than anyone else, so listen to your body more. Visit a therapist or health coach if you need assistance. Even strong women need help sometimes! Slow down; healing takes time. Gail asks Nawanda how a person can get to a place of looking in the mirror and admitting to themselves that something is not right. It’s not easy; we have to understand that along with healing, we may also experience some loss, but it will be beneficial in the long run. In addition, in this episode you’ll find out: What Nawanda’s therapist advised that changed her mindset How to know that you need help Whether it’s possible to start a weight loss journey on your own How to move forward in a positive manner The benefits of breathing effectively and why it’s so important Don’t miss Gail’s Orange juice mimosa recipe! Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Connect with Nawanda: Email: Website : Email: Instagram:

Mar 5

26 min 56 sec

It is the nature of humans to think, react and share their thoughts. Most people overthink, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! In this episode, Gail discusses why we should not let others discourage us or cause us to drift away from what makes us happy, just because of other people’s opinions. Each of us has a different perspective Gail shares her thoughts that we should be strong enough to share our perspectives with other people. In fact, it could be a great opportunity to practice self-care and resiliency if you’re experiencing hardship in your life. Gail also shares some tips related to these ideas that she put together based on her discussions with others. Here are some of her tips:   It’s important to be self-motivated You can simply move beyond your dream Flesh out your craft so that you can flourish She explains that we need to go beyond just ideas and focus on progress. By doing so, we’ll make ourselves proud, happy and content. Find out: How to open up your schedule and start planning (It really helps if you want to motivate yourself!) Tips on how to accomplish a dream within a reasonable time frame How to give yourself time to process and accomplish things Why you can’t please everyone and why you need to do more of what makes you happy Don’t miss Gail’s Orange Juice and Champagne recipe! Gail also has an assignment for you this week! Email her about the one thing you’re working on. Send it to, and she will reply with some helpful information and free advice. But hurry, as she’ll only respond to emails sent until Feb 28, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern.       Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:            

Feb 19

19 min 50 sec

Today Gail speaks with Nawanda Turner, a successful businesswoman with whom she’s been friends for more than five years. Check out this podcast where Gail interviewed Nawanda Turner. Get ready to take notes, laugh, and shake your head.   Here's a sneak peek ~ Gail and Nawanda tackle their journey with health, wellness, and weight loss. In this episode, Nawanda shares her personal experience of dealing with trying times and still managed to stay healthy.   Nawanda says, "It's important to recognize that there are many factors in life that we can't control." She shares her thoughts on overcoming her challenges alone and what she did to find herself once again. Some of her reflections include: The need to address the whole person to make weight loss happen Why we must heal emotionally and mentally from unhealthy relationships Why it's okay to ask for help   Nawanda also reminds us that your journey is yours alone. As a result, each of us needs to focus on ourselves and start listening to our bodies.   This episode includes: What is your ultimate goal How our food intake affects our body What is the weight loss journey really about? Tips for what you can do at home if you can't get out (there is some excellent advice here!) Whether it's possible to lose 5 pounds in one week What changes will begin to happen to your body if you start moving for 90 days You can also check out her business (with an amazing tag line, Raising Champions) at  Don’t miss Gail’s Strawberry Pineapple mimosa recipe!   Connect with Gail:   Book Gail for Breakthrough and inner-healing coaching: Plus, visit Gail's on multiple platforms ~ Website :  YouTube Instagram: gaildudley  Twitter: gaildudley  Facebook Have a story? Pitch with Gail by sending an email to:

Feb 12

28 min 18 sec

Today Gail chats with Carl D. Wright, a friend and expert from Columbus, Ohio. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, clarity coach and creative consultant. Carl helps people find clarity so they can improve their health, lives and businesses.   Carl is also a graphic designer who can transform your vision into eye-catching graphics with flyers, business cards, booklets, and graphics for events. Listen in on his life story and get ready to learn from his experience and advice.   Transparency is the best policy  Carl shares his thoughts on how he overcame childhood trauma and outlines the steps he took to become a stronger person. Some of the points he covers include:  Tell your story. Don’t worry about what other people think.  Be conscious and be aware.  Decide not to be a victim.    Gail asks Carl if people want to go through the process to be healed, how far they have to go back in order to begin and how much they have to bring forth. As you’ll see, it’s never easy, but we have to take action in order to free our minds and be healed for the rest of our lives.   Here’s what else you’ll find out from Carl:   What is a clarity coach  What is creative consulting and who can benefit from it?   How will you know if you’re ready to work with a therapist?   What are some of the advantages of engaging with a life coach?   What are the main ideas in Carl’s book? (he shares a synopsis)  How can you identify if you might benefit from some internal work with a coach or therapist?       Connect with Carl:   Email,   Website.   Book: Touched: and It Was “Our Little Secret  Connect with Gail:   Website :  YouTube   Instagram: gaildudley  Twitter: gaildudley  Facebook 

Feb 5

29 min 51 sec

Today Gail discusses the importance of living in what you stand for. It’s not as simple as it sounds! To do so, you’ll also need some time to figure things out from within yourself. Gail also shares some questions that only your inner self can answer. We’ll definitely learn a lot from this intriguing topic. Gail came up with the concept of “4C’s for self-evaluation” and what we need to do to enjoy ourselves in 2021. Get ready to consider: Clarity Confidence Centered Commitment The accomplishments Gail refers to are not just about the brand; they’re also about the little things that we enjoy as we do them. So let’s start evaluating using the 4C framework and take some action now.  In this episode, you’ll find out: How accomplishments can help you to remain positive Ways to invest in yourself How to know if you find yourself in the wrong group of friends The true meaning of “love your neighbor as you love yourself” Gail ends the podcast with some key tips to enjoy your life and ensure you can do it successfully. Don’t miss Gail’s Pina Colada mimosa recipe! Connect with Gail: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook

Jan 29

24 min 51 sec

Today Gail is talking about publishing. After publishing her own books, and helping many other do the same, she wants everyone to know that they can do it too! You are going to want to take notes as you listen to this incredibly helpful episode. The 5 T’s of Self-Publishing Time Trends Traction Thought Touchpoints Time – how much time does it take to write a book? Gail shares how to figure out the best way to create a timeline that works for you. Listen for her detailed questions so you can plan well to end up with a published book that will sell! Here are just 3 (there are 8 more!) What is a book mapping system and why do you need one? Who are you writing for? Who will buy the book? Trends – What are people talking about? Are you writing about a topic or subject that’s interesting to your audience? Gail explains how to be mindful of trends when you are planning your book. She also explains how you can match your readers to your writing. (This concept is going to help you write a book that people want to read and share!) Traction – How will your book stay relevant? Most books that are published (in any method) see most sales in the first 3 months. Understanding how to create traction means you can see sales for much longer. Thought – What do you talk about? What are you known for? What kind of content brings you engagement? Understanding how and when people are engaged with you (in person, online, etc.) will help you tailor your content before you publish. Touchpoints – Do people know who you are? What would your bio say? Would people want to know more about you if they hear or see some info about your book? Gail explains how to create touchpoints that will lead to a book that people want to read, want to buy, and want to share. Bonus: Gail explains how you can begin to connect with people who are interested in what you write. She breaks it down into manageable steps and shares a great example If you know there’s a book you’ve been led to write or maybe you have an idea for a book and you want to know how to get started. This episode is going to give you the foundation and understanding for successfully writing and self-publishing a book. Today’s Recipe: Mango Mimosa Email: Website

Jan 22

26 min 30 sec

With a heavy heart, Gail shares that everyday there are different life situations we face, but what’s important is we have to still keep on moving but we must know our limit. It’s been a week and 2 days since the US capitol building was breached. Gail shares her thoughts and the 4 areas that we must do in order to still practice self-care. It’s not just about a spa day or bubble bath (tho both of those sound lovely) it’s also about what’s good for your soul.   Know when to pause. Know when to practice self-care. Know when to prevent others to project their self on to you. Know when to pray. Let’s continue radiating positive thoughts and spread positive energy to everyone. For Gail, a picture in her home inspires her every day. Gail shares how she:  Practices gratitude and why writing in a journal is a must have. Learned to say no. Practices self-care and why it’s so important. Has deep conversations with God (It really helps!) Her method for meditating effectively. Discovered decluttering and why it may be what you need to do nex.t Embraces the power of prayer every day. Don’t miss Gail’s Cranberry mimosa recipe! If you haven’t seen Gail’s News and Motion livestreams, you are missing out. She’s there every Monday - Friday, 7:25am Eastern. Let’s catch up! Want to reach out to Gail? Email her at  Connect with Gail: Website : YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:  

Jan 15

24 min 1 sec

Listeners you asked, so Gail starts this episode with the mimosa recipe first! This peach mimosa is going to be one of your favorites. Today’s guest is Stephanie Bright. She’s a woman on a mission. You’re going to be inspired by her story and encouraged with her insights for making the most of the new year. What is Numa? A space to breathe. Stephanie shares how the name came to be and what it means. This is the perfect time for this message. Stephanie shares how she came to a big realization that made a huge shift in her life. They also discuss: What does it mean to make a change? How you find strength to keep going? Where does faith come from when you need it most? Stephanie shares how she found her purpose. What can we do in a new year? How can we reframe our mindset? How to find the reset button! Can you find some sunshine somewhere? Focus matters. Understanding the reason we are here matters. Hear how you can recreate from where you are right now. How can we avoid holding on to the junk or the things that New normal: yes or no? Is going back to what was familiar the right move? Stephanie shares how we are programmed, and we can use this time to decide what things we want to keep and embrace. Every day is an opportunity to reset. What process can we use? Stephanie shares 3 key steps that we can use to evaluate our opportunities. The best part, it doesn’t have to talk a long time. Find out what you can do in just 15 minutes. Final insight: breathe. Connect with Stephanie: Email: Website:  

Jan 8

28 min 57 sec

Today Gail is ringing in the new year Meghan Daves, an influencer who resides in Atlanta. She’s multi-talented and when not working you’ll find her checking out the dining scene or watching football or reading with a glass of tequila. It wouldn’t be a new year episode without talking about plans for 2021! Meghan shares her plans for 2021, key among that is getting past the need to distance due to the pandemic. Many of us are going to relate to her wish-list. Get out an about – enjoy the social scene again Take the trips that had to be cancelled Find out how she’s going to incorporate more spontaneity in the new year Gail asks Meghan to rate a series of words and how it impacts her life. It’s not as easy as you might think! Being a well-rounded person means giving energy to all parts of life. What’s an influencer? Meghan shares how she uses her social media presence to share her love of fashion and makeup. She also addresses topics around anxiety and staying grounded. Find out how she: Plans her content Decides what type of content she wants to share Tips for getting started blogging (great advice here!) Where to find inspiration and resources What comes first influencing or blogging or does it matter? Find out how you can become an influencer (it doesn’t have to be about being a celebrity) Meghan shares something she plans to soft launch this year! She ends with some words of wisdom and encouragement for a great 2021. Don’t miss Gail’s New Year’s mimosa recipe! It’s the perfect start for the new year. Final word: Chalk Your Door (don’t miss this!) Connect with Gail: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook Connect with Meghan: Instagram

Jan 1

30 min 33 sec

It’s time for your Christmas mimosa with Gail! Today’s mimosa recipe is the perfect option for your Christmas day beverage. It’s just what the occasion calls for. Gail also shares a few things that you can do since this Christmas may find us not doing our normal big-family celebration. Start with self-care. Gail provides 4 ideas that you can make your own. It will inspire you to treat yourself. This may not be your usual tradition, but you can find peace in the moment. Next, she encourages you to dream. Do you have a book inside you? This could be the time to start a writing practice. She gives 8 other suggestions; one that is bound to inspire you. You have the power to dream! If you have the means, do something to help others in your community. So many people are dealing with food insecurity and in a week, millions are in danger of losing their home or may be evicted from their apartment. Gail challenges all of us to give back today. This is a season of giving, and you can truly make an impact when you help someone who is struggling. Let Gail know if you make this delicious mimosa! Take a photo and share it! Connect with Gail: Website YouTube  

Dec 2020

20 min 31 sec

They're back! Yes! Gail and her three amazing guests are back to talk shade 2.0! They continue with the same passionate, honest conversation that began in episode one. Gail brings meaningful, insightful questions that we can all relate to. Here’s what they discuss: Do you ever get the feeling that black women can be the double-edged sword? We strive to support each other but at times we block or throw shade on what someone is doing. Why do you believe this happens? The duality of black women and how it affects relationships with others. How do you protect yourself from the drama? What’s the best way to work with others who may not have share your best interests? Envy and jealousy happen. How can we manage or address that? How can we address our feelings with each other with sincerity and good intentions? How do you handle people trolling you on social media? Do you respond or ignore, or do you address it? How do you deal with the “angry black woman” comment or the “she’s doing too much” attitude from others? Make sure you stay for the rapid-fire session at the end! It’s everything you didn’t know you needed and then some.   Gail’s mimosa recipe is another winner! Do you have a favorite mimosa to share? Send it to Gail to: Check out Gail's website Subscribe to Gail's YouTube Gail has books on Amazon. Check them out.

Dec 2020

26 min 12 sec

It's the first episode of Something and Mimosas podcast with host Gail Dudley. Listen in as Gail invites to the conversation three amazing African American women. Listen in as they share from their heart unapologetically, with passion. laughter, and knowledge. Pour yourself a mimosa and prepare to be inspired with their laughter and authentic conversation. Here are a few things these women will discuss during this launch episode of Something and Mimosas: They share their dreams and accomplishments with other Black women. They also discuss some of the challenges in sharing those highs of their life. How do you develop and cultivate a sister circle that you know will be there for you and have your back? How can you be there for them as well? What do you do when someone can’t hear your positive news, or share your enthusiasm? When someone wants to pull you down how do you remove yourself without hurting someone else? How can you address feelings and emotions to keep the drama out especially when we need support? How do you handle the person who is discouraging or even eager to crush what you believe in? This is a passionate conversation. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and return for Shade 2.0! Don’t forget to try Gail’s mimosa recipe. So good! Be sure to view Gail's website Subscribe to Gail's YouTube Check out some of Gail's books on Amazon Email: with questions, comments and feedback. Connect with Gail’s Guests Dr. Kim Carter Find her information for coaching and speaking or email her at Connect with Deborah Johnson Support her hand-made card business!   You can also connect with her on twitter at @djfootballmom Black Girls Project: Reach Tonia Still at

Dec 2020

46 min 32 sec