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OT 4 Lyfe looks to connect and inspire occupational therapy practitioners of all kinds.

Join us as we go in depth to explore the research, issues, and people that influence the lives of OT students, practitioners, and their clients.

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Discussion Points: What I wished I would have known when I was an OT studentLessons learned from the fieldInternational volunteer experiencesOvercoming challengesMentioned Resources: Slides from Winston-Salem State University  presentationWorld Federation of Occupational TherapistsLearning How To Money with Joel LarsgaardYour Money Questions Answered with Mindy JensenContact the Show: Subscribe: https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribe/ Website: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfe

Nov 8

28 min 45 sec

Discussion Points:My emergency surgery experiencePlanning for having a baby with work and financesPositioning at night for optimal comfort while pregnantNavigating pregnancy/ motherhood while also being an OT practitionerThe role of OT in postpartum depressionAdvice to parents when you don’t have kids of your own Mentioned Resources: What About the Mama Podcast- episode 23Recognizing the Importance of Self Care for OT Practitioners with NancyIt’s Okay to Take a BreakThe Occupation of Being Pregnant with Miranda DonnellyAlexis JoelleMornings With an OT Mom with Danielle DelorenzoReina from Telehealth OTLisa Westhorpe from Nurture OTSurabhi Veitch from The Passionate Physio For more information, check out www.ot4lyfe.com. 

Oct 4

59 min 1 sec

Discussion Points: PregnancyEmergency surgeryLabor and deliveryChanges in routines Meaningful occupationsMentioned Resources: The Occupation of Being PregnantContact the Show: Subscribe: https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribe/ Website: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfe

Jun 8

20 min 27 sec

Miranda and Sarah discuss: Changes in our identities  since becoming pregnantOccupational transitions  during pregnancyExpectations of pregnancy versus realityThe realness of brain fog Maternal mental health Impact of our work on family planningPregnancy hacksMentioned Resources: PodcastsWhat About the Mama?Best of Both WorldsInstagram@thepassionatephysio@pregnant.postpartum.athleteYouTubeGlowBodyPTKids OT HelpApps/ WebsiteWhat To Expect OviaBook Mama NaturalConnect with MirandaWebsite: www.otuncorked.comEmail: miranda@otuncorked.comInstagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/otuncorked/Twitter Link: https://www.twitter.com/otuncorkedFacebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/otuncorkedContact the Show: Subscribe: https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribe/ Website: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfe

May 10

1 hr 58 min

Discussion Points:Types of occupational therapy associationsThe importance of being a member of your OT associationsBenefits of OT associationsAssociation conferencesCost and payment schedule of membershipNon-OT associationsOT 4 Lyfe & OT Schoolhouse GiveawayMentioned resources: For a chance to win a $50 giftcard, here’s the link: https://bit.ly/3tW1OwtGiveaway ends April 16, 2021American Occupational Therapy AssociationCostBenefitsWorld Federal of Occupational TherapistsCostConnect with Jayson: Website URL: https://www.otschoolhouse.com/Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/otschoolhouse/Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/OTSchoolHouseFacebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/OTSchoolHouseConnect with the show: Subscribe: https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribe/ Website: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfe

Apr 5

38 min 21 sec

Mindy and Sarah discuss:Why do people need to have basic knowledge about money? Financial independenceWhat to focus on first with your moneyAlternate sources of income for OT practitionersInvesting tipsInvesting with student loansAdvice for paying off student loansNegotiating salaryNavigating finances with a businessMentioned resources: Dave RamseyStudent Loan PlannerSOFIBigger Pockets Money Podcast episodesChelsea Brennan- episode 145Craig Curelop- episode 35Erin Lowry- episode 81Liz Thames- episode 10Student Loan Forgiveness Plan- episode coming soonConnect with Mindy: Email: mindy@biggerpockets.comInstagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/mindyatbpTwitter Link: https://www.twitter.com/mindyatbpFacebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/mindyatbpWebsite URL: www.biggerpockets.com/moneyshowConnect with the show: Subscribe: https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribe/ Website: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfe

Mar 29

48 min 27 sec

Takeaways:Navigating every experience as a learning opportunity Sarah’s level 2 fieldwork experiences Learning throughout her years as a new gradFiguring out this past year as a business ownerThere is always something to learn even when things don’t go as plannedMentioned Resources: Level 2 Fieldwork During a Pandemic: https://ot4lyfe.com/104Fieldwork Resources Connect with the ShowWebsite: https://ot4lyfe.com/ Join in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episode

Mar 22

17 min 48 sec

Allison, Allie and Sarah discuss: One word to sum up your experience in level 2 fieldwork as a wholeWhat their placements were supposed to look like and what they ended up being likeThoughts about their safety working with patients in-person during a pandemicTips to advocate for yourself as a studentTips to prepare for level 2 fieldworkSetbacks and challenges they facedImportance of navigating occupational balance  as a student and practitionerExperience with teletherapy as a studentAdvice for students currently on or about to embark on the fieldwork journeyInsight to share with fieldwork educators from the student perspectiveMentioned Resources:Level 2  Fieldwork Prep Guide for OT SNF by Allie WatkinsStudy Binders from OT CarolinePedretti Occupational Therapy bookHow To Talk So Kids Will Listen bookConnect with AllisonInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/allisontheotstudent/Website: https://allisontheotstudent.home.blog/Connect with Allie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/patchesofotWebsite: https://patchesofot.comPodcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/patches-of-ot/1509064501

Mar 15

1 hr 23 min

Discussion Points:Finding your why in OT entrepreneurshipBarriers and hurdles faced when starting a company The most important thing every OT entrepreneur needs to haveMentioned Resources: Spotlight Interview with Sarah Putt: Transcending Your Comfort Zone as a Private Practice Entrepreneur Mistakes and Mindset in EntrepreneurshipMinding Our OT Business with Laura Park FigueroaThe Business Side of Occupational Therapy with Brandon SeigelThe Entrepreneur Mindset on Occupied PodcastJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the latest interview episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/102Contact the Show: Subscribe to the show:  https://ot4lyfe.com/subscribeWebsite:  https://ot4lyfe.comInstagram:  @ot.4.lyfeTwitter:  @ot4lyfe 

Mar 1

29 min 22 sec

Trish and Sarah discuss: Do OT practitioners need to go to business school to become a successful entrepreneur?The why behind starting her businessWhat she knew about business before she started and how she learned along the wayGoing from working in your business versus on your businessBecoming a CEOHow she went from running a private practice to coaching other OT entrepreneursThe hardest thing for OT entrepreneurs to overcomeOwning your no as an entrepreneurAdvice for an entrepreneur who feels stuck in their business right now and wants to take their business to the next levelMentioned Resources:Trish’s Freebie:5 Tips for Acting Like a CEOThe OT Entrepreneur SummitPodcastsBiz ChixSystems Saved MeThe Online Business ShowThe Life Coach SchoolMind Your BusinessOnline Marketing Made EasySchool of PodcastingMind your OT BusinessThe OT Lifestyle MovementOTs Gone RogueBooksThe E-Myth by Michael GerberBuilding a Story Brand by Donald MillerThe One Thing by Gary KellerThe Big Leap by Gay HendricksBuilt To Sell by John WarrillowGood To Great by Jim CollinsBook Yourself Solid by Michael PortThis I Know by Terry O’ReillyConnect with TrishFacebook Group: OTs Get PaidInstagram: Trish Williams ConsultingOTs Get Paid podcast

Feb 22

1 hr 1 min

Mentioned Episodes: Episode 50: A Year in the LyfeEpisode 100: The Good, the Bad, and Like Umm Ya Know th UglyWorking in a Behavioral Inpatient Mental Health Unit with Danielle MilesNavigating Life with Cancer-Related Lymphadema with Emilia DewiFlourishing as an OT Practitioner Through Personal Experience with Mandy ChamberlainTrauma Sensitive Care for Healthcare Practitioners with Taelor Millsap The Impact of OT in the Prison Setting with Kwaku AyegmangLearning How to Money with Joel Larsgaard Positive Approach to Dementia Care with Jenna MeleRecognizing the Importance of Self Care for OT Practitioners with Nancy Early Intervention with an OT Mom with Danielle DelorenzoThinking and Learning Through an Occupational Lens with Brock CookBuilding Positive Foundations Through Collaboration with Connie Hunt Diverse OT: Leadership and Advocacy for Minorities in Healthcare with Michelle DeJesusPediatric Therapy From the Parent’s Perspective with Effie Parks You’re Favorite Creative Treatment Ideas- Lyfer of the the Month Emily DellerTips and Tricks To Get and Stay Organized- Lyfer of the Month Krysta GrandeRecommend Continuing Education Resources- Lyfer of the Month Kate Tutor Advice For OT and OTA Students- Lyfer of the Month Jhenny Berry OTOT Gift Ideas- Lyfer of the Month Candie CintronYour Favorite OT Resources- Lyfer of the Month Lauren BurnsWorking in Early Intervention as a New Grad with Amirra JohnsonHow To Train a Therapy Dog with Crystal CabreraMaking Shoes For All Abilities with Joseph DiFrancisco  Creating Success in Non-Traditional Roles as an OT Assistant with Dave MerloIt’s Not Just Joint Pain: Occupational Therapy’s Unique Role in Arthritis Life with Cheryl CrowSex, Love, and Occupational Therapy with Sakshi TickooCan Movement Change the World with Kim LowackThe Other Half of Occupational Therapy with Chris Delorenzo, Sean Donnelly, Mark Petix & Ray PuttContact the ShowFill out the surveyAsk me a questionLeave me a voicemailTo subscribe to the podcast, click hereWebsite: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Clubhouse: @ot.4.lyfeTwitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ot4lyfeCheck out my other projects: The OT RoundtableThe Real OTs of Early Intervention

Feb 15

1 hr 25 min

Brock and Sarah discuss:Our biggest podcast mistakesWhat we have learned throughout this journeyThe best and hardest parts of starting and continuing to do an OT podcastChanges we have seen with OT podcasts since we startedImportant components to a podcastWhat's changed over the yearsThe future of our shows Mentioned resources: Unpacking Colonized ThinkingDev (they/them) and Brock (he/him) Deep Dive into Gender, Identity and Stigma Sensory Integration and the Transformation From Clinic to HomeListen to Brock and Sarah on The OT RoundtableConnect with BrockWebsite: http://www.occupiedpodcast.com/Email: brock.cook@me.comInstagram: @occupiedpodcastTwitter: @brockcookotContact the SarahAsk me a questionLeave me a voicemailTo subscribe to the podcast, click hereWebsite: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Clubhouse: @ot.4.lyfeTwitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ot4lyfe

Feb 8

1 hr 40 min

Discussion Points:Question of the Month- What are your reflections from the year 2020? What did you learn? What obstacles did you overcome or are working to overcome?Dr. Sakshi Tickoo @sex.love.andotBrock Cook @occupiedpodcastAlexis Joelle @8alexisjoelleAnna @beyondcovidNancy @lovelyy_otMy reflectionsLyfer of the MonthNext question of the month: What questions do you have about money in occupational therapy? Call in with your questions and I will answer them, maybe with the help of some of my money expert friendsAnswer here: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthMentioned resources: Sex, Love, and Occupational Therapy with Dr. Sakshi TickooThinking and Learning Through an Occupational Lens with Brock CookWhat Does My Depression Look Like?- Occupied PodcastCreating Confidence and an Occupation-Based Mindset with Alexis JoelleRecognizing the Importance of Self-care for OT Practitioners with NancyIt’s Okay to Take a BreakThoughts on Covid-19Best of Occupational Therapy (BOOT) blog post 6/10/2020The Real OTs of Early InterventionThe OT RoundtableContact the ShowAsk me a questionLeave me a voicemailTo subscribe to the podcast, click hereWebsite: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Clubhouse: @ot.4.lyfeTwitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ot4lyfe

Feb 1

58 min 44 sec

Takeaways:Not all service and therapy animals are the sameRecognizing how and when or when not to utilize animals in therapy The power of incorporating animals into therapy Mentioned Resources: Bunnies and Ducks and Llamas, Oh My! Incorporating Dogs into Animal Assisted TherapyTemple Grandin BooksAmericans With Disabilities Act and American Kennel Club resources Join in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/97

Jan 25

21 min 30 sec

Crystal and Sarah discuss: Why she decided to train her dog to be a therapy dogDifference between therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support animalsConsiderations of incorporating dogs into therapySteps to train a therapy dogHardest and best parts of the training programIntersection of occupational therapy and therapy dog trainingConsiderations to be a therapy dog handlerAdvice for therapists or students who might be interested in training therapy dogs Mentioned Resources:American Kennel Club: How to Train A Therapy DogExploring Neuro with The Brainy OTNeuroplasticity After StrokeConnect with CrystalWebsite: https://thebrainyot.wixsite.com/websiteEmail: thebrainyot@gmail.comInstagram: @thebrainyot/

Jan 18

46 min 14 sec

Takeaways:The value of therapeutic use of selfTalking more about mental health to break the stigmaImportance of mental healthMentioned Resources: Recognizing the Importance of Self Care for OT Practitioners with Nancy It’s Okay to Take a Break Danielle Delorenzo Talks Infant Mental HealthOccupied Podcast EpisodesThis Is Me- Patches of OT Mental Health BOOT PostStrong Minds ClubJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/95Leave Sarah a Voicemail: https://ot4lyfe.com/voicemail/

Jan 11

15 min 7 sec

Danielle and Sarah discuss: How she got interested in behavioral inpatient mental healthWhat it looks like to work in this areaFrequency and duration of servicesCommon diagnoses and typical agesNavigating the differences in the units she works onLimiting biases before working with a patientHer role as an OT and types of interventionsTherapeutic use of selfIt’s okay to ask for helpWhat lights her up as an OTThe power of voiceStigma in mental healthThe hardest and the best part of her workMaintaining your own mental health while working in this practice areaMentioned Resources: Calm AppConnect with DanielleEmail: d.miles716@gmail.comInstagram Link: @queen_dalife_of_ot

Jan 4

49 min 20 sec

Talking Points:Question of the Month- What are your favorite OT related gift ideasAllie Watkins @patchesofot ~ Unicorn OT mugOlivia Cheng  @ot_liv ~ @learn_palLauren Burns @burns_lauren_ot ~ pulse oximeter, Shannen Marie OT, Becoming OT, OT 4 LyfeShannon @motivatemindsot ~ Calm and Headspace apps, Aroma Therapy, DoterraEmilia Dewi @the_lymph_therapist ~ Rock TapeCandie Cintron @spunky_sightseer ~ Diaphragmatic BreathingTwo Sparrows Marketplace @twosparrowsmarketplace ~ twosparrowsmarketplace.com/storeMy recommended OT giftsOT Passport Shop @otpasshop ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/OTpassportGreat Lakes Otees @greatlakesotees ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/greatlakesotees/The OT Shop from @sex.love.andot ~ https://theotshop.co.in/collections/clothingSensational Connections @sensational.connections ~ https://sensationalconnections.com/ot-stickersLyfer of the MonthInstagram: @spunky_sightseerEmail: spunkysightseer@gmail.comNext question of the month:What are your reflections from 2020? Good or bad? What did you learn?Answer here: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthMentioned resources: Can Movement Change the World?How To Better Define and Promote the ProfessionAsk me a questionLeave me a voicemailTo subscribe to the podcast, click here

Dec 2020

45 min 15 sec

Takeaways:Definition of occupational therapyHow to better promote the professionMentioned Resources: Bringin’ Occupation BackThoughts on How OT’s Can Talk About OTJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/93

Dec 2020

15 min 36 sec

The Other halves discuss: Their definition of occupational therapyHow they learned about OTThings they’ve learned from having an OT spouse Applying an OT perspective to their jobsIf they ever get sick of hearing their spouse talk about OT?The best and worst parts of the field of occupational therapySocial media and the profession  How to promote the profession betterOne word to describe OT Mentioned Resources: Danielle’s previous episode: Early Intervention with an OT MomMiranda’s episode: Uncorking Topics in Occupational TherapyLaura’s episode: Sensory Integration and the Transformation From Clinic to HomeConnect with Mark & LauraWebsite: https://www.theotbutterfly.comInstagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/theotbutterfly/Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/theotbutterflyTeachers Pay Teachers: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/store/the-ot-butterflyEmail: LPetixOT@gmail.comConnect with Sean & MirandaWebsite: www.otuncorked.comPodcast: http://otuncorked.com/listen/Instagram Link: https://instagram.com/otuncorkedTwitter Link: https://twitter.com/otuncorkedFacebook Link: https://facebook.com/otuncorkedEmail: miranda@otuncorked.comConnect with Chris & DanielleWebsite URL: https://www.danielledelorenzo.comInstagram Link: https://instagram/mornings.with.an.ot.momEmail: morningswithanotmom@gmail.comConnect with Ray & SarahWebsite: https://ot4lyfe.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ot.4.lyfe/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ot4lyfeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ot4lyfeEmail: sarah@ot4lyfe.com

Dec 2020

1 hr 10 min

Takeaways:Shift the mindsetCultivating good self-care habits while in schoolMy tip for current OT/OTA studentsMentioned Resources: Advice for OT & OTA StudentsLeading From Where You Are with Ijeoma IkpezeFrom OT School to New Grad OT with Jordan McCauley Fresh Perspectives From First Year OT Students with Alex, Christina, and ReginaCrafting Your Life for Success with Intention and Purpose with Andy NielsenFieldwork ResourcesRachel Moore’s EpisodesThe Very First Steps in Becoming an OTBecoming an Occupational Therapist: Starting an OT Program Becoming an Occupational Therapist: OT SchoolThe Real OTs of Early Interventionwww.therealots.com@the.real.ots.of.eiJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/90

Dec 2020

14 min 45 sec

Rachel and Sarah discuss: The hardest part/biggest challenge during OT school so farHer favorite part of OT schoolThe transition from in person to distance learning secondary to the pandemicNavigating the personal and professional stress during this timeAdvice for current or soon to be studentsQuestions for me as a fieldwork educator Resources:Rachel’s Previous Episodes:The Very First Steps in Becoming an OTBecoming an Occupational Therapist: Starting an OT Program Mind Your OT Business PodcastTips for OT & OTA StudentsTherapy Ed Study Guide Book

Nov 2020

1 hr 9 min

Talking Points:Question of the Month- What are your favorite continuing education courses that you have taken and why?Ushma @worldofot ~ Star InstituteAnnabeth Knight @thefannypacktherapist ~ Every Move CountsErin Jeffords @theotadvocateGlen Gillen’s Management of the Hemiplegic Upper ExtremityMary Warren’s vision coursesPhysical Agent Modalities Credential CoursesLSVTKate Tudor @OT_KateT ~ Acceptance and Commitment TherapyJessica @myfluffynestNeuro INFRAHOccupationaltherapy.comCandie Cintron @spunky_sightseer ~ Breathing with the MaestroMy most recommended CEUsFeedingSOS Approach to FeedingBeckman Oral Motor Protocol Handwriting Without Tears Hippotherapy Training CoursesPodcastsOT SchoolhouseGlass Half FullOT Potential Taking fieldwork studentsState, National, and International Conferences Lyfer of the MonthTwitter: @OT_KateTInstagram: @ot_katetPodcast Club: @OTPodcastClubNext question of the month: What are some of the best OT-related gifts that you have given or received?Answer here: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthMentioned resources: Occupied Episode 36- The Occupation of Acceptance and Commitment TherapyArthritis Life Episode 5- Can You Live a Full Life With Pain?Connection Instagram postEpisode 7: From OT to Entrepreneur with Cami Culwell OT Podcast ClubAsk me a questionLeave me a voicemailTo subscribe to the podcast, click here

Nov 2020

1 hr 2 min

Takeaways:Self-care is ongoing It’s ok to ask for helpWe need more conversations self-care as healthcare practitionersJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/87

Nov 2020

17 min 55 sec

Nancy and Sarah discuss: Her work in a skilled nursing facilityBest advice from a resident that she has receivedHer role as an OT in a skilled nursing facility Navigating insurance Changes to her role because of the Covid-19 pandemicThe impact of the pandemic on her patients and herselfRecognizing the importance of self-care as a healthcare professional Connect with Nancy: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovelyy_ot/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSescBWZXZcH2ITAteatHXA

Nov 2020

1 hr 1 min

Takeaways:Importance of addressing sexual health just as we address mental, physical and emotional healthRecognition of the lack of sexual health education within OT educationSexual health needs to be addressed across the lifespan Mentioned Resources:OT After Dark Podcast Join in the Discussion:Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/84

Nov 2020

11 min 40 sec

Talking Points: The only way to get better at something is to research, learn, and practiceThe OT community is amazingPeople still do not know that OT podcasts existAccountability is everythingThere’s so much more to podcasting than just talking into a microphoneBeing a Lifelong LearnerEach listener takes away something different from each episodeAccessibility of podcastsI love podcasts and podcastingPodcasting has changed my lyfe Mentioned Resources: The Why of OT 4 LyfeThe Impact of OT in the Prison SettingSex, Love, and Occupational TherapyNavigating Life with Cancer-Related LymphedemaDiverse OT: Leadership and Advocacy for Minorities in HealthcareInclusion, Education, and All the Colors of the RainbowThinking and Learning from an Occupational Lens List of OT Podcasts30 Day Movement ChallengeJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the Month

Oct 2020

36 min 56 sec

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo and Sarah discuss: How she became interested in mental health, sexuality, and OTOT in IndiaSexuality for all age groupsImportance of consentHer definition of sexual healthSex as an activity of daily living (ADL)Conditions and misdiagnosed conditionsOccupational therapy’s role in sexual healthConnect with Dr. Sakshi TickooEmail: sex.love.andot@gmail.comInstagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/sex.love.andot/Facebook Link: https://m.facebook.com/SexLoveAndOTWebsite URL: sexloveandot.comThe OT Shop: the-ot-shop.myshopify.com

Oct 2020

1 hr 5 min

Talking Points:Question of the Month- What’s your most outside the box treatment idea?Danielle Delorenzo @mornings.with.an.ot.momJayson Davies @otschoolhouseLauren Burns @burns_lauren_otEmily Deller @emilymarie_otErin_Jeffords @theotadvocateEmilia Dewi @the_lymph_therapistAlvin @ot.outside.the.boxMy outside the box treatment ideasQuestions from the OT 4 Lyfe community What do I wish my school would have taught me?How to handle working with difficult clients?Lyfer of the MonthInstagram: @emilymarie_otYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/emilymarieOTWebsite: https://m.facebook.com/emilymarieotNext question of the month: What are your favorite continuing education courses that you have taken and why?Answer here: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthShout out to Alvin from @ot.outside.the.box for the artwork used in the title graphic. Mentioned resources: Ask me a questionDifficult client postLeave me a voicemail30 Day Movement ChallengeCommunOT Podcast Episodes68- Your Favorite OT Resources73- Tips and Tricks to Get and Stay Organized78- Advice For OT & OTA StudentsTo subscribe to the podcast, click here

Oct 2020

1 hr 4 min

Takeaways:Remembering that what we are doing is making an impact in the lives of our clientsEmotionality of practiceMentioned Resources: Episode 64: Positive Approach to Dementia Care with Jenna Mele Join in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/81

Oct 2020

19 min 18 sec

Effie and Sarah discuss:  The moment she found out about her son’s diagnosisCTNNB1 syndromeHow it presents in her sonHer experience in early interventionThe impact OT has had on her and her son’s lifeHer advice for OT practitioners working with families Memorable moments in OT so farHippotherapyParents trusting in therapistsReflections on OT from a parent perspectiveHer podcastResourcesCTNNB1 Facebook groupGlobal genesNational Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD)Connect with EffieWebsite: https://effieparks.com/Podcast: https://effieparks.com/podcastInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/onceuponagene.podcast/Twitter: https://twitter.com/OnceUponAGene

Sep 2020

54 min 31 sec

Takeaways:Shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t. If you’re interested in it, do itUse what your client has and also understand their financial statusThe importance of having a mentorMentioned Resources: Episode 51 with Danielle Delorenzo: https://ot4lyfe.com/51/Episode 17 with Jennifer Ogawa on OT/PT Collaboration: https://ot4lyfe.com/17/Upcoming episode with Effie ParksJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/79

Sep 2020

27 min 22 sec

Amirra and Sarah discuss:  What is early intervention?How can families be referredTypical assessments and frequency of evaluationsInformed Clinical OpinionIndividualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)Team Based ModelWhat a day in early intervention looks like (pre-covid)Coaching Model in EIWhat about all the driving?The skill of scheduling and autonomyGoing baglessPros and cons of working in EI as a new gradTips for new grads working (or wanting to work) in EIResourcesotplan.comPinterestConnect with AmirraWebsite: https://www.marvelousmirracles.com/Email: marvelousmirracles.ot@gmail.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvelousmirracles.ot/URL: www.marvelousmirracles.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/marvelousmirracles.ot

Sep 2020

1 hr 13 min

Talking Points:Question of the Month- What’s your best advice for current OT & OTA students?Alvin Pineda @ot.outside.the.boxRobyn @spill_the_otCandie Cintron @spunky_sightseerNicole Paneque @otwithmisspKarena Sabinski @whatabout_themamaAlexis Joelle @8alexisjoelleCurtis Lubic @cjlub924Debra Batistella @creativeconceptsot Emilia Dewi @the_lymph_therapistNancy @lovelly_ot Lyfer of the MonthInstagram: @jhenny_berry_otYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jhennyberryWebsite: https://jhennyberry.com/Answers to questions from the communityThe 30 Day Movement ChallengeGot OT questions that you want answered, head on over to ot4lyfe.com/communityAnswer the question of the month and be eligible to win some OT 4 Lyfe swag: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthTo subscribe to the podcast, click hereMentioned resources: Being a Lifelong Learner: https://ot4lyfe.com/77/The Very First Steps in Becoming an OT: https://ot4lyfe.com/13/Becoming an OT: Starting an OT Program: https://ot4lyfe.com/32/Should Every OT Practitioner Be a Fieldwork Educator? http://www.theotroundtable.com/05/Leave me a voicemail: ot4lyfe.com/voicemail

Sep 2020

1 hr 7 min

Takeaways:The importance of networking and always learningPaying attention to moving and your lymph systemKnowing our role as therapy practitionersMentioned Resources: @the_lymph_therapist #7dayselfcarechallengeThe Movement MaestroCan Movement Change the World: https://ot4lyfe.com/71@ot.4.lyfe #30daymovementchallengeCreating Confidence and an Occupation-Based Mindset: https://ot4lyfe.com/39Join in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/76

Aug 2020

12 min 36 sec

Emilia and Sarah discuss:  Why the lymphatic system is important to herLong term effects of lymphedema Overview of lymphatic systemGlymphatic system Importance of sleepLink between autoimmune system and lymphatic systemDr. Perry Nicholson- Lymph Mojo Body Aquarium Cancer related lymphedema Changes due to cancer related lymphedema Cancer and TraumaLymphedema and lifestyleRisk reduction practiceChange Readiness Theory Planting the seedAllowing choice after cancerJohn Barnes Myofascial ReleaseHer favorite manual therapy techniquesKinesio Taping for lymphedema management Cording Lipedema Connect with EmeliaEmail: emilia@thelymphtherapist.comInstagram: Http://www.instagram.com/the_lymph_therapistURL: Https://www.thelymphtherapist.com

Aug 2020

1 hr

Takeaways:Entrepreneurship is a journeyMindset is key The importance of making mistakes in businessMentioned Resources: The OT RoundtableMaestro on the MicThe PT Entrepreneur PodcastHow I Built This Mind Your OT BusinessJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/74

Aug 2020

16 min

Joseph and Sarah discuss: The why behind starting Friendly ShoesSafety and aesthetics of adaptive shoesThe deeper meaning behind shoesSneakerheadsWhy you can’t just go bigger to fit AFOs in showsThe OT brain in shoe developmentImportance of making mistakesTaking the first step to starting a businessWhy Friendly?Bringing occupational therapy to the forefrontCoupon Code for 25% off Friendly Shoes for Lyfers: OTRULESConnect with Joseph:Email: Joseph@friendlyshoes.comWebsite: www.friendlyshoes.comInstagram: https://instagram.com/befriendlyshoesFacebook: https://facebook.com/befriendlyshoesTwitter: https://twitter.com/befriendlyshoes

Aug 2020

1 hr 2 min

Question of the Month- How do you keep your OT brain and materials organized?Stephanie from @theorganizedotKhalilah Johnson from @theacademicdivaAnnabeth Knight from @thefannypacktherapistEmilia from @the_lymph_therapistLauren Burns from @burns_lauren_otNikki Lopez from @mypedsotAmy Thakkar from @littlemotorboxAmirra Johnson from @marvelousmirracles.otAdreanna BeaumontHillary from @original_therapy_resourcesSarah’s Recommendation: Osprey Cyber BackpackLyfer of the MonthThe 30 Day Movement ChallengeGot OT questions that you want answered, head on over to ot4lyfe.com/communityAnswer the question of the month and be eligible to win some OT 4 Lyfe swag: ot4lyfe.com/questionofthemonthTo subscribe to the podcast: click here

Aug 2020

48 min 35 sec

Takeaways:Power of social mediaInfluence of movement on all the body systemsWhy we need to fallMovement during the pandemicMentioned Resources: #ABCsofOT @shannenmarie_ot30 Day Movement Challenge @ot.4.lyfeJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/71

Jul 2020

18 min 2 sec

Kim and Sarah discuss:  Influence of movement across the lifespanEffects of movement disruptionsOverview of vestibular systemDevelopment of the nervous systemWhy crawling is so importantMaking it fun is all that mattersFocusing on the underlying reflexes to address higher level skillsThe under appreciated systemIdentifying the issue and then taking a step backImportance of movement for geriatric populationDr. Harold Blomberg Rhythmic MovementsConnect with Kim:Kim’s Ted TalkEmail: kim.a.lowack@gmail.comWeb: https://www.theotway.net/Instagram Link: @the_ot_wayTwitter Link: @KimLowack

Jul 2020

56 min 38 sec

Takeaways:Fundamentals transcend practice areasAssumptions can be bad for practiceGoing beyond occupationMentioned Resources: Dr. Rebecca Twinley- The Dark Side of OccupationOccupied Podcast episodeIGTV with KwakuJoin in the Discussion: Answer the Question of the MonthChime in your thoughts on the episodeCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/69

Jul 2020

10 min 58 sec

Kwaku and Sarah discuss:  Normalization of violenceAssumptions of people in prisonHistorical views on wrong doing and punishmentWorking with young offenders (18-21 years old)Reflections on how they got there and where they can go in the future Influence of occupations both positive and negativeSocial context of occupationsThe opportunity of choiceImpact on environment for people in prisonWhat it looks like to work as an OT in prisonThe framework of occupational therapyHow he started working with in the prisonsHis biggest realization working in this settingOT & ChillConnect with KwakuEmail: otandchill@gmail.comInstagram:@otandchillTwitter: @OT_Chill

Jun 2020

1 hr 8 min

Question of the Month- What are your favorite occupational therapy resources?Shannen Marie OT: AOTA Tip Sheets, LSVT Global, Seniors Flourish Learning Lab, OT Goal Writing GuideMy Bui: Understood.orgMiranda Rennie: Model Systems Knowledge Translation CenterDanielle Delorenzo: Tools To Grow, Go Noodle, Fun and Function, Lakeshore, Jacks Toy Store, Kissui, Kith, Bal-A-Vis-X, School Based OT/PT Facebook GroupKim Lowack: Harold Blomberg Rhythmic MovementsLauren Burns: OT Potential Club, Seniors Flourish Learning LabTaelormade OT: Instagram accounts- @theotbutterfly, @cotalife, @missjaimeot, @wootherapy and Tools To Grow MembershipJanel Mayne: Sensational Brain Self Regulation courseAlexis Joelle: OT and OTA studentsDebra Bastistella: ProquestSarah Putt: www.ot4lyfe.com/otpodcastsFind More Resources in the OT 4 Lyfe CommunityLyfer of the MonthBest of Occupational Therapy aka “The BOOT”30 Day Movement ChallengeThe Next Question of the MonthAnswer the question of the month and be eligible to win some OT 4 Lyfe swag: How do you keep your OT brain and materials organized?Leave a voicemail message: https://ot4lyfe.com/voicemailLeave a comment in the community: https://ot4lyfe.com/question

Jun 2020

41 min 45 sec

Takeaways:The rheumatoid arthritis journeyImplications of RA symptoms on all areas of lifeThinking outside the boxCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/66 Join in on the discussion

Jun 2020

13 min 6 sec

Cheryl and Sarah discuss: Cheryl’s journey with rheumatoid arthritisAnxiety and mental health considerationsGaslighting in the medical worldThe average diagnosis length for autoimmune diseasesValidation and empowermentDefinition of arthritisMost common symptomsArthritis and IADLsArthritis as a secondary diagnosis“Health enables function”Financial implications of the diagnosisWhy OT is underutilized in addressing arthritisImportant arthritis statisticsResourcesArthritis FoundationArthritis Live Yes PodcastAmerican College of RheumatologyAmerican Rheumatology ProfessionalsLifestyle Redesign at USCYou Are EnoughArthritis LifeGet in touch with Cheryl: Website: https://arthritis.theenthusiasticlife.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arthritis_life_cheryl/Twitter: https://twitter.com/realccFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArthritisLifeCheryl/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDEZnSHMkC5FJ6enOwHsRKg

Jun 2020

1 hr 2 min

Sarah discusses:Current dementia statistics according to the World Health Organization as of 2019Why this episode was a tough one for herWhat she learned about working in dementia careBrock’s episode with Teaming with Dementia with Brooke GeorgeFinding your passion within the field of occupational therapyImportance of self careRealization of compassion fatigueCatch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/64Share your takeaways and join in the discussion here: https://ot4lyfe.com/community

May 2020

13 min 5 sec

Sarah and Jenna discuss: Realizing that something needed to be done in dementia careHaving hope with a progressive diagnosis Focusing on one client and one familyOccupational deprivation and lack of balanceTeepa Snow- Positive Approach to CareRelationship is top priority Hand-under-hand treatment techniquePartnering with our clients and their caregiversChecking emotions at the doorThe professional and personal impacts of working in dementia care Importance of social supportsCompassion fatigueSuccess storiesImportance of life history for clients, especially those with dementiaAdvice for practitioners working in dementia careAdvice for care partnersJerry videoDementia ResourcesGem States- Teepa SnowMy Past is Now My Future- Lanny ButlerEnsign Dementia Course- Gina Tucker-RoghiGet in touch with Jenna: Website: https://www.connectedcareagingsolutions.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJennaMele

May 2020

1 hr 13 min

Sarah discusses:Importance of mentorship Small t traumas can be just as impactful Medical conditions, diagnoses, conditions, and injuries can be trauma“Connection before correction”Catch the full episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/62To share your takeaways from the episode: https://ot4lyfe.com/community/

May 2020

10 min 57 sec

Sarah and Taelor discuss: Her realization of traumaDenialFinding self worth Psychological manipulationGaslightingDefinitions of traumaBig T traumas and little t traumasCorrelation between low income and traumaConnection before correctionTrauma sensitive strategiesPersonal and professional experiences of traumaTrauma Resources:OT & Childhood Trauma Cheat Sheet: https://bit.ly/ot4lyfePeter Levine: https://traumahealing.org/Bruce Terry: https://www.childtrauma.org/ACES- Adverse Childhood Experiences: https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/childabuseandneglect/acestudy/index.htmlAOTA Childhood Trauma Fact Sheet: https://www.aota.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/Practice/Children/Childhood-Trauma-Info-Sheet-2015.pdfThe Power of a Caring, Consistent Adult: https://changingmindsnow.org/science/the-power-of-a-caring-adultDr. Nadine Burke Harris TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/nadine_burke_harris_how_childhood_trauma_affects_health_across_a_lifetime?language=enThe Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: https://amzn.to/34Zl1SsThe Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk: https://amzn.to/2Vza8nxPaper Tigers (documentary): https://kpjrfilms.co/paper-tigers/ Get in touch with TaelorWebsite: www.taelor-madeot.comInstagram: https://instagram.com/taelormadeotFacebook:  https://facebook.com/taelormadeot

May 2020

1 hr 23 min