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This segment the Bro talk about the infrastructure bill passing & what in it!! "The Squad" that voted against the bill & why did they vote against the bill? Biden/Harris one year later & what have they done? Lastly the bros talk about this "where is Kamala" & the power of Black women & white fear.#Infrastructure #thesquad, #BidenHarris #whereisKamala

Nov 30

26 min 35 sec

#Sports #NFL #NBA #OdellBeckham #CamNewton #VERZUZ #PattiPies #PattiLaBelle #ChakaKhan #StephanieMillsSports Talk With Mel-Bone, Odell Beckham with the rams & is he a diva. Cam Newton back with Carolina Panthers with a win. VERZUZ is back A Night for the Queens Chaka Khan VS Stephanie Mills. The Real truth about them Patti LaBelle Pies Part 1 (Happy Thanksgiving)

Nov 19

28 min 40 sec

In this segment the bros talk about the reboot of "The Wonder Years", there back & black! 9/11 20 years later, Lil Nas X, Drake, & Kanye West album release & the weirdness. Is happy wife really happy life? Instagram been toxic towards teen girls & should instagram have a age limit. Lastly, HARPO who dis woman K Michell or Michell K.

Oct 2

37 min 27 sec

In this segment, the bros talk about matters of the heart & brain, brain vs heart. Y’all remember Steve Urkel, Laura Winslow, & Myra Monkhouse love triangle? We talk & break it down to real life cause its real! Join us in the conversation, this should be interesting!!!

Sep 14

37 min 11 sec

In this segment, the bros talk about the big news of our new WEBSITE & RADIO station!!! Racist sheriff gets caught in a kkk predicament, republicans phone records are being request from Jan 6, Hurricane Ida aftermath, and after 20 years its over!!!

Sep 9

47 min 23 sec

In this segment, we talked about the so call beef between Sha'Carri Richardson vs Allyson Felix. Also Sha'Carri getting smoked in her race & are people being to sensitive & not holding her accountable. The fight at the Steelers & Lions game. Lastly, do ya'll remember Lenny Cooke & was he better than LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony?

Sep 4

21 min 38 sec

I know its been a while but the bros are back on line!! This episode we talk about how some folks keep trying to erase history, now they want to say there was no slavery but black immigration. High value mindset men & women, is it real? According to the "my pillow guy" voter fraud was found & we will break it all the way down LOL! Can blacks be racist, & Sports talk with Mel-Bone!!!

Aug 21

1 hr 26 min

NFL being sued because players of color, not receiving benefits based on Race Norming, Naomi Osaka, NBA Playoffs, Long Distance Relationships, Should men travel, first to see the women, when dating. Mo`Niques message to young people. Meaning of Optimistic by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Jun 9

1 hr 24 min

States creating laws to the teaching of Race relations, Sports, NBA playoffs, NBA Hall of fame, Wilder vs Tyson Fury Trilogy, HBCU schools and funding.

May 19

1 hr 19 min

Targets more likely to be shot when black, Mental Illness in the minority community, Sports, New Voting Laws in Southern States

May 19

1 hr 18 min

Derek Chauvin Trial and Verdict, Sports college basketball, and Relationship Topics and more Killings of unarmed minorities

May 19

1 hr 29 min

Sports, Police Shootings of another Black life, Voter suppression bills in Texas and how does Biden plan on bringing back the Troops.

Apr 21

1 hr 15 min

NCAA Championship, Deshaun Watson allegations, MLB Allstar Game, Texas Rangers Baseball Game, Georgia voting vs. Colorado voting rights, Biden 2 Trillion Plan, Gun Violence, and Things that old people say that make you laugh

Apr 14

1 hr 26 min

NCAA Tournament, Deshaun Watson (Texans), Georgia Voter Suppression, Mass Shooting in Atlanta and Colorado

Apr 1

1 hr 10 min

NBA Allstar game, Dak Prescott gets contract, Plano ISD, Reopening of Texas, and Should men tell women they're waiting until they're married ?

Mar 9

1 hr 9 min

Tiger Woods, Why are Blacks taking Vaccine at lower rates, 18yr walking in the snow, Pastor Sharp.

Mar 5

1 hr 28 min

Super Bowl, Impeachment, George Floyd Case, JJ Watt

Feb 25

1 hr 19 min

Super Bowl, Grits, Morgan Wallen and Politics

Feb 9

1 hr 21 min

Sports, Politics, GameStop

Feb 4

1 hr 7 min