Singing Mindfully

Holton H. Johnson

Combine Mindfulness practice with solid vocal technique to make you a more secure, dynamic singer. Through Mindful Meditation breathing exercises, you'll learn concentration, relaxation, and focus. All elements of a proper vocal technique. I'll also dive deep into what constitutes good vocal technique with future episodes focusing on individual aspects of my technique.

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In this second episode, I'll focus more intently on the "cool spot", focus on the concept of the open throat the correct position for the tip of your tongue. I make mention of the vocal teacher Michael Trimble: Support this podcast

May 5

34 min 52 sec

Episode #1 In this first episode, I'm going to briefly go through a simple mindful breathing exercise and then go through warming up your voice, proper posture, the correct way to start to sing, and much more. I hope you enjoy this and if so, consider subscribing or donating. I'm also always eager to hear from you with any questions or thoughts, maybe even suggestions of topics to discuss. Email: 5oZwgO454EevWbU2OZY0 Support this podcast

Mar 28

23 min

This is a trailer for the new podcast Singing Mindfully. Integrating mindful meditation with proper vocal technique to make you a better, more dynamic singer. Stay tuned for the first episode being released soon! Support this podcast

Mar 21

31 sec