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Synergy Practices is a service being offered by Arminco inc. to dental practitioners.

It provides project management, and practice management options.

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In this week's episode of Synergy Practices, Darwin and Art dive into what Synergy Practices is all about as well as the solutions it provides for Doctors.  Have you wondered what the next steps are when opening up your own practice?   Darwin and Art's help discuss the three important phases that Synergy Practice can help with the process, from the initial phase - Preparation, Execution and last is the Establishment phase.  The great myth about what a consultant is vs what Synergy Practices offers is finally answered.  The initial foundation was laid in this first episode and the team is excited to help answer questions on building your own practice, stay tuned for the next episode where Darwin and Art go into depth on what it takes to get the initial start, timeline of completion from the moment you sign to the moment where you're cutting the ribbon on your new practice.Make sure to follow Synergy Practices Podcast on all of our social media platforms, and share it with your friends!  Tag us at @armincoinc

Jan 2020

14 min 32 sec

In this episode, Art and Darwin discuss the different options a Dentist can expect to have when selecting a broker? What to expect from each type of broker and how to narrow down the selection. Finding the right space is a crucial start to the process, Art shares his recommendations on what to look for in a space, from a Class A office building, multi-family retail on the ground level to the traditional retail center, etc... The condition of the space is the next challenge. Deciding between a vanilla box, cold dark shell, the warm dark shell can make the difference when negotiating the lease and laying the right foundation for the budget of the project. If you missed our previous episode, make sure to download it directly from our website: via Apple & Android marketSynergy Practices Facebook Group powered by Arminco Inc.:The goal of our Synergy Practices forum group is to provide a platform specifically for Dentists to be able to discuss industry trends, bounce ideas off one another and even network. We would love for you to invite your dental colleagues so they can join in on the action. As we continue to grow, we hope this will be a resource for all your dental questions!

Feb 2020

16 min 26 sec

In this episode of Synergy Practices podcast, Art and Darwin dive into the current pandemic;COVID- 19. There are so many questions surrounding Dentists. Whether in the market to starta new practice or contemplating on doing a renovation/facelift. There are two approaches totake during this time, an offensive and defensive approach. Gathering a game plan and puttingit in place is key. Join us as we lay a few options out to provide an offensive approach andgame plan for the future success of the practice during the current COVID-19 shutdown.

Mar 2020

14 min 42 sec

Are you stuck on how to handle your staff during the shutdown? Should you let your staff go?Are there ways to help retain your staff during histime? In this week’s episode of Synergy Practices Podcast, Art and Darwin talk about differentoptions Dentists can offer to their staff during the shutdown that may help retain key staffmembers and set the practice up for success come opening doors.

Mar 2020

15 min 15 sec

In this week’s episode of Synergy Practices Podcast, Art and Darwin are joined by special guest, Rafael Martinez from Atlantic Union Bank. Rafael was able to shed light and provide different loan options small businesses can take advantage of. The team discussed the different types of businesses that are eligible for the program as well as the loan process. They also covered deadline dates for the loan, what your business has to do to qualify for 100% forgiveness of the loan and more.

Apr 2020

21 min 3 sec

Synergy Practices is excited for this exclusive episode with Patty Brown from Marathon Realty Group. There are distinguishable differences between a real estate agent vs a broker, residential vs commercial, and everything that comes between. Aligning yourself with the right team is key in any project but knowing the right questions to ask, what to look for, and what to even bargain for make the difference between landing the right location for your future business and passing it up. Put your doubts aside, this is the must listen to episode if you're starting a practice or opening a second location. The big question was addressed, what is best- leasing or buying?

Apr 2020

53 min 34 sec

Many dental practices are opening their doors again but what impact did COVID-19 have financially both personal and in business? Ryan outlined several opportunities for dentists to review that can provide benefits. Taking a look at the current budget and cash flow, Business Liability, Workers Comp, Dental Professional Liability etc...

May 2020

11 min 54 sec

In this week's episode of Synergy Practices Podcast, Consultant- Sara Reichenbach wrote a blog article about the current dejavu feeling most dentists are feeling today and discuss it in this week's episode. Many of us may not remember the start of the AIDS pandemic or the changes it brought. One thing is for certain, we were not ready for it, but we adapted as a society and in the dental profession. Take a few minutes and listen to this week's episode.

May 2020

14 min 14 sec

The idea of relocating a practice could seem daunting and in some cases, downright impossible. My guide for practice relocations can help navigate the very complicated and difficult decisions that need to be made. Having a plan through this process helps make this process more fluid and a more positive experience

May 2020

10 min 59 sec

In this week's episode of Synergy Practices Dental Podcast, Araik Safarian was joined by Antonis Alexander from Scheer Partners. They tackled restrictions and non-compete clauses that may slow down the search, but if tackled from the beginning and addressed accordingly, it can be something that can be solved quite easily. Once a location has been located, zoning becomes critical. Permitting, tenant improvement money? Are Landlords operating differently during the pandemic? Are they offering anything? Are they being more lenient? It's an aggressive market; deals are being made.

Jun 2020

19 min 47 sec

Art and Antonis talk about vacancies in the market due to post COVID-19. Are the vacancies an outcome of COVID-19 or is it a general trend in the market? Many people working from home have had an outcome on the market also creating vacancies but what does this mean for a doctor that is in the market looking for a space? Art and Antonis talk about the opportunity and how to approach this scenario as well as bringing real life cases, the obstacles they were confronted with and how to go about finding the solution.

Jun 2020

23 min 52 sec

Artin Safarian is joined by Sasha Hewadpal discussing Arminco's three phase process, the secret behind what makes Arminco successful time and time again and what helps create a seamless process for doctors. Having completed over 1,000 successful commercial projects, our process is proven to work. We broke our process down into three phases. In this episode, the three phases are discussed and broken down individually.1. Preparation phase 2. Execution phase3. Establishment phase Contact us for more information:☎️: (703) 430-6669:

Nov 2020

16 min 57 sec

Our first segment tackles a recently signed lease but there's barely enough power to make the practice run. What do you do? Is there something that you could've done before signing? Enjoy our new segment!Contact us for more information:☎️: (703) 430-6669: #commercialdesign #commercialdesignbuild #dentalsolution #dentaldesign #dentalconstruction #dentalarchitecture #dentalpractice #buildingadentalpractice #startupdentistry #acquisitiondentistry #armincoway #nationwide #nationwideservices #dentist #dentists #dental #medicalconstruction #restaurantdesign #restaurantconstruction #customhomebuilder #commercialcontractor

Nov 2020

6 min 50 sec

Here’s our sneak peak of this week's Red Card segment. Have you been given an initial estimate and received a completely different number shortly after? We dive into a real life scenario with a doctor that is interested in a 3,000 sf space. The doctor received a preliminary estimate of $330K, however, once the drawings were completed, the actual price came out to $480K. We share how we would handle the scenario and our expert recommendation to avoid a similar situation.

Dec 2020

9 min 52 sec

In this Red Card segment, Artin and Sasha explore a unique situation with an Orthodontist who is interested in putting an offer down on a 3,500 sf practice located in Chicago, on the third floor in a post tension building. The doctor has worked with a consultant up to this point and is trying to determine what the best course of action to take is. Is it even possible for an Orthodontist to set up a practice in a post tension building? Are there any hidden costs to expect for this type of project or even a way to make this situation a positive one? Artin and Sasha dive into the details and give you their take on how to handle this type of project.

Dec 2020

11 min 1 sec

In this episode, Artin and Sasha deal with what seems to be a simple situation. A doctor has purchased a 16 year old existing dental office. He reached out to our team for help with dental equipment only to find out this was the start of what turned out to be a bit of a nightmare situation he was not anticipating with the office and the existing lines.

Dec 2020

7 min 21 sec

n this week's Red Card segment, we come to you with a story from Texas. An oral surgeon reached out asking for help. They are in the middle of construction on a 4,000 square-foot area located on the first floor of a two-story building. The oral surgeon mentiond that they are "tired of receiving non stop change orders". We share our take, and how we would go about solving this issue.

Dec 2020

11 min 1 sec

In this week’s episode, Artin and Sasha are presented with a new scenario. This case begins with a doctor that purchased an intramural wall mount x-ray. Their space had a lot of glass partitions utilizing the natural light, flowing throughout the office. The equipment team showed up to install wall mount x-rays, two worlds collide. Listen to this episode to find out what could have been done to eliminate this miscommunication and the importance of communicating every step of the way and managing a project to eliminate such mistakes.

Dec 2020

8 min 8 sec

In this week's segment, we work with a doctor that has $370,000 worth of TI money. He wanted the contractor to be paid directly by the landlord, take a listen as we carefully help navigate this Doctor through a sticky situation. Full episode coming soon!

Jan 15

9 min 5 sec

Red Card Segment 8: Surgery Center ClassificationsIn this latest episode of the red card segment, Artin & Sasha dive into the world of surgery centers. Who is prepared to handle this type of project? Can anyone just do it? We share our experience with a doctor that hired a design- build firm but didn’t have expertise in surgical centers. Listen to find out what took place and the advice our hosts would give this doctor.FULL EPISODE COMING LATER THIS WEEK!

Jan 28

8 min 23 sec

In this week's Red Card segment, Artin and Sasha work with a general dentist out of the Pennsylvania area. This space consisted of 2,600 sf. The Doctor purchased cabinetry from a contractor, dental equipment was purchased out of the state and when delivery time came, issues arose from miscommunication between the cabinetry manufacturer and the equipment company pointing fingers at each other. Listen to what our team would do to help this doctor get out of this sticky situation. FULL EPISODE COMING LATER THIS WEEK!

Feb 8

6 min 14 sec

In this week's episode of the Red Card Segment, the team was able to help a doctor out of a sticky situation. The advice given was the idea of saving money by going with a 12 o'clock cabinetry solution. This doctor had never worked out of the 12 o'clock but decided that he could learn it and go with it with the thought of saving money on the construction. Listen to find out how this advice actually affected the doctor long-term. Was this the right advice to follow?

Feb 19

18 min 49 sec

Check out the latest episode of the Red Card segment. In Ep. 11 titled "Does it really cost $100/sf to build a practice?", we dive into the question we've all either heard or asked ourselves. There are many components that go into pricing, there is no clear cut answer. Listen to our team as we provide you with the information to equip you to better prepare for pricing when working on your own startup construction project.

Feb 25

12 min 48 sec

In this week's episode of the Top Rated entrepreneur podcast show - Red Card Segment our team dives into a special scenario that presents itself every so often. This week's scenario consists of a doctor who is interested in a ground up construction project for his future dental practice. He found a great location that fit his needs just right, the issue is that the previous business was a bank, with a vault. His big question is "Can I proceed with opening my practice and converting this bank into a dental practice?". Listen to this unique situation and the recommendation our team gives this doctor to make sure he's protecting himself and his future business.

Mar 3

14 min 36 sec

Our latest adventures take us to a unique situation where a Veterinarian was in the market to develop his own practice from the ground up and purchased a lot. The red card scenario is that prior to purchasing the lot, not much research had been done. Listen and find out what type of issues this doctor is confronted with and how our team helps guide him.

Mar 10

7 min 45 sec

This week's episode is close to home, only a few hours away in VA Beach, Virginia. Our team was contacted by a general dentist who recently purchased a condo in VA Beach from another condo owner who kept part of the condo and sold the other to the dentist. The condo association wanted to divide the place to make the other space properly usable. Listen to our latest episode to find out how this scenario turned out.

Mar 24

12 min 17 sec

In this week's Synergy Practices Podcast we go back to the roots of our podcast and bring you a full episode going over design-build proposal comparison and all of the twists and turns that come with it. From comparing proposal drawings, to pre architectural drawings with no rules and regulations to an inside look on what to look for with the final numbers. We share our tips, best practices and even some secrets that can help you make the best decision in your next encounter with a design-build proposal. In this episode, we discuss the following categories when comparing proposals:- Demo- Construction- Finished Carpentry- Paint & Wall coverings- Electrical- Fire alarm- Plumbing- Groundwork- HVAC- Sprinklers- Flooring- Site sanitation- Misc- Supervision- Profit- MillworkCatch up on our previous episodes, now available on all podcast platforms!- Spotify-Apple- Google

Mar 30

1 hr

Welcome back for another episode of our Red Card segment. This week we tackle a unique scenario where a doctor finds himself in the middle of a commercial project, with contractors that specialize in residential work. The work has already started and Sasha and the doctor find themselves looking around the project and seeing wood framing. Don't miss this week's episode!Download our previous episodes:- Spotify- Apple- Google

Apr 7

10 min 49 sec

Join us this week on another adventure as we dive into remodels, renovations and facelifts. There are many reasons to want to change certain parts of your existing office, whether its new paint, different look for your reception desk and waiting area or adding an extra operatory. These small changes can sometimes lead to other parts being affected. Check out this week's episode to better understand how to approach these changes that are oftentimes crucial and necessary. From remodels, renovations and facelifts, to downtime and how to plan accordingly.

Apr 14

34 min 31 sec

Check out this week's Synergy Practices Podcast w/ special guest - Brian Frederick. With over 30 years of industry experience, Brian brings a few new interesting scenarios into the equation for this week's episode. Things aren't always as they seem, or are they? You don't want to miss this conversation. From equipment, to design and construction... check it out!

Apr 28

16 min 23 sec

What does the right process mean when building a dental practice? We're back at it again with Part 2 with guest - Brian Frederick. We ask some interesting questions that will weed out the noise and give you the real answers. When building a dental practice, you're faced with many decisions such as picking out the equipment. We answer questions such as rebates, incentives, process and what they mean and why they matter and more. If you've thought about these questions below, take a few minutes and check out this week's episode.- What does having a process mean?- What's drives equpiment consultants? Is there a rebate plan at the end of the year that this salesperson is trying to sell me?- Are there incentives for the sales people to just sell vs doing what's best for me, the doctor?- Does a good ergonomic set up help to reduce physical tolls down the road?- Checks and balances, are they needed? What are Arminco's checks and balances?- Does Arminco have a system in place that works? Check out our previous episodes, search: Synergy Practices Podc

May 12

22 min 27 sec

These are some of the questions we often get asked- What types of changes are you making to the practice? - Are they aesthetic changes or are they flow changes?- How do you prioritize the changes? - Where do you start? - What should I take into consideration? Our team brings the angle of not just making a decision to make changes like a renovation, but also understanding the business aspect of it. Is there an area where immediate money can be made? Having the right game plan and accessing the risks, costs, overall project matters. Listen to this week's episode and listen to our team give you the tips you're looking for and need!Download our previous episodes, search: Synergy Practices Podcast

May 26

11 min 36 sec

In this week's episode of Synergy Practices Podcast we tackle the not so fun world of floods in your practice. This is probably one of the most feared situations you could possibly think of, making it worse would be this happening on the weekend. Listen to this week's episode as we discuss what causes floods, what can be done to prevent floods - one of the most feared situations you could possibly think of. There are ways to prevent this and we have those tips for you in this episode.

Jun 9

15 min 25 sec

In this week's episode of the Red Card segment, we stay close to home here in the Northern Virginia area. A doctor reached out to us interesting in a relocation, the new location has an existing x-ray machine which one of its arms was not reaching the chair. The doctor was extremely upset and was under the impression that the contractor had it template in correctly. This was not the case. Check out to see how we were able to recommend a few tips to this doctor and get them out of the sticky situation.

Jun 23

9 min 14 sec

The Synergy Practices podcast team breaks down one of the biggest questions asked by all dentists - “What does a complete timeline look like for when building a dental practice?”.  Many pieces go into this part, from knowing what people to work with, setting the practice up in all business sense, design, construction, dental equipment, financial, training, to marketing for the future practice.  This is one episode you don’t want to miss and could save you thousands and tons of headaches.

Jul 15

17 min 54 sec

In this week’s episode of the Red Card segment, an Orthodontist from Pennsylvania reached out to the team seeking help with relocation.  The doctor was relocating from one location to another and was informed that he would only have a total of 2 weeks shut down period.  However, he was frustrated that it was already been over two weeks and the contractor is now telling him that they need another week.  He is afraid that this will go more than 3 weeks.  Tune into what our team advises this doctor in hopes of getting him out of a possibly sticky situation.

Jul 28

10 min 21 sec

Building a dental practice can be very overwhelming.  Understanding the design and construction process can be the game changer in how the project flows.   Finding the right team to lead the project can save a lot of time and headache.  Our team shares several tips on what to look for along the way when building your dental practice; tips on who to hire to manage the project, to helpful tips that will help with the process of building your dental practice.  With so many moving parts, many players will be involved.  Understanding the role of each player is key and finding a solution to manage all of these pieces can be the key to a successful project build.  From building a timeline for the overall project to providing direction of what’s being built, making sure the right design is in place, coordinating the dental equipment to ensuring it all gets done along the way leading.  This is one episode you do not want to miss!

Aug 24

13 min 47 sec

In this week’s episode of the Red Card segment, we caught up with a General Dentist building a new dental office located in Arizona.  There’s an unfortunate situation with the junction boxes, they’re not lining up when attempting to plug the chairs in.   There could be many causes for this, from the template being done incorrectly to issues with post-tension cables.  Our team shares their tips, what to look for when confronted with this situation, and how to avoid future issues. 

Sep 9

9 min 54 sec

This might be one of the hottest topics!  The big question is; "Is it better to lease a space that’s already been built out for a dental practice or would it be better to lease a shell space?”.  We tackle this question, the pros and cons of each to be able to help you make the best decision. Our team equips you with the right questions to ask yourself and others such as: If this is an existing dental space then why is it being left behind and leased out?  From operational questions and answers to topics, such as change in the layout of the floor plan, possible changes that might be an option but could bring a costly effect.  Our team tackles these questions and real life scenarios that Doctors across the industry are facing.

Sep 29

15 min 6 sec

Join us this week as we take you into our next project where we help guide a Dentist that has been here before with having previous construction experience, with having built 2 previous offices….yet new opportunities present themselves.The biggest factor in this project is that the doctor provided the funding for the project themselves, out of their own pocket.  During the project, change orders were brought into the picture, black mastic was found throughout presenting a completely different scenario than they had expected having to now go through the testing of the mastic, certifications to ensure the asbestos under the mastic was completely gone.  Join us as we guide our doctors through this sticky situation and help them find a solution to free up cash given the scenario they find themselves in.  

Oct 13

4 min 39 sec

In this week of the Red Card segment, we work with a Doctor that is taking on a new build-out project.  With the material shortage, the doctor has found himself in a pickle, having to deal with a 5 weeks delay with the cabinetry.  Having contracted a general contractor to save money, that did not have experience in medical or commercial projects, the doctor had to deal with a 5 days cabinetry install vs a 1-2 install.  Not only that, but it turns out that the general contractor's install job did not last very long as the cabinetry began to fall apart.The doctor reached out to us seeking help to repair the recently installed cabinetry. Find out what advice our team recommends to this doctor to help him get out of this sticky situation as well as how to avoid a similar situation.  

Nov 2

6 min 23 sec

In this week's episode of the Red Card segment, we had a doctor reach out to us with a 3500 sf pediatric/ortho office located in North Carolina.  He mentioned the architect was taking too long on the project.  The architect created a timeline at the start of the project, according to the duration they anticipated the project taking.The issue was that every milestone required a signature, for example the approval of the final floor plan required a signature that wasn't received until weeks after the required date.  Find out what this week's Red Card is and what our team recommends to help get this doctor and future doctors out of a similar sticky situation.

Nov 18

6 min 50 sec