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Plant Medicine is the central topic at House of Oneness's Podcast by Maria Johanna. Plants like: Ayahuasca, Choco Bliss, Kambo, San Pedro, Micro Dosing and more. Next to that we will talk about Personal Growth, Raising Consciousness, Health, Healing and Spiritual Awakening.

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Everything we see in the Outer World is e reflection of our Inner World. We all have this inner voice that is judging. Who are you judging? Because in the end you will realise: What I think of you, is what I think of me. In this Podcast I like to take you on a journey through one of my adventures where I come in situations that I thought ‘How can this even happen?’ Life challenged me to not judge about myself which was very challenging. What I learned from this is: Don’t judge a book on it’s cover, because when you read

Oct 5

48 min 44 sec

It alls starts with a feeling ‘There is more inside of me?’ and that you feel like you want to contribute in a greater way. You feel like you want to do something that is more fulfilling. Between where you are now and finding your soul purpose there is a journey. When you understand the 12 steps that I am sharing in my Podcast, it’s easier to accept where you are and understand where you are going. This Podcast gives understanding, guidance & inner peace

Sep 28

44 min 9 sec

After your Ceremony with Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca, San Pedro or any other plant medicine it is getting started. It’s most of the time a new beginning if you pay attention. Not everything you see during ceremony is the exact truth. Often times you leave the ceremony with answers and at the same time you can be left with question. In this Podcast I share more about how to interpret and implement your plant medicine ceremony.

Sep 24

31 min 3 sec

Choco Bliss is a unique plant medicine that is made by a plant alchemist especially for house of oneness. The basic is ceremonial cacao, Banisteriopsis Caapi (Ayahuasca spirit), Psilocybine and herbs to open your heart. It has the purpose to support the world wide spiritual awakening. That’s why we teach you how to use this at home. In the Podcast I am sharing everything you want to know about Choco Bliss

Sep 17

28 min 35 sec

Some people ara afraid of going on a deep inner journey with plant medicine. Microdosing is a great solution. Because plant medicine heal on different levels: body mind and soul, it’s very powerful and transforming. By starting with Microdosing, you experience a gradual healing over time. Mostly people do this for 1 or 2 months. In this Podcast I share everything about Microdosing. Why would to start Microdosing? What to expect and how it helps to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level to become more of who your are.

Sep 10

23 min 23 sec

Plant Medicine, natural healing and the pharmaceutical world are not always the best friends. When I started working with Ayahuasca, it opened up my eyes on how this works. At one point I had an undercover person in my Ayahuasca Ceremony. Since an Ayahuasca Ceremony is so intimate, this hurt me a lot. Not for me, more for my team and my participants. It brought a lot od stress and on a deeper level it brought unsafety. When this television program went undercover in my ceremony, I started ti see that this was funded by the pharmaceutical industry. I was shocked and at the same time, it brought a lot of understanding. Listen to my story in my Podcast

Sep 3

21 min 28 sec

Entering the World of Shamanism after I went the Shipibo tribe in Peru. After that the plant started to invite me to start leading ceremonies. What if the medicine is not working? What if you don’t always get what you want during Plant Medicine Ceremonies? It’s a great lesson to not get what you want, but get what you need. In this Podcast I am sharing more about Ayahuasca and plant medicine ceremonies.

Aug 27

18 min 2 sec

I went to Peru for an Ayahuasca journey. Looking back, I could never imagine the change that this journey to Peru brought. It was a closure of the old and a welcoming of the new. In this Podcast I share what I learned from the Shipibo Tribe in Peru and later I share more about the plant medicine Rapeh. This medicine is mainly made from the Holy Tobacco; Mapacho and carries the spirit of the Grandfather.

Aug 20

40 min 43 sec

Working with Plant Medicine is not an easy journey. Maybe you would expect it to be only beauty. I can wake you up from this dream. It’s not. The journey of working with Ayahuasca is the most wonderful journey I can imagine, but it has been giving me a lot of challenges. How else can you/I be strong enough to stand tall for this mission? In this Podcast I am sharing my story on traveling to Brazil to learn more about Ayahuasca.

Aug 17

38 min 40 sec

Podcast #4 Guiding my own Father and sisters in Ayahuasca. When family member drink Ayahuasca, it effects everyone. In my first episode I share about the challenges that I have had with my father. How special is it to guide my own father in an Ayahuasca Ceremony?

May 26

35 min 36 sec

I blindly stepped into my first Ayahuasca Ceremony without doing research. Ayahuasca changed my life in every way. It let me experience ‘Oneness’. A deep understanding came to my heart and it helped me to remember who I am I can’t describe it. Like the message in the movie The Matrix when Neo is offered the red pill by Morpheus ‘You have to experience it for yourself.’ Also Ayahuasca can offer you the Truth. To me it did. I let me find myself. I could never look at life the same way again and life started to unfold a path beyond my imagination. But first I took my sister and my mother to an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

May 4

33 min 39 sec

How to get from a financial career to being an Urban Shaman? I was on a search to make the best out of life. I changed my small village to Amsterdam, because there had to be more to life and I wanted to explore. I studies Marketing and started a career in the Financial World (stock market). While making a career I started to notice a difference between my head and my heart. It seemed like all the opportunities are there, but I could not feel fulfilment. Why not? Here my passion for personal development was born. I felt I wanted to walk a mother path then the average and do something meaningful. This journey led to publishing my book ‘Quarterlife Challenge’. I started my Company ‘Quarterlife Expert’ and helped young professionals to find out what their dreams were and making them their reality. While I was living my dream I felt like something was missing and it was not something from outside. That was where Ayahuasca came on my path. Listen to the Podcast to hear more about my journey. > Want to know more about Plant Medicine? Check more information at

May 2

24 min 39 sec

In my first Podcast I start with introducing myself and sharing my story. If you don’t know me: My name is Maria Johanna. Most people know me from ‘Ayahuasca’, because I have been working with Ayahuasca for many years. Plant Medicine is a huge passion for me, because it changed my life so much. We all carry a life story with us and I have never shared my own story before. It’s time to do so and show you what story is that lies behind my happy face and my ambitions. What is driving me? And How did I become who I am Today? Let's start from the beginning.  I believe that by sharing my stories I hope to inspire others to do the same and to spread the word of plant medicine. Back in the Days Indian tribes also learned by stories. They passed on stories of wisdom to inspire new generations. If my story is just inspiring one person that listens I am already happy. 

Apr 6

25 min 29 sec