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Southside Trap Podcast is a show about the Chicago Red Stars and NWSL. Hosted by two Chicago locals—Sandra and Claire make sure you stay onside with Southside Trap.

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Was probably always gonna be a long one. We sat down after some days away to talk about the 2021 Championship experience, the week that followed, our own feelings and frustrations, where things are at, and where they are going for the Red Stars.


Dec 7

1 hr 25 min

?????????? Chicago is going back to the NWSL Championship after a massive win against the Portland Thorns in the 2021 Semifinals. We talk being thrilled and a little bit scared, choices, sleeper holds, and why we think Chicago can do it this time.


Nov 18

42 min 33 sec

Have we got a show for you. This week, Sandra and Claire sat down in Claire's living room to talk transparency, getting your GD COVID SHOT, and also Tierna Davidson getting a well deserved call up to visit Australia with the USWNT. We then dig into Chicago's very good win against Gotham FC in their home quarterfinal, and what to expect as they roll into Portland this weekend.


Nov 13

57 min 23 sec

The Red Stars clinched fourth in the 2021 NWSL table and a home playoff game last week, and we are here! to! talk! about it! We sit down to chat tiebreakers, celebrating the things that look easy, what it's taken, what it's going to take, and who is going to need to step up to make sure Chicago makes it to another semifinal.


Nov 6

40 min 3 sec

We're so bad at math. This week, we sat down to preview Chicago's regular season finale against the Orlando Pride, chat tie breaks, ties, possible not ties, maybe wins, perhaps losses, and everything in between that will determine the Red Stars playoff destiny (we make a hard prediction, if that's your sort of thing). Should hopefully be a good weekend of games. enjoy


Oct 29

31 min 27 sec

We're so bad at math. This week, we sat down to preview Chicago's regular season finale against the Orlando Pride, chat tie breaks, ties, possible not ties, maybe wins, perhaps losses, and everything in between that will determine the Red Stars playoff destiny (we make a hard prediction, if that's your sort of thing). Should hopefully be a good weekend of games. enjoy


Oct 29

31 min 27 sec

What a weeeeeeeeek! The Red Stars get clutch wins over the Orlando Pride and Kansas City, all but clinching a path towards the the end of a long regular season journey that has glimpses of the postseason. We sat down to talk defense, pragmatism, execution, set pieces, identity, and jobs done. We also talked about the way the Chicago Sky snatched the 2021 WNBA trophy, what it was like to watch them do it and how such a massive moment in women's sports in this city could ripple forth.

Oct 29

41 min 7 sec

Chicago has been thrown into a busy week, and with a loss to OL Reign on Sunday, they pretty much have to win out in order to feel good about the postseason. But on Sunday, the emotions weren't really about the game. We sat down to talk bangers, postgame statements, how we're feeling, how we think the team is feeling, and what happens next. We also re-preview the team's matchup against Orlando on Wednesday.


Oct 29

32 min 1 sec

We recorded this on Wednesday. Please only listen if you want to. Not a good week, but here it is. Sat down to talk Chicago's very good win against the Portland Thorns, roles, soccer ideas, ball winning, execution, and how the Red Stars can control their own destiny in a big matchup against the Orlando Pride.

Oct 29

46 min 59 sec

NWSL games are back, and so are we! Southside Trap sits down to discuss the two USWNT friendlies against Paraguay, and how Mallory Pugh, Tierna Davidson, and Casey Krueger kicked ass. We also talk through their next assignment, another important league game against the NWSL-leading Portland Thorns - their first after the disastrous regular season opener back in May. dun dun dunnnn enjoy!


Sep 25

33 min 43 sec

Another week, another game the Chicago Red Stars did not lose!! We sat down to chat defensive transition, a clogged attacking midfield, set pieces that kinda feel like team goals, call ups (recorded before Mal Pugh got three USWNT assists on Thursday night), and asked for feedback for our international break State of the League episode


Sep 22

30 min 27 sec

Sooooo many things to talk about in the world of women's soccer, but we're here to talk about the Red Stars! We get into expansion draft rules, cool call-ups, injuries, recovery, 0-0 draws, fixing old problems and not causing new ones, and Chicago's next must-win against the Houston Dash* *lol we‘re dumb, Chicago’s played two games against Houston, a loss and a win. Points stand!


Sep 10

39 min 37 sec

This season, Chicago's won some games, and they've lost some games, and they've tied some games. Now it's time to get a streak going before they run out of time. Southside Trap sits down to talk goals, trips, stadiums, fans, and what it's going to take for the team to stop treading water and start feeling like a factor in this year's NWSL season


Aug 28

46 min 33 sec

Chicago's stuck in something of a cycle, and so are we. This week Southside Trap sat down to talk rain, injuries, lineups, running, kicking, tackling, and whether this game was unlucky or not. We also prep for Cup Dub, and talk what might be in store for the Red Stars this week (...a challenge).

Aug 18

40 min 21 sec

The vibe is off. This week, Southside Trap talks through: conference calls, investigations, left backs, playing direct, shaking things up, and getting shaken up. We also talk through Chicago's 2-0 loss to the Orlando Pride, and preview their next game against the North Carolina Courage.


Aug 15

36 min 37 sec

Gold medals are for posers, bronze medals are for artists. The USWNT won bronze this week, coronating Casey Krueger, Tierna Davidson, Alyssa Naeher and Julie Ertz as first time Olympic medalists. Southside Trap is here to talk through the bubbly vibes of the Olympic tournament, how far Red Stars'ing can get a team, and what to take away from the USWNT's time in Japan (spoiler: very little) We also talk through Chicago's very good win against the Washington Spirit, discussing goals, celebrations, running, defense, the future, the most dangerous scoreline in soccer and how history kinda rhymes sometimes. Then we preview the Red Stars' first matchup against the Orlando Pride.


Aug 8

52 min 55 sec

The Olympics are half over and the Chicago Red Stars involved have done exceptionally well, and we're here to talk about it! This week we talk hanging in there, important performances, medal contention, seeing old friends, and also the Red Stars 2-1 loss to Gotham FC. Then we break down a preview of the Red Stars next match against the Washington Spirit.


Jul 30

32 min 57 sec

Well hell yeah, Chicago is on a three-game win streak, and we've never been more excited to break down a game. We talk formations, defense, the wings, the three-step process to scoring a goal with your name on it, Chicago's attacking strategy, and a team that might be in big trouble (surprise, it's actually the Reign). Then we preview the Red Stars' trip to New Jersey this weekend to take on Gotham FC.

Jul 23

36 min 17 sec

Alternate title of ep: How we learned to stop worrying and love the Own Goal. Chicago defeated the Houston Dash 2-1 without registering a shot on goal last weekend, and we're here to get! into! it! We talk refs, fouls, tactics, points, and whether or not Chicago can keep getting away with this (they can!) We then preview the team's next game, at home against OL Reign

Jul 16

34 min 13 sec

This is a collab actual years in the making: We had to bring Bria on to talk about Casey Krueger possibly playing in the Olympics. We discuss Krueger's journey, our relationship to it, frustrations with systems that don't value the athletes that they rely on, how to maneuver through fandom without getting hurt, (a little bit on the Atlanta Dream, we had to ask), and how the possibility of closure has been surprising, but not unwelcome. Then Sandra and Claire hop back on to chat quickly about the 1-0 win over the Washington Spirit, and preview Chicago's next match against the Houston Dash.

Jul 9

1 hr 10 min

Another busy week done in the NWSL, so now it's time to...recap the game that Rory Dames called the most disappointing in his time with the club? Chicago fell 3-0 to Racing Louisville in a game that featured old friends, lots of weather, some of the same old problems and some new ones. We then talk through what would make Friday's game against Washington feel like the right track.


Jul 2

54 min 51 sec

The 2021 USWNT Olympic Roster has finally dropped and we are...happy sad? This week we ponder how you can't change the past, how things can be marginally better in the present, and all of our hopes and dreams about the future. We also discuss a ROUGH midweek match against OL Reign, and try to answer all your very good questions about What This All Means, as well as a Pride preview against Racing Louisville (might rain!) [Did you know...we have merch now? All $5+ subscribers of this Patreon will be getting a sticker designed by Yuki Nagasato by simply being your kickass selves. If you want to dive into this apparel more thoroughly we have opened a Tee Public store - hit us up!]

Jun 26

38 min 13 sec

Chicago drew the Washington Spirit 1-1 on Saturday night in the Juneteenth tailgate afterparty and we're here to talk through all of it. We get into lineups, formations, a weird and kind of sloppy game, and a couple of goals. We then preview Chicago's quick turnaround to play OL Reign on Tuesday night.


Jun 22

37 min 53 sec

Back at it with the an interview long overdue...we talked to Chicago co-owner and ESPN contributor Sarah Spain! We talk the current sports media landscape, having hands in both men's and women's sports spaces, accountability, contributing to a winning culture, what makes Chicago tailgates superior, and much much more.


Jun 17

49 min 35 sec

Chicago got what felt like a definitive win of the early season at home on Saturday against the North Carolina Courage, and we're here to break it down for you. Southside Trap sat down this week to talk effort, defense, goals, defense, anticipating runs, defense, and also a little extra conversation about defense. Enjoy.


Jun 14

39 min 45 sec

Chicago suffered their second loss of the 2021 regular season on Saturday night, and Southside Trap sat down this week to talk about what went well (quite a bit!), and what could've been better. We talk the resurgence of Mallory Pugh, the midfield holding together, a Krueger classic, the ebbs and flows of three-match weeks and a real puzzler of a match coming up against North Carolina.

Jun 4

33 min 54 sec

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Chicago got their first win of 2021 on Wednesday, and we wanted to give the first dub of the year its moment to shine before the team rounds out their road trip in Houston on Saturday. We talk saves, fouls, cards, goals, and how Chicago has gotten pretty good at spoiling debut home openers. We also preview their next match against a frustrated Houston Dash.


May 29

33 min 32 sec

Chicago got to loosen up a little bit this past Saturday night, so we decided to join them. This week Southside Trap got together after work to have a drink and talk vibes. We go through pre-game parties, seeing friends, defensive changes, yelling and pointing, and also Chicago's 0-0 draw with Gotham FC. You'll also hear postgame quotes from Sarah Gorden and Rory Dames, and a preview for Chicago's short turnaround against Kansas City.


May 26

1 hr 3 min

Maybe everything will be fine!!! But before that happens, Southside Trap sat down this week to talk through the most lopsided loss in Chicago Red Stars history, a 5-0 beatdown at the hands of the Portland Thorns. Time to talk roster, tactics, individual performances, culture, leadership, and what happens next.


May 21

55 min 36 sec

It's finally here, the long-awaited 2021 NWSL regular season, and the Chicago Red Stars are gonna play in it! First, Southside Trap talks ownership (more of 'em), suspensions (more of 'em), and a lack of league transparency (more of it!), before turning to Chicago's season opener against Portland.


May 14

44 min 20 sec

In the face of something of a lack of definitive answers to take away from Chicago's Challenge Cup campaign, we've turned to...the stats? First, we talk through Chicago's 3-2 loss to OL Reign, which saw some serious progress (goals!), bright spots (Mallory Pugh!), and some of the same old mistakes. Then, we look at some of the data across the four games to try to decipher what to expect next.

May 7

47 min 18 sec

Call us Adam Scott in Party Down, because Southside Trap would like to put forward the question...are we having fun yet? This week, we break down the team's 1-1 draw with Kansas City, formations, sleeper holds, almost goals, actual goals, and maybe one nice bright spot going into Chicago's final 2021 Challenge Cup match

Apr 26

50 min 58 sec

DISCLAIMER: Everything said in this podcast episode is said with love. This week, we recap a Challenge Cup loss to the Portland Thorns. We set the scene a little bit about what it felt like to be a Chicagoan on Thursday, the team coming together, the defense, the attack, what we know, and what we really don't know about this squad going into the final two games of the group stage.

Apr 19

58 min 4 sec

Chicago played their first 2021 Challenge Cup match on Friday, and we've got many things (no goals) to discuss (no goals). Topics include defensive formations, not losing, the impossibility of scoring goals, and...mustard. We also discuss the very serious incident Sarah Gorden experienced after the match, and the insufficiency of responses from those in authority. It's going to take all of us to keep everybody safe. We then look to Chicago's upcoming match against the Portland Thorns.


Apr 15

1 hr 10 min

Soccer. Game. Blouses. We made it. The Red Stars dropped their Challenge Cup roster, and their first game is in mere days. Southside Trap sat down with Hayley Snider of Actually, the Dash to break down Chicago's first opponent, their 2020 Challenge Cup Final foe the Houston Dash. Get excited folks, the games are here.


Apr 8

47 min 18 sec

It's a podcast, about soccer! This week Southside Trap discusses, one very special Chicago Red Stars alumnus, allyship (again), USWNT call-ups, and what exactly went down at the White House this week


Mar 30

51 min 50 sec

It's feels like the story of the preseason is starting to take shape, and we've got Scott Parkinson on the pod to talk about it! We chat drafts, new acquisitions, what Chicago's formation might look like, a healthy amount of competition, depth, taking home some silverware and what the the perfect Summertime Chi day looks like.


Mar 22

35 min 28 sec

The NWSL announced the Challenge Cup schedule, new MKOT ownership reactions, Chicago is the west? press box sandwiches, one very special game date, and more on this week's Southside Trap. Spring is here bb's, and with it comes soccer.


Mar 15

43 min 50 sec

What's that? It's time to talk about the 2021 Chicago Red Stars? We agree! This week, Southside Trap sat down with Chicago head coach Rory Dames to discuss the draft, preseason, roster decisions, Challenge Cup philosophy and much more.

Mar 8

30 min 42 sec

Colleen Mares joins SST to chat about all things Red Stars! Music Mogul, Chance The Rapper Manager, and now a Chicago Red Stars owner -- Sandra and Claire chat with Colleen about her journey to ownership and of course, Chicago Things.

Mar 1

53 min 21 sec

Valentine's, Galentine's, Shmalentine's, call it whatever you want. Something of a tenuous holiday weekend, but in a dark month we're going to grab onto it anyway! This week, Southside Trap talks NWSL testing protocol, grabbing joy where we can find it, one very good USWNT call-up, and then fully pivot into which Chicago Red Star captures the essential central quality of the timeless classic The Princess Diaries. The weekend demands talk of romantic comedies and candy best XI's, and we did our best to oblige

Feb 13

45 min

The planet Earth has made one full rotation around the sun, and we find ourselves back in NWSL preseason. We feel ok about it! This week, Southside Trap talks homecomings (we had to talk Candace briefly, c'mon), rosters, the hint of new Chicago investment, and how it feels to be back where we started a fateful year ago.


Feb 8

46 min 50 sec

It's like she never left. This week, Southside Trap sat down with Nikki Stanton to remember 2019, process 2020 both on and off the field, recap the journey that brought her back to the Red Stars, and look forward to what 2021 is going to bring. Enya also comes up again. Then we hit you with international news, including a very exciting MKOT call up!

Jan 27

59 min 42 sec

Many things happened in the NWSL universe this week, and we responded in kind. This week, Southside Trap did a quick Draft recap, talking deals, picks, due diligence, and responsibility. We then had a great conversation with new Red Stars midfielder Sarah Woldmoe, discussing many of those same things, talking the Sky Blue to Chicago pipeline, healthy competition, growing up in the Midwest, leadership roles, and things to look forward to.

Jan 21

56 min 6 sec

In the second part of our 2020 year in review, Southside Trap is back with our F/H/C and pal John D Halloran to talk through the Fall Series (what was it, really?), a trade that saw some beloved Red Stars leave the team, and also a deep dive into Chicago's newest move for Mallory Pugh and Sarah Woldmoe. What a year, on to new things.


Jan 4

1 hr 9 min

2020, it certainly was a year. This week, Southside Trap sat down with our Chicago Outfit friend, homie, and colleague John D Halloran to talk through the Chicago Red Stars year that almost wasn't. In Part I, we talk the 2020 NWSL Draft, the tumultuous month of March, and a tournament in Utah that wasn't all that bad.


Dec 2020

53 min 58 sec

Nobody asked for this, but we did it anyway! This week, Southside Trap did not discuss a single soccer related thing, instead we dove deep and went in on the the new modern holiday classic(?), Happiest Season. Join us for this holiday movie discussion!


Dec 2020

1 hr 34 min

We took another tour around women's soccer this week, but it wasn't necessarily easy, breezy, or all that beautiful. We talked USWNT dominance, a very tough week in allyship, and how it feels kinda weird but also definitely not bad to have our new old midwestern frenemies back.


Dec 2020

1 hr 1 min

It's the holidays, and therefore time to talk This week we commemorate a legend, find out who was the best American player in 2020, talk about what we're grateful for and put together an All-Star Thanksgiving XI, in addition to conversations about the USWNT and the new NWSL season framework


Nov 2020

51 min 37 sec

The Red Stars made some big moves recently, and we had to have Head Coach Rory Dames on the pod to talk about it. Southside Trap discussed with Dames the ending of the Challenge Cup, what (and who) developed during the Fall Series, how Expansion Drafts are difficult for everybody, what Louisville has in front of them this week, and what Chicago wants to do now.

Nov 2020

45 min 6 sec