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Every week we glean life lessons from an inspirational artist. New episode every Monday. Presented by Donal Scannell.

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    'Sue' from Hong Kong
  3. 3.
    Tolu Makay
  4. 4.
    Andy White
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    Artgirl turns the tables for a special edition of our podcast. We start off by getting to know her as we talk about FOMO, health and expectations. Then she asks the questions and gleams information relevant to where she's at. A very interesting view into the early stages of a career that spans Mundy, Boy George, Philip Treacy and DJ Sideral. The unifier is of course the importance of great headwear!
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    The Late David Turpin - a schooling in so many things from the singer and screenwriter with some quite controversial comments here. A wide ranging interview with goes from late night TV to the intertwining of sexual politics and socialism. Wonderful, insightful and incendiary.
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    Caoilian Sherlock - we speak to this Cork troubadour at a very auspicious time his life. A time when he sorta almost could possibly be moving to Dublin to launch the solo chapter of his musical adventure. Along the way we find out about why he does all the great things he does in the first place.
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    Modern classical and electronic artist Paddy Mulcahy in conversation to herald his brilliant second album 'How To Disappear'. Paddy's full of the joys that music brings and shares how he got to where he is.
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    Kevin Murphy from Slow Moving Clouds joins us in advance of Songs From A Safe Harbour Festival in Cork and talks mixing music, academia and caring about climate change.
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    Saoirse McHugh - Green Party European Election sensation talks about how to unfeck the world and what she'd do with her time f the world wasn't fecked! Plus other stuff too about why coalitions with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are bad and what veg she grows.
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    Hazel Chu topped the poll in the recent local elections and is now a Dublin City Councillor for the Green Party. Even though I've known Hazel for years I wanted to know how politics became her way of responding to Climate Change. As she says 'You don't have to be perfect, you have to be willing to act."
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    Grace O'Sullivan - Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior turned Green Party M.E.P. who takes us back to how she became an environmentalist, how she feels about the French Govt trying to kill her and how she's optimistic about everything except our future if we don't stop burning fossil fuels.
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    Cry Monster Cry - two brothers who make music together explain the ins and outs of their wonderfully intertwined lives. Their adoration of Mic Christopher also features! They play two songs - one of their own and one of Mic's. Lovely times!
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    The Silken Same - Their debut album which is just out was a lifetime in the making but was worth the wait. It's an outstanding folk record made by two lifelong friends and this chat was a great chance to get the background and find out just what took them so long!
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    Strange Boy - the greatest ever rapper to come from Ireland in a very revealing chat that shows the value of talking about hard times. If you're going through hard times please find someone to talk to and don't keep it to yourself. Check him out on the new Delush track 'It's Alright'.
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    Mick Flannery - great to spend time with Mick Flannery as he muses on the nature of optimism in face of impending doom in honour of his new self titled album.
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    Mark Boyle - A writer who has turned his back on the modern world to live off the land without any modern amenities including electricity, running water and a phone. For everything 'you lose you gain another', he tells me as we talk about Climate Change as a symptom, his vasectomy and missing David Bowie. Mark's new book, 'The Way Home' is out now.
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    Ultan Conlon - A gorgeous chat that is full of laughs despite centring on the ongoing trauma caused by losing a parent at a young age.
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    Sorcha Richardson talks about the yearning at the core of her incredibly addictive songs and her view on Dublin as someone who debated internally for ages about whether to move here or not. Great news is that she's here for the foreseeable future!
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    Saoirse Casey joins us just as she releases her debut album Lunaria which joins the ranks of 2019 albums you must hear - it's is an amazing piece of work. You'll get to hear a couple of songs here in our show which will hopefully lead you to listening to the whole album.
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    The Man Whom aka Ian Doyle explains how a full-time job in local government turned him into a pessimist. Now that he's gone freelance and makes gorgeous albums like his new one 'The Dancer From The Dance' he's beginning to look on the brighter side - but just a little bit!
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    Gerr Walsh - a voice who has only just started sharing his solo songs with the world although he's been making music for quite a while. What a voice he has as you'll hear in the two amazing songs he plays live in the middle of a conversations that veers from childhood to parenthood and back again.
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    Anna Mieke - on the cusp of releasing her superb debut album 'Idle Mind', a great conversation which went from bicycle travels to escaping the lab to climate change to being willing to be arrested as part of Extinction Rebellion - on tour really soon - don't miss the chance to hear her debut album live!
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    Gavin Harte - a musician, environmental activist and educator recalls how a favourite forest being cut down when he was a child set him on his path. He talks realistically and incredibly informatively about the options open to us if regarding climate change.
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    Rosie Carney - a gifted songwriter talks about how mean kids at school forced her to seek solace in the beautiful nature around her. This appreciation has forged an infectious passion for our environment. Check out Rosie's amazing album Bare as soon as you can.
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    Gabriel Kahane - a fascinating conversation with a singer who's current Book Of Travelers album centres around stories he collected on a phone free train odyssey around America just after Trump was elected. He urges us to switch off social media and engage with each other. He makes his Irish debut at NCH Studio on April 9th.
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    Clare Sands - fiddle player, singer, guitarist, jiu jitsu champion and surfer from Cork who is melding styles from left, right and centre to full effect. From Morocco to Clare she's collaborating with all she meets from Susan O'Neill, to The Hothouse Flowers to Steve Cooney.
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    Ye Vagabonds - Brothers from Carlow singing songs inspired by what sounds like a pretty fun upbringing in an interview with elements that could easily be stirred up as something controversial. Or Not. Either way, a very valid lesson in the fallacy of preconceptions.
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    Inni-K - '‘The Hare and the Line’ is an album you must hear. Inni-K's second album, just out. From start to finish a joy. Inni-K popped into Born Optimistic HQ to share some time which yielded a great chat that covered many topics.
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    Luke Howard - reknowned modern classical composer and pianist who plays Dublin on March 23rd.
  23. 31.
    Davy Lyons
  24. 32.
    Jim Page - amazing voice, tunes and lyrics that are both emotional and though provoking - Jim's touring Ireland right now!
  25. 33.
    Nina Hynes
  26. 34.
    Kevin Herm Connolly
  27. 35.
    Dermot Lambert
  28. 36.
    Rhob Cunningham
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    Larry Beau Bonus Song
  30. 38.
    Mik Pyro
  31. 39.
    Larry Beau
  32. 40.
    I Have A Tribe
  33. 41.
    Junior Brother
  34. 42.
    Gavin Glass
  35. 43.
    David Gray
  36. 44.
    Harry Hoban
  37. 45.
    David Keenan
  38. 46.
    Julian Gough (Toasted Heretic)
  39. 47.
    Mike Hanrahan (Stockton's Wing)
  40. 48.
    Aoife Carton
  41. 49.
    Henry Earnest
  42. 50.
    Matt McGinn

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