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It may not contain wily aristocrats or superstitious peasants, but the true history of the potato is much more interesting.

Nov 15

24 min 26 sec

Rachel Roddy had no intention of producing an encyclopaedia of pasta. Her book is more informative than that, and more readable.

Oct 25

23 min 46 sec

A dish that is today an icon of Indian food dates back only to 1947, using an ingredient that became widespread only in the 1920s

Oct 11

21 min 3 sec

The story of perhaps the greatest transformation in the history of food and how it continues today

Sep 27

25 min 29 sec

"The cups might break, but the images recycle endlessly."

Sep 13

22 min 8 sec

India gained independence in 1947 with nationalist politicians promising food for all and an end to the rapacious imperial administration. What happened next?

Jun 21

30 min 47 sec

Diet for a Large Planet shows how the world is still living with free trade policies from the 19th century

Jun 7

28 min 26 sec

Jess Fanzo takes a close look at what’s wrong with global food systems and how it might be possible to change them.

May 24

28 min 30 sec

Green Saffron is a new kind of spice merchant, that cares as much about how its spices are grown as their taste.

May 10

25 min 56 sec

Coffee that tastes of light black tea — a good thing — and is able to cope with warmer climates.

Apr 26

18 min 57 sec

Skill and craft over automation, complexity over simplicity, and diversity over monoculture

Apr 12

27 min 36 sec

There’s one group of people that functional foods and superfoods can definitely help: the people who grow them.

Mar 29

24 min 54 sec

There may not be a recipe, but there’s always someone sitting behind your shoulder going tsk, tsk, tsk.

Mar 15

32 min 50 sec

Three billion people couldn’t afford a healthy diet even if they wanted to.

Mar 1

20 min 32 sec

These days, population is barely considered as a factor in food security. That doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

Feb 15

22 min 49 sec

Using land that could be used to feed people to feed animals is a terrible waste, but for today’s modern breeds it is absolutely essential.

Feb 1

26 min 6 sec

Emojipedia understands: 🍅 is both a fruit and a vegetable

Jan 18

14 min 59 sec

Is our excrement simply a waste product, to be dumped out of sight and out of mind? Or is it a valuable resource that we squander at our peril?

Dec 2020

24 min 2 sec

Persuading people to drink tea from the subcontinent more or less created the modern propaganda machine

Nov 2020

28 min 56 sec

The DNA of chickens, sheep and cattle tells slightly different stories about their domestication

Nov 2020

22 min 40 sec

Her aunt’s gnocchi were enough to set Teresa Lust on a long and roundabout journey to learn more about Italian and Italian food.

Nov 2020

22 min 23 sec

We know what whole grain means. Whole grain food? Not so much.

Oct 2020

23 min 29 sec

Coffee leaf rust is bad, but at least in the short term it may not be the threat you think it is

Oct 2020

28 min 27 sec

Food for settlers in New Zealand used to be mutton, mutton, mutton and potatoes or potatoes. Not any more.

Sep 2020

18 min 2 sec

Chilli peppers took a few years to reach China after their initial encounter with Westerners, but rapidly became a very hot item.

Sep 2020

30 min 2 sec

In Sierra Leone, a hunt for long lost species of coffee succeeds

Jun 2020

20 min 57 sec

A brief look at the life of one of the first celebrity chefs

Jun 2020

18 min 4 sec

Are there any universals about more complex kinds of gustatory taste? And how do we learn to talk about taste?

Jun 2020

20 min 34 sec

Robert Walpole — like all great politicians — understood how to use his tipple to send a signal

May 2020

21 min 9 sec

I know taste is entirely subjective. But I’m also willing to think about good taste and bad taste and even to use that as part of a value judgement. How about you?

Apr 2020

16 min 5 sec

Norman Borlaug gave birth to the Green Revolution, with little thought for the unintended consequences of his work.

Apr 2020

29 min 38 sec

Beyond the North Wind, the true heart of Russian Food

Mar 2020

27 min 33 sec

A young Russian woman blogs her way through the only cookbook her grandmother knew -- and gets her own book out of it

Mar 2020

20 min 15 sec

A food people don't like, and don't even know they need, turns their lives around

Mar 2020

27 min 32 sec

It took more than a hundred years, but eventually the United States too developed a recognisable coffee culture.

Feb 2020

16 min 22 sec

Espresso is the canonical coffee of Italy, even though the original espresso was something entirely different. How did espresso happen? And what happened when it got to England?

Feb 2020

29 min 14 sec

With a bag of porridge oats in my baggage, I set off for Georgetown University and a date with science

Jan 2020

9 min 39 sec

Unlike car sharing, when you buy a share in a cow, you are not free to drive her wherever you want. So what do you get?

Dec 2019

18 min 41 sec

Vicky Bennison set out to record Italian grannies making pasta and along the way created terrifically watchable videos

Dec 2019

24 min 49 sec

Mozambique used to be the world's largest supplier of cashew nuts. Then along came the World Bank, to help.

Nov 2019

18 min 20 sec

Capuchin monkeys are resourceful and smart, which helps them to select a good diet from all the potential food around them.

Nov 2019

31 min 13 sec

You can't judge a book by its cover. 50 Ways to Cook a Carrot is not really about carrots.

Oct 2019

20 min 4 sec

How did porridge go from a fine breakfast food, albeit one that's easily abused, to the stuff of foodie dreams?

Oct 2019

21 min 2 sec

"All the intrigue of a murder mystery and all the painstaking, arduous pursuit of an archeological dig." For a radish.

Sep 2019

16 min 49 sec

Alfredo sauce, made famous in the 1920s, dates back to at least 1390. That, and other surprises of food in the Eternal City.

Sep 2019

24 min 49 sec

A downturn in the house-building business set Maurice Gilbert at Ballyhoura Artisan Food Park on the road to award-winning apple juices.

Aug 2019

16 min 5 sec

Ignorance, paranoia and greed have damaged the olives of the Salento almost beyond recognition.

Aug 2019

24 min 25 sec

We all deserve a break from time to time.

May 2019

3 min 29 sec

Some people hate eating alone, others love it, but we all have to do it at times.

Apr 2019

18 min 14 sec

From the first last supper to the resurrection roll.

Apr 2019

34 min 39 sec