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Dan David is a Freedom of Speech activist in the global financial markets and the founder of Wolfpack Research, a short-biased activist research firm. He is considered an expert on China's markets and security and has presented at prestigious think-tanks and conferences such as the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS), Ergo - Global Flashpoint, and the Sohn Investment Conference. Dan is featured as the lead protagonist in a ground-breaking documentary, "The China Hustle," which documents his work exposing fraud in China-based, U.S. listed companies. Our podcast will take you inside the world of activist short-sellers, global finance, politics, social issues and sports.

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This week The Pack is thankful for American Hero Matt Eversmann (@EversmannMatt on Twitter). The former Army Ranger was featured in several books and films depicting his time in the Military and was the lead protagonist portrayed by Josh Hartnett in the hit "Black Hawk Down".  Matt now writes with James Patterson and helps veterans who are struggling to transition to civilian life.   First Sergeant (ret) Matt Eversmann personifies the qualities of duty, courage, and selfless service to succeed when ordinary circumstances become extraordinary challenges. On October 3, 1993, Matt was placed in charge of a group of Army Rangers to lead a daytime raid against an eager enemy militia. His inspiring story of survival was immortalized in the epic film, Black Hawk Down, which recounts the harrowing experience. For his actions on the battlefield, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor device. During his remaining time in uniform, he worked at the Army War College, taught at The Johns Hopkins University, and was finally deployed to Iraq where he lived with the Iraqi Army for 15 months during The Surge. He remained on active duty until May of 2008 when he retired after 20 years of service. His frustration with the typical hiring process for veterans fueled his desire to help others avoid the “veterans predicament,” where great servicemen and women are overlooked because of a broken hiring system. Since his retirement from active duty, Matt has worked in several industries in mid-level to senior-level positions. He was an operations officer in healthcare, an executive director in a non-profit, and a VP of leadership development for a data management company.   Eversmann Advisory is a veteran-owned and operated organization with a diverse range of strategic partners who develop employment initiatives and strategically embed talent. We train exceptionally talented men and women to be more competitive in the market.   Matt is also the co-author of two books with James Patterson yes that James Patterson E.R. Nurses: True Stories from America's Greatest Unsung Heroes They save our lives every day, and we’ve never heard their stories.  The life-or-death intensity of working on the front lines, from America’s greatest unsung heroes.   Walk-in My Combat Boots: True Stories from America's Bravest Warriors These are the brutally honest stories usually only shared amongst comrades in arms. Here, in the voices of the men and women who’ve fought overseas from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, is a rare eye-opening look into what wearing the uniform, fighting in combat, losing friends, and coming home is really like   Matt is featured in the 2008 PBS documentary “Send Me” "Send Me" follows as he returns to combat with the U.S. military in the fight against ISIS and the Taliban. The film provides an insider's look into the lives of active-duty U.S. military personnel stationed in far-flung outposts overseas.   But what Former first Sergeant Eversmann is known for and detailed in two books and a movie you may have heard of   The Battle of Mogadishu: First-Hand Accounts from the Men of Task Force Ranger with Dan Shilling   Day of the Rangers: The Battle of Mogadishu 25 Years On by Leigh Neville,   The Movie You May have heard of – Black Hawk Down  The story of 160 elite U.S. soldiers who dropped into Mogadishu in October 1993 to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord but found themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis.

Nov 24

1 hr 16 min

This week The Pack is joined by returning champion Sam Reynolds (On Twitter @thesamreynolds & @blockworks), a journalist with Blockworks based in Taipei. With Blockworks he covers digital assets and institutional investors in the world’s most exciting economies.  Prior to Blockworks, he was an editor with Taipei-based Forkast News, where he covered blockchain throughout Asia. Sam also contributes to Wccftech, one of the largest technology news websites in the world.  Sam is The Pack's go-to guy when it comes to questions on Crypto and the Microsemi industry. We dig into how microchips are being made, who the major players are, what is causing the bottleneck, what are the threats and when we will see a change.   We also touch on crypto and how microchip manufacturers and miners have a frenemies-type relationship.  It all gets wrapped up with some basic rationale of why the supply chain isn't helping anyone. - Understand the crypto markets in just 5 minutes.

Nov 12

34 min 26 sec

On this week’s episode, The Pack gets a little weird for Halloween. We are joined by former UK Ministry of Defense Undersecretary in Charge of UFOs, Nick Pope (@nickpopemod on Twitter). Nick Pope ran the British Government’s UFO Project from 1991 to 1994. Among his other duties, he led research on and investigations of UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, and other strange phenomena. The media called him “The Real Fox Mulder”. His government background and his level-headed views have made him the media, film, and TV industry’s go-to guy when it comes to UFOs, the unexplained, and alien conspiracy theories. Nick Pope has consulted on and helped to promote a number of alien-themed movies, TV shows, and video games. He has hosted, consulted on, and contributed to numerous TV shows, has written six best-selling books, and lectures all around the world. The Pack asks Nick one of the most important questions for mankind: “Are we alone?” We dig into what Nick is allowed to discuss, hear which counties are helping us in the search for alien life, and learn what would be the worst-case scenario should aliens exist... or visit. From crop circles to government admissions, we cover it all.  Pour yourself a tall brimming glass of Romulan Brandy, sit back, and enjoy. Links

Oct 29

1 hr

On this week’s episode, The Pack is joined by a former punk-rocker and current Senior Contributing Writer for Institutional Investor magazine. Richard Teitelbaum (@rteitelbaum100 on Twitter) is a journalist and author specializing in the financial markets. Richard is the author of The Most Dangerous Trade: How Short Sellers Uncover Fraud, Keep Markets Honest, and Make and Lose Billions (John Wiley, 2015), about the life and lore of the short selling community, a must-read for any who follow The Dark Side. Currently he is writing in-depth profiles and fascinating investigative stories for Institutional Investor. Previously, he oversaw corporate finance coverage as News Editor at The Wall Street Journal. At Bloomberg News Richard covered hedge funds, investment banks, and the financial crisis. His investigative reports examined the TARP bailout, the disclosure of nonpublic information by the U.S. Treasury Department to market participants, and the New York Federal Reserve Bank's role in the AIG takeover. On this podcast, we talk about Richard’s book, the obvious mental issues you need to have to be an activist short seller, and some potential topics for a new book for Richard that range from the history of short selling to a biography of AOC. The Packs also uncovers some of Richard’s investigative techniques, and hears who were the most memorable interviews he’s done, and others that he would like to forget.    Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy.. Links  

Oct 15

1 hr 44 min

On this week’s episode, The Pack is joined by Todd Cipperman (@Cipperman on Twitter). Todd is the founding principal of Cipperman Compliance Services (CCS) and author of the book, The Compliance Advantage: Ten Must-Know Trends to Protect Your Investment Firm. We dig into the exciting world of compliance and discuss how many executives try to find that grey area between what is legal and what will put them in the crosshairs of the SEC. We talk about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, and about insider trading cases involving Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart, Kelly Loeffler, and Diane Feinstein. Who should go to jail and what is legal? Todd has over 25 years of experience in the investment management and financial services industries. He has represented a wide range of investment management clients, always with a focus on distribution issues facing investment managers and broker-dealers. He previously served as general counsel of SEI Investments, a public mutual fund and financial technology firm, including its $65 billion proprietary mutual fund family. He has also served as general counsel of one of the largest international equity managers. Prior to that, Todd spent several years in private practice on Wall Street, representing both buy- and sell-side clients in investment management and capital markets transactions.   Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy.     Links   The Compliance Advantage: Ten Must-Know Trends to Protect Your Investment Firm Available on Amazon  

Oct 1

1 hr 1 min

This week The Pack is joined by Aaron Task (@aarontask on Twitter). Aaron is a podcaster and journalist based in New York. He has written articles for Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Muck Rack, Investment U, and others. He is currently the host of Alpha Trader Podcast for Seeking Alpha.   Aaron was the digital editor at Fortune Magazine and the host of Fortune’s first podcast, Fortune Unfiltered. Prior to that Aaron was Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo Finance and host of the “Dailey Ticker” from 2008 until 2015.  He also was Executive Editor at the in the early days from 1998 to 2007. Aaron was often a substitute host for Jim Cramer’s Real Money Radio and The John Batchelor Show on ABC Radio. He was also editor of the book Bailout Nation, by Barry Ritholtz.  Arron and The Pack swap stores from the 2008 recession forward. We cover some of his interviews that include the former President of South Korea, three US Presidents, and rock-and-roll legends Gene Simmons and Dee Snider. In this journey with Aaron we cover a multitude of topics, including how unfunny SNL’s Pete Davidson is and the punch-ability of his face.  Sit back, have a laugh, and enjoy.   Podcast:   Social Networks: Publications and Interviews Alison Task books: Al Gore interview: Bailout Nation:     *** One Note in our recording It was Ann Coulter trolling George Soros NOT Laura Ingraham 

Sep 17

1 hr 26 min

This week the Pack goes outside the world of finance. We are joined by constitutional scholar and Emeritus Professor of Law at Harvard, Alan Dershowitz (@alandersh on Twitter). Alan speaks freely and comfortably about a little bit of everything, his past, his beliefs, current events, past clients, the scourge of woke-ism and cancel-culture, the rough texture and dissonant tone of our times. Alan Dershowitz has long been celebrated for his work in U.S. constitutional and criminal law. The youngest full professor ever at Harvard Law School, he taught from 1964 through 2013, where he was appointed as the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law in 1993. Dershowitz is a regular media contributor, political commentator, and legal analyst. Throughout his long career, he has written more than two-score books, at least one every year. His latest is coming soon, The Case For Color Blind Equality In The Age Of Identity Politics. Dershowitz has always believed in maintaining his sharpness in the courtroom as well as classroom, and has always undertaken complex, high-profile, and often unpopular cases, causes, and clients. He has represented a long list of luminaries on both sides of popular sentiment, including Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst, Leona Helmsley, Julian Assange, Jim Bakker, O.J. Simpson, Jeffery Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein.  In 2018 he agreed to represent President Donald Trump, Dershowitz winning his latest landmark case. This and many of his recent pronouncements rubbed wrong the American Left, which had always been his fan-base, neighbors in New York, and social peers. What so many of them misunderstood, and what Alan explains so well in this wide-ranging conversation, is that he took and won the case in defense of the US Constitution, the protections and rights provided by which he sees as increasingly under dire threat from that same Left that once so warmly embraced and now so churlishly scorns him. So often the great among us are left to walk alone... join the Pack as we keep this brilliant mind and brave man company for a while  in comfortable conversation.

Sep 3

1 hr 7 min

This week on the podcast the pack visits with Gordon G. Chang.  We cover just about every area that China is eating our lunch in from having all our DNA, the future and some say the inevitable fall of Taiwan to the duplicity of US universities and corporations.  Sit back have a hot tea and brush up on your Mandarin.   Gordon is an attorney, the author of several books on China, a columnist, and public intellectual.  He lived for several decades in China and greater Asia, working for major US law firms Baker & Mackenzie and Paul, Weiss. Gordon has given briefings at the National Intelligence Council, the CIA, the State Department, and the Pentagon, and has appeared before the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He is a former contributor at The Daily Beast. His writings on China and North Korea have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune, Commentary, National Review, and Barron’s among others He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, Bloomberg Television, and others, as well on as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Gordon has spoken at Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale, and other universities.   Show Links  

Aug 20

1 hr 7 min

This week, The Pack visits with Cory Johnson, @CoryTV on Twitter. Cory is host of the daily Drill Down Podcast, @DrillDownPod, of the BizPod Network Cory illuminates the business behind daily stock movers with in-depth analysis and conducts daily interviews with powerful CEOs and investors. His peripatetic career has seen him in prominent roles as a technology journalist, broadcaster, hedge fund portfolio manager, and investor. But fundamentally he’s an entrepreneur -- helping to start media companies such as the Industry Standard, Slam (the world’s largest basketball magazine), and Vibe. He was CNBC’s first Silicon Valley correspondent, and helped create TV, radio, and podcasts for Bloomberg. He has also worked as the managing member of Epistrophy Capital, as a senior executive at the blockchain startup Ripple, and at several other prominent ventures. The Pack digs into Cory’s history, from college to his current endeavor, The Drill Down Podcast. Nothing was off-limits, and Cory gives his unvarnished opinion on CNBC, Mike Bloomberg, and the state of business reporting. Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.   Links for Cory Johnson & topics covered on the podcast.   2:43   A log rolling in our time. 3:10   Cory makes up his own major at NYU. 4:41   New York Magazine, Wall Street, Courts & Crime and Wall Street, Courts & Crime and a call from Jim Cramer. 12:04 CNBC and the value of stability. 13:21 Business Journalism & CNBC, a stock is not a story. 16:51 The Human Experience. 20:53 Why this medium. 22:53 Ackman, Ichan, Herbalife and getting it shoved up your ass. 27:40 Elon doesn’t call me anymore. 30:40 I hate it here. 33:45 The Drill Down and why its different. 35:48 Business literacy and getting sued. 37:58 Mike Wilkins, Bill Maher sucks at hoops and the Smithsonian. 41:30 A little bit of Bitcoin. 44:02 Wrapping up and some Felonious Munk.

Aug 6

48 min 20 sec

This week, The Pack visits with Dr. Marian Tupy (@HumanProgress  on Twitter) of the Cato Institute Educated in South Africa and England, Dr. Tupy is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty, a contributor to the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the U.K. Spectator, and Foreign Policy, He is a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, Fox, and others. Dr. Tupy is also editor of Human Progress, and author of the book, “Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know: And Many Others You Will Find Interesting.” He is a specialist in “globalization and global well‐being”, and indeed in his book and on this podcast appearance he brings us a hearty helping of hope... things may not be as socially, culturally, and economically awful as they seem.  We dig deep into his book and think you will come away as surprised as we did.  It just may not be so bad. Sit back and enjoy the podcast. Pour yourself a half-empty glass, and hear Dr. Tupy make it half-full for you.   Links for Marian Tupy & topics covered on the podcast.   1:54   Marian Tupy gives the reasons why he wrote this book. 4:02   The American education system and the lack of critical thinking. 5:07   The evolution of skepticism and every thing is great in Holland.  11:41 The reception of facts, where the facts came from and where to read the book. 16:20 Global happiness is rising and the Easterlin Paradox. 20:49 The top ten in no order but starting with number 1. 26:10 The kings progress, Versailles and Mel Brooks. 27:39 The cost of electricity and absurdity of period pieces. 32:07 The end of poverty. 35:49 Running out of resources. 40:42 Elephants, Polar bears, Wolves, and Pandas having sex. 49:03 More green then Alaska and Montana combined. 57:11 Leaving the rural communities for the freedom of the big city and the drop in global reproduction. 1:05:16 Decarbonizing the economy, nuclear energy and the birds. 1:11:26 The end of famine and Israeli engineering. 1:19:44 Global peace, kind of. Welcome to America and here is your part of the national debt. 1:26:23 Torture is dead and let’s bring back duels. 1:29:40 Less crime unless you watch the news. 1:31:37 More democracy and the guiding hand. 1:35:00 The 20th century, it was the best of times it was the worst of times. 1:39:21 A big win for humanity. 1:41:00 Real bravery and The US is the best.

Jul 16

1 hr 47 min

This week, The Pack visits with Chris Drose (@bleecker__st on Twitter) of the newly launched activist-short fund, Bleecker Street Capital. Chris published his first short-report in 2014 while he was still in college. He has since been a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha and was the man and mind behind the well-deserved market-based prosecution and ultimate destruction of American Addiction Centers (AAC).  Chris has worked for some of the best hedge and short funds in the county, and with many iconic figures in activist shorting. Previously operating as Bleecker Street Research when he was solo, he has just launched a fund, Bleecker Street Capital to continue his excellent activist work. Chris takes The Pack though some of his biggest reports, including his work on American Addiction Centers (AAC). AAC had ambitions to be a best-in-class national addiction help center. However, greed, accounting fraud, and criminal charges that included Second-Degree Murder laid them low (with Chris’ help!). What is next for Bleecker Street, thoughts about the market, and the short world vs hedge funds; Chris tells us all about it, from the comfort of his bathroom.   Drugs, deaths, fraud and short selling. Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.   Links for Chris Drose & topics covered on the podcast.   1:57     Chris gives the back story for Bleecker Street from his toilet. 3:16     Can a 20yo be taken seriously on Seeking Alpha. 4:59     Short selling skepticism and finding the talent to understand the world of shorts.  6:45     Dan meets Chris for the first time and dinner with the parents. 9:31     Chris, piss tests and the war with AAC 13:20     The analyst who will not be named. 14:30     Murder, money and greed. 19:57     Fake Attorneys, an 18 hour deposition and loving a killer. 25:30     So how much money did you make? 27:14     No one went to jail….. Buying land in the Bahamas. 28:46     What came next for Chris, a hedge fund. 32:39     Dan learns what will take The Pack to the next level. 34:04     The changing game. 38:10     Your research is only good if the market agrees with you. 39:11     Going back to Bleecker Street and what a tease. 42:10     GME, short squeeze, the meme stocks and we got blockchain. 43:46      Advise for the listeners. 44:44      A dire prediction. 50:35      Draft kings and 500K. 53:20      Wrapping it up.

Jul 9

56 min 32 sec

This week, The Pack visits with Carol Roth (@caroljsroth on Twitter). Carol is a vociferous advocate for small business. She is also the Creator of the Future File®️ legacy-planning system, a national media personality, billion-dollar dealmaker, brand spokesperson, investor, board member and a bestselling author.   Carol takes The Pack though her upcoming book, talks about the NFL and names the greatest running-back of all time, and tackles government overreach and the devastating impact that both the government and Covid 19 have had on small business in America. Touching on China, PPE, supply chains, and the unemployment rate, Carol covers pretty much everything under the sun. Carol was named a Top-100 Small Business Influencer for 2011-2015 by Small Biz Trends. She has written hundreds of articles for a variety of outlets. Additionally, she is a sought-after emcee, speaker, and moderator at events that included the Virgin Atlantic Conference with Richard Branson, the Chicago Cubs Convention, VALIC, Entrepreneur, and many others. Carol is the creator of Future File. The Future File system provides you and your loved ones two roadmaps for legacy-planning. The first helps you to organize your wishes and provides important information for your loved ones. The second helps your loved ones know what to do when the time comes.   Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.    Links for Carol Roth & topics covered on the podcast.   3:83     Carol and The Pack talk about the NFL and getting her to be a Lions fan. 4:42     How Carol came up with “The war on small business” and the Pandemic. 8:51     Small business are the backbone of 99.9% of the world economy and lets just shut it down for 2 weeks. 11:49     Dan predicts the pandemic in 2018 and gets boo’ed. 13:28     China, Free Speech and Capitalism. 16:52     Empires, the crushing weight of debt and the attack on small business. 24:22     Small Business, the pandemic supply chain, and no booze in Pennsylvania. 30:14     Government Overreach and misspent funding during Covid 19. 34:39     The march towards UBI and Zombie Companies. 36:55     Passive Investment Vehicles and Frauds. 39:14     SPAC Jesus, RTO’s and the golden age of IPO’s. 42:32     Central planning – the soft takeover and dept we cannot service. 46:48     We don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. 51:27     Provident funds, let me invest my own money. 54:24     Why we need a viable 3rd party and inflation. 56:59     The Fed and faux independence. 1:01:50   Free Speech, social media, and censorship 1:04:53   What can people do to help small business. 1:09:43   I got an action figure. 1:12:13   An amazing summary and closing from Carol.

Jun 25

1 hr 15 min

This week, The Pack visits with a friend of the show, Crocker Coulson (@crockercoulson on Twitter). Crocker is the CEO of AUM media and is an award-winning investor-relations and corporate communications advisor for the last two decades.   Crocker takes The Pack though his childhood watching avant-garde films, his time at Yale and his encounter with the “Skull and Bones Club”, his jump into journalism starting at The Yale Daily News, his first publication, and finally his time at CCG and what those initials really meant. Crocker was instrumental in bringing to US markets many of the Chinese RTOs that later became targets of Dan and the other China Hustle shorts. We also touch on what Crocker has been doing since the fall of the reverse-merger, including the most expensive divorce in billed hours in the history of New York.  Crocker is also Founder and Chairman of the MUSE Academy, a school focused on the performing arts, and of the 110-year-old Brooklyn Music School. Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.    Links for Crocker Coulson topics covered on the podcast.

Jun 18

1 hr 21 min

This week, The Pack visits with the great sage Joe Nocera, (@opinion_joe on Twitter). Joe is an award-winning and bestselling author, columnist, investigative journalist, and now podcaster. His latest work, “The Shrink Next Door”, has been turned into a series on Apple TV starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Kathryn Hahn.   This Pulitzer Prize nominee pulls no punches in anything he says and does.   Joe takes us though some of his best and most amusing works and articles. These range from a car-bomb in Paris to his groundbreaking interview with the most famous man in Oklahoma, T-Boone Pickens. Joe has made friends and enemies in our small world of shorts and in the wider world of national politics. From MiMedx to Theranos: Joe does not care about feelings; he just gives the facts.     We visit everything with Joe, including his work, his sometimes-controversial politics, and some current events. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy.  

Jun 11

56 min 28 sec

This week The Pack is joined by Sam Reynolds (On Twitter @thesamreynolds & @blockworks), a journalist with Blockworks based in Taipei. With Blockworks he covers digital assets and institutional investors in the world’s most exciting economies. Prior to Blockworks he was an editor with Taipei-based Forkast News, where he covered blockchain throughout Asia. Sam also contributes to Wccftech, one of the largest technology news websites in the world.  Sam takes us thorough the world of crypto, digital currencies like the e-yuan, and a bit of policy and politics. - Understand the crypto markets in just 5 minutes.

May 28

52 min 22 sec

In this week's episode, Carson Block and Roddy Boyd  (@muddywatersre & @RodBoydILM  on Twitter) join the pack for a special forum to discuss private investigator Derrick Snowdy.  Derrick has been the topic of recent articles by Institutional Investor Magazine & The Foundation for Financial Journalism. Sit back listen to Dan, Carson, and Roddy as they tell stories and give perspective on the inner workings of some of the top journalists and activist short sellers in the world.

May 21

59 min 40 sec

This week, The Pack has a Bull vs Bear discussion on Root, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROOT) with Edwin Dorsey of “The Bear Cave”. ROOT is a provider of direct-to-consumer insurance products. Edwin Dorsey (@StockJabber on Twitter). Has published two reports on ROOT explaining why he believes they are not a viable long-term company. Even after a long-biased tweet & live stream from the “former” activist short seller Andrew Left, Edwin appears to be correct: ROOT’s stock is still down since his first publication.  Sit Back, relax, have a drink and enjoy this special release. You can follow Edwin’s work and subscribe to Edwin’s email newsletter, “The Bear Cave” at

May 14

27 min 4 sec

This week The Pack visits with a friend of the show Roddy Boyd (@RodBoydILM on Twitter). Roddy is the Editor and founder of the Foundation for Financial Journalism. I think Roddy is among the few remaining investigative journalists on the planet. Before FFJ, he was a reporter for Fortune, NY Post, NY Sun, and Institutional Investor News. In 2011 he published “Fatal Risk – A cautionary Tale of AIG’s Corporate Suicide”, a McKinsey Business Book of the Year. In 2012, The Huffington Post named him “one of the most feared financial reporters in America.”  Roddy takes us through his upbringing, his early work, and events that shaped his career both personally and professionally. Sit back have a drink and enjoy!  When something like alcohol use is so intimately ingrained in the fabric of our society, it becomes extremely difficult to significantly alter its use and or abuse comprehensively and beneficially. It becomes extremely difficult for many individuals to realistically see the destructive, unhealthy, and sometimes fatal aspects of drug or alcohol abuse. If you need help or think you need help you are taking the first step. and 3:15 Roddy’s background; growing up as the son of a hedge fund titan, being taught the importance of hard work, and graduating from Fordham University 10:18 Roddy’s aspiration of becoming a journalist which was enhanced after the Watergate hearings, putting his dreams on pause to pay the bills for his new family, and working his way up from being a desk clerk 19:20 Roddy’s attempt to get a job as a writer, landing a financial journalism gig at II and writing his biggest gets on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which led him to the NY Sun and eventually the NY Post.  Writing about 30:00 Going after Fairfax Financial, overstock suing Rocker Partners which led to a wave of attacks on short-sellers and eventually journalists. 40:02 Roddy getting subpoenaed from the SEC for his Fairfax reporting, taking the case to the state supreme court and ultimately fighting off the suit, and how Dan and Roddy became in contact over the wave of Chinese fraud.   49:10 Where were you the first time you heard about Ben Wei and Freedom of Speech?   52:20 The time Roddy visited the China Media Express office, witnessed Jeffrey Toobin-esque activities and a sleeping R&D department, and the subsequent stop on trading the next day from the NASDAQ. 1:00:35 Roddy’s work on Valeant and their ultimate demise, Bill Ackman’s hypocritical stance on Valeant after playing the moral high ground on Herbalife. 1:12:40  Roddy’s continuous work and personal sacrifice to help bring down Insys Pharmaceuticals, and ultimately being thanked personally by a senior DEA officer on the case. 1:20:00 How Roddy makes a living off of donations to the Foundation for Financial Journalism, doing honest work and still getting attacked for taking donations from short-sellers. 1:30:20 Roddy’s journey towards sobriety and the moments that made him realize he needed to make a change, how drinking often becomes a problem for journalists and people on Wall Street.  How Roddy has helped numerous people reach sobriety.

May 7

1 hr 54 min

This week, The Pack takes a trip back to the early days of short selling only to find out that, sadly, not much has changed. In 1970, Kurt Feshbach (@Kurt_Feshbach on Twitter) was a high school dropout, described in one article as a “typical SoCal surfer” sporting long hair, flipflops and a tank top. Based on appearance alone, nobody could have known that his small company in California, Feshbach Bros., was actually one of the most feared Activist Short Sellers in the world.   Kurt takes us through his first trade (which netted him $5k) and through some of the biggest hits that, in 9 years, had Feshbach Bros. managing a billion dollars - for those keeping score, that’s an annualized return (IRR) of 232.4% - not bad for high school dropout.  Kurt went to war with journalists and banks while balancing a complicated relationship with the SEC and other regulators. He was criticized at the time for using what many considered to be unorthodox investigation techniques but has now become standard practice for top-tier Activist Shorts. Kurt now runs The Bindle Paper is an independent boutique research firm which produces deep dive, single-stock short research for a discrete and limited group of institutional clients. bin·dle pa·per: A clean piece of standard-size, folded paper used to contain trace evidence. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the trip through time, knowledge, and experience that Kurt imparts during our fascinating conversation. “We're doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That's what it is to be alive. It's pretty dense kids who haven't figured that out by the time they're ten.... Most kids can't afford to go to Harvard and be misinformed.” ― Kurt Vonnegut 1:05 Kurt talks about how he got started and the help he had from his partners and his father. 2:42 Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Hear the long list of companies whose executives ended up in prison after dealing with the Feshbach Bros.  6:05 Kurt working on the sell side of Wall St, and meets a man that showed him the light, which led him to his first short idea. 12:26 A business is born; Kurt brings in his brothers and gets some seed money from a partner to start Feshbach Brothers. 15:03 Green energy was booming in the 1980’s - the problem was that most of them were frauds. Kurt made a killing exposing them, including one that claimed to create "clean" energy from human waste… turns out they were full of shit. 17:40 Kurt takes us through the process that they employed to obtain SEC filings via 1980’s technology. 28:06 Kurt talks about ZZZBest and Barry Minkow, one of the biggest and best shorts on his impressive track record, as well as a few others that were absolutely amazing finds. 34:55 All that swag, congressional hearings, and Robert Flaherty. 41:19 Picking through the trash, putting the puzzle together, and working with reporters to get your story out before the internet was invented. 48:48 How the market is essentially the same 40 years later, well except for the valuations... 58:57 Kurt addresses the "rumors" that Wells Fargo killed his business 1:06:38 The SEC and 20,000 pages of thermal paper. 1:19:39  The next big thing for Kurt: The Bindle Paper.

Apr 16

1 hr 26 min

This week The Pack had the pleasure of speaking with Jordan Thomas. Jordan is widely recognized as being at the pinnacle of whistleblower law in the United States. He is currently serving as a partner and chair for the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow. Before that, he was a Naval judge, DOJ trial lawyer, and assistant director to the SEC.  At the SEC, he helped develop the original whistleblower program and laid the foundation for what it is today. Jordan goes into great detail about what whistleblowers mean to the financial ecosystem and how their cases must be handled in order to best protect investors. He also describes how he sees the regulatory system progressing, and addresses what he believes the SEC must accomplish in order to better enforce its regulations. Jordan is truly an expert on all aspects of financial regulation. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the knowledge and experience that he imparts during our conversation. 1:34 Jordan breaks down his vast work experience and some of his accomplishments along the way. 4:00 Jordan’s pretty unique background and upbringing – how he found his path toward fighting corruption with strong influences from his father who was a judge, and mother who was a nun and school teacher. 10:23 Why is it that nobody gets prosecuted for fraud anymore? Jordan’s thoughts on using litigation as a deterrent. 23:49 Jordan addresses the regulatory gaps that he’d like to see corrected, and how Dodd-Frank still has a way to go. 30:30 If Jordan was in charge at the SEC - how the SEC should allocate its limited resources, and what he would do to increase the amount of trials. 41:10 Jordan’s reasoning for suing the SEC, and how the SEC moves the goalposts by changing the rules pertaining to whistleblowers and why that hurts their cause. 48:00 How fighting the good fight goes beyond wins and losses, the need for bringing more cases to trial, and how companies take advantage of the SEC’s lack of prosecution - such as Walmart’s FCPA violations. 55:22 Jordan’s thoughts on the increasingly pervasive fraud coming out of China and the difficulty in collecting from Chinese frauds. The difference between how corporations react to policy and enforcement - fines have become a slap on the wrist. 1:03:01 Jordan’s advice for investors: either be diligent or look into index funds. How one becomes a client of his practice, and why the SEC is skeptical of short sellers’ biases.

Apr 2

1 hr 15 min

This week Dan and the Pack sit down with journalist, commentator, and investment researcher Herb Greenberg. Many listeners will recognize Herb from his work as a senior market commentator on CNBC, and also from his work at both TheStreet and MarketWatch.   Before his time on television, Herb got started in journalism writing for the Boca Raton News, the Chicago Tribune as a New York-based financial correspondent, and eventually landed his gig as a daily columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Currently, Herb and his partners run Pacific Square Research, a subscription-based research firm specializing in fundamental, investigative and forensic analysis.   Sit back, relax, and enjoy a conversation with veteran investigative financial journalist Herb Greenberg, as he dishes some great backstory about breaking some of the most memorable insider trading-stories, investigations, and SEC run-ins over his 40-year career

Mar 19

1 hr 32 min

The Pack takes a break from the world of finance and spends some time on focusing on what may be the most important and misunderstood topic in the world today: COVID-19 vaccines.  Jessica Steier, DrPH, PMP and Andrea C. Love, Ph.D. take us from the origins of vaccination to the current global pandemic. Dr. Steier and Dr. Love have extensive experience in dealing with public health policies, as well as vaccines. Together they host the "Unbiased Science Podcast" - We encourage you to give their show a listen at   They help us understand why some people are apprehensive when it comes to vaccinations and dispel some of the rumors and misinformation surrounding the new COVID-19 vaccines.  Get the truth, get the science and get vaccinated to help stop the spread of COVID-19.   5:11 - The science and history behind vaccines and how mRNA vaccines are different from traditional vaccines. 16:40 - Addressing falsehoods about the COVID-19 vaccines, why some people have mild adverse reactions to the vaccine, and how mRNA vaccines have developed over time. 24:23 - The different types of COVID-19 vaccines in the pipeline, why COVID-19 is more dangerous than the flu, and the long term disabling effects of the virus that are being overlooked. 34:02 - The different variants of COVID-19 that are emerging around the world, and whether or not the current vaccines will be effective against them. 39:33 - The importance of getting vaccinated, what the government needs to do in terms of distribution, and why some minority groups are especially suspicious of the vaccine.  

Feb 5

55 min 21 sec

The Pack is joined this week by Ambassador Dennis Shea. Ambassador Dennis Shea was the Deputy United States Trade Representative and Chief of Mission, Geneva where he represented the United States as Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  Ambassador Shea takes us through his history serving on the U S China economic and security review commission. His time in Geneva where he became famous in China on Weibo, Chinas version of twitter.  Through the struggles at the WTO and some surprising allies as well as some allies that are more like frenemies. Ambassador Shea also talks about what his hopes are for the new administration and the future of the WTO.  Sit back and enjoy this special trip through the interworking's of the WTO and the challenges that the US faces.   2:32 Ambassador Shea’s time serving on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission and China’s ability to export a chill on freedom of speech in America. 7:56 How Ambassador Shea became a US representative to the World Trade Organization, the ways other countries in the WTO have failed to hold China accountable, and  17:35 Where the WTO has failed in promoting free and fair trade, the issues of including China in the WTO, and Ambassador Shea’s three main issues with the WTO. 29:29 China’s demands for the WTO going forward, how China called themselves a “developing country” to get preferential treatment, and the need for allied countries to join the US in sanctioning China. 37:38 Jack Ma’s disappearance, the Kennedy Bill’s debacle with delisting Chinese Telecom companies, and Ambassador Shea’s term for these sorts of companies: Ostensibly Private but State Influenced Corporations (OPSIC) 45:06 Ambassador Shea’s ideal agenda for the WTO going forward under the Biden administration and his urgent plea for other countries to join the US in WTO reform. 53:07 What Ambassador Shea will be watching in the coming years and what events would be cause for concern for the US. 

Jan 24

56 min 6 sec

Special guest Anne Stevenson-Yang, co-founder of J Capital Research Joins the  pack to discuss the BTBT Bit Digital report.

Jan 13

24 min 50 sec

In this episode the pack travels back to China in search of Jack Ma. We bring back  China accounting expert Professor Paul Gillis and new to the pack, Herb Greenberg.  We dive into the reasons why, and not for the first time, Jack Ma has been removed from the public.   We also get an in-depth look at how Alibaba became the giant it is and was able to crush its competitors in China.  Paul and Herb share some of the details from the IPO, red flags that created the ongoing SEC investigation and the problems that Jack may have created with Ant Financial.   Enjoy this discussion from our panel of some of the worlds best in finance.   2:22 What the hell is going on with Jack Ma 5:32 History of the Tech in China and Alibaba 8:20 China starts to Evolve and attempts to reign in some of the bigger companies  10:16 Jack Ma gets his first billion and destroys EBAY 14:50 IPO's VIE's and are they really worth the paper they are printed on 18:30 Alibaba has some issues with their accounting and even MIT cant figure it out 28:00 The Ant Financial IPO 35:16 Trump now Biden and China what will happen 40:00 China, future frauds and will the SEC be a toothless tiger

Jan 8

54 min 42 sec

In this episode The Pack continues it world tour speaking to the experts in the financial world.  We land in Beijing and visit with Professor Paul Gillis.  Paul is one of the foremost accounting experts in the world on China.  This former PWC partner and PCOAB advisory board member is the go-to guy for the US Government as well as Public and Private entities when they have questions on China and its accounting practices.    Hear about Paul's life and how he ended up in China.  How accounting has evolved and how China's accounting practices have evolved.  We touch on current events and some future predictions.   Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy a conversation with Dan and The Pack as they swap stories with the amazing Professor Paul Gillis. 2:28 Paul’s backstory as an aspiring Olympic skier and his entrance into accounting and joining PricewaterhouseCoopers in its early stages in China 14:55 Gillis’s problem with China’s high tax rates and incompetent enforcement, Alibaba’s dominate presence and the struggles facing Ant Group’s IPO 29:14 Hong Kong’s lack of market regulation and the dangers it poses to investors, Will Hong Kong will dissolve into China in 10-15 years? 40:01 How do you go on live Chinese state TV and balance your opinion, facts and not going to jail. 43:54 Students in China and Students in the US.  Rock Star Treatment  48:23 Free speech in the US, China and working the system.  50:08 How China utilizes AI on smartphones to contain COVID and the advantages of a totalitarian state in dealing with the virus 57:47 Paul’s take on the age of activist shorts and whether there is still fraud in China 1:07:30 The incredibly convoluted accounting practices in China and how Chinese law frees them from accountability to foreign investors        

Dec 2020

1 hr 24 min

In this episode we travel across the pond to chat with internationally renowned forensic accountant and author Steven Clapham. Steven talks to us about life as a sell-side analyst, his due diligence work when vetting a company, and his book “The Smart Money Method.” When he’s not providing research for private clients, Stephen is educating the next generation of analysts with his online investment research and analysis training course - Behind the Balance Sheet. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy a conversation with Dan and The Pack as they swap stories with award-winning forensic accountant Stephen Clapham. • 3:55 – Have you ever wondered what qualifications you need to be a sell-side analyst? According to Stephen – none. • 11:20 - The importance of knowing a company’s balance sheet and why Stephen thinks most investors pay little to no attention to it – at their own peril. • 12:46 - GAAP, Non-GAAP, and the real numbers in a company’s books. • 17:44 – Stephen’s independent view as a sell-side analyst doesn’t go over too well with one of the large banking firms. • 21:44 – Stephen moves to the buy-side and finds telling the whole truth much more rewarding. • 25:32 – The repercussions of not trusting a company’s CEO. • 33:55 – Why you “can’t prove” Alibaba is a fraud. • 42:58 – Auditors: do they matter, and if so, how much? • 47:12 – “It’s impossible for a company to commit fraud … people commit fraud.” Fraud – who’s committing it and who pays for it? • 49:10 – “Would we be better off without audits?” • 52:53 – Trained and Equipped: the importance of understanding the equities. • 56:34 – “The Old Boys Club,” Jamie Dimon, and the lack of true independent directors. • 101:11 – Stephen develops Behind the Balance Sheet, providing research and consultancy, and educating the next generation of analysts.

Dec 2020

1 hr 8 min

On this episode, Dan and the Pack start to explore the world of cryptocurrency with well-known Bitcoin SV advocate Sir Toshi-Defender of Bitcoin. The Pack and Sir Toshi discuss the origin of Bitcoin, some of the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain,  and Sir Toshi drops his theory as to who he thinks Satoshi Nakamoto is. This is the first conversation in what will become a series of ongoing discussions as the Wolfpack begins to dig into all things crypto. 2:50 - Why Sir Toshi chooses to be pseudonymous, his theory on the true identity of “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and how Bitcoin contains value. 13:49 - How Satoshi Nakamoto allowed Bitcoin to build credibility through neutral growth and the Winklevoss twins’ giant stake in Bitcoin. 28:25 - How blockchain remains independent by decentralizing the point of authority. 31:14 - Sir Toshi’s belief in the future of Bitcoin, the benefits of decentralized currency, and how miners both compete and work together to maintain the network. 50:42 - The rise of blockchain in corporations and the internet, and the concern over data that can never be deleted. 56:27 - The rise of “fake” Bitcoins.

Nov 2020

1 hr 8 min

In this episode, Dan and The Pack visit with a friend of the show - Soren Aandahl from Blue Orca Capital. Soren goes in depth about his family history, their missionary work in Asia, and how that experience contributed to his success as a short activist overseas. Soren talks about how his time at Harvard Law School led to an apprenticeship where he witnessed the Enron bankruptcy first-hand. Soren tells us about his transition from law to finance, the origin story of Glaucus Research Group, and the move to his current firm, Blue Orca Capital. Finally, the former Kirkland & Ellis attorney shares some valuable lessons on contract negotiation. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy a conversation with Dan and The Pack as they go inside the world of the seldom interviewed short activist, Soren Aandahl. 4:08 - Soren’s global upbringing, his time in Canada, the U.S., and his deep familial connection with Asia. 15:45 - Soren talks about his time at Harvard Law School and how an apprenticeship got him a front-row seat to the legal aftermath of Enron's collapse. 33:40 - Getting the “last job on Wall St.” before the financial crisis and working insane hours during in his first year at Kirkland & Ellis. 50:50 – Soren's transition from law to finance, without any previous finance experience. 56:20 – Starting Glaucus Research Group and the story behind the name. 1:02:35 – Shorting China-based U.S listed companies and the legal “gray areas” that exist between the U.S. and China. 1:23:30 - Common misconceptions about short sellers, the grueling due diligence process Dan and Soren go through to protect investors, and the flaws of sell-side analysts and auditors. 1:47:30 - Who the top writers in the activist short space are and what differentiates their work from others. 1:52:40 - Dan and Soren’s tips for highly sensitive contract negotiations.

Nov 2020

2 hr 1 min

The 2020 Presidential Election special from the “I hung up on Warren Buffett” podcast. From the Friday before, The Wolfpack gives predictions on the election, social unrest, and market reactions.

Nov 2020

27 min 4 sec

This week Dan and The Pack share drinks and stories with our friend Jon Carnes - the man behind the infamous/famous “Alfred Little” pseudonym. First anonymously, and then publishing under the pen name “Alfred Little,” Jon’s work was groundbreaking in uncovering China-fraud’s among global markets. While living in China, his work was not without peril, and he and his team quickly learned the deep human cost of exposing the truth. Hear how Jon got started in finance as a kind of a boy-genius day trader who quickly became one of E*Trades largest customers, his days as a film producer (“The Wizard of Gore” 2007), and how an investment into a pharmacy led to one of his most significant discoveries – “The Cure,” a hangover remedy that has been trial-tested and approved by The Wolfpack. Sit back and share a drink with Dan and The Pack as they knock one down with the fascinating, and seldom interviewed, Jon Carnes.   4:25 - What Jon’s been up to, micro and nano-caps, futures, and his addiction to value investing.   16:20 - College days and his aversion to the efficient market theory. 23:16 - Turning $3,000 into $1.000,000 in his first few years. 26:00 - E*trade, commercials, and Super Bowls. 31:23 - Jon goes to China, falls in love with the country, and discovers his first fraud. 47:10 - Jon’s first short report – and its fallout. 54:25 - “Alfred Little” is born. 58:35 - Mines, movies, and more. 1:03:13 - “I.O.U.S.A.,” Warren Buffett, and predicting the 2008 market crash. 1:21:30 - “The Cure” 1:29:30 - Competition and collaboration exposing China Frauds. 1:35:50 - The “Ben Wey War” and “You’ve been served.” 1:42:20 - How the frauds defend their lies with shareholder money. 1:51:54  -The human cost of short activism. 1:54:12 - How cameras, chickens, and shopkeepers changed the due diligence game in China forever.

Oct 2020

2 hr 1 min

Dan and the Pack welcome to The Wolf Den the (sometimes) controversial, founding member of Breitbart News, former chief executive of the 2016 Trump Campaign, and host of the War Room podcast - Steve Bannon.  Steve’s life has taken him on a remarkable and unexpected journey that he shares with us. In this free-flowing conversation, he goes in depth about his upbringing, his experiences, and what shaped his political views. Steve has been a part of some significant historical events and his behind the scenes stories are both surprising and informative. This conversation pulls back the curtain on the controversial political figure that many only know from the media.      Entertaining, insightful, and revealing, this is a Steve Bannon that few have ever heard.   0:00:36 - Introduction  0:03:36  - Start  0:05:54 - Steve’s childhood,  early political influences, and the volatile environment in the 1960s.  0:25:55 - Steve’s career in the Navy and his involvement with Operation Eagle Claw 0:49:23  - Discussing the Obama administration and influences on the modern geo-political environment. 1:02:20 - Transitioning from the Navy to Harvard and starting out at Goldman Sachs. 1:18:09 - Intellectual property, Climate change, and starting Bannon & Co. 1:26:16 - Steve’s  ownership in Seinfeld, adjusting to the life of Hollywood, and Weinergate 1:42:19  - The complete rundown of the Trump campaign 2:28:30 - How the current system is destroying the working class 2:42:22 - The unwinnable war in the middle east and the CCP’s business there. 2:49:20  - Infrastructure, the new forming republican party, and the challenges of forming a successful third party 2:56:30 - Bitcoin, investing in an overvalued stock market, the looming problem of debt 3:00:20 - Wikileaks, Steve’s arrest in August, big news coming forward.

Oct 2020

3 hr 6 min

This week The Pack is joined by special guest Carson Block to discuss the fallout from the Hindenburg Research Short Report.   

Sep 2020

46 min 33 sec