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Matt Haas

YouTube success strategies to make searchable videos people watch while growing an audience.

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Twitch is a platform that is going downhill fast. Stay away from it. Stay far away!

Apr 25

5 min 48 sec

Which is better: hosting your podcast on your own site or using

Feb 21

4 min 31 sec

Did you notice the microphone icon next to the search bar on YouTube? Try it… it’s cool!

Jan 18

1 min 49 sec

YouTube is going out of its way to show you what’s happening within the first 30 seconds of your video. Ask yourself: Why? Answer: It’s important!

Jan 14

2 min 24 sec

Edit your closed captions for the next 10 videos you publish and I guarantee your on-camera performance will drastically improve! No joke!

Jan 9

3 min 39 sec

There are only a few things you need to do to get your videos in good shape regarding SEO. I break it all down for you.

Jan 3

3 min 17 sec

Always listen to the show with the show notes! They’re jam-packed with awesomeness! Find show notes here: This is episode 001. Yay!

Jan 1

26 sec