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Your channel fro higher frequency. 11:11 is a new thought podcast hosted by Super Model & Actress Rachel Hunter & Best Selling Author & Activist Emma Mildon. Think, interviews with soul with world leaders and gurus talking transformational truths.

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An episode dedicated to all things air. In this episode we discuss the playfulness and lightness that air can bring with it. Tools, rituals, breath work, mantra, mudra, aromatherapy and even a fun bubble bee meditation trick. 

Nov 30

33 min 26 sec

An episode dedicated to fire element. Join the chat as we share our personal journey, tools, rituals and experiences with fire and how it has affected us both. Rachel shares her sacred experience with Havan, an ancient Vedic holy fire ceremony where offerings are made. In fact, the way she tells the story you will feel transported to India with her! The fire is believed to be the core link between cosmic consciousness and human consciousness. The truth about fire? Think less destruction, and more transformation...

Nov 21

29 min 6 sec

An episode dedicated to all things water element. We discuss water energy, tools for connecting to water and its power to shift, move, cleanse, purify, and rejuvenate. From sacred spaces, to personal tales of fairies. Dive into all things water with us....

Nov 18

32 min 54 sec

An episode dedicated to all things earth element. We discuss how to connect to earth to ground, center, align, and stabilize yourself. From rituals, breath work, meditation, mudra, mantra, aromatherapy, crystals, food, even flowers! An episode for anyone feeling a little all over the place right now aka everybody.  Be guided by Rachel through a SO HUM meditation: https://vimeo.com/578626566  Need more? Check out Rachel's CALM & STABILIZE online course: https://withribbon.com/video/courses/7623/1269

Nov 11

31 min 6 sec

Welcome to a new series of 11:11 exploring the essence of human + spiritual experiences.  We are stepping out of pause and restarting the conversation, this time with you all joining us. Stories, evolution, and experiences of what it means to be spiritual in your day-to-day.  Join us, in re-hitting play! 

Nov 5

16 min 9 sec

Pilgrimage. A journey. A soul search. Spiritual quest. A mission of self discovery! Rachel and Emma share stories about how their adventures began, key countries that helped shape or transform them, traveling tips, and the key to start a soul searching journey.  Ideal if you are wanting to plan a soul getaway for one day in your future...

Mar 2020

22 min 49 sec

A simple aha moment sparks a conversation about rituals. The power of ritual, its role in spirituality, and Rachel and Emma's personal rituals. From incense, meditation, a shrine, nature, perfume, meditation, to a simple habit. A ceremony. A moment. A custom. A religion. A lifestyle.    


Feb 2020

31 min 35 sec

Emma interviews Rachel about her new book! If travel is on your New Years 'must do' list, then this episode is for you... Over the course of a life-changing year, supermodel Rachel Hunter was given the challenge of looking at how different countries around the world define the idea of beauty and wellness. From the ancient health practices in China, through to the vibrancy of India, contrasted with the futuristic, forward-thinking beauty worlds of South Korea and Japan, Rachel’s Tour of Beauty gave her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only learn the best wellbeing advice the world has to offer, but also learn the importance of community, authenticity and joy. Take a trip around the world with Rachel and find out how to step into the life you’ve always been looking for. Tour of Beauty is an award-winning television show that has now been broadcast in over 140 countries around the world.

Jan 2020

24 min 17 sec

Tis the season to be, triggered!  Rachel and Emma chat about the journey of emotional triggers. What are emotional triggers? What triggers you? And what is your response? More importantly, why is that your response! We talk through how to identify and manage them so you can be prepared when something shows up... "The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being."    Teal Swan

Dec 2019

24 min 15 sec

Shiva and Shatki. The dance of energy.  In our occasional series of interviews, Rachel continues Her conversation with the Anand Mehrota the host of the Sattva Himalayan Wisdom Podcast - Anand Mehrotra. Anand is a visionary master teacher, community and thought leader, and conscious entrepreneur. Born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga – Anand combines the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a lighthearted rebelliousness to support the transcendence of the individual and the collective. Anand is the founder and master teacher of Sattva Yoga, a radically holistic, ever-evolving, transformational practice. In this second episode, they discuss the dance of the creative energy that is shakti and shiva and the transformative power of going beyond the labels of male and female.

Dec 2019

23 min 9 sec

Cheryl Strayed explains her process through grief, endings, loss, heartache, and seeking light even in dark times. What she calls, "the space between hard times" and "the jagged path." Yes, we go there. The process. Emotional rollercoaster. Surrender points. And, the transformational truths that come with the journey we all experience in emotional warrior mode. This is the ultimate phoenix rising episode... About Cheryl Strayed... Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, the New York Times bestsellers Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough, and the novel Torch. Wild was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as her first selection for Oprah's Book Club 2.0. Strayed's books have been translated into nearly forty languages around the world and have been adapted for both the screen and the stage.  The Oscar-nominated movie adaptation of Wild stars Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl and Laura Dern as Cheryl's mother, Bobbi. The film was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, with a screenplay by Nick Hornby. Tiny Beautiful Things was adapted for the stage by Nia Vardalos, who also starred in the role of Sugar/Cheryl. The play was directed by Thomas Kail and debuted at The Public Theater in New York City in a sold-out run in 2016. About 11:11 Podcast... 11:11 is a new thought podcast hosted by Super Model and Actress Rachel Hunter and Best Selling Author and Activist Emma Mildon.  Think, interviews with soul.  About creativity, laughs, soul, and invites world leaders and celebrities to dish the truth behind what they think adds magic to life.  Because, let's be honest, we can all add a touch of magic to our day. Stay tuned, for magic... 11:11 is a whole new frequency.  

Oct 2019

27 min 22 sec

Interested in clearing your head and connecting to your intuition? The Third Eye is the source of our reality and our manifestation. When it is clear we see clearly. This episode explores tools, tips, and tricks to better connect, heal, and work with your third eye. 

Sep 2019

26 min 49 sec

This episode explores preserving indigenous wisdom with the founder of The Tribal Trust, Barbara Savage. We travel from the Congo to South American tribes and talk about the essence of humanity.  We live in a world eternally interconnected and interdependent. Indigenous people remember this, and as global citizens hold this critical knowledge for all humanity. The rare few who still live on their ancestral land function from a core consciousness deeply connecting them to their environment, their ancestors and all our children’s future. It’s the indigenous wisdom we all share, but have forgotten in the ‘modern world’. This perspective offers viable solutions for the health and happiness of all people … we just need to truly remember what it is to be human, to embrace our interconnectedness and our responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth so that our future generations may thrive.  

Sep 2019

37 min 13 sec

The ultimate heart chakra episode. Essential listening if you want to connect deeper, heal, or work with this chakra and your heart energy.    Rachel and Emma share insights into your heart chakra energy, its element, colour, resources, mantras, and exercises and tools to help you to open it.   

Sep 2019

18 min 39 sec

What is an aura? What is energy? What do different aura colours mean? This episode explores all things Aura.    Carrie Moss is a Aura Photographer, she captures a window into your energy!    How we feel around someone is us sensing their energy.  We make decisions all the time sensing the subtle, etheric bodies of the world around us.  There is no solid matter, it's all a sea of dancing energetic vibrations.  Energy is simply a range of frequencies vibrating through a range of colors! With the use of biofeedback technology, we can read the electromagnetic fields emanating from you, and translate those into your energetic colors for a visual representation of your aura.    Find out more about Carrie and her Aura Photography business Mood By Moss https://www.moodbymoss.com/auras     

Aug 2019

30 min 8 sec

Rachel and Emma chat with Shaman and Healer Amy Leigh Mercree about their guides, experiences with their guides, and ask about tips to tune in and build a relationship with your guides and angels.  Amy Leigh Mercree’s motto is “Live joy. Be kind. Love unconditionally.” She counsels women and men in the underrated art of self-love to create happier lives. She is a bestselling author, media personality, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, Heart Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, and Goddess Shamanism classes.    Mercree is the author of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating,” “A Little Bit of Chakras,” “Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life,” “The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook,” “The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart,” “A Little Bit of Meditation,” “Essential Oils Handbook,” “Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook,” "The Mood Book",  and “A Little Bit of Mindfulness.”

Aug 2019

30 min 43 sec

The ultimate sacral chakra episode. Essential listening if you want to connect deeper, heal, or work with this chakra and your sacral energy.    Rachel and Emma share insights into your sacral chakra energy, its element, colour, resources, mantras, and exercises and tools to help you to open it. Your second chakra, this chakra is all about your emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. So if those are things you want to dial up, you definitely want to tune into this episode. 

Jul 2019

18 min 57 sec

Tune in for soul story time! This episode takes you on a journey of the Buddha... Amanda Giacomini aka 10,000 Buddhas is an artist, yoga teacher and storyteller. Her 10,000 Buddhas project was inspired by a pilgrimage to the Ajanta caves in India where she saw a two thousand year old mural of a thousand Buddhas meditating together. This experience sparked an awakening, which led her on a mission to paint 10,000 Buddhas, spreading a message of kindness, compassion, and connection with her art. Over the course of a decade, Amanda reached and surpassed her goal, making 10,000 Buddhas a highly sought after, worldwide art project, including large scale public murals, fine art paintings, works on paper, and textiles. Her street art can be found across the United States from Washington DC, Miami, Palm Beach and Asheville, North Carolina to Seattle, San Diego, and Hollywood, CA. She has also painted murals in Panama, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan. As a teacher, Amanda has taught yoga to tens of thousands of people all over the world; from prestigious art museums and yoga festivals, to The White House and the Forbidden City in China. She is the co-founder of Point Reyes Yoga, a studio she and her husband, MC YOGI, started in 2001. Amanda has been teaching yoga for 20 years, practicing for over 25 and meditating for 30. Her approach to teaching is gentle and wise, one of her greatest joys is sharing the healing benefits of yin yoga while interweaving mythic stories from the Buddhist and yoga traditions. Amanda lives in Northern California with her husband MC YOGI and continues to paint Buddhas.

Jul 2019

31 min 32 sec

Rachel and Emma chat through their personal experiences with divine timing, understanding when and where things are meant to happen, and learning the art of ebb and flow. After all, they say timing is everything, and everything in time... We chat everything from ego to flow, pushing vs growing, faith, understanding, surrender. A great listen if you feel like something just isn't going your way at the moment. 

Jun 2019

25 min 44 sec

Rachel speaks with her teacher Anand Mehrotra of Sattva Radical Wisdom Podcast while in India to debunk the Westerns view on Tantra. Ideas of sex and tantric practices confused and explore the expansive potential and true meaning of tantra. Our fear of intimacy is on the table in this insightful episode.  Anand Mehrotra is the youngest known spiritual master in the world to develop Himalayan Yoga tradition in it’s pure and raw form. Anand has dedicated his whole life too bring all the original teachings of the Himalayan Yogic tradition, and intendeds too in a unique and powerful way. For the last fifteen years Anand has lead hundreds of diverse human beings; seekers, students, teachers, artists, to discover their deepest nature and to step into their freedom and aliveness. His teachings comes from the Vedic tradition and merge with the pure Tantric roots as taught by the ancient masters in the deepest Himalayas where he was born and raised. Originally from Rishikesh one of the most sacred towns in India, and now recognised as the birth place of Yoga, which calls thousands of pilgrims from all around India and spiritual seekers from many countries, he is a world citizen.  

Jun 2019

29 min 59 sec

Shaman Durek is a 3rd generation shaman who has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual  enthusiast for people all over the world. His focus is educating  people on how to make shamanism a life style choice for evolutionary  adaptation. He is an author, activist and a women’s empowerment leader. Durek acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical  planes, and applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of  devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and  healing into clients’ lives. Shaman Durek comes from a long lineage of  spiritual practitioners including ministers, oracles and healers. He works with clients on a one-to-one basis as well as in group  sessions. A gifted guest speaker and inspirational teacher. Durek has  worked with many diverse public figures and leading organizations in  conflict areas around the world. Shaman Durek’s dedication is in  seeing people consciously living their lives more authentically and  realizing happiness is attainable in this life.

May 2019

40 min 41 sec

Another chakra episode! This time Rachel and Emma discuss the solar plexus chakra, the center of the energy associated with ego. This is the source of personal power, self-belief and self-worth. This chakra is all about SELF-EMPOWERMENT, BOUNDARIES, GIVING AND RECEIVING, BRAVERY, COURAGE, AND STRENGTH, PROSPERITY, VITALITY AND LIFE-FORCE ENERGY, SELF-MASTERY, HAPPINESS, JOY, SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE and it also is what dictates our digestive health and overall mental health since our gut directly communicates with brain.So those gut feelings, inklings, and sick to your stomach moments are all directly from this energy centre.   

May 2019

20 min 24 sec

Laura Berman is an American relationship therapist. She is the host of In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). She is also a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and hosts her own nationally syndicated radio program, Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman. She previously starred in Showtime's reality TV series, Sexual Healing. We have a special 1111 discount for all of our listeners so you can explore the healing world of Four Sigmatic, use the code 1111 at check out at foursigmatic.com for your hook up.   

Apr 2019

39 min 38 sec

Rachel and Emma discuss their biggest spiritual studies that saw them travel and learn from different leaders in various realms from witchcraft, yogi's, gurus, to voodoo priestesses.  If you have an itch to learn and explore more about an element of spirituality this episode will get you soul juices flowing!  We have a special 1111 discount for all of our listeners so you can explore the healing world of Four Sigmatic, use the code 1111 at check out at foursigmatic.com for your hook up.   

Apr 2019

31 min 8 sec

A must listen if you struggle to settle into your meditation practise. Meditation expert Charlie Knoles teaches you tricks and tips to drop into your practise that are transformationally simple! Charlie Knoles is a Vedic Meditation teacher and the director of The Veda Center. He was taught Vedic Meditation at age 4 by his father, Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles. Following in the footsteps of his father, Charlie‘s life has been devoted to innovative teaching. He studied at the Australian institute of Music, The Sydney Conservatorium of music and attained his degree in Biology at Maharishi University of Management where he was pivotal in developing their multidisciplinary degree in Sustainable Living, now one of their most popular programs. After completing his training as a meditation teacher he recognized that all teachers need to be trained at an elite level. He developed a new curriculum for Initiator Training and ran a course of deep immersion in Vedic culture in the Himalayan mountains of India. Also check out Charlie's MBG Video Course, The Essential Guide To Meditation. We have a special 1111 discount for all of our listeners so you can explore the healing world of Four Sigmatic, use the code 1111 at check out at foursigmatic.com for your hook up. 

Mar 2019

38 min 10 sec

An activist episode that will leave you inspired, rather than overwhelmed about about the state of the world and the earths future. Meet Josh Tickell, an internationally recognized author, film director, speaker and expert on sustainability and the climate. Josh has been a featured guest on Jay Leno’s, The Tonight Show and Good Morning America. He is a regularly featured opinion leader in news stories on CNN, Discovery, Reuters, NBC, Fox and NPR. In this episode we dig deep into the power of earthing, why we should all be kissing the ground, and how urgently important it is that we all reconnect to nature.  We have a special 1111 discount for all of our listeners so you can explore the healing world of Four Sigmatic, use the code 1111 at check out at foursigmatic.com for your hook up. Foursigmatic.com/1111

Mar 2019

37 min 23 sec

Meet the King of the shroom! Tero Isokauppila is the president and founder of Four Sigmatic—a natural superfoods company that produces an impressive range of responsibly sourced mushroom powder supplements. He’s also the author of Healing Mushrooms: A Practical and Culinary Guide to Using Mushrooms for Whole Body Health. In his native Finland, Isokauppila grew up on his family’s centuries-old farm regularly foraging for mushrooms. He holds a degree in both chemistry and plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and was awarded a Finnish innovation award for discovering that the Japanese matsutake mushroom also grows in Finland. Isokauppila currently lives in California—where he is owner/founder of The Shroom Room in Venice: a café that makes delicious, beautifully crafted, mushroom-based edibles. This episode taught Rachel and Emma so much from what they were doing wrong with every day mushrooms, to how to get everyday magic from these vitamin packed super shrooms.  PLUS we have a special 1111 discount for all of our listeners so you can explore the healing world of Four Sigmatic, use the code 1111 at check out at foursigmatic.com for your hook up. 

Mar 2019

32 min 44 sec

This episode gets an inside scoop on healing, from a world leading healer! Dr. Deganit Nuur is a world renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, doctor of acupuncture, writer, and lecturer. Besides recently being named “Top 15 Intuitives Globally” by Gwyneth Paltrow’s publication, goop, Nuur has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Elle amongst other reputable publications. Embodied through Nuurvana’s mission statement, “Expand your light. Expand your life,” Nuur is committed to spreading love and peace globally. Nuur knows world peace starts with inner peace and is devoted to being of service to others. Nuur created and teaches the revolutionary Nuurvana Method™, which is based upon traditional Eastern Philosophy that seeks to integrate mind, body, and spirit. The Nuurvana Method goes beyond what meets the eye to heal the spiritual plane, resulting in profound shifts in mind and body and thereby reintegrating spirit into alignment with one’s true purpose and passion. The method is effective in treating chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, amongst others. Through the philanthropic arm of The Nuurvana Center, Nuur uses her talents to bring healing to underserved communities. By working with refugees, sex trafficking victims, and underserved communities, Nuur aims to lift the consciousness of the world.    

Feb 2019

30 min 34 sec

Need a soul purpose injection, this is your episode. This episode will ignite your purpose. Joined by Lisa Messenger who is the vibrant, game-changing founder and CEO of Collective Hub. Lisa is an international speaker, best-selling author, and an authority on disruption in both the corporate sector and the start-up scene. She well and truly traverses an array of industries, having been engaged to speak across the globe for organisations including IBM, L’Oreal, Telstra, Facebook, C3 Church, Commonwealth Bank, CPA Australia, Purina, Harcourts, McDonalds and Estee Lauder. And it is now wonder, she is worth listening to! WARNING: don't listen if you aren't ready for severe motivation. 

Feb 2019

40 min 50 sec

Grief, it affects all of us. Wither you have lost a loved one, been dumped, at a cross road with a job, adoption, cancer, or grieving a life or experience you longed to keep going. Truth is, grief and endings come for us all. Rachel and Emma share their experiences, some of their a-ha moments, and expansive tools that might help support, and encourage you as you walk with your experiences.  Another episode you might enjoy is Cheryl Strayed episode, 11:11 episode one, Owning your Emotional Warrior. 

Feb 2019

28 min 56 sec

Rachel and Emma share their personal experiences on motherhood. Rachel, becoming a mother 27 years ago, and Emma 5 months ago. Whats changed? Whats transformed in them? Highs. Lows. Pointers. Experiences.  Consider yourself part of Rachel and Emmas coffee group! 

Jan 2019

38 min 3 sec

 The Spirt Almanac join us in an episode infused with ritual. Discussions and tips on how to feel more grounded, aligned with purpose, and how to align yourself with the seasons. Truth is, taking time to nourish yourself and connect to the rhythms of the Earth can feel like a tall order when your days are packed to the brim but thanks to this episode of 11:11 and our guests Emma Loewe and Lindsay Kellner finding ritual doesn't have to be complicated.  Explore The Spirit Almanac here  https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Almanac-Modern-Ancient-Self-Care/dp/0143132717 

Jan 2019

32 min 25 sec

We talk to leading Numerologist, Michelle Buchanan, about what Numerology is, how it can assist you in your day, and calculate what these sacred numbers have in store for you for the year ahead.  Michelle is a International Numerologist, Hay House Author, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and has studying Numerology for 27 years.  Check out Michelles Numerology Forecast here http://www.michellebuchanan.co.nz/numerology-forecasts/

Jan 2019

39 min 14 sec

Rachel and Emma share their journey to working with, connecting to, and healing all things root chakra. Or as Rachel so eagerly puts it, "happy rooting". We dig into the under belly of the chakras and discuss different tools and stories in healing. 

Dec 2018

19 min 59 sec

This episode gets to the underbelly of awakened action. What is your purpose, motive, dharma and how are you showing up. More importantly are you showing up for the right reasons.  Guest Clare Staples shares her truths in her journey to show up in life. Clare Staples is a former model who has put away her party shoes and settled into UGG boots to start a mustang sanctuary and horse rescue ranch, Sky Dog Sanctuary. Rescuing at-risk wild horses and reunite mustang families then give them love and care at one of three Sanctuaries in Malibu, Mariposa CA and Bend OR. Her journey is a truly transformational tale, and tells a powerful lesson in showing up in your life, not just for yourself, but for something bigger than yourself. 

Dec 2018

33 min 32 sec

Overwhelmed? Feeling moody, anxious, or just generally wanting some tips and tools to help drop more into yourself? In this episode meditation teacher, author, and transformational coach Sah D’Simone shares five tools for transformation.  Born in Brazil, Sah came to the U.S. at the age of 16, working for over a decade in the fashion industry, becoming the co-founder and creative director of Bullett Magazine. Despite his immense success, the high stakes culture of the fashion industry led Sah down a path of addiction and depression, eventually opening the doorway to a different way of life. In 2012, he walked away from his career in fashion and began an intensive search for health and well-being, traveling to Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe to study with some of the most prolific masters of our time. After immersing himself in practice for several years, Sah returned to the states, dedicating his life to helping others to live in alignment and achieve their highest potential. Sah has masterfully synthesized the ancient techniques of meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, breath work, and plant based nutrition for a modern and accessible approach to well-being. His infectious enthusiasm for healing and self-love has built a devoted fan base, with a client list that includes Google, MoMa, American Express, the United Nations, New Balance, Bloomingdales, and Havas. Sah also shares his mission with underserved communities, advocating for mental health and well-being in the LGBTIQ and POC communities.


Dec 2018

36 min 2 sec

Are you an empath? Not sure? Empaths are usually highly sensitive, intuitive, introverted, and generous. Dr. Judith Orloff, a world leader in Empathy and the author of The Empaths Survival Guide, joins us this week to explain the traits of an empath and give them tools and tips to survive in today’s world. One of our more insightful episodes yet! A must tune in for any sensitive soul!

Dec 2018

32 min 29 sec

Did you know a tattoo can be a clue from a past life?  Gaia Chinniah is the healer and channel behind Soul 33. In this episode she shares insight into her journey to channeling, clues to past lives, what to expect from a session, and how to find a good healer and reader if you are curious to explore more about your past lives. Incorporating Reiki, Soul Progression Therapy (S.P.T) through Soul Evolution Techniques (S.E.T) Gaia sees insights that can reassurance or revelation. Find out more about Gaia and Soul 33 here: https://www.soul33.com ​

Nov 2018

41 min 14 sec

Express yourself! Featuring Allie Michelle who embodies expression. She is an inspirational poet, writer, and the co-founder/host of wellness podcast, "Your Own Magic." Allie is a meditation and yoga teacher who is trained in both Reiki and Cranial Sacral healing. The way she moves, writes, and speaks will entrance you.  Connect with Allie https://www.alliemichellel.com

Nov 2018

30 min 45 sec

Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon share some of their personal experience with totems, familars, guides, and spirit animals to help you explore and connect with yours. This episodes includes spirit animals that are currently showing up in both of their lives and their meanings as well as childhood memories and their first encounters with spirit animals. From Dolphins, Eagles, Bees, to Unicorns! Join us as we explore and discuss the power of spirit animals...

Nov 2018

28 min 28 sec

So what does a Retrograde or a Saturn Return really mean? We find out from Vedic Astrologer Anandashree, Kari Field. This episode explores the sun, the moon, the stars, and educates us on the ancient practise of Astrology. The accuracy literally has Rachel and Emmas jaws on the floor. Pin pointing Rachel's pilgrimage to India, and Emmas choice to get married in the heart of a Venus Retrograde. Kari Field (Anandashree) is a San Francisco based Vedic Astrologer and spiritual advisor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and many years of expertise in the field of Classical Hindustani Music. Kari has been studying and practicing astrology since 1990, and reading Tarot cards since her childhood.   In 1999 Kari began her study of music in Benares and Calcutta India. This is also when she began her journey into Vedic Astrology - Jyotish - the study of light. 

Nov 2018

42 min 26 sec

Graced by the divinely intuitive Alana Fairchild, this episode is all about honouring, clearing, and understanding your ability to connect and channel. From tarot, to totems, to signs we talk to Alana about her experiences and get her personal tips for expanding your intuition.  Alana Fairchild is one of Australia’s most respected metaphysical teachers and self-help authors. Alana writes, sings, dances and channels her way into the hearts of thousands of people around the world with her best-selling oracle decks, books, meditations and sacred music. 

Oct 2018

38 min 14 sec

11:11 talk with Soundologist, Lauren Waggoner, who explains the power of frequency. From the gong, to OM, sound bowls, music, to sound baths we talk about the power of soon, and how different frequency can help connect us to our energy centres. 

Oct 2018

51 min 6 sec

Jason Wachob is a leader in the wellness space. In this episode he shares with Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon the reality of the wellness industry. From diet fads to food selfies - we go there. Jason is the founder and CEO of mindbodygreen and the author of Wellth.  His popular digital platform is visited by millions seeking guidance on how to live well. As a result he has been at the forefront of the wellness movement of our time - seeing trends, diets, fads, and wellness collide with digital and personalisation. You. We. All need this episode! 

Oct 2018

38 min 36 sec

Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon debunk identity and attachments. This episode is about liberating yourself from what you cling to. Dropping the dead emotional weight. The peace that comes from letting go. Understanding the difference between our story and our purpose. Graduating yourself through the process of attachement. 


Oct 2018

25 min 34 sec

Musician Trevor Hall shares his process of song writing and performing with Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon. The space in between writing and creating to understanding and connecting to the music. The frequency of sound, AUM, and the energy which creates unity with in music.  Trevor Hall is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music is a mix of roots, folk, and reggae. Many of the artist's themes revolve around spirituality and life exploration. His album, KALA, written in Hawaii and recorded in Los Angeles, was released on August 21, 2015.

Oct 2018

21 min 23 sec

Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon open up about their personal spiritual journeys. Coming out of the spiritual closet. Their childhoods. Their biggest teachers. Their influences. Conditioning. Family. Religion. And their quest to find their true self. 


Sep 2018

25 min 12 sec

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. As a leader of a nation she exhibits such grace in her 'work'. As a new mother. As a leader of a country. As a woman in the community. As a new thought leader. As a guardian for future generations.  She speaks with Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon about the true essence of leadership. Breaking assumptions about the definition of a leader, strength, and guardianship. A forward thinking conversation about fairness, acceptance, diversity, innovation, wellbeing, connection, and community.  This episode truly shines light on the beauty of leading with love. 


Sep 2018

22 min 38 sec

This episode Rachel and Emma chat with Yoga and Athlete mover and shaker Chelsey Korus about the power of growth. This chat will tap your fear on its shoulder. It will liberate, lift, and encourage you to honour your resilience. To push your soul further, help it soar higher. Chelsey will help you lean in to your practise, what you are seeking, and guide you to dive deeper into your strong, divine, and powerful nature. You will leave this episode feeling strong and grounded from acorn to oak tree... Chelsey Korus is quickly becoming one of yoga’s foremost teachers and philosophers. She’s been featured in PopSugar, Prevention Magazine, Yoga Journal, Women’s Fitness, Mantra Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Shape, and is one of the top teachers on Wanderlust TV and Yogaglo. She’s been teaching yoga since the age of 15 and has been an avid life long learner in numerous movement practices, including: Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro, as well as martial arts, free form dance, and ballet.


Sep 2018

25 min 6 sec

This episode is about high vibrational shapes, sacred geometry, yantras, and jewellery! Yes, how to adorn yourself with these divine creations. Annemarie Brown from The Sattva Collection shares her Sri Yantra wisdom with Rachel and Emma. https://www.thesattvacollection.com SRI YANTRA is the most powerful, and celebrated of all tantric yantras. It is a representation of cosmic creation. Sri Yantra is formed by a 3 step Bhupura, 3 radius circles (3 representing the trinity, cycles of time, states of consciousness) a circle of petaled lotus’s and 2 interlocking sets of triangles; 4 facing upward representing the male aspects and 5 facing downward representing the female aspect. In the center triangle, is the bindu, where Tripura Sundari resides and where the totality of existence emanates from. Where unity with the cosmos and where the merging is experienced between the masculine and feminine. At this point, all radiates outward. The nature of nature is to expand all the triangles represent this expansion but still maintain the quality of stillness. This body is ultimately the Sri Yantra.

Sep 2018

38 min 42 sec