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Get ready for an unfair advantage over your competition! This is The Sales Edge Podcast where globally recognized sales expert and trainer Joe Pici helps you sharpen your sales skills for booking more appointments and closing more deals.

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Joe Pici shares his dynamic interview on the Networking RX podcast .  

Nov 30

27 min 22 sec

Joe Pici will encourage you to develop the habit of thankfulness. 

Nov 25

9 min 12 sec

Joe Pici helps you assess the health of your business and prepare for the new year. 

Nov 23

19 min 8 sec

Be the Come-Back Kid as Joe Pici shares his best practices for increasing perseverance in sales and business. 

Nov 18

18 min 19 sec

Greater Productivity with Less Time & Stress - INTERVIEW with Curt Mercadante, Branding Expert & Business Coach. Curt helps entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs design, manifest, and grow their freedom businesses.​ ​

Nov 16

21 min 29 sec

Discover what you might be missing! Pici & Pici Rapport Mastery Sales System provides clients the skills to increase sales, cook more appointments and close more deals!

Nov 11

18 min 13 sec

INTERVIEW with Tom Fulmer, serial entrepreneur. Successful Entrepreneurs Create Systems - Tom shares gems like, "If you want something done right, hire the right person to do it - and ONLY RARELY is that person YOU!"

Nov 9

19 min 1 sec

Discover what will help you move the needle. Joe Pici introduces best practices for performance management and metrics.

Nov 4

17 min 55 sec

Maximize Client Experience - INTERVIEW with Chris Stege The secret to his success is in his unique approach to Maximizing the Client Experience. Christ is a TOP1% Influencer 8-figure Real Estate Agent, Founder- Greater Value Network, Podcast Co-host, Growth leader building a real estate company into multiple markets nationwide.

Nov 2

20 min 21 sec

Many of the people who reach out to me are actually not in a state of readiness for the success they desire. I’ve got tips to help you move into the ‘success zone’.

Oct 28

18 min 41 sec

Every Lead Needs a Task - Stop leads from slipping through your fingers. Certified Franchise Consultant, Chris Wilson, shares his winning lead generation plan.

Oct 26

19 min 15 sec

Find Solutions - Overcome Obstacles- Don’t let challenges  overwhelm you. Joe Pici will help you remain in problem solving mode.

Oct 21

17 min 37 sec

Challenge Yourself INTERVIEW with Arnie Fonseca, coach, speaker, and consultant.Challenging yourself and breaking old habits, might be easier than you think and it's necessary for real, lasting improvement. In addition to running a successful business, Arnie also guides adventurers on a challenge as they climb through the Grand Canyon. He applies these same principals for success in your business or career.

Oct 19

23 min 11 sec

Joe Pici shares a key characteristic of sales and business success that sets the tone for the kind of work culture that you want to create, provides consistency in workplace behavior, and builds loyalty and trust in customers and prospects.

Oct 14

18 min 52 sec

Develop a Winning Sales Process” SHOP TALK INTERVIEW with long time, top sales performer Joseph Roy Miller. He outlines the winning sales processes that lead him to six & seven figure sales deals and dives into how you can apply them to your business.

Oct 12

22 min 44 sec

Joe Pici discusses the metrics you should be tracking. In addition, he gives great advice on how to prepare beforehand and best practices to apply what you've learned post training.     

Oct 7

24 min 5 sec

Strategies for a Client Focused Sales Approach - INTERVIEW Rico Pena, author of the book "The Client Nation - Their Perspective - Your Profits" will put tools in you hands for developing long term, repeat clients who provide quality referrals.

Oct 5

20 min 10 sec

"Close More Deals by Knowing How Your Client Makes Decisions" INTERVIEW with Pete Primeau host of the Pete Primeau Show and author of the new book, "Sell A Million"

Sep 30

24 min 10 sec

Secure your bottom line. Joe Pici provides insights for improving emotional intelligence, a critical element in building and maintaining relationships and influence with clients.

Sep 28

20 min 32 sec

Scripting to 10X Your Sales - INTERVIEW with sales expert and mortgage broker Kristi Nowrouzi who shares how she went from 0 contacts in a new market to a thriving business that increased her income 10X.

Sep 23

21 min 28 sec

Million Dollar Phone Call: INTERVIEW with Paul Forsberg - Business Consultant who shares how armed only with $50 and a laptop closed a multi-million dollar deal.

Sep 21

21 min 44 sec

Joe Pici shares the skills, processes, and mindset for developing determination.

Sep 16

24 min 5 sec

It's been an up and down year for many of you out there. No worries. Joe Pici shares strategies for finishing the year strong.

Sep 14

24 min 5 sec

Tech Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings - INTERVIEW with Mario Pici to help you find best deals on quality equipment, avoid mistakes, meet the challenges, and  understand best practices for virtual meetings. 

Sep 9

24 min 51 sec

"Smiling Will Make You Money"  - INTERVIEW with Dan Jourdan, author of three books including the best seller “Sales Proverbs”. He has coached, mentored and helped thousands of salespeople worldwide. He figure's out a way for clients to Double Triple or quadruple. Success rate is 100%.

Sep 7

22 min 47 sec

We all have to do lists but today, Joe Pici will help you increase your daily productivity with his list of what not to do. 

Sep 2

19 min 7 sec

How to Own a Franchise Without Losing Your Shirt - INTERVIEW with Certified Franchise Consultant, Chris Wilson, who is owner of Legacy Franchise Ventures.  No business is free from risk, but Chris will help you identify weak spots and help reduce the likelihood of failure.

Aug 31

20 min 11 sec

Motivation is  the crucial element in setting and attaining our objectives. Joe Pici  inspires as he examines the 5 daily questions that can help you move steadily toward your goals.

Aug 26

18 min 7 sec

"Entrepreneur - Start, Manage, and Expand Your Business" -INTERVIEW with Lisa Bull, owner of the highly successful Lechner & Associates Actuarial Search business. She shares the nitty-gritty of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Aug 24

23 min 51 sec

243- Networking Techniques - INTERVIEW with Angelia Kennedy - founder of The 360 Exchange networking organization. Angelia is a master networker who shares her most effective networking techniques.

Aug 19

25 min 42 sec

Being mentored is both a privilege and a responsibility. Joe Pici helps you make the most of mentoring opportunities.

Aug 17

21 min 2 sec

Is Sales Right for You? - SHOP TALK Part 2 INTERVIEW with CEO of ProTrainings, Ken Trupke. Considering a career in sales? Discover the keys to sales success

Aug 12

19 min 51 sec

How to Make BIG MONEY in Sales- SHOP TALK Part 1 INTERVIEW with Ken Trupke Ken helps $4-40 million companies grow their sales, focus their teams, and increase their profits.

Aug 10

22 min 19 sec

Joe Pici takes you through his organizational process for maximizing your sales productivity.

Aug 5

18 min 56 sec

Secrets of a Top Sales Performer - INTERVIEW with long time entrepreneur & sales professional Todd Piorkowski who shares tips on building rapport, sales presentations & closing techniques.

Aug 3

22 min 56 sec

Getting things done raises self-esteem and moves you closer to your dreams. Joe Pici helps you get that endorphin rush that kicks in whenever you  check something off your to-do list. 

Jul 29

18 min 47 sec

Reach ‘Unreachable’ Decision Makers! You’ll learn a lot from a guy who has been successful in the tough industry of medical sales. Shop talk with Grady Gibbs will give you a sure fire road map for getting in front of elusive prospects.

Jul 27

21 min 35 sec

Joe Pici helps you build your self image though multiple ways  to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses thru enhanced self-discipline.  

Jul 22

18 min 37 sec

Are You Expecting a “NO” - Shop talk INTERVIEW with lead generation expert, Joe Ponds who will help you improve your lead generation process and help you get more “YESSES”

Jul 20

21 min 19 sec

Joe & Dawn Pici have made lost of mistakes - Joe shares how to turn a mistake into part of your learning process instead  of a stumbling block.

Jul 15

19 min 33 sec

Four Time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez shares the 2 Types of Courage Needed to Succeed. He shares his amazing story that will empower you with what it takes to win.

Jul 13

21 min 47 sec

Joe Pici goes into a deeper dive on the 12 essential habits for success in sales.

Jul 8

21 min 51 sec

New Trends for Solidifying Company Culture - INTERVIEW with Adam Sutton Executive Vice President at RNR Tire Express Franchise. Adam shares how to be prepared to help your employees thrive, no matter what challenges come their way.

Jul 6

28 min 3 sec

Joe Pici helps you get into a daily rhythm of the 12 habits that deliver the results you are looking to achieve.

Jul 1

19 min 39 sec

Avoid Self-Sabotage in Sales - INTERVIEW with John Kennedy,  With the dropout rate for sales professionals being 92%, it's important to recognize and avoid self-sabotage. Jon Kennedy and Joe Pici have a "Shop Talk" session to discuss.  

Jun 29

23 min 32 sec

Distractions derail our best efforts for accomplishing dreams and goals. Joe Pici provides encouragement and insights on how to avoid anything that may be getting in the way of your personal and professional objectives.    

Jun 24

20 min 28 sec

How to Get Referrals - Lead Generation INTERVIEW with Jody Garris, a 20+ year mortgage industry veteran shares how he began in his industry with no leads and strategies to grow his lead generation funnel for a profitable business.

Jun 22

19 min 41 sec

 Building trust takes time and absolute consistency. Joe Pici shares truths and tactics regarding building trust with others which is the most important element in connecting with others and maintaining clients.

Jun 17

18 min 49 sec

Are You Missing Out On This Powerful Tool for Your Digital Marketing Strategy? : INTERVIEW Dawn Pici shows you how to capitalize on a highly effective, yet inexpensive, digital marketing tool that can rapidly, build your brand and increase your market share.

Jun 15

27 min 50 sec

Joe Pici gives strategies for finishing up sales in the 2nd quarter that will also produce momentum for the rest of the year. 

Jun 10

19 min 52 sec