4 Kids & Me Overseas

Aliyah Santos

Welcome to Broken2Brave's "4 Kids & Me Overseas" podcast. I'm sharing my story, my successes and failures, with other single mothers, people of color, or trauma survivors like me, who desire to show their kids a different way of life.

This podcast is for anyone who has ever suffered through abusive relationships, struggled to find their voice, and has felt absolutely broken.

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Ever wondered how difficult it is to get used to living in a Muslim country? Follow along with Aliyah Santos, single mom of 4, as she talks about the highs and lows of travel in Morocco. 

Aug 2020

33 min 54 sec

Single mom of 4, Aliyah Santos, talks about the highs and the lows of travel through France, Spain, and Portugal! What happens when  a French girl get is your face? Why a sudden appreciation for hotel housekeeper? What's Halloween like in Spain? Answers to these questions and more on Travel Tales Part 2!! Music credit: Joseph McDade Www.workaway.info Www.couchsurfing.org Www.free-campsites.net  

Aug 2020

32 min 15 sec

Aliyah Santos, single mom of 4, talks about travel experiences in the United States.  What is it like to do a workaway with 3 kids and live in a stranger's house?  What happens when your couchsurfing host ghosts you? How is Europe different from the US? Find out in this exciting episode of 4 Kids & Me Overseas!

Jul 2020

36 min 23 sec

When you come from a trauma background, dealing with negative feedback or criticisms can feel like death by a million cuts. It can also lead to some pretty crap relationships. Single mom of 4 and traveler, Aliyah Santos, gets vulnerable about the past and the relationships, educational experiences, and challenges that have contributed to her realization that we can do better! 

Jul 2020

43 min 24 sec

Aliyah Santos, a single mom of four kids attempting to travel the world, talks about what it took for her to become "woke" and leave the trappings of the "normal" world behind in order to live her dreams.   Resources mentioned: Do You Love to Be Needed or Need to Be Loved? Couchsurfing Workaway Music credit: Joseph Joseph McDade Credit Broken2Brave's Patreon

Jul 2020

35 min 4 sec