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Pendal Group is an international asset manager. Each week in The Point podcast we ask one of our portfolio managers about the most interesting things they've heard in conversations with CEOs, industry leaders and analysts. Find out more about Pendal at

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China’s property-led economic slowdown shows no sign of ending. Here Pendal portfolio manager Amy Xie Patrick explains what that means for Australian investors. The property sector is at the heart of what's been driving the Chinese economy over the past decade. But Beijing is trying to rein in debt levels and appears to have a growing acceptance of slower economic growth for the world’s second biggest economy, says Amy. “For investors, it means you need to be a lot more region-specific when looking at your portfolio construction, especially for a fixed income portfolio.” Amy Xie Patrick is Pendal’s Head of Income Strategies. Find out more about Pendal’s fixed interest strategies here Pendal is an independent, global asset manager. Find out more about Pendal here.   See for privacy information.

Nov 30

8 min 38 sec

Issuance of green and social (or "impact") bonds more than doubled in 2021 but demand is still outstripping supply says George Bishay, portfolio manager with Pendal’s Income and Fixed Interest team. Impact bonds provide a financial return as well as a positive impact on the environment or society.  “If you are able to get hold of them, they perform very well in the secondary market because everyone wants them,” Bishay says. “They outperform vanilla bonds due to this huge demand.” “It’s a really powerful way to deploy capital. The only real negative is the concept of greenwashing – where an issuer comes to market and talks up their credentials only to fall short from an ESG perspective,” Bishay says. Find out more about George's impact and sustainable funds: Regnan Credit Impact Trust Pendal Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund See for privacy information.

Nov 23

10 min 16 sec

Carbon credits and futures can provide higher returns and a smoother investment journey with positive benefits for the planet. Pendal senior portfolio manager STUART ELIOT explains how in this fast podcast. See for privacy information.

Nov 17

5 min 59 sec

Investors can expect "green innovation" opportunities to accelerate after the COP26 climate change conference because more countries are seeing that it makes good economic sense, says Regnan’s Maxime Le Floch in this fast podcast.  See for privacy information.

Nov 16

7 min 32 sec

9 November 2021 When it comes to movement on interest rates, the big question right now is whether the markets or the central banks have it right. Pendal portfolio manager Amy Xie Patrick explains in this fast podcast See for privacy information.

Nov 9

7 min 48 sec

2 November 2021 Most of Earth’s global CO2 emissions are now covered by net zero targets, which means big new markets are forming. Regnan impact investment analyst MAXIME LE FLOCH explains in this short podcast. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

8 min 23 sec

26 October 2021 In this fast podcast, Pendal's head of multi-asset Michael Blayney takes investors on a whistle-stop tour of the major asset classes and gives his view on where to find value right now in equities, credit, bonds and listed property. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

7 min 4 sec

20 October 2021 Julia Forrest has managed Pendal's property trust portfolios for more than a decade. In this fast podcast, Julia explains the strong outlook for Australian retail property – and even office space – as Australia rolls out of the 2021 Covid lock-downs and looks forward to a much-anticipated Summer. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

5 min 45 sec

12 October 2021 Stagflation is a buzzword in global markets at the moment. Is it really back to the 1970s? And what would that mean for investors? Pendal portfolio manager Amy Xie Patrick explains in this fast podcast See for privacy information.

Nov 9

6 min 38 sec

6 October 2021 What are the major factors driving global equities investments right now? And which plays should investors be considering in this asset class? Here's a quick snapshot from Pendal's head of global equities, Ashley Pittard. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

6 min 12 sec

29 September 2021 Think impact investing is only about solving problems in less-developed nations? You might be surprised to find opportunities in the developed world. In this brief podcast, Regnan’s Tim Crockford briefly explains what impact investing is, where the opportunities lie and the impact of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. See for privacy information.

Nov 9

9 min 34 sec