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Back and Catching Up - Hot Tub Racism - The Continuing Saga of Violet the Dog - Dr. Fauci, Hero - The American Music Awards - Capitol Riot Asshole Feeling Inconvenienced - No More Trump Hotel in DC - The Cocaine Cactus - Smudging


Dec 2

57 min 7 sec

Catching Up - Taylor Swift SNL - Jimmy Kimmel on Lauren Boebert - Band Apologizes After Singer Pees on Fan's Face During Concert - Eating for CHEAP - James Earl Jones on Sesame Street - 100 Funny Things to Be Thankful For


Nov 18

56 min 14 sec

Catching Up - Hanging With the Krishnas - Chelsea Pope/Kyle Rittenhouse - Ted Cruz vs Big Bird - People With A Southern Accents Are Not Stupid (Trae Crowder) - When Your Mayor is a Colossal Asshole (DeBlasio) - The Immaculate Conception of Birds


Nov 11

58 min 22 sec

Catching Up - Halloween - Dog Problems - JFK Return? - Amazon Driver Video - OC Sheriff and How to Search Your Kids Room - Lost Hiker Ignored Calls From Rescuers Because He Didn’t Recognize The Number - Our Faith in Target Has been Restored 


Nov 4

55 min 25 sec

Our Week and Shots - Alec Baldwin - Halloween Stuff; Ghosts and Costumes and Eddie Munster, Murder?? - The Dave Chappelle Controversy Continues - Let's check out Some Pornhub - Gaetz and Boebert and Greene Are Cartoons - Cocaine Hippos - Squid Games - Pizza Hut Too Sexy


Oct 28

1 hr

Our Weeks - History Making Musical Performance on SNL - New Male Birth Control - Bri-Doggy-Dog - We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Christchurch!! - George Takei on Shatner in Space - When News Reports Go Bad - Founder of Arkay Bevarges… NOPE! - Parents Are Trying to Remove School Principal for Iron Maiden Signage - The Ethics of Being a Dick (Wedding Photographer Story)


Oct 21

45 min 13 sec

Kim Kardashian SNL - Shatner's Head - Worst Thing You Have Ever Accidentally Texted Someone? - More Government Regulations: Toys - Madonna on Fallon - Charlie Kirk and Flipper -  Man Orders 100 Tacos on First Date - Dave Chappelle, The Closer


Oct 14

1 hr 5 min

New Show Sounder - Ever Really Send the Wrong Text? - Other Podcasts: Conan and Cat Turd - Kirk in Space! - Man Joins Search Party for Himself - USA Mirrors for Africa - Porny Times at the ZOO!! - Non Alcoholic Vodka


Oct 6

52 min 34 sec

R Kelly - Nicki Minaj is an Asshole - Conan O'Brien/Emmies - Eminem Mom's Spaghetti - More Unnecessary Bullshit - From Disney - Woman Arrested After Making Bomb Threats to her Boyfriend's Workplace - Penguins Might be Space Aliens - James Austin Johnson, New SNL Guy


Sep 30

1 hr 2 min

Catching up - Gabby Petito Story - More Mike Lindell - Dr. Alan Braid, Great Human Being - Nicki Minaj is an Asshole - Texas Mom Disrupts school Board Meeting to Bring Up Anal Sex in Books!- Another Anti Vaxxer Hit With Covid - Elvira is Gay - 3 Stooges


Sep 23

58 min 10 sec

Small World Where You Sabotage Yourself - Norm Macdonald - 20th Anniversary of 911 - Zip Ties in Elementary School - Karen Swallow Prior - Alienating the Audience - More Capitol Kooks - Andy Gump. There are Dumb Bits Everywhere!! - From Facebook: Name Something You Can Say During Sex and Also at the Dinner Table - Quick Stuff


Sep 16

51 min 33 sec

F Randall From Target, North Hollywood!!! - Hope You Don't Want An Abortion in Texas! - Professor Resigns Over Student Who Wouldn't Wear Mask Correctly - Judge orders parents to pay son more than $30,000 for getting rid of his porn collection - Come on Pastor Steve!! - Pretend Your Kid is a Dick


Sep 9

55 min 16 sec

Scott Baio is Our Nemesis Too!! - Ever try to Prove You're Not Dexter? - Still Sick of Covid - Mayim Bialik on Jeopardy - TOPA - Corey Forrestor - Trump Redemption Day - Woman Banned from Belgium Zoo… Milk Crate Challenge -  This Week in "Crap People Got Upset About…"


Aug 26

1 hr 4 min

We're Back - Miscarriage - Prayer Works!! - Cuomo - Afghanistan - Frontier Airlines Has The Duct Tape Ready - Martin Shkreli Didn't Protect His Neck - Olympic Swimmer's 3rd Leg - The Real SpongeBob - trailer park for swingers - hammocks on power lines - Disneyland DESTROYS genders! - Foos vs Westboro Baptist Church Great Job, Mary!!


Aug 19

54 min 40 sec

Show Stuff - Stew, Offended - Sarah Brand, THE greatest Musical Artist in the History of Man!! - Kathy Griffin - Jetpack Man is Back - Dark Canadian Comedy That's Not  - Catching Up With Pastor Steve - Random Topic Generator - Quick Stuff


Aug 5

1 hr

Trolling in the Grocery Store - Mike Pillow Says Biden and Harris May Resign August 13th - Stew and Mary Song - Levar Burton Hosted Jeopardy - More Covid, Really? - A guy is calling Libraries and Jacking it - How to Make Egg Fried __ - Jack Black's Mother


Jul 29

56 min 45 sec

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz Are on a Crazy Tour!! - Sex and Drugs and the Olympics - Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream - Big Bird Was Stolen From an Australian Circus - Prophetic Words of Carl Sagan - The Dumb Thing Someone is Pissed of About This Week… Do the Claw!!!


Jul 22

55 min 29 sec

Show Correction - Gotta hit Those Vowels - Catching Up - Drought - Sex Education Controversy - Punk Rock at the Four Seasons - House of Bowling Balls - New Karen - Finding Ricky Shroder - Weird Facts From Facebook


Jul 15

55 min 44 sec

Catching Up/4th of July - Stew Rapid Exchange Program - Ted Cruz Independence Day Speech - Countdown to Trump's Return - Latest on Britney - Trump Sent to Collections - Beyonce's Ex Drummer Accuses Her of WitchCraft - Finding Ricky Shroder - What Would You Do? Ethical Question


Jul 8

50 min 3 sec

T-shirt Follow Up - New Show Lore (Freaks and Geeks) - Cosby/If Cancer Were a Super Power - Derek Chauvin Sentencing - Governor Newsom Pandering - Milo Yianopolous - Arizona Woman is Infested with Bobcats - My Pillow Guy Held a Maga Frank Rally


Jul 1

56 min 44 sec

The Insincerity of Pride Month - Solving Covid Again - The Dee Gees - Jeffrey Toobin Got His Job Back After CNN Tells Him He's Bad! - Trump Song - Couple Shackles themselves for 123 Days - Quick Thoughts


Jun 24

1 hr 2 min

The 401st Show!!! - More Foo Fighters Stuff/Ricky Shroder is a Cunt - Man in Underwear Scares Grizzly Bear Away After Pregnant Goat Goes Missing - Olympic Hopeful Blames Positive Steroid Test on Burrito - Stew Might Be Annoying to Live With! - Dead or Not dead


Jun 17

57 min 40 sec

The Power of Negative Thinking - A Bunch of Gay Stuff - Steve Robb and Marys' Coon Issue - Invisible Sculpture - Student Gives Away College Scholarship - Researchers Have Found Evidence of Stone Age Raves!


Jun 10

51 min 28 sec

Show Stuff: Ricky Shroder/Corey Feldman - Marjorie Taylor Greene - Stew, Walking the Neighborhood - Lil Nas X on SNL - Blue Slime Kidnapper - Internet Game: Dead or Not dead - Great Grandmother's Body Used as Army Test Dummy  - Dolphins and Puffer Fish


May 27

53 min 29 sec

Catching Up - Do you Trust Your New Dog? - New CDC Guidelines: F Your Masks!! - Ricky, I Mean Karen Shroder - Ellen, Still Clueless - Gender Reveal Idiots Are Back - More Fun in Zoom Court - Feral Cats for Hire - Dear Prudence, My Son is F'ing the Vacuum Cleaner - Quick Stuff


May 20

57 min 59 sec

Catching Up - Bill gates and Jeffrey Epstein? - Liz Cheney - Foo Stuff - Whole Foods Palm Payment/Who is the Most Evil Corporation? - Flock of Giant California Condors Trashes Woman's Home - Letterkenny is Real 


May 13

1 hr 2 min

Catching Up - Mary's New Dog - Stew's Financial Investments - Death of Witchipoo and the Gay Agenda - Michael Flynn Can't Pledge Allegiance - Ted Cruz, Still America's Douche - Man Arrested After Allegedly Swinging Full Colostomy Bag at Kid Rock's Bar - Burgler Poops in Dishwasher - Your Parents Lied to You!! 


May 6

51 min 42 sec

Catching Up - Felonious Video Tap Rental -  Apple, Lawsuits Over “Rent” and “Buy” - New Dirty Honey Record/Gene Simmons/Rockstar Attitude - When Dating Apps Go Bad… or Good - More Stalking Dave Grohl… - Things Are Called Different Things Depending on Where You Live


Apr 29

49 min 50 sec

More MyPillow Guy - When Bobcats attack - Dee Snider - Rob Zombie Remaking the Munsters - The Opposite of Dee Snider: Ted Nugent - Ramones Bio Pic - Save Nature!!? Nature First!!? F That! - Devil Dog


Apr 22

50 min 41 sec

Catching Up - Newsome Recall Circus - MyPillow Guy: Still An Asshole - More Gender Reveal Assholes (Plane Crash) - Name That Singer - Stalking Dave Grohl Week 1- Quick Thoughts


Apr 15

56 min 15 sec

Catching Up (Show Stuff, Sprint, Homeless) - Secret Messages for Ted Cruz - Cher and George Floyd - TikTok and Your Underpants - New Bit: Stalking Dave Grohl - Annoying Words/Phrases - TV (Letterkenny, Bad Trip, Promising Young Woman)


Apr 8

59 min 22 sec

Catching Up - Total Babble, Now in Your Refrigerator - Derek Chauvin Trial - Satan is Back!! Little Nas X - Guy Paid in Pennies - Dog Talk (stuffed unicorn …etc.). - TV: Bad Trip  Enjoy MOST of this show!!!


Apr 1

39 min 41 sec

Covid Vaccinations …etc. -  More Shootings - Border Problem - Krispy Kreme and Covid Free - Man, child charged by elephant at San Diego Zoo - Trump Wants You to Thank Him for the Covid Vaccine/Mar-A-Lago Closed - Demi Lavato is California Sober!! - Caught Cheating at an Insurrection - Stacey Dash - Weird Facts From Facebook


Mar 25

47 min 36 sec

Show Stuff - Uptown Scam - Robocalling Mary - Mary and Instagram - Censorship - Sarah Silverman Apologizes; Doesn't Want to be With Either Party - Green Day: Bastard Sons


Mar 18

57 min 33 sec

Sprint/T-Mobile are THE worst - Qanon Shaman Interview (the Muffin Man!!)/18 Year Old Wants to Go Home to Mommy & Daddy - Mike Lindell Thinks He's a Lawyer -  Daisy Ridley Calls Out Ted Cruz - Lizzo and Her Size - Internet Bot Fortune Teller 


Mar 11

57 min 25 sec

Stew, Trouble in the Neighborhood? - CPAC and the Golden Trump Statue - Dr. Suess/Mr.Potato Head - Girl Turns in Boyfriend Who Raided the Capitol Building - Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood Unbroken Up? - Amazon Design Problems and a New Friend - Letterkenny


Mar 4

55 min 32 sec

Dipshit Ted Cruz - Mike Lindell Getting Sued - For Whom the Stream Drops!! - Muppet Show, So Offensive!! - The Springsteen Obama Show - TV Hotel Cecil Documentary, Nathan For You; Fargo 


Feb 25

57 min 22 sec

Catching Up - Political Whale Watching - Texas Blizzard - Gina Carano - Tattoo Trouble - Suckin' on Chili... Suckin on a Dog... Suckin' on Chili... Suckin' on Chili-Dog - Guy Builds a Guitar out of His Dead Uncle - Wendy's National Roast Day 

Feb 18

49 min 38 sec

Catching Up (Beeps and Customer Services) - Sports Talk - Biden Calls the Unemployed - Covid 19 Numbers Starting to Go Down - Impeachment Ruse - C-Span Crazy Call - All Hail Q!! - Valentine's Day Ideas - Gorilla Glue for Your Head 


Feb 11

46 min 59 sec

Catching Up -  How helpful Do You Think LAPD Was This Week? - Super Bowl Talk - Gamestop - Get a Psychic - Jason Collier - Subway Tuna and More - HollyBoob - Dad Rock


Feb 4

1 hr 6 min

Stew on Google Maps!!! - Chuck Schumer and Erections - TV: Pretend it's a City, Rachel Maddow, Derek Delgaudio-In and of Itself, Nightstalker Documentary Netflix - The One Biden Protestor! - The Bernie Sanders Meme Thing - My Pillow Guy/Jane Krakowski - Grand Theft Toddler in Oregon… -  New Music: Mash-Ups and Monks


Jan 28

56 min 13 sec

Corey Ryan Forrester  - The Capitol Hill Kooks - Trump is Gone as President! - Inauguration - Less Trump Impressions!! - The Mandalorian in LA - Dr Dre OK/Beats Headphones - Mary, Hippo Obsession - Gwyneth Paltrow's "Vagina" Exploded


Jan 21

57 min 48 sec

Call to the Whitehouse - Catching Up - Taylor Swift Talk - An Inspirational Moment - Capitol Hill Raids. More afterthoughts - Senator's Expelled After Refusing to Accept Lincoln's Election - Bill Belichick - Trump Peachment? - Guy in UK Has Legally Changed his Name to Celine Dion  - Weird Facts on Facebook


Jan 14

45 min 26 sec

America and Our Coup Attempt - Back from Holidays - Florida Man Coloring Book - Smokey Robinson on Cameo - Dawn Wells - Fruit Loops & Apple Jacks  - Who knew Eric Clapton was a Dick? - The American Flag and Stereotypes - Weird Facts From Facebook


Jan 7

1 hr

Catching Up (Rush Videos, PS5s, Target and Whamageddon) - Tom Cruise, Big Mask Supporter- More Crazy Republican Women (Melissa Carone/ Michele Bachmann) - Time Magazine's "Person" of the Year - Rock Sugar Christmas - Ellen Degeneres Diagnosed with Covid - Cannibal Meat - Running for the Browns


Dec 2020

53 min 15 sec

IRobot, We Will Be Your Whores - Baby Yoda Show - Giuliani- Canadians Are Better Than Normal People - Michelle Bachmann: Asshole - Total Babble Brain Strain - A Recipe for Seduction - A Warm Christmas Moment - Youth/Rap Culture and Violence- Monoliths and Erections - Time Magazine Person of the Year - Aunt Bunny Fell Down the Steps


Dec 2020

59 min 18 sec

Catching Up - Satan Brick - WHAMAGEDDON - Johnny Rotten - Trump, While We Were Away and the C.A.H.C. - Rock Band Food Names - Total Babble Brain Strain - Inmates on Unemployment - Animaniacs, the Best Show on TV - Quick Thoughts


Dec 2020

57 min 11 sec

DAGASAM- A President That Wasn't Incompetent - Sports Report - Is Stew a Bad Person? - Trump Book - Total Babble Brain Strain - Disability advocates say HBO's The Witches is offensive - No More Asbestos for You, Canada. - Wolfgang Van Halen,The Distance - Stuff You Should Know?

Nov 2020

51 min 15 sec

Closing Thoughts on the Election - Trump Voter Fraud Hotline Crank Calls - Covid Talk- 18 Weirdest Sports - The Dumbest Thing that Will Make Your Life Better!! Host Fight - Quick Thoughts


Nov 2020

55 min 56 sec