Reflections of a Deeper Song

Cara Lumen

Are you ready to sing a deeper song?

Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher, metaphysical educator, seeker and guide, helps agents of change harvest their gifts and get them to their chosen community so that they more deeply impact those they serve. She helps you become aligned with a purpose and place of service that touches lives and also deepens your personal sense of accomplishment and relevance.

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Why do you want to keep something the way it is? Because you are afraid of change? Change might make you ineffective or irrelevant.  I’m not sure we are aware of that, but I think fear is one core issue for a lot fo what is going on. Change may prove that you are wrong. Change my prove that you are right. Change may mean that you have to learn more or be more or do more than you're doing right now. Are you afraid of change? And why? 

Oct 22

20 min 9 sec

We are Cosmic Consciousness. It is not out there. It is who we are. And because we are in human form we are not as aware of it as we could be. I set out to change that.

Oct 8

10 min 37 sec

There are two aspects to our spiritual practice, one is to deepen your own embodiment of our connection with sprit and the other is to deepen our connection with source.   Let’s figure out how to do that together.

Sep 24

12 min 33 sec

This healing journey is to a Circle of Light in an old grown forest in which we reach out to Gaia for self-healing.

Sep 11

22 min 4 sec

It was like standing in a garden so filled with organic goodness that I was hare press to choose.  This was the Filed of Opportunity  and I had come there seeking my future.   Where was I belong called? What did I want to do? Had I explored all the opportunities that were being offered?Was I ready for my next step? My inner voice said, “Be present int the moment and it will be revealed.” So I stood in my Field of Opportunity and looked at all the possibilities that surrounded me.

Aug 27

12 min 6 sec

Change gradually makes its known as it organically unfolds. One must be patient and observant and let change show itself in its own rhythm.  We do that by paying attention to our Inner voice.  How do you listen to your inner voice? How often? Do  you recognize the nudges of the Universe? This  is a time of evolution and our role is to observe and consider before we act.

Aug 14

18 min 24 sec

There's a lineage of energy that flows back to the beginning of time. It is an ancestral line that brings with it the lessons and the learning and the understanding of generations. Because we are in that ancestral lineage, we can take steps today to change the trajectory, for ourselves and the future for generations to come. In this present moment, we can change the world.

Jul 31

20 min 6 sec

We contain with us is the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. It is not about our bodies. It is about the energy of the masculine and the energy of the feminine and how we express ourselves in our world. Come on a guided journey to the Sacred Feminine. 

Jul 20

14 min 33 sec

We contain with us is the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. It is not about how our human bodies have manifested. It is about how the energy of the Sacred Masculine and the energy of theSacred  Feminine express through ugh us. This is a journey to the Sacred Masculine to understand and how it interacts with and impacts our life.

Jul 16

16 min 8 sec

When we begin to look at our life our human expression from the standpoint of being cosmic consciousness, everything changes.

Jul 3

28 min

A Deeper Song Adventure  This is a journey you will take over and over again . I cal it the Backpack Journey because the lighter the load we carry, the further and faster and more energetically we can move forward. Come, let’s go adventuring.

Jun 19

19 min 40 sec

A Deeper Song Adventure This Deeper Song Guided Journey to the Chamber of the Sen Sacred  Ray is a an opportunity to experience yourself as the all encompassing cosmic energy that you are. It is an opportunity to explore your infinite self.  It will  deepen your awareness of  yourself as pure vibration momentarily expressing in human form. Welcome to the unseen world…

Jun 5

24 min 11 sec

The Seven Sacred Rays are portals to our cosmic essence.  When we journey to them we set up a recipricol exchange that guides us and empowers our human expression. This Violet Ray is a place to  come to experience yourself as pure vibration, to feel yourself in deep relationship with other vibrational beings. Use this ray to clarify and  expand  your place of service. 

May 25

22 min 47 sec

The Indigo Ray is about your place of service, your manner or service and who you serve. Let it show you how to use your individual gifts in the world. The Indigo Ray is about the expression of your life. 

May 22

18 min 3 sec

The seven rays are portals, pathways, rainbow bridges to our energetic origins. Use the Blue ray to center yourself to calm yourself. Use the Blue ray to move within and listen. Like being wrapped in a warm blanket or a cocoon. You are safe, you are protected, and it is a place to heal and restore.  A Deeper Song guided journey. 

May 19

20 min 12 sec

A Deeper Song Adventure The seven rays will I have a different message for you, perhaps every time you visit them, because they are about our ongoing development. I found the Green Ray to be this place of natural wholeness organic universality

May 11

22 min 38 sec

What messages and gifts does the Yellow Ray have for you? As we continue these journeys to each of the Seven Sacred Rays keep in mind that all of the rays are within you. Use these journeys to get to know the meaning of each ray for you and to begin to build a recipricol relationship that allows you to call upon its power with great effectiveness.

May 8

22 min 17 sec

The seven rays are portals, pathways, rainbow bridges to our energetic origins and by connecting with them and interacting with them, we become seeds for the new humanity.  The Orang Ray is  is a place of focus, of attention, of creation, This is about how you are to move forward in this particular time of your self expression.

May 4

24 min 40 sec

The Seven Sacred Rays are within each of us.  The seven rays are portals, pathways, rainbow bridges to our energetic origins. By connecting with them and interacting with them, we become seeds for the new humanity. This is a Deeper Song Adventure to the Red Ray ,

Apr 24

29 min 40 sec

No one else can live your life.  No one else can interepret the nudges and insights and guiding influences that are meant one for you. Learn to listen to you inner voice and trust your answers. 

Apr 10

18 min 59 sec

I have always stood on my own. So much so that when I could use some support I don’t know how to get it. So when I finally found the Circle of Light Beings in a Shamanic Journey, I knew I belonged there, but it took me some time to learn to accept their gifts of on-going encouragement and support. 

Mar 27

22 min 20 sec

The world seems so big, and there is so much going on, that it is easy to feel helpless, like a small pebble in a very large ocean.   We are and we aren’t.  Our destiny is up to us.We must take self responsibility for our thought, our words, our actions, our choices and our beliefs.  That’s how we manifest our “next.”  Or destiny.

Mar 13

17 min 23 sec

“The Tao is vast and fathomless. you can understand only by stepping bound the limits of yourself,” says Stephen Mitchel in the Second  book of Tao. What does that mean?  What are the limits of myself?  How do I step beyond them?

Feb 28

18 min 58 sec

There is an emptiness about Wu Wei.  There is a tranquility about wu wei,  theirs a posture of moving with the flow, being gently rocked in the current of life while serenely sharing your inner light Wu wei is a concept in Taoism that means non-action.   Wu Wei means do what is natural, appropriate and leaves no traces.

Feb 14

22 min 24 sec

Experiencing  yourself as a pillar of light is a powerful way to heal yourself and  raise your vibration.  The Pillar of Light is a powerful process of deepened awareness to add to your spiritual practice.

Jan 30

15 min 43 sec

A major change is underway. It calls for us as humans to think differently and interact differently than we have in the past path of humanity. How do we do that?

Jan 17

17 min 39 sec

It sometimes it seems like there is no rhyme nor reason why our lives are the way they are  Or how we turned out the way we did.  But there is.  There are choices and beliefs and interactions that created our path, our journey. We are exactly where we should be considering what we thought and did.  There are many circumstances pushing and shoving and moving and shaping our life  It helps to think about some of them and where they might lead.

Jan 3

17 min 51 sec

Have you ever had the privilege of watching a spider weave her web?  She begins in one small spot and adjusts her web to what she finds around her.  That’s just one of the life lessons we can learn from the spider.

Dec 2020

12 min 12 sec

We are creating our future with every choice we make, every belief we hold, every step we take.  We can do it either consciously or unconsciously.  We cannot prepare for what does not yet exist, we can only strengthen our values, expand our skills, and deepen our awareness.  Then we make conscious choices one step at a time.   

Dec 2020

15 min 8 sec

The still point is the entry to the Great nothingness, the Unseen World.  The still point is where you experience yourself as a field of energy.  it is when your body disappears and ultimately your mind disappears and you become a point of light, you are a pinpoint of energy in the Great All That Is.  

Nov 2020

22 min 21 sec

We are each unique. We are each here with a purpose and we are each being watched over by a Soul Star. The concept of having your own personal Soul Star is amazing and reassuring. One star, for your soul, watching over you, guiding you, here to answer your questions. Let’s go exploring.

Nov 2020

27 min 20 sec

We are all one interactive vibrational energy, but we forget that when we become too immersed in our bodies.   It takes some focused choices to cultivate our continuing awareness to our selves as One energy - with everything.

Nov 2020

20 min 57 sec

Sometimes I feel helpless, sitting here, one person with a great desire to heal our world.  I always feel better when I lob a few light balls to the areas of conflict.

Oct 2020

13 min 22 sec

When we learn to consciously expand our Luminous Light Energy we help to expand our Light Collective. Here is a simple meditative techie to Access the power of  Your Luminous Light. 

Oct 2020

14 min 17 sec

The times are dramatically and we have work to do in order to move into the New Consciousness that is rapidly emerging on our planet . We have to change. We have to choose what to leave behind and we have to keep raising our vibration in Our Ongoing Journey into the New Consciousness.

Oct 2020

26 min 3 sec

95% of everything is Unseen.  That leaves us here in our body expression, missing a lot.   How do we explore it? How do we interpret it? We learn to interpret our inner voice.  We learn to listen. The more we listen the more we hear.

Oct 2020

24 min 40 sec

You have access to great wisdom when you cultivate deep listening.  It begins with your intuition, your hunches, your nudges, and moves into the deep listening of your inner voice and your imagination.  

Sep 2020

11 min 34 sec

A shamanic journey is a powerful healing tool.  Learn how to explore the River of Time to heal the past and prepare for the future. 

Sep 2020

11 min 45 sec

We are responsible for the journey we take.  We are responsible for the path we choose. We choose what we bring with us in our backpack and we are responsible for how willing we are to keep going.  What path are you choosing?

Sep 2020

14 min 5 sec

The Unseen World needs us to be it voice, to explore its deepest and bring back and interpret its messages.  Are you ready to be a messenger for the Unseen world?

Sep 2020

15 min 15 sec

We have more control over our life experience than we may realize. Here's how to change your thinking, in order to make major changes in your life.

Aug 2020

17 min 30 sec

Energy is all there is. We can learn to focus and direct energy in order to expand and deepening our insights and awareness. We do it through our intention.

Aug 2020

20 min 2 sec

What is your truth?  Where are your roots planted? What values keep you in integrity? How do you stand steady in your own truth?

Aug 2020

14 min 29 sec

What do you need to leave behind in order to move forward into the new world that is emerging? What unexplored gifts need to be developed.  To move forward, What do you need to leave behind? 

Jul 2020

17 min 51 sec

Metaphorical Messengers in the Unseen World are ready to guide us and inspire us. We can learn to connect with them and interpret the guidance of the 95% of the world that is unseen. 

Jul 2020

10 min 46 sec

The Unseen world speaks to us through metaphors that only we are to interpret. It’s as easy as going within and asking what we need to know next. The Inner World holds greater wisdom.  It is ours to explore.

Jul 2020

16 min 10 sec

 Our guide is our inner self.  How do you hear?  How do we interpret what is offered? How do you build a Launching Pad for your inner work?

Jul 2020

16 min 25 sec

The planet needs us. It needs our vision.  It needs our spiritual commitment.  It needs us to hold High Watch. Here’s how you can make a powerful difference in our world.

Jun 2020

15 min 31 sec

Our Inner Knowing holds an overview we cannot begin to experts here in our planetary presence. How do we learn to connect with our inner voice? How do we learn to receive its guidance? When we do learn to listen where will it lead us?

Jun 2020

16 min 8 sec

To begin your inner work, enter the Gia Gateway to tap into the power of the earth, bring in the Power of your Soul Star for guidance, then open your heart and listen. 

Jun 2020

13 min 4 sec