Enormous Issues | Audacious Ideas

By Rhea Naidoo

Ever feel like there are some problems too enormous to fix? Well, not so fast. If Elon, Malala and Greta have taught us anything, it's that one person that have enormous impact on the world. What if that idea in the back of your head was the one that would save us all? This is a podcast for you: next generation of leaders, the entrepreneurs, the creative problem solvers, the ones looking for ideas that will truly move the needle; ideas that maybe, just maybe, will change the world. Join cybersecurity automation cofounder, ex-Nike exec, McKinsey Alum, and Burning Man obsessed Rhea Naidoo, and her innovative, sometimes eccentric, but always fascinating guests as they dive into Audacious Ideas changing the world, and what it takes for you to become an Audacious Leader!

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