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It's six months into ICC's new prosecutor Karim Khan's tenure. How's his pragmatic approach going?

Nov 30

29 min 46 sec

We talk to Pax for Peace's Egbert Wesslink about the Lundin Sudan war crimes case being brought in Sweden

Nov 23

15 min 35 sec

Dapo Akande and Phoebe Okowa explain all things International Law Commission

Nov 5

40 min

Angela Mudukuti joins to discuss the next big election at the ICC; the deputy prosecutors.

Oct 28

16 min 17 sec

Mariana Casij Peña guides us through the fascinating experiment in transitional justice in Colombia.

Oct 14

27 min 6 sec

Jessica Dorsey and Aditi Gupta discuss the lack of transparent rules and secrecy of states in deploying armed drones.

Oct 1

42 min 33 sec

How to make sure that local prosecutors are equipped to tackle atrocity crimes? Maxine Marcus, Kathy Roberts and Drita Hajdari explain.

Sep 22

44 min 12 sec

Stephanie catches Janet up with the first day of the first ever trial in the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and gives a theatre recommendation

Sep 17

13 min 33 sec

A trial in Sweden for crimes committed in Iran shows the potential of universal jurisdiction in ensuring justice is served.

Sep 8

37 min 35 sec

What happens now with those left behind in Afghanistan and with accountability for alleged war crimes? Sarah Kaye, Fiona Nelson and Julie Fraser discuss.

Sep 3

36 min

On the day of Gambia's historic filing with the ICJ to ask Myanmar to 'stop the genocide of the Rohingya' Janet and Stephanie talk to Akila Radhakrishnan of the Global Justice Center

Aug 25

23 min 39 sec

Our first live podcast with Alix Vuillemin and Dieneke de Vos on sexual harassment in international institutions #IWD2020.

Aug 18

40 min 41 sec

Is it possible to get accountability for alleged war crimes in Yemen? Could European arms exporters be held responsible for the damage their bombs have done?

Aug 11

35 min 24 sec

Away from war crimes Janet and Stephanie look at advocacy for justice, truth and reparations in Ireland where thousands of unmarried women were forced into mother and baby homes run by the church or the state.

Aug 4

48 min 21 sec

How is Canada facing up evidence of cultural genocide with the discovery of mass graves at former residential schools for indigenous children?

Jul 27

59 min 4 sec

The people behind the new podcast - Lethal Autonomous Weapons: 10 things we want to know (you can tell they are researchers) - came over to us at Asymmetrical Haircuts to tell us all about it

Jul 21

23 min 4 sec

What's happening in Afghanistan to human rights defenders, and what's happening at the ICC in their investigation into war crimes? Janet investigates

Jul 14

31 min 46 sec

What the verdict on former Serbian Secret Service officials Stanišić and Simatović can tell us about the future of prosecution of war crimes in Serbia.

Jul 7

41 min 2 sec

What's the ICC's state of health as the new prosecutor takes over? Diane Orentlicher and Dire Tladi discuss the big problems facing the court.

Jun 19

45 min 9 sec

Incoming ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan talks about justice for Iraqi minorities after his three-year long position as Head of UNITAD.

Jun 13

37 min 18 sec

Janet and Stephanie discuss Lebanon's issues with ensuring accountability with Olga Kavran (ex-STL) and Aya Majzoub from Human Rights Watch

Jun 8

38 min 39 sec

We discuss the first ever Darfur trial at the ICC, with the confirmation of hearing of Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

May 31

13 min

As IJMonitor stops watching the ICC, we ask Taegin Reisman and Jennifer Easterday why should we monitor atrocity crimes trials?

May 27

33 min 53 sec

How does evidence from social media lead to a war crimes conviction in Europe? Yvonne McDermott Rees and Karolina Aksamitowska tell us what's been changing.

May 26

40 min 57 sec

Janet and Stephanie talk through quotes of the interview Stephanie had with outgoing ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

May 19

47 min 26 sec

Away from war crimes Janet and Stephanie look at advocacy for justice, truth and reparations in Ireland where thousands of unmarried women were forced into mother and baby homes run by the church or the state.

Apr 29

47 min 33 sec

Janet and Stephanie talk to Sarah Kasande about what victim communities in northern Uganda made of Dominic Ongwen's two hour statement to the ICC ahead of his sentencing

Apr 24

15 min 38 sec

The Srebrenica massacre is the subject of a highly acclaimed movie Quo vadis, Aida?. We discuss with Alma Mustafić and Emir Suljagić, who were both there, how such a film helps define the image we have of a mass atrocity.

Apr 12

48 min 18 sec

Appeals judgments ar a chance to look at the bigger picture of legal developments at the ICC - Janet and Stephanie discuss Ntaganda sexual and gender-based crimes and modes of liability, and Gbagbo acquittal.

Apr 1

35 min 52 sec

Karine Bonneau of the Global Survivors Fund discusses the realistic prospects for reparations for Yezidi sexual violence survivors in Iraq and beyond, and Ntaganda's victims in the DRC.

Mar 29

16 min 39 sec

Melanie O'Brien and Ewelina Ochab talk through the evidence of Uighur genocide in the western region of Xinjiang, denied by China. And states' responses and responsibilities.

Mar 22

50 min 59 sec

Janet and Stephanie talk to Yasmin Ullah, Laetitia van Assum and Mike Becker about the impact of the Myanmar coup on accountability efforts for crimes against Rohingya

Mar 12

36 min 1 sec

Janet and Stephanie pick through the ICC prosecutor's announcement that she will open a formal probe into war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories with Chantal Meloni, Sharon Weill and Yael Ronen.

Mar 6

17 min 12 sec

War crimes committed in the Liberian civil war is now being litigated via universal jurisdiction trials. Journalist Massa Washington and Emmanuelle Marchand from Civitas Maxima discuss universal jurisdiction cases in Switzerland and Finland.

Feb 25

38 min 28 sec

Karim Khan has been elected prosecutor of the ICC. What does the international justice community make of him?

Feb 19

23 min 36 sec

How should we investigate mass graves? Kathryne Bomberger from the ICMP and the UN's Agnes Callamard join us with a zoom audience to discuss the challenges facing states and victims' families.

Feb 11

1 hr 6 min

Former Ugandan rebel commander Dominic Ongwen is found guilty. Horrendous crimes. But his former child soldier status fascinates commentators.

Feb 5

24 min 21 sec

Reparations expert Lorraine Smith van Lin shares expert views with us from a fascinating discussion into what needs to change at the ICC for victims.

Jan 31

44 min 35 sec

What happened at the ICC annual meeting? Milena Sterio and Maria Elena Vignoli analyse the covid-affected annual jamboree.

Jan 26

36 min 9 sec

It's a New Year, full of possibilities and new podcasts. Janet and Stephanie outline some plans and chat to other podcasters.

Jan 24

23 min 17 sec

Janet and Stephanie kick off 2021 with another interview for our Prosecutor Files series. We talked to Robert Petit, one of the five additional candidates for ICC prosecutor

Jan 7

51 min 32 sec

How is the ICC using its opportunity to keep states under tabs and push them to domestic prosecutions of war crimes? We talk to Patryk Labuda about the prosecutor not going ahead with allegations of UK war crimes in Iraq.

Dec 2020

38 min 36 sec

What barriers do victims of international crimes still face in getting access to justice in Europe? Srah Finnan from FIDH and Patrick Kroker from ECCHR fill us in on the obstacles.

Dec 2020

39 min 26 sec

A new official report says that that Australian soldiers committed war crimes in Afghanistan.  All of the victims were either civilians or prisoners of war. Rawan Arraf who heads the Australian Centre for International Justice explains what happens next.

Nov 2020

19 min 50 sec

It’s the biggest job in international justice: prosecutor of the ICC. Who will the next one be? Janet and Stephanie talk to the candidate Fergal Gaynor

Nov 2020

55 min 21 sec

It’s the biggest job in international justice: prosecutor of the ICC. Who will the next one be? Janet and Stephanie talk to candidate Richard Roy.

Nov 2020

1 hr

Are trials in absentia fair? What's it like to represent a client who you can't talk to? Like at the Lebanon tribunal. We discuss with Natalie von Wistinghausen and Ilarai Zavoli.

Nov 2020

43 min 17 sec

Catch up with what's happening at the Kosovo tribunal and in a Kenya bribery case at the ICC.

Nov 2020

17 min

How gender crimes feature at the trial of a Malian jihadist at the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Oct 2020

45 min 45 sec

Stephanie and Janet offer a smorgasbord of commentators to talk about all things ICC: the upcoming elections, the expert review and the U.S. sanctions

Oct 2020

50 min 18 sec