Be You Find Happy

By Michaela Renee Johnson

Do you want to live happier now? This podcast inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity. You have the right to change your mind when presented with new information, your job, your friends, how you see the world, it's not any one thing but every one thing that leads to your success. Michaela invites celebrity guests to share real-life conversations and humorous, motivational experiences. Michaela Renee Johnson is a best-selling author, licensed psychotherapist, ever learner, Boho Mom and adventurer. Support this podcast:

  1. 1.
    E111 GUEST Erika Schlick explains how to create a trail to health
  2. 2.
    E110 GUEST Chris Crutchfield, host of 67 Podcast exposes big fat lies "they" don't want you to know
  3. 3.
    E109 GUEST Kirsten Beske demonstrates why living positively can change your life
  4. 4.
    E108 GUEST Robert Agufana Belle author of BLOW THE LID OFF says life is simple don't complicate it
  5. 5.
    E107 GUEST Gregory Landsman beauty advisor to supermodels shares the secret to younger looking skin. Hint, it's not what you think
  6. 6.
    E106 GUEST Udo Erasmus say the key to experiencing perfect health is living lit up within
  7. 7.
    E105 GUEST Chelsea Pearson mom of 5 and SEINT momprenuer inspires way to be a great mom & have a successful business
  8. 8.
    E104 GUEST Nita Beqiri inspires bravery during difficult times
  1. 9.
    E103 GUEST Shu Matsuo-Post author of I took her name talks all things gender and feminism
  2. 10.
    E102 GUEST Joe Bernstein of DROP THE ARMOR enlightens women that men struggle with body image too & how to build your confidence
  3. 11.
    E101 GUEST James McCrae host of Words are Vibrations & author of Sh#t Your Ego Says shares how to balance your emotions
  4. 12.
    E100 GUEST JB the Wizard, celebrity guide leaves you feeling a new level of clarity and hope
  5. 13.
    E99 GUEST Cinnia Curran Finfer explaining why experiential learning is important for children
  6. 14.
    E98 GUEST Jessica Klasnick shares her path to recalculating happiness with her family of 5
  7. 15.
    E97 GUEST Tamsen Webster shares that powerful messages begin with powerful ideas
  8. 16.
    E96 GUEST Quinn Barrett shows you how to meditate regardless of experience
  9. 17.
    E95 GUEST Kathy Biehl shares the importance of applying all the woowoo stuff to real life
  10. 18.
    E94 GUEST Merrily Orsini explains why having our wise elders in our homes for end of life is important to society
  11. 19.
    E93 GUEST David Essel shares how to bring erotic passion back into long term monogamous relationships
  12. 20.
    E92 GUEST Stephanie Raffelock on how to unlock the power of being a midlife woman and age gracefully
  13. 21.
    E91 GUEST Alisha Berry, intuitive healer, encourages you to find balance in your emotions during trying times
  14. 22.
    E90 It's time to live your life
  15. 23.
    E89 GUEST Penelope Jean Hayes explains how your energy changes your thoughts
  16. 24.
    E88 GUEST Jim Cutler talks about the solution to climate change, the idea of a new emerging political party, zero point energy & what's next for human-kind
  17. 25.
    E87 GUEST Sean Morgan explains cognitive dissonance and why so many are experiencing it
  18. 26.
    E86 GUEST Jim Cutler explains The Great Awakening
  19. 27.
    E85 But Why? Series GUEST Dr Joye Pugh, history channel expert and biblical scholar goes deep on the Illuminati, Satan on Earth and the Covid Vaccine (mark of the beast?)
  20. 28.
    E84 But Why? Series GUEST @redpillbabe sheds light on everything from Trump to women's rights, the nuclear family and gender
  21. 29.
    E83 GUEST Sonia Frontera gives you tools to stay married during crisis
  22. 30.
    E82 But Why? Series GUEST Austin Nasso, comedian & software engineer talks about how social media is polarizing the nation and how to move on when you fall flat on your face.
  23. 31.
    E81 But Why? Series GUEST Andrew Kap discusses why our energy may be creating more negativity and why the heartbeat of the Earth flat lined
  24. 32.
    E80 But Why? Series GUEST Ed Latimore explains that the secret to being likable is by not living to be liked
  25. 33.
    E79 But Why? Series GUEST Nate Max & Tom Barnett explain The Great Awakening, the truth about mind control &how your government is poisoning you
  26. 34.
    E78 But Why? Series GUEST Karl Staib gets shows Michaela how the Dig to Fly method can help her move through anger in her personal life
  27. 35.
    E77 BUT WHY? Series Michaela SoloCasts to leave you with more questions than answers
  28. 36.
    E76 BUT WHY? Series GUEST Ken D Foster talks about agendas, a divided nation and main stream media
  29. 37.
    E75 BUT WHY? Series GUEST Megan Knepp founder of Bold Outdoors has a real conversation about self defense, the outdoors & QANON
  30. 38.
    E74 GUEST Nikole Stanfield teaches us why life coaches can help you reach your goals
  31. 39.
    E73 GUEST Kayleigh Clark, Floor is Lava contestant and founder of ClearStem talks how to live your life toxin free
  32. 40.
    E72 GUEST Pete Alexander Stress Relief Expert talks how to reduce anxiety in seconds
  33. 41.
    E71 GUEST Susan Neal explains why your immune system is susceptible to getting sick
  34. 42.
    E70 GUEST Dr. Denise Moore Revel enlightens you on how to harness the power of your voice
  35. 43.
    E69 GUEST Jennifer Taylor explains how to bring balance into your life
  36. 44.
    E68 GUEST A calmversation with Randy "Choo" Curtis about speaking your "noble" truth, having no agenda and opening the dialogue on race
  37. 45.
    E67 GUEST Deborah Kesten shares seven overeating styles that have become our new normal
  38. 46.
    E66 GUEST Wendy & Mike Appleby offer tips to parents on home educating and summer transitioning
  39. 47.
    E65 GUEST Quin from @everchanginghorizon talks about how to move through uncomfortable times and live an inspired life
  40. 48.
    E64 GUEST Shereen Oberg Law of Positivism talks self care during trying times
  41. 49.
    E63 GUEST John Vespasian tells us why rational living and protecting ourselves from unforeseen events is critical
  42. 50.
    E62 GUEST David Essell, explains why positive thinking will never change your life

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