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Do you know what it means to shop sustainably? Sustainable fashion is sourced, produced, and manufactured while reducing the negative environmental and social impacts. Welcome to "Change Is Now," the sustainable fashion podcast where we discuss everything about sustainable and fast fashion. If you're interested in sustainability in the fashion industry, or just want to learn more about bettering your community, this is the perfect listen for you!

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In this episode of Change Is Now, your hosts Eartha Hubbell and Stella Abril talk about mega fast fashion company, SHEIN. Shein is a B2C company based in China. They are one of the leading e-commerce sites in the world with over 7 million monthly users on their app ALONE. 40% of Shein website visitors are based in the US. Eartha and Stella break down Shein’s business practices and uncover if their sustainability claims are true or greenwashing. 01:10 - Fast Fashion Stats 03:30 - SHEIN background 09:40 - Sustainable Claims 11:45 - Ethics 19:00 - SHEIN X - Design Competition 21:45 - Can SHEIN ever be sustainable? 31:35 - Demand Change 33:00 - Sustainable Options that compare to SHEIN styles Learn more about SHEIN and Fast Fashion Companies:

Nov 2

38 min 46 sec

Today we are talking with Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association’s Executive Director, Madeline Dolgin and we are breaking down the superstore, Target. If you’re a frequent Target shopper or someone who’s ever wondered just how sustainable Target truly is, you won’t want to miss this episode. Madeline shares her expertise and research on the store and you’d be surprised to know that the department store is cooking up some sustainable initiatives.

Sep 28

35 min 8 sec

Today we are talking with Remake Ambassador, Emily McKay from British Columbia, Canada and breaking down the brand ASOS. Your hosts Eartha and Stella are asking the questions you want to know about ASOS and their sustainability and transparency. We are talking about the Bangladesh accord and the Payup petition and giving you all tips for making an impact from a consumer perspective.    00:40 - Before we get into our brand, can you tell us a little about the Payup petition? 03:40 - What’s your take on ASOS? Where do they stand with the Bangladesh Accord as as of now? 05:10 - From your perspective, how transparent and sustainable is ASOS? 08:00 -do you think it’s possible for a company with a business model likes ASOS to ever be sustainable? 10:30 -what are some ways people can tell if the sustainability claims a company makes is Green washing or not? 15:00 - How can we be allies for garment workers all over the world? Learn more about Emily McKay at her blog:   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Sep 17

50 min 55 sec

The Bangladesh Accord is a free standing legal agreement between brands and trade unions to work towards a safe and healthy garment and textile industry in Bangladesh. In order to maintain standards that hold brands accountable, large clothing brands must sign the agreement. Brands like H&M, Zara and many other top fashion brands are being urged to sign the Accord! Our hosts Stella and Eartha can’t wait to break down the brands, H&M and Zara with the Conscious Cut Podcast hosts, JeLisa Marshall and Ny Pen. This podcast powerhouse team shares their perspective on H&M and Zara and where they stand with signing the accord. Jelisa and Ny encourage listeners to demand change from the fashion industry.    00:40 What is the Bangladesh Accord? 03:40 Can you give us your own perspective on the Bangladesh Accord? 05:10 Why do you think there’s so much hesitancy behind resigning? 08:00 What are your thoughts on H&M specifically? 10:30 What’s missing? 15:00 How transparent is H&M and Zara? 24:40 What’s one thing you want consumers to know when starting your sustainable fashion journey? Learn more about the Conscious Cut Podcast   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Sep 8

29 min 12 sec

In order for sustainable businesses to make the impact they are working to create, they need eyes on their products, services, and missions! That’s where a sustainable copywriter comes in! Our hosts Stella and Eartha are excited to have Sarah Bloodworth on the podcast to talk about how she uses her copywriting powers for good! She also shares tips for small businesses that may not have the ability just yet to invest in a sustainable copywriter, when to know it’s the right time to outsource your copywriting, and how to find the right person who is in alignment with your mission!   00:50 Sustainable business is trending! 02:15 What is copywriting? 05:00 How did you choose copywriting as your career? 07:30 What inspired you to specialize in sustainable copywriting? 10:40 Helping sustainable businesses engage their customers. 14:00 When is the best time for small businesses to bring on a sustainable copywriter? 16:30 Investing in a copywriter for your business. Learn more about Sarah Bloodworth and her services   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari  

Jul 27

21 min 25 sec

  Living sustainability is compiled of a string of small yet impactful decisions in our everyday lives! When it comes to celebrating with the people you love most or planning an event for your business, these also take a series of small decisions unique to gathering a larger group of people together. In this episode, our hosts Stella and Eartha are excited to chat with Sustainable Event Consultant, Romina Kwong. Romina shares some great tips so you can make your next event more sustainable, and shares some of the things she considers when consulting for an event. As events return, we couldn’t have timed it better to learn from Romina, so we can all make the impact for good that we’re striving for!   02:30 What does a sustainable event look like?05:00 What led you to become a sustainable event consultant? 08:00 The difference of an event coordinator who keeps sustainability in mind. 10:15 Examples of greener alternatives Romina has used for events. 13:00 What are some tips for planning a more sustainable event? 15:15 How can we learn more and get in touch for future events   Follow along with Romina on Instagram | And check out her website | …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Jul 20

17 min 30 sec

UStrive, I strive, we all strive for a future full of sustainability in fashion! Guest Scott Wilson is here to share tips and advice on how he achieved sustainability and ethics in his business, so we can achieve it, too. We’re discussing ingraining sustainability into the supply chain, prioritizing employees, and what it takes to become GOTS certified - and the benefits that come with doing all of it! We are the key to building better sustainability, ethics, and brands, so let’s move forward towards a better future! 00:00 Introducing Scott and UStrive! 00:45 Fashion sustainability updates! 02:30 How did you get involved in sustainable fashion? 04:35 Can you tell us more about the UStrive supply chain? 09:40 How much effort did it take to get GOTS certified? 13:50 How do you prioritize the well-being of your employees? 20:00 Speed vs quality in the fashion industry. 24:15 What tips do you have for someone looking to ingrain sustainability and ethics into their supply chain? 28:40 What are the names of some promising or trustworthy start-ups and businesses you know? 31:10 What motivates you to achieve sustainability? 35:00 The future of sustainability in fashion. Learn more about UStrive:   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari  

Jul 13

39 min 33 sec

We’re back! Change is Now is relaunching and ready to bring you more incredible series around sustainable fashion and conscious living! In this episode, we are excited to welcome Eartha as our full-time co-host of the show and dive deeper into both her and Stella’s stories! Tune in to hear what ignited their passion for striving to make an impact on the world through sustainability! It’s more than just how you do or don’t shop. We’re talking about everything from how to handle anxiety around the harsh realities of the fashion industry, to ways living sustainably encourages you to be playful and creative with your wardrobe! We’re so excited to be back and share the important messages on our hearts in Change is Now!   00:40 Exciting news for the Relaunch of Change is Now! 02:00 How Eartha got into the Fashion Industry! 03:30 Questions Stella’s daughter asked that ignited a passion for sustainability. 06:00 What are some interests you have outside of work and sustainable fashion? 07:50 Growing up thrifting out of necessity, to intentionally making an impact through shopping. 13:40 Did you make changes to shopping more sustainably all at once, or in phases? 16:00 Ways living sustainably encourages you to be creative! 17:00 How do you manage the feelings and anxiety that come with knowing the harsh realities of the fashion industry? 20:00 The strength and impact that can be made together! 21:20 Our current goals you’re working on towards living more consciously? 25:30 Was your partner on board when you made the decision to live more sustainably? 30:15 Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. 32:00 What do you share with your kids about the negative effects of the Fashion Industry? 38:20 Hope as the next generation shows interest in activism and sustainability. 40:30 What side hustles are you currently working on? 42:40 What is something that has made you feel joyful recently? 44:30 Can you pinpoint a moment when you felt your efforts to live consciously were making a difference? 48:00 If you could be known for one thing, what would it be? …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Jul 6

51 min 5 sec

Raise your hand if you learned about sustainability in school! For most of us, learning about the effects of what we consume is something we’ve had to actively seek out. In this episode, we are excited to chat with the Founder of Renewable English, Harry Waters. Harry is an English Teacher that found a need in making sustainability education easily available, helping educators and learners in their desire to be more sustainable. Tune in to hear his story, and how his knowledge of the many ways our world is affected by fast fashion has changed his life. Giving him the passion to educate others in a way that is empowering!   01:40 Who is Harry Waters? 05:30 What is missing in our children’s education beyond “reduce, reuse and recycle”? 08:15 What is Renewable English? Who is it for? 12:00 How we impact the world for the better with small changes in daily habits? 17:10 How did you go about establishing your business and brand? 24:00 Recognizing  27:30 What are some things in the sustainability education space you are excited about? 30:00 What advice would you share with those wanting to make sustainable fashion choices? 36:00 How can we find out more about Renewable English?   Follow along with Harry and Renewable English on Instagram | @renewableenglish   Dive into Renewable English lessons on their website |   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Apr 13

38 min 48 sec

Want to get all the tips on finding the best thrifted clothing? Look no further, because we have local AZSAA board member and owner of Green Thread Co, Paola (Anay) Chavez! Paola started flipping pre-loved clothing as a teen and quickly realized how her knowledge of thrifting and heart for sustainability could turn into a business with a mission! Tune in as Paola shares how she started her business, how she is rebranding, and the best and worst part about thrifting. 00:40 How the Good Human App can help you find sustainable brands! 02:50 Who is Paola Chavez? 04:00 What inspired you to start Green Thread Co. with pre-loved clothing specifically? 08:20 How did you go about growing your brand? 10:40 What was the process like rebranding Green Thread Co.? 12:00 Do you have go-to spots or tips to find the best second-hand clothing? 16:10 What are some challenges you’ve faced in the second-hand space? 19:00 What advice do you have for those starting their journey to live more sustainably? Follow Green Thread Co on Instagram | @greenthread_co   Follow Paola on Instagram | @anay_22   Shop Paola’s Poshmark closet | @anascloset22   Find all things Sustainable and ethical - Good Human App |   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari  

Apr 6

23 min 30 sec

What is your go-to outfit when you are wanting that extra boost of confidence? There is something to be said about dressing for how you want to show up in the world. We are so excited to chat with today’s guest, Garik Himebaugh, Founder of The Eco Stylist. Garik shares his own personal journey of finding confidence through the way you dress and discovering sustainable fashion.  From his knowledge of fashion and sustainability, Garik created a business styling men. Tune in to hear what the process of creating a new wardrobe looks like, and how to do it sustainably.   00:40 Sustainability Updates! 02:30 Have you always been interested in fashion? 03:30 How did re-designing your wardrobe translate to helping clients? 04:00 Have you always shopped sustainably? 05:00 How a pair of boots changed how I saw fashion as a consumer. 06:20 What are some of your goals for the future with The Eco Stylist? 07:40 How do you go about researching the brands you work with? 09:00 Do you look for pieces that are on-trend or more timeless? 10:50 Why do you think there are less brands in sustainable fashion specifically for men? 13:20 Who is your typical client? What does The Eco Stylist process look like? 17:00 What is the main reason your clients seek out your styling services? 18:30 How The Eco Stylist is bringing awareness through sustainable fashion!   Work with The Eco Stylist |   Follow The Eco Stylist on Instagram | @yourecostylist   …………………………   Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_   Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Mar 30

20 min 45 sec

Why is it so important to bring awareness to the inequities in the fashion industry? Today’s guest that will be sharing in this very important conversation is Kamilah Sanders! Kamilah is a fellow Remake ambassador and founder of International consulting agency Greater Than Equal. Kamilah is passionate about sustainable development strategies, marrying her advocacy for sustainability and her years of experience in marketing and retail fashion apparel. In this episode, Kamilah is sharing the many different ways fast fashion affects us all, what brands can do to make needed change for people of color within the fashion industry, and how we as consumers can be catalysts for change ourselves! 02:15 What is Greater Than Equal? What inspired you to start it? 05:00 As you work with so many different industries, how do they all come together? 06:45 Why is bringing awareness to the inequities in fashion so important? 10:00 How can brands and consumers use fashion as a catalyst for change? 12:20 What the fashion industry can do to address social injustices including mistreatment of black and brown people? 14:00 Debunking the myth that people can’t afford sustainable clothing! 17:00 How can consumers support the equal and fair treatment of ALL in the fashion industry? 18:40 How can we connect with you and the work you are doing?   Follow Kamilah on Instagram: @kivanoir Find her on all other social platforms: @kamilahsanders ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Mar 16

19 min 57 sec

What is cultural appropriation, and what can the fashion industry do better to acknowledge this issue? As we continue this series Racism: the Heart of Fast Fashion, we are joined by guest and founder of Zoe Elle Co, is Taija Thomas. Taija is a former technology influencer and project planner for a Fortune 500 company that has shifted her focus to holistic wellness and sustainability. Buckle up as we dive deep into the harmful effects of cultural appropriation and racism, and what we can be doing better. Not only by giving credit where it is due, but examine our own circles of influence and use our voice, power, and actions for good.  00:40 Sustainability updates! What is Cultural Appropriation? 02:10 How do you define cultural appropriation? 05:40 Why is cultural appropriation an important topic the fashion industry needs to acknowledge? 06:45 Debunking the myth that living sustainably is exclusive and there is more than one way to do it. 09:40 The unfair treatment of garment workers, and companies White Savior Complex twisting the story. 15:00 What are some examples of cultural appropriation we see in businesses and celebrities? 20:20 What are some of the harmful effects of cultural appropriation? 23:50 What do you say to people who use freedom of speech as an excuse to say, wear, and do whatever they want? 25:15 Experiencing racism in the workplace. 30:30 What are ways we can avoid cultural appropriation and educate ourselves?   Follow Zoe Elle Co on Instagram: @zoeelleco   ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Mar 9

39 min

Today we are diving into our next series Racism, the heart of fast fashion. In this episode, our host Stella is joined by co-host Eartha and guest Reza Cristian. Reza is the Founder and editor-in-chief of Sustain the Mag and is sharing ways we can all contribute to amplifying the voices of all women in order to move sustainability forward. Tune in for Reza’s experiences creating and growing Sustain the Mag, and her mission to create inclusivity, and teach resourcefulness she learned from a very early age. It’s about making sure all women have a seat at the table and that everyone can play a part in living more sustainably regardless of your income.   00:45 Check out these sustainable brands that are owned and operated by badass women of color! 02:50 Did you always plan to get involved in sustainable fashion? 05:00 What is your mission with Sustain The Mag? 08:00 Does the sustainable fashion industry in particular have a diversity problem? 10:00 Have you seen a shift in how racism manifests itself in the fashion industry because of social media? 12:15 What are some of the challenges of being a woman of color in sustainable fashion? 17:15 What are some of your hopes and goals for further diversifying sustainable fashion in 2021? 19:30 How can we dismantle deeply engrained systemic issues within sustainable fashion? 22:00 Where can we go to follow you? Check out this book mentioned in the episode: All We Can Save Follow along with Reza on Instagram: @rezacristian And Sustain The Mag: @sustainthemag ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Mar 2

23 min 51 sec

In this episode, we are honored to have guest and skilled garment worker Veronica Arolla on the podcast. With the help of Daisy translating, our hosts Stella and Eartha ask Veronica what her experience has been like as a Garment Worker. Veronica sharing her story is so powerful from the pride she takes in the skill and quality of work she does and the harsh reality that her work is met with high pressure and inequivalent pay for her efforts. Tune in to hear directly from Veronica what her day-to-day experience is like, having to make up for low wages with long hours, and what she wishes consumers knew when making a purchase. Please see the link below for how you can support the Garment Worker Protection Act. 00:35 Industry Updates! 03:15 What does the typical day of a garment worker look like? 04:20 What do you wish people knew about how their clothing is made before making a purchase? 05:50 How many hours do garment workers typically work in a day? 07:15 Do you work 7 days a week? Do you take any days off? 07:50 How are wages decided upon? Is it a set wage? 09:10 What inspired you to get involved with The Garment Worker Center? 10:40 What can we do as consumers to support fair wages for garment workers? 13:15 Where can we go to sign the petition for the Garment Worker Protection Act?   Sign the petition to pass the Garment Worker Protection Act on the Garment Worker Center website: ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Feb 23

17 min 3 sec

Today we are diving deep into the negative environmental impact of fast fashion with Madeline Dolgin. Madeline is a higher educational professional by day and an advocate for sustainable fashion by night! Madeline also happens to be one of our very own Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association (AZSAA) Board Members and VP of fundraising. Tune in to hear about the class that changed her trajectory of becoming a fashion Journalist and opened her eyes to the harmful environmental impact of the fashion industry. We break down how our world is being affected by each different stage of the lifecycle of these fast fashion garments, and give hope for the future as we continue to learn and use our voices! 01:50 Some statistics on Sustainability and Fast Fashion. 04:00 What changed your initial desire to become a Fashion Journalist? 10:20 How was Fast Fashion created? 14:20 Why is Fast Fashion so bad for the environment? 16:40 What do you wish consumers knew about the environmental impacts of the Fashion Industry before buying? 21:00 What chemicals are being washed away in the water, and making it into rivers? 22:20 How much clothing is ending up in Landfills? 24:20 Why is it important for consumers to be informed and get involved regarding these issues? 28:15 What is a sustainability initiative that gives you hope? 32:30 Who are some researchers and brands that are educating on circular economy? 37:50 What can we do as consumers that will actually make a difference? 42:00 Where can people go to learn more from you?   Tune in to Madeline’s Podcast by AZSAA: Growing Together Follow Madeline on Instagram: @healingseams ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari  

Feb 16

45 min 31 sec

Welcome back to Change is Now! Today, our host Stella is joined by co-host Eartha and guest Emily McKay! Emily is a recent BBA graduate, blogger, and passionate advocate for all things sustainable fashion and cruelty-free beauty. In this episode, we dive into sustainability throughout the supply chain, and how we as consumers can hold companies accountable for making needed changes! From sourcing materials to being conscious about the disposal of products, every link in the supply chain should be created in an environmentally conscious way! 03:10 What is a sustainable supply chain? 04:30 Are these large corporations responsible for the disposal of the products they create? 07:10 Why is transparency and traceability important within a brand’s supply chain? 11:15 How can we as consumers hold corporations accountable to being transparent? 16:00 What is a sustainability report? What is a good example of one? 17:00 How can brands make the shift to operating in a more environmentally conscious way? 19:30 What is the earth logic concept? 22:30 How brands are twisting the story and greenwashing to entice consumers to buy their products. 27:20 What have you learned working in the High fashion industry? 30:20 Do you think fashion brands and manufacturers should be legally obligated to be transparent with their supply chains? 33:15 What are some incentives for businesses to make positive changes? 37:40 What can we do as consumers to demand change?   Check out the Nanushka Sustainability report mentioned in this episode: The Earth Logic concept: Follow along with Emily on Instagram: @emeroomckay Check out Emily’s blog: ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Feb 9

41 min 34 sec

Welcome back to Change is Now as we go into this next series - The Unspoken Truths of Fast Fashion! In this series our host, Stella Abril will be joined by co-host Eartha Hubbel! Today we get to hear from Annie Shaw of the Garment Worker Center. Annie share’s what the typical day in the life looks like for garment workers in Los Angeles, and what we can do to support garment workers. Tune in to hear about how we can make a change for good, hold unethical corporations accountable, and impact the lives of garment workers here in the US and beyond! 02:30 What is the Garment Worker Center and what do they do? 03:20 What exactly is a “piece rate”? Has there been any market adjustment for the “piece rate”? 06:00 What is the Garment Worker Protection Act? 08:20 Are there any current laws that provide protection for garment workers? 09:25 What can we do to hold these large brands and corporations accountable?  13:30 How consumers and the next generation of businesses are doing to create positive change! 14:30 How will corporations be impacted by this bill? 16:15 What does the day in the life of a typical garment worker in Los Angeles look like? 19:00 What inspired you to work with the Garment Worker Center? 20:20 What can we do to support the garment workers in the US, and the work the Garment Worker Center is doing?   Check out and go to to sign the petition! And follow the Garment Worker Center on Instagram: @garmentworkercenter ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Eartha of Revari on Instagram @shoprevari

Jan 5

23 min 13 sec

On this special Live episode of Change is Now we get to hear from our host Stella Abril, and guest Rebecca Blake Thompson! Rebecca is a sustainable fashion activist, speaker, journalist, and consultant with a background in the fashion industry. In this episode, we don’t hold back sharing about the issues Garment Makers face all over the world, including here in the United States. Not only are brands guilty of greenwashing called out in this conversation, but just as importantly we are given the questions we can ask brands so we as consumers can be making educated choices with our purchases. Tune in to hear more about how we can make imperfect action towards sharing and living a sustainable lifestyle! 03:50 What is your mission in sharing the stories of Garment Makers throughout the world? 06:50 What is the typical story for Garment Makers? 11:00 How integrity can be broken as you move down the supply chain. 14:50 What brands out there might not be as “green” or ethical as they claim to be? 20:15 What questions should we be asking to find brands that are ethical and sustainable? 22:30 What advice do you have for those newly entering the sustainability space? 27:40 How can we as a community start making a difference today?  31:50 Live Question: How do we support SB-1399?  35:05 Live Question: How much momentum is there in the US for brands adopting B Corp accreditation? 36:30 Live Question: Why should we push for second-hand clothing purchasing when this does not solve the problem?   Connect with Rebecca on Instagram: @belleblakethomps ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_

Dec 2020

42 min 41 sec

Today we’re bringing light to the world of luxury vintage fashion! In this episode, our host Stella is joined by Claudia Karim! Claudia has over 15 years of experience working in the New York Fashion industry. She’s worked as a designer, stylist, and fashion buyer! Now Claudia owns an online vintage boutique, Glitter and Stitches Vintage. In this episode, we talk about the stigma around second-hand clothing, styling tips, and why we need to SAVE THE SEQUINS! 00:45 Sustanabiliy Industry Updates! 02:50 What brought you into fashion design? 04:20 Who do you think gave luxury its label? 05:10 What is luxury to you? 07:40 What is the stigma around vintage clothing? 10:00 What advice would you give to someone just getting started in sustainable fashion? 13:40 In your opinion, why is vintage best? 18:20 What vintage styling tips do you have for someone new to shopping vintage fashion? 22:20 Stop saving outfits for “special occasions”, every day is a special occasion!   Follow Claudia on Instagram @cldkrm And @glitterandstitchesvintage Shop Claudia’s Vintage clothing! ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_  

Dec 2020

25 min 32 sec

Our Host, Stella is joined by good friend Neha Purohit! Neha is an integrative health coach, yoga teacher, she volunteers with Fashion Revolution as the Southwest Regional Coord and has an MBA in Sustainable Business. In this episode, Neha talks about how sustainability takes being thoughtful about the choices you make! Why do you buy? What small step can you make to produce less waste? Not only do we dive into what questions we can all ask ourselves to live more sustainably, but we also talk about the mindset and giving yourself grace on the journey!  00:50 Sustainability Industry Updates! 03:00 Meet Neha! 04:00 What does sustainability mean to you? (odd cut, sounds like it had to be cut straight to the first question.) 07:20 What brought you to live a sustainable lifestyle? 11:40 How do you integrate sustainability into your daily life? 14:15 Where can someone start to make more sustainable choices? ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_  

Dec 2020

18 min 29 sec

What does it really mean to live like a minimalist? Our host Stella is joined by Asher Sinclaire. Beyond his interest in minimalism, Asher is an award-winning artist, writer, and photographer. In this episode, Stella gets Asher’s take on minimalism not just when it comes to materialistic things, but a holistic perspective of everything we physically and mentally consume. Tune in for personal stories of the journey of minimalism, and ways you can live more minimally yourself! 01:40 A little about Second Hand September.  03:40 What does Minimalism mean to you? 06:10 How did you start your minimalistic mindset journey? 12:00 How have your experiences shaped how your minimalistic journey has evolved to today?  14:20 Moving to Hawaii with only what fits in your bags. 18:05 In your experience, what is the bare minimum for you to live a good quality life? 20:00 How many items of clothing do you currently have in your closet? 23:40 How does your art with eco textiles play into your minimalistic way of living? 27:30 What are some of the current projects you’re working on right now? 30:50 What advice do you have for others interested in a more minimal lifestyle? 36:50 The importance of quieting your mind and spending time in nature. ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_ Connect with Asher on Instagram: @ashersinclaire

Dec 2020

39 min 57 sec

As it’s been said in our other episodes, today’s guest Karen Lukacs says it perfectly, “The power for change is in the hands of the consumer!” Karen is an award-winning designer, who reduces waste by using reclaimed garments and textiles. In this episode, our host Stella sheds light on the issue of waste in the fashion industry and how we can individually reduce waste! From designers to each of us as consumers, there are so many ways we can reduce waste and keep clothing out of landfills. Tune in to learn more about the negative impacts of waste, ways we can combat fashion waste, and how your local alterations shop might become your new best friend.  00:50 Sustainability Updates: ReCommerce is where it’s at right now! 02:20 Meet award-winning designer and teacher, Karen Lukacs! 03:15 What are some strategies for zero waste in the fashion industry? 06:40 How did you get started in designing reclaimed garments and textiles? 10:10 Lessons learned and taught at a gallery show!  12:10 How do you eliminate waste in your design process? 16:40 How can we incorporate sustainable or eco-fashion into their closets and reduce waste?  20:20 Where can we go to have something upcycled? ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_  

Dec 2020

23 min 10 sec

In this episode, Fast Fashion is compared to a single-use coffee cup. Sam Hartsock joins our host Stella Abril to talk about the dangers and injustices of Fast Fashion! Sam is a director of education at Remake, a company with the mission to make the fashion industry a force for good! Listen in to hear about ways Fast Fashion is affecting our health, our environment, and the many ways it’s affecting garment workers. It doesn’t stop with knowing how harmful Fast Fashion is. Sam and Stella also talk about ways we can all get involved by joining in on the conversation and signing the Pay Up petition! 04:00 What does Fast Fashion mean? 06:20 Why is fast fashion so inexpensive? 10:00 What are some common brands that are considered fast fashion? 13:00 What has been your experience working with Remake? 15:05 Who is the ambassador program for?  18:00 How does Remake educate about fast fashion? 21:00 What is the Pay Up Campaign?   Follow on Instagram @remakeourworld Sign the petition on ……………………………... Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_

Nov 2020

24 min 35 sec

Today we’re discussing fair trade, ethical fashion, and how you can make sustainable fashion choices. In this episode, our host Stella is joined by the founder of Revari, Eartha Hubbell! Eartha created Revari, an online boutique to highlight brands that sell sustainable, fair trade, ethical fashion sourced from around the world. Fashion is one of the top 3 most polluting industries in the world. Making conscious fashion choices affect the planet and the people in it! Tune in to this episode for ways can make changes, whether they be big or small, to make sustainable fashion choices and take your power back as a consumer.  03:20 What are your thoughts on Sustainable Fashion? 05:30 How have you made it easy for others to find sustainable brands with Revari? 09:50 Why is it important to you to sell fair trade and ethically made clothing? 12:50 How can you start to make the shift of making sustainable fashion choices? 16:40 What are some affordable ways to shop sustainably? 19:15 Getting good use out of pieces of clothing you love can go a long way in more ways than one!   Check our Revari on Instagram: @shoprevari Check out Eartha’s website: Save 15% with code: Revari15  ………………………….. Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_

Nov 2020

22 min 59 sec

What is Greenwashing? Our host Stella is joined by Sophia Toomb to dive into the ways some brands are putting up the facade of being sustainable to dupe customers into buying MORE! We hear buzzwords like “conscious”, “ethically sourced”, and “natural” left and right! Do you know how to tell if a brand is actually taking action to be sustainable? This episode is full of questions you can ask, and resources that have done the work for you to find brands you can trust! 03:30 Meet is Sophia Toomb! 05:00 What brought you to decide to create Moda Verde? 06:15 What do you look for when you feature a brand on your blog? 09:10 Why did you decide to move into the sustainable fashion space? 11:00 What is Greenwashing? 12:30 Who are some of the biggest offenders? 17:20 Are the people that are making your clothes being paid a livable wage? 23:10 How can we spot and avoid greenwashing? 26:20 Resources that rate brands and their sustainability!   Follow along with Sophia on Instagram: @sophiatoomb And @modaverdeus Check out sustainable brands on Sophia’s blog:   Check out these resources mentioned on the podcast! Good on You: Apps: Remake and How Good ………………………… Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_  

Nov 2020

31 min 4 sec

Welcome to the very first episode of Change is Now! This podcast is for those who are new to Sustainability! In this episode, our host Stella Abril talks about her own introduction to sustainable fashion when her daughter asked her some impactful questions. Sustainable living isn’t about being perfect, it’s about living with minimal impact and understanding the power of your consumer dollar so you can use your power for good. Tuning into this podcast every week will bring you conversations from influencers, creators, and educators within the sustainability space so you can make the impact for good you want to see in your home, community, and the world. 00:45 Who is Stella Abril? 01:15 What my daughter taught me about sustainable fashion! 02:05 Taking the pledge to buy NO NEW CLOTHES for a year! 03:00 Who is this podcast for? ……………………………... Connect with Stella on Instagram: @stella_abril_  

Nov 2020

4 min 36 sec