All Vampires Are Gay: A Queer Supernatural Narrative Fiction Podcast

Corwynn Rosewood

All Vampires Are Gay is a campy, fun, supernatural adventure story with queer love at its core!

When grumpy gay goth vampire Victor meets his match in mysterious deejay Robert sparks fly, but soon their budding romance is interrupted by the chaotic evil forces of ancient vampires released from their mausoleum tomb. With the help of non-binary vampire leader Samson, trans-witch-vampire Jinn, and a whole lot of tea, they will take on the big bad who may just be Victor‘s first love.

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Trailer 1 min 32 sec

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A teaser for what All Vampires Are Gay is all about!

Sep 14

1 min 32 sec

In the Pilot episode dramatic goth vampire Victor spots an intriguing young man. After a frightening premonition from Persephone he decides to pursue him.

Sep 21

25 min 54 sec

The action is heating up as Victor meets with Samson to learn about an imminent threat. Victor and Robert continue their flirtation.

Sep 28

23 min 7 sec

Mystery and intrigue abound at the Belladonna Club, Victor meets up with nerdy trans vampire-witch Jinn.

Oct 5

22 min 22 sec

Victor and Robert share a romantic evening together.

Nov 7

25 min 34 sec

Victor and Robert take a road trip to a cemetery.

Nov 14

24 min 44 sec