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Hosted by Prab Doowa. Chameleon Technologies’ founder, Melissa Acton-Buzard started her own business back in 2000 in Kirkland, Washington. Today, we invite powerful women leaders like Melissa to sit down and chat about everything from the difficulties they have faced in their careers to their proudest moment to how they maintain work-life balance. Chameleon Chats provides an inside look into the real women around you.

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In her role as Senior Director of Partnership Strategy and Activation, Ingrid Russell-Narcisse has spent the past 25 years developing and forging partnerships with global brands for the Seattle Mariners. Prior to the Mariners Ingrid was a ‘walk-on’ turned scholarship athlete on the Women’s Basketball team playing on teams that won two league Championship titles, […]

Oct 6

25 min 8 sec

Katherine McCord is the Founder and Host of Career Launch Live and President of Titan Management. Career Launch Live is a show that discusses the positive evolution of the job market and the hiring process. Katherine tackles everything from best jobseeker practices to discrimination and mental health in the workplace. In this episode, Katherine discusses […]

Jul 7

26 min 43 sec

Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder, and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC discusses her mission to help women in engineering and technology create fulfilling careers on their terms. She has learned the hard way that technical skills only get you so far and that women need extra tools in their career toolkits so that can have the […]

Apr 6

37 min 16 sec

For our first episode of 2021, we have Elena Ionenko, the Co-Founder of Turnkey Lender, a global leader in Unified Lending Management. Turnkey Lender provides an AI-based end-to-end solution for complete automation of the lending process in non-bank organizations and banks. Elena discusses how she has never seen herself as “a woman in the tech […]

Jan 6

24 min 3 sec

Laura Butler is equal parts Military Commander, Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, and Teacher. In our last episode of 2020, Laura discusses team building at UpLift Group, creative solutions to hard problems, diversity and inclusion, and so much more. 

Nov 2020

47 min 49 sec

Jodi-Ann Burey (she/her) has a mission to disrupt “business as usual” to achieve social change. Her work centers the experiences of historically underrepresented communities and is grounded in the systemic intersectional approaches needed to address inequities. A true multi-hyphenate, Jodi-Ann is a speaker, writer, conversation curator, entrepreneur and educator. She is also the creator and […]

Nov 2020

26 min 11 sec

You’ll find Ha Na Park posing for Instagram, live streaming on Facebook, lip syncing on Tik Tok, and interviewing punk rock bands for her YouTube channel – all to collect insights that’ll inform her clients on how to trend with their digital and social campaign. She’s an expert in multicultural campaigning and founded Presence, a […]

Oct 2020

20 min 40 sec

Preet Sohi found herself in LA, striving to become an actress. Long story short, she ended up working at Wells Fargo and loved the job and the fast-paced life that came with being a Business Development Manager. 10 years later, she decided to go into tech. She started with an idea and today, she’s the […]

Sep 2020

32 min 29 sec

Give InKind changes the way people give, receive and coordinate support through major life events. From the birth of a new baby to the loss of a loved one, and everything in between, friends, families, and communities are looking for easy ways to come together to support one another – in ways that go beyond […]

Aug 2020

27 min 8 sec

“There is this time when you’re starting, you don’t know anything,” said Farah Allen, CEO, and Founder of TheLabz. “Then, something happens and you realize that you do know. You know now. You know enough.” Allen is known for connecting dots and resolving problems using technology. She combined her passion for technology, problem-solving, and music […]

Jul 2020

25 min 45 sec

Danielle Griebel is the CEO at BlueZones Systems Inc. Griebel takes a rather unorthodox or undermined approach when it comes to business. She believes in kindness and compassion. To some, this may be seen as a fault or a sign of fragility, but Griebel believes that “your loving nature is not a weakness in business.” […]

May 2020

27 min 1 sec

“Do what you need to do to advance your career but don’t forget that people matter.” Meet the CEO of Biarca, Subha Rajana. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, a woman in tech, and a mother. She discusses women empowerment and education and how we shouldn’t take it for granted. Subha is also a mentor and […]

Apr 2020

21 min 46 sec

Jami Moore, the President of Jem Tech Group discusses the joys of being an entrepreneur. Jami loves helping customers solve their technological challenges and has a passion for consulting them on how to be more efficient. 18 years ago, she took over her dads business and has scaled it to the well-established company it is […]

Mar 2020

21 min 5 sec

Angela Hood, the CEO of This Way Global. This Way Global is known for being the AI for jobs. The company matches people to jobs. Angela discusses the bias in diversity as well as inclusion in regards to jobs and how she believes that a company represents the customer. Our conversation gets into talent vs. […]

Feb 2020

25 min 16 sec

If there’s anyone who understands what it means to “love what you do,” and not just “do what you love,” it’s Elevate Billing Solution’s President, Leanna Joy. Elevate Billing’s expert specialists provide the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency that dental practices need to increase collections and profitability without breaking the bank. At age 23, Leanna decided to […]

Jan 2020

19 min 28 sec

CEO, Robbie Ericson is an IT professional with over 20 years experience in the software billing industry. She has participated in three full lifecycle implementations of CC&B and two full lifecycle implementations for ORMB. She is a certified software tester by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and a Project Management Professional (PMP). In […]

Dec 2019

28 min 20 sec

For over 20 years now, Farida Ali has been working in her family’s business. It wasn’t her original plan but today, she’s the CEO of Dynamic Computer Corporation. The IT industry has changed drastically since 1994 and is completely different today. Farida had to find ways to compete and engage in markets that wanted to pay […]

Nov 2019

18 min 26 sec

Dr. Charu Raheja, the CEO and Board Member of Continuwell has leveraged her healthcare experience and strong finance background to revolutionize the healthcare industry by using technology for good by allowing patients to have access to nurses even when the doctor’s office is closed. She is an expert in setting strategy and using technology and […]

Oct 2019

19 min 13 sec

After 11 years of professional experience focused college access and small business development from the non-profit sector and higher education institutions, Lakeisha Jackson made a career shift into tech by joining Microsoft as a Digital Communities Manager within the Worldwide Commercial Business Organization. Lakeisha discusses the responsibility of technology, how the world is facing digital […]

Sep 2019

23 min 50 sec

People often have a misconception about those who are Communication or Journalism majors in college. They think that there are only a few career paths these fields can take you, but the possibilities are actually endless with these degrees. If you’ve been told that there isn’t money in pursuing these fields, you heard wrong! Ashley Walls […]

Aug 2019

30 min 9 sec

Laura Espriu is a certified Executive Coach with experience in developing and facilitating leadership, talent, and diversity and inclusion initiatives for individuals and organizations. Her experience involves working as a Coach and Trainer for leading organizations such as Columbia University, Accenture, Chopt Creative Salad Company, Mitsubishi Electric, U.S. Mexico Foundation, Ellevate-invest in women, Savvy Ladies […]

Jul 2019

21 min 1 sec

“I have always been passionate about helping people grow – helping them figure out how to grow. At the end of the day, if you want to change the future, you have to start with young people.” Chelsea Cooper is a Partner Human Resources Associate in the Finance Division at Starbucks and the Co-Chair of […]

Jun 2019

32 min 10 sec

VP of Community Engagement & Marketing at WTIA, Julie Pham, Ph.D. shares her on-the-go learner attitude. The storyteller describes herself as a “dot connector” and has some helpful advice on business, negotiation, relationships, and volunteering! She believes that being vocal gets you rewarded and that taking the opportunities that come by is worth pursuing because […]

May 2019

23 min 8 sec

Retired Accenture Senior Managing Director and current professor at the UW’s Foster School of Business’s CBDC program, Liz Tinkham not only has some of the best advice and stories from her 30+ years as a consultant but also brings such a light to the way she approached a very flexible and versatile lifestyle. Today, she […]

Apr 2019

24 min 29 sec

“I very early on demonstrated that I didn’t have to be treated differently because I was a female so I never wanted to stand out because I was female. I don’t want to get picked because I’m a female, I want to be picked because I’m qualified” says AVP Device Development, Shannon Eubanks from L’Oreal. […]

Jan 2019

20 min 23 sec

“Don’t be bias.” It’s easier said than done, but CEO of Neural Shifts, Venus Rekow thinks she knows how to shift people’s perspective and thought processes by fixing internal systems and processes and removing biases within. “It’s really hard to shift identities but by understanding that there are systems in place where the bias lies […]

Jan 2019

21 min 29 sec

Being a female Technical PM is about “being one of the boys,” says Sheri Ellis. She leads a team of five male data analysts and developers, and we got to hear about how she became the #GirlBoss. She has been part of the Chameleon family for over four months now and has been leading the […]

Jan 2019

20 min 16 sec

“When a woman learns, the whole house becomes educated,” says Rajashree Varma, CEO, and Founder of Arth Systems. Varma shared how her family’s support and upbringing led her to the technical world, but she also talks about the fear, uncertainty, and doubt in her journey and how she succeeded.

Jan 2019

17 min 44 sec

“Women need to invest in themselves,” says CEO/Founder of IGNITE Worldwide, Cathi Rodgveller. We welcome her on our second episode of Chameleon Chats to share her passion for inspiring young women to get into tech fields. She truly believes that women need to be brave and that every girl deserves IGNITE. IGNITE’s mission is to […]

Jan 2019

19 min 48 sec

For the very first episode, CEO of Chameleon Technologies, Melissa Acton-Buzard sits down with show host, Prab Doowa to discuss the importance of women in today’s tech and business world. Chameleon Technologies is a technical staffing and data services firm that precisely matches qualified candidates to open positions at well-known companies in the Pacific Northwest […]

Jan 2019

11 min 45 sec

Are you a woman in business or tech? Are you looking for a platform to share your story? Do you want to inspire young women leaders? This is your chance! Chameleon Chats is all about connecting women to other women so that we can help each other learn and grow. Share your story or listen […]

Dec 2018

28 sec