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Anna from 2FOR2 is back, 3 years later to talk about their progress on KAPIA, and the upcoming Kickstarter. We get a sneak peek at the first level of the game, and end with the team's look back and advice for new indie devs.

Sep 9

62 min

It's the month before the month before the big Console Release and holiday releases, and while there was far too many Good Games to include, we somehow narrowed it down to 10...

Sep 8

25 min

Bamm and Drac sit down after a bit of chin-wagging about KFC and discuss our "Top 10" Indie releases for the month of August. Oh and remember to check out Gamescom digitally on the 27th to 30th.

Jul 29

35 min

Bamm and Drac tinfoils the living daylight out of Sony Playstation's 250 million "investment" into Epic Games, but before that, apparently they needed to talk about UbiSoft's presser.

Jul 15

21 min

We left Drac all alone for a while, and he accidentally recorded an Upcoming Games episode for July!

Jul 8

20 min

Long-time favourite Duru, about grey mole rats and depression, has just hit kickstarter, and Drac sat down with the developers to hear all about Tuli, Bel, and the rest of the colony

Jul 1

42 min

We are joined by comrades in indie-arms, Stoffel Presents - Ed and Badger from the Stoffel team came around for a talk about working as media in the Indie games arena, and they do to lift up games.

Jun 17

71 min

Back for a 2nd visit, it's Audio Wizard Tony Porter, talking Power Rangers development, Swordcoast Legends memories, and life under The 'Rona.

Jun 11

101 min

June has started, and here's we trying to catch up with yet-another episode of UPCOMING GAMES!

Jun 3

45 min

The Invitation is a new PvX MMO on Kickstarter right now, with perma-death, and a side-grade equipment design. We sat down with Timo and Martin to talk about their plans, the campaign, and everything else.

May 27

69 min

It took us a full year and then a bit to get this sorted, but we FINALLY have Mr Kittemurt from Troglobytes on to talk about the Twin-Stick Infestor that is their game Hyperparasite!

May 14

64 min

Oh lordy, Drac and G are positively ancient compared to this week's guest, Eric Thullen, who is here to talk about his game Ancient Dungeon VR

May 8

52 min

It's the games of May 2020, but first we talk about the current situation from a media PoV, and catch up with a dear release from April that we might have forgotten to mention last month!

Apr 29

37 min

Bamm and Drac decided this week to invite you into a game session with the two of them while they offer their thoughts about the Division 2, it's similarities/differences to the PS4 version and Division 1 as well as a few tidbits on cider brewing.

Apr 10

33 min

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