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Left of Str8 Show

By Scott Fullerton

Welcome to the Left of Str8 Show, LGBT Talk Radio from a slightly different angle. Join host Scott Fullerton, as he interviews celebrities, personalities, and advocates from Entertainment, Foodies, Books, and Organizations from the LGBT Community and our Allies.

  1. 1.
    Left of Str8 Show 9-14-2020: Music Monday with Host Scott Fullerton09/15/2020
  2. 2.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-19-2020: Special Correspondents Josh and Jeff of J & J Buzz and Actor, Writer, Producer, Adam DeCarlo08/20/2020
  3. 3.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-18-2020: Special Correspondent David Reddish on our Tuesday Entertainment Minute and Special Guest Interview with Charles Baker Strahan08/19/2020
  4. 4.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-17-2020: It's our Favorite Songs of the Summer with Zach Day, Rocky from GrueMonkey and Scott and Lovianna choosing their top songs08/18/2020
  5. 5.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-14-2020: Scott talks about his new transformation journey in Nutrition, Movement and Meditation and Singer/Songwriter Michael Butera from Australia calls in.08/15/2020
  6. 6.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-13-2020: Special Guest Interview with Artist, Actress Beth Bowen08/14/2020
  7. 7.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-12-2020: Special Correspondents Josh and Jeff from J&J Buzz and Special Guest Interview Kalob Gossett08/13/2020
  8. 8.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-11-2020: Special Correspondent Enoch Miller for our Monthly West Hollywood Entertainment Minute and Actor and Comedian Tim Murray08/12/2020
  1. 9.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-10-2020: Special Correspondent J. Knight with a Monday Music Minute and Guest Interviews with Zach Day and Tomey Sellars08/11/2020
  2. 10.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-6-2020: Special Correspondent Jacob Telego does his Mental Health Minute today on Coping with Covid and Our Special Guest Interview is Author Melissa Brayden08/07/2020
  3. 11.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-5-2020: Special Correspondents J & J Buzz with our Pop Culture Minute, Funny Men Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara and Wealth Manager Joey Amata08/06/2020
  4. 12.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-4-2020: David Reddish with his Entertainment Minute, Stephen and Jared from Showboy Bake Shop and Actor/Singer/Dancer Patrick Ortiz08/05/2020
  5. 13.
    Left of Str8 Show 8-3-2020: Special Music Correspondent Zach Day kicks it off tonight then our LIVE interview with Singer/Songwriter Josh Orozco08/04/2020
  6. 14.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-30-2020: Special Correspondent Remeice Ellis starts us off with her Thursday Foodie Minute, then we talk to Celebrity Realtor Yawar Charlie from CNBC's "Listing Impossible"07/31/2020
  7. 15.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-29-2020: J & J Buzz Pop Culture Minute with Josh and Jeff and Actor/Singer/Producer BP Major 07/30/2020
  8. 16.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-28-2020: Special Correspondent Adam Rothenberg shares his East Coast Entertainment Minute then Elite Gymnast Paul Ruggeri calls in for an Interview07/29/2020
  9. 17.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-27-2020: Music Monday with Special Correspondent J. Knight and our Interview with Singer/Songwriter Jaake Castro07/28/2020
  10. 18.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-23-2020: It's Music Monday on a Thursday with the Stage and Acapella Men of T-3, Jim, Liam and Brendan and then Actor/Singer/Songwriter Kaleb Rudy07/24/2020
  11. 19.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-22-2020: Pop Culture Minute with Josh and Jeff of J & J Buzz, Interviews with Filmmaker Ryan Balas and Queer Kid Stuff Creator Lindsay Amer07/23/2020
  12. 20.
    -Left of Str8 Show 7-21-2020: Entertainment Minute with David Reddish and Interviews with Stan Zimmerman and Harry Lopez07/22/2020
  13. 21.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-20-2020: Music Minute with Zach Day and 2 Interviews. First Singer/Songwriter Kisos and next Singer/Songwriter Rett Madison07/21/2020
  14. 22.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-17-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jason Caceres and Interview with Cabaret Performer / Song Stylist, Kim David Smith07/18/2020
  15. 23.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-16-2020: Foodie Special Correspondent Remeice Ellis and Interviews with Ryan Cassata and Edwin Alexis Gomez07/17/2020
  16. 24.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-15-2020: J & J Buzz with Josh and Jeff and an Interview with the Amazing Sam Harris07/16/2020
  17. 25.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-14-2020: Special West Coast Entertainment Correspondent Enoch Miller, and Interviews with Dr. D-L Stewart and Matkai Burmaster07/15/2020
  18. 26.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-13-2020: Music Monday with Special Correspondent J. Knight and Interviews with Singer/Songwriters Travis Howard and Joey Suarez07/14/2020
  19. 27.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-10-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jake Taylor, Friday Funny with Comedian Tyler Mead and Beautiful Art with Bianca Turner07/11/2020
  20. 28.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-9-2020: Mental Health Minute with Jacob Telego Special Guests Magician and Comedian Justin Willman and Author and Speaker Britt East07/10/2020
  21. 29.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-8-2020: Pop Culture Minute with Josh and Jeff J & J Buzz, and Music Monday on Wednesday with Ben Hazlewood and Unsung Lilly07/09/2020
  22. 30.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-7-2020: Special Guests are Podcaster Extraordinaire Patrick Hinds and Actor/Singer/Dancer/Model Richard Biglia07/08/2020
  23. 31.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-6-2020: It's a Music Monday with two amazing singer/songwriters, Nat Puff, aka Left At London and Rachael Sage07/07/2020
  24. 32.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-3-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jason Caceres and Guests Broadway's Own Chris and Clay Rice-Thomson and Artist Darrell Thorne07/04/2020
  25. 33.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-2-2020: Thursday Foodie Minute with Remeice Ellis, Speakers Greg Baird and Matt Ballace07/03/2020
  26. 34.
    Left of Str8 Show 7-1-2020: Pop Culture Minute w/ J& J Buzz's Josh and Jeff and Special Guests Writer/Film Maker Tim Zientek and Dr. Steve Yacovelli The Gay Leadership Dude07/02/2020
  27. 35.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-30-2020: Entertainment Minute with NYC Adam Rothenberg, then Interviews with Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum and LGBTQ Historian Dr. Eric Cervini07/01/2020
  28. 36.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-29-2020: Monday Music Minute with J. Knight and Interviews with singers Nick Metos and Hayden Joseph06/30/2020
  29. 37.
    Left of Str8 Radio 6-25-2020: Special Guests Tennessee Male Drag Performer Jax McGuire and Jon Jackson from the INNdulge Resort06/26/2020
  30. 38.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-24-2020: Pop Culture Minute with J & J Buzz's Josh Robbins, Special Guests Karl Schmid and Matt Rebackoff06/25/2020
  31. 39.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-23-2020: Special Guest David Reddish, Entertainment Editor from Queerty and Q. Digital Media06/24/2020
  32. 40.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-22-2020: Monday Musical Minute with Zach Day from The Voice and Special Guest Singer/Songwriter Zee Machine06/23/2020
  33. 41.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-19-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Actor/Trainer Jason Caceres and Interviews with Singer/Songwriters Fab The Duo and Justin Mortelliti06/20/2020
  34. 42.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-18-2020: Meet our Foodie Special Correspondent Remeice Ellis and from Broadway Special Guests Actor/Acting Coach Bret Shuford and Actor/Singer Mark Evans06/19/2020
  35. 43.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-17-2020: Pop Culture Minute w/ J&J Buzz's Josh and Jeff and Special Guests Actor/Writer Florian Klein and Graphic Artist Josh McKenna06/18/2020
  36. 44.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-16-2020: Equality Minute with Andy Dugan from Equality Ohio and Special Guests Actor Danny Lee Gomez and Producer and The Brand Storyteller TM David Beebe06/17/2020
  37. 45.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-15-2020: Monday Musical Minute with J. Knight and Special Guests Branden and James w/ Miss Conception and Brian Justin Crum06/16/2020
  38. 46.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-12-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jake Dean Taylor and Special Guests Actor Jared Reinfeldt and Singer/Songwriter Debby Holiday 06/13/2020
  39. 47.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-11-2020: Mental Health Minute with Stephanie Schroeder and Special Guests Astrologer Colin Bedell and On-Set Teacher, Kelsey Zipchen06/12/2020
  40. 48.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-10-2020: Pop Culture Minute with J & J Buzz with Josh and Jeff, Special Guest Interviews with Sam Knight and Glen North06/11/2020
  41. 49.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-9-2020: Enoch Miller with a Royal West Coast Minute and Special Guests Adam Huss & Adam Bucci and the Cast of "As I Am" Film06/10/2020
  42. 50.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-8-2020: Special Guest Nathaniel Hunt, A Musical Minute with Zach Day, and an Interview with UK Country Singer/Songwriter Tommy Atkins06/09/2020
  43. 51.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-2-2020: Special Guests Jay Maq talks about Black Lives Matter and Interviews with The Gay Life Coach, Brian Falduto and Stephen S. Miller, host of "The Mama Rose Show"06/03/2020
  44. 52.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-1-2020: Pride Month Begins, Black Lives Matter Monday Music Minute with J. Knight and Special Guest Drake Jensen06/02/2020
  45. 53.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-29-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jake Dean Taylor and Special Guests Q. Allan Brocka and Tyler Jean05/30/2020
  46. 54.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-28-2020: Mental Health Minute with Stephanie Schroeder and Special Guests Mike C. Manning and Remeice Ellis05/29/2020
  47. 55.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-27-2020: Pop Culture Minute with J & J Buzz Special Correspondents Josh and Jeff then Special Guests Ann Walker and Michael Orland05/28/2020
  48. 56.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-26-2020: East Coast Entertainment Minute with Adam Rothenberg, Special Guests Newell & Rosemary Alexander, Mark Schwab05/27/2020
  49. 57.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-25-2020: Music Monday with a Music Minute with Zach Day, Special Guests: Stefan Alexander and Levi Kreis05/26/2020
  50. 58.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-22-2020: Friday Fitness Minute with Jason Caseres, Guests Del Shores, Emerson Collins, Shane Feldman and Bill DiPiero05/23/2020
  51. 59.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-21-2020: Special Guests Actor and Advocate Brett Aaron Nicol and Flip Phone Events Owner and Organizer Chad Kampe 05/22/2020
  52. 60.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-20-2020: Special Guests Josh and Jeff with a J & J Buzz Pop Culture Minute, Peter Paige and Ryan Carnes05/21/2020
  53. 61.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-19-2020: Special Guests Enoch Miller with a West Hollywood Minute, Actor/Producer/Host John Hill, Actor/Producer Reynaldo Pacheco and Proprietors of the Park Ridge Lodge05/20/2020
  54. 62.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-18-2020: Musical Monday with Special Correspondent J. Knights Musical Minute, and Singers/Songwriters Spencer Day and Stewart Taylor05/19/2020
  55. 63.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-15-2020: Guests Friday Fitness Minute with Jake Dean Taylor, From the Dominant Chord Movie Jeremy Leroux & Clayton James and Scotty Dynamo and Mike Heslin05/16/2020
  56. 64.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-14-2020: Guests: Mental Health Minute with Stephanie Schroeder, Movement, Queer and Mental Health with Justin Littleton, and New Musicals with Jeffrey Johns05/15/2020
  57. 65.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-13-2020: J and J Buzz with Josh Robbins & Jeffrey McCallister, Brandon Kneefel and Kyle Thomas for Mystical Wednesday05/14/2020
  58. 66.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-12-2020: Special Guests Actor/Personal Trainer Sam Leicht and Entertainment Host Justin Root05/13/2020
  59. 67.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-11-2020: Musical Monday with Zach Day and a Musical Minute, Pano Tsaklas and Matt Van Fossen05/12/2020
  60. 68.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-8-2020: Special Guests Dancer/Choreographer Lyrik Cruz, Actor/Writer/Producer Mat Hayes and Entertainment Host Tanner Zipchen05/09/2020
  61. 69.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-7-2020: Special Guests on "Writers Block" Thursday Greg Cope White and Dennis Hensley05/08/2020
  62. 70.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-6-2020: Special Guests PR Exec and Television Producer Josh Sabarra, Enoch Miller the "Empress of WeHo," and PR Manager and Kilt Enthusiast Al Geiner05/07/2020
  63. 71.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-5-2020: Special Guests Dancer/Choreographer Benji Schwimmer and Actors/Influencers Couple Jason Caseres and Christian Lopez05/06/2020
  64. 72.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-4-2020: Musical Monday with Special Guests Michael Mott, Michael Fairman and Kenyth Mogan05/05/2020
  65. 73.
    Left of Str8 Show 5-1-2020: Special Guests Writer/Director Stan Zimmerman, Actor/Author Fernando Rivera, and LGBTQ Travel Expert Ed Salvato05/02/2020
  66. 74.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-30-2020: Special Guest's Writer Joshua Conkel, Advocate Josh Robbins and Lifestyle Brand and Blogger Kyle Langan05/01/2020
  67. 75.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-29-2020: Special Guests Sam Cushing, Digital Marketer, Musician, Social Media Influencer and Rachel Mason, Filmmaker04/30/2020
  68. 76.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-28-2020: 'Talkshow Tuesday' with 3 amazing entertainment hosts, Frank DeCaro, Adam Rothenburg and Tommy Geraci04/29/2020
  69. 77.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-28-2020: Musical Monday with Rodrigo Massa from Brazil, Matt Stern from Canada, and Justin Utley from NYC04/28/2020
  70. 78.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-24-2020: Special Guests LGBTQ Activists Carson Jones and from Equality Ohio, Andy Dugan04/25/2020
  71. 79.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-23-2020: Special Guests Writer/Director Billy Clift, Artist Paul Richmond, and Actor/Model/Trainer Jake Dean Taylor04/24/2020
  72. 80.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-22-2020: Special Guests LGBTQ and Political Activists James 'Duke' Mason and Fred Karger04/24/2020
  73. 81.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-21-2020: Special Guests Actor and Producer Bruce L. Hart and Actor/Singer/Host Jai Rodriguez04/22/2020
  74. 82.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-20-2020: Musical Monday: Special Guests Singers/Songwriters Kim Cameron, Jay Maq and Krystal Beverly04/21/2020
  75. 83.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-14-2020: Special Guests Writer/Director/Producer Michael Varrati and Blogger/Podcaster Adam Rothenberg from Call Me Adam04/15/2020
  76. 84.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-13-2020: Musical Monday with Singer/Songwriters Cameron Hawthorn, David Hernandez, and Jacob Daniel Murphy04/14/2020
  77. 85.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-7-2020: Special Guests Author and Wellness Guru Archer Love, Author and Mental Health Advocate Stephanie Shroeder and YA m4m Author Chris Bedell04/08/2020
  78. 86.
    Left of Str8 Show 4-6-2020: Musical Monday with Special Guests Singers/Songwriters Aris and Zach Day04/07/2020
  79. 87.
    Left of Str8 Show 3-31-2020: Special Guests Actors Terry Ray and Loni Anderson and Medium and Paranormal Investigator Rob Gutro04/01/2020
  80. 88.
    Left of Str8 Show 3-30-2020: Special Guests Singer/Songwriter Brandon Stansell and Writer/Director Del Shores03/31/2020
  81. 89.
    Left of Str8 Show 3-24-2020: An Interview with Actor/Writer Sam Pancake03/25/2020
  82. 90.
    Left of Str8 Show 3-23-2020: Musical Monday Special Mix Tape Edition 24 Artists and Songs03/24/2020
  83. 91.
    Left of Str8 Show 3-17-2020: Special Guests Actor/Writers Drew Droege and Ben Baur03/18/2020
  84. 92.
    Left of Str8 Show: 3-16-2020 with Billy Gilman and Zachary James03/17/2020
  85. 93.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-4-19: Big Gay Roadtrip LIVE in Palm Springs, with Fernando Rivera, Mat Hayes, Matt Stern, Tim Willy 06/10/2019
  86. 94.
    Left of Str8 Show 6-3-19: Big Gay Roadtrip LIVE in Palm Springs: Day 1 Benji Schwimmer, Eddie Lobo, Gil Tatzu, Kyle Thomas, Rick Karatas06/10/2019
  87. 95.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 35: Special Guests Singer Songwriter J. Knight and GLEE Actors and Podcasters Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale05/01/2019
  88. 96.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 34: Special Guests Singer and Songwriter Hayden McHugh and HIV Advocate and Speaker Josh Robbins05/01/2019
  89. 97.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 33 4-23-19: Special Guests: Broadway Sings for Pride Neal Bennington and Dimitri Moise and Singer Songwriter Josh Orozco04/24/2019
  90. 98.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 32 4-22-19: Special Guests Yogi Dan Carter and Singer Songwriter Hayden Joseph04/24/2019
  91. 99.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 31: Actor Zach Barack and INNdulge Resort Proprietor Jon Jackson04/16/2019
  92. 100.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 29: 4-8-19 Special Guests Bill Alverson, Steven Fales and Robbie Wayne04/08/2019
  93. 101.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 28: 4-2-19 New Class of Left of Str8 Radio Interns and the Big Gay Roadtrip Details04/02/2019
  94. 102.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 27: 4-1-19 Playwright Frank Avilla and Comedian/Actor Jason Stuart04/02/2019
  95. 103.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 26: 3-26-19 Creators and Cast of The New 30 and Kyle Anderson03/27/2019
  96. 104.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 25: 3-25-19 Best of Left of Str8 Interviews: Miss Coco Peru and Nick Lazzarini03/27/2019
  97. 105.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 24: 3-19-19 Gay Gringo Steven Lee and Michael Lucas03/23/2019
  98. 106.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 23: 3-18-19 Cast and Creator of "Last Call" Web Series, Singer Brian Justin Crum03/23/2019
  99. 107.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 22: 3-12-19 Gossip Boy The Series, Singer Matt Van Fossen03/13/2019
  100. 108.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 21: 3-11-19 American Idol's David Hernandez and Artist Alec Cheravitch03/11/2019
  101. 109.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 20: 3-5-19 Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Composer Andrew Lippa03/06/2019
  102. 110.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 19: 3-4-19: Gay Gringo Postponed, Jake Biondi Replay, Davey Wavey New Interview03/05/2019
  103. 111.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 18: 2-26-19 Del Shores, Matt Stern, Daniel Monks02/27/2019
  104. 112.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 17: 2-25-19 Tommy Geraci and Greg Scarnici02/27/2019
  105. 113.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 16: Actress/Comedian Margaret Cho and Broadway Producer Cody Lassen02/20/2019
  106. 114.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 15: Jason Caceres, Christian Lopez, Matt Skallerud, Fabrice Tasendo02/19/2019
  107. 115.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 12: Comic Artist Greg Fox and Actor/Writer Craig Hurley02/13/2019
  108. 116.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 11: Katelyn Bowden, Shirtless Violinist, Ben Baur & Thandi Tolmay02/12/2019
  109. 117.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 10: Mr. Gay Canada Josh Rimer, Actress Katie Barberi02/06/2019
  110. 118.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 9: Cast of Child of the 70's, Zee Machine Music02/05/2019
  111. 119.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019, Episode 8, The Queens Project, Paul Richmond01/30/2019
  112. 120.
    Left of Str8 2019, Episode 7: Perez Hilton & Brandon Carmody01/29/2019
  113. 121.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019, Episode 6: NOH8, Ricky Rebel01/23/2019
  114. 122.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 7: Michael Mott01/22/2019
  115. 123.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019, Episode 4: Randy Slovacek, Emerson Collins & Blake McIver01/16/2019
  116. 124.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019, Episode 3: Suzanne/Diane Dewitt Hall, Kasey Lansdale, Brandon Stansell01/15/2019
  117. 125.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019 Episode 2: Randy Slovacek01/09/2019
  118. 126.
    Left of Str8 Show 2019, Episode 1: Erez Shek, Kenyth Mogan01/08/2019
  119. 127.
    Left of Str8 2018 Holiday Show (Day 2)12/28/2018
  120. 128.
    Left of Str8 2018 Holiday Show (Day 1)12/28/2018

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