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Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, AMPLIFY is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and game changers that will help you AMPLIFY your business and your life.

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This month, I’m sharing The AMPLIFY Show’s most popular episodes. Today is my interview with author and entrepreneur Courtney Carver. She's one of the first people I discovered in the simplicity space, and I loved getting a chance to talk with her.    In this interview, she shares her journey from overworked, drowning in debt, and overwhelmed with stress to a stream-lined, minimalist, healthier life.   I hope this resonates with you as much as it did with me!    And hop over to my blog for my annual holiday gift guide, where I’ve shared some of my favorite small businesses and giftable online courses. I also have a guide for those trying to keep the holidays simple, where I share my favorite faith-filled holiday traditions for the whole family. My latest blog follows this theme of simplicity; I share about how I’m unplugging lately, why I've logged off from all social media, and my new “dumb” phone.   Connect with Courtney Carver: Website Instagram Facebook   Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at   

Dec 3

28 min 33 sec

Today I’m sharing The AMPLIFY Show’s most popular episode of all time, and one the guest said was one of her favorite interviews. It’s my interview with Allie Casazza, author of Declutter Like A Mother and the host of The Purpose Show.   In this interview, we chat about how to minimize stress at home when it comes to our stuff, and the things that take up space and energy on our calendars and in our minds.    I also share that my gift guides are live this week! My annual gift guide will be live on Friday, and new this year, I’ve posted a blog about 6 faith-filled traditions to start with your children this holiday.    Mentioned in the episode: Allie’s Book: Declutter Like A Mother Allie's resources for AMPLIFY listeners Connect with Allie: Website Instagram Podcast Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at  

Nov 24

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I’m inviting you to join me for a slower, more peace-filled season with a social media sabbatical- as in, quitting social media for the next month or so.    I logged off my platforms on November 8 and plan to take a two-month digital rest.    In this episode, I’m sharing 10 reasons (technically 11 reasons, I couldn’t help myself- there are so many good ones!) to quit social media - or to at least take a break.    I started the year off with a social media sabbatical but still batched my posts once a week. This time, I’m going unplugged- I even removed email from my phone. Tune in to hear the biggest reasons why and what I hope to gain from the break.    I mention a lot of previous episodes and interviews on this topic, which I’ll link below. If you like this episode, you’ll love some of those!   Mentioned in the episode: Episode 36: Finding Freedom with Social Detox, Digital Minimalism & Vacation Episode 37: Stay Visible Online While Being Present in Life Episode 48: Break the Twitch And Live a More Intentional Life, With Anthony Ongaro Episode 55: Why We Want What We Want & The Power Of Mimetic Desire In Everyday Life, with Luke Burgis Episode 30: “Embrace the Suck” and Create Constraint to Change Your Life, with Navy SEAL & Author Brent Gleeson Episode 49: How to Stay Focused and Strong During Crazy Times Episode 8: Courage to Grow with Acton Academy Founder Laura Sandefer "Under the Influence" with Jo Piazza Connect with me: Website Instagram *Emily isn't on Instagram right now, but find us on IG at @gethappypr in the meantime! Facebook This episode first appeared at

Nov 18

30 min 9 sec

I'm so excited to introduce today’s guest, Barbara Rapaport. She’s the author of Reimagined, a memoir recounting her harrowing experience battling and surviving a rare form of cancer.    She’s a successful executive coach and consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 businesses, and she’s a former client of my PR firm, HAPPY PR.    Barbara is truly inspiring, intelligent, and she really makes you look at yourself through a different lens. In this episode, we talk about courage, personal agency, childhood demons, and radical self-acceptance.    I hope you enjoy this interview. If you do, drop a comment over on Instagram. I’m taking a social media sabbatical but you can still reach me through HAPPY PR. Just DM, leave a comment, or post about the episode and tag @gethappypr!    Mentioned in the episode: Barbara's book, Reimagined Connect with Barbara: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at 

Nov 12

33 min 55 sec

Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m talking with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship and Kids Cook Real Food. Katie is an online entrepreneur, blogger, and 2x TED X speaker.   In this episode, we talk about the importance of teaching kids critical thinking (and how to cook!) and how the pandemic and mandates derailed her TED Talks not once, but twice- and the resourceful way she still got them done. We also talk about the concerning state of school lunches, how to empower kids to take control of their health and food choices, how to find freedom in business and the "B plus mindset" that all mom entrepreneurs need to embrace.   Did this episode resonate with you? Let me know over on Instagram @emilyrichett!   Mentioned in the episode: Katie's TED Talk Katie's website for AMPLIFY listeners Connect with Katie: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at

Nov 3

33 min 14 sec

Hi friends!   Today I was inspired to quickly record another Biz Pep Talk episode, but this one is really a biz/life pep talk.   I had a coffee meeting with a client who recently launched a sustainable clothing line and she was telling me about all of the challenges she’s facing with manufacturing issues and product delays. Then, I heard from an author friend who sent me a message. And THEN, a media colleague.   Three separate women but a common theme: overcoming hardship, self doubt, and not giving enough credit to where it’s due (hint: ourselves!).   I keep finding scenarios in my own life that remind me- maybe this wasn’t supposed to be easy. And maybe I’m made for this!   It reminds me of a verse I read recently in Esther 4:14 (the popular one you’ll see in beautiful script on posters and mugs): "….perhaps you were born for times such as this." So, I pulled out my Bible again (two of them, actually, because I’m intrigued by the different translations out there) to re-read it and to see how it may apply to our everyday lives.   I hope this episode will give you a new perspective on what it means to embrace hardship & uncertainty. If it does, let me know over on Instagram @emilyrichett!   Mentioned in the episode:  Drawing the Line by Kate Crocco   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook   This episode first appeared at

Oct 27

12 min 57 sec

Do you ever wonder… why do I have the life I have?    The career I have?    Why do I do the things I do?   Buy the things I buy?    And what if I told you, you aren’t controlling these things as much as you think you are?    In this episode, I talk with Luke Burgis, author of Wanting, about Mimetic Desire and the role it plays in our everyday lives. We also talk about how it impacts everything from how many children you have to mob mentality and cancel culture (oh you know I went there!).   This is a fascinating topic and if you’ve ever wanted to know more about why you do the things you do, then you’ll want to tune in!   Also, head over to my Instagram @emilyrichett - I’m giving away a copy of Luke’s book to one listener!   Connect with Luke: Website Instagram Book   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at

Oct 14

28 min 57 sec

Today is an extra special episode. The previously scheduled interview has been moved to next week. Today I want to honor a special person, my cousin Ashley Rose. While she left the world far too soon, she made an incredible impact on the lives of many people- even complete strangers were inspired by her strength, determination, and faith.    In this episode, I share a bit about the legacy she left behind and the wisdom she unknowingly imparted to me in her last days.   I hope this inspires you to strive to “trust the process” more in your own life like Ashley did in hers.   You can learn more at the foundation in her honor-   Connect with the Ashley Rose Foundation: Website Instagram Facebook   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at 

Oct 8

9 min 14 sec

This is the first of a new series, where I’ll shart short, actionable lessons and stories to help you amplify your business.   In today’s episode, I answer the question: What happens when you decide to write an email to your list of thousands of people who haven’t heard from you in years?   I’ll tell you about my experience reviving a dead email list -- breaking down the numbers, the unsubscribes, the funny interactions, and new customers-- and the inspiring reminder that whether in your business or your personal life, success boils down to: IMPERFECT ACTION!   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at

Oct 5

9 min 11 sec

Today I'm bringing my friend and business mentor, Alex Charfen, back on the show.     Alex is someone I highly respect, personally and professionally. In business, he has built multiple Inc 500 businesses, helped turn around an entire industry in crisis, and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow scalable, impactful businesses.    Alex shares such an important message for entrepreneurs. If you’re running a business, you’re taking risks, you’re making things happen, and during these challenging times, it may require more fortitude and mental focus than ever before.   He has that shift in perspective that a lot of us are looking for and I hope this resonates with you - and brings you hope - as much as it did for me. Mentioned in this episode: Creating Momentum Through Crisis, AMPLIFY interview with Alex Charfen The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, AMPLIFY interview with Alex Charfen  Momentum podcast Facebook community Alex’s book   Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook This episode first appeared at

Sep 30

40 min 36 sec

This episode is for all of my moms and women who feel like they’ve achieved a lot, overall, yet still feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed. If you’ve read all the popular books from the famous women authors and you follow the big influencers in the self-help space, but their feel-good advice doesn’t actually help, then this is especially for you!    I made this episode that I wish I would have heard 4-6 years ago- the “me” that put so much of my self-worth and value in my productivity and achievements, while blindly following mainstream narratives about what would make me happy.    In the summer of 2020, when I was able to finally breathe and the dust settled from all the upheaval in my business because of COVID, I was interviewed on a podcast (it’s linked here as a replay on The AMPLIFY Show)- it was supposed to be about business growth but it ended up being a very different kind of interview because I was going through so much transition. It is when I first realized that maybe I fell for a pack of lies that was disguised as self-help, feminism, and a promise of “having it all” at the cost of my own happiness.    I share a few books and resources in this episode that helped me but I don’t have a specific roadmap or “5 tricks & hacks” - no easy solutions. My hope is that this episode sparks a little something for you and inspires you to continue the same journey I’ve been on these past two years. If this resonates with you, let me know! I’d love to hear from you over on Instagram @emilyrichett -- or feel free to send me a note-    Mentioned in this episode: Emily’s interview on the Irie Lemon podcast in 2020 Emily interviews Tara Jones-Williamson   Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at:

Sep 23

24 min 24 sec

In this episode, I’m talking about a topic that can make many people uncomfortable- death.    For thousands of years, reflecting on our own mortality and inevitable outcome has been used by philosophers and people of all kinds to be better, to do better, and to make the most of this short life.   This week I had a chance to say goodbye to my grandmother who is in her final days of life. I talk about this special moment and the valuable lesson it provided, as well as the journaling technique that can help you to intentionally consider your mortality in a helpful way.    If this episode resonates with you, please share it- just screenshot and share on social. Tag me @emilyrichett - and rate the show on whatever platform you listen on. It really does help!   You can also sign-up for my new email newsletter    Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Sep 10

14 min 43 sec

Fighting Back Against Parent Bully Mobs -- In this episode, I’m opening up about an increasing problem I’ve been seeing play out in my community and those across the country. It’s the evergrowing “parent mobs” - groups of parents who have thrown kindness and tolerance out of the window and replaced them with anger and divisiveness.    I talk about the incident that happened in my town that was the final straw and why it’s dangerous that so many good, reasonable voices are being silenced while this parent mob continues to grow.    I’m also sharing a few ways we can band together to fight back without losing our humanity or hurting our neighbors or modeling intolerance to our children. If this episode resonates with you, you can join my email list at - that is where I’ll update you with future episodes on this topic, including some upcoming guests that will share ways we can stay informed without being overwhelmed and how to build autonomy and freedom into our businesses and lives so we can have the courage to stand up for what is right.    It’s also really helpful for me if you share this podcast with other parents who will find support and hope in this message. Thank you for listening and I look forward to connecting with you.    Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook    This episode first appeared at

Sep 2

17 min 24 sec

I’ve got a great interview for you today. I’m chatting with Anthony Ongaro, author of Break The Twitch: a practical guide to minimalism, intentional living & doing more of what matters.   From the moment I read the title of his book, I knew I had to read it. It put a name to something I had been feeling for a long time, and you may be too, if you also get these twitches or impulses that prevent you from living your life to its fullest.  The inside cover of the book reads:  “Every day, we make hundreds of small actions without even thinking about them. Pulling out our smartphones, clicking the one-click purchase button, pulling down to refresh the social media feed, and more. Automatic actions that have become so deeply programmed into our lives that we don't have the chance to stop and ask ourselves a very important question: Do I actually want to do this right now? This book is all about taking a step back, identifying the Twitch—the impulsive, unproductive responses we have to discomfort—minimizing those distractions, kicking the clutter, and doing more of what matters.” In today’s interview, we chat about what inspired Anthony’s book, how to sit with discomfort instead of reaching for your phone or the fridge or whatever your “twitch” happens to be, and other ways to live more intentionally. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did, and I'd love if you share this episode on social and tag me @emilyrichett! And don’t forget to check out Anthony’s book, Break the Twitch.  Connect with Anthony: Website   Instagram  Book Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Aug 26

32 min 3 sec

On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Lauren Ellman, the author of the book BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in The Digital Age.  This episode kicks off a sort of mini-series; I’ve been on a journey interviewing authors about minimalism, simplicity, and how to break free from our addiction to tech, social media, and outside affirmation. I’ll be sharing more interviews with authors and thought leaders as I try to navigate living a life with less use of technology and social media, which is tricky as an entrepreneur.  In this interview, Lauren talks about what inspired her book, growing up as a millennial at the start of the internet, and how to navigate mental health and our sense of self while using social media and technology.  She also shares tools she has used to repair her relationship with social media and the boundaries that help her stay connected with friends and family without letting social media impact her mental wellbeing.  If you enjoyed today’s episode, I'd love if you share on social and tag me @emilyrichett!  Connect with Lauren: Instagram  Podcast BRB: A Memoir About Coming of Age in The Digital Age Connect with me: Website   Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at

Jul 29

22 min

Today on the show I’m talking with Kate Erickson, one half of the duo behind the Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas and host of her own show, Kate’s Take.  Kate runs all of the systems and processes behind Entrepreneurs on Fire and gives us an inside view of what those processes look like. I love learning how entrepreneurs have set up their multi-million dollar businesses for success. Kate and John are two entrepreneurs who aren’t running themselves ragged with their business, all because of automation and setting up processes and systems that set them up for success.  Kate offers her five main steps to set up systems, and we talk about where you should begin if you’ve already set up your business and want to remove yourself from some of the day-to-day and find more freedom.  If you enjoyed today’s episode, I'd love if you share on social and tag me @emilyrichett! And don’t forget to check out Kate’s podcast for more about creating systems and processes that will set your business up for success.  Topics discussed: [3:00] Kate’s role in Entrepreneurs on Fire & what prompted her new podcast [6:30] Five steps to set up systems in your business [12:00] Kate’s typical day and morning routine  [15:00] How Kate relies on delegation and automation [22:00] The #1 thing to focus on to step out of your business [30:00] What’s next for Kate and Entrepreneurs on Fire Connect with Kate: Website   Instagram  Kate’s Take Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Jul 13

32 min 55 sec

Hi everyone - I’m back! I had to break my weekly podcast streak this year (I was SO proud of it!) but for very good reason-- I welcomed another baby girl on April 21st, Mae Elizabeth, and she is just an absolute dream!  In this episode, I share all about planning for a maternity leave while being a mom business owner - what worked, what didn't, and what I've learned doing this a few times now. I know for me it's always been very helpful to learn how other mom entrepreneurs prepare their businesses and home for a maternity leave and really, it's helpful for anytime you want to just take a break from business or a vacation.   In my last episode, I talked a bit about the waiting game and how I became SUPER productive in nesting mode. I completely redesigned my website at, as well as The AMPLIFY Show’s site, I also redesigned and did a complete overhaul of my DIY PR program/mastermind (also called AMPLIFY).  Had I known I was going to be a week overdue, I’m not sure I would have done all of that- I experienced some supercharged energy by not knowing how much time I would have, which is a pretty cool thing to experience. Every day ends up feeling like the Friday before vacation! If you want to hear all about the labor, delivery, and Mae's birth story, I shared a bit of that over on my blog - a little something for my sentimental mama friends! But now we'll dive right into the planning, strategies, and all the kind of stuff you've come to expect here at AMPLIFY.  Having a baby and the initial postpartum stage that follows is challenging- no going around it. This has been the best and easiest in many ways and also, the hardest in other ways. On one hand, my business and my family were simply in better places to welcome another baby. My two daughters were 4 (nearly 5) and 6 -much easier to manage than 2 under 2 like before- and my husband and I are becoming pros at changing diapers in our sleep! My business is 8.5 years old and I have more support and systems than I had previously.  On the other hand, there were some unexpected events that made this maternity leave more challenging- the physical recovery was a bit harder this time (ahem, "advanced maternal age"), I received some tough family news that had us traveling just a couple weeks postpartum, while at the same time one of my team members put in her two weeks notice which meant I had to dive into that transition and finding a replacement. Was this the ideal, hands-off maternity leave I had planned for and expected? Nope. Was it as "checked out" as a typical maternity leave if I had a regular job? Hardly. But as entrepreneurs, this is the life we have signed up for, right? We are ready to accept that nothing in life is promised- or even promised to be easy. We are always ready to figure things out when obstacles arise. This is what we do.  We figure. things. out. Moms in general are amazing at this- it's a superpower we share. It's how we multi-task the many things our families and children need from us to run a smooth household (on good days!).  I really felt that God-given mother energy during the challenging times of my labor and through postpartum and I have to give credit to that first. And for the rest, I'll share that below and with a deeper dive in today's episode- so please listen and I'd love your feedback if you've taken an entrepreneur maternity leave- or an extended time away from your business. 1- PRAY FOR THE BEST, PREPARE FOR THE WORST You get about 40 weeks to prepare before having a baby. There is so much we can't control but leverage the things you can prepare for in advance Pray for the best, but prepare for the "worst case scenario" - of course we hope our baby will be a great sleeper and that our recovery will be a breeze. But just assume you're going to have a colicky little babe and need extra TLC for yourself too. You'll be so glad you have the supplies and support set up in advance if needed. 2-  PAUSE, AUTOMATE & DELEGATE + THE “POST-BABY LIST” What can you pause for a while? You typically can't do everything so just be OK with eliminating.  Automate or delegate the rest - this is true for at home and in business. Think about all the things you could put on auto-shipping for home supplies, a cleaning or meal delivery service - and things in business that can be automated or delegated out to someone else for a while. Create a "post-baby" list and brain dump all the things you have coming up in the next 3 months after baby that need to get done or that you don't want to forget. Paying invoices or remembering to cancel a subscription are good things to add to the list so you can free up mental space to just relax and focus on baby and recovery. 3- PLAN FOR MORE SUPPORT THAN  YOU NEED Similar to planning for the worst-case scenario, it's helpful to assume you may need a lot of help (even if you don't end up needing it!). I hired a postpartum doula to help at home so we would have an extra set of hands to help in every aspect of transitioning to life with another baby- she was so great and jumped in to help with everything from burping the baby and bringing her to me for feedings if I was napping, to dishes, laundry and tidying the house. Have extra support ready for your team or business. I should have prepared more in this area and in hindsight, I would have hired a couple extra publicists and had them ready to dive into some projects as needed. Next week on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m going to share how to handle challenging situations and unexpected events. I also have some exciting interviews coming up with authors and coaches to help you amplify your business and your life, so stay tuned! If this episode resonated with you, I'd love to hear about it. Connect with me over on Instagram (@emilyrichett) and let me know- how do you prepare for taking time away from business- especially maternity leave!   Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at

Jun 25

21 min 5 sec

Well, I’m still waiting on baby #3 to arrive, so I decided to “birth” one more podcast episode before I take a short break from the show for maternity leave! Today I’m talking about why you should create a digital product or course. This episode applies if you have a service-based business like I do, if you’re a doctor or consultant, or even if you own a local, brick and mortar business.  Obviously, the online space for business has grown immensely this past year. People are more comfortable than ever handing over their money to learn from someone online. So the opportunity to sell your knowledge and expertise in the form of an online product or course is huge. About 4 years ago, I launched my first online program, Amplify. I just recently revamped the entire program, which you can hear more about in my previous episode about how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done.  Redoing my own course reminded me what a powerful tool online programs can be for entrepreneurs, so tune in for my top 5 reasons to launch an online product or course. Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Apr 12

10 min 41 sec

We all have those things that are on our to-do list that get carried over week to week to week, or into the month, or even into the next year. In today’s episode, I’m sharing all about how to finally stop procrastinating on those things and how to GET STUFF DONE! You know the saying, “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it?” Well, I think you could also say “if you want something done, ask a pregnant woman to do it!”  I’m just a couple weeks out from my due date with baby #3 (not to mention I’ve been anticipating an early labor for a couple weeks now), add to that spring cleaning season… and these nesting vibes are out of this world! I’m going to share this kind of funny example for you but obviously, I don’t recommend getting pregnant in order to be productive - while effective, it’s not exactly the easiest way to get things done.  So tune in and I’ll share my 3 tips (technically 4 tips) to finally stop putting things off and instead, getting things done.  And if this was helpful, please share it with someone else who could use this advice and tag me @emilyrichett so I can cheer you on! I really appreciate the support and wish you the best in tackling those big projects.    Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Mar 31

18 min 35 sec

If you’re a high performer, and I’m guessing you are, you’ve probably achieved a good amount of success but still find yourself feeling a sense of lack, or unhappiness. If so, then this episode is for you.  Today I’m talking with Dr. Chloe Carmichael, the author of the new book (out this month) called Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, and her practice focuses on stress management, relationship issues, and self-esteem. We talk about how I’ve always felt nervous energy has been a big helper in my life and in my career. But as I’ve gotten older, and definitely in becoming a mom, I can see the downside and even just habitual patterns of nervous energy that aren’t the healthiest. I never really considered how to best harness that so-called nervous energy and anxiety and to funnel it in a better way, and that’s what Dr. Chloe and I talk about it in the episode. She offers some simple tactics that you can implement right away, like her concept of “worry time” or the “to-do list with emotions.” All of this is a big focus of her book, which you can grab at   Topics discussed: The purpose of anxiety  Chloe’s thought replacement technique How to implement “worry time” To-do list with emotions How to use breathing techniques to increase mindfulness & metacognition Connect with Dr. Chloe: Website   Book Twitter   Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Mar 19

16 min 58 sec

My guest on the show today is the founder and CEO of Exhale Parent, a company focused on legal and financial tools for new parents. Missy Narula is also the inventor behind Diapertainment and one of my clients with HAPPY PR. We recently did publicity for Diapertainment, her innovative parenting solution for squirmy diaper changes. We chat about the juggle with home and work that moms have had during Covid, creating a physical product to solve a simple, everyday problem that parents deal with, and the biggest thing that holds entrepreneurs back from launching. Tune in for valuable tips from Missy about parental leave, her journey from McDonald’s to the ivy league and fancy jobs, and why she eventually left those to follow her purpose. As always, if you liked this episode let me know over on Instagram, and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Topics discussed: Parents make great entrepreneurs – we see the problems to solve first-hand Diapertainment is not about screen time; it’s about safety Parents need to stop judging each other – we are all just doing our best! The biggest thing that holds entrepreneurs back from launching Connect with Missy: Exhale Parent  Diapertainment  Instagram Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Mar 11

18 min 16 sec

Today on the show I’m talking with John Lee Dumas, the award winning host of Entrepreneurs on Fire.  I’ve had JLD on the show before, and I’ve been on his podcast. I call JLD the godfather of podcasting because he was one of the first to really focus on the entrepreneur niche in podcasts. Today John and I talk about his newest book The Common Path to Uncommon Success. As someone who has interviewed thousands of high-achievers, you can bet he’s learned a few things about carving the uncommon path. I always enjoy his perspective-- it reminds me of my background as a news reporter, when I interviewed more than 6,000 people doing great things. You do learn a ton from others when you have that opportunity.  So JLD put his lessons and strategies into a book as a roadmap for the rest of us. He also has some incredible bonuses if you pre-order at  Topics discussed: How people have been lied to by the 'experts' in the online business world What do we really want to achieve?  17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment  JLD’s new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success Connect with JLD: Website   Instagram  Pre-order the book  Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Mar 5

23 min 54 sec

Today I’m talking with Katya Libin, the CEO and co-founder of HeyMama and one of the Center for Women & Wealth's 20 most inspiring women to watch out for in 2020. HeyMama is a private online community of entrepreneurial and working moms from around the globe.  Katya talks about how she started HeyMama, her background and moving to the US when she was 3, and we talk about the importance of community- both in business and personally.  I’m excited to be hosting a workshop for the HeyMama community next week all about how to get featured in the media. They offer great virtual workshops like that but also in-person events and connection. Overall, this group is a great place to be if you’re a working mom. Tune in for Katya’s code to get $50 off a HeyMama membership, and learn more over at You can also register for my workshop happening next week at   Topics discussed: Why community is vital to business What to look for when forming/finding your community How to leverage your community Connect with Katya: Website   Instagram  HeyMama’s Instagram  Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Feb 24

21 min 11 sec

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I took my business, HAPPY PR, all remote. Like so many other businesses, our in-person team started working from home, and we’ve decided to stay that way.  Today I’m diving more into the transition of running an in-person, service-based business to an online business model and how you can optimize it for success. Switching from an in-person business model to online isn’t just a matter of throwing a couple widgets on your website. Not only do you have to think about how to create this new product that is available online, but you also have to consider lead generation, pivot your marketing efforts, and determine what tech you need to reach people online. If you’ve never built a funnel or don’t know what a funnel is, well, that’s going to be an even bigger learning curve.  In this episode, I’m interviewing Kristin and Alyssa of Gold Coast Doulas, a successful doula agency here in Michigan, about how their business has been impacted by the pandemic and how they’re adapting to an online business model.  I’ve been working with them since late last year to help them leverage all of their expertise and experience and to take it from something that used to be only available locally to a product that can now impact women and families worldwide.  I thought it would be great to chat with them about this experience, and it may be helpful for you if you’re really starting to lean into online business or just looking at your business in a new light.  If you’re pregnant or know someone who is expecting, share this episode with them and send them over to so they can get Kristin and Alyssa’s free guide to navigating pregnancy, birth and early parenting during a pandemic, and they can sign up for a free virtual workshop coming up next week.    Topics Discussed: How the in-person service agency, Gold Coast Doulas, pivoted during the pandemic to start offering virtual services Working with Emily and HAPPY PR to build an online business model that included marketing/lead generation, webinars, and an online program called The Becoming Course Get the free guide on pregnancy during a pandemic and sign-up to save a spot in a free virtual workshop at Connect with Gold Coast Doulas: Website   Instagram  Facebook  Connect with Me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Feb 17

20 min 17 sec

In today’s episode, I’m talking about the fine balance in being visible online while still being present in LIFE.    As an entrepreneur, being visible online and having a brand presence on social media is important. At the same time, social media and attachment to our devices are changing the way we live, think, and feel. They’re distracting us from living present, mindful lives. As a mom who has been home with kids more this past year, it’s become extra difficult to find balance.  When I started embarking on this journey for simplicity (both in life and online), I kept getting stuck at this big question: How do we stay visible and connected without giving up our peace of mind and being a slave to our addicting devices?  In today’s episode, I’ll tackle this question and share some of the strategies I’m using to find digital balance in life and work.    Topics Discussed: Why I finally ditched my social media apps 3 strategies to stay visible without losing your freedom, presence, and sanity The benefits + downsides to spending less time online Tools to leverage an online presence without giving it your time Connect with Me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Feb 11

19 min 7 sec

When this episode goes live, I’ll be in the middle of my longest “unplugged” vacation yet. Unplugged for me means not traveling with a laptop or having to work more than a few check-ins here & there. While I do keep an eye on emails, I don’t feel the need to respond to anything that is not urgent. Other than checking in with my team occasionally, I don’t have any obligations other than enjoying time with my family, resting, reading, and giving my mind space to freely think without an agenda. So, I suppose it’s not 100 percent unplugged, but I don’t really strive to have zero digital connection, more to limit any unnecessary connection. It has taken me 8 years to take a 10-day unplugged vacation and I truly think I could have done it a lot sooner, but I was missing one crucial element: the absolute desire to just do it! If I’m honest with myself, my ego and false belief that I “needed” to be working and my desire to be in control and constantly striving were probably holding me back most. Another element that needed to change was my personal digital attachment. What good is unplugging from work only to mindlessly scroll Instagram or refresh my apps multiple times an hour? I didn’t want the temptation to get ahead on work or to get too productive, so I deleted the apps off my phone & left my computer behind. In today’s episode, I’m sharing three books that have helped me recognize my unhealthy habits and detox from social media (even when I was kidding myself that it was “all for work”), over-working, and under-resting! I also talk a bit about how I’m managing to still stay visible online without doing much personal social media, including how I utilize a “social media phone” and have limited batched times when I go online. I am always searching for ways to create more ease and freedom while juggling motherhood and business. What better time than a vacation to put some of these mindful strategies to the test? Be sure to check back as I’ll share next week more about what worked and what didn’t as I venture into this digital minimalism journey. Resources Mentioned: Break the Twitch: A Practical Guide To Minimalism, Intentional Living & Doing More Of What Matters by Anthony Ongaro Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport  Hands Free Life: Nine Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More by Rachel Macy Stafford Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Feb 3

7 min 47 sec

We’re finishing up the first month of the new year, which is always a great time to reflect on annual goals or resolutions. But today, I’m going to take a micro-approach to goal setting. It’s great to keep your big annual goals in mind, but these get far more attention and glory than small habits and changes. I’m believing more and more that it’s the daily stresses and joys that ultimately impact our lives, even more than the big, lofty goals.  I created a monthly review process last year- really from a place of desperation. It ended up giving me so much clarity and made such a profound impact in my life and I’m excited to share it with you today. It involves asking yourself 3 questions. The magic is in tackling each month and figuring out the things that truly bring stress and happiness to your days and how to let go of one (stress), to create more space for the other (happiness). It creates a clear roadmap forward for the next month.  Unlike assessing your annual goal that may not really change much over the course of a year, this will help you re-assess your life and all those little factors that DO change month to month. Heck, when the weather changes, the amount of stress and happiness in my life changes (if you’ve lived through a brutal Michigan winter or the beauty of a Michigan summer, you know what I mean!). So it only makes sense to tackle this monthly instead of only focusing on those big, annual goals.  If you try my monthly review strategy, I'd love to hear about how it goes! Just tag me on Instagram @EmilyRichett.   Topics discussed: [1:45] How I came up with my monthly review strategy [2:40] The three questions to ask yourself to clear mental roadblocks and build momentum [10:15] How to get actionable [13:40] Bonus monthly review tip - the fourth question to ask yourself  Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Jan 27

15 min 31 sec

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to get all of your ideas and to-dos out of your head and into a streamlined plan, then today’s podcast is for you. I’m interviewing Lauren Cash, the co-founder of “Monday Hour One.” I first learned about this planning strategy from the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo, and I’m always interested in trying new ways to develop efficiencies in my daily and weekly planning to better juggle all the things in business, motherhood, and life. What I love most about Monday Hour One is that it forces you to get everything out of your head and into your calendar. Once you do that, I find it’s really freeing to not have to worry about it again because you know you’ve already carved out time for it. You calendar everything- not just your important appointments. You literally carve out time for everything that matters to you, including your free time and self-care. It can feel tedious at first, but it does really give you a lot of freedom. I’m still tweaking this process for myself a bit, but overall, I’m liking it.  Listen for more from Lauren on how to structure your calendar and plan your life. And like always, if you enjoy this interview, please screenshot, share, and tag me on Instagram!   “Slow down to strategize, to then eventually speed up and be more effective and get the results that you want to get in your life." -Lauren Cash   Resources Mentioned: Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo Monday Hour One The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast Cal Newport’s Deep Work Topics discussed: [2:40] Coming up with Monday Hour One [4:55] How it works  [6:30] “The anatomy of a calendar”  [9:00] The benefits of digital planning [11:30] Shifting your mindset around your calendar [15:45] How to plan for the unexpected  [18:15] Finding the calendar strategy that works best for you Connect with Lauren: Website   Instagram  Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Jan 21

21 min 48 sec

It’s going on three weeks into the new year, and I want to remind you that no matter what you started the year with, it’s not too late to start over or hop back on the train. This is your little new year’s pep talk because statistically, this is where people start falling off those goals and start letting the mundane of a new year settle in. So that’s your reminder. Keep at it; keep pursuing your goals! Today, to help you keep going, I have an interview with Michelle Cederberg, professional speaker and best-selling author of The Success-Energy Equation. Michelle has a background in psychology and kinesiology, and her book is all about finding clarity among distractions and the science behind common sense success strategies.  Take a listen, and find Michelle’s new book at    “Reframe to what’s possible. Instead of saying it can’t be done, ask, ‘how might it?’” -Michelle Cederberg   Topics discussed in this episode: [1:00] My thoughts on staying “on track” and getting clarity in the new year [4:15] How energy relates to success (1.5 mins after interview starts) [5:45] Steps to finding your energy [9:20] How autopilot gets in the way of what you want [13:30] Rethink how you pursue your goals [15:15] The four Rs   Connect with Michelle: Website Book Twitter Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook This episode first appeared at

Jan 15

20 min 22 sec

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but there is something about a fresh start that really motivates me.  Typically I’m a big “January 1” starter of new goals or resolutions, but this year feels different. Mid-last year in 2020 I started focusing on creating habits- daily routines and tasks that challenged me and made me a stronger person- both mentally and physically.  I started tracking these habits on a daily basis and it had a profound impact on my life. So this year, as January 1 approached, I didn’t feel a big need to proclaim a major goal or resolution. Instead, I felt a strong desire to double down on my habit tracking and to renew a few routines that fell to the wayside over the holidays.  A looming due date with another baby is also keeping me motivated! The only real “goal setting” I’m doing has to do with strategy planning and overall business goals for 2021.  Today, I’m going to share how I tackle goals, habits, and journaling that has brought me a lot of freedom and clarity this past year. These sound like simple techniques- and they are. But the magic is in doing them consistently.  I’ve had some periods of time over the past 8 months where I’ve slacked and started to feel so good that I decided I didn’t need to necessarily track my habits daily or do the daily “Big 3” or monthly clarity journaling prompts. And every time, I’ve felt the pressure or stress start to come back.  So, let’s get to it! Have a happy, healthy & habit-rich new year, friends! PS- If you found this advice valuable, I’d appreciate so much if you screenshot the episode and share it on social (tag me @emilyrichett) - it’s the only way I can really spread the word to more people and to help the show grow.   Resources Mentioned: Atomic Habits by James Clear Monday Hour One The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard   Topics discussed: [0:50] How I started implementing habits instead of resolutions [3:40] Specific healthy habits I started doing and tracking before the new year [7:35] The daily planning strategy that makes a difference for me [10:50] Setting intentions with focus words Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Jan 6

12 min 41 sec

Happy almost new year! In today’s episode, I’m taking a look back at the epic year of 2020 and all the twists, turns, failures, and achievements.  The first 10 minutes or so, I share a look back at the year that started with earning a “2 Comma Club” award at Funnel Hacking Live for earning more than one million dollars in one of our funnels. And then, spoiler alert, just a couple months later, our monthly recurring revenue was wiped out 80% during COVID shutdowns. I talk about the breakdown and rebuild of my agency as well as a lot of personal challenges and growth that happened throughout the year. “This was supposed to be a milestone year and one I worked hard for, but at the end of the day, none of the reward or success is owed to me. If I wanted to have something left, I knew I needed to let it go.” Then, I share 10 of the authors, podcasters, and resources that were invaluable to me and my business during 2020.  I hope some of these books, podcasts, resources, and strategies are helpful. If you find one that makes a positive impact for you in the new year, I’d love to know about it. Thanks for listening to today’s episode. I’m really grateful you’re here and I’m looking forward to the new year.    Resources Mentioned: The Momentum Podcast - Alex Charfen  High Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard 2 week free trial - ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets Book - Russell Brunson  Meditations - Marcus Aurelius  The Art Of Living - Epictetus The Daily Stoic Podcast - Ryan Holiday  A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy - William Irvine On Desire - Why We Want What We Want - William Irvine  The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck - Mark Manson Habit Tracking Journal Erin Condren Planners Honorable mention- I forgot to include this one in the podcast but it deserves a mention here: Tom Bilyeu’s Podcast, Impact Theory. I saw Tom speak in January and was really inspired by his mindset. I binged this podcast early in the year and revisited it often. Topics discussed in this episode: [1:15] Reflecting on the start of 2020 [5:15] Why I struggled with balancing my business and my life (more about this is in the replay of my interview on the Irie Lemon Podcast) [6:10] March, pandemic shutdowns, and clients in crisis [8:00] Breaking the thought cycle I get trapped in [11:15] The 10 strategies and resources that made the biggest impact this year   [18:40] What to expect on the next episode Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Dec 2020

19 min 58 sec

Use constraint and self-manufactured challenges as a way to create freedom, happiness, and resilience.  With the new year on the horizon, we can all probably use a little more mental fortitude, resilience, and strong habits. In this episode, I’m sharing the unique ways I’ve created more of these by using the concept of manufactured hardship or constraint -- and how it helped turn a challenging year (hello, 2020!)  around for me in a really profound way.  Some of the resources I share include my deep dive into Stoic philosophy, starting the 75 Hard Challenge while pregnant, and how I found focus and routine where there wasn’t any during the hardest months when my business was in crisis due to the pandemic shutdowns and I was thrown into homeschooling. One thing I really learned this past year is just how much creating strong habits, boundaries, and some “self-induced suffering”, if you will, helped me to find peace and overall ease.  I also have a guest on this podcast, Brent Gleeson, former Navy SEAL and author of the newly released book on this exact topic, Embrace the Suck. The idea behind the title of Gleeson’s book is that in SEAL training, instructors tell students to “embrace the suck,” to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because suffering truly does make you stronger. This book gives you a roadmap to use the idea of mental toughness to transform every area of your life.  I personally love reading anything by a SEAL (I even wrote about Fortitude by Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw in my Inc. column). I am fascinated with their thought process and the training they go through, and I always find really valuable takeaways. I think you’ll find some great takeaways too, and be sure to check the links below and pre-order a copy of Embrace the Suck! So jump in, give this episode and interview a listen, and I’d love if you screenshot and shared on social (tag me @emilyrichett) with your biggest takeaway. I love seeing what resonates with you and always respond. Links to books & resources mentioned in this podcast: Embrace the Suck The Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday The Daily Stoic Fortitude by Dan Crenshaw My article in Inc. about Fortitude The Art of Living by Epictetus 75 Hard Challenge  Topics discussed in this episode: [0:30] Emily’s intro [2:30] Emily’s thoughts on Stoicism [4:40] Why Emily started the 75 Hard Challenge & how it works [11:00] Interview with Brent Gleeson, author of Embrace the Suck Connect with Brent: Website Twitter Book Connect with me: Website Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Dec 2020

21 min 7 sec

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for many reasons- so much so, that I almost missed recognizing the eighth anniversary of when I launched my business!  Eight years ago in November, I quit my dream job as a TV news reporter and started a public relations agency, Richett Media, which I rebranded to HAPPY PR a couple of years ago.  You know the saying about how most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in 10 years? My eight years in business proves this to be so true! I can look back and see how there were times I was so rushed to achieve a certain level of success in just a year and fell short. But overall, I’m in awe of what I was able to accomplish with eight years.  I went from working nearly every holiday and waking up at 2:30 a.m. as an underpaid news reporter, to running a highly profitable business, that blesses not only my family but others-  and best of all, on my own terms. I also…  Learned how to start and scale a bootstrapping business  Hired dozens of employees, contractors, and vendors over the years Earned a 2 Comma Club award from Clickfunnels for earning more than a million in revenue from one sales funnel Got married and had two babies (with another on the way) Traveled around the country speaking at conferences, representing clients on-air, and executing PR campaigns Launched a podcast, an online coaching program, a column in and a video column in Did a rebrand and designed an office Interviewed dozens of top thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs like Gary Vee, Russell Brunson and Lewis Howes Worked with dream clients and some of the fastest growing businesses in the country  Survived a pandemic that shut down nearly 80% of our business I’ve also made a ton of mistakes and learned from (hopefully) all of them. I’ve grown as a person and have celebrated many milelstones along the way. The entrepreneurial roller coaster has been quite a fun ride and one I’m very grateful for! It’s hard to narrow down just eight lessons or takeaways over these years, but today I’m boiling down the ones I thought would be most helpful for others.  Here are my top eight lessons in eight years of business:   1- Give yourself permission to fail. Ask yourself: What is the worst-case scenario? What do I have to lose? Chances are, your worst-case scenario is more manageable than you think, and weighing the possibilities may give you the confidence to risk failure.  Then, flip the question: What is the BEST-case scenario? What if I succeed?    2- Keep it simple. You can try different services, products, and strategies but at the end of the day, success boils down to execution. The fanciest funnels and software won't help you if you aren't able to easily implement them. Find the path of least resistance to an outcome - this gets harder as your business grows, but still look for ways to keep it simple.    3- Process will set you free. Freedom comes on the other side of removing yourself as the bottleneck in your business. Streamlined processes that others can replicate and follow are key to sustained growth.   4- What got you here won't get you there. I said this on 'Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast' with John Lee Dumas a couple years ago, and it's been true at every new milestone and mark I've hit in business since. In order to grow and thrive in business, you have to be okay with being uncomfortable.   5- The path is math. Numbers are everything. Take emotion out of your decision-making by following the math. The math never lies. When my business lost 80% of its recurring revenue at the start of the pandemic, looking at the data helped me run my business when it felt like everything was up in flames.   6- Know when to hustle and when to slow down. Entrepreneurial seasons matter. You can't go hard all the time without burning out. Figure out the best way to get yourself into momentum and follow it. I share more about this in this interview with my business coach Alex Charfen.    7- Seek Clarity. Map out your perfect day, week, month, and year to make sure you're on track to building the life you want - not just the business you want. Revisit this clarity exercise often and be ruthless about pursuing it.    8- Protect and strengthen the most important asset in your business. It's not your clients, products, team, or your revenue - it's you. Put your own mental and physical wellbeing first and don't stop investing in your personal growth. I have learned so much more in my eight years of business, but I hope these eight resonated with you. Keep an eye out for upcoming episodes about how different my business is now from earlier in 2020, where it’s headed in the new year, and how I’ve gotten through some really difficult times this year.    Did you like this solo episode? It’s something new for me! I hope you did and if you have one lesson that really resonated with you, I’d appreciate if you shared on social (Instagram is my jam! @emilyrichett) -- I read all my messages. Thank you so much for following along on any part of my journey so far.  Cheers to the next eight years!   Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Dec 2020

25 min 25 sec

This is going to be a really different interview today with someone I deeply admire. He’s been my business coach for a couple years, he’s an author, and a mentor for fast-growth businesses. My guest is Alex Charfen. I’ve had him on the show before but today will be a bit different. Alex ends up interviewing me more than I interview him, as we dive into the steps I took to transition my business during COVID and how I came out stronger on the other side.  I applied a lot of what I learned from Alex during this time of crisis - our operational cadence, our processes and systems, how to stay in momentum - and everything changed for the better. In this episode, Alex and I break down exactly what I did to shift my business and my mindset to find momentum in my business and freedom in my life.  If you enjoy Alex’s insight in this episode, don’t miss his free momentum master class next week. The three-day virtual event will consist of six different sessions of Alex’s best content, each with a Q&A at the end. Sign up for free at    “The opportunity of being an entrepreneur is to design the life you actually want, not the life you have to react to, not the life you have to be frustrated with… Start with the destination and work backward.” -Alex Charfen   Topics discussed in this episode: [3:00] How Emily grew her business but still felt trapped by it [4:20] “Crisis is an accelerator” [6:00] You can’t expect things to go back to how they were [9:00] The process that made Emily’s transition possible [11:45] How Emily shifted her mindset  [13:30] Why process, structure, and routine are critical [19:00] Just because your business isn’t growing doesn’t mean you aren’t growing  [22:00] Recognizing momentum outside of money [27:00] What happens when your business no longer needs you  [31:00] In order to grow your business, you have to learn to let go  [33:00] Determine what you want first and build from there [35:00] Getting to your ideal day and the power of attraction [40:45] Entrepreneurs grow during crises [45:30] Alex’s best advice for parents homeschooling their kids   Connect with Alex: Website Free Momentum Masterclass Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Oct 2020

50 min 18 sec

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Allie Casazza, the Life Minimalist, host of the Purpose Show, and author of the upcoming book, Declutter Like a Mother.  I found Allie on Instagram, and her life mission to help moms find joy, simplicity, and ease in motherhood immediately resonated with me. Especially because she’s running a fast-growth business and homeschooling her children at the same time.  In this episode, you’ll learn about Allie’s business, how she structures her team, how she organizes her schedule, and strategies for keeping your life intentional and simple, starting with your physical space.  And be sure to check out Allie’s special page of decluttering resources just for the AMPLIFY Show listeners:   “Infuse everything you do with purpose... Instead of maintaining your life, you’ll be making space to actually live it.” -Allie Casazza   Topics discussed in this episode: [4:45] Allie’s purpose and story [6:30] Reactive state and mom culture [8:30] Clearing physical and mental space to find your purpose [11:00] Allie’s top decluttering tips [13:40] Deciding what to keep and what to ditch [16:00] "What takes up space, takes up time" [19:00] Clearing your calendar and mental space [21:00] How Allie has structured her business [25:30] Allie’s advice to moms trying to find time to find their purpose [28:30] Opening up to the spirituality, energy, and intuition side of things [30:45] Analytics vs. feeling    Connect with Allie: Website Instagram Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Sep 2020

34 min 21 sec

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Vincent Mcintosh, the 23-year-old owner of Irie Kitchen here in West Michigan. Vince opened his restaurant at age 19, and you’ll hear more about how being an entrepreneur is just part of his DNA. We also talk about being a restaurant owner during a pandemic, our shared traits as Enneagram 3s, and the merits of crunchy versus creamy peanut butter.  He’s launching a mastermind this fall with Liz over at the Lemon Bowl, with whom he also hosts the Irie Lemon Podcast.  If you’re in a place of transition right now too, I think Vince’s attitude, personality, and philosophy will serve you well. Happy listening! “The biggest thing I've learned is it takes more than just what you can do. In a brick and mortar business, you need people.” -Vincent Mcintosh Topics discussed on this episode of The Amplify Show: [3:00] About Vince [4:15] Having an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age [6:00] What it takes to start a restaurant at 19 [8:00] Vince’s takeaways from launching his first brick & mortar [11:00] How to find your people as a young entrepreneur [15:00] Weathering COVID & vandalism  [20:00] Keeping a restaurant alive during the pandemic [27:00] Vince’s plan for shifting his business [30:00] Why every entrepreneur should invest in a mastermind   Connect with Vince: Website Instagram Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  Episode first appeared on

Sep 2020

34 min 36 sec

Today’s episode is a bit different than usual. I’m sharing an update on how my business and life have changed significantly since COVID-19. I talk about rebuilding my public relations agency with intention after three challenging months, where 80% of my business was wiped out. I also share some of my biggest takeaways in overcoming these obstacles. Then I’m sharing a replay of my conversation on the Irie Lemon Podcast with Liz Della Croce and Vincent Mcintosh, which happened when I was in the middle of this huge transition. Listen for more about why doing more isn’t always better, the importance of refocusing and reevaluating goals, and looking inward rather than seeking external validation and affirmation.  And be sure to check out the Irie Lemon Podcast! Liz and Vince also recently launched a mastermind, and I highly recommend signing up for a seat while you can.    “The biggest thing I’ve learned is there are seasons in life, and it’s not forever. It’s all temporary.” -Liz Della Croce   Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show: [1:30] A look into my business, HAPPY PR [5:30] Crisis mode during COVID [9:00] Finding freedom as an entrepreneur [10:30] My conversation with Liz and Vince on the Irie Lemon Podcast [12:00] I talk about my background and the transition I’m going through [30:00] How COVID impacted Vince’s restaurant and goals [35:00] Figuring out what you can actually control [38:00] What I regret most about constant striving in my business [50:00] “It’s just a season” [1:07:00] Figuring out my ideal day and how to make it happen [1:28:00] Creating the life you want to live   Connect with Liz & Vince: Website Instagram YouTube Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode first appeared at

Sep 2020

1 hr 40 min

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Tara Jones-Williamson, the founder, CEO, and success coach of Your Pretty Pennies. I first met Tara a few years ago when we sat on a panel together for Ladies Get Paid, and we instantly connected. She is so inspiring to me, not only as a businesswoman, but as a woman. Tara learned about personal finance out of necessity as a single mom trying to make ends meet. Not only was she able to triple her salary and start her own business, but now she helps other women find financial freedom and build wealth.  Tune in to learn about Tara’s strategies for negotiating a higher salary, finding financial success, and creating your ideal lifestyle.    “If you get caught up in the additions and subtractions in life, you start to add and subtract your self-worth… You have to separate your personal value from the value you bring to the workplace, to your finances.” -Tara Jones-Williamson   Topics discussed in this episode: [4:00] How Tara taught herself personal finance [7:15] Why a coach will make a difference [10:30] The #1 thing that holds women back from financial clarity [14:00] Detaching your worth from your finances [16:45] Tara’s salary negotiation strategy [22:45] Emily’s salary negotiation strategy [27:00] The difference between education and relevant experience  [32:00] How Tara tripled her income [34:00] Step by step process to start thriving in your finances [38:30] Realizing more isn’t always better [41:00] When over-achieving gets dangerous [48:00] Identifying the life you want   Connect with Tara: Website Instagram YouTube Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Aug 2020

51 min 36 sec

Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Rachel Luna, an international speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, former US Marine, cancer thriver, and the chief confidence creator at Rachel has an incredible backstory. She has overcome so many obstacles, and yet she still radiates positivity. I wanted to know about her mindset, how she got to where she was, and how she uses journaling as a tool for self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. I hope you’ll take as much from Rachel as I did. You can find her journaling tips, book, podcast, and more on her website.    “Don’t mistake great marketing for great leadership. Pay attention to those people you are looking up to as leaders. Are they really leading you in the right direction?” -Rachel Luna   Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show: [3:00] One trainwreck after another [5:00] When to share what you’re learning and growing through [9:30] Following good leadership, not just good marketing [12:30] How to really know what you want [16:00] How to find clarity through journaling & write without judgement [21:00] Refocusing your goals on what you can control  [24:30] Why you should read your journal out loud [27:30] Hygiene for your mind [30:00] “Take everything and use it for your good” [33:00] The importance of motion [34:00] What if someone reads my journal? [39:00] How to confront fear of rejection and judgement   Connect with Rachel: Website Instagram Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jul 2020

42 min 48 sec

On today’s episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I chat with Liz Della Croce, a food, travel, lifestyle blogger who just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her blog, The Lemon Bowl.  Liz was in the blogging game before people were really monetizing it, so she has some great insight into how the blogging and influencer industries have changed in the last decade. We also talk about how we’ve weathered the COVID storm, as we both had to take on homeschooling while running our businesses. (Spoiler: while my business tanked at first, Liz saw an explosion on her website and social media like never before!) Liz also co-hosts the Irie Lemon Podcast with Vincent Mcintosh. I had the privilege of chatting with Liz and Vince on their show, so stay tuned for that episode airing in the next couple weeks!   “Get into motion… that’s how you’ll learn and that’s how you’ll correct. People care less about production quality than if you’re providing value and if it’s useful to them.” -Liz Della Croce   Topics discussed on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show: [2:51] Starting a blog and the value of evergreen content [4:45] How long it took Liz to make her first $100 [8:30] Working from home and finding the motivation to run a business [9:00] How Liz acquired her first clients [10:30] Channeling energy into growing a business during hardships [13:00] A beautiful Instagram does not equal a profitable business [14:30] How Liz’s blog blew up overnight at the start of shelter in place orders [18:30] Silver linings  [20:20] What Liz wishes she knew when she started her business [23:00] Production vs. value [25:30] “Focus on what requires your creative genius and outsource the rest” Connect with Liz: Website Instagram Podcast Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jul 2020

30 min 31 sec

On today’s episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I chat with Adam Cayton-Holland, a nationally touring comedian and the author of Tragedy Plus Time: A Tragi-comic Memoir.  I saw Adam’s live show during Laughfest, a comedy festival that is held annually in Grand Rapids to raise money for Gilda’s Club (a wonderful organization that helps people dealing with grief and cancer). It was my last “normal” outing with the HAPPY PR team before we switched to remote because of COVID-19.  As expected, the show was very impactful. It was a comedy, yet Adam addressed really heavy topics, like the loss of his little sister to suicide. I was in awe at how he walked that line of funny and tragic so gracefully. He had the audience crying at some moments, then causing a big burst of laughter through the tears the next. It is really something to experience! I was surprised to hear about his experiences with therapy and how, like me, he found some relief and help with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a form of treatment designed to alleviate the trauma. We talk about our experiences with EMDR, our personal losses, and finding ways to be productive and find purpose after tragedy. Adam Cayton-Holland has appeared on Conan, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central Presents, and he was named one of “10 Comics to Watch” by Variety.    “This is not clean, this is not pretty, there’s no happy ending... You’re always gonna be damaged, but the trick is to let the beauty of life outweigh that.” -Adam Cayton-Holland   Topics discussed on this episode of The Amplify Show: [3:20] Adam’s background, losing his sister [5:00] Starting to cope with and write about loss [7:40] Mourning and processing while writing his book [9:00] Feeling free enough to “take a swing and miss”  [10:00] Everyone has loss in their life; vulnerability connects people [11:30] Terrible therapy experiences [12:50] Trying EMDR Therapy [16:00] “Am I not mourning this properly anymore?” [17:15] Dealing with trauma-induced triggers  [21:00] Adam’s advice for dealing with grief and trauma Connect with Adam: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jun 2020

25 min 44 sec

On this episode of The Amplify Show, I talk all things productivity with Erin Condren, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Erin Condren Design.  In an age where technology and social media have infiltrated every aspect of life, Erin took a chance on paper products to make every day a bit more organized, stylish, and colorful. Since founding her company from her children's playroom in 2005, Erin Condren designs on-trend and customized organization products, from planners and notebooks to home and office organizers. Each product is intentionally crafted to serve a purpose: to help customers achieve their goals and reduce stress so they can lead more joyful, meaningful lives through organization.  As an entrepreneur and a mom, Erin is juggling school at home, weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, and running a business with more than 200 employees. She shares her top tips for planning out your day during a time that feels impossible to plan, how to handle growing pains, finding silver linings, and more.  Whether you're a planner geek like me, or just trying to figure out how to stay productive during this time, this is the episode for you.    “Where do you want to see your self in six months, in a year, in five years? We can come out of this... and realize what we really want to be doing, and there’s no better time than right now.” -Erin Condren   Topics discussed on this episode of The Amplify Show: [2:45] Launching Erin Condren Design  [4:00] Why paper planning still works [5:45] A community for planning [7:15] How to script out your day [9:30] Realizing your vision [11:00] Erin’s top tips for planning your day  [14:00] Weathering COVID-19  [16:00] Asking what you can create today that will help people tomorrow [21:00] “We’re not weathering the storm in the same boat” [22:45] Handling growing pains and challenges as an entrepreneur Connect with Erin Condren: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jun 2020

27 min 16 sec

Today on The Amplify Show, I’m chatting with Kate Crocco, author of the newly released "Thinking Like A Boss" and confidence + mindset coach. This timely interview turned into a conversation where we both talk about mindset and business changes during the pandemic, challenges we’re facing as parents, and the lies we tell ourselves as business owners.  Kate also offers some incredible insight on finding your identity outside of your business and how to look forward instead of dwelling on the past. Find more helpful advice in Kate’s book, “Thinking Like A Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success.” And tune into her weekly Thinking Like A Boss podcast, including the episode I was on.  “We aren’t going to be able to receive what the future brings for us if we can’t release the past.” -Kate Crocco Topics discussed with Kate Crocco on this episode of The Amplify Show: [2:45] Kate’s book and the top lies female business owners tell themselves [5:20] Shifting your mindset and business during a crisis [9:00] Finding your identity outside of your business [15:00] How to look forward after “losing it all” [17:45] “It’s okay to grow slow” and rebuilding with intention  [19:50] The challenges and silver linings of parenting during a pandemic [27:00] Embracing the good that comes from challenges   Connect with Kate Crocco: Website Instagram Twitter Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at  

May 2020

31 min 11 sec

There are entrepreneurs, who create and run businesses, and then there are inventors, who go through the painstaking process to come up with a new product and then spend significant time and resources to bring it to life. In this episode of The Amplify Show, I’m talking with Katy Stoka, the inventor behind One Two Lash®, the world’s first magnetic lashes.  I’ve been a fan of these for a couple of years now - I love the ease of magnetic lashes before media appearances. And after being home for a couple months, these have been especially handy for last-minute client calls (because none of us are putting on a full face of makeup just to stay home every day). Katy walks me through her story, from how she came up with the idea to the R&D process (even going to a home improvement store to buy her own magnets), all the way through to her really strong launch and tons of national press for her new brand.  Be sure to connect with Katy for weekly Instagram lives and Q&A sessions, and use the special code KATY20 for 20% off your purchase from One Two Cosmetics. “You just gotta jump. And it was the scariest thing I ever did.” -Katy Stoka   Topics discussed with Katy Stoka on this episode of The Amplify Show: [2:18] Katy’s “Shower Story” [5:11] Leaving a successful job to pursue a new idea [6:45] What to do when things don’t go to plan [8:40] Leaning on family and friends for initial investment [10:00] R&D process and creating a strategic launch plan [11:00] Getting the right people excited about your launch [12:30] Perks of staying scrappy with public relations [15:50] How to handle growing pains  [18:00] What comes after the first invention   Connect with Katy Stoka: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at:  

May 2020

22 min 3 sec

In the midst of a crisis, some industries are crippled, while others are staying afloat and even thriving. Today’s guest is none other than one of the top Internet marketers and the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the fastest growing SaaS company in the world. Russell Brunson is also a best-selling author and his latest book Traffic Secrets just launched. As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of ClickFunnels- I’ve been a user of the software for more than 3 years. I also have been in one of Russell’s coaching or mentoring programs for the past few years, absorbing everything I can about how to scale a business and make more impact. ClickFunnels is also a HAPPY client and we’re working closely on this book launch, so it comes full circle to get to share his insights with all of you. In this interview, Russell talks about how his business is faring through COVID-19, his new book, and he gives advice for entrepreneurs on how to pivot their marketing efforts and find the people who are willing to spend money on their products or services.  You can get Traffic Secrets for free (just pay shipping) on ClickFunnels’ website. While you’re at it, be sure to get Russell’s first two books. These have helped me grow my business, and the content has never been more needed than it is today, as we all figure out how to continue business remotely and make sales online.  “For those who are paying attention, this is the greatest time of opportunity most of us will experience in our lifetime.” -Russell Brunson Topics discussed with Russell Brunson on this episode of The Amplify Show: [5:25] How Russell struggled during the last recession [7:20] Russell’s top three tips for businesses to stay afloat during a crisis [9:30] Someone is in need of your skillset [11:15] How to navigate marketing without self-promoting [13:10] Finding the people willing to buy your products/services [15:50] “Good” is the enemy of “Great” “The entrepreneur’s biggest role right now is to help people have faith and hope in the future.” -Russell Brunson    RESOURCES: Grab a free copy of Traffic Secrets at   Connect with Russel Brunson: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Apr 2020

19 min 39 sec

I’m always trying to find ways to live a more authentic life. As entrepreneurs, this can be especially hard because we feel we have to wear different masks: the “leader” at work, the “caretaker” at home, the strong one, the funny one, the “figure it out” one. If we’re not careful, we end up building businesses or communities that we don’t really feel a connection to because we did not build them from a place of authenticity and vulnerability.  On this episode of The Amplify Show, I talk with Natalie Hodson. I’ve known her for a couple years and have always admired her ability to share her heart while still earning respect and being a strong leader. In this episode, she tells her story of building a multimillion-dollar business after going through a divorce, navigating life as a single mom, and even peeing her pants on video- yup, we talk about her accidental viral fitness video! She talks about why she’s so open with her experiences and how to be vulnerable and authentic, especially as a business owner.  We get pretty deep about some of our experiences and I specifically ask her about some of my biggest hangups I experience in being transparent about failures, life challenges, and hardship. Natalie also shares advice for handling shame, criticism, and trauma (yes, EMDR therapy works!). You don’t have to own a business or have experienced significant trauma to learn from Natalie in this podcast, so take a listen.  Topics discussed with Natalie Hodson on this episode of The Amplify Show: [6:30] Her embarrassing story of peeing her pants that led to a shift in her business [9:25] People crave vulnerability and connection [12:10] Natalie’s tip for being authentic even when it feels hard  [13:40] The formula Natalie uses to tell vulnerable stories [16:00] Handling criticism & haters online [19:30] Natalie talks about shame and vulnerability  [22:00] Emily and Natalie talk about their experiences with EMDR Therapy  [27:00] Taking off the mask of perfection [31:45] How to separate your identity from your actions [36:00] Natalie talks about the 3 mentors she modeled and how she did it “As humans, we want connection. We want to be seen and heard. And I believe the more you own your stories, the less power those stories have over you.” -Natalie Hodson Connect with Natalie Hodson: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Apr 2020

42 min 55 sec

Today’s lifestyle of overwhelm doesn’t have to be your lifestyle. My guest on the podcast is author and entrepreneur Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. She is sharing her journey from overworked, drowning in debt, and overwhelmed with stress to a stream-lined, minimalist, healthier life.  She tells us how her body finally said, “enough”; when illness stopped her in her tracks, she realized it was time to change her life completely. She’s sharing wisdom and practical advice for how to reduce stress and live the lives we truly want. “Our bodies remember; the stress has to be held somewhere, and it shows itself eventually.” -Courtney Carver Topics discussed with Courney Carver on this episode of The Amplify Show: The “typical American Dream” of working all the time and numbing out to reward ourselves and self-medicate [1:30] Courtney’s final wake up call; the diagnosis that finally made her slow down and evaluate her lifestyle [5:10] “Triggers for change” and the need to eliminate stress to gain better health [7:00] Finding the stress in all areas of our lives and figuring out ways to make things easier [8:45] Increasing awareness and realizing that life doesn’t have to be hard and stressful [9:10] How to deal with nostalgic items in a minimalist way [10:30] Courtney’s number one tip for getting started with paring down [15:45] How we end up avoiding things we truly want to accomplish in life in exchange for quick fixes and managing life circumstances [17:00] Dealing with metrics and numbers in business without undue stress [18:30] Project 333: Courtney’s new book and minimalist fashion challenge [20:30] “Whenever you can make big change small, you have a much better chance of creating real sustainable transformation.” -Courtney Carver Connect with Courtney Carver: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Feb 2020

27 min 29 sec

We all sell. Whether you are in sales as a profession or you’re trying to convince your kid to clean their room, we all sell at some point in our lives. My guest for this podcast interview is Myron Golden; he knows sales and he knows adversity. He has gone from broke to living the life of his dreams, and he has the wisdom and tangible advice to help you turn your passion into profit. The name of his book, “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man,” says it all. Whether you are a business owner ready to explode your sales, or a parent in need of a different approach, take a listen. Topics discussed with Myron Golden on this episode of The Amplify Show: Abundance and lack are always present, but it makes a difference which you see [1:50] How to shift mindset during rough times [3:30] How Myron started his upward trajectory [4:00] Lasting through the learning curve, and what failing shows us [4:15] Why selling what you want someone to buy doesn’t work [5:15] How making people feel something is the key to sales [6:30] How strong future vision enables us to endure [7:15] Communicating heart to heart not head to head [8:00] Connect with Myron Golden: Website Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jan 2020

9 min 42 sec

In this interview I’m talking to Brandon Poulin, CEO and co-founder of LadyBoss. A serial entrepreneur since age 17, Brandon lead LadyBoss to impact 250,000 customer lives and generate over 60 Million in revenue by the time he was 25.  In our interview on this episode of The Amplify Show, Brandon is sharing tactics that helped him and his wife and co-founder go from broke to #4 on the Inc. 500 list. He also shares about his philosophy for growth and what to get emotional about when it comes to business.  Topics discussed with Brandon Poulin on this episode of The Amplify Show: Starting out, and bounding back from failure [1:30] Leveraging his wife’s transformational story to create a platform for growth [2:40] The Lady Boss mentality [3:45] What to get emotional about in business [4:45] How emotion informs mission [5:00] “The path is math” and what that means [5:30] Brandon’s top 3 tactics for growth [6:30] Adding that first team member [8:15]   Connect with Brandon Poulin of LadyBoss: Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Jan 2020

9 min 15 sec

Annie Grace has a remarkable story. Raised in a one-room cabin with no running water, she became the youngest VP at a multinational company by age 26. That alone is an inspiring story, but Annie’s mission today is what I spoke with her about in this interview: helping people find freedom from alcohol, and redefining how society views alcohol, so that the non-drinker is no longer an exception to the rule.  At the height of her career, Annie was drinking close to 2 bottles of wine a night, and realized she was not living the life she wanted. After extensive research, she came up with a system that helped her break free from alcohol, and then set out to share it with the world. She’s now the author of This Naked Mind and has a successful, mission-driven business sharing her message.   Topics discussed with Annie Grace on this episode of The Amplify Show: Business culture that conflates drinking with success [1:50] Annie’s line in the sand moment [2:30] The beginnings of Annie’s movement, giving away her system [3:30] The frustration of experiencing little to no growth, even though her system was working [5:15] Going ‘all in’ with an experienced mentor [6:15] Keeping up with customer service after a growth explosion [7:45] Shifting from a financial focus to a mission focus [8:00]   Connect with Annie Grace:  Website Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website   Instagram  Facebook  This episode was first published at

Dec 2019

9 min 19 sec