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Where we interview podcast royalty about the past, present and future of the medium. Veteran pro podcaster Jim Harold is your host.

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Livestreaming is hotter than ever. We talk with Ross Brand, our first return guest, about how streaming video to your audience adds a new dimension to content creation. Ross shares his considerable knowledge and recommendations! Note: PodLords is taking a summer vacation and will be back in September. Keep podcasting and we'll talk to you then! FYI, my other podcasts will continue to be released throughout the summer as usual.

Jun 2020

1 hr 4 min

Zach Moreno is one of the co-founders of the excellent remote recording solution, Squadcast.fm Zach talks to us about the impetus for Squadcast, what makes it different, new features, and operating during the pandemic crisis. Need a reliable, high-quality solution for remote recording? I recommend Squadcast. You can check it out HERE Note, the above is an affiliate link and helps us sustain the production of PodLords.

May 2020

49 min 44 sec

Legendary podcaster, author and entreprenuer Mignon Fogarty joins us on PodLords! We talk to the iconic Grammar Girl about her journey, podcasting, and grammar, of course! You'll note I used the Oxford comma there! You can find her podcasts wherever you listen and check out her network at quickanddirtytips.com Thanks Mignon! It was an honor!

Apr 2020

29 min 47 sec

Amanda Valentine has a remarkable story. A long-time award winning radio broadcaster turned podcaster, she lost over 100 pounds and has dedicated her life to spreading the good news of real fitness results for real people.  We talk to her about why she is so passionate about podcasting and why she left a successful radio career to blaze her own trail. Check out her podcast Pound This wherever you listen to your pods find her website at amandavalentinebites.com Thanks Amanda!

Mar 2020

42 min 8 sec

Stargate Pioneer has been podcasting since New Year's Eve 2010. In addition to being a long-time podcaster he is an honest-to-goodness rocket scientist!  His podcasts include Better Podcasting, Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D., GonnaGeek, and The Starling Tribune. You can find his full Podchaser profile HERE. Thanks SP!

Mar 2020

44 min 54 sec

Audio production expert Mike Russell joins us to talk all about his origin story, audio imaging, and his work in podcasting! You can find his work and his company at musicradiocreative.com Thanks Mike!

Feb 2020

34 min 19 sec

Podcasting and radio veteran Matty Staudt joins us to talk about doing podcasting right, radio, ratings, and his life long love of audio. Matty has been around since the early days of podcast starting with Stitcher, then iHeart and now his own company Jam Street Media. I loved his take on our industry. You can find out more info about working with Matty HERE Thanks Matty!    

Feb 2020

39 min 59 sec

He has been an extremely successful podcast creator for entities like NPR and Audible. Eric Nuzum joins us to discuss the keys to quality creation, why public radio runs circles around (my words not his) commercial radio in podcasting, and much more. You can find Eric's new book on podcasting at Amazon: Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling Thanks Eric!

Jan 2020

40 min 28 sec

Podcasting journalist Skye Pilsbury joins us to discuss how podcasting compares to the dot com boom of the early 90s and where we are headed. You can subscribe to her Inside Podcasting newsletter HERE Thanks Skye!

Jan 2020

43 min 36 sec

Jim takes a look forward to the next season of PodLords and back to 2019. Happy Holidays and we'll see you next year!  

Dec 2019

10 min 24 sec

Radio legend turned faith-based podcaster Trapper Jack (aka Philip Keller) joins us to talk about his podcast journey.  He is a personal friend and a great man, I enjoyed his perspective and I hope you will too! You can find Trapper's websites at TouchedByHeaven.net and Blindguymedia.com Thanks Trapper!

Dec 2019

32 min 11 sec

Two young friends start a podcast and it becomes a mega-hit! Millions of downloads, and a 40 city tour (!) later we catch up with Christine Schiefer & Em Schultz to talk about what it is like to become podcast superstars on this edition of PodLords. You can find their podcast And That's Why We Drink wherever you get your podcast and their website at andthatswhywedrink.com Thanks Christine & Em...you were great!

Nov 2019

29 min 18 sec

Kristen Meinzer is one of the most prolific voices in podcasting today. As a host, producer and author, Kristen has worked with companies such as WNYC, Slate, Panoply, and CNN among others. We talk about her journey and her thoughts on podcasting. You can find her most recent book at Amazon: So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen You can find her website at KristenMeinzer.com You can find her hit podcasts HERE or wherever you get your pods! Thanks Kristen!

Nov 2019

37 min 48 sec

Podcasting expert and consultant Paul Colligan joins us to talk about his journey and where he sees podcasting going in the future. You can find his Team Clarity Matrix at TeamBeforeTech.com Thanks Paul!

Nov 2019

41 min 8 sec

That British Podcast Guy, Mark Asquith, joins us to talk about podcast hosting, and who he thinks has the power in podcasting for the next five years. You can find his hosting company at Captivate.fm and his podcast Podcast Accelerator wherever you get your podcasts.  Thanks Mark!

Oct 2019

24 min 51 sec

Long-time, award winning podcaster, podcast consultant, and overall podcasting genius Daniel J. Lewis joins us to discuss where podcasting is going. Also, check out his relaunched  The Audacity to Podcast™ podcast which returned on October 22nd! His website is The Audacity to Podcast Thanks Daniel!

Oct 2019

27 min 48 sec

Video livestreaming expert Ross Brand joins us to talk about how livestreaming can work for podcasters. You can find his content at livestreamuniverse.com and on the major social media platforms! Thanks Ross!

Oct 2019

48 min 5 sec

He is the the co-founder of the biggest podcast event in the universe. Jared Easley of Podcast Movement joins us to talk about his podcasting journey, his Starve The Doubts show and the future of podcast. You can find Podcast Movement at PodcastMovement.com and Starve The Doubts where you listen to your podcasts. Thanks Jared!  

Oct 2019

43 min 10 sec

He is the head of support at Blubrry and a podcaster since the beginning of the medium. Today, we talk with PodLord Michael Dell. Here are some of the websites that we referenced on the program: podcasthelpdesk.com mikedell.com blubrry.com Thanks Mike!

Oct 2019

36 min 29 sec

He was a radio pro for many years and has made the move to podcasting over the last few years. Matt Cundill talks to us about the radio business and how it relates to podcasting. Matt is extremely talented and knowledgeable. Tune in to this valuable interview with a podcasting and media pro. You can find his Sound Off Podcast at soundoffpodcast.com wherever you listen to your podcasts. Thanks Matt!

Sep 2019

46 min 3 sec

She is half of the braintrust behind She Podcasts, our guest this week is the amazing Jessica Kupferman! We talk about her origin story, the idea behind She Podcasts and where she thinks our medium is going. You can find more information about She Podcasts at ShePodcasts.com Thanks Jessica!

Sep 2019

41 min 15 sec

Dan Benjamin has consistently been a podcasting trailblazer. He was one of the first to create his own podcast network and podcast ad organization. Now he is bringing his pioneering vision to podcast hosting. We talk to him about his podcasting journey and his newest passion fireside.fm Thanks Dan!

Aug 2019

54 min 14 sec

One of the best audio editors out there, John Bukenas, joins us to talk about how he got into podcasting, common editing mistakes and the importance of high quality audio. You can find his site at Audio Editing Solutions. Thanks John!

Aug 2019

41 min 17 sec

Jim Collison co-hosts Ask The Podcasting Coach with Dave Jackson, he is spearheading podcasting at Gallup and finds time to host his own tech podcasts. As you can see, Jim is all in with podcasting. We talk to him about podcasting in the enterprise, where the medium sits today, and much more. Thanks Jim! Find Jim at theaverageguy.tv Thanks!

Jul 2019

39 min 53 sec

Mr. Podcast Engineer himself, Chris Curran, join us on this episode of PodLords. Chris is a great guy and an encyclopedia on how to produce high quality audio. Check his Podcast Engineering School HERE. Thanks Chris!

Jul 2019

34 min 20 sec

Bandrew Scott is the king of mic reviews on YouTube and a podcaster in his own right. We talk about podcasting, his recommended mics for every level of podcaster and how the right mic is important but not the magic bullet for success some might think. Thanks Bandrew!

Jun 2019

53 min 2 sec

David Hooper has been in podcasting since the early days but with a background in the music business he thinks differently. We talk to David about his philosophy on podcasting. You can check out his book at Amazon.com: Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show Thanks David!

Jun 2019

44 min 38 sec

Radio and podcasting veteran James Cridland joins us to talk about his journey, where we are in podcasting and where we are going. We discuss the influx of large companies into podcast, the continued importance of indies and why we should be optimistic about the future. You can find James' site at Podnews.net Thanks James!

May 2019

48 min 34 sec

Podcast pioneer Evo Terra joins us on PodLords. Evo was the 40th podcaster EVER! We discuss a little bit about the past and a lot more about the future. He is a strategist, consultant and continues to podcast with his show Podcast Pontifications which you can find on the major podcatchers and at this link HERE. Thanks Evo!

Apr 2019

44 min 41 sec

She's been nominated for a Webby Award, she is a published author and her success is the result of a podcast that started with a Rock Band mic! Emily Prokop talks to us about the story behind her hit podcast The Story Behind on this edition of PodLords. You can find Emily's website here: thestorybehindpodcast.com And, her book here: The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects Thanks Emily!

Apr 2019

42 min 15 sec

Ray Ortega is the mastermind behind Podcasters' Roundtable and makes his living as a long-time podcast producer. One of the most level headed voices in the industry, Ray shares his origin story and his outlook on the future for podcasting. You can find Ray's website at RayOrtega.com Thanks Ray!

Apr 2019

48 min 35 sec

Rob Greenlee is a Hall of Fame Podcaster, co-host of The New Media Show, The Spreaker Live Show and VP of Podcaster Relations at Voxnest.com You can find his website at robgreenlee.com Thanks Rob!

Apr 2019

53 min 49 sec

Hall of Fame podcaster and Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane joins us to talk to us about how a terrifying accident led him to podcasting, how he founded a top hosting company and where he sees our medium going. You can check out Todd's various podcasts at geeknewscentral.com Thanks Todd!

Mar 2019

47 min 9 sec

Hall of Fame podcaster and VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, Rob Walch joins me on PodLords. We talk to him about his origin story, where podcasting is at and where it is going! Thanks Rob!

Mar 2019

35 min 5 sec

Elsie Escobar is a hall of fame podcaster and thought leader in the industry. She is a self-described "die-hard podcast junkie who lives, breathes and works the medium and has since 2006." Elsie talks to us about her journey, the importance of the empowerment of diverse voices, and where she thinks the industry is headed. Find her website at elsieescobar.com Thanks Elsie!

Mar 2019

50 min 59 sec

In the first episode of PodLords, we are joined by Hall of Fame podcaster Dave Jackson. Dave talks about his origin story, how podcasting became his career and where he thinks the industry is going. Find his website here: School of Podcasting Thanks Dave! We are still getting the PodLords website built up but if you want to contact me with feedback or guest suggestions, please go HERE. Thanks!

Mar 2019

43 min 27 sec